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Jamie - A Wet Life

This memorial page is to honour and celebrate Jamie's wet life. Unfortunately he died from brain tumor in November 2019. He was one of our most enthusiatic writers since 2014 who knew how to enjoy life to the full. His stories brought joy and happiness to many readers, and he clearly made a difference for us in his short time here with his free and open talk.

Below you find the stories Jamie wrote, or is mentioned in, and those he commented on that came from other readers, many of whom were his close and intimate friends.

We hope you will enjoy his contributions as much as he would enjoy you getting happy and wet from reading them.

Re: Welcome

Posted by Jamie and Chris on May 11, 2016 at 13:21:34

In Reply to: Welcome posted by Felix on May 08, 2016 at 20:23:29:

Just found this forum, thanks for setting it up Felix. We will definitely be reading (and posting) in future.

Re: Welcome

Posted by wetchas on May 11, 2016 at 15:20:19

In Reply to: Re: Welcome posted by Jamie and Chris on May 11, 2016 at 13:21:34:

Yep. Thanks Felix for your guidance in helping me find this, and also for setting it up.
Jamie and Chris, I'm looking forward to your contributions.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Welcome

Posted by wetjumper on May 13, 2016 at 16:00:22

In Reply to: Re: Welcome posted by wetchas on May 11, 2016 at 15:20:19:

I agree. I'm delighted that SunSexSea is back at last. Many thanks to Felix, Stefan, and everyone involved in getting it going again. I don't know whether it'll be possible to find and repost any of the best stories from years ago - I had saved a few myself but currently can't access them (need to get an old computer working again, technology has moved on!). Anyway, it'll be great to read new stories - especially from Jamie and Chris - and I hope to post a few of my own if I can overcome my frequent reluctance to communicate.

Cheers - Peter (wetjumper)

Shower at party

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on May 15, 2016 at 13:27:09

I mentioned in my bit about the recent party that after we had been covered in mud (me), tomato sauces (Jamie), custard (Sue) and mushy peas (Harry) we had adjourned to the shower to get clean before going back to the party.

To the surprise of us lads, Sue decided that she would shower with us as we would all be fully clothed in our party stuff, jeans and shirts for us and Sue in a full frilly skirt and blouse. We three of course are used to seeing each other in the shower or soaking wet fully clothed in whatever combination, what we were not used to is having a girl in the showers with us.

I was enjoying seeing the others wet in their clothes, and had the normal reaction to getting wet - a nice boner that was starting to tent out my jeans as I stepped under the shower - and I could see that Jamie and Harry were pretty much experiencing the same thing. Sue was just watching us and smiling to herself as she stood under the shower next to Jamie. As we washed the muck of ourselves I watched her take more and more of an interest in the growing bulge in Jamie's jeans until finally as he brushed his hands over his head she reached out and started to wash the muck off the back of his head and from around his ears.

"Let me help" Sue said "I've been wanting to touch your head since you lost all that hair, it looks so nice."

"Really ?" Jamie said looking surprised "Well, be my guest." and he bent his head forward as they stood under the water.

Sue pulled his face towards her and gave him a full-on kiss on the lips, in fact a real long kiss as she ran her hands over his head.

"And I've wanted to do that for a long, long time too." Sue continued as she pulled away.

"Don't stop now if you want to carry on, that was a nice surprise ........" Jamie laughed.

So she did, and as they kissed again she moved her hands down to that bulge in his wet jeans and started to rub and squeeze. At that point Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back to the pool area.

"Best we leave them alone, I think." Harry said "Don't want to spoil their fun."

"No, guess not. Did you have any idea that Sue fancied Jamie ?" I asked him.

"Sort of. Simon's sister said a few of the girls have said they think he's pretty hot and even more so since the accident - you know 'the brave injured man, suffering in silence' kind of thing ......."

"I don't think he sees himself like that ......"

"That's probably part of the appeal." Harry laughed.

Re: Inside or Outside

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on May 15, 2016 at 16:12:01

In Reply to: Inside or Outside posted by Felix on May 13, 2016 at 19:48:06:

Inside if I'm on my own, but it's always fun to see my cum squirt all over Jamie's clothes when we are together in the shower. I get my best boners under a cold shower, whereas Jamie just wilts and shivers, so more often than not we end up wanking in warm water and in comfort. But any way is good for me !

Re: Shower at party

Posted by wetchas on May 16, 2016 at 13:10:56

In Reply to: Shower at party posted by Chris (and Jamie) on May 15, 2016 at 13:27:09:

Wow. Jamie's pulled. And a girl who likes getting wet and messy (in a frilly skirt and blouse must have been well worth seeing).
Not like an ex of mine. I pushed her in the pool once, and she dumped me. Never saw her again.
Keep us posted on developments.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Shower at party

Posted by Jamie on May 16, 2016 at 17:50:48

In Reply to: Re: Shower at party posted by wetchas on May 16, 2016 at 13:10:56:

Actually I think it was Sue who pulled me ! Same outcome though, I guess, and we will be "walking out" as the expression used to be. Nothing happened in the shower other than a bit of nice touching and feeling and Sue admitted that she liked getting wet but had never had the courage to do it fully clothed in public. It was a very erotic feeling being under the shower together as she explored my groin through my wet jeans and rubbed my head (that sounds so odd!). Looking forward to getting muddy with her at some time as she says she would like to try it, if only one time.

Apart from seeing each other at school we've not had much chance to get together as I have been in for minor skin-grafts and some reconstructive surgery on my ear, at least now that that is all over I can let my hair grow again once the bandages come off.

Re: Shower at party

Posted by wetchas on May 17, 2016 at 14:28:23

In Reply to: Re: Shower at party posted by Jamie on May 16, 2016 at 17:50:48:

Congrats. Is she the first? Nothing better than a woman's touch on your prick. Far better than a cousins!! And to find a girl who wants to get wet and muddy. I'd say she was a keeper.
Seriously though, hope the surgery has gone OK.
Cheers. Wetchas.

Re: Shower at party

Posted by Jamie on May 17, 2016 at 15:38:10

In Reply to: Re: Shower at party posted by wetchas on May 17, 2016 at 14:28:23:

Yes, Sue is the first with whom I have got beyond a kiss and been properly touched by. It was a great feeling and I got so hard so quick it was a bit of a surprise - didn't last long as I came as soon as she tickled my balls through the wet denim (I was not wearing any underwear) but soon got another stonker as she continued. As she was wearing a full frilly skirt it was a bit difficult to reciprocate so I was happy to just fondle her breasts through her blouse and it think we were both happy to leave it at that at this stage.

The surgery went well, just all a bit sore under the bandages but they hopefully come off on Wednesday next, thanks for asking. After that, it will be plain sailing as my hair grows back and then no more surgery until they decide whether to remove some of the metalwork in my leg, but that is probably a couple of years away. All the best.

Re: Shower at party

Posted by Ant on May 19, 2016 at 09:00:10

In Reply to: Re: Shower at party posted by Jamie on May 17, 2016 at 15:38:10:

Excelllent post Jamie. Did she know you had blown your load?? did any cum through the denim??

Re: Shower at party

Posted by Jamie on May 19, 2016 at 09:25:14

In Reply to: Re: Shower at party posted by Ant on May 19, 2016 at 09:00:10:

Sue didn't say anything specifically, but she did exclaim "Ooh Jamie !" as she moved her hand away afterwards. As we were standing under three showers heads worth of streaming water I guess it was all washed away pretty quickly, we both a bit too pre-occupied to notice much to be honest.

Re: Shower at party

Posted by Bruno on May 19, 2016 at 09:49:27

In Reply to: Re: Shower at party posted by Jamie on May 16, 2016 at 17:50:48:

Indeed, being under the shower with a loved one together and she/he explores your groins through your wet jeans is fantasic - and even more if it is unexpectedly. Love that situation.

A story

Posted by wetchas on May 19, 2016 at 14:28:06

Rob Watkins had never touched another guys cock. Now here he was, in his friend Jakes bathroom, both with their soaked T shirts clinging to them, trousers and pants round their ankles, wanking each other off.
The lads had met in 6th form college. Both were from different schools, and consequently didn't know each other. They had naturally teamed up, and had become firm friends. However, as to each others sexual preferences they knew nothing.
Rob happened to tell Jake one day that he was having problems with his maths assignment. "Why don't you come round to mine after school" said Jake. "We'll go through it together.
At Jakes house they helped themselves to drinks, and went up to Jakes room. It was a huge house, very well presented, but homely at the same time. Jake fired up his PC and they spent a while discussing the maths problem. " That cokes gone through me"Jake said. "I've got to go for a piss. Whilst he was away Rob clicked onto internet explorer, expecting google or bing to pop up. Imagine his surprise when a much more familiar page appeared, wackywet. It was a page he was very familiar with, as he spent hours on it. He clicked on the beach club page. Up came that familiar picture of two guys in the sea. He scrolled down to see if there were any fresh posts. Oh yes, another story from Jamie & Chris, he would read that later, probably whilst lying on his bed, cock in hand.
He was interrupted from his thoughts by Jake returning to the room. He saw Jake colour up briefly with embassasment, so decided to take the lead. " I didn't know you were one of us" said Rob." I'm Rob69. You may have read some of my posts. "No way" You bet I have" said Jake. "I loved the one a while back
about the last day of school pool plunge. Did you really go in with all your school stuff on. " Sure did" said Rob. "If you enjoyed reading about it, you would have enjoyed even more doing it.
As they talked, they could not help but notice the boners forming in each others jeans. Both guys were soon groping away at each other. " I reckon we should continue this in the shower, said Jake. Both lads kicked off their shoes and socks, emptied their pockets, and made for the bathroom. It was huge, with a large shower area with several heads. Jake flicked the switch and water came cascading out. Without further ado they hit the shower, that familiar feeling of water gushing over clothing soon consuming both of them. Two bottles of liquid soap were found, Jean waistbands undone and the contents emptied and into briefs containing stiff penisses. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss, each pulling the soggy jeans and underwear over their erections, releasing their stiff poles. After much grunting and groaning, Rob was the first to cum, shooting a stream of white sperm, most of which hit Jake on the leg. He returned the favour, much of his rope of sperm landing on the crotch of Robs briefs. After a few minutes to calm down, the enormity of what they had done hit them. "How am I going to get dry" said Rob. "Don't worry" Jake replied. "Mums not home till after 6. I'll bundle them in the tumble dryer.
The lads stripped off and towelled down. The wrang there clothes out and chucked them in the dryer. " Right" said Jake. "Back to the maths". So begun a beautiful friendship.

Re: A story

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on May 20, 2016 at 15:24:19

In Reply to: A story posted by wetchas on May 19, 2016 at 14:28:06:

Fame at last (or maybe "notoriety" ....) being mentioned in someone else's post ! Good story, Wetchas, thanks.

A Wet Saturday

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 21, 2016 at 17:23:17

Chris and me are on our own this weekend, parents went off lunchtime yesterday to a funeral for someone our mums knew at university back in the day and they decided to make it a long weekend with other friends from university days.

I woke this morning to the sound of Chris snoring loudly from his room across our study, he sounds like a steam train stuggling to pull away - terrible din, so thought I'd wake him up with a bucket of cold water. Mean I know, but you have to do these things when the opportunity arises, don't you ? When I entered his room I found him laying on his back, mouth agape, arms flung wide across the bed, the sheet half on the floor and half across his body and he had a huge boner poking straight up under the sheet, tenting it like a mini Mount Fuji - perfect, if slightly gross ! Like me, Chris normally wears a tee and cotton shorts to sleep in and doesn't use a duvet in summer as the house is quite warm usually.

I was tempted to just throw the whole bucket over him in one go, but decided to see how he'd react if I just sprinkled some on his hidden hard-on and let it soak through the sheet and shorts. It took a moment or two to soak in but then his left hand moved to the wet spot and he brushed the sheet a bit before shifting position a bit, and then he settled back to rest again with his left hand resting on his thigh. I sprinkled some more water and then some more on his hand, he shifted position a bit and then he gave his boner a good rub and squeeze through the wet fabric and I tipped a bit more water on his hand as he did so. The sheet was getting wet enough now that it was moulding itself to his boner and balls and he rubbed and squeezed a bit more. At this point I could resist no longer so poured the water all over him from his knees up to his chin, so that his tee, shorts and the sheet were completely soaked and he was lying in a pool of water. It took about five seconds for him to suddenly sit up in bed and realise what had happened.

"Holy crap !" he muttered. He yawned widely and then spotted me standing behind the headboard. I wasn't quick enough to move away and he grabbed my arm and pulled down onto the bed with him, we wrestled about for a bit until I was as wet as him and then he started rubbing my boner and we lay in the wet bed clothes, gently wanking each other and then just lay there on our backs splashing each other and watching our boners in our sodden shorts reacting to the water being splashed over them as we planned our day.

It has been raining nearly all day, so we spent the whole time getting wet in various outfits, washing the cars, swimming, taking a walk through the mud in the woods, hosing each other down afterwards, swimming again. We are now sitting by the pool in wet jeans and boxers, shirts and pullovers, trainers and socks, enjoying a mug of tea and slice of chocolate cake, working up the energy for another swim. Tough life !

Re: A Wet Saturday

Posted by djd2792 on May 21, 2016 at 17:44:57

In Reply to: A Wet Saturday posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 21, 2016 at 17:23:17:

You guys are totally awesome...i love your stories on both forums...stay wet n muddy dudes...

Re: A Wet Saturday

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 21, 2016 at 19:42:32

In Reply to: Re: A Wet Saturday posted by djd2792 on May 21, 2016 at 17:44:57:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed. A full day in wet clothes has been fun - but it does have its downsides (like uncomortable chaffing in awkward places between the legs !! You don't want to know the full details .... HONESTLY, you don't......). Currently in warm, dry, soft trackie-bottoms and sweatshirt watching TV and waiting for BBC's Hollow Crown : Richard III with Benedict Cumberbatch - I really love Will's history plays.

Re: A Wet Saturday

Posted by Wetchas on May 21, 2016 at 21:31:58

In Reply to: Re: A Wet Saturday posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 21, 2016 at 19:42:32:

Brilliant story.
Bed fun. Sounds great.
Enjoy the play.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: A Wet Saturday

Posted by wwcb on May 22, 2016 at 14:04:27

In Reply to: Re: A Wet Saturday posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 21, 2016 at 19:42:32:

Have always wondered what you 2 must look like.
Since watching Eurovision last nite, I now assume you must look like the UK contestants Joe & Jake.
Close enough, I suppose

Re: A Wet Saturday

Posted by Ben on May 22, 2016 at 17:23:23

In Reply to: Re: A Wet Saturday posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 21, 2016 at 19:42:32:

Try trackies under your jeans to stop the chaffing.

Re: A Wet Saturday

Posted by Ant on May 23, 2016 at 10:32:19

In Reply to: A Wet Saturday posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 21, 2016 at 17:23:17:

Nice way to start the day. Wet and getting wanked off.

Re: A Wet Saturday

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 23, 2016 at 13:15:26

In Reply to: Re: A Wet Saturday posted by wwcb on May 22, 2016 at 14:04:27:

We will have a think about telling you what we look like - we certainly won't be posting any pictures anywhere - but I can tell we are both just about 6 ft tall, slim but not skinny, and look like pretty much 90% of teenagers you see on the street in any British town. Good idea to latch onto two well known figures and imagine us as them if that works for you, we are not as similar as those two (Joe and Jake, was it ?), having different colouring. If you'd rather not know specifics, let us know here.

Re: A Wet Saturday

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 23, 2016 at 13:17:17

In Reply to: Re: A Wet Saturday posted by Ben on May 22, 2016 at 17:23:23:

Thanks, good tip.

Re: A Story pt 2

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 27, 2016 at 10:52:38

In Reply to: A Story pt 2 posted by wetchas on May 26, 2016 at 12:17:24:

Great story, very hot. Look forward to hearing more of Rob and Jake's exploits. Thanks for posting.

We are on half-term hols today and all next week so hope to have some good fun getting wet and muddy (I am now free of head bandages so can get as wet and muddy as I like again - hooray !) and we are on our own for a few days this weekend so Harry and Mike will be staying over and getting wet and muddy as well, I'm sure. Will post about it all next week.

Friday morning getting wet.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 28, 2016 at 17:44:53

First day of half-term today and the first opportunity to get muddy out in the woods for a while. Our parents went off to a friend's wedding (her fourth - three previous, died, died and died ! That last after just two years ...... as my dad joked "with a record like that would you risk marying her ?") and won't be back until Tuesday sometime. Harry and Mike are staying with us as their parents are also going to the wedding so we plan to have a very wet and muddy weekend.

Harry and Mike arrived with their parents at about 11am and then the wedding guests piled into just two cars and headed off to the airport to Uncle Greg's company jet for their flight to Stockholm where the wedding is taking place. We four sat by the pool to decide what to do, and after a bit Chris went to get coffees and biscuits, and by the time he got back Mike and me were in the pool, Harry and me had tried to push Mike in after he had said I looked like Frankenstein's monster with the red scarring on my head (the lines and marks are where the skin grafts meet the untouched skin and will fade in time, I'm told) but Mike had grabbed me as he fell in so we both got a soaking.

Perhaps now would be a good time to say what we were all wearing. Mike was in slim fit black cotton jeans, black boxerbriefs, a black teeshirt with a red and black check shirt worn unbuttoned and loose over, black socks, red canvas shoes. Harry wore faded loose fit blue jeans, red and green check boxers, a grey sweatshirt with a Nike logo across the chest, blue socks and blue canvas shoes. Chris was wearing his favourite old 501s - very well worn and faded with a few rips and tears - a plain lime green tee, no socks or underwear, and green canvas shoes. I was wearing some old tan cargoes by Gap that are a rather too snug fit around my backside and across the front but are comfortable and feel good against skin wet or dry, a dark maroon teeshirt, no socks or underwear, and grey canvas shoes.

I watched Mike climb out of the pool as I trod water and just enjoyed the sight of him as he hauled himself up to the side with the water pouring out of his clothes. I felt myself stiffen as I watched his shiny wet black jeans cling to his butt and then when he stood and turned to look back at me, I could see his own boner straining at the button fly of his jeans. He pulled off his check shirt and dropped it wetly on the side and then as he grinned at me, his left hand moved down and squeezed his cock and balls and realigned himself more comfortably, his boner now tenting out the fabric over his upper left thigh. Mike is a big lad down there, a thick cock and heavy pendulous balls - certainly bigger than any other of our friends when I've seen him in the showers at school - but I've never seen him with a full-on boner whilst undressed, they just never seem to happen at embarrassing times for him like they do with the rest of us. Mike wiped his face with the loose teeshirt and then brushed his hands over his hair, away from his forehead, took a deep breath and dived back into the pool with barely a splash, I watched him approach under the water and took a deep lungful of air just as he grabbed my legs and pulled me under. I watched as he tried to pull me towards the deep end and down to the bottom of the pool, his teeshirt had floated up to his armpits, revealing his hairy chest and abdomen, his jeans were moving more freely under water too and I could see the outline of his boner and balls as he moved, I was so hard myself that I knew Mike would have noticed as it strained against my tight cargoes, which had turned a dark caramel colour in the water (one of the reasons I like them). I knew I could hold my breath longer than Mike, so I didn't struggle as he dragged me down, but suddenly he broke away and shot up to the surface where I caught up with him. He was panting and gasping for air as we trod water next to each other.

"One day I will get you down to the bottom of the deep end, I swear, and I'll sit on you until you give in." Mike gasped "How do you hold your breath for so long ?"

"Big lungs, I guess, and lots of practice." I laughed.

We swam to the side and hauled ourselves out to sit on the edge with our legs in the water.

"Well that was unexpected, but very refreshing." Mike said "And I see you enjoyed your dip as much as I did ......." Mike finished as he rubbed the boner in his lap.

"That's half the fun of doing this isn't it ?" I said "The feel of wet clothes against a nice hard-on - the feel of them moving against you in the water and the drag and clinging when you get out. And seeing other people enjoying those same feelings as well, maybe imagining what it might be like to be them in those clothes, rather than your own - that's what turns me on anyway."

"Yeah ...... so what do those trousers feel like when wet .......?" Mike grinned as he placed a hand on my thigh and rubbed up and down, brushing his hand against my boner as he did so "Ahhhh, quite rough and somewhat harder than I imagined ....."

"There's coffee and biscuits here, you guys" Chris called just as I was about to say something.

We stood up and wandered over to the table and sat across from Chris and Harry.

"My, my, not even lunchtime and you two guys are looking wet and horny already ......" Harry grinned.

"Enough to put me off my food, almost." Chris remarked.

"Nothing puts you off food, never seen anyone eat so well and just not add any weight whatsoever." I laughed.

"Must be the family genes, you're the same." Chris retorted.

"They say you only have to look at your parents to see what you'll end up like in years to come ........ so I'll be white haired and plump by the time I'm 45 - I've got some white hairs already, for God's sake ........" Mike moaned.

"Really ? Where abouts ?" Harry asked.

"A little clump above my right eye, just on the edge of my hairline" Mike said putting a finger on the spot and leaning forward "and a few on my chest ..... and some lower down if you get my drift ......" he tailed off lifting his wet tee to show us his chest. He was right, a noticeable streak on his hairline and quite a few on his chest, highlighted by the fact that he has naturally almost black hair anyway.

"It's the beginning of the end, old chap, you'll be a white haired old wreck soon ....." Chris laughed.

"Don't joke, my dad was completely white by the time he was 25, everywhere apparently, and I've seen him in the shower and he certainly is now." Mike said.

"I've always thought he looked very distinguished - better really white than a gradual progression through speckled salt and pepper, dull grey, and then a gradual descent to a dirty white colour - and at least he has a good head of hair, not bald." I offered.

"And you could always dye it all black ......." Harry grinned.

"Pi?? offfff !" Mike retorted "You're heading for a dunking, matey, with that sort of talk."

"Just try it and you'll be getting wet again yourself !" Harry retorted.

"Look at me - do you think I'd mind ?" Mike laughed, squeezing water out of his teeshirt.

We chatted whilst we drank coffee and munched on biscuits and when we had finished we grabbed Harry and then Chris and thew them both in the pool. We all stayed in the pool until lunchtime and had that whilst still in our wet clothes, and decided what to do in the afternoon.

Re: quick question may be off topic

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on May 31, 2016 at 12:00:30

In Reply to: quick question may be off topic posted by muddywet on May 30, 2016 at 19:02:32:

Eggs in shoes sounds interesting but I'd definitely get them out of the shells first and maybe mix the yolks and whites a bit and pour the mix in first. We have both had eggs cracked on our heads and it bloody hurts and then the bits of shell scratch your scalp, even through thick hair !! Never again ........

Re: quick question may be off topic

Posted by muddywet on May 31, 2016 at 19:37:42

In Reply to: Re: quick question may be off topic posted by Chris (and Jamie) on May 31, 2016 at 12:00:30:

ya had egg fights at school and stuff, never realy bothered by the shells in my hair (it was long at the time tho) but ya as you and wetchas have said it does hurt to break them on ur head even if you do it to yourself lol. I think i might just do it.

Re: new boardshorts.

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 01, 2016 at 21:08:37

In Reply to: new boardshorts. posted by wetchas on May 31, 2016 at 12:14:42:

Wow, that sounds like a great experience. Like you, we both prefer getting wet in jeans, trousers etc but I still think any reasonably fit guy can look really good in a pair of wet boardshorts or swimshorts (on the other hand NO-ONE can look really good in Speedos (sexy and/or hot, yes definitely) but they are fine at a swim-meet or something. Jamie has a pair of swimshorts that he looks really good in: dark blue (so they shine nicely when wet) with a white band around them that forms a V at centre front and back, the white band is about 3" wide and the nadir of the V is right at the front where his bulge is most prominent if he does not have a boner, a few inches above the crotch seam. He says that he likes them because the white V shape distracts from the boner he normally has when he wears them ! (He has not thought about how they look when he is viewed from other than face on, his boner is all too obvious from a side view !!) And also because the fabric feels nice and soft when wet (they have no inner mesh brief and the legs are quite narrow so no danger of falling out of them or exposure when sitting down).

Last Friday afternoon.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 03, 2016 at 15:07:51

(This is a continuation of the story below about our first day of half-term a week ago today, Friday, when Harry and Mike joined us for the weekend. Sorry its a bit long and rambling, meant to post it before but the weekend was busy and then we've been doing other things since our pprents got home on Tuesday. There's more to follow about Saturday and Sunday, but have not had time to write it up yet.)

As we were finishing lunch Mike asked if I would like to swap clothes with him.

"You did say earlier that part of the fun of getting wet in clothes was fantasizing about what it would be like to be in the clothes of the people you were watching as they got wet." Mike said "We're about the same build so these should fit OK - want to give it a go ?"

"Yeah, sure do." I said.

So Mike pulled off his still-damp black teeshirt and jeans and me my tan cargoes and green teeshirt. As we stood there, me naked and him in just his boxers, he suddenly pulled them off as well and said "Might as well wear these also for the full outfit."

Now, we have all seen each other at school in the showers completely naked, but unlike the rest of us, Mike has never been seen with a spontaneous boner whilst in front of everyone, or any other time whilst naked. Standing there in front of us it was very obvious indeed that he had the mother of all boners tenting out the front of his boxers, indeed straining them to the limit of their size, and when he stepped out of them he sprang forth in all his glory.

"Looks like you need a really freezing shower there, my friend." Harry sniggered "That IS impressive."

"Yeah well, I can't really do much about how big I am, can I ?" Mike replied "And can I remind you that jealousy is not a nice quality in a friend."

"Not jealous, just wondering how you kept that hidden for so long at school - the rest of us all get boners in the showers at some stage, how come you don't? " Harry replied.

"I think calm thoughts and don't look too closely at your tiny cocks ............. " Mike grinned "Honestly, I just don't know." he finished as he pulled on my cargoes and stuffed himself in before buttoning up the fly and buckling the belt.

I was getting hard again myself as I pulled on his boxers and then his jeans, which were far more slim-fitting than any gear of my own. My growing boner looked quite respectable once I was all buttoned and belted, even though I say it myself, and the feel of damp fabric touching my legs all over constantly, due to the fit, was amazing. I bent and flexed my legs and adjusted myself a final time, and we all headed out to the woods.

When we got to the swamp area, Mike was the first to jump straight in and start to wade in across from the shallowest part to the deepest. He stumbled and fell when he was almost waist-deep and when he got up again he was soaked in mud to his chest and above his elbows, it dripped off him and ran down his body, rippling over the bulge of his belt buckle and the bulge in his groin. He shook his arms to shake the mud off and continued wading across, finally reaching the deepest bit and sinking chest-deep before clambering out the far side and turning towards us and raising his arms in triumph. He looked amazing covered in the shiny wet mud in my clinging clothes, the teeshirt showed-off his muscular chest and the cargoes were so tight across his groin that I swear you could almost see that extra bit of bulge caused by his dickhead, even from that distance.

Harry and Chris jumped in next, Harry gave Chris a push as they jumped and he splashed down face first, disappearing from view for a moment before spluttering to the surface and getting to his feet completely covered, Harry was trying to get away from Chris but was rugby-tackled into the mud so they were both covered from head to toe really quickly. I waded in and made my way over to where Chris was trying to get mud out of his eye, so I used my damp teeshirt to wipe his eyes and clear the mud from his face, his eyes were streaming with tears but I managed to clear the offending dirt and we carried on across the swamp to join Mike. I loved the feel of Mike's slim-fit jeans and teeshirt when they were soaked in mud as they were really slippery and clinging: I didn't tell Mike that I creamed his jeans as I waded through the mud, but I guessed that by the end of the day we would all be in the same situation and would have been hosed down as well. Harry and Chris both had boners tenting out their jeans and we were all grinning at the sight of each other as we chatted about what to do next.

We decided to carry-on around the obstacle course, so I went and opened the sluice from the stream to let some more water in as the ditch with the stepping stone logs was looking rather drier than we liked. Harry was the only one to slip on a log and fall in, splashing down into a couple of feet of water on his back. Chris was fastest across the log steps and first to start on the belly-crawl along the second half of the ditch. I followed him and Mike came after me, with Harry bringing up the rear. Mike caught up with me and grabbed my leg to stop me, he crawled on top of me to try and get ahead and I could feel him half on top as me as I tried to continue crawling, he was pulling himself forward by hauling on my shoulders.

"Hey, Jamie, just move aside so I can get past you." Mike called as we slid along.

"You get off me first and I might consider it." I laughed as I tried to push him off me by rolling on my back.

He fought back and we ended up rolling around in the mud and water, in a desperate measure to stop him I made a grab for his crotch, intending to give him a quick squeeze to distract him and slow him down.

"Want to play it like that, eh ?" he laughed and we ended up grabbing at each other and then grinding ourselves against each other, awash with mud and water, I could feel our boners rubbing under our slippery wet clothes, and then Mike started using his hands and things got more exciting. He started humping against me and I reciprocated as we lay there. It only took a few seconds, sadly, to conclude matters satisfactorily and by then Harry had caught up with us.

"Is this a private party or can we all join in ?" Harry laughed "Come on, get a move on, Chris will have finished the course and gone home soon."

When Harry had crawled past us and was well away, splashing through the mud and water on his belly, I asked Mike if he had done this sort of thing before.

"Getting wet and muddy ? - yes, you know I have .......... getting wet and muddy and groping a good mate at the same time and jerking off by humping his boner ? - no, not so much. Did you shoot your well load as well ? Couldn't tell with all this mud and water sloshing around ?"

"I did. I creamed your jeans earlier on as well, watching you standing on the side covered in mud." I replied "I didn't think you'd mind ......."

"Looks like we are even then" Mike grinned "and these trousers of yours are a real turn-on, I must get myself a pair."

"Keep them if you like, provided I can keep these jeans." I said "They look pretty amazing on you and I can still enjoy them from afar."

"OK, deal done. Keep the boxers as well if you like, I find them a bit too restrictive." Mike said "We ought to get a move on or they will be wondering what we are up to."

"And you don't think Harry saw what we were doing ?" I asked "Don't kid yourself - he did and he'll tell Chris."

"So ? I'm sure they've probably done the same at some time, don't you think ?" Mike asked.

"I know Chris has, with me, but don't know about Harry."

"Maybe we'll find him and Chris together !" Mike laughed.

