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University Gym

The gym was right next the outdoor stadium and the pool hall with which it shared the showers and changing rooms. It had all sorts of exercise equipment in one room and a few smaller halls for fitness and gymnastics. I'm not so much into those sports, but as you may have read on the first page, I got involved with the wrestling team on my first day here. Hence I went to the gym a few late afternoons each week to get sprayed with soapy water and thrown about on a slippery mat.

Wet Wrestling

Before anybody starts a massive Twitter storm because they think I do wrestling all wrong, please note three things:

  1. I'm an absolute beginner, have no clue.
  2. The wrestling team at our uni do not compete or stick to rules.
  3. The boys simply wrestle for pleasure, enjoying their bodies and the fun that follows.

The team practised a gentle form of wrestling where you win a match by making the other guy cum. The loser then has to make the winner cum, usually at the end of the match, or after the event. Many girls watched our training, especially those obsessed with the Yaoi culture, fantasizing which boys are in a relationship with each other, called "shipping".

Training is done in one of the smaller halls with a 10x10 meter mat which is also used for gymnastics, yoga and such. The wrestlers are usually the last team in the day, because they spray soapy water onto the mat to make it more slippery. Afterwards they mop it up and it is dry again in the morning.

The matches include bear hugs, scissor holds, super hot wrestling pins, grapevine, full nelson, and cock to cock rubbing. As the match goes on the team splashes more water onto them. These sexy boys get very aroused after their suits get wet which leads to more intense matches. Their public tournaments are a popular spectator sport among the students.


The wrestling singlets are thin and very stretchy, with no inner lining. Some naughty boys wear white singlets which go almost transparent when wet. With room for a big boner they are ideal for this form of wrestling, and fashionable as leisure and swimwear. Many guys wore them around campus, often with a hoodie or anorak on top, showing off what they've got.

The purpose of unlined singlets was not just fun and comfort, but to let the team assess who was ready for a match. A boner was a sign of general readiness. A precum stain was a required sign that you're ready to be sprayed with water and face your partner on the mat. That's why many of the boys were rubbing their suits while watching the matches. They wanted to be called up to enjoy the next match.

The two boys with the biggest spots were selected, sprayed with water until wet, and allowed to play an exciting match for all to enjoy. A fresh white cum stain after a match was worn like a badge of honour.

Freshers Meeting

Hikaru has been a member for a year and is quite good at it. We both went to their freshers meeting to see how the new talent performed. To give them an equal chance, all students had to wear thin singlets that left little to the imagination.

Each match started with a senior student kneeling in a starting position with his hands on the floor. This gave the fresher an advantage as he could freely move his hands over his partner and turn him on. However, the fresher was not allowed to make him cum like this, but first had to move him out of this position for more than one meter, usually with a roll.

Some freshers already ejaculated into their singlets while humping their senior in an attempt to move him, so excited they were about this new sport. They did not have to make their senior cum as the match was too short. Instead they were given another chance later, after they had recovered.

Many of these juniors managed to win a later match mainly because they were able to last longer, or the seniors enjoyed being wrestled by a cute freshman and let him make them cum so he could win the match. Later in the dorm rooms they returned the favour.

Hikaru made two freshers cum during longer matches and a third one shot his lot at first contact. This was fun to watch. It was decided that all three go with Hikaru to a special lesson in our room that evening, after they recovered. He told me later that he arranged it as a knock out event in wet clothes on our wrestling mat. One of the freshers won all matches and got his reward in the shower.

Alejandro and I both lost a match to Ingo, a Swedish senior. I had no chance when he humped me, swung me around, and made me cum with a skilful reach around. I just couldn't stop it, so good was his handiwork. Alejandro put up more of a fight, but got pinned and made to cum while Ingo took his breath away with deep kiss.

After the tournament we both had to give Ingo his reward in the warm-up pool, fully clothed like him in singlets and tracksuits. Wet sportswear was a huge turn-on for all of us. He teased us for a long time in the water before we had to cum for his entertainment. Then he blissed out under our skilful hands.

Overall Training

After the freshers meeting I was invited to their training sessions where they wear loose fitting breathable nylon overalls (not waterproof) which are more robust than singlets. They provide a better and demanding workout. I was keen to try that since I like those overalls.

When I arrived in the sports hall they were spraying the mat with soapy water. Then I was asked to take all my clothes off and wear an overall, like all the others. My penis was already rising as I put it on.

My partner for the first match was Andreas from Germany. We were told to put up the hood of our suits and then got sprayed with soapy water until we were slippery wet.

Andreas looked awesome in his wet overall, sporting a big boner. He kneeled down in the staring position. I humped him from behind, rubbed his slippery body a bit and then suddenly pulled him sideways.

We rolled around many times, sliding across the slippery mat. He reached between my legs and pulled me up, then dropped my into a small puddle and rubbed my balls and penis. I got quite hot in the nylon suit from all the excitement. The others sprayed more water to spurs us on.

He managed to get on top of me, pinning me to the floor. Then he started grinding me, rubbing his slippery wet body over mine. Nylon slides very well and he knew how the get me totally aroused. I couldn't help it, he felt so good. It didn't take long before I shot a lot of semen into my suit for everyone to see and so he won this match.

Andreas laid on his back and said: "Your turn to make me cum." I used the same method, pinning him down and sliding on top of him. He soon filled his almost transparent suit with a lot of cum. Great applause from the team. The girls screamed with delight. They don't often see guys cum together and took a close look at our wet clothes.

It was fun to watch the other matches while the rest of the team huddled closely in their wet overalls. I noticed that they were all very touchy feely, which I liked. Hugs and cuddles everywhere to keep us turned on for the next match.

The more skilful team members managed to hold out for much longer, having learned the skill of delayed ejaculation. They rolled around for so long that we had to spray their suits with more soapy water. The really cool boys managed to cum together which is considered a high achievement, a double win.

After each training session we went to the pool showers to rinse the cum from our suits before we went for a swim. The soft nylon overalls are really nice swimwear and it didn't take long before we felt a stirring in our loins. On our way out we bumped into the Thai Twins who noticed our excitement and suggested we should meet up later for some wet fun in our room. That turned out to be a nice cosy wet evening with them.

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