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Jeans Shower With Floris

by Robbieie, Netherlands

I was not home for an hour when Floris called me on the phone.

“Pleaeaease come over here, help me!”

He sounded stressed.

“What’s up? What happened?"

"I've been swiming in the canal. Now I'm home and nobody is here and I cannot get out of the blasted jeans, they are too tight. Help!"

"Come on, I just made a pot of tea, can’t you manage?"

"Noo, it’s all stuck around my heels and feet. Please help me".

The poor kiddo sounded really in panic so I said I would be right over.

Since the evening was still warm I had just put on a boxer and 7/8 white cotton pants. I added a pink tshirt with a pornographic text on it and red allstars.

Looking forward to see him, I jumped on the scooter. The light was almost gone but it was hot sweaty weather and I scootered fast so the wind played with my tshirt.

I parked the scooter in front of his house, went in, climbed the stairs to his floor and knocked on his door.

"Who’s there?" It sounded weakly.

"It's me! Robbie the Dragon Slayer, rescueing his blonde prince" I answered.

The door opened a little, my friend looked at me and then he let me in.

He had got rid of the tshirt and shoes and was just wearing his damp boxershorts. The Nudie jeans were all tangled around his lower legs and ankles, he had tried to peel them off inside-out. He could’t walk, only hop around a little. From a fallen down chair I could see he had stumbled around.

"Help" he flustered again.

I had trouble keeping my face serious, he looked so sweet, his blond curly hair sweaty on his forehead, the still slightly see-through boxershorts, his big blue eyes pleading to help me.

"First you must get them on again, this is a mess" I said. "Come, sit on the bed, I’ll help you."

He sat down, his legs on the bed. I started to pull his damp skinnies back over his legs, but even that wasn’t too easy. It took me minutes to get them back over his heels and ankles. Finally the rigid damp denim did what I wanted and he got them more or less over his knees.

During this operation I saw something growing in his boxer. I couldn’t keep from investigating there.

"First get rid of the jeans" he said.

"No wait" I replied, shoving them even higher over his thighs.

Then I saw his Swiss knife lying on the table.

"Do you trust me?" I asked.

"Yes, of course, cutie, but..."

"Really, really trust me?"

"Yeah, but..."

I grabbed the knife and said: "I hope you are not too attached to these boxershorts"

"But.. but..."

"Yeah yeah, easy! Your butt will be caressed soon, first things first."

I took the frontside of his boxers in my hand and with the knife I put some slits in it.

"My tommie-boxers!" He was shocked.

I tore the slits wider open, revealing more and more of him. Finally all that was left of his brand new white boxers, were the waistband, the two bands around his thighs and some shredded canal-water-coulored shreds of cotton.

I also cut the bands and the boxershorts were completely gone.

"Now comes the part where you should trust me" I flustered in his ear.

I rolled his skinnies further up, closed the button and started on the zipper. Closing a zipper with no undies is always risky, but with these extreme skinny jeans it was life-threatening. Luckily he trims his pubic hair very short, but keeping his joystick proper in was a tour de force.

Finally he had his skinnies back on, now with no undies.

I kissed his jeans and said: "They still smell of canal, you need to rinse them some more in the shower."

But my boy got his big mouth back a little so he said: "Okay, but first your boxers die too!"

I argued that I didn’t smell of canal anymore, but that didn’t help me. He shoved my pants down and started on my boxer.

When done he shove my white pants back over my bare ass and said: "Now you can help me in the shower."

We turned on the water and he jumped under it immediately soaking his jeans again. I went to him and pushed myself against his wet body.

The water streamed through my tshirt into my pants which went see-through at once. The cotton couldn’t manage my boner at all so it was a real tent I made in it.

Floris’ boner glibbered through his nudies and we kissed and stood under the stream. I took off my shoes and rubbed his crotch with one of them. He took the other and did the same to me. The street-dirt on the underside made muddy stains on my white pants, so he had to clean that, while I sniffed his jeans if they smelled clean again.

Finally we both exploded and sank down sitting under the jets of water, kissing and talking sweet things.

Then we stood up. Floris helped me undress my soaking clothes and then I helped him getting out of his skinnies. The trick was not to peel them inside-out but bit by bit shoving the legs over your ankles. Even with the two of us this was not easy, but finally we managed and we got back under the shower, water much hotter now and he washed my hair.

"Wow, the colour is even better than when dry" he said. Now I hate the coulor of my hair which is very red and so I told him I plan to dye it black one day, but he will not let me.

When all was done we rubbed each other with large towels, I got some of his hair-gel and we went to sit at his table.

"Now, how are you going home?" He grinned looking at the pile of wet clothes we had put in the sink.

Blast, I hadn’t thought of that, actually had not even planned another soaking.

"Need to pick some of your stuff I think" I said and went to his closet, starting with a black and green boxer.

Most of his pants are skinnie jeans, but since I am leaner than he is, most fit me like regular or even somewhat loose.

I picked one by Diesel and asked if I could wear that.

"Sure, try them" he grinned.

They were still a bit tight, specially on the legs, but fitted nice.

"Can I wear the silver sneakers you had on in the water today?" I asked him.

"Yes, of course, but they are still soaking wet."

"Yeah I know" I grinned back.

"Now, don’t you get sick on me, cutie" he said and handed me the dripping nikes.

I had just finished with a black button-shirt when we heard the front door downstairs slamming and people coming in the house.

Oioioi, finished just in time, roommates are coming home" Floris said.

"Floris are you in?" someone called

"Yeah, be down in a minute" he yelled back, jumping into black Adidas pants. We quickly scanned the shower to see if all was cleaned away, and I picked up one last soaking sock from the floor when a guy about 20 looked around the door and said: "Hi, are you in here?"

Wow what a hunk! I couldn’t help staring at him with the dripping sock still in my hand.

He looked at it and I saw him notice our still damp hair. He smiled at me, offered his hand and said

"Hi, I’m Jelle. Having a sock-fight, ey?"

I started mumbling something and Floris became very busy talking about taking a beer in the kitchen.

I said I needed to go home and Floris shouldn’t make it too late either since he had to study much tomorrow ("almost half a book").

I promised him to make the reservations for the course of canoeing day after tomorrow.

I said my good byes and as I went out of the door to the stairs I heard Jelle say to Floris:

"Amazing! He has the same sneakers you have."

I quickly left, leaving poor Floris to talk himself out of it, ran down the stairs and singing loudly on the way home.

I had not planned it so but it looks like I got very much involved with Floris. I knew him not long and we had a sort of relationship only for three weeks. Things went a little quick for me. But I relaxed. We’ll see what’ll happen.

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