"Knowing Chris I wouldn't be at all surprised." I said, and with that we stood up and trotted off down the ditch, splashing along until we found the others sitting on a fallen tree trunk waiting for us.

We finished the other obstacles and then returned to the swamp area and pushed our way through the undergrowth to the stream and the sluice, which we closed again so that the swamp and ditch would not overflow. We sat or lay down in the stream and washed most of the mud off before heading back to the house and straight into the showers to warm up. We spent the late afternoon and evening around the pool in our wet clothes and finally got to bed at around midnight.

Saturday with Harry & Mike

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 05, 2016 at 16:59:35

Saturday I was woken by the sound of Jamie being murdered in his bed as he tried to fight off two thugs - at least that was what it sounded like.

I got up, noticed that the bed that Harry had slept in was empty, and wandered through our study to Jamie's room, and found Harry and Mike trying to get Jamie out of bed. They were, like me, still in their night attire (Harry in dark blue shorts, Mike in red and blue check shorts, and Jamie in his Union Jack shorts) and I ascertained that they were trying to get Jamie into a cold shower - for no apparent reason other than they had both been woken earlier by his snoring (I am used to it). With three of us determined to do this thing, Jamie decided that resistance was useless and we pushed him under the shower and turned it full on cold. He stood there looking miserable and muttering dark and terrible threats about his revenge, rather negated by his shivering and teeth chattering as he huddled under the cold water. Harry said he looked like Golum in Lord of The Rings. Mike eventually took pity on him and turned the water to hot. We left him to it at that point.

Harry and me went back to my room and got showered and pulled on some swimshorts for our morning swim, taking the clothes we wanted to wear for the day.

We had just dived in the pool when Mike and Jamie appeared, so we did our usual 40 lengths in competition with Harry and Mike. Harry gave up at 28 but Mike completed the full forty.

"Do you do this every morning ?" Mike asked as we finished.

"Yup, every day before breakfast, with our dads if they are at home. Uncle Greg goes to the gym at work when he's in Germany." Jamie replied.

"Bloody Hell, no wonder you two are so fit." Harry said "I was struggling at 20, and I thought I was a good swimmer and reasonably fit."

"You could always come over each morning - you'd both be welcome, we usually start at 6:30 - we could stand you breakfast as well, I'm sure." I said.

"6:30 ? No thanks, I'm barely awake by then ........" Harry laughs.

"I could do that, say, three days a week if I could persuade my lazy little brother to take Gonzo for his walk on those days - the dog is his pet as well after all." Mike said "Would that be OK with you ?"

"Of course, whenever you want. Why don't we talk about it when our parents are all back on Tuesday ....... they might persuade Tim to do his bit with Gonzo. Your dad could come as well." I replied.

"He certainly needs to, but I doubt he would - he thinks walking to his car is too much exercise." Mike laughed.

"Who wants a quick shower before breakfast." Jamie asked "I for one am feeling hungry now."

We all showered, dried off and then got breakfast which we ate by the pool, still in our swimshorts. It was looking nice and sunny so we decided to spend the morning by the pool and be lazy, maybe think about going out into the woods later.

About mid-morning I could see that Mike was getting restless, although the rest of us were enjoying splashing around, challenging each other to do ever more daring dives off the springboard and the higher one, and just relaxing in the sun. When the phone rang Jamie jumped up to answer it and when he came back he announced that we would be having company for the afternoon.

"That was Sue wondering if we fancied doing anything this afternoon, but when I said you two were here she asked if she, Mary and Joanne could come over and join us, so I said 'yes of course'. She will ring Alison as well. I told her that we planned to go out in the woods as well and she said that would be fine, they might just come and watch."

"Could they not come over for lunch ?" I asked.

"I did ask but she said they'd already got lunch on the go." Jamie replied "They will be here at about two."

"Is that the cue for us to have lunch - I could eat a horse !" Harry asked.

"Typical - do you never stop feeling hungry, Harry ?" Mike asked him.

"Be fair ....... we've been doing a lot of exercise this morning." Harry said "Need to replenish fuel stocks."

"Some of us have had more exercise than others, of course, but we don't all stuff ourselves at every opportunity." Jamie grinned "but I'm pleased you like my cooking enough to wolf it down."

"I do, better than I get at home." Harry enthused "You all know my mum's an appalling cook ....."

"Don't remind us ........" Mike groaned "That quiche and salad she produced the other week was inedible - although your dog seemed to enjoy it - even I can't ruin a salad !"

We all laughed at that as it was so very true. We were just finishing our lunch when Sue and the other girls turned up - all four of them - and Sue had brought her twin brothers along (14 year olds, Ben and Toby) in the hope e wouldn't object. They go to our school as well and are nice lads, full of fun and prepared to try anything once, they were among the boys we helped coach at swimming, so we know them well. The girls were all dressed in jeans and tees. Toby was in a pair of the tattiest, most worn and frayed jeans I have ever seen, a grey teeshirt and trainers. His brother was in dark blue fleecy trackie bottoms, a black teeshirt and canvas shoes.

We got everyone drinks and then asked the girls what they wanted to do. To my surprise they all said they had decided to join us in the woods and were happy to get wet and muddy and have a swim afterwards. The twins said there was no way we could stop them getting wet and muddy, it was why they had wanted to come along - obviously boys after my own heart. The four of us went off to get changed into our own mud gear and then we all headed off to the woods.

I had had a word with the twins before we set off and they had agreed to taking part in a bit of a demo about "how to get muddy" for the girls. For this demo we took a goodly number of buckets with us, I told everyone they were useful in cleaning up when muddy. When we arrived at the swamp I asked Ben and Toby to stand in front of the deepest part and Mike if he would go and fill a couple of the buckets with water from the stream.

"As you four girls have not been out here before, I thought it might be an idea to give you some tips on how to get muddy properly. Ben and Toby have agreed to help out ...... by being our mud dummies ...... sorry, sorry I mean our experts ! Harry will give me a hand to demonstrate the right and wrong ways of getting muddy." I explained "Ready boys ?"

They both nodded and bowed to the audience. I separated them a bit further until they were standing aboutcsix feet apart. Harry and me dipped our buckets in to the swamp and filled them with sloppy mud.

"Toby here is going to demonstrate the first wrong way." I said "OK Toby ?"

Toby gave us a thumbs-up. Harry and I stepped away from him and then threw our buckets of mud at him from either side. Some hit him across the chest and splattered over his chin and lower face. Some hit him across his upper legs and splashed across his feet. He was messy but not nearly covered.

The girls squealed and laughed, Ben looked surprised and Toby himself wiped the mud from his face and grinned from ear to ear as he inspected how muddy he was.

"As you can see, Toby is muddy but not thoroughly covered. Give us a twirl, Toby. Now let's see the correct way of doing this. Ready, Ben?" I asked.

We filled our buckets again and I stepped up behind Ben and slowly poured the mud over his head, it poured over the back of his shoulders and ran down his back, I poured it over his shoulders and upper arms, sloshed some more over his backside and back of his legs. Meanwhile Harry was sloshing some across his chest, abdomen and the front of his legs. The last bit of mud Harry splashed across Ben's face, having told him to shut his eyes and mouth. When we had finished, Ben was completely soaked and covered.

"Turn around Ben, let's see how thorough we've been." I told him "Now as you can see, Ben here is very thoroughly covered in mud, and this is exactly what we need to achieve. We'll get them both clean and move on to our next demo."

Jamie and Mike poured the clean water over the boys, who were excitedly jabbering under the cold dousing, but they had to get another couple of buckets of water to get Ben clean again. The girls were laughing and joking still, partly appalled and partly delighted.

"Are you alright, you two, happy to carry on ?" Sue asked her brothers.

"Of course, this is great, love it." Ben said as they started to pour another buckey of water over him.

Both the boys were grinning from ear to ear, their curly brown hair flattened to their scalps, Ben's black teeshirt and dark trackies were shiny and clinging to him like a second skin, and when Mike threw the last of the water over him, he stepped back and his trackies pulled away from his legs and he stepped on the bottom of one leg and pulled them down a bit, revealing a pair of white briefs that had turned transparent, luckily the drawcord of his trackies caught on his bulge before they fell all the way down and revealed even more of his anatomy. Toby's jeans had turned a darker shade of blue and his teeshirt a dark grey.

We continued with our demo with a look at how to get the boys muddy by getting into deeper mud. The wrong way : I pushed Ben off the edge of the swamp so that he stepped in and sank to his waist. The right way : Harry and me picked Toby up by his arms and legs, swung him back and forth and threw him in. He hit the swamp with a huge splash and sank from view until he regained his feet and waded back, totally soaked and dripping thick mud from everywhere. We cleaned them up again with more buckets of water, they were both laughing hysterically as they touched and rubbed the mud off each other as the water poured over them.

The third demo was getting mud inside their clothes. The wrong way : I pushed a few handfuls down the back of Ben's teeshirt and tried the same at the front, but ended up just smearing it across his chest as he struggled to stop me. The right way : Mike grabbed Toby from behind in a bear hug and I poured mud inside the front of his tee and then his jeans as Mike held him, we then turned him around and did the same down the back of his tee and his jeans. The result was pretty spectacular and his reaction very funny as we all watched his clothes turn muddy brown from the inside.

The demo ended with Ben and Toby grabbing me, with a little help from Mike and Harry, and throwing me in the swamp, just like we had done to Toby. After that it was pretty much a free for all and everyone ended up in the swamp, the girls being as willing to get muddy as the rest of us. Once we were all thoroughly soaked and covered and tired of being ducked and having mud poured over us, we decamped to the stream and got clean by laying in the water or just pouring buckets over ourselves or each other. Finally, tired, very wet but happy we went back to the house, showered and spent the rest of the afternoon in and around the pool in our wet clothes, which Toby and Ben thought was quite the best idea of the day.

The girls all looked pretty amazing covered in mud, and when just wet, in their jeans and tees and that was enjoyable, and I think they were as pleased to see us all muddy and wet as well. Something must have been good as Sue took Jamie off to the showers for a while and the door was closed for most of that time, and then a bit later, after Sue and Jamie had returned, Mike and Alison disappeared for a bit as well. They all came back looking very smug and pleased with themselves.

Re: Saturday with Harry & Mike

Posted by wetchas on June 06, 2016 at 10:19:51

In Reply to: Saturday with Harry & Mike posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 05, 2016 at 16:59:35:

Once again, what a brilliant account of a brilliant day. Sounds like it was a blast from start to finish. Great to get the girls involved as well. I was wondering what had happened to the budding romance, good to see it's alive and well.
Been really hot here the last couple of days. I expect it's even hotter inland where there's no sea breeze. Still, a cold shower seems to work for a while.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Re: Saturday with Harry & Mike

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 06, 2016 at 10:54:18

In Reply to: Re: Saturday with Harry & Mike posted by wetchas on June 06, 2016 at 10:19:51:

Yeah, Chris writes well, doesn't he ? He has a really good memory for dialogue and the written word. He didn't go into too much detail as it involved the younger guys, Toby and Ben, but it was pretty obvious that they enjoyed the mud as well in the usual way, I think Sue was a bit surprised at seeing her brothers so aroused, she laughed about it when we were alone together in the showers. I assured her that it was perfectly normal and we had a fun time discovering what "horny" means for boys and girls and how to relieve the situation. That was very enlightening for an innocent lad like me - and extremely enjoyable.

Chris is busy writing up Sunday and Monday as I write this, so more to come. Our parents got home Tuesday afternoon and we all spent the late afternoon and evening in and around the pool with a BBQ, until Mike and Harry and their parents went home late. We were out and about for Wednesday, Thurs and Friday and had more wet and muddy fun with our dads this last weekend.

We are back at school tomorrow, just as the weather gets better - typical ! Glad you enjoyed the story - stay wet, enjoy the sunshine.

Sunday and Monday with Mike and Chris

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 06, 2016 at 21:10:39

Sunday and Monday with Harry and Mike.

Sorry this is a bit long ....... bit like Mike's dick - sorry did I write that in clear ? oh god ! I want to die

After all the mud and water we encountered on Saturday with the girls, we all had a bit of a lie-in on Sunday morning. Harry had gone to bed in his wet jeans, saying he wanted to see what it would be like, and I heard him several times during the night groaning and breathing heavily from across the room as the bed and mattress creaked and moved - he was obviously finding out just how fun it could be. He was sound asleep and gently snoring quietly when I woke in the morning. He was laying on his back, one arm hanging over the side, the sheet on the floor, his left leg stretched straight out and right leg bent at the knee pointing to the right. His jean's fly and crotch were stretched tight across his groin and upper thighs, failing to hide a large boner on which his left hand rested. His jeans still looked a bit damp. Not a particularly joyous sight first thing in the morning, but he must have had a good night anyway.

I wandered through to my bathroom, showered, shaved and pulled on my swimshorts. When I came out, Harry was still asleep and I could hear movement from Jamie's room on the other side of our study, so wandered over to find both him and Mike up and in their swimshorts ready for our morning exercise.

"Morning, guys, all ready for the pool ?" I asked.

"Sure, just about, that was good timing ........ is Harry up ?" Mike asked.

"No, still sleeping like a baby - I thought I'd leave him, he had an energetic night of self-abuse in his wet jeans - at least he seemed to be busy every time I woke up - so he needs his rest !" I laughed "He's laying there dead to the world nurseing a nice boner."

"Too much info, Chris !" Jamie moaned "I'll have that image in my mind for the rest of the day now ......."

"Lucky you ....." Mike laughed "Perhaps we should wake him with a bucket of nice cold water ......"

"Let's just leave him, he looks very peaceful - go and have a look."

Mike went across and crept into my room, he came back grinning a few moments later.

"You're right, let's be kind and leave him alone." Mike said "We can tease him about it later."

We went down to the pool and did our 40 lengths. As we were finishing Jamie appeared, still in his jeans, unshaven, hair awry, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and yawning widely.

"Hi, all, why didn't you call me ?" Harry asked, his voice husky "I would have joined you."

"You looked all in after your night of exercise" I said as I waded up the steps wih Mike and Jamie behind me "and looked so peaceful laying there with a hand gently resting on your boner ......."

"Yeah well," Harry grinned as he rubbed and squeezed his crotch "still got that going ......"

"Oh please, do you have to tell us that ?" Jamie asked "Just get in the bloody pool and start swimming ....... it'll wake you up !"

And with that we pushed him in as he yawned again. He hit the water with a big splash and came up gasping "Bloody hell, guys, that's cold." We all jumped in after him and harrassed him as he tried to swim a few lengths, he gave it up in the end as a bad job and sat on a lower step with the water up to his chest as he leaned back and caught his breath. We all joined him and we chatted about what to do for the rest of the day. After many suggestions about getting wet and /or muddy Mike asked if we fancied doing something totally different.

"Well, I was given a pre-loaded credit card for my birthday by my grandparents" Mike explained " with the instruction to buy something that would be nice to keep for the future or something useful for school or uni. And I have yet to spend it - I was thinking about going shopping with you lot to advise me or make suggestions."

"Any idea about what you want to get ?" I asked.

"Gran suggested a decent watch to keep longterm - she was given one by her grandma at 18 - and grandpa suggested that a good laptop computer would be useful for uni." Mike replied.

"How much have you got to spend, if I might ask ?" Jamie asked "That will determine if you could do both."

"Plenty to do both, I think .... there is £2500 in total."

"You lucky bastard - wish my grandparents were that generous." Harry said. *** "Granpa won some money on a lottery scratchcard a few months back, so it is more than they had originally intended. It is very generous indeed, so I want to do the right thing."

"Where were you thinking of going shopping ?"

"I thought that Cribbs Causeway near Bristol would offer plenty of places to browse." Mike said "It's not far from here."

"Good choice" Harry said "there's a big department store there and all sorts."

"Yeah, we go quite often." Mike said "I was thinking of an Apple Macbook, I think there's one of their stores there, if not then John Lewis and others sell them. And there must be several jewellers for a watch."

"So you want me to drive, do you ?" Jamie asked.

"No, dad left me his car keys and said we could use it if I wanted." Mike said "I'm on his insurance."

"You flash git !" Harry joked "Everyone will think we are drug dealers in that car !"

"Lets have some breakfast and then we can go this morning if you like." Jamie said.

So we spent the morning shopping after a very sedate drive in Mike's dad's massive Mercedes GL350. Mike is a confident driver normally, but his dad's car is a huge 4x4, and Harry is right, it looks like a gangster's car with a body-kit, huge alloys and dark windows and is finished in a matt black. Anyway, Mike got himself an Apple Macbook and a very smart watch from a maker I had never heard of, Maurice Lacroix, and he still had a couple of hundred quid left. He treated us all to lunch as well, which was good of him.

We spent the afternoon in and around the pool and in the evening 'helped' Mike set up his new laptop (Jamie and me both use Apple stuff) as it is all new to him. *** Monday we were all up early and in the pool by 7am and it was bright and sunny. After breakfast we changed into our jeans and tees and headed out to the woods. I was feeling very horny and was loving the feel of my slightly damp jeans and tee as we walked. Harry had slept in his normal sleepwear and I had not heard a sound out of him all night, but now his jeans were well and truly tented out and he was trying hard to hide it by pulling down the long green tee he was wearing. Mike and Jamie were lagging behind us as Jamie was explaining the finer points of Apple software to Mike who had not stopped asking questions from the time he had unpacked his new toy.

Harry and me decided to go to the flooded dell first and get a good soaking. Harry took a running jump into the water and I grabbed the rope before swinging out over the water and splashing down almot on top of him. I swam to a sunny part of the sloping bank and leaned back with the water up to my chest and started to attend to business. I had just started and closed my eyes enjoying the sensation of sun on my face and hand on my boner through the denim of my jeans, when I felt another hand on mine.

"Need a bit of help with that ?" Harry asked as he pulled himself up next to me. *** "That would be good, can I do the same for you ?" I asked.

"Yeah, in a bit ...... I think you're a bit more ready than me at the moment ....."

And with that he started gently rubbing and squeezing my shaft and balls - he was good - and despite my desire to shoot my load, it seemed to take for ages. After I was done, Harry leaned back and I helped him out, having learned what he had done to me I tried to emulate his technique, but I think he was rather more ready than he had admitted and it was over quite quickly, although he did get hard again almost immediately.

When we got up to climb the bank, Harry almost got to the top, about ten feet above the water and fifteen feet up the slope, when he slipped and slid down back into the water. This gave me an idea so I slid down the slope into the water as well, and when Harry asked what I was doing I told him this could be a new mud slide (we don't have one anywhere else) so we started climbing up and sliding down using our wet clothes to make the mud nice and slippery. We had made quite a good job of it by the time Jamie and Mike caught up with us, so they were the first enthusiastic users, getting nicely muddy as well. We all agreed that the feel of muddy wet clothes, rather than mud soaked clothes, was a real turn-on both visually and in the tactile sense, and when we set off towards the muddy ride after an hour or so, we all had boners tenting out our jeans.

Jamie was the first to flop down in the thick creamy mud at the ride, and once covered across his back he rolled over and coated his front as well. Harry challenged us all to a race along the two deep ruts running down the centre of the ride. Each rut is about three feet deeper than the surrounding ground and about six feet wide at the top, so we lined up two per rut and Harry shouted out a count-down for the off, which we all ignored in our determination to finish first. The mud is about knee-deep over most of the ruts but trying to run through it is very difficult in such thick stuff, and we all fell over and slipped up numerous times. Jamie ended up crawling along and after a bit of struggling and seeing him progress quicker than me, I did the same. As I crawled I could feel the mud sliding inside my jeans, at the back as well where the mud was deepest, which felt incredibly arousing, as if I wasn't hard enough before, and I could feel it coating my cock and balls and my backside and the rougher denim of my jeans rubbing it all against my skin. Oh God (and I'm an agnostic or atheist - not sure which to be honest) this was incredible. i creamed my jeans instantly - at least I think I did, it was difficult to be sure !

Jamie won the race, easily, Mike came second, Harry third and me last ! How did that happen ! Outrageous ! Maybe I wa too absorbed by the incredible horniness of it all.

Jamie celebrated by diving head-first into the mud, emerging completely covered. Harry copied him and emerged completely covered and with a rampant hard-on in the crotch of his sodden jeans. Mike and me simply watched and enjoyed the sight of them emerging from the mud and sporting nice bulges.

With all four of us totally covered inside and out with the thick creamy mud, we headed home and hosed each other down amid much laughter and joking as we aimed at each others boners and butts, eventually we had showers to wash off the last of the mud and we then jumped in the pool and enjoyed an hour or two of swimming in the pool and laying in the sun just relaxing. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing, eating supper and getting Mike up to speed on how good his Apple laptop really was ! How nerdy are we ?

Re: Sunday and Monday with Mike and Chris

Posted by wetchas. on June 07, 2016 at 08:39:40

In Reply to: Sunday and Monday with Mike and Chris posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 06, 2016 at 21:10:39:

Brilliant story. One of your best. Your comment about Mike's cock set the tone for it, and it just got better from there.
It's a shame someone didn't suggest having a very cheap lunch, and spending some of the cash on new clothes to trash. I thought that's where the story was going at first.
Must admit I can't get on with sleeping in wet clothes. Tried it a couple of times, but it was either very uncomfortable, or else too knackering, as a large part of the night was spent wanking. Just like Harry I guess.
I like to be able to slide around in the bed, not stick to the sheets, which is why I usually go for football kit, minus the socks and boots of course.
Anyway, I don't expect you want to hear about my bedtime habits. Enjoy school!
Cheers. Wetchas.

Re: Saturday with Harry & Mike

Posted by muddywet on June 07, 2016 at 16:46:58

In Reply to: Saturday with Harry & Mike posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 05, 2016 at 16:59:35:

fun times had by all. Sounds like Ben's trackies were pretty baggy and loose fit if he was able to step on them and pull them down a bit. Always loved loose fitting clothes and baggy hoodies. Though you seem to be firing a few creamy loads from the friction of tighter jeans lol.

Re: Saturday with Harry & Mike

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 08, 2016 at 09:26:51

In Reply to: Re: Saturday with Harry & Mike posted by muddywet on June 07, 2016 at 16:46:58:

Ben's trackies were quite baggy and I guess the elastic ankle cuffs had lost their elasticity over time, they looked fairly well worn. When he got wet and muddy and they clung and loosely hung off him, he got quite self-conscious about the fact that his bulge looked quite prominent, but after he had seen us older guys with boners tenting out our jeans, he relaxed a bit and decided it didn't really matter.

Nothing like a pair of closer fitting jeans, where the wet denim rasps against a boner, to make you cum lots. I' getting hard just thinking about it .......

Re: Saturday with Harry & Mike

Posted by muddywet on June 08, 2016 at 16:24:01

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i'm beginning to think i mixed up ben with one of the older guys from an other post! Anyway glad you all had a good time.

Re: Saturday with Harry & Mike

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 08, 2016 at 17:06:12

In Reply to: Re: Saturday with Harry & Mike posted by muddywet on June 08, 2016 at 16:24:01:

That is entirely possible, we have a friend at school called Ben (short for Benedict) and then there is this younger Ben (Benjamin) who is one Sue's twin brothers, who are younger than us. Benedict is certainly not shy about showing off any boner he frequently gets, randy little so-and-so that he is, but he is more into skinny fit jeans than trackies for getting wet.

Tuesday wih Mike and Harry - part 1

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 08, 2016 at 20:53:49

This is a bit long so I have split the day into two.

Tuesday was really sunny first thing when we all got up for our morning swim. Mike was in his usual dark grey swimshorts with a white waistband and white trim around the legs. I wore my favourite dark blue swimshorts with the white V shape stripe across the front and back. Chris wore his red, white and blue horizontal block colour swimshorts. All pretty much conventional. Harry, however, had decided to wear a pair of bright blue cotton jeans for the day along with a dark blue teeshirt, and opted to wear them for our swim as well. The jeans were a very slim fit indeed and tight under the crotch and, as he was wearing no underwear, extremely revealing even when dry - a complete stranger could have told you with just a swift glance the exact size of his cock and balls and how he liked to arrange it all - Mike suggested that he might as well be naked. Chris asked if he really intended to wear them all day given that all our parents would be around from about lunchtime onwards.

"If they really are too revealing" Harry replied indignantly "I can always wear some briefs when they get back."

"What do you mean by 'IF', Harry ?" Mike laughed "they simply 'are' too revealing - no argument. I don't care if you display your credentials in front of me - I like a good laugh as much as anyone - but I'm not sure your mum would be too impressed - I know mine wouldn't be if it was me looking like that."

"Look you lot" Harry protested "I don't tell you all what to wear, so I'll decide what I wear, thank you."

"Agreed, but we don't wear clothes around our parents that, wet or dry, display our assets so blatantly." I told him "Look at it this way, they tolerate, passively condone - however you like to put it - us getting wet and muddy however and whenever we like because they know we enjoy it and because it does nobody any harm nor causes them to think there might be any undercurrent of sexual deviancy or something - OK, OK, I know they see us with the occasional boner sometimes, but that's normal for teenage boys - but to appear like that might just make them think about revising their ideas and lay down stricter rules."

"But they see us in tight fitting clothes all the time, what's the difference ?"

"Do you normally wear boxerbriefs ?" I asked.

"You all know I do." Harry said.

"Exactly" Chris said "and when they see you normally dressed in relaxed, straight, slim or skinny fit jeans and trousers they see nothing more than your normal small bulge ......."

"Yeah, that's right" Mike said "and they don't see this ...." he continued as he stepped forward and ran a finger along the outline of Harry's cock "or these !" he finished as he grabbed his balls.

"OW! What the ... and what do you mean by 'normal small bulge' you bugger !" Harry said indignantly, poking Chris in the chest.

"Nothing" Chris grinned "just that maybe too tight underwear .... erm, er, squeezes you too much, you should try a larger size ....... make yourself look a bit bigger but still decent ........... I think that's what I meant anyway - help me here, guys ......"

"Don't try and baffle me, smart-ass, I know you didn't mean that ......" Harry scowled.

"Don't get huffy," I said "wear them for now and later I'll find you a pair of my competition speedos, they're a size smaller than I normally wear, just to give a decent profile - you'll probably look perfectly OK with them on under those jeans."

"Thanks." Harry said and he then turned spread his arms out and took Mike and Chris with him into the pool as he jumped in.

I followed them in and then the three of us watched as Harry hauled himself onto the side and stood up. His bright blue jeans had turned several shades darker, the thin fabric clung to him in small wrinkles all over his legs and butt and when he turned round to face us his growing boner was straining at the fly and the fabric clung wetly to his balls.

"I think you were right, guys" Harry laughed as he looked down at himself "I'll try those speedos, Jamie, but even then I guess I shouldn't wear these."

He jumped back in and we commenced our lengths. Harry completed all forty lengths in the end, but he did have a rest on a couple of occasions. As we were sitting and watching Harry complete his last few lengths, the phone rang so I went to answer. It was uncle Greg to tell us that they would be leaving soon and hoped to be back at the airport at about mid-day and home 30-40 mins after that. He also said they had booked a table at the local pub for lunch at 1:30pm so not to have lunch. He asked what the weather was like so when I told him it was lovely and sunny, he said to enjoy it and be sure to be out of the pool and changed ready for lunch in good time. So that was all good. He had a quick word with Chris and then rang off.

"Hey, Harry ......... better get out of the pool" Chris called "and see if these Speedo of Jamie's do the trick, if they do you'll need to get those jeans in the dryer soon."

I went to get the speedos and when I came back, Harry was standing on the side, dripping with just his teeshirt on. He pulled on the red speedos, adjusted himself, pulled his jeans back on and jumped back into the pool. He swam to the steps and stopped to take off his teeshirt, waded up the steps and walked around to where we were sitting. The jeans were still very, very slim fit, taut across his groin and tight under the crotch, but they looked no worse than any other slim-fitting jeans, there was a sizeable bulge but nothing distinguishable.

"Well ?" Harry asked, rubbing his hands down the sides of his thighs, before slipping his hands into the pockets.

"Nice bulge, mate" Chris laughed "they look much better now. I'd say to wear them, but be sure to wear those speedos too."

The others agreed, as did I.

"I've got a black pair upstairs, don't put those in the dryer, they lose their stretch if you tumble dry them I find. Just leave them to drip dry in the shower room." I told him "I'll go start on breakfast."

Chris took Harry's jeans to the dryer and set it off and the rest of us went to get breakfast. We spent the remainder of the morning around the pool until it got time to get changed before our parents arrived home.

To be continued

Tuesday wih Harry and Mike part 2

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 08, 2016 at 21:22:21

We all changed into jeans and casual shirts, Harry's jeans looked even better dry with the speedos on and we all agreed that none of our parents could take any more exception to them than any other of our clothes. We had a great lunch listening to what the wedding had been like and what sightseeing they had done.

When we got home, Mike's dad asked what we been up to or had we all been lazing around and doing nothing in the sun. So Mike told him about our trip to Bristol and showed him the computer and watch he had bought.

He was interested in the laptop and seriously impressed with the watch "Who knew, ma, that a son of our's had such good taste, must be from your side of the family ......."

"You only have to look at your car to see that, Dad !"Mike quipped.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that remark on the assumption that you still want to drive it whenever you need to borrow a car." Phil said "Besides I might be asking to borrow this when I want to look smart !"

"Sure you can, I don't intend wearing it every day."

"So what else have you all be doing - swimming in this lovely pool, soaking up the sun and eating is my guess !" Harry's mum asked "By the way Harry, are those new jeans ? ......... nice colour and they look good on you."

"Yes, they are." Harry said, looking relieved "I got them a few weeks ago ..... just haven't worn them before really."

"Stand up a moment and come here ..." Harry's mum said, and she lifted his shirt tales, put a finger in his waistband and pulled "Are they comfortable, they seem a bit tight."

"MUM ! I'm a big boy now, I can buy my own clothes !" Harry moaned "They're fine - they are slim-fit, meant to be like this."

"OK, OK, I know, none of my business what you buy." his mum conceded.

"Well I think they look very fine on you, Harry" Mike's mum said out loud and then patting Harry's bum as he walked past her, muttered "Nice bum too." and winked at Chris and me sitting opposite her. Harry sat down again next to her and blushed a deep red. So funny.

"If you really want to know what else we have been doing, we could show you." Chris said.

"That might be interesting ..." uncle Greg said, knowing full well what Chris had meant. "Fancy some exercise, chaps, after a weekend of sitting around, eating wedding cake and sipping champers whilst chatting with old friends ? Not sure the ladies will want to join us though."

"What exactly does this involve ?" Phil asked.

"A walk through our woods - I don't think we've shown you around before, have we ?"

"No, nor the house, which looks amazing - I love this pool, was it always here ?"

"Yes, we just added the roof - which opens, like this ...." uncle Greg replied, picking up the remote control and setting it opening "and converted part of the adjoining garages into a shower and changing room."

"That's clever." Phil said watching the roof. "OK, I'm up for that walk around the woods then."

Harry's dad also agreed but my mum stopped the other mums from going by suggesting they have a cup of tea and a tour of the house instead, with the words "One tree looks pretty much like another."

My dad then suggested that they all get changed and when Phil asked why, he said just that it can get a bit muddy in places and offered to lend him a pair of jeans if he wanted. Eventually we all reassembled ready for our tour of the woods. Us youngsters had all pulled on our oldest jeans and teeshirts. Our dads were the same, either their own or borrowed in the case of Phil and Paul, Harry's dad.

Dad asked us to lead the way, so we took a swing round the edge of the woods leading to the swamp area. We all chatted as we went and those of us used to getting muddy just splashed through any muddy puddles we came across - still quite a few despite the warmer weather. Paul and Phil tried to dodge them but eventually dad whispered loudly to Phil that the point of the walk was to enjoy being a kid again and not to worry about their clothes.

"You really are serious, aren't you ?" Phil said.

"Absolutely, but the boys take it even more seriously, as I'm sure you'll see in a bit, if I know anything about them ....."

By the time we got to the swamp all our dads had splashed through a few puddles and their trainers and bottoms of their jeans were wet and muddy, abeit only up to their ankles. As we stopped at the swamp Mike ran around to the far side, called out to his dad to follow him and do the same as he did. They stood on the edge until Mike called out "go" and he jumped straight in, sinking to his knees immediately, he then started to wade forward before he realised that his dad was still standing on the side, looking aghast.

"Come on, dad, make a start - it's not cold." Mike urged.

Phil gave a shrug, looked across at us for support, but we just all urged him on, so he jumped in sinking to his knees and then waded forward to catch up with his son. Mike didn't hold back and splashed ahead, before suddenly hitting the next level down, quickly followed by his dad who fell flat on his face, unable to keep his feet. Mike helped him up and then carried on. Phil was now soaked from head to toe and fairly well covered in mud. Mike was soaked and covered to his chest. When they clambered out to join us on the side, Phil was grinning from ear to ear and didn't seem to mind that his sodden clothes were clinging to him in a very revealing manner.

"I must admit that was huge fun." Phil said "Now I think the rest of you should do this thing. I guess the boys have been wet and muddy here many times before, but I want to see you three dads do this too - I know now why you just said this was a walk in the woods - I might not have come along."

So we all did it as race between dads and sons. We boys all got as muddy as we could by splashing around and falling over as much as possible. Our dads were a bit more cautious, but my dad fell over a couple of times, and was as muddy as me when we came in second. Phil took revenge on Mike for not forewarning him by grabbing him in a bear hug and falling into the deepest part of the swamp, where they both disappeared from view before surfacing spluttering and gasping for breath. They high-fived each other and then hugged before clambering out again. We took them to the stream and everyone took turns to lay dawn in the water and get a clean. By that stage the dads were as unconcerned at being totally wet fully clothed as we were.

Mike was the last to lay down in the stream and we all stood around watching and waiting as he rolled onto his front and pushed his face under to clear mud from around his eyes. His teeshirt was stuck wetly to his back and jeans clung to his butt and legs.

"Oh to be 18, fit and young again" Phil observed as he watched his son "What wouldn't I give to have a body as slim as that again ? ...... ah, well those were the days, can't turn back time !"

"Maybe not, but you could get fit again" Chris said "We were talking about getting Mike and Harry to join us for our early morning swims, no reason you and Paul couldn't join us, is there ?"

"Guess not !" Phil said "What do you think, Mike ?"

Mike raised his head and looked at his dad "I said it was a good idea but we'd need to get Tim to take Gonzo for his walk, I can't see him to doing that more than a couple of mornings a week."

"I think he could be pursuaded" Phil laughed "if I make it a condition of him getting pocket money !"

"That would almost definitely do it." Mike remarked.

"Come on Mike, get up, we're all waiting here." Harry said. "Give me a minute" Mike replied "go ahead I'll catch you up."

"Oh dear" Phil laughed "I think that's code for ''leave me alone, I've got an erection', isn't that right, boys ?"

"Bloody hell, dad ........ are you deliberately trying to embarrass me !"

"No, we've all been there, nobody cares." Phil replied "Come on, up you get."

Mike got up slowly, pulling his teeshirt down to try and hide the huge boner tenting out his jeans.

"That's my boy !" Phil said triumphantly to laughter from everyone.

"Ah well, those were the days" Uncle Greg remarked "Changing the subject, where to next, Chris ?"

Chris led the way and showed the various other obstacles as we passed them, we didn't try any of them but took the circuitous route to the muddy ride, coming out of the trees at the open, far end next to the field. Dad and uncle Greg looked a bit surprised at the new muddy look, and asked who had created it. When we said it was Rob and the farmer's son Gareth, they nodded and asked if we had asked them to do it. We hadn't, we said, but did approve given the result. Chris stepped into the mud and scooped up a couple of handfuls.

"If you like getting muddy, this is the very best" Chris explained as he smeared it across his chest "and we usually have a race along the deep ruts in the middle. Guaranteed fun."

"Fathers versus sons, then ?" my dad asked.

"Of course. Follow me guys." Chris said leading the way.

We boys gave our dads a head start on the basis that we were younger, fitter and more used to doing this, but that turned out to be a mistake. Mike and me and our dads used one rut, Chris and Harry and their dads the other. We'd agree that the finish line would be a distinctive tree on the left about 100 yards away, about halfway along the ride. We gave our dads a 20 second start, and as we waited to go Mike muttered "I am so going to make him pay for mentioning erections !"

Catching up our dads was not a problem as they were floundering and getting very, very muddy indeed, However getting past them and getting ahead was almost impossible - they pushed and shoved us, tripped us up, grabbed our arms and clothing, my dad even rugby tackled me into the mud and pushed my face under before heaping armfuls of creamy mud over my head as I tried to get up. In the end, Harry was the only one of us to finish before our dads. We celebrated by pelting them with mud, which was retaliated in similar vein until we were all laughing so much that we just collapsed into the mud and tried to catch our breaths.

Eventually we got up, all dripping creamy mud, and headed back home. I suggested we clean up at the flooded dell, but dad said he wanted our mums to see us all and realise what they had missed. It was strangely liberating to be so covered in mud that I could hardly make out who was who as we trudged along, and I didn't care that my boner was as obvious as the ones I could make out on the others, both boys and dads, although the boys' were considerable more so. When we got back to the old stableyard, dad rang the door bell and mum screamed in shock when she saw him and then called the others out, there were more screams of laughter and cries of "Oh My God" and so on and then they stood and watched as we hosed each other down. When we were finally clean, dad rushed at mum, picked her up and then jumped in the pool with her in his arms as he kissed her. Within a few minutes everyone was in the pool. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool and then had tea before Mike and Harry and their parents went home. Pretty much a perfect day.

Re: Sunday and Monday with Mike and Chris

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Glad you enjoyed it. Mike is a big lad in most lengthy measurements - taller than the rest of us by 3" or so, bigger feet, size 11.5, long legs even for his height, long arms and fingers, long nose and facial features, long neck - so it is only logical that his cock is long as well !! I think we all probably have enough clothes to get wet and muddy in ((or, indeed cum in ) so food was the only option really, particularly as Mike was paying - a cloud of moths flew out when he opened his wallet, he makes Scrooge look like a generous philanthropist most of the time (but we all love him really !).

Jamie and me have had a couple of goes at sleeping in our wet jeans and tees, but to be totally frank it was uncomfortable and a bit too continuously arousing - you can have too much of a good thing - and speaking for myself I ended the night tired and irritable (not enough sleep) and with a sore cock (too much wanking by self an Jamie), so two rasons not to do it again, h ha.

Re: Tuesday wih Mike and Harry - part 1

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thought swimming shorts were banned on this site - lol

Re: Tuesday wih Mike and Harry - part 1

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We'll try not to let it happen again...........

Painting fun.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 13, 2016 at 20:26:09

Chris and me made the mistake of volunteering to help Tom do some decorating in his flat above the garages adjoining the pool. He had finished all the living rooms on the first floor, but still had the entrance lobby and stairwell to do. It is basically a passage way from the old stableyard to what is now the laundryroom adjoining the showers, but it is double height (about 15 feet floor to ceiling) and 8 feet square, and will eventually have a metal stair and walkway leading to his frontdoor. Our job was to paint the walls and ceiling a plain brilliant white using a small scaffold tower. The floor ispoured concrete and will be polished when the painting is done and before the stair is fitted. Given that there was nothing there we could damage with paint and that the doorframes and floor were covered in plastic sheeting, Tom had decided that we could be trusted to do a good job without wrecking the place, (What was he thinking ?).

Come the appointed morning, we pulled on our oldest wearable jeans and long-sleeve teeshirts and reported for work. Chris wore an old pair of dark maroon cotton jeans that were faded and rather too small for comfort, and a similarly faded black tee. I wore my oldest khaki cotton jeans, faded and worn, but still comfortable and dark green tee that was simply too short in body and arms.

Tom had left the pots of emulsion, rollers and brushes, paint trays and so on ready for us. Chris has a better head for heights than me so he climbed the scaffold tower to start on the ceiling whilst I started on the walls. It went well at first, but then Chris inadvertantly tilted his paint tray as he was watching what he was doing above him, and I got a shower of white paint splashing down on me, it splattered across my shoulders and top of my head.

"Oi ! Watch what you're doing, Chris !" I called "You're supposed to be painting the ceiling, not me."

"Sorry !" Chris called, looking down at me "It'll wash off ....."

"I know, but just be careful." I replied. He responded by laughing and tipping more paint over me. This time it splashed across my forehead and ran down my nose and temples, dripping down the front of my tee. I tried to wipe it off with my hand but ended up simply smearing it across my face and across the thighs of my jeans as I wiped my hands clean. I looked up at Chris, who simply stared back grinning, before turning away to carry on painting.

"You are so going to suffer for doing that !" I muttered.

We continued painting and when Chris came down to move the scaffolding tower so that he could reach another part of the ceiling, I watched and waited for my opportunity. He turned his back on me as he wheeled the tower to its new position and locked the wheels, so he didn't see me load my roller with an extra quantity of paint and creep up behind him, so when he turned round he walked straight into my roller which caught him at crotch level and then upwards to his chin as I rolled it across him, giving him a final dap on the end of his nose.

"You do know that that was an extremely childish thing to do, don't you Jamie ?"

"Yeah .... but it was also fun - and deserved, I think." I replied squaring up to him and keeping as straight a face as possible.

"Maybe you won't find this as much fun." Chris said, and with that he took the roller from my hand, took the couple of steps needed to get to my paint tray, loaded it up and returned before rolling it agross my groin, thighs and bum and then across my back and chest, finishing with a smear under my chin. I could feel it soaking through my teeshirt as he finished and my jeans felt wet to the touch when I rubbed my hands over my butt. I didn't say anything, just stepped away to pick up the paint tray and slowly poured the remaing paint over his head.

"OK, OK, you've had your revenge - very funny. I think we should get on with the painting now before this gets out of hand, let's be sensible ........ at least until the first coat is done." Chris suggested "and then you are a dead man !"

"OK, but watch your back after that."

The 'let's be tough' stand-off didn't last long as Chris couldn't help laughing as he climbed the scaffold tower "You've ruined my clothes, you swine, I look a right mess and its all in my hair as well." Chris moaned.

"It will all wash out under a hot shower, its water-based." I said "You'll enjoy that."

"I'll be finished up here in ten or fifteen minutes, how are you doing ?" Chris asked.

"Can you do the tops of the walls from up there ?" I asked "This extending pole won't reach all the way. Otherwise, just one and a half walls to do as far up as I can reach, its a bit patch looking, but can't really tell until its dry."

We continued working until we almost ran out of paint and just about finished it all. Chris was just finishing off his last bits so I nipped outside and filled the paint tub with cold water, put the lid on, gave it a good shake and waited for Chris to appear. I heard him inside moving the scaffolding around and then he called my name.

"Out here Chris, bring your roller and tray out." I called back.

As he stepped outside I emptied the dilute white paint over him, soaking his head, front and most of his back. He wasn't completely white but it looked pretty spectacular as the white stuff soaked through his clothes.

"What is this stuff ?" Chris cried.

"Paint with lots of water added." I said "The same stuff, basically, that you splattered over me ........ first - I might add."

"Point taken, but I feel the need to get you as wet as me now." Chris grinned "So, let's see ...... " he finished as he grabbed the paint tub from me, he peered inside and scooped out a handful of pure paint and slowly and deliberately mashed it into my face, followed by a second handful into my crotch, massaging my bulge until I got totally hard - who knew that brilliant white emulsion by that shaggy dog could feel so .... erotic, I suppose. Whilst I coped with that, Chris filled the tub with water, mixed it up some more and then slowly and deliberately poured it over me and down my jeans. I would swear that I came at least thrice in as many minutes - it felt so amazing - but he simply laughed, which rather took the edge off it !

Just as we were thinking about cleaning up before anyone saw us, Tom appeared.

"I sincerely hope that that is not my paint you two are covered in ?" Tom said trying not to laugh.

"It's OK I diluted it first." Chris said.

"Bugger that, it's the waste of MY money I'm concerned about, you wasterel !" Tom laughed. "That is a pretty awesome look though !"

"Thank you, we are sort of enjoying it too, I never guessed that paint could feel so slippery and soft." Chris said.

"Have you finished the first coat on all walls and ceiling with just that one tub ?" Tom asked. "No, we had to use some of the second one but only about a litre." I said "but it looks OK, just a bit patchy but that may just be me not being experienced enough in watching paint dry .........."

"Very funny !" Tom said "but not original, sad to say, I've heard every joke there is from painters and decorators over the last year and that is among the ones they all know. Stay there and I'll have a quick look. Fill up those two buckets with water and we'll put the rollers and trays in to soak and clean the paint off."

When Tom came back a few minutes later, he was crrying the two rollers and trays we had used and dumped them in one of the two buckets.

"As you two are already soaked to the skin I'll let you clean those rollers and the trays, just wash the trays with your hhads and plenty of water and just keep squeezing the rollers along their lengths under water and above until they are comletely clean. Should be a familiar action for you two, I guess ............ " he laughed.

"I'm sure I don't know what you could possibly mean ........." Chris laughed as he held the roller up and suggestively started stroking and squeezing it.

"Obviously not !" Tom laughed.

We chatted as Tom watched us and when we were done we dropped the rollers in the bucket of clean water just to be sure they ran really cean, which they did.

"Well, I guess there's only one logical way to get rid of the buckets of water, so stand over that drain and I'll do the honours."

We did as told and he emptied the two buckets over us, very slowly, until every part of us was drenched. It was cold, and it washed a lot of the paint off us, and it felt really great. After that we went for a hot shower and washed the last of the white paint out of our clothes, hair and off our bodies and changed into dry jeans and tees, hanging out wet clothes up to drip dry until we needed them again to do the second coat later on.

After lunch when the first coat was dry enough we pulled on our now cold, still wet jeans and tees from the morning and and went back to work. The feel of cold, wet, tight fitting denim was very exciting and I could see that Chris was enjoying the feeling as well, the bulge in his jeans clearly showed every detail of his boner and the more he moved around and tried to ignore it, the harder he appeared to get. I was feeling the same as well and it was really distracting, I tried hard to ignore it but the feel of rough wet denim rubbing against my cockhead was just too much and after a bit I just creamed my jeans, which felt amazing.

When we had finished the second coat of paint we had about a litre left unused. We both had the same idea at the same moment and decided to split it equally between the two pots and mix up some more diluted paint. We then took it in turns to paint each other one brush load at a time. I started with Chris's head and face and he started with my feet and legs and eventually we arrived at our crotches at the same time. Chris painted the outline of my boner and balls first, then my butt and up between my legs, and his final bit of paint he poured down the inside of the front of my jeans, which he then rubbed well in from the outside through the paint soaked cloth. I did the same to him and then we stood back and admired our artwork.

After we had stopped laughing we went for a shower and tried to wash all the paint out of our clothes and off our bodies. We were largely successful, although getting dried paint off body hair is a nightmare !

We changed into dry jeans and tees and dumped our painting clothes into the washing machine. I doubt we'll wear them for anything else again as they are really too tight to be comfortable. We found our parents, Tom and his parents all sitting by the pool with their first drinks before supper.

"There's a couple of cold beers here if you want refreshing after all that hard work." Tom called.

"Thanks, we'll be there in a few minutes." Chris replied as we dived into the pool.

We swam a couple of lengths and then waded out up the steps, grabbed the beers and joined everyone else. Perfect way to relax, soaking wet and a cold beer in hand.

Re: Painting fun.

Posted by wetchas on June 14, 2016 at 09:14:32

In Reply to: Painting fun. posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 13, 2016 at 20:26:09:

Well done lads, you've discovered the joys of building materials. What a brilliant story. I know what you mean about trying to decorate with a hard on, impossible.
Another of my favourites is wallpaper paste. I used to work a system where I put five brushfulls on the paper, and one on myself. Once that sticky mess starts seeping through clothing it can get really horny. I used to lay down on the pasting table, with the brush, cover myself, then shoot. Didn't get much papering done, but fuck was it fun.
Gloss paint is fun too. That's really does wreck clothing, and it won't wash off hair and skin. It's good for putting Adidas stripes on a cheap pair of trackies though.
If you ever get the chance, try builders silicone sealant, or roofing bitumen. Serious clothes wreckers.
Sorry to go on, but as can tell it's a bit of a fetish of mine.
Loved the story. Thanks for posting.
Cheers. Charlie.

Football in the rain

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 14, 2016 at 18:45:26

Well, we got our wish to play football this afternoon at school as cricket or tennis were washed out by prolonged heavy rain. Our sports teacher wasn’t too happy as he had hoped that we would choose an indoor activity – he should know us all better than that by now as the chance to get wet and muddy is never given up.
We split into two teams and changed into shorts, shirts, socks and boots. Chris and me were in the white team, the others wore navy blue. These are the two school colours for sports, navy blue and brilliant white, so we all have the full strip in each colour. Mostly we wear the navy blue shorts and just differentiate the teams with the shirts, but this time our captain decided it was to be all white. The kit is all made of a tough cotton/poly mix that stretches a bit, the shorts have a two button fly and a button at the waistband with a hidden draw-cord inside, and side pockets (why?). They are intended to be worn for rugby as well so are a snug fit (less for an opponent to grab hold of) and the shirts have short sleeves and a shallow V-neck. When wet it all clings like hell, and when muddy just more so! But at least the shorts don’t turn transparent when wet, well not completely anyway. Playing football most of us just wear briefs underneath rather than jocks and boxes (very uncomfortable, I always find.)
It was still raining heavily as we assembled on the pitch and it didn’t take more than a few minutes to get soaked to the skin. We waited around for the teacher to come out and when he did he was in a blue tracksuit and had an umbrella!
“OK boys, let’s get you properly warmed up first. On your backs, please, and twenty sit-ups to start, quickly now …..”
“But, sir, that will get us wet …….” someone called out.
“Do I look like I care? You’ve made ME come out here in this deluge, so now I get to make YOU suffer for that decision.”
“Sir, I’m shocked …… are you even allowed to say that sort of thing to us?” Mike asked wiping the rain off his face as stood there dripping.
“I can say what I like if the Head is out of ear-shot. Come on, I can see you’re all soaked to the skin already, so a little more wetness won’t make any difference.”
So we did our sit-ups, twisting and stretching and running on the spot as told without further back-chat. It was still pouring as we finished that and the guys in navy blue looked pretty amazing with their kit shiny wet and clinging, leaving nothing to the imagination at all. Our white kit had picked up some mud when we were on the ground, so that looked promising for a few sliding tackles and falls.
Chris was the first player to fall flat when tackled and he made a nice splash as he landed. The ground was not quite waterlogged but not far off it, whole portions of the pitch had an inch or two of standing water on it, and after twenty minutes of us all running around on it, there was fair bit of mud as well. By half-time most of us were quite muddy and a few, like Chris, who seemed to be mud magnets, were well and truly covered although the heavy rain washed some of it off. There were more than a few pairs of shorts being tented out by boners and everyone else seemed to be sporting a semi that was clearly outlined by their sodden shorts.
Our teacher gave us a little pep-talk at half-time.
“Nice to see you all keeping the game moving despite the wet and slippery pitch. Good goal Simon, helped by that sneaky pass from Tim, good play by you both. Some of you need to keep your eyes on the ball – this one” he said holding it up “not the ones in your mate’s shorts, please …….”
“Sir, really – what do you mean?” Ken asked innocently, but grinning.
“Do you think I don’t know why you all enjoy playing in the mud and rain whenever you can? I was your age once ….”
“Really sir? When was that – the 1930s?” someone asked.
“No, Mark – how old are you, now, 18 yet?”
“Yes, sir, last week.” Mark replied.
“So you’re an adult now - try and act your age then, boy, not your IQ score!”
“Oooooh sir ……..” we chorused.
“ ……. And to think you’ve got the vote for next week’s Referendum……...I despair.” Sir continued “And for your information, Mark, I was 18 in 1998 not 1938 … I’m surrounded by fools and numbskulls – I’m wasted here!”
“No you’re not, sir, we all like you, honestly.” Mike chipped in.
“OH, Mark, you lovely boy! You don’t know how comforted I am by that, to think that the summit of my teaching career is to be ‘liked’ by you bloody hooligans.” Sir lamented, as he wiped a pretend tear from his eye. “Now let’s get on with the game before I breakdown completely.”
The rain eased up for a bit but then settled in again even heavier than before. There was distant clap of thunder, and then a nearer one and the rain hammered down even more, hard enough to be uncomfortable on my scalp with my very short hair. We were all pretty much covered in mud by now and I could feel it’s slipperiness oozing through my sodden briefs as I ran around, when I looked down my boner was pushing sideways and tenting out my shorts by the pocket, so I slipped my hand in the pocket and adjusted myself to be more comfortably aligned and felt my cock stiffen and jerk as it freed itself from the constraint of the pouch of my briefs. As I ran my balls were being massaged by the crotch seam of my shorts. Wow, this was why I enjoyed playing football in the rain.
My thoughts were interrupted by aa flash of lightening that looked quite close, so that was the end of the match. Simon had been the only goal scorer, so that meant we had won. We celebrated by sliding through the mud on our fronts, much to everyone’s amusement. We all headed for the communal shower room and stood under the lovely warm water in our kit to wash off the worst of the mud – and to attend to other business for most of us. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Even our teacher seemed to be enjoying himself in the end and had disposed of his umbrella at half-time, ending up as soaked as us. He’s a good sport and we all get along well with him and he takes our back-chat and banter in good spirits too.

Re: Painting fun.

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 14, 2016 at 18:59:29

In Reply to: Re: Painting fun. posted by wetchas on June 14, 2016 at 09:14:32:

Tom suggested trying wallpaper paste as a substitute for 'proper' gunge, but warned about what happens when it hardens ! We might try some of your other suggestions in time, there's plenty of builders stuff around the place still. Tom's staircase went in today and he moves in full time at the weekend, so it will be fun having him around full-time. Work is well on with the attic space being converted for his parents, and they home to have it ready to move in by the end of August. The paint thing was fun but I don't think we'll risk gloss as yet if it is difficult to remove - we still have to go to school ! Glad you enjoyed the story, it was fun to do.

Re: Football in the rain

Posted by wetchas on June 15, 2016 at 12:56:48

In Reply to: Football in the rain posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 14, 2016 at 18:45:26:

You two crack me up. How I laughed. Great story as always. Wish my PE sessions had been as enjoyable as that. Although we were sent outside in all weathers, I got the feeling it was the sadistic teachers who enjoyed it most. Many of the kids in my class just moaned and complained, only one or two showing any visible signs of enjoyment.
The pockets in the shorts incidentally, are for you put a tissue in, should you wish to wipe your nose halfway through the game !!!
I must say you guys these days seem very liberated. A boner in the showers in my day meant you were instantly labelled as a queer, either to be avoided, or have the shit kicked out of. As for collective wanking, this was very much a behind closed doors activity.
I remember the first time I went out with a gang of mates. We ended up in a barn where someone suggested a milk race. I didn't know what they meant, but soon cottoned on when they all got their cocks out and started wanking furiously. The idea being of course, the first to make milk won the race. There is another variation where the last to come has to lick up everybody else's, but thankfully we were only kids, and not as depraved as that ( yet).
Happy days.
Cheers Charlie.

Re: Football in the rain

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 15, 2016 at 14:27:29

In Reply to: Re: Football in the rain posted by wetchas on June 15, 2016 at 12:56:48:

Glad you enjoyed our football game. It was great to be able to take part at last and not be standng on the sidelines and watching or acting as linesman, as I have been given the OK to play football, just not to try any hard tackles and everyone else is wary of tackling me as well, so I'm going to take advantage of that as much as I can.

Take your point about pockets on the shorts - but really ? I have never taken a hanky onto the pitch with me and don't know anyone else who has either. Not a lot of use if you are soaked to the skin and dripping wet.

I didn't really mean to imply that everyone had a wank when we were in the showers, just that we all seemed busy tryiing to get rid of boners by some relaxed rubbing and squeezing. Communal masturbation is not something I have ever tried, or want to, to be honest: fun with one other ? yes: but 21 others ? no.

Now that we are on more equal terms with our teachers, they are not as autocratic as they used to be and certainly the games teachers are no longer the "sadistic psychopaths" we once thought them to be. We call him "Sir" when being cheeky or stringing him along, most of the time he is simply "Martin". I thnk he secretly enjoys getting wet and muddy although he has never shown any physical evidence of that in the way that we do, but I suppose that would be bad form for a teacher.

It has been raining heaviy here again today, so looking forward to get muddy later this afternoon after we get home.

Re: Football in the rain

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 17, 2016 at 09:40:41

In Reply to: Football in the rain posted by Jamie (and Chris) on June 14, 2016 at 18:45:26:

Thursday afternoon and it poured with rain again so another choice - do we opt to play football in the rain or spare our games teacher a soaking by choosing an indoor activity ?

We did the obvious and we all got another drenching, only difference this time was that we played in our navy blue kit. Love the dark shiny look of this when wet - so shows up all those interesting bulges and tentings - so another fun afternoon.

Don't you just love the rain when its warm as well ?

Re: A Wet Saturday

Posted by Bruce on June 19, 2016 at 12:57:03

In Reply to: A Wet Saturday posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 21, 2016 at 17:23:17:

You stated that the chaffing between the legs is a problem, try J -Lube, you can order that on line from Jeffers in the States. It also helps with the boners. A little bit down the crotch when the jeans are wet works wonders.

Re: Football in the rain

Posted by ME on June 21, 2016 at 07:55:10

In Reply to: Re: Football in the rain posted by Chris (and Jamie) on June 17, 2016 at 09:40:41:

Sounds like you guys really should wear compression shorts under your football shorts!

Gerry and Connor visit - part 1

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 09, 2016 at 23:31:23

During our couple of weeks working for uncle Danny’s company we worked quite closely with a guy called Gerry, a carpenter and cabinet maker by trade, who is friendly with cousin Tom.

Garry was one of the carpenters who worked on our house and on Tom’s flat, doing most of the joinery for windows, doors, built-in wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. I guess he is 27 or 28 years old, of southern Irish extraction with a mop of curly orange hair and a neatly trimmed beard of the same hue. He is very laid back – “almost horizontal” according to uncle Danny “nicest man you will ever meet and, best of all, my hardest worker” - and has a lovely sounding soft Irish accent and peppers his speech with what I guess are Gaelic words.

Anyway, Gerry showed us the work of all the other craftsmen and trades and let us have a go at some carpentry and stone carving. Chris is already very handy with woods and veneers from building his model boats, so took to the carpentry like a duck to water, much to Gerry’s delight. I preferred trying the stone carving and made a passable job of flattening the surface of a block of granite with a chisel and mallet, surprisingly easy with multiple light blows and not rushing it.

Tom suggested that Gerry come over for lunch and a swim on Saturday as a ‘thank you’ for spending so much time with us at work, our parents had blagged tickets for Wimbledon from one of my dad’s business contacts and were in London all weekend. Gerry said he would love to, but his younger brother was with him for the weekend. Simple solution, Tom suggested, bring him along as well. So it was all set up.

Gerry and his brother arrived just before noon. Gerry looking almost unrecognisably smart in loose fitting green jeans and a white and terracotta striped poloshirt. His brother, Connor, was half-a-head shorter than him, had the same shock of curly orange hair and looked to be 16 or 17. He was a skinny lad, wearing orange/rust coloured chinos and a green and white check short-sleeved shirt. They made a striking pair and there was no doubting they could be anything other than brothers.

Gerry introduced us all to his brother and then as we shook hands, he surprised us by relayed our greetings using sign language. Connor then explained that he had been profoundly deaf since birth and would get used to reading our lips quite quickly. Connor’s speech had a slight slur and an odd inflection to his voice, almost like he was speaking a foreign language – which in a way I suppose he was - but other than that you would never have guessed that he was totally deaf. Connor asked that we face him when speaking so that he could lip read more easily and from that moment on he just joined in the chatter as readily as the rest of us.

We decided to have a swim before lunch. Chris had volunteered to prepare lunch so he and I went off to get things started in the kitchen whilst Tom took Gerry and Connor to the changing room to get into swimshorts. We had only been in the kitchen for a few moments when there was a huge splash from the pool and I looked out to see Connor splashing around and seemingly struggling to stay afloat. There was no-one else in sight, so I ran out and dived straight in, grabbed him and pulled him to the shallow end where he was able to stand up. Just as we did so, Tom appeared, in swimshorts, and then Gerry in just his jeans.

Connor was still fully dressed, and grinning from ear to ear as he stood in the pool with the water lapping across his chest. Gerry was signing frantically at his brother from the side of the pool and looked furious.

“It’s OK, Gerry” I said “No harm done.”

“Thanks, but it’s not OK – Connor can’t swim, as you could see. And now he’s got you wet as well as his own clothes. What were you thinking, Connor ?”

“It just looked so inviting I couldn’t stop myself.” Connor said “Sorry you got wet, Jamie, I didn’t think ……..”

“Well, you better get out of there and get into your trunks. NOW, Connor !” Gerry said “You don’t half let me down sometimes, you know. And what did I say to you on the way here ?”

“To be on my best behaviour – I’m sorry.” Connor replied looking down at the water.

“It’s not a problem,” I said “we all swim in our clothes in the pool all the time, more often than not in fact, so Connor doesn’t have to change as far as we are concerned. We can put any wet clothes in the dryer before you go, up to you - just saying.”

“Really ?” Connor asked,instantly cheering up “I love getting wet in my clothes, just don’t have the chance very often. You don’t mind do you, Gerry ?”

“Suppose not, if our hosts don’t mind.” Gerry said.

“Great.” Tom said “I’ll change back into my jeans and tee – I hate wearing trunks.”

I tapped Connor on the shoulder and when he turned to face me, I asked if he would like a swimming lesson as we waited for lunch.

“Yes please, I never get any swimming lessons at school, the teachers are always too busy with the others who can swim well.” Connor replied.

“OK, having a lesson in your clothes is probably good for you as it teaches you to survive if you fall in by accident when out and about, after all you don’t often wander around in swimwear. Let’s start by learning to float.”

I spent the next hour teaching Connor to float on his back, stay relaxed, and not to panic if he went under. By lunchtime he was well able to fall in, right himself without panicking, and get into a floating position on his back. He was a quick learner. But as Gerry later observed, he had had to be his whole life just to learn to speak, lip read and sign, and be accepted by hearing people.

Tom had changed back into his jeans and white tee and had persuaded Gerry to try swimming in his jeans and polo-shirt as well. So after we had all had a swim we sat down for lunch in our wet clothes. Connor was excited and seemed very happy in his wet clothes, Gerry less so, although he admitted it was more fun than he had expected.

“Do you all get wet anywhere other than the pool ?” Connor asked as we chatted over lunch.

“Oh yeah, all the time. We’ve got school friends that we play soccer with in the park down by the lake and everyone nearly always ends up in the lake collecting the ball after a stray shot. The woods here around the house have some wet and muddy tracks, which is great for getting muddy as well.” Chris replied.

“Wow, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to get really muddy. Can we do that this afternoon ?” Connor blurted out.

“No, Connor, not in those decent clothes you can’t ! Geez, you really cross the line sometimes, kiddo !” Gerry said.

“We could lend you some clothes and go out whilst those you’re wearing are in the dryer.” I said “And if you want another swim later you’ve still got your swimshorts or stay in the stuff we lend you – just a suggestion.”

“I give up !” Gerry laughed “OK. Lets go get muddy, hopefully you won’t enjoy it, Connor, and this will be your first and last time ! I wish…….”

“Have you ever got really muddy before, Gerry ?” Connor asked “I get the feeling you don’t approve ……...”

“Only once, at a music festival when I was seventeen, it was cold, very wet and the site was like an Irish bog by the end of the first day. It was one of the most miserable experiences of my teenage years.” Gerry replied.

“Ah, so I was right - you don’t like mud ?” Connor observed.

“No, it wasn’t the mud …………………” Gerry laughed “ it was the bloody awful music, a real disappointment and my favourite band failed to show. We were soaked to the skin and our jeans and sweatshirts were covered in mud from falling about and slipping up just getting around the site, which I didn’t mind as there was no alternative really. I’d gone with three friends – you remember Pod and Mick probably - and we were extremely badly prepared, just a tiny tent and no wet weather gear at all. I just felt so let down by the whole experience that I had been looking forward to for months. And I’d probably had a bit too much to drink as well – no, make that a lot too much, in truth – because that was the time Mick introduced me to Guinness for the first time in any serious quantities.”

“I don’t remember you doing that.” Connor said “But I remember Mick from when I was 10 or so.”

“Don’t suppose you do, you were only 5 or 6.” Connor laughed “I was in a right state when I got home, Nan was absolutely furious, she stood me out in the garden and got our neighbour John to hose me down until I was clean. I was freezing by the time he had finished – it was a miracle I didn’t catch pneumonia !”

“What did dad say when he got home.” Connor asked.

“I was still sitting outside on the porch, dripping wet and shivering, when he got home a few hours later. He asked what was going on and then stripped off my wet clothes and took me indoors and put me to bed. I heard him rowing with Nan downstairs as I lay there, he got me a hot drink and then he never mentioned it again. I woke in the morning to find my wet clothes freshly laundered and folded on the foot of my bed. Anyway that was the last time I got really, really muddy or drunk come to that.”

“Is your dad still around ?” Tom asked.

“Oh yes ………. he’s still living in County Cork, he has a new partner, a lovely lady with five children of her own. They didn’t have room for Connor on top of that, so he came here to live with me. Our mam died when Connor was born, so Nan moved in with us and when she died when Connor was 12, he came to school over here and live with me. And we get on well together – mostly – as well as two brothers can anyway, he can be an irritating little bastard sometimes ……...”

“Say that again ……. I didn’t get it all.” Connor grinned.

“Yes you did !” Gerry retorted, laughing.

Connor leaned across and punched his brother on the shoulder “That’s for calling me a bastard.” he laughed “Thank goodness I don’t have to put up with him all week – I’m a weekly boarder at school and with other activities there I get to spend about two thirds of my weekends at home with Gerry, either just one or both days – it works well.”

When we had finished lunch we had dripped dry enough that our clothes were merely very damp. I took Connor off to find him some old jeans of mine that were too small to wear now, and Tom took Gerry to get an old pair of his. Connor was so skinny that all my old jeans seemed to swamp him both in waist size and length. We eventually settled on a really old pair that I thought I had thrown out ages ago, but with a belt holding them up they would do. They had rips on both legs near the knees, and a torn back pocket and heavily frayed hems to both legs. They were at least three inches too long on Connor and he was almost tripping over them as we went downstairs.

When we reassembled in the kitchen Gerry was in a pair of Tom’s jeans that fitted him like a glove and a tight black teeshirt. He looked his brother up and down and laughed at the baggy jeans that were really far too long.

“Do you have a pair of kitchen scissors. I think I could do a tailoring job on those so that Connor doesn’t trip up all the time.” Gerry asked “Is that OK, Jamie ?”

“Sure, I’m never going to wear them again, should have binned them ages ago.”

“Come on, Connor, give us those jeans and I’ll take a few inches off the legs – don’t be shy, I’m sure we’ve all seen guys in their undies before.” Gerry said.

Connor slipped off the jeans and handed them over to his brother who lay them on the worktop and deftly cut a few inches off each leg.

“Carpentry skills come in handy for other things sometimes.” Gerry laughed “Tom tells me that it’s better to go commando in the mud, so you might as well get those boxers off now, before putting these back on.” Gerry told Connor.

Connor hesitated for a moment, shrugged and dropped his boxers to his ankles, stepped out of them and pulled on the jeans.

“You’ll find some old trainers in the changing room box, no point in getting your own dirty before wearing them home.”

“Great, thanks.” Gerry said “You seem very well organised for this sort of activity.”

“We often have friends here getting wet in the pool or outside, so we keep a few old clothes around for them to go home dry and clean, or for getting muddy themselves. Not a problem.” I said.

So, with that we headed out to get as muddy as we possibly could. Great fun.

Part two to follow shortly.

Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 1

Posted by wetchas on July 11, 2016 at 08:24:01

In Reply to: Gerry and Connor visit - part 1 posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 09, 2016 at 23:31:23:

Another great story. Looking forward to part 2.

Gerry and Connor visit - part 2

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 11, 2016 at 11:49:16

Even with the jeans on that had been modified by his brother, Gerry, Connor looked rather silly in jeans that were gathered around his waist by the belt, and flapped around his trainers as he walked. The jeans were well worn, faded in all the usual places and soft from continued washing and wearing, so the loose fabric snuggled into his butt crack and around his groin in quite a revealing way. The black tee shirt was loose and far too long for his height so the bottom covered most of his groin and the growing bulge that seemed to be making itself shown as we walked, he was obviously enjoying the feel of soft dry denim rubbing against his bare skin, I began to wonder how he’d react to them when soaked in mud.

Tom, Chris and me were still in the clothes we had been swimming in earlier. Tom in faded blue jeans and a white tee, Chris in his favourite old 501s and a dark blue tee and me in tan cargoes and an orange tee. Gerry in a pair of Tom’s jeans, that fitted very snugly indeed, and black tee that was also skin-tight, showing of his six-pack and broad shoulders.

We made our way to the muddy ride on the far side of the woods and chatted among ourselves as we went. Connor was keen to get wet and muddy all the way there and jumped into and splashed around in every puddle along the track that we came across. By the time we got to the ride he was wet to his knees and splashed with mud all over.

We stopped at the edge of the ride before stepping down into the mud.

“Good grief” Gerry said “How did this get so muddy ?”

“The local farmer’s son has a huge tractor and he enjoys getting muddy as well, so he removed all the undergrowth and then he drove up and down a few times to churn it up, added some water from a crop sprayer, churned it up some more and the rain has done the rest.” Tom explained “The mud is thigh deep over most of the ride, and a bit deeper in the ruts the tractor has left. It’s fun trying to run along the ruts, you can’t go far without falling over and then it just gets harder because your clothes are so heavy. It’s quite safe, we’ve never found any stray rocks or branches in there, just soft mud.”

“Can I go in ?” Connor asked.

“Of course, that’s why we are here.” Gerry laughed “You wanted to do this, don’t chicken out now …….”

Connor looked at me and said “Race you to that first rut, Jamie, first one in wins.”

“OK, you’re on ……. hey, wait for us to start, that’s cheating !” I shouted, forgetting for a moment that he couldn’t hear my protest, as Connor jumped down and started to run awkwardly through the mud. He was sinking to above his knees with each step, but managed to keep going, and I was having a job to catch him. He must have caught sight of me out of the corner of his eye as we approached the rut and I was about three paces behind him as he approached it and then dived forward head first into the deeper mud of the rut. He splashed down and rolled over onto his back. He was completely and utterly coated from head to toe, he wiped the mud from his eyes and from across his face, and grinned at me as he lay there.

“I win” he shouted.

I threw myself down next to him, landing on my back, sinking in deeply. “You did” I said “but only by cheating.”

“Sorry I didn’t get that, too much mud on your face.” Connor grinned at me.

I gave him a high-five and laughed, you couldn’t not like this lad.

As I stood up, Connor laughed as the mud dropped of me and splashed back into the rut. He slipped a hand inside his jeans for a few moments and then looked up at me “Sorry, just need to get comfortable. This mud feels amazing.”

“Don’t worry, we all get boners doing this, it would be odd if you didn’t.”

“So I see.” Connor grinned “You did in the pool as well, didn’t you ?”

“Very likely.” I said.

As we finished chatting, the others appeared. Gerry burst out laughing as he saw his mud-covered brother lying half under the surrounding mud.

“Come on in, the mud is lovely !” Connor called out and with that Tom and Chris pushed Gerry down into the rut where he fell flat on his face next to Connor.

We all spent another hour getting muddier and muddier, if that was possible, and Connor was in his seventh heaven. Connor seemed completely oblivious to the fact that he had a large hard-on tenting out the front of his baggy jeans. Gerry was in a similr condition, as we all were to some extent, but his tight fitting jeans just emphasised the size of his bulge without the benefit of loose fabric hiding anything. He seemed rather embarrassed at first, but seeing that none of the rest of us seemed to care one way or the other, I guess he just accepted the situation and started to enjoy himself just for the fun of getting filthy.

“This mud is far nicer that the stuff at that festival” Gerry observed as we stood and watched Tom and Connor race each other along the rut “I could get to really enjoy this !”

“Looks like you already are, just like Connor and the rest of us.” Chris observed, laughing.

“Yeah, well it does make me feel rather horny, I admit.” Gerry grinned as he looked down at himself and rubbed his hands down his thighs and across his bulging groin, swishing the mud off his jeans, before shaking it off his hands and doing the same to his tee across his chest and stomach. The sight of him standing there in his tight jeans and tee gleaming muddily, made by boner give a little jerk and I knew I’d have to find en excuse very soon to get sunk in some mud to give it the attention it was demanding.

“Maybe some looser fitting jeans would be more comfortable ……..” Chris said.

“I don’t normally wear clothes this tight now, but this was the best Tom had. I flirted with being a bit of a rocker in my mid to late teens and always wore tight jeans and tees then. Wore my hair all spikey as well ….. you’d laugh if you saw some of the pictures of me then playing in our entirely untalented, completely deluded band. So this is taking me back to my teens in some ways.” Gerry told us “But I have to say it feels very nice again, particularly soaked in ths sloppy mud.”

Connor was pretty good at racing us all through the mud, maybe because he was so much lighter, but after this particular race Tom waded back through the mud alone.

“What did you do with Connor ? Simply bury him in the mud ?” Gerry asked as he approached us.

“No, I think he wanted a few minutes on his own ……….” Tom replied dropping a hand to his groin and grabbing his bulge.

“Oh ……….. right, well he seems to have been enjoying a nice boner most of the afternoon, so I guess he has his own needs. I’ve never thought about him in that light before.” Gerry observed. “Perhaps it’s time I give him that standard devout Catholic dad talk about the eternal damnation awaiting those of us who indulge in “self abuse”, the same one I got from my dad when I was his age.” Gerry laughed.

“He seems to be doing OK without that ………. I think that time has already passed you both by !” Tom grinned.

“Yeah, he’s lucky not to be growing up in that atmosphere.” Gerry said “Anyway, here he is – the mud man of Gloucestershire.” Gerry finished as Connor appeared in the distance splashed his way towards us, a big grin on his face.

When Connor got back to us Tom suddenly asked “Anyone not yet totally covered ? ……. I think Jamie here could do with being a bit muddier, what do you think, Chris ?”

“I agree entirely” Chris laughed as Tom grabbed me and held me still with my arms behind my back. I struggled but not too much, knowing what was coming.

As Tom held me still Chris started mashing handfulls of mud into my hair, across my neck and shoulders, down my arms, under my chin, and then stuffing handfulls down the inside of my tee and down the front of my cargoes. Gerry and Connor joined in and started rubbing all the wet mud into my clothing all over, following the lead given by Chris. Chris was the first to openly rub the mud into my balls, along my cock, and around my buttocks. Connor scooped up a double handful of mud and pushed it into my groin and then, laughing, tentatively pushed it across my boner and down between my legs. Tom then pushed me down onto my knees and they all piled armfuls of softmud over my head until I was sitting back on my heels in a mound of mud. They left me alone then, and when I pushed the mud of my face so that I could see, they were all running across the mud towards the nearest rut where they splashed down and lay out of sight from me. I fell forward and had a satisfying few moments humping the soft mud until I shot my load.

After that I found them all lying on their backs half-submerged in the wettest mud in the rut laughing and joking about the size of the bulges showing above the mud. I splashed down to join them and we spent a while just lying in the mud and relaxing. I think Connor and Chris both had a surreptitious wank under the mud whilst we all chatted and joked, as they were both silent for a while.

As we were all totally covered in mud, both inside and out of our clothes, so on the way back to the house we dunked ourselves in the stream, where upon Connor, nearly clean, promptly jumped into the swamp pit. He declined getting clean in the stream for a second time and trudged home covered in mud. We all hosed each other down and then had hot showers as we cleaned up more thoroughly. Connor and Gerry seemed to have lost all inhibitions about nudity and happily stripped off under the showers before we all donned swimshorts.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around in the pool, Chris and me coaching Connor on basic swimming strokes, whilst Gerry and Tom competed in doing different dives off the board and springboard at the deep end.

Gerry had appeared in a pair of very snug fitting swimshorts that were bright blue with black panels down each side. They were tight under the crotch and stretched agross his groin and butt in a very revealing manner, particularly when shiny wet.

“Are those the only trunks you have, Gerry ?” Connor asked.

“Yes, what’s wrong ?”

“Nothing at all, so long as you don’t mind showing off all your bits to the world ……….” Connor replied.

“They do feel a bit tight ……. I’ve had them since I was nineteen, they were the height of fashion then, only worn then a couple of times.” Gerry said.

“I think you ought to get some new ones before you go swimming again, those would probably look tight even on skinny me.” Connor advised “Get some like mine, they’d look OK on you.”

“Ha, never thought I’d be taking fashion advice from my kid brother !” Gerry retorted.

Connor laughingly gave us a twirl to show off the pair of lime green boardshorts with white stripes down the side of each leg that he was wearing.

Connor was still quite excited about the day, and whilst he was floating on his back he suddenly sprang a huge boner that tented out his shorts like a mast and sail on a yacht ! His shorts restrained it to a degree but it was still quite impressive.

“I think this might be a good time to finish the coaching for today.” Chris said, trying not to laugh.

So we left Connor in the pool and went to the kitchen to get some tea for everyone. Gerry and Connor changed into their dry clothes after that and left with profuse thanks for a great day. We assured them that it had been fun for us all. Before they left we arranged for Connor to come back for some more swim coaching once we were all on school holidays.

Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 2

Posted by wetchas on July 11, 2016 at 13:09:55

In Reply to: Gerry and Connor visit - part 2 posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 11, 2016 at 11:49:16:

Brilliant. Another great story. I was a bit rushed earlier when I replied to part 1, so have re read it. I bet those Chino,s turned a lovely colour when soaked. What a guy eh, jumping in fully clothed when you can't even swim.
I guess it's hot where you are. Crappy weather for July, but I guess the hea y showers are keeping the ride topped up. If there's any mud left after covering Jamie of course.
Do you smell OK now Chris? Finally got rid of the smell of shit hopefully.
Thanks again for sharing these stories.
Cheers. Wetchas.

Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 2

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 11, 2016 at 15:10:38

In Reply to: Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 2 posted by wetchas on July 11, 2016 at 13:09:55:

Firstly - the smell of sh*t seems to have disappeared, but I'm getting fed up with the smell of lavender scented soap now, ha ha. Any ideas for a macho, masculine scent I could use ? I've tried a few but they are all rather overwhelming and I've been told a couple of times that I smell like a "tart's boudoire" - what is a that by the way ?!

Jamie's cargoes always look great when wet, they rally look shiny and clinging when wet. The problem with everyone getting muddy is that all clothing looks the same colour, albeit shiny wet and gleamingly muddy,

Connor is a complete nutter by my definition, and Irish as well, which makes him at least ten time more unpredictable ! A good sense of self-preservation would warn me not to jump in a pool if I couldn't swim, but it just seemed to spur him on. He is a really, really lovely guy and you could not possibly dislike him, whatever preconceptions you might have.

There is plenty of mud left even after covering Jamie but it has been very good recently, the recent rain has certainly helped. The mud is soft, liquid and all absorbing.

The weather is mixed her. Quite mmone

Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 2

Posted by WetAndMuddyFun on July 11, 2016 at 16:17:56

In Reply to: Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 2 posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 11, 2016 at 15:10:38:

Have you guys ever thought about playing in the mud naked? It feels absolutely amazing. I love to slowly strip my clothes off slowly while playing in the mud. It also makes it easier to help each other out with there bulges.

Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 2

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 11, 2016 at 16:59:02

In Reply to: Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 2 posted by WetAndMuddyFun on July 11, 2016 at 16:17:56:

Did it once; afer getting muddy fully clothed, we stripped off and played around for a bit but it was a bit chilly. That was fine for Chris, who just gets more horny when cold or in cold water, but rather the opposite for me as I shrink to the size of a tiny acorn if I get cold !! It never really gets hot enough for me (not in recent UK summers anyway) to maintain a hard-on outdoors for any length of time, whereas I can when clothed if I don't get doused in cold water. It did feel great, but I really need the abrasive feel of wet or muddy clothed against my cock to sustain an erection and fully enjoy being hard.

Day out canoeing

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 12, 2016 at 17:57:36

Had a great day getting wet with some of the guys from school. Our year has been looking forward to going canoeing on the River Wye for a while and today was the first of the allocated days. Unfortunately we couldn’t all go on the same day as there were not enough canoes or teachers to accommodate us all at one go, so we drew lots and Jamie and me came out for different days, he goes tomorrow. Fair enough.

We had been told not to wear denim jeans or fleecy tops and advised to go for lightweight cargoes or chinos in quick-drying fabrics (or similar shorts) or even board-shorts and to go for quick-dry sports tops as well. We were told to take a set of dry clothes to change into afterwards as we would probably get wet (“probably” ? Really ……. you’d think they’d know us better by now !). So we all (12 of us including Barney, our teacher) piled into a school minibus and headed off to the river.

I had decided to wear my dark blue lightweight cargoes that are slightly stretchy as well, so very comfortable for getting wet and a yellow Adidas Dri-Fit short-sleeved sports top with some canvas shoes. I opted for a pair of black cotton boxers and sports socks as underwear, against my better judgement of opting for going commando; no point in being too obvious in public with strangers around. Four of the guys had opted for shorts instead of trousers, including Harry in a pair of camo pattern khaki cargoes with a bright green Nike top.

Our teacher, Barney, is a new-to-school teacher who had started after Easter, and usually taught us history and politics. He’s only 24, six years older than us, and has a great sense of humour and is relatively easy going so long as we do what he wants ! He’s one of those teachers that can make almost any subject sound interesting. We all get on well with him.

Out of the classroom, like today, he is very relaxed and actually seems to enjoy our company, joining in with the banter and jokes. He is about my height, slim with short black hair and piercing dark eyes, an aquiline nose and thin lips. Today he was wearing black cargoes and a maroon tee.

When we arrived at the riverside we met with the two guides, Peter and Jeremy, who would be in charge of the day along with Barney. School had booked for us to have two-person canoes so Harry and I paired up as did everyone else, leaving Mark to share a canoe with Barney which they both seemed happy with as Mark and he get on well.

We boarded our canoes from a small jetty as Peter and Jeremy held them steady, we were told that they were more stable than kayaks, but it didn’t seem like it as I sat waiting for Harry to get on board, and as he stepped in Peter stopped him for a moment and asked if he would just stay standing up for a moment.

“OK guys, listen up for a moment.” Peter said to the rest of our party standing watching on the jetty “Just to demonstrate how stable these canoes are, Jeremy and me are going to let go and Harry is going to rock the canoe from side to side just to show what it will take before tipping over. OK, Harry, do your worst.”

Peter and Jeremy pushed the canoe away from the jetty and we drifted about six feet away as Harry rocked it from side to side.

“You can do better than that Harry, try a bit harder ……..” Peter called.

Harry did as he was told and went mad. We were rocking so much that water was slopping over the side as we rocked and then as Peter called out “Enough” it tipped over almost completely and we both fell in sideways.

We were wearing life-jackets so we just bobbed to the surface without doing anything at all. We swam back to the jetty and hauled ourselves out. Everyone was having a good laugh at us both soaked through, but that was OK as I’m sure I’d have done the same.

“Bit too enthusiastic there, Harry, but it does illustrate the point that you have to be really silly to tip one of these over. Better get back in there now, Harry, we need that canoe back at the jetty, unless you think you can show us how to get back in from the water.” Peter said.

“I think I could do that, how hard can it be ?” Harry asked as he jumped back in and swam to the canoe. He tried hauling himself straight in over the side, but the canoe just rolled towards him threatening to capsize completely. He tried throwing one leg over the side as he hung on, but that had the same effect. After a few goes, he pulled off his life-jacket and dropped it in the canoe, swam to a raised end grabbed the pointed prow from both sides, swung a leg up over the side and then rolled/hauled himself in keeping his weight as far forward as he could. He stood up to cheers from us all and then paddled back to the jetty.

“Never seen anyone do it quite like that, but the idea is right. Getting in at the point of the canoe that is tallest gives more leeway before it starts to take on water. Well done, Harry. Of course if there are two of you in the water, you can counterbalance each other by getting in on opposite sides at the same time. What else did Harry do that was wrong ? Anyone …….”

“He took his life jacket off.” Tony said.

“Yes indeed. That is a big “No, No !” on the river, so please don’t do that even if you are good swimmers like Harry and Chris. The river does not hold much debris but if you are being swept along by the current and bash into tree roots or branches by the banks, it can all too easily turn disastrous if you can’t keep afloat because you’ve been hit on the head or knocked breathless.”

After that we all boarded our canoes, or tried to. Tony slipped and fell in as he tried and we watched from our canoe as he clambered out as wet as we were. Watching Tony standing on the jetty soaked to the skin with his tan chinos and green tee clinging tightly, I felt myself getting hard and a few moments later I heard Harry muttering curses behind me.

“What’s wrong, Harry ?” I asked.

“Bloody boner !” Harry said “Why do they always happen when you don’t want one …….”

“Join the club – seeing Tony all wet has done it for me too.” I laughed “but you just carry-on, don’t mind me ……...” I finished as I felt the canoe rocking from side to side as he sorted himself out.

The other guys were all in their canoes soon after that and Tony was the only one other than us to get wet right from the start. The two guides, Peter and Jeremy, were in single seat kayaks and they circled around us all as we floated by the jetty, checking that we were all comfortable with keeping upright and paddling technique.

“You two OK with getting a dunking so early on ?” Peter asked us.

“Yes, no worries, we’re used to getting wet, thanks.” Harry replied.

“I guessed as much as you didn’t panic or moan about it – some customers start blaming us for what they do right from the start – so ………………. happy to stay wet then ?” Peter laughed.

“Loving it thanks.” I said grinning.

We set off on our trip. The river is lovely, not very wide and flowing steadily, but not so fast that we felt we could be out of control of the canoe. The scenery is beautiful with wooded banks and open fields alternately taking precedence by the water, there were a few boat-houses and the odd pub and small hamlet in the distance, all looking very picturesque. The river twists and turns a lot and sometimes it was difficult to keep out of the overhanging branches by the banks.

Paddling along with two of us in the canoe was quite easy after we had sorted out who paddled on which side and I soon realised that we would have got wet from all the splashing in any case, so getting an early dunking had just brought the inevitable forward.

We paddled along for a couple of hours before Peter called a halt for a lunch stop. We paddled up to a gravel “beach” at the side of the river and clambered out, getting out of the canoes into knee deep water before wading ashore, dragging the canoes after us.

A couple of the guys fooled around pushing each other in and then it escalated into a full-on water fight until everyone was soaked and floating in the little inlet with their life-jackets on; we tried to get Barney, Peter and Jeremy wet as well but they declined to take part, telling us we’d regret getting wet later on as we’d have to stay wet until we got back to the minibus in another 2 or 3 hours time. I don’t think they realise that most of us were quite happy about that.

Peter handed out our packed lunches from a dry box and we sat in the sun as we ate and watched some other people drift past in kayaks and open canoes. We sat in the sun and chatted as we ate our sandwiches until a few of the guys finished their food quicker and wandered down to the water’s edge. They were looking for fish and other wildlife and it was Tony, still wet from the waterfight, tried to catch one with his bare hands, wading in until he stumbled and fell in again. This prompted others to try and soon everyone was soaked again.

“Hey guys” Peter called as we splashed around “You all seem to have far too much energy for a lazy canoe trip for another two or three hours, so if you fancy getting a bit competitive before we carry on, Jeremy and I have something you can try.”

“OK. We’ll give a go.” several of us replied in various words.

“It will involve getting a bit wet again, but that doesn’t seem to bother any of you, quite the opposite it seems.” Jeremy said “So, get these canoes launched and lined up parallel to the shore. You’ll need to wade out to hold them steady until we tie them together.”

We did as asked, all of standing in the river holding our canoes steady whilst Peter and Jeremy clambered from one to the other tying them together like a large raft by tying their mooring ropes to each of the metal hoops at the ends, if you see what I mean.

So we now had a raft of six canoes floating about ten feet from the river bank, the water was shoulder deep at the furthest canoe from the shore, and not much more than knee deep by the first nearest the gravel beach.

“Now that is done, we need to split you into two teams, six per team please” Jeremy said “and I think we should include you in this, please, Barney – being the teacher does not exclude you, you know.”

“I knew this would happen eventually – you horrible shower !” Barney laughed as we all cheered Jeremy’s insistence.

“Now, the idea is that each team member races, carefully, across the canoes by walking across the seats and then swims out to where Peter and me will be in our kayaks, you touch our kayak and take a token - a pebble - and return swim to your team mate who is holding the canoes steady. You take his place and he wades out and joins the back of the queue to await his turn to cross the canoes. Everyone gets two goes and the first team to finish back on the shore is the winning team provided every team member has their two tokens, so keep them safe for us to inspect, and no cheating picking up pebbles of your own. If you fall in during your turn you go back to the start of your turn and continue. Don’t step into the bottom of the canoes as they won’t take a constant pounding of heavy feet – and it is expensive to repair them.”

With that they waded out with their kayaks and paddled out to about twenty feet beyond the canoes. Me and Harvey ended up in opposite teams, my team had me, Tony, George, Mike, Ben and Barney the teacher. Harry's team had him, Robert, Julian, Ed, Stuart and Lenny.

Everyone fell in whilst trying to cross the canoes, except for Barney, and it was great watching everybody struggling to keep their balance as their wet clothes clung and the water poured off them as they went along. Holding the canoes involved standing in waist deep water which seemed much colder than just swimming through it, and as you all know, the colder the water the bigger my boner, which caused some amusement among my team-mates, at least I got a chance to surreptitiously attend to matters as I stood in line waiting for my next turn.

My team won easily, largely because of Barney’s ability to float across the canoes with the balance and sure-footedness of a mountain goat. He was seemingly quite happy to get a soaking and cheered his team-mates on as vociferously as everyone else. He was also a fast swimmer even with a life-jacket on. As Peter and Jeremy came back to shore in their kayaks we waded out and tipped them over so that by the end of our lunch break everyone was completely soaked. They took it in good humour and joined in with the ensuing water-fight as we untied all the canoes and clambered in to continue our journey.

When we reached our destination there was a minibus waiting to take us back to the start point. We had been on the water for about five hours in total and travelled about 18 miles apparently. It was huge fun being on the river for so long, we saw quite a lot of wildlife (birds, rabbits, fish, frogs, a even a grass-snake at the lunch stop etc.) as well as some beautiful countryside. The added bonus was the waterfights and swimming fully clothed in the river with everyone else. Most of us were soaked to the skin for most of the time, even in the minibus on the way back, to the start point. Peter and Jeremy tried to kid us that they would be asking for extra fees as compensation for us getting them wet, but in the end they admitted that they nearly always got a soaking when guiding groups of teenagers or young men and really enjoyed it themselves, which had not gone unnoticed by some of us. We were lucky with the weather as well and only had a couple of short sharp showers throughout our time on the river, enough to get us quite wet if we had not already been drenched.

There was a changing hut with showers and toilets at the start point, so we all changed into the dry clothes we had bought with us and then headed back to school from where we dispersed home.

It was a great day, can’t wait to do it again, maybe with our dads and cousin Tom.

Re: Bathtime

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 12, 2016 at 19:23:54

In Reply to: Bathtime posted by Johnny on June 20, 2016 at 07:21:09:

Feeling a bit horny tonight after a day staying thoroughly soaked almost all the time and seeing the other guys getting wet and enjoying their wet clothes as well. Came across your fabulous account and realised that the same thing happens to me when I get wet with cold water - I just get harder and more ready to shoot my load the colder the water is that runs over my cock and balls. Loved your story, hope you post many more. Thanks.

Re: A story pt 3

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 12, 2016 at 19:33:04

In Reply to: Re: A story pt 3 posted by Splasher on June 22, 2016 at 22:27:51:

We swap and borrow each other's clothes all the time (we might as well have just one wardrobe as far as our casual jeans and tees etc. are concerned). We've swapped mid-getting-wet and I found pulling on a pair of sodden jeans that are still warm from Jamie's body-heat a feal turn-on. I'm sure he had creamed them on one occasion but he wouldn't admit it and by the time I looked I'd done the deed myself anyway so it was difficult to be sure.

Great story, thanks for posting.

Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 1

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 12, 2016 at 20:21:03

In Reply to: Re: Gerry and Connor visit - part 1 posted by wetchas on July 11, 2016 at 08:24:01:

Thanks glad you enjoyed.

Re: Day out canoeing

Posted by wetchas on July 13, 2016 at 09:32:48

In Reply to: Day out canoeing posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 12, 2016 at 17:57:36:

Thanks for posting this. What a brilliant account of what sounds like a great day.
Cheers. Wetchas.

Re: Day out canoeing

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 13, 2016 at 15:05:09

In Reply to: Re: Day out canoeing posted by wetchas on July 13, 2016 at 09:32:48:

Thanks. It was a fun day and seeing everyone getting wet was great. The two guides, Jeremy and Peter, were good fun and looked pretty good in their wet clothes showing of their fit bodies and nice bulges. That must be pretty much the perfect job if you like getting wet and seeing others doing the same. Jamie has gone today, so he will no doubt post about his time canoeing when he gets home.

My day on the river.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 13, 2016 at 19:56:34

I had my go at canoeing on the River Wye today. Not as much fun as Chris’s trip seemed to be as we were taken by a less than popular teacher who wanted to control our every move in minute detail. I’m sure that Mr. G. is liked by some people .…… they just aren’t students at our school.

The day started off badly when he threatened to stop Al coming on the trip because he was wearing lightweight cotton jeans. We had been told not to wear “denim jeans” so cotton trousers in a jeans style are not really the same thing are they ? He eventually grudgingly gave in and conceded the point. There were sixteen of us this day, including three of the girls from our year. So as there was an even number of us at two per canoe, it was disappointing to realise that Mr. G. would probably avoid getting wet and having to take part in the activity. He’s a big ungainly man and it would have been fun seeing him in a canoe …… or better still, falling out of it.

When we arrived at the start point we were greeted by a guide who introduced himself as Dave. He was mid-20s, quite tall and slim and obviously very fit. Dressed in snug-fitting forest green cargoes and a tight dark yellow tee which showed off a fine six-pack. As he started to speak about the plan for the day, the door of the cabin behind him opened and another guide appeared. He was of similar build and height, but was wearing just a pair of very skimpy canary yellow Speedos which displayed a huge bulge in intimate detail, and he was carrying some clothes and trainers. He joined Dave and dropped the clothes and trainers on the ground at his feet.

“This is my colleague Tim.” Dave said “I apologise in advance ……..”

“Hi guys” Tim said “Sorry about this, the group we’ve just said goodbye to after a night-trip thought it would be fun to throw me in the river before leaving, so I’ve had to get some dry clothes.” He explained as he started to pull on a similar pair of cargoes and yellow tee as Dave “As this is my only dry set of uniform left, I’m rather hoping not to get a second soaking today and you look like a trustworthy crew .…… so thanks in advance.”

“I think that’s a bit of wishful thinking, Tim; they look a bit of a tough crowd to me ……. I’m told they come from that same disreputable old school that Peter and Jeremy had yesterday !” Dave remarked in a stage-whispered aside as we all laughed and cheered. This was going to be fun after all, I thought.

Andy was the only one of us to get wet when he slipped on the jetty and half-fell off, soaking himself to his waist, before managing to haul himself out. Tim got him to do the stability demo with a canoe and he managed to do it without tipping it so far that he fell in, much to our collective disappointment.

It got better when Dave and Tim had shown us all our canoes and we were all aboard and floating around the jetty. Dave pulled up another canoe and told Mr. G. that this would be his for the day.

“What, on my own ?” Mr. G. asked.

“I’m sure an experienced teacher like you can manage one of these on your own. We can put you in charge of the lunch supplies barrel – don’t eat them all ! - and some other bits and pieces as you’ll be alone.” Tim said “Dave and me will be using single kayaks so that we can get around you all quickly.”

I had been teamed with Red as my canoe partner and we set off along the river in high spirits. The weather was bright but cloudy but there were darker clouds on the horizon to the west so I guessed we might see some rain.

We stopped for lunch at the same spot as Chris had done yesterday and Dave and Tim came up with the same energy-sapping game as they had enjoyed. As the weather was warm and muggy it was nice to get the chance of a soaking. We had teams of eight so it took a while to get through two goes each, but it was huge fun and everyone joined in with enthusiasm, the three girls being more competitive than most of us boys. The other team won, but nobody really cared as it was just great getting wet and seeing everyone else thoroughly soaked as well. We finished off the game by overturning Dave and Tim’s kayaks and they retaliated by starting a splashing war in the shallows. Predictably, Mr. G. did not join in despite us trying to persuade him how much fun it was.

We finished the trip in another 2½ hours and then returned to the start point where we changed into our dry clothes before heading back to school and home. A great day.

Re: My day on the river.

Posted by wetchas on July 14, 2016 at 11:19:08

In Reply to: My day on the river. posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 13, 2016 at 19:56:34:

Thanks for both posts. Sounds like both days were great fun. Sounds like that teacher is a real prick. Shame you got saddled with him, but hopefully it didn't, spoil things too much.
It must be a real blast being an instructor at one of these places. Just imagine mutual settings with others every day, and getting paid for it. I know the everyday mutual wettings bit is nothing new to you two, but to those us us on here who need a legitimate excuse to get wet, it seems like quite a novelty. I wonder if they ever get fed up with it, and look longingly at office workers or such like.
Thanks anyway for posting.
Cheers. Wetchas.

Re: My day on the river.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 14, 2016 at 15:00:57

In Reply to: Re: My day on the river. posted by wetchas on July 14, 2016 at 11:19:08:

I imagine you could have too much of a good thing (getting wet in clothes) but I don't think I'll get to that stage any time soon, ha, ha.

Mr G is indeed a real prick - you wonder why people like him (child haters) ever become teachers, or even think about it as a career.

The guides were certainly good fun and they seemed more than happy to get soaked - even Tim after his plea about keeping dry on the day.

I'm sitting in the school library at the moment, bored with nothing much to work on that I want to complete. We finish school for the summer on Tuesday afternoon with a final assembly with all the leavers for the year and hopefully some pranks thereafter to send them on their way on their last day at school. The school is pretty tolerant about the last day so almost anything could happen.

Exam relief

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 14, 2016 at 16:32:13

We were given the results of our school internal exams yesterday as we left school and a letter addressed to our parents, marked “Confidential – Addressee Only”. I was a bit concerned but Jamie and the others explained that it was standard end of year practice and simply informs our parents of the exam results and an assessment of how well we might have done had we studied harder ! Great.

We had had exams in all our main subjects but more rigourous one on the subjects that we have chosen to take for A-Levels. The important thing is to get good grades in those subjects in particular. To my surprise I got straight A* in all subjects except History for which I got a B. My excuse is that I have not really studied UK history before returning to live here, if it had been about the American continent (North, South, Canada and Carribean) I’d have done better, I’m sure.

Jamie got A* in all four of his A-Level subjects, and As in all his other subjects, which was exactly what he had predicted he might do.

When we got home we handed over the letters and went off for a swim before supper. Jamie stayed in the clothes he had changed into after his canoeing trip, a pair of denim jeans and a green tee. I pulled on my favourite old 501s that had been hanging drying in the laundry room and as it was sunny and bright in the pool, went bare chested.

As we swam around and jumped in and dived into the pool, we chatted about the relief felt at getting the exam results we had wanted. I think Jamie had been more concerned than me about keeping up with school work after having so much time off following the accident, he’d been more distracted as well by his injuries, so his relief was palpable that he had done so well. He’s also aware that his dad expects him to do as well as he had done in his own days at the school.

I’m lucky, my dad just expects me to do as well as I can, provided I work hard and don’t slack. He did not do that well in exams at school, scraped into university, after a year gave up on the course he was doing and changed to chemistry and biology where he suddenly found his true love for research. He got a 1st Class Honours degree, followed by a Masters and a research fellowship before going into the pharmaceutical industry. He believes everyone should do what they love, if they find that, whether it be a profession, trade or craft.

After a bit we sat on the steps with the water lapping across our stomachs as we leaned back against the sides opposite each other. As we chatted, I noticed that Jamie was getting a hefty boner that was starting to tent up the fly of his jeans in his lap. The sight of the shiny wet bulge of denim poking above the water set me off and I started to rub my own boner and balls under the water through my jeans. Jamie noticed and grinned.

“Are you sure you want to do that in full view of anyone in the house, like your mum in the living room ?” Jamie asked.

“She can’t see, she’s in the kitchen getting supper.” I said.

At that moment the door to the living room slid aside and my dad appeared – bloody good timing.

I stopped what I was doing, obviously, as soon as I saw him.

“Hi, boys. Congrats on the exam results, you both did really well. Proud of you.” dad said “I’ll read the letter later, Chris, and we can chat after that.”

“Thanks, dad. I thought you weren’t home until Friday.” I said as I tried to hide my boner by moving around a bit.

“Tomorrow’s meeting was cancelled, so I thought I’d skive off for once and spend some time with my favourite son.” dad replied “Following your example ………..” he grinned.

“I’m your only son – or is there something you’ve not told us ?” I replied as I tried to splash him, but he neatly sidestepped and headed off to the changing room saying he would join us in a minute.

I took the opportunity to step down into the deeper water, where I couldn’t be seen from the living room, well not below chest level anyway, and did the necessary to get rid of my boner which had lost it’s solidity when dad had appeared. Parents, eh – don’t you love them ?

Jamie didn’t bother to do anything with his, so when he stood up to dive in as dad returned in his swimshorts, his jeans were tented out hugely and very obviously.

“Dear God, Jamie, have you no shame ?” dad laughed when he saw him.

“Not after getting those exam results ……...” Jamie said as he dived in.

“Can’t you have a quiet word with your cousin, not all of us think that sort of thing is funny.” dad said to me as Jamie swam underwater to the far side of the pool “I don’t mind, but your mums might not be amused.”

“I have already, maybe it would be better coming from uncle Dan.” I said.

“I’ll have a word when he gets home.” Dad said as he dived in.

When Jamie climbed out of the pool and turned to dive in again, his boner had disappeared. When dad climbed out and turned to dive in again, he had acquired an obvious one himself. He looked down at himself then looked up at me and grinned.

“Who do I have a discreet word with about you, Dad ?” I called laughing.

“Your mother.” he called back as he dived in again.

After we had been splashing around for a while, uncle Dan came in.

“Hi all, good days ?” uncle Dan asked “I thought we might go out for a meal tonight to celebrate the boys’ exam results and all the complimentary things that letter says. What say you ?”

“Sounds good to me.” dad called.

“I’m always up for that.” I said.

“Me too.” Jamie said.

“I’d already counted on you two gannets saying ‘yes’; I’ve asked the ladies, so I’ll go call the restaurant. I’ll book a table for eight, so you’ve got a while in there before we need to go.” uncle Dan said.

“So when are you going to read that letter, dad ?” I asked.

“I could do it now if you’re that keen. With those results, though, I can’t imagine you have anything to be concerned about. You know that, surely ?” dad replied.

“Please, just have a read now …… do you mind ?” I asked.

“No, of course I don’t” dad said as he waded out of the pool and grabbed a towel.

He called to mum to bring the letter out and then sat down to read it. Then I watched as he sat and thought about it for a bit. Eventually he called me over.

I sat across the table from him, dripping wet in my jeans, feeling my renewed boner rubbing against the wet denim in my lap. I was anxious.

“Don’t look so worried, son – there’s nothing in here to be concerned about. Listen to this ...” and he looked down at the letter and started to read “This is your head of year’s assessment …… ‘Christian has worked extremely hard and effectively to recover from time lost after the awful accident he and other family members were involved in earlier this year. We have all been deeply impressed by the strength of character he has shown in overcoming his own injuries and in supporting his cousin during such a difficult time. The results gained would be impressive under any normal, stable circumstances but following such an incident and its resultant trauma, are quite remarkable. His ability to absorb large quantities of information and re-iterate it in his own style and with his own interpretation of the salient points is excellent, particularly as the curriculum is largely new to him. In addition to his scholastic abilities (excellent memory, the ability to interpret coherently along with lucid writing and communication skills) he seems to have the ability to mix with his peers and superiors without fear or favour. He is a popular boy with the entire school community, fellow students and teachers alike, and has impressed with his willingness to help out whenever he is able. Particular attention should be drawn to his work with the younger students in water safety and swimming coaching, very much appreciated by the Physical Education staff. The results achieved after such a difficult year personally, bode well for his final year in school and for the results he can expect at A-Level’. That sounds more than good to me, Chris. What do you think ?”

“Relieved and quite content with that.” I said.

“Show some enthusiasm, you little bugger – it’s better than I ever got – you should be proud of this assessment at least.” Dad said.

“I didn’t know what to expect – I’ve never been assessed like this before. This is all new to me, don’t forget.” I said.

“Well, take this letter and read it through at your leisure, there’s plenty more to read. Discuss it with Jamie and get his view, he knows what they normally write.”

“OK, I’ll do that. I’ll go and get changed, I think. I’d like to talk it through later, in a day or two maybe, if I may.” I said.

“Of course you can, any time – you know that.” dad said “Cheer up, mate, you’ve done really well – I’m proud of you, really I am.” he finished as he came round the table and gave me a hug “Your mum and me were really worried about how you’d settle in at school, but this proves you’ve done OK and we need not have been concerned at all. But we knew that really.”

I grabbed a towel and roughly dried myself off before going to change. I stepped into the shower in my bathroom and started to strip off my jeans, easing them over my sudden boner and dropping them on the floor.

“Hey, Chris, what are you wearing tonight – jeans and a polo should be OK, I think.” Jamie said as he came in to my bathroom “Woah, that looks like fun, need a hand ?” he said as he saw my hard-on.

“Yes, how about you ?” I asked

“Well, I do now ……..” Jamie laughed as he stepped into the shower with me.

I pulled his tee over his head as he raised his arms, I felt the tip of my cock brush against his denim jeans as he leaned back. I dropped his tee on the floor next to my jeans and he started to unbutton the fly of his jeans. I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes as the water splashed over me. The next thing I knew was the feel of his mouth around my cock. That was a surprise, but I kept my eyes shut and let him get on with what he wanted to do until suddenly I felt the urge to thrust my cock forward into his soft mouth. I felt his teeth grate along my shaft and at the same time his fingers brushing against my balls. I didn’t know what to do, but instinct cut in and I started to rock back and forth until that all absorbing moment arrived and I shot a copious stream of cum into Jamie’s mouth. I heard him momentarily gag and then he carried on sucking and mouthing my hardness.

He didn’t want me to reciprocate immediately, which was OK by me as I felt the moment had passed somehow, but he was happy for me to jerk him off. We stood under the shower for a while just enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies as the water poured over us, stroking wet hair, fingering nipples, balls and flaccid cocks until it was time to get dressed to go out.

That night we shared a bed and spent more of the night exploring bodies and just talking about what we wanted from sex and the future. I think we both decided that neither of us were interested in exclusively gay relationships, wanting to leave any final decision until later in life. I guess we are both just curious about whatever is out there whether it involves boys or girls. I got up the following morning feeling that life was going to be better than I had envisaged before. Not sure why.

Re: Exam relief

Posted by wetchas on July 15, 2016 at 08:51:31

In Reply to: Exam relief posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 14, 2016 at 16:32:13:

What a touching story. I wasn't expecting that. I have to be frank and say that as one of life's thicko's, tales of others scholastic achievment usually get my back up. Please don't be offended, it's just one of those things.
However that turned out to be one hell of a story, and thanks for posting. You are both right to not throw yourselves into a relationship, or make a decision about your sexuality at this early stage. As you know I am a married man, but some of the best sexual encounters I have had have been with men. So, once again, thanks for sharing so openly.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: My day on the river.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 15, 2016 at 08:58:07

In Reply to: Re: My day on the river. posted by Allwet on July 14, 2016 at 21:10:07:

Yup, we certainly did.

I had to do a swim test like that when I was 10 or 11 years old but as I had been getting wet in clothes for a number of years, so it was fun but not out of the ordinary. For some of my friends it was their first time and most still enjoy it very much.

Sorry I forgot to mention what clothes we were wearing - I realised after I hit the 'submit' button !

I wore a pair of mid-grey cargo shorts - not sure what the fabric mix is but they turn a nice shiny darker shade when wet and feel great - and a black close fitting tee, old grey trainers with black socks. The shorts are knee-length and cut slim enough that I can confidently go commando with out fear of revealing anything untoward whatever I do !

My canoe partner, Red, was true to his nickname - which he has because of his hair colour - and wore the brightest red cargo shorts I have ever seen. He has had them for ages so they are nicely worn and slightly faded on seams and pockets and they mould themselves to him when wet. He wore a white and red floral pattern polo and black canvas shoes.

A couple of the girls wore cargo shorts and tees but most of the boys wore cargoes and tees or polo-shirts in various colours. There were sixteen of us all together, and I can't recall exactly what everyone wore. I know Robbie had on a slim-fit pair of grey chinos and a black tee and that by the end of the afternoon he had split his trousers from crotch to waist at the back - revealing some very pretty floral boxers - so had to take off his tee and tuck it into his waistband to hide it. That'll teach him to wear trousers that are too tight when being active.

Glad you enjoy the posts we make. Stay wet.

Re: Exam relief

Posted by Jamie on July 15, 2016 at 09:17:12

In Reply to: Re: Exam relief posted by wetchas on July 15, 2016 at 08:51:31:

Chris surprised me with that one as well. He's never really shown any concerns about how he has been doing at school - seeming very laid back about it all to everyone - but I guess he's been more worried than any of us imagined. I'm like you, I have to try really, really hard to achieve academic success and can't say I really enjoy to process as such. Chris is one of those people who can read something once and remember it almost word for word, he also has the ability to identify the underlying themes and put his own interpretation on them when he writes or talks about that subject - it is a gift his mum has, but to a lesser degree for her.

I think Chris is slightly in awe of his dad in many ways and finds it hard to believe any praise that comes his way from his 'hero', for want of a better word. I'm lucky I have had an older brother around to open my eyes to the truth about my parents from a young age, Chris has missed that, I think.

I don't know what made do what I did in the shower, it just seemed the right thing at the right time. We talked most of the night in bed as we wanked each other, dozed and played. I think we both decided on how we would like our futures to pan out so will be chatting to parents about all that soon during the holidays. Neither of us has a burning desire to go to uni so we hope we can get their agreement to go another route. I know my parents probably will, just not sure about Chris's dad, but we shall see.

Re: Exam relief

Posted by wetchas on July 15, 2016 at 10:35:44

In Reply to: Re: Exam relief posted by Jamie on July 15, 2016 at 09:17:12:

Hello again. You do surprise me, frequently.
I would have thought that you were both longing to go to uni. Still, if not fair do's, best of luck telling the parents.
There's no doubt about it, I think you would both make good teachers, especially if the subjects you taught were outdoors related. As the teacher said, your help with the swimming lessons has been greatly appreciated. You both obviously have gifts in this direction. I reckon you could even teach me to swim, and that would be a major achievment.
Anyways I guess school will soon be over for the Summer. Any end of year pool parties planned? If not, maybe you should organise one.
Cheers for now. Charlie.

Re: Exam relief

Posted by Me on July 15, 2016 at 14:34:20

In Reply to: Re: Exam relief posted by wetchas on July 15, 2016 at 10:35:44:

Sounds like Jamie needs to wear something under his jeans in the pool to avoid embarrassing your mothers. Maybe compression shorts or jammers or a tight pair of trackies.

Re: Exam relief

Posted by Jamie on July 15, 2016 at 23:11:34

In Reply to: Re: Exam relief posted by Me on July 15, 2016 at 14:34:20:

Sorry but that is not going to happen. I need room to 'breath' ......

Actually I just find compression shorts etc. so uncomfortable, particularly when wet, that I just won't wear them. I could wear Speedos, I guess, but where's the fun in that ? Besides there is nothing down there that my mum has not seen before during the last 18 years or so and certainly not enough to frighten the horses, so I think I can get away with it for the time being.

Re: Exam relief

Posted by Jamie on July 15, 2016 at 23:31:20

In Reply to: Re: Exam relief posted by wetchas on July 15, 2016 at 10:35:44:

We've been chatting and, subject to doing a bit of research, I think the favoured course at the moment is to get our A-Levels next year and then look to do a craft apprenticeship with uncle Danny's firm (stonemasonry for me, and carpentry/cabinet making for Chris) and then do a part-time business management course, geared towards the conservation construction industry if possible, with the long-term view of us and cousin Tom eventually running the business when his dad retires. It is what Tom wants and what his dad would like to see. We just have to put a good case forward to persuade our parents, or more accurately, uncle Greg.

Financially there is probably not so much money in doing that as there is in what our dads do, but the chances of us, me in particular, getting to that sort of level are realistically pretty remote. So I think we'd both rather do something we love and make a good living, rather than something we might tire of to make an excellent one, if you see what I mean.

School finishes for the summer hols officially at Tuesday lunchtime, but there are things being planned to say farewell to the leavers in a memorable way so it will probably finish late afternoon once that is over.

We have had some friends here this afternoon (10 of us in total) after playing football in the park and getting wet in the lake. They all needed somewhere to dry-off and get clothes washed before going to their own homes. I'll post about that tomorrow sometime, I expect.

Stay wet.
PS As a fan of getting wet, you really ought to learn to swim - never too late, you know - particularly as you probably live not too far from the coast, from what you've inferred before.

Bored at school = wet football

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 16, 2016 at 12:51:25

The last few days of school before the summer holidays start are proving to be very boring indeed when there are no activities organised. We’ve not got any real work to do and all the exams are over and a lot of the teachers are busy taking other groups out and about on activities and outings. We can’t even get on with any project work as we don’t get given the assignments until the last day of term on Tuesday.

Yesterday (Friday) we, about ten of us, spent most of the day in the library finishing off a couple of essays for history, but in all honesty we rather strung it out just to pass the time.

After lunch we headed for the swimming pool and asked if we could spend some time there, but Terence, the head of PE was busy doing some coaching with younger students, so that was a no go. Nobody seemed to care if we were at school or not so we asked our head of year’s assistant if we could just go home, to which he said “Might as well if you are up to date with work.” So we headed to the park with a soccer ball and had a kick-about at our usual spot by the lake.

We’d been told on Thursday to clear out our lockers of any clothes and sports kit we may have stored there as we would be allocated different ones next year, so none of us had any thing to change into, so we thought “WTF, we’ll play in our normal school clothes, smart or not.”

As I said there were ten of us in all; Chris, Harry, Ben, Red, Dave, Joe, Mike, Ricky, Rob, and me. We all wear reasonably smart chinos and short-sleeved shirts or polo-shirts along with canvas shoes or deck shoes as schoolwear (no jeans, cargoes, tees and trainers allowed) now that we don’t have to wear uniform; there are no restrictions on colours, just nothing too garish (Mike was told to change out of his shocking pink chinos on one occasion, even though they did look very smart - if not to everyone’s taste !).

We split into two teams of five and, as usual, it was not long before someone kicked the ball into the lake with a mis-kicked shot. It didn’t go far in, so Joe only got his black chinos wet to the knees when he waded in to get it. That started the rot really and after that everyone tried to kick the ball in as often as they could. Rob was the first to get completely soaked as he stumbled and fell in as he waded in to get the ball from water that was only just over knee deep, his navy blue chinos and red, white and blue check shirt looked pretty amazing as he waded out with the ball and kicked it back into play as the water poured off him. As he ran around afterwards it became increasingly obvious that he was enjoying being wet very much indeed, much to everyone else’s amusement.

By the time we had played for an hour or so everyone was wet to some degree or other. Ben was thoroughly soaked, having dived in on a dare after kicking the ball into quite shallow water, his blue chinos gleamed wetly and stuck to his legs, all wrinkled and tightly bunched around hid groin, his plain white short-sleeved shirt stuck to his torso and shoulders in a semi-transparent manner that showed his hairy chest, nipples and the hollow of his belly button quite plainly.

Harry’s light green chinos were wet to his crotch, turning a darker shade, otherwise he was dry but sporting a growing bulge that was tenting out the fly of his trousers.

Joe’s black chinos and grey and white checked shirt were completely soaked after his third dip in the lake and the black briefs he was wearing were shadowly visible as his trousers moulded themselves to his form.

Dave’s tan chinos and brown and white check shirt were as wet as could be, he had had to swim to the deep part of the lake to retrieve a ball he had kicked in and was in high spirits having got muddy as well from sliding across the grass with a few tackles when wet.

Ricky’s stone chinos and plain white shirt were soaked up to his chest, they clung wetly to his frame as he moved about and he too had a sizeable boner clearly visibly beneath the dark coloured boxers he was wearing.

Red’s dark maroon coloured chinos and plain white shirt were completely soaked and his red wavy hair was plastered to his head after his dip. When wet his chinos looked almost black but his white shirt, clinging wetly, just showed how white his skin underneath really was, he had unbuttoned his shirt and pulled the tails from his trousers as well, so it flapped wetly against him as he ran around.

Mike’s dark khaki chinos and black shirt looked best of all when wet, partly because they shone so nicely when wet, but also because he likes to wear slim-fit trousers and shirts that really do fit him snugly showing off his toned body.

Chris was wearing grey chinos and a plain blue shirt, both of which stuck to his body after his two immersions in the lake. He too was showing his enjoyment of being wet in his usual way.

My own tan chinos and plain white shirt might only have been wet to my thighs except that Chris had pushed me back in as I clambered out with a ball. I went completely under with this assault but had my revenge by tackling him into a muddy patch as we played, so we were both quite muddy as well. Chris had had a growing semi ever since we had started playing and with his light blue chinos moulded to his legs and body, it was amply obvious, helped by the dark blue boxer-briefs that he was wearing underneath. His dark blue shirt stuck to his torso as well, gleaming nicely as he waded out of the lake with the water pouring off him.

When we called a halt to the soccer, we sat on the grass and caught our breathes for a bit. Eventually Chris asked if anyone else had ever been down to the swampy wooded area at the end of the lake beyond the weir. Harry had been with us before, but none of the others had.

“Why don’t we go and see how much it has dried up now that we’ve had some sun ?” Chris asked.

“Will it be very muddy ?” Joe asked, looking down along his wet legs and flicking some grass off his knee.

“I shouldn’t worry about that, we can always clean up in the lake afterwards. And you can’t get any wetter …..” Harry said.

“I’m going to be in enough trouble already getting wet in school gear, never mind getting muddy.” Ricky moaned.

“It’s only 3:30, what time do your parents get home from work ?” I asked.

“About 6 or 6:30 most days.” Ricky replied.

“Plenty of time to get home and get cleaned up, put stuff in the wash and they may never know. Or come back to ours’, we’ll put your things in the wash and you can ring them to say you’re eating with us. No problem.” Chris suggested “we can drop you at home, we’ve got to go back to school to get Jamie’s car anyway.”

“Good idea – any of you are welcome to do the same. Stay for a swim and we can order some pizzas in.” I said.

“Really – all of us ?” Rob asked.

“Why not ?” I said “Our mums won’t mind so long as they don’t have to cook for everyone, and our dads like to see the pool being used – something to do with getting value for money according to uncle Greg !!”

“Yeah, that’d be my dad ……..” Chris laughed.

So it was settled, phone calls were made where necessary and we then headed off to the end of the lake and some, hopefully, sloppy mud.
Unfortunately it wasn’t as muddy as we had hoped. We did get pretty filthy, or at least most of us did, but it wasn’t that lovely sort that soaks in so satisfactorily, it just stuck to the outside of our wet clothes. Ben’s white shirt was a nice muddy brown by the time we clambered back up to the lake as he dared us to smear mud across his back and chest so, naturally, we obliged; but the rest of us were just smeared and partly covered. We cleaned up in the lake quite well and then headed back home. It’s not far to walk but does involve a short walk along a fairly busy road, so we got a few toots from passing cars and a thumbs-up from a cyclist as we walked wetly along.

We headed straight to the pool when we got home and found everyone something to swim in, a mix of jeans and shorts, whilst we dumped all our clothes in the washing machine. I then went off to see if anyone was at home, finding uncle Greg in his study reading. I told him what was going on and he simply said it was fine by him and could we order a small pepperoni pizza for him and that he’d see us all later. I found a note in our kitchen from my mum saying she and Chris’s mum would be in Cheltenham shopping until 8pm and that dad was at a meeting until late.

We had a great couple of hours messing around in the pool, competing with each other off the diving and spring boards, seeing who could swim furthest under water and all that sort of thing. After we had eaten we just relaxed in and around the pool until everyone’s clothes were washed and dry and then we went our separate ways. We dropped the guys who live furthest away back at home and then went back to school to collect my car.

We ended the day by showering in our favourite jeans and jumping into bed still wearing them, where we spend a while fooling around before dozing off. I woke in the morning with the rising sun in my eyes and the feel of Chris fumbling around with the buttons on my jeans (the fly being stretched across my morning boner) which were still damp, before he returned the favour I had done him in the shower before – very nice way to wake up to being sucked off ! Afterwards we got cleaned-up in the shower and changed into our Speedos (Chris in electric blue and me in black) and we were in the pool again for our early morning exercise by 5:30am and were joined by our dads, Harry and his dad and Mike by about 7am. Harry and Mike have been joining us regularly over recent weeks, Harry’s dad less so, and it seems to work very well. They stay for breakfast and then go home or go to school with us. Harry has got a lot fitter (Chris says, unfairly, that he was fat and needed to) and Mike has benefitted as well as he was an average swimmer but is now almost as good as us, and getting better.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are going into school to get things ready for the leavers surprise farewell on Tuesday, not sure exactly what it involves yet as a couple of other guys are organising things this year.

Things look better in white

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 18, 2016 at 14:01:42

We spent most of the day at school on Sunday helping get things ready for the leavers final day on Tuesday, or more accurately preparing to give the leavers a a surprise they would not forget. The school allows us a pretty free range to do whatever we want really provided nothing causes any permanent damage.

We had previously decided it would be a nice idea to try and raise some funds for charity as well as having a memorable day. In the end we had settled on charging students a cash sum for the privilege of being allowed to wear white for the day, not just a single white item of clothing but a totally white outfit – trousers, shirts, footwear, underwear etc – as we reckoned most students would have those already or could get them easily. We got the school office to email all students with the details and we had put posters up all over the school so everyone was reminded over the week before.

Jamie and me had not really been involved in the planning of the surprise but on Saturday Kevin (one of the guys who had) phoned to ask a favour.

“Hi Chris, it’s Kevin. I wanted to ask if you and Jamie might do us a favour when you come along tomorrow and wear your white outfits. If you are up for it, we’d like to test out what we plan on you two – I know you don’t mind getting a bit messy sometimes, so this should be right up your street.”

“Yes, we could do that. What are you planning ?” I asked “Will we need to bring a change of clothing ?”

“If it goes as planned, you most definitely will need a change of clothes. We just want to check if we have got the mix the correct strength, it’s just coloured water really, nothing that won’t wash out, so your clothes will be OK for Tuesday.” Kevin replied “You don’t mind getting wet do you ?”

“Quite the opposite – we’ll be there at 10 as requested.”

“Great, thanks a lot, see you tomorrow, bye.”

Sunday dawned bright and sunny but with some fluffy white clouds around. Perfect. We dressed in our white outfits (Jamie in white slim-fit jeans, white shortsleeved shirt, white boxerbriefs, white socks and white canvas shoes. Me in white loose-fit chinos, poloshirt, briefs, socks and canvas shoes.) dropped jeans, tees, underwear and trainers in the boot of the car and headed to school.

We found about a dozen others there ready to do whatever in was Kevin and his mates Garry and Martin required done. We were joined by one of the maintenance/groundsmen, Scott, a young man not much older than us, maybe 22/23, who we all knew as he had helped out re-building the school assault course a while back.

Kevin took us all into one of the classrooms where he had already sketched out a diagram of what they had planned. It is a tradition that all the leavers have their photo taken as a group on their last day at school and this is usually done using the science block west-facing wall as a back-drop, apparently good for the light, as it is a distinctive brick colour and has the school crest mounted about fifteen feet up. Kevin had planned to erect some scaffolding as a sort of grandstand for the leavers to stand on in three tiers, which had been done before, but his twist was that it would have a roof as well which would hide numerous lawn sprinklers and their hose feeds, disguised by bunting and drapes in the school colours. The structure was not complicated, it only needed two levels off the ground - the front row would stand on the ground with some sitting on chairs in front of them – and not very large as it only needed to accommodate some 80 people in total, mostly standing closely together.

Scott went on to explain that the sprinklers would be fed from the old disused fire prevention system (replaced by a modern sprinkler system long since) that relied on two large feeder tanks on the roof of the main building. He had connected a portable pump to the outlets and filled the tanks again so all we had to do was build the structure, run the hoses through it and mount the sprinklers. We also needed to mix colourant into the tanks. One of the guys had got hold of a large quantity of liquid food colouring - purple, red and lime green – so it was decided to use the red and lime green in the tanks and mix up some buckets of the purple.

By lunchtime we had got the structure largely finished without mishap and just had to put on the scaffold boards and the sprinklers. We soon had that done and then Kevin asked us if we would go into the stand so that it could all be tested. We waited, wondering what would happen, until suddenly it seemed to start raining and got steadily heavier as the flow was turned full on. It was red rain. We were drenched in seconds and our white clothes were quite strongly coloured.
Kevin asked us to move around and check if the whole area was being covered, we found a couple of areas that weren’t so a quick adjustment of the sprinklers soon remedied that. The flow was stopped as we discussed whether the colour was strong enough. We waited whilst they topped up the tank and added more colour and then they tried it again. It was much better. After a few minutes we were drenched again and our clothes were a bright deep red. Everyone was happy with that result so we then got to try out the fire hoses to wash us down and find out if the colour really was temporary.

They turned the hose on whilst it was aimed at me, about ten feet away, and it knocked me off my feet as it hit me in the chest. Very funny – well they all thought so anyway. I have never felt water hit me at that force before, it was amazing and when I managed to scramble away and get to my feet, they were laughing and still aiming it at me, I felt a sudden hard-on forming and straining against my underpants. The others noticed as well and aimed the hose at my crotch as they laughed and teased me about it. After they had finished hosing me down, I was definitely clean, without a trace of red on me. I watched as they did the same to Jamie.

We stayed in our wet clothes whilst we decorated the stand and then mixed up lots of buckets of the purple colour. We didn’t get try out the green or purple colour, but after the red stuff had turned out so well, we just used all the colouring we had. We finished the job by about 4 so we went and got changed into our dry clothes and then went home. We put our white clothes in the wash and they came out totally clean ready for Tuesday. Can’t wait to see it all happen.

Re: Things look better in white

Posted by wetchas on July 18, 2016 at 21:29:25

In Reply to: Things look better in white posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 18, 2016 at 14:01:42:

Two brilliant story's.
On holiday this week, so not much time to reply.
Cheers anyway. Charlie.

Re: Things look better in white

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 18, 2016 at 23:13:28

In Reply to: Re: Things look better in white posted by wetchas on July 18, 2016 at 21:29:25:

Glad you enjoyed. You picked the right week for being on holiday, enjoy the sunshine. It's been 85 or 86 degrees here today. So very nice.

Muddy in school clothes.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 18, 2016 at 23:19:45

After getting home from school today (Monday) Chris suggested we celebrate the last working day at school by going out into the woods to get really, really trashed in the mud. No work is ever done on the last day (tomorrow) just tidying up, getting a few holiday assignments, doing quizzes and silly contests concocted by our teachers before we all go along to the final formal assembly of the school year before we surprise the leavers in the afternoon.

“That’s sounds like the best idea you’ve had in a long while.” I grinned “Let’s get changed …….”

“No, let’s go as we are – if I ruin these school clothes, I’m happy to go buy some replacements ……. I think these trousers are getting a bit short and tight anyway and I’ve never liked this shirt.” Chris replied, grinning widely.

I looked him up and down, his dark blue chinos were certainly shorter than his other trousers or jeans, and although a loose-fit, they dragged across his crotch bulge and were tight around his hips and bum. He was right about the shirt too, a blue short-sleeved shirt that had a very small pattern that appeared to form visually odd moving stripes at random as the wearer moved about.

“OK, let’s do it. I will change these shoes though, I like these and don’t want to ruin them.” I said “I’ll be back in a second.”

I went upstairs and found my old trainers that had survived many times getting mud soaked and survived. On my way down I saw mum in tha kitchen and told her we were going out to the woods.

“What, in those clothes ?” mum called as I walked through the hall.

“Yes, mum, in these clothes – not naked !” I called back.

The track was dry with just a few dried-up, cracked mud patches where the puddles used to be, so we didn’t see any real mud at all until we were well into the shade of the woods. We knew the ride would still be muddy so headed straight there. I was getting aroused at the thought of getting thoroughly soaked in mud in these clothes – mid-grey slim-fit chinos with a black belt, grey and blue checked short-sleeved shirt, grey socks, grey boxerbriefs and black trainers – and increasingly uncomfortable as I got harder.

“Hold on a bit, just need to re-adjust myself ……..” I said to Chris as I stopped and slipped a hand into my boxerbriefs and did the necessary.

“I’m in the same state, but I rather like the feel of being confined in that way, adds to the pleasure.” Chris laughed “What do they call that ……..”

“Sadomasochism, I think.” I said.

“Comfortable now ?” Chris asked “Come on let’s find that mud before I lose this boner.”

Chris ran into the ride and dived forward into the mud as soon as we got there. He splashed down and lay on his front, arms stretched forward and legs apart. I waded out to where he lay and knelt down between his legs before lowering myself to lay on top of him. I pushed my boner against his bum and started to hump him as he lay there. He didn’t move or say anything. I pushed my right hand down into the mud and found the bulge of his hard-on and started squeezing and stroking it through the mud and his trousers. He stiffened. I humped him harder and stroked and squeezed his cock and balls, the mud making everything slippery to my touch. Chris groaned and started moving against my hand, I felt his cock stiffen again as it moved sideways free of restriction and suddenly I felt a new warmth on the palm of my hand, a few moments later I came myself.

I fell sideways into the mud and crawled forward level with him, he looked at me and grinned.

“That was an unexpected bonus.” he said “You’ve not done that before.”

“I saw your fat bum stretching those trousers and thought ……...” I started, but didn’t finish as Chris pushed my face into the mud before rolling me over onto my back and dumping armfuls of mud on top of me as I struggled to get him back.

We rolled around in the mud, mashing mud into each other’s clothes, grabbing at crotches and rubbing mud over newly aroused bulges, eventually we stopped to catch our breaths and stood up looking at each other, panting.

“You look a mess !” Chris laughed “Let me tidy you up a bit, someone might see you. Stay still.”

He stepped up to me and smoothed down my hair, wiping the excess mud down across my shoulders. He bent and scooped up more mud and smoothed it over my back, pulling my shirt down tidily, then did the same across my chest and abdomen. He scooped up more mud, thrust a handful down the inside of my trousers, smoothed it across my boxerbriefs, stroking and squeezing my hard-on through the fabric as he did so. He did the same down the back. He smeared the mud on my face smoothly over my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Massaged more into my neck and under my chin.

“That’s a bit smarter. Oh, just one thing ……..” Chris said as he grabbed my throbbing bulge and started to squeeze and rub “That bulge looks a bit too prominent to be smart, I think we can sort that out though .….…….”

It was as much as I could stand and I creamed my muddy boxerbriefs almost immediately.

“Told you we could sort that ……..” Chris laughed.

By this time his own bulge was tenting out his tight trousers even more and all the mud he was covered in couldn’t disguise it.

“Looks like you need to attend to your own boner.” I said.

“Go on then, be my guest.”

So I slid my hand into his boxerbriefs and wanked him off as slowly as I could.

“Could you not go a bit harder and faster, I’m never going to come like that.” Chris moaned.

“You’ll enjoy this more in the end.” I said.

And I was right, I kept him on the edge for quite a while and when he did finally shoot his load, he just kept coming and coming. Amazing. After that we collapsed back into the mud and lay there watching the sky and the passing clouds for a while.

“I’m feeling hungry now, how about heading home and getting cleaned up there ?” Chris asked after a while.

“OK, I’d like to walk back all muddy, these chinos are making me feel really horny, they just cling so nicely and feel so soft.” I replied “Just don’t let my mum see me like this in these clothes, she’ll go mad.”

“Why ? She doesn’t usually bother.”

“I saw her in the kitchen as we left and when I said we were going out into the woods, she asked ‘What ? In those clothes ?” so I just said yes and hurried out to join you.” I said.

“You’ll just have to make sure they get nice and clean again.” Chris laughed.

“Easier said than done ……….” I said, looking along my mud caked body and wiping some of it off my chest.

We got up and walked home. We had just got the hose out and Chris was connecting it up when my mum appeared at the door to the pool.

“Dear Lord – how do you get that filthy ? And what have I said before, Jamie, about destroying your schoolclothes ?” she asked “Do you ever listen to what I tell you ?”

“They’ll be fine after we clean up and put them through the wash, mum.”

“If they’re not, I’m not paying for replacements ……… you can buy them yourself !” she told me.

“Sure, I already buy my own clothes – that’s what you give me an allowance for, remember ?” I replied.

“Don’t get clever with me, son.” she replied, trying not to laugh “I so wish I’d had girls ……. all pretty in pink and no wet muddy clothes …………...” she finished as she turned away.

“No you don’t, mum, you enjoy the challenge of having boys …………..” I called after her.

“Supper in 90 minutes, and I want to see you in those clothes at the table, clean and presentable – that’s YOUR challenge !” she retorted.

I watched the mud wash off me as Chris hosed me down, I really wasn’t sure that these grey chinos would ever look as good as mum wanted. Still bio wash gel can do wonders sometimes.

After I had hosed Chris down we went to the shower room and washed the last of the mud out of uor clothes as we got undressed under some nice warm water. We pulled on swimshorts and I dumped all our clothes in the washing machine, put it on with a pre-wash and extra rinse and set it off. It showed the wash would take 45 minutes in total and I knew from before that it only took twenty minutes or so in the dryer to be ready to wear. Both machines are hotel-standard so have big drums (Chris climbed in once) and very efficient, ideal for the sort of use we put them to.

We sat around the pool in the sun for a while, had a swim and challenged each other to diving in doing silly things. My clothes looked remarkably clean, they all did, when I went to put them in the dryer and when mum came out and asked us to lay the table for supper, she reminded me that I was expected to be wearing my clean clothes.

“I’d not forgotten, mum – do you fancy a small wager on the result ?” I asked “Not money, just a forfeit; you’ve already given me mine – buy new clothes as replacements – what will you do if I’m right and they come out as good as before ? You did say it was a challenge !”

“I don’t know ……. let me think about it.” mum said, looking doubtful.

“I know !” Chris said “Your forfeit could be very appropriate if you agree to come out into the woods with us and get muddy like us – we’ll let you bring uncle Dan, or my mum or dad ……… or better still all of you, make it a family outing !”

“OK – you’re on” mum said after a moments thought “I’m fairly confident your clothes won’t be really clean after seeing you covered in mud like that. You better go and get dressed, we’ll be sitting down in 10 minutes, your dad has just come in, he’s changing out of his suit and tie.” and with that she returned indoors.

“What the hell made you think of that forfeit, mum will never concede that my clothes are clean now.” I asked Chris as we headed to the laundry room.

“She doesn’t have to agree – we’ll ask my mum and dad to judge.” Chris said.

You know what ? That’s the second good idea you’ve had today ……..” I said “Miracles will never cease ……..”

When I was dressed again we joined our parents for supper. Chris explained to his mum and dad what had happened and asked if they would judge how clean we both were. My mum objected but was over-ruled by the others. They inspected me as I stood in front of them and pronounced that my clothes looked very clean.

“I did say that ALL his clothes should be clean ……… “ my mum objected.

“What ?” I asked, incredulously.

“Underwear and socks as well, can’t see them properly when you’re fully dressed.” she insisted.

I slipped off my shoes and showed my socks. Then, at mum’s further insistance I unfastened my belt and the fly of my chinos and dropped them to my ankles, standing in just my boxerbriefs and shirt.

“Is that enough for you ? Or should I take them off and pass them around ? You do realise that this is verging on child abuse, mother …….” I told her.

“Yes I think that is quite sufficient, thanks” dad laughed “I do hope we don’t have meat and two veg for supper……… not sure I could face that now.”

“Good, can we set the date for your forfeit, mum ? How about tomorrow when we get home from school.” I asked mum as I pulled up my trousers.

“What forfeit is that ?” dad asked.

So we explained what had been agreed, much to our dads’ growing amusement as they quite enjoy getting muddy occasionally, whereas they know our mums are not so keen.

“I think we should all join in” uncle Greg said “I’m working from home this week, so I’ll be around. Could be fun, what do you think Dan ?”

“OK, if only to keep my wife company. Can’t have her welching on any deal she’s made with our son, that would be bad form.” my dad replied.

“Oh well, I might as well come along also, support my dear sister in her hour of need.” aunt Pam conceded.

“Good, let’s eat.” mum said, looking despondent.

Re: Muddy in school clothes.

Posted by Eco warrior on July 19, 2016 at 09:52:28

In Reply to: Muddy in school clothes. posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 18, 2016 at 23:19:45:

Much as I love your stories I am very disturbed by how often your wet clothes go into the drier. Have you stopped to consider the effect on the planet of using fossil fuel energy to dry your wet clothes? So much more eco-friendly to hang them out on the line to dry. Just a thought. Stay wet.

Re: Muddy in school clothes.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 19, 2016 at 10:51:01

In Reply to: Re: Muddy in school clothes. posted by Eco warrior on July 19, 2016 at 09:52:28:

Point taken, but we have numerous solar panels and two ground source heat pumps for all our electric and heating needs. We actually sell power back to the grid, more than we actually use during the summer months by a factor of nearly two, I believe. All our waste water is filtered through a reed-bed system (not sure of the exact details) but we end up with clean water and a dry compost that can be used safely as a plant fertiliser. So, we don't actually use any fossil fuel or fossil fuel derived power for the house and pool. Chris drives an electric car, Renault Zoe, as does his mum, BMW i3. My dad wants to get a Tesla when he changes his car next time and mum wants an i3, like her sister, as her next car. So we are getting there, just not all in one go.

Thanks for reading our posts, and commenting. Stay wet.

School Leavers get very wet

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 19, 2016 at 20:16:47

We arrived at school for the last day of term early so that we could help out collecting the cash from all those who had decided to wear white. There’s only one entrance onto the school grounds, so we set up several collection points along either side of the driveway so that we had a chance of catching everyone. Even the teachers joined in, mostly wearing cricket whites, but some were in jeans, particularly the younger ones. The headmaster appeared in a white suit, very smart.

In the end, I think about 95% of pupils had made the effort – there are always a few outsiders who just don’t want to join in, but even most of them made a contribution to our fund.

The weather forecast had been for a hot day of bright sunny weather, maybe even getting to 90°F, and by the time school actually started it was getting well towards that. Just the right weather to get wet, I thought.

I won’t go into any details about the morning and the assembly except to say that Jamie got an honourable mention in the Head’s summary of the year, a short mention of how impressed he had been with Jamie’s “fortitude and infectious good humour during a difficult year”, so that was nice of him.

So, let’s cut to the leavers’ farewell. After the ‘official’ group photos had been taken with the Head and other staff, the leavers were asked to spread themselves out across the chairs and standing platforms and some pictures were taken, before the photographer spoke the cue words for us to turn on the sprinklers above them all. It worked a treat. They were all soaked in red water before they could even react. The spectators erupted into shouts and cheers of delight.

Knowing they had been well and truly caught, none of the leavers made any attempt to get away and stood there getting wetter and wetter, splashing each other and having a fine old time. When the red stuff ran out we turned on the lime green and they were all drenched even more. It looked amazing. When all the coloured water had been used, the sight of them all soaked through with their white (well, red and green really) clothes stuck to them and hair plastered to heads was very entertaining. Quite a few of the guys were obviously quite excited and it was easy to see those who had ‘cheated’ on the white clothes front by wearing black or blue underwear. To loud cheers from the spectators, the Head Boy stepped forward and shouted “Is that all you’ve got ?”

“No” came the reply as someone threw a bucket of purple water over him.

We raised a bit more money by charging the spectators 50p to throw a bucket of the purple water over their chosen leaver. We only had enough to do about 40 of them, but the spectators thoroughly enjoyed their chance to get revenge on some of the prefects.

After that we bought out the fire hoses and general mayhem ensued as the leavers tried to get control of the hoses and soak the spectators. The cold water seemed to be a welcome relief as it must have been well in the 90s by then. After that everyone dispersed and we all said our goodbyes to those of the leavers we knew best.

We didn’t get very wet, not for the want of trying, but then again the day was not about us getting wet but ensuring that the leavers had a memorable day. We headed home in our white clothes. Jamie suggested that if his mum really was serious about getting muddy this afternoon or evening then we should stay in our white clothes. I agreed enthusiastically. Can’t wait to get out there.

Re: Muddy in school clothes.

Posted by Eco Warrior on July 20, 2016 at 08:46:44

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Hail fellow travellers. Very impressive array of eco-kit you got there.

Re: Muddy in school clothes.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 20, 2016 at 13:31:39

In Reply to: Re: Muddy in school clothes. posted by Eco Warrior on July 20, 2016 at 08:46:44:

Glad you approve. Mum and dad built the last house we had before we moved here but that was 16 years ago and all the modern technology was not really so readily available at that time, so being an enthusiast for "green" eco-tech, dad went a bit over the top with this house, but in all honesty you'd never notice the tech as we haven't had to comprmise our lifestyle at all, just means we pay almost nothing for our electric.

Re: Bathtime

Posted by Johnny on July 20, 2016 at 17:40:02

In Reply to: Re: Bathtime posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 12, 2016 at 19:23:54:

Cold water has always got me really hard. The sea is best, sitting on a rock with waves crashing around me. A waterfall is good too, I took a series of pics in a waterfall a few years back, totally erotic. Stay wet.

Re: jimmy's first jeans

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 20, 2016 at 20:24:03

In Reply to: jimmy's first jeans posted by robbieie on July 20, 2016 at 19:01:00:

Brilliant. What a great imagining, I bet that it actually happened like that somewhere at some time. Wonder what (and when) the next breakthrough in casual wear will be and if it will prove to be as iconic as jeans have proved to be.

Re: Hotel swim

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 20, 2016 at 20:29:27

In Reply to: Hotel swim posted by Borisiswet on July 20, 2016 at 15:43:23:

Great to have friends like that. We are only just 18 but I hope we will still enjoy getting wet with all our friends in ten or twenty years time, even if we have wives and families.

We all get muddy

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 20, 2016 at 20:46:39

We got home after surprising the school leavers with their unexpected shower at about 4pm. We were still wearing our white clothes and had decided that we would get muddy in them as well.

Chris was wearing loose-fit chinos, a polo-shirt, briefs (less chaffing in the mud, he claims), socks and canvas shoes. All in white except for a grey canvas belt on his trousers, and black soles and laces on his shoes.

I was wearing slim-fit jeans, short-sleeved shirt, boxerbriefs, socks and canvas shoes. I wore a red plaited belt in my jeans, but everything else was white.

When we got home we found our parents and Tom all sitting by the pool having tea and cake, so we joined them. They asked how the farewell stunt had gone for the leavers so we told them all about it. After we had had tee, dad asked if we were ready to go. When we said we were he looked surprised.

“Really ?” dad asked “Sure you want to get those nice white clothes muddy, they’ll be ruined.”

“Yes, quite sure. Not likely to wear all white again, are we ?” I replied “Anyway I think they will survive OK after a good wash.”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing how they look when muddy too.” Chris said, looking down at himself and rubbing his hands along his thighs. I could see he was getting a semi started already.

When we had cleared away the tea things, we were standing around waiting for mum to get her old trainers. I heard uncle Greg whisper in Chris’s ear as he stood next to him.

“Just a word, son” uncle Greg said menacingly “if you show any visible signs of getting an erection out there today, in front of your mother and aunt, I will personally tear your balls off with my bare hands when we get back. If you feel the need, in the light of such knowledge, to go and put on a pair of tight trunks to avoid that situation arising, I suggest you go and do so now. Take Jamie with you as well and see that he gets the message loud and clear. Do I make myself clear ?”

“Really ? And can you guarantee it won’t happen to you as well ?” Chris whispered back.

“Don’t answer back to me. Just do it.”

Chris reddened and looked defiant, but then turned on his heel and headed into the house, I followed after being glared at by uncle Greg.

“What’s the matter with your dad ?” I asked Chris.

“Who knows ?” Chris muttered as he rummaged through his chest of drawers looking for a pair of Speedos “Maybe he’s worried about the competition …….”

“What do you mean ?” I asked.

“Have a guess …………….. you or I get a boner and he gets one, our mums see it all and …..”

“Oh I see .…………………… I think.”

Chris found what he was looking for, a white Speedo that we wear for the swimteam at school sometimes instead of the normal navy blue. For competition we both wear Speedo that are a size smaller than our normal snug fit, they are not too uncomfortable as they stretch a bit when wet, and most importantly they ensure nothing untoward spoils the view of spectators when we are out of the water even if we do get a bit aroused. All the guys do the same, on the advice of our team coach. I went and found mine and then we went back downstairs to join the others.

Mum was wearing old blue jeans and a dark blue tee. Aunt Pam was in khaki chino style trousers and a lime green tee. Uncle Greg was in light blue faded jeans and a red tee. My dad was in tan cargoes and a yellow tee. Tom was in camo-pattern cargo shorts and a tan tee. Everyone was wearing old trainers.

We went straight to the muddy ride as Tom said that Gareth (the local farmer’s son) and some of his mates had been there recently and had sprayed it with a couple of bowsers of water to make it all more liquid. When we arrived, mum called a halt and asked what the best way of getting muddy was. Silly question really as it prompted dad to pick her up in his arms, wade out until he was thigh deep in the mud and then just drop her in.

“That” he told her as she staggered to her feet “is the best way to get muddy quickly.” and he then splashed down in the mud at her feet and pulled her down with him. They were both fairly well covered at that stage, and to our surprise, mum was laughing so much when she tried to stand up that she fell in again.

That was the signal for the rest of us to wade in. Tom rugby tackled me into one of the deep ruts and I only just managed to close my eyes and mouth before going completely under. The mud was very wet, nothing like as thick as before, and the feel of it soaking through my clothes was wonderful. I felt myself begin to stiffen as the wetness soaked my Speedos, but they were so tight I just pushed against the fabric and was unable to straighten out. I willed it to stop and tried to think of something else as a turn-off, but that didn’t work. Then I felt Tom grab my arms and pull me to my feet. My clothes were plastered to my body and I could feel the now-slippery fabric slide across my skin as I moved; chest, back, legs, thighs, bum, even my feet, felt incredibly sensitive to all that feeling. My boner was getting almost painful in the tight trunks, so I slipped a hand inside and adjusted myself so that my suddenly rampant cock was poking up across my left thigh, I eased my balls forward and up in the pouch of the Speedos and suddenly felt that urgent tingle deep in my groin. I withdrew my hand and just at that moment someone pushed me back into the deep mud, face down. I lay there, quite still for a moment and then felt my cock jerk a couple of times and I shot my load into the Speedos. After that I enjoyed the mud along with everyone else and wasn’t troubled by another boner for the rest of the time we were out. So uncle Greg got his wish, with me at least.

Mum and dad seemed to be enjoying themselves chasing each other through the mud and frequently falling over and ending up in a cuddle as they rolled around in the mud. Neither of them were as totally covered as me, having avoided being totally immersed in the mud, but you couldn’t tell what colour their clothes had originally been. I watched as dad pushed mum down into the more liquid mud in the rut and then waded in after her, sinking up to his waist as he stumbled and fell on his knees. When he got up it was obvious that he was really, really enjoying getting so soaked in mud. Mum pointed at his groin and laughed and then pulled him down on top of her as he reached down to help her to her feet.

I didn’t see any more as Tom grabbed me in a bear hug from behind and whirled me off my feet into the mud behind us. He sat astride my legs and started to pile armfuls of mud on top of me until I was all but buried up to my neck. When I extricated myself, I chased him down the rut until I caught up with him at the far end and rugby tackled him to the ground. This was obviously where the water had been sprayed by Gareth as the mud was more like muddy water than proper mud. We splashed down and rolled around a few times as we tried to push each other under. When we stood up finally most of the thicker mud had been washed off, you could even tell that my clothes had been white at some time.

“What are you wearing under those jeans, Jamie ?” Tom asked “It must be a first for you, not having a boner in the mud …..” he laughed.

“A pair of rather tight Speedos. Uncle Greg threatened us with dire consequences if we showed any trace of a hard-on with our mums present. He can be very intimidating sometimes you know ……..” I explained.

“Yeah, he gets that look of the zealot in his eyes and a hard, menacing edge to his voice. I’ve been the subject of that on a few occasions over the years. I’m glad he’s not my dad.” Tom laughed “My advice is just to ignore his threats, what can he do ?”

“Take my rebellion out on Chris, maybe ?” I said.

“Best thing with bullies is to show they don’t frighten you and stand up to them. If I was you right now, I’d take those Speedos off and be comfortable and damn him. Your mums aren’t usually phased by seeing the odd erection tenting out wet jeans or shorts, they certainly haven’t complained about either of your dads today and they’ve made no attempt to hide their own at all as far as I can see.” Tom said.

So I did as Tom suggested. It was certainly a relief to be free and comfortable again.

“You’re OK, those jeans are thick enough not to turn transparent to any degree.” Tom said “Greg won’t notice any difference, I bet. Give me those trunks, I’ll put them in a pocket.” Tom finished as he tucked them into one of the leg pockets on his cargo shorts.

We had another quick dip in the muddy water to get a bit more of the thicker mud off and then waded back up the rut to join the others. It felt good to be soaking wet and slippery rather than just caked in mud, enjoyable though that is.

Chris was being buried by his parents. They had laid him flat on his back in the shallower mud and as my parents held him down, they piled mud on top of him. When we arrived back, his feet, arms and the top of his chest was still visible. He was grinning as his parents placed more mud on him and smoothed it out. All our parents were as muddy as us teens, completely covered so that not a square inch of clothing or skin was it’s original colour apart from parts of their faces. It was also rather obvious that uncle Greg and my dad were enjoying the mud in a rather arousing way, with shiny muddy bulges in their trousers.

“If anybody wants to get a bit clean of all this thicker mud, the far end of the ride is awash with water so you can wash off most of this stuff – its still muddy but like muddy water – and quite fun to splash around in.” Tom informed everyone.

“Wow, look at you two” aunt Pam said as she looked at Tom and me “all shiny wet in your clinging clothes, very nice …………...”

“Pam !” uncle Greg exclaimed “They are your nephews ! You can’t say that.”

“Why not ? I can admire a nice groin just the same as you men are free to ogle a nice pair of tits.” aunt Pam replied “You guys can show your liking physically, as I see you are doing now, my dear, and I appreciate that, so as we are all adults, this is as good a time to say what I like as any other.”

“Well said, Pam, I agree. Why should you guys let us all know how much you are enjoying yourselves and expect us not to say how we like to look at you all, nephews or husbands matters not, as far as I can see.” my mum said.

“Yes well, I tried to avoid that situation ….. “uncle Greg started.

“By threatening these boys that if they showed any signs of having a boner themselves in front of the females here, then there would be consequences” Tom interrupted “Yet you were happy for you and Dan to get them without consequences. I call that being hypocritical.”

“OK, OK, I admit I over-reacted.” Greg said “We are where we are now, so I accept that we guys all get aroused by being like this, and if the ladies here enjoy that, then so be it.”

“Hey, now that that is settled, can someone please help me out of this mud !” Chris called “And by the way, I really didn’t want to hear what my parents get aroused by ……… it’s bad enough that I know you had to do ‘it’ to produce me ……………...”

We all laughed at that and then we helped get Chris out of his muddy tomb. He had a hard-on that tented out his chinos despite the trunks he was wearing, a very impressive performance.

After that we headed for the far end of the ride to get cleaned up a bit. Our mums said they liked the look of us all shiny wet and bulging even more as we splashed around. Even our dads seemed to get harder the wetter they got. But let’s not dwell on that – too gross in so many ways !

After that we went back home, cleaned up by hosing each other down – more funny remarks by our mums about our aroused state – and then they went off to change whilst us men showered and changed in the shower room by the pool. We spent the rest of the evening by the pool.

Re: jimmy's first jeans

Posted by robbieie on July 20, 2016 at 22:53:58

In Reply to: Re: jimmy's first jeans posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 20, 2016 at 20:24:03:

thank you. i am writing now a story about ao that, playing with time forwards a bit. grtz robbie

1st day of the hols

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 21, 2016 at 17:18:25

After getting very muddy on Tuesday evening we had dumped our partially clean wet and muddy white clothes in a bucket and just left them to be attended to later. Wednesday looked to be another hot sunny day, but we had a lie-in and didn’t bother with our early morning exercise swim with our dads. I think I heard dad come in my room and ask if I was getting up or not, but I just grunted and turned over to go to sleep again. I was woken again when Chris came into my room, pulled the sheet off me and poured some cold water over my chest and groin.

“Up you get, lazy git, it’s 10:30 and everyone else has gone out.” Chris said as I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

He was fully dressed, old jeans, red tee, canvas shoes. He was unshaven but his hair was neat and tidy.

“What ?” I yawned “Couldn’t you have just left me here – I don’t really want to get up yet – feeling a bit horny and ready for a w …….”

“So I see” Chris interrupted me “I felt like going out into the woods again, that was fun yesterday but a bit restricting with mum and dad there.”

“OK. Have you had breakfast yet ?” I asked.

“No, I was just going down now.”

“Well off you go, I’ll join you shortly.” I told him.

“Don’t be long.” Chris said as he walked out “30 seconds for a quick wank should be enough for you ……….” he laughed as he shut the door.

“Sod off” I called after him and rolled onto my front to attend to my boner in my wet shorts.

I pulled on a pair of blue soccer shorts to go down to breakfast.

“Is that all you’re wearing when we go out ?” Chris asked.

“No, I thought I’d wear my white clothes from yesterday.” I replied “What about you ?”

“I was going in these, but maybe I’ll do the same as you. I’d like to try them without having to wear those damn Speedos.” Chris said.

“At least your dad apologised for that in the end. What was he thinking, telling us not to get hard-ons and then having one himself, to say nothing of Tom or my dad ?” I asked “Does he think our mums are that prudish ?”

“I have no idea how his mind works sometimes.” Chris laughed “I guess he thought that the idea of seeing guys aroused in mixed company is not a good thing.”

“Ah well, he should have told Tom and dad as well in that case.” I observed.
“He’d have been told to f*** - off by Tom if he had !” Chris grinned.

“Very likely – your dad can be a bit intimidating sometimes, you know; Tom said he been on the end of that stare and menacing voice a few times in the past. Why does he do that?”

“From what mum says grandpa treated him the same way – very controlling and a bit menacing – and I suppose that rubbed off.” Chris said “Please tell me if I ever get like that, I’m serious, don’t laugh.”

“You’re OK, you’ll never get like that, far too nice and tolerant a person, too nice and trusting for your own good sometimes – you are one of the good guys, everyone I know likes you (and do you realise how annoying that is ?) – not that your dad isn’t, I love him dearly, he can be good fun when the mood takes him.”

“I think his work rather preys on him, he’s constantly under pressure to bring in results. That must be tough. He just needs to chill-out a bit, I think.” Chris said “Your dad is in a similar high-pressure job, but he seems to cope OK, what’s his secret ?”

“Don’t know – I think he knows that work is not the be all and end all, and he thoroughly enjoys what he does. Also he has hobbies – if the pressure gets too high, he locks himself away in his workshop and repairs things, he’s in a world of his own doing that.” I replied.

“Must be that – dad doesn’t have any hobbies, or ever has had, as far as I know.”

“I thought he taught you how to build your boats ?”

“No, that was an old guy, Stan, who lived down the road from us – he’d been building boats since he was a boy. He was pleased to pass on his knowledge and we got on well. I email him regularly and he always replies, he’s got another kid to teach now, but it’s nice to keep in touch.” Chris said.

We finished our breakfast and put our stuff in the dishwasher.

“Come on then, lets go and find those white clothes.” I said.

“You know they’ll be all cold and slimy by now ?” Chris laughed “I might put them on whilst standing under a hot shower …………...”

“Wimp !”

He was right, they were really cold and delightfully slimy, I had a stonking boner even before I had pulled on the jeans. Chris had done as he promised and dragged on his clothes under a hot shower, not so easy but probably more comfortable initially, it didn’t stop him getting a hard-on though.

Chris fancied getting wet again first, so we went to the flooded dell and had a few swings and splash-downs into the water there. Which was good. Chris still had a big boner going and without the Speedos on underneath he tented out the chinos in a startling manner, the thin, wet, white fabric showed every last detail of his cock and balls in shades of flesh colour where it touched him. Possibly the most revealing trousers I have ever seen him wearing. My own jeans were thick enough to avoid that problem.

After that we went to the muddy ride and rather than just jump straight in for instant coverage, we made the process as slow as possible, first kneeling down and then moving forward until the mud reached our crotches, then we sat in the mud and shuffled forward into the deeper mud until it was up to our necks, finally, with a deep breath, we ducked under. It felt amazing. It took us quite a few minutes to do this and then we stood up and watched the mud pour slowly off us, our clothes stuck to our bodies like a second, rather wrinkly, skin. Chris still had his hard-on so I stepped up to him and started to rub and stroke him through the thin fabric. After that I pushed him back down into the mud and humped against him as I lay on top of him and he rubbed and squeezed me until I achieved a satisfactory result, it felt so good. We rolled around in the mud for a bit after that, pushing mud down each others trousers and tops, I pulled off his shoes and filled them with mud before he pulled them back on again, that was funny seeing all the mud squeeze out around his feet.

We spent a while just laying in the mud playing with ourselves and each other, smearing mud across each others’ clothes and into our hair. Chris’s is a good bit longer than mine so I gave him a few interesting styles, moulding it with the mud. We headed to the wetter end of the ride and splashed down there, pulling each other in and splashing water over each other. Eventually, to my surprise, he stripped off, rung out his clothes and dumped them on the side before splashing back down into the water and then crawling out into the mud again where he rolled around until he was completely covered again.

“This mud feels awesome when you are naked, try it !” Chris called.

“No thanks, quite happy to stay clothed.”

“Covered in mud like that in those clothes moulded to your body you might as well be naked, so why not enjoy the real thing ?” Chris urged me.

“I’m not fussed about being naked, you know that, I just prefer the feel of clothing.” I said “You carry on, though, don’t mind me.”

I watched Chris splashing around in the muddy water until he was nearly clean. Then he grabbed his clothes and suggested we go to the stream to get properly clean. So we did that, me in my clothes and Chris as naked as the day he was born.

“Don’t fuss, who are we likely to meet out here.” he said as we walked along “It’s not exactly teeming with peo……….”

“Hi, guys, didn’t expect to find a naked boy in the woods.” Rob laughed “ Must be my lucky day …………...” he said as he appeared along a side path from behind some undergrowth.

“We were just going to the stream to get cleaned up.” Chris explained.

“That’ll be cold even today.” Rob laughed “Good luck with that …...” he finished as Chris raised his hand that clutched his wet clothes, completely exposing himself in the process, and rubbed his nose with the back of his hand.

“Are you doing some forestry work today ?” I asked as I watched Rob try to take his eyes off Chris’ groin.

“Oh, erm, yes. You dad wanted this area thinned, so I was just marking up some of the trees that can come out. We’ll fell them when the leaves start to fall.” Rob replied, obviously distracted.

“We’ll let you get on then. C’mon Chris, time we got clean. See you, Rob.” I said.

“Yeah, sure guys, enjoy the cold water – looks like one of you needs it …….” Rob laughed.

He was right; Chris grinned at me “That won’t make any difference, you know what I’m like in cold water.”

Crikey, the water was cold after being in the sun almost all morning, but it did get us really clean after laying down in it for a while. Chris washed his clothes out and then pulled them on again. When we got home we went straight into the pool and spent the rest of the morning swimming in our white clothes until our mums got home and we had lunch together. Having seen how transparent his wet clothes were, Chris took the precaution of slipping on a pair of grey boxers before we sat down to eat with our mums.

Re: Fun in the pool with Jerry!

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 25, 2016 at 16:30:43

In Reply to: Re: Fun in the pool with Jerry! posted by Ariel on July 25, 2016 at 15:30:07:

I think wet denim jeans look great, particularly dark blue ones as they shine nicely when wet. The nice thing about denim jeans is that they feel nicer the more well-worn they are as the fabric gets nice and soft and moulds well to the body - the problem with is that is they will probably have faded a lot by that stage so don't look so shiny.

I've worn skinny jeans with a boner and never found it hurts; can be uncomfortable if you don't adjust yourself properly (crushing your balls in tight denim as you sit down is not to be recommended) but I guess if you can do up the fly and waist button, then they aren't so tight that it might hurt.

It's the shine and look of wet clothes that I find most arousing, be that jeans, shirts or whatever. Nice to hear that girls like that as well.

Sorry if I've been a bit too explicit in answering your question.

Re: Fun in the pool with Jerry!

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 25, 2016 at 21:12:01

In Reply to: Re: Fun in the pool with Jerry! posted by Rick on July 25, 2016 at 19:26:27:

Aaah yes, going commando in denim jeans always gives me an erection, particularly nice new Levi 501 when they are brand new. Getting wet in those for the first time is quite the best way to get a real stonker and cum real fast.

Re: Monday evening

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 26, 2016 at 18:58:30

In Reply to: Re: Monday evening posted by Richard on July 26, 2016 at 11:46:27:

Good luck with tonight, hope you make a good impression the most important person, guardian of his mum Adam. I guess in that situation the verdict of him and his younger brothers will be fairly influential.

I may be posting this too late, but please don't make the common mistake of adults with youngsters and start asking about school - so boring ! - and it is also school holidays now, so that is the last thing most of us want to be asked about ......... but I'm sure you probably know that already, just remember it in the heat of battle, so to speak.

Re: Monday evening

Posted by wetchas on July 26, 2016 at 21:20:24

In Reply to: Re: Monday evening posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 26, 2016 at 18:58:30:

How are you getting on at school?

Re: Monday evening

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 26, 2016 at 21:57:30

In Reply to: Re: Monday evening posted by wetchas on July 26, 2016 at 21:20:24:

Exactly my point ! My short answer would be f*** off ....

However, its not always the best response, as a teenager to an adult (my dad would probably slap me across the face if I said that to him !).

Great sense of humour you have there, Charlie !

Re: Monday evening

Posted by wetchas on July 27, 2016 at 08:36:37

In Reply to: Re: Monday evening posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 26, 2016 at 21:57:30:

It gets annoying after a very short while (so I'm told (frequently)).
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Tuesday supper with Karen

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 27, 2016 at 20:33:22

In Reply to: Tuesday supper with Karen posted by Richard on July 27, 2016 at 12:19:28:

I'd have been tempted to give young Adam a clip round the ear for that question about having sex with his mum. I think you handled it well. Anyway I'm sure you'll be able to find a way of paying him back sometime when he is at your place using the pool. That could be fun. Maybe a hosing down with really cold water ............

Re: Tuesday supper with Karen

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 27, 2016 at 20:39:38

In Reply to: Re: Tuesday supper with Karen posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 27, 2016 at 20:33:22:

I think the "Ice Bucket Challenge" would be good. A variation I saw on that on YouTube was a competition to see who can get dressed most quickly in t-shirts, socks and trousers (over swimwear or underwear already worn) after the clothes had been soaked in iced water. That looked like fun.

Wet and muddy afternoon

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 27, 2016 at 21:21:44

After Chris had returned from the dentist yesterday morning, he was looking pretty miserable as the dentist had removed three teeth, the two broken ones and a cracked one next to them. His cheek and jawline looked a bit swollen and was showing signs of developing a bruise. His mouth, tongue and jaw were still numb from the injections he had been given and he couldn't speak properly (a small blessing - some silence). He was feeling rather sorry for himself, understandably I suppose. I got us some early lunch and we decided to go out and get wet and muddy again, more as a distraction for him really. There was no-one else at home as our mums had gone shopping as soon as Chris and aunt Pam had got back from the dentist - poor old Chris was getting little sympathy from his mum who regarded his injuries as self-inflicted stupidity !

Chris was wearing a newish pair of 501s that had not yet got wet or muddy, and were hardly faded or worn at all, a dark blue tee and a long-sleeve blue and white check shirt that he was wearing loose and open with the cuffs rolled-up a couple of turns, about halfway up his forearms. He was wearing blue socks and canvas shoes. Not sure what underwear he had on.

I was in my favourite tan cargoes with a brown leather belt and an olive green long-sleeve military style shirt with buttoned pockets over each breast and buttoned shoulder tabs. I had no underwear on but had black socks and trainers.

We got our bikes and rode to the swamp area, having decided to do the obstacle course and then go on to the muddy ride. Chris was unusually quiet as we rode along, he said his mouth and tongue still felt numb, I think, what it actually sounded like was ..............

"Eye 'outh an' 'ung 'eels 'umb." Chris said "Ay 'ant pheak oper'y."

"Don't then - it'll wear off in a bit." I replied.

We splashed down in the swamp and started to wade across. I found the deepest bit within a few paces and found myself up to my chest and a few moments later Chris splashed in just behind me. I turned to look at him.

"Better keep your mouth shut, don't want to get any dirty water where those teeth have been taken out."

Chris smiled awkwardly and nodded, keeping his mouth closed. We clambered out at the far side and stood looking at each other. Chris's 501s looked really shiny and wet and his dark blue tee stuck to his chest with his shirt semi-transparent over the top. His clothes were smeared in swamp mud as well. A great look.

I looked down at myself and was not surprised to see I was tenting out my cargoes with a nice boner. As usual they had turned from a light tan colour to a nice rich deep tan as they gleamed nicely with the water and mud. My cotton shirt clung nicely too and felt great. The chest pockets had filled with water which was slowly soaking away down my front.

Chris rubbed his hands across the front of his jeans, down the thighs and back up the back of his legs and across his backside. I could see he was starting to get a boner.
Chris grinned at me and jumped back into the swamp where he fell backwards into the water and mud before starting to crawl and swim back across to the other side again. I joined him and by the time I got to the other side and clambered out, I had mud and water all over the inside of my shirt and cargoes. As I stood up it started to run out of the legs of my cargoes which just clung even more. I couldn't resist rubbing my boner through the wet fabric as I got harder and harder. Chris watched me and then started doing the same. I jumped back into the swampy water and continued rubbing and squeezing myself under the water. I came in a great shuddering burst and enjoyed the sensation of rubbing my cum across my cock and balls as I slowly got hard again with the cool water washing around inside my cargoes. I looked up at Chris and saw that he was still busy, concentrating hard and really going for it. The denim of his jeans was still quite stiff so had not really clung around his cock or balls but I could see that he was very, very excited. When he shot his load, he did so with a huge sigh and squeezed his cock hard before looking back at me and grinning again. He sat down on the bank of the swamp and dangled his lower legs in the muddy water, making waves by swinging them back and forth. I waded across to him, the muddy water was chest deep right in front of him, so I leaned on his knees with my folded arms and looked up at him.

"Feeling better now ?" I asked.

"Yeth, a 'it." Chris replied "Aye 'onge is s'ill 'umb."

"You're lisping now." I laughed, he splashed me. I pushed his knees apart and grabbed his balls, the bulge of which I could see nestling behind the wet denim between his legs. He got an instant boner pushing at the folds of denim in his lap. He retaliated by putting a hand on my head and pushing me down under the muddy water, I grabbed his legs and pulled him in with me as I went down.

We splashed around until we were breathless and hauled ourselves out and sat on the side laughing. After a bit Chris lay back and pulled me down next to him. He started rubbing his groin again and then rolled onto his side and started doing the same to me with his free hand. I think we both came again at the same time, Chris continued rubbing me until I was hard again. It felt great. He slipped a hand inside my cargoes and continued, stopping each time just as I was getting to the point of no return. I tried to finish myself off but he slapped my hand away each time. I've never felt anything like it before, I lost count of the number of times he did that but eventually he let me shoot my load, a huge quantity. I stayed hard and my balls were tingling and felt really loose, I just lay back and enjoyed the sensation.

I heard Chris splash back into the swamp and then clamber out again, he stood over me and dropped a load of wet sloppy mud onto my crotch. I rubbed it in and then chased Chris as he ran towards to first obstacle. I caught up with as he was walking along the "stepping stone" logs and grabbed him before we both fell into the surrounding mud. I sat on top him and plastered him with as much mud as I could, disappointingly, he just lay there laughing. We were so completely covered by the time we had finished that we decided to forego the muddy ride and go home and get cleaned up before anyone got home.

We cycled back still dripping mud and water. When we got to the old stable-yard we found mum and aunt just getting out of mum's car laden down with their shopping.

"Not broken any more teeth, I hope, young man ?" aunt Pam asked Chris.

"No, mum, I was careful." Chris replied "Hey, I can talk properly again, those jabs have finally worn off."

"Yes, they do after a while." aunt Pam said "Obviously anaesthetised your brain as well, getting that filthy. I despair. You better get that decent shirt clean again, or you'll be in danger of losing a few more teeth, courtesy of an angry mother."

"Yes mum, no mum, anything you say mum." Chris said leaning forward to kiss her.

"Get away !" she shrieked.

We hosed each other down and then dumped our clothes in the washing machine, showered, dried off and dressed in shorts and tees. We walked through to the kitchen where Chris's mum was putting food away.

"Shall I make everyone tea ?" Chris asked.

"Yes, please. We're dying for a cuppa after all that shopping."

We sat by the pool in the sun and chatted about the day. Our mums had been to the sales and had bought us a couple of shirts each that they had seen reduced.

"These are decent, smart shirts, so no getting wet or muddy in these. For best only, understood." my mum said. We agreed, they were very smart. We spent the rest of the afternoon until supper time, relaxing around the pool, staying dry, very boring.

Re: Wet and muddy afternoon

Posted by wetchas on July 28, 2016 at 09:24:35

In Reply to: Wet and muddy afternoon posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 27, 2016 at 21:21:44:

Well that's cheered me up this morning. I love your descriptions of Chris talking. I bet the spell checker on your computer went mad when it saw that lot.
New shirts eh, that must stay clean and dry, but for how long?
Thanks for posting. Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Wet and muddy afternoon

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 28, 2016 at 10:25:49

In Reply to: Re: Wet and muddy afternoon posted by wetchas on July 28, 2016 at 09:24:35:

Glad about you being cheery, I thought we were in for a nice sunny day here as it was bright and sunny at 5:30am (not that I was up at that time, mind - it IS the schools hols.) but it has got steadily duller and more cloudy as the day progresses, so I think we need cheering up as well.

I switch off the spell checker on my computer, I hate it - I can spell reasonably well so don't need a damn computer to keep changing things to the American spelling. It took me a while to try and reproduce Chris' speech, it did sound funny. He's OK now, just a sore mouth and a bruise on his jaw, and the scratches of course which are starting to get scabby.

The new shirts will not be used to get muddy or wet for now, we'll just wait until mum forgets which ones they are ....... probably.

Next week we are going up to Northumberland to stay with dad's sister Joan, uncle Bill and cousins Melanie, Tony and Sophie. They have a holiday cottage there that is right on a beach, miles and miles of sandy beach not far from Alnwick. That should be fun, plenty of chances to get wet if the North Sea is not too cold.

Re: Tuesday supper with Karen

Posted by Richard on July 28, 2016 at 10:30:34

In Reply to: Re: Tuesday supper with Karen posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 27, 2016 at 20:39:38:

Thanks for the comments, Jamie and Chris. I was very surprised too when Adam asked that question. To be honest it left me a bit speechless, Karen and me had a good laugh about it later though.

I like the idea of the competition with icy cold, wet clothes, I may suggest that next time they come round and use the pool.

Cheers, guys.

Re: Wet and muddy afternoon

Posted by wetchas on July 28, 2016 at 11:52:47

In Reply to: Re: Wet and muddy afternoon posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 28, 2016 at 10:25:49:

Hi. Weather about the same here. I'm stuck on my own, in an office where nothing much happens. Still, it's only till lunchtime.
I think Chris's Mum is being a little unfair with her lack of sympathy. After all, it could happen to anyone, and by the sounds of it it could have been a lot worse. Still, I wish I knew where you lived, I'd send him a tin of toffees.
Completely understand about the new shirts. The thought occurs to me that I wonder if your Mothers made any comments to each other when they bought them, you know, something along the lines of "I wonder how long it will be before they ruin these, or "Best get the reduced ones, we both know what they are going to do in them.
Hope you enjoy your hols in Northumberland. I expect you will notice the difference in temperature from the nice warm South. Don't forget to say "why aye Mon" to everybody. Come to think of it, didn't a couple of lads who posted on Wackywet a while back come from round there.
Cor. Got excited them, the phone rang, but it was only someone selling PPI. Soon be time for some light lunch.
Cheers for now. Charlie.

Re: Wet and muddy afternoon

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on July 28, 2016 at 14:40:06

In Reply to: Re: Wet and muddy afternoon posted by wetchas on July 28, 2016 at 11:52:47:

Stopped raining here now, and seems warmer. We went for a bike ride in the rain into the town earlier, got nicely damp but not really enough to be noticeable. We've just finished lunch so plan to splash around in the pool this afternoon. The clothes we got muddy in on Tuesday are hanging up in the laundry room so will probably get wet in them, our favourites at the moment (it changes regularly, ha ha).

Aunt Pam loves Chris dearly, I'm sure, but she does get a bit exasperated with him sometimes, he's a bit more of a dare-devil than I am (I hate the sight of blood, particularly my own !) so I think her lack of sympathy when he gets in a scrape is her way of trying to dissuade him from doing it again. It doesn't seem to work, by the way, as he likes the thrill.

Our mums may well have had that conversation, in their mind's eyes I think they see us smartly dressed at all time, but that's not ever likely to happen, is it ?

Northumberland will be a nice break, haven't seen the cousins for a while. They have not had their holiday cottage for long so it will be the first time I've seen it. We drive up there on Tuesday after Chris' dental appointment at 9am, hopefully he will have his new teeth by then. He goes tomorrow to have the preparatory work done, screwing the base pegs into his jaw bone - sounds horrible - and then having another mould of his mouth taken as a final check. So we'll have another day of "Aye 'ant 'eel 'y 'onge a'ain" - more laughs.

I'll try to remember that phrase to greet people. It's Geordie, isn't it ? I think I read a post a while back from some lads near that area - were they the school friends with a big common area and pond near them ? Can't remember their names.

Sounds like your place of work (I assume ?) is quieter than you'd like, that must be so boring just waiting for something to happen. Anyway have a good rest of the day, cheers for now. Stay wet.

Re: Mark and Adam get icy wet

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 30, 2016 at 16:26:17

In Reply to: Mark and Adam get icy wet posted by Richard on July 29, 2016 at 20:10:33:

Like it - you took up our suggestion for trying the clothes in iced water challenge. Jamie keeps saying we should try it with some of our friends. Dragging on wet clothes is always a great sensation, from your description of how Adam achieved it, I'd think he's done this before. Perhaps a few subtle questions of your own might find out if he is a secret wet clothes enthusiast - he certainly seemed quite willing to get naked once Mark had revealed that he had been going commando.

Re: Much needed relief in black Levis 501s

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 30, 2016 at 16:30:15

In Reply to: Much needed relief in black Levis 501s posted by Robert Waldo on July 28, 2016 at 21:58:59:

Wow, that sounds like fun. Black jeans always look good when wet I think. There seem to be lots of vids on YouTube of guys and girls getting wet in fountains at the end of the school year (in Russia or Ukraine maybe ?) and lots of the lads seem to be wearing black trousers or jeans, which always gets me going seeing them shiny wet.

Re: Mark and Adam get icy wet

Posted by Richard on July 31, 2016 at 10:57:55

In Reply to: Re: Mark and Adam get icy wet posted by Chris (and Jamie) on July 30, 2016 at 16:26:17:

Karen and her boys came round yesterday for lunch and the three boys all ended up in the pool, Ben and Callum in swim-shorts, but Adam claimed to have thought his were already wrapped in his towel so didn't check. He was wearing rather battered and worn grey slim fit jeans and a black polo-shirt and looked good when wet.

I asked him quite openly in front of his mum and brothers, "You really enjoy getting wet in your clothes, don't you Adam?", to which he replied "Yes, I do. I often shower in them too!". Ben piped up with "He gets a boner every time." - which didn't go down that well with Adam.

Karen didn't seem at all surprised and said "Your dad was the same, Adam, which is why I've never objected to all the wet clothes left hanging in your shower. I think it's time I showed you that strange white machine in the utility room - its called a washing machine, and the one next to it is a tumble dryer - ever heard of them ?"

"Very funny, mum!" Adam said "I have used it before."

"Not when I'm around, you haven't. I'd have told you to do your brothers' things as well !"

"That's why ............ " Adam laughed.

First time in a wetsuit

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 04, 2016 at 11:11:30

We went with Tony to the local surf shop to hire our wetsuits for the time we are here in Northumberland. The shop assistant took a few measurements (inside leg, waist etc.) and then gave us a couple of suits each to try and we went through to the back-room to try them on. Tony came along as advisor.

Tony had suggested that we wear Speedos or similar snug-fitting trunks as 'underwear' which is what he usually does. So we stripped off down to our trunks (me in square leg trunks and Jamie in Speedo briefs) and followed Tony's instructions. What an awkward process it is. We both got our feet in and through the leg holes OK but the struggle started with the upper legs and above. Jamie got a boner almost immediately as he pulled the suit up over his upper legs and bum, easing himself in and smoothing the suit around his buttocks, groin and, as he put it, "crushed nuts and cock". Tony had advised not bunching everything up, if you see what I mean, as it made taking a pee really uncomfortable. That was a surprise, but as Tony explained we would be in the suits for some time and there were no toilets around when you are out among the waves. And besides, he added, it keeps you a bit warm as well. Despite Jamie having a boner, his bulge was hardly noticeable when he had the wetsuit on and fully done up. We stretched and moved around a bit and the suits felt fine, not too tight or restricting of movement. So we peeled them off and got dressed again.

We paid our hire charge and the assistant told us that if we wanted we would have the opportunity to buy the suits at the end of the hire period at a substantial discount as a used item. We said we would think about it and thanked him. When we got back to the house, Mel suggested that we go to Bamburgh Castle which turned out to be fascinating. After lunch Tony suggested that we don our wet suits again and go to the beach.

Tony came into our room with a large bottle of vegetable oil and said we should use it to help get our wetsuits on. Jamie looked a bit mystified, so Tony demonstrated by stripping off, pulling on his trunks and then smearing the oil all over his body. His wetsuit slipped on far more easily and he seemed to be able to slide it around his body to adjust the fit really easily. He then pulled his jeans and tee back on over the top of his wetsuit and slipped his feet back into his trainers.

"We can go for a walk along the beach like this and get wet without getting too cold. And wet clothes over a wetsuit feels amazing - you'll like it." Tony grinned.

Amid much laughter and giggling as we covered ourselves in oil and pulled on our wetsuits, we were eventually ready. I pulled on my favourite old 501s and a green long-sleeved rugby shirt and old Nike trainers, Jamie wore his tan cargoes and a khaki coloured sweatshirt and black trainers.

We found Mel in jeans and a red sweatshirt over her wetsuit and Tony in his worn and faded jeans and blue tee.

It felt odd at first wearing the wetsuit under our clothes but by the time we reached the beach and got our feet wet we realised the benefit of the suits, our feet felt chilled but our legs felt fine. There were a few people flying kites on the beach and some windsurfers out at sea. It was blowy but the waves were not that big. Mel splashed along through the shallows getting wet up to her knees and we splashed along doing the same until Tony rugby tackled Jamie into the waves and they wallowed around with the water washing over them as they struggled to push each other under. Jamie's cargoes had turned their customary deep brown but seemed to gleam wetly even more than usual and they stuck to him really well. I could feel myself starting to stiffen at the sight of him, and then realised the wisdom of Tony's advise about not being bunched up as there was no way I could just slip a hand down my jeans and adjust myself to get more comfortable.

Jamie and Tony waded out of the sea with sea water pouring off them.

"These wetsuits really do keep you warmer" Jamie grinned "and it feels amazing, I'm sure I can feel my outer clothes moving around in the sea."

"Yes, you probably can - the suits are fairly thin after all." Mel said "I told you you'd enjoy trying out a wetsuit. You'd be shivering with cold and wanting to go home by now without it."

"I would. Come on Chris, take the plunge." Jamie urged me.

He and Mel grabbed me and started to push me deeper into the sea, a wave broke against our waists and we fell in as it receded, getting instantly soaked. Jamie was right it did feel amazing. After that we all splashed around and enjoyed being hit by the waves and surf as we walked along the beach. We met a few people, kids and teens, that Mel and Tony knew and none of them seemed at all surprised to see us in wetsuits and clothes, in fact a few of them were doing the same in clothes or swimwear.

So that was our first experience of wearing wetsuits. Despite the chilly waters, we were not uncomfortably cold even after a couple of hours walking along the beach and splashing around in our wet clothes. After getting undressed, hanging our wet clothes out to dry, we peeled off our wetsuits and turned them inside out before hosing them down and hanging them up to dry as well. By the time we went indoors to shower I was feeling really horny and could see that Jamie and Tony were in a similar state. We let Tony use the shower first and spent a splendid few minutes helping each other out through our wet swimwear and enjoying the feel of the oil on our bodies, whilst we waited. Tony took his time, we guessed he was doing exactly the same thing as we were waiting to complete, and then we showered together. The perfect conclusion to a great day.

Re: First time in a wetsuit

Posted by wetchas on August 04, 2016 at 13:33:21

In Reply to: First time in a wetsuit posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 04, 2016 at 11:11:30:

Great. I guess you will be buying those wetsuits at the end of your stay.
Clothes over the top is a great idea. Actually that's what actors do in a lot of wet scenes in films. As you say, it's a lot warmer I guess. Never tried one myself, but now beginning to wish I had
Theres a vid somewhere, probably on YouTube of a guy having various substances emptied into his wetsuit. Imagine what they would have felt like around your cock if you hadn't been wearing speedos. Another thing of course is that the substances don,t soak through the suit like the would do ordinary clothing. Things like oil, eggs, and yogurt or custard floating around the groin, with little or no room to escape would feel epic I should think. As as for a yield of sperm, wow.
Interesting that your relatives like a clothed soaking as well. Did you know that before you went, or is it something you have found out whilst there. Do they know about this site, and your incredible portfolio of writing. If not, they should.
I presume the teeth are back to normal. Does Chris feel ready to tackle a T Bone steak yet?
Thanks for sharing, and giving me a nice boner.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: First time in a wetsuit

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 04, 2016 at 15:44:15

In Reply to: Re: First time in a wetsuit posted by wetchas on August 04, 2016 at 13:33:21:

Glad you enjoyed it. I think we may well end up buying wetsuits, but whether these hire ones or from elsewhere we shall have to see.

We had our first windsurfing lesson today, it was huge fun and not as hard as either of us thought it would be. I even managed to stay upright for ten minutes without falling in ! Tony and Mel have tried before and Tony is quite good, he is thinking of getting his own kit. I think we are a bit too far from the sea to be regular surfers or windsurfers but if we get as good as Tony we might be persuaded to change our minds.

The wetsuits did their job and after two hours of getting almost constantly wet with falling in, I was quite comfortable and not cold at all. I was so busy trying to get it right that I never thought about getting a boner and am pretty certain that I didn't get even a hint of one. I can imagine that having all sorts of stuff poured inside a wetsuit might be a real turn-on. I'll have to search for that vid.

We knew that Tony was quite keen on getting wet in his clothes but he seems to have discovered the full joys of it since we last saw him. Mel does it more as a bit of occasional fun and to join in but doesn't go out of her way to get wet in her clothes regularly, more just as something to wear over her wetsuit.

We showed Tony these websites and he knows now that we are regular contributors and thinks it rather "cool" and "awesome".

If I smile or grin into a mirror I cannot easily see any difference between my new implants and what the originals looked like, it's remarkable. I am a bit wary about biting on that side of my mouth at the moment (the dentist said to be careful for a week or so at least) so shall forego the treat of a steak at the moment. I am due to go back for another check to ensure the implants have secured and set properly when we get back. Thanks for asking.

The others have gone for a walk along the beach (just in jeans and tees, no wetsuits) but I guess they may come back wet through as I saw Tony grab his skim board as they walked through the garden. We are going out to a local pub for supper, it is nice and warm here at the moment when out of the wind, and it has a nice garden apparently so hopefully the scattered high cloud might clear and we get some evening sunshine.

Cheers for now.

Re: First time in a wetsuit

Posted by wetchas on August 05, 2016 at 08:21:32

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Thanks for the reply. Glad you enjoyed the windsurfing, and the teeth are behaving themselves. There used to be lot of windsurfing here a few years ago, but mostly now it's stand up paddleboarding. Quite often this is do e in shorts and Ts, as I guess you don't fall in that often.
Can't find that wetsuit video I was talking about on YouTube. Don't know where else I can have seen it, but if you find it, let me know.
Some good weather for the weekend I believe, so enjoy.
Cheers. Wetchas.

Saturday early

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 08, 2016 at 10:28:23

We've been having problems getting a decent connection but have managed this morning at last, so this is just a short post about Saturday early morning.

On Saturday we were woken by Tony at 5 a.m. - so early, we're on holiday ! - and told that it was a lovely sunny day, just right for a walk and paddle along the beach. He pulled the curtains open as we tried to get properly awake. Tony was in his blue and white star-fish patterned board-shorts and a red t-shirt and was barefoot and unbelievably bright and cheery.

We reluctantly got up and dragged on board-shorts and t-shirts as instructed. Chris wore his bottle green board-shorts and a red t-shirt, and I wore my favourite blue and white striped board-shorts (top and bottom thirds are blue, middle third is white - they look great when wet and don't go embarrassingly transparent either !)

"Come on guys, hurry up. Don't worry about washing or shaving, you can do that when we get back." Tony urged.

"Why are you so relentlessly chirpy so bloody early ?" I moaned "Are you on drugs or something ?"

"Of course not. It's simply a lovely day." Tony laughed "You get up early at home, don't you, for your morning swim ?"

"Not this early." Chris said "Has the sun even risen yet ?"

"It's just about to - 10 minutes to go - we can watch it rise over the sea, it looks spectacular on a day like this ................."

"It better had after waking us this early." I said "Let's go - I'm ready."

Tony grinned as Chris stood up and paused to tie the cords on the waistband of his shorts, he had a huge boner straining at the front of his shorts.

"What ?" Chris asked "Never had a boner first thing in the morning ?"

"Not like that, no !" Tony laughed "Is that even normal ?"

"You're looking for a clip round the ear, cheeky bastard !" Chris retorted, making to swipe his hand across the top of Tony's head.

"You can catch up with us if you need a few minutes alone." Tony replied as he ducked.

"A quick dip in the sea will sort this out, I don't suppose the water is any warmer despite the sunshine ............." Chris observed.

I could see that the sight of Chris had got Tony somewhat aroused as well, but he didn't react other than to quickly adjust himself with one hand and pull his t-shirt down a bit further.

We left the house and got to the dunes at the edge of the beach just as the sun appeared, so we sat on the dunes and watched as it came up fully. The colours on the water and across the horizon were beautiful and the sun looked huge so low on the horizon, something to do with the distorting effect of the atmosphere on the light waves as they had to penetrate more of it than when higher in the sky, or so Tony explained. I'm sure I knew that already ..........

Once the sun had fully cleared the horizon, Chris got up, still obviously rock hard, and raced down the beach and into the sea, diving forward into a small wave as it started to break. He stood up and waded back out of the water, his clinging dark green shorts and red tee showed that the cold water had done its job very effectively. He eased his clingy, crumpled up shorts down his thighs and pulled the fabric away from his groin.

"Hell, that water really is freezing" Chris grinned "I think I've quick frozen my bollocks ......" he laughed as he wiped water off his face and shook his legs.

"Not going in again then ?" Tony asked.

"Only one more time ........" Chris replied as he grabbed Tony "just to dump you in ...."

Tony struggled to get free but Chris had too good a hold on him with his bear hug, and he picked him off the ground and walked back in until he was nearly waist deep, when he dumped Tony in to the face of an incoming swell. They both waded out laughing and joking. I kept well away just in case they any ideas about getting me wet as well. I was feeling nice and warmly comfortable, despite the light breeze, and was enjoying the feel of my shorts being blown against my semi as we walked along.

We walked along the beach as far as the castle, which sits on a rocky outcrop about, I guess, 70 or 80 feet above the beach itself. We sat on a grassy sand dune and watched a couple of kids and their dad trying to get a kite flying. The dad, a guy in his early 30s maybe, had obviously been in the water already as his khaki shorts and yellow tee were soaking wet up to his chest. His two young boys were in short wetsuits and were shouting and shrieking with delight as they watched him try to keep the kite in the air.

We sat there for a while watching the kite flyer and a few surfers who had appeared.

"It might be a busy day on the beach if this sunshine stays." Tony said.

"Yeah, it would need a lot of people to make a beach this size look crowded. It's not going to ever be like Brighton beach on a Bank Holiday is it ?" I said.

"No, but by the time you've got a few dozen kite flyers like these guys, the surfers spread out on the waterline and some skim-boarders trying to find their space as well, you might be surprised." Tony said "No one really just sits on this beach to sunbathe, they all go in the dunes for a bit of shelter to do that. It looks busy rather than crowded. Most of the activities need space to do their particular thing, we've seen it busy as far as the eye can see, and that's still a lot of people."

"Can we head back for breakfast ?" Chris asked "I'm getting hungry now .... and feeling chilly."

"I could do with a nice hot shower too." Tony replied "I wasn't really planning on getting so wet and cold this morning. A paddle in the shallows would have been more that enough."

"Well, might teach you not to be so cheeky to your elders." Chris laughed.

"It was said out of envy and admiration .........." Tony grinned.

"Yeah, sure ..... like I believe that." Chris laughed.

We walked back along the beach following the water line and dodging the waves as they rolled across the sand. Chris and Tony spent the time trying to push me in. I managed to stay dry until we were only about fifty yards from the house, when they finally pushed and tripped me up and I grabbed Tony's arm as I fell, pulling him down with me as a wave washed over us. After that, as we were both soaked, we had to get Chris wet again. He resisted as much as he could but with two against one he didn't really stand a chance. We trooped back to the house dripping wet, much to Mel's amusement.

"Nothing beats the sight of three lads in clinging wet clothes as a good start to the day." Mel laughed "Just had a phone call from mum, they have just left home and will be here in about two hours, she reckons."

PS I'll try and write up more posts about the holiday but may leave posting them until we get home as the connection here is so unreliable we can't always stay on-line long enough to actually post. A whole week more by the beach getting wet will be fun !

Re: Saturday early

Posted by wetchas on August 08, 2016 at 11:19:58

In Reply to: Saturday early posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 08, 2016 at 10:28:23:

Thanks for the update. Looks like the second week may be better than the first weather-wise.
Cheers. Charlie.

Mud sliding fun

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 10, 2016 at 15:53:35

We have had some decent weather and spent quite a bit of time honing our windsurfing skills (we're still pretty rubbish really, but getting better and catching Tony and Mel up slowly) and have got used to wearing wetsuits, which really are a necessity if out for several hours on end. We had another lesson, which was useful, and the instructor said we are making 'respectable' progress, whatever that means, so I guess we are not his very worst pupils !

Tuesday was windy and looked a bit too rough for us 'newbies' so we contented ourselves with a walk along the beach. We all dressed in jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts and walked north instead of our usual walk towards the castle. There's a big shallow bay on the landward side of the beach that floods at high tide and drains when the tide is out, it is an important sanctuary for migrating birds on their move south during winter months. Surfing and wind-surfing is not allowed there during those winter months. When the tide goes out it exposes mud flats.

Uncle Bill came with us but the girls, Melanie and Sophie, went shopping with auntie Joan. Uncle Bill is a joker and genuinely funny man who likes to wind-up his son, Tony, by telling him the most outrageous 'facts' about almost anything. He and Chris don't really know each other very well, so it has taken Chris a while to get used to this, but he and Bill think alike so they have started working unconsciously like a team to fool poor Tony, backing each other up with increasingly outrageous facts to prolong these wind-ups, so a walk along the beach listening them all chatter is very entertaining.

Chris was wearing his favourite old 501s, a green sweatshirt and no socks, shoes or underwear. Tony was in faded black jeans, a red t-shirt, black canvas shoes without socks and, it turned out later, no underwear either. Uncle Bill was in faded blue jeans (he got wet in them before and they had saltwater tide marks on the legs) and a blue sweatshirt, no shoes or socks and black boxers. I wore faded blue Diesel jeans, yellow t-shirt, no shoes or socks and no underwear. I think we all knew that we'd get well and truly soaked before getting home, indeed Tony had already told his dad to be prepared to get wet.

We had all paddled a bit as we walked so had wet feet and Tony was wet to his knees where we had tried to push him in deeper. It got more interesting as we approached the mud flats at the entrance to the bay and we started to sink in a bit as we walked. Bill suggested we go inland a bit and head for the edge of the mud flats where the banks of grass and vegetation petered out as they met the mud. Tony went on ahead and then stopped as he looked ahead, when we caught up with him we could see a muddy gully from which the tide had already retreated.

"I checked the tide times this morning, complete low tide is at 13:30 today so about 30 minutes to go before it starts to turn again." Bill said "No danger of it getting back this far for a few hours yet - on you go, Tony."

And with that he gave him a push, Tony stumbled down the grassy slope and fell flat on his face in the soft squishy mud about three feet below us.

"Well done, Tony, can't you get anything right ?" Bill asked "All you had to do was walk slowly across."

Tony rolled over and, still lying in the mud, called back "If you're so good, try it yourself when you get pushed down the slope."

So Chris and me obliged Tony by giving his dad a hefty shove. He managed to half turn as he fell and splashed down next to Tony, splattering him with more mud as he did so, and landed on his back looking up at us.

We jumped down after him and in the ensuing mud fight we all ended up rolling around and getting covered pretty much from head to toe. The mud was soft, squishily wet and surprisingly very warm.

When we eventually all stood up and inspected the damage, it was pretty obvious that Tony and Chris were enjoying being soaked rather more than was decent. As I looked at them I could feel myself getting harder and harder each moment.

Uncle Bill was grinning and wiping the mud off himself, not very successfully (it's an almost impossible task when your hands and arms are covered as well).

"Not much point in trying to go around the edge of the mud-flats now, is there ?" Bill observed "Let's just head straight across and then down the far beach to the sea to clean up."

"No point" Chris said "we've still got to come back across the mud flats to get back home, we might as well stay muddy and get clean on the way back on this side."

"OK - let's go." Bill replied "Ha, Ha, I'd forgotten what fun it can be to get really muddy, haven't got in this state since I was your age. And don't tell me you don't enjoy it, my boy, as I can see you can - all too clearly !" he finished as Tony started to say something.

"I wasn't going to deny it, dad .............. I was going to suggest a sliding competition as we go across, you know, take a running dive and see who slides furthest." Tony replied.

"That'll be Jamie and me - you two have some extra drag points to overcome !" Bill laughed as he ran forward, dived and slid gracefully forward across the surface before coming to rest about thirty feet away. He was right, I slid a bit further than him, but Chris and Tony came to a halt well short. When they stood up both had wodges of mud stuck around the waistbands of their jeans, sliding slowly over significant bulges lower down.

We continued our walk, getting muddier and muddier with each slide, It was so much fun. We ran into the surf on the far beach and got partly clean before returning and getting muddy again as we crossed the mud flats. Tony's jeans slid so far down after one slide that the only thing stopping him losing them altogether, was his still solid boner, even his dad teased him about that.

We eventually got home clean but soaked in really cold sea water, it was exhilarating but I, for one, was delighted to get under a nice hot shower.

Re: Mud sliding fun

Posted by Dave on August 10, 2016 at 17:21:47

In Reply to: Mud sliding fun posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 10, 2016 at 15:53:35:

Am going up to Bamburgh area for a weeks holiday in last week of September, where about's is this area you mention. Is it near Bamburgh Castle itself. As i like to explore & get muddy but in wellingtons. I would be there on my own which always seem a bit awkward if you do anything with mud. Am staying in a town called Amble. Looking forward to exploring the beaches & rock pools. Love exploring in my wellies.
Any other places you would suggest as got 7 days up in the area to explore

Re: Mud sliding fun

Posted by Jamie on August 10, 2016 at 19:02:52

In Reply to: Re: Mud sliding fun posted by Dave on August 10, 2016 at 17:21:47:

It's called Budle Bay but you'd need to check on the internet to see when they ask people not to do anything that might disturb the birds that migrate into the reserve. Don't know of anywhere else that might have good mud. The mud we found was rather sandy in places and not deep enough to wade into but just enough to slide in.

Re: Mud sliding fun

Posted by Dave on August 10, 2016 at 19:49:08

In Reply to: Re: Mud sliding fun posted by Jamie on August 10, 2016 at 19:02:52:

Cheers Jamie for that information. Will check it out well before i go up there.

A day on the beach

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 14, 2016 at 08:40:17

I wrote this up last night but couldn't post it because of a poor connection. Chris and me are just waiting for everyone else to appear for breakfast and then we are driving home.

It was warmer, but mostly cloudy, today and everyone wanted a "beach day" just lazing around. We've been out and about to Hadrian's Wall, Alnwick Castle, Cragside and Holy Island so a bit of relaxing was just the thing after the last few busy days and Chris and I go home tomorrow. Uncle Bill, aunt Joan and the cousins have another week at their holiday home; I hope we've behaved ourselves well enough to be invited back some time as it is a lovely part of the country.

Uncle Bill challenged us to see who could last longest lying flat on the water-line as the tide came in, he would blindfold us so that we could not see the waves approaching, making it even more of a challenge. Tony and Melanie had done this last time they had been here and Tony had been so keen to win that Bill had had to drag him out of the water before he had been totally submerged permanently. Silly boy.

Although it was warm there was a stiff breeze, so we had all opted to wear jeans and sweatshirts (well, that was our excuse anyway) and Chris and me were wearing canvas shoes and socks as well, but opted to go commando. Chris was in his favourite 501s, a grey sweatshirt and black socks and shoes. I was in my tan cargoes, an orange sweatshirt, orange socks and grey canvas shoes. Tony was wearing newish blue jeans (Next, I think), a red sweatshirt with a giant Nike tick on the chest, blue socks and trainers. Melanie was in blue jeans, a pink sweatshirt, no socks and pink trainers.

The four of us sat down on the sand with our feet just in the surf from the last wave, Bill gave us a handkerchief each and we tied them round as blindfolds and then we lay back on the sand. Bill checked that we could not see anything and we waited. The sand was damp and wet up to my waist level and I could feel my jeans getting wet, and then the first wave came in, it was cold and washed across me up to my knees. Mel squealed and Tony laughed saying "I'm soaked already."

"Just to my knees over here." I called.

"Me too" Mel said from next to me.

"Waist on me" Chris called "It's cold."

The next wave came in and this time it reached my waist and above, I heard Chris spluttering and Tony splashing beyond him.

"That one washed right over me ....." Tony called "This isn't fair, I'm getting far wetting than you all."

"Me too" Chris called "that washed up to my chin ........... and that one .... God it's cold." he spluttered as the next waved washed over us.

Another couple of waves later and we were all totally drenched. The wash of the water rushing up my body felt amazing and even more so as it retreated and sucked at my clothes. The waves seemed to be getting stronger and the next one caught me by surprise, the surf crashed down on me rather than just washing up my body, and I got a mouthful of salty water and sand, I spat it out and rolled onto my front, thinking I could more easily stop the sea washing straight into my mouth.

The feel of the water washing over me was very arousing and despite the cold water, I was getting a boner as I lay there. I wriggled in the sand and felt myself rubbing against the wet fabric of my cargoes as my cock pushed into the firm sand. The next couple of waves just broke across my backside and lower back, and I got harder as the water washed away down my legs. The next wave just washed up my body again and I felt it puddle around my hard-on as I wriggled into the sand again, amazing, as the water retreated I felt that nice tingle in my balls and when the next wave crashed down on my butt, I shot my load.

From next to me I heard Mel splashing around and spluttering.

"OK, OK, I give up." Mel called "That last mouthful of sand was too much .........."

"Loser, loser !" I heard Tony call.

I was the next to give up, a mouthful of salt water and sand that went up my nose gave me a coughing fit (and I was cold) so I joined Mel sitting on the dry sand and watched Chris and Tony as the waves and surf washed over them time after time. I could see that Chris was having his usual reaction to getting drenched in cold water (a sizeable boner alternately tenting his jeans as the waves washed up his body, and being flattened as it washed away). Chris won the contest when they were both almost totally submerged and being washed around by the waves, simply because he can hold his breath longer than Tony.

We spent the rest of the day sunning ourselves on the beach, splashing around in the waves and surf, rolling down the sand dunes and occasionally going back to the house for some food and drink. We had the beach almost to ourselves for most of the day but were joined by a neighbour's dog (a big long-haired cross-breed of some sort who loved the surf) for a while who joined in with our kicking a ball about and running full tilt into the water, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Tony's new jeans were treated to what Mel called a "sand wash" when we rubbed sand all over them whilst he was still soaked. He then went into the sea again, we repeated the process rubbing more vigorously where he wanted them more faded and kept repeating the process until they were faded as he liked. It worked well, they even shrunk a bit with the continuous soaking and drying in the sun afterwards. Tony was delighted with the result. Must remember to try it with some STF 501s sometime.

Re: A day on the beach

Posted by johnny on August 14, 2016 at 23:11:13

In Reply to: A day on the beach posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 14, 2016 at 08:40:17:

COLD water and boners, my fvaourite kind of story, thanks again.

Re: A day on the beach

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 15, 2016 at 08:00:45

In Reply to: Re: A day on the beach posted by johnny on August 14, 2016 at 23:11:13:

Glad you enjoyed it, it was fun at the time but I'm glad we are home now and can get wet without freezing our balls off at the same time ! It was great to have access to a lovely sandy beach for a while and the windsurfing was good once we got the knack of not falling in all the time. We just finished our early morning exercise swim in the pool with our dads, Harry and his dad, and Mike. Lovely warm water - ahhhh bliss !!

Re: A day on the beach

Posted by wetchas on August 15, 2016 at 08:37:10

In Reply to: Re: A day on the beach posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 15, 2016 at 08:00:45:

Great as usual. Thanks for posting.
Now that you are back home, with a better internet connection, hopefully you can post more tales of your fortnight by the sea.
Did you return the wetsuits, or bring them with you?
I believe the next couple of days are going to be really hot, especially where you are. So have fun.
Is the mouth OK now Chris, teeth back to normal hopefully.
Maybe you could manage that steak now.
Take care if you go out on the quad bikes. No more accidents eh.
There, I'm beginning to sound like your parents
Cheers. Wetchas.

Re: A day on the beach

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 15, 2016 at 11:11:59

In Reply to: Re: A day on the beach posted by wetchas on August 15, 2016 at 08:37:10:

Hi, Wetchas, glad you enjoyed and yes, I'm sure we could write a few more tales of our time away. We had a great time, I enjoyed the cold surf and waves - it gets me so hard even just thinking about it - but it is nice to be home and swimming in a warm pool again. The weather here is bright and sunny and due to reach 75F today (and hopefully Tuesday and Wednesday as well) and then rainy again on Thursday.

We did not buy those wetsuits from the shop - bearing in mind what we did in them, Jamie said he didn't fancy buying suits that others had probably treated in the same way ! Logical, I guess. So we shall probably have a look on line and then go to a local shop, there must be somewhere locally or in Bristol etc.

The teeth are fine, thanks (none have fallen out or broken yet) and I am due for a final check-up on Thursday. Surprisingly they feel just like all the rest, but then as I have been lucky enough to have never had anything else done before, I'm not sure what to expect. I shall be careful in future, although I thought I was at that time as well so what kind of a judge of risk am I ? (Don't worry, "Uncle" Wetchas, you're showing more concern than my parents, dad in particular, who has been moaning about the cost of the treatment - don't know why as it is covered by his company's family healthcare insurance whilst I live at home, maybe his premium has gone up ! - and my mum puts it down to my stupidity so not much sympathy there either .......... I plan on having a nice steak for Sunday lunch after seeing the dentist and getting the "all clear".

Cheers for now.

Re: A day on the beach

Posted by Uncle Wetchas on August 15, 2016 at 12:07:36

In Reply to: Re: A day on the beach posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 15, 2016 at 11:11:59:

Thanks. Does that mean I get a Christmas card.
"Uncle" indeed.
You do make me laugh.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: A day on the beach

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 15, 2016 at 14:05:29

In Reply to: Re: A day on the beach posted by Uncle Wetchas on August 15, 2016 at 12:07:36:

No offence intended and none taken, I hope, it was just my silly sense of humour. I believe to be called "Uncle" by a complete stranger is a term of affection and regard in some cultures from a younger person to an older one, a giving of respect. Wow, haven't even thought about Christmas yet !
Cheers, Chris.

After a hike along Hadrian's Wall

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 15, 2016 at 17:12:16

On Wednesday last we set off early from the house to go to Hadrian's Wall for a bit of a hike. Uncle Bill is a keen walker and has walked the length of the Wall before now so was keen to show us a part of it. Anyway to cut a long day very short, we ended up walking 15 miles or "just a short stroll" as uncle Bill put it ! Admittedly we stopped to admire the view or the wall itself quite often and it was enjoyable if tiring. The weather was good too so we didn't get wet or cold at all. The Wall is about 75-80 miles from the house so by the time we got back we were ready to eat a hearty meal. After that we sat and chatted and read up about the Wall, amazing that it still exists after nearly 1900 years as I don't suppose the native Brits would have regarded it as a 'nice piece of our heritage' once the Romans had left !

After the others had started drifting off to bed, Tony suggested that the three of us go for a stroll along the beach as he was feeling restless and not ready for bed. Needless to say we ended up getting pretty much soaked from head to toe. We were all wearing denim jeans, t-shirts and trainers. Tony started it by trying to push Jamie into the surf as we walked along, Jamie retaliated by grabbing Tony in a bear hug and marching into the sea whilst he struggled, they both ended up falling over in the surf and after that they dragged me in. Even in the dark I could see that Jamie and Tony both had boners under their moon-lit, gleaming, wet jeans, and I know I was the same. We didn't prolong our stroll too long as it was chilly without the sun shining and the breeze was getting stronger.

The house was in darkness when we got back, so we sneaked in through the back door into the utility room and thence to the shower-room adjacent to the two bedrooms we were using. Jamie stepped straight under the shower and turned it to hot as he stood under it. Tony was all for stripping off and going straight to his bed, but Jamie suggested he warm up under the shower first so he stepped in with him. (The shower room is a wet room with tiled walls and floor and the shower area is simply half of the room behind a fixed glass screen with a two foot access gap at one end, so you could, in theory get five or six people in the shower at the same time.)

Jamie started to rub himself through his jeans and I could see that Tony was trying hard not to stare.

"Go ahead, if you feel the need for a good wank, we don't mind if you don't." Jamie said to Tony.

"Really ? Do you two do this together very often ?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, sometimes we just watch each other, sometimes we help each other out." Jamie said "It does make it a bit more special if you have a friend to help out."

"Are you two both gay, then ?" Tony asked.

"No, this has nothing to do with being gay. Masturbation is perfectly normal, gay or not, so why not just enjoy it with a friend ?" I said "Doing it on your own is great, but having someone else do it to you is wonderful, mainly because you don't know what they might do next. You have to trust each other and know that if they do something you don't like, they will stop if you ask."

"Have you had sex with each other ?" Tony asked.
"No, like I said neither of us are gay." Jamie replied.

"So what do you do ?" Tony asked.

"Same as you solo, I expect, but we do it for each other." I said.

Jamie moved out from under the shower-head and Tony stepped further under. Jamie stood in front of me, turned us both sideways so that Tony had a clear view and started to rub and squeeze me through my wet clothes. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Tony start to rub himself, he slipped a hand inside his jeans and started stroking and pumping his cock harder and faster, I put my hands on Jamie's butt and pulled him firmly against me as we ground ourselves against each other, Tony groaned aloud and I guessed he had climaxed as he removed his hand and leaned back against the wall, letting the water stream down his chest and stomach and down the inside of his jeans as he sucked his stomach in.

"Woah, that was intense" Tony said after we had both creamed our jeans some minutes later "How do you stay so hard for that long ?"

"Practice makes perfect, or nearly so. You'll learn when to stop and start so that you can keep on the edge. I assume you don't object to doing some practice........?" Jamie laughed.

"Show me...........would you ?" Tony asked uncertainly.

"You sure ?" I asked him.

"Absolutely." Tony assured us "If one of you is willing......."

Jamie stepped forward and took Tony's hand and pushed it down his jeans and then pushed his own hand inside Tony's jeans.

"OK ?" Jamie asked "Just do to me exactly what I do to you, stop and start when I do, and we'll see how it goes."

As it happens, Tony was a quick learner and after he had got the idea of what to do he wanted to try it out on me. That was fun.

After that we stripped off and cleaned-up with Tony taking the opportunity to examine us more closely. Seems his school have individual shower cubicles and having no brothers he has never really seen other boys for comparison purposes. Eventually we went to bed, I lay for a while before falling asleep listening to Jamie snoring gently and the muffled sound of Tony's bed creaking a bit as he had more practice !

Re: A day on the beach

Posted by wetfinn on August 15, 2016 at 18:12:19

In Reply to: Re: A day on the beach posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 15, 2016 at 11:11:59:

Just get proper helmets to wear when driving your quads, they actually feel pretty cool when wet :)

Re: After a hike along Hadrian's Wall

Posted by johnny on August 16, 2016 at 07:05:35

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You boys certainly know how to live life to the full. Keep it up (literally).

Re: After a hike along Hadrian's Wall

Posted by wetchas (uncle). on August 16, 2016 at 09:45:46

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What a brilliant, and in some ways touching story (sorry, that was awful, don't know where that pun came from).
You have contributed to a young guys upbringing in a great way. Well done.
This gayness things strange though. In my day you only had to look at a guy to get taunted, or worse still a good kicking. The only time I got tossed off by someone else was when I had no money on the bus! Then it was the conductor. Come to think of it they were well before your time weren't they. Matter of fact, so we're buses.
Thanks for the post. Last bit about the creaking bed made me laugh.
Cheers for now. Charlie.

Re: After a hike along Hadrian's Wall

Posted by Chris on August 16, 2016 at 14:56:46

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Ha ha , I'm trying just that at this very moment whilst watching Jamie in a nice snug fitting pair of jeans that cling nicely to his rampant boner, as he climbs up to the diving board. We've been wet in jeans and tees in the pool all day and had several mutual wanking sessions in the pool or under the showers, and I'm still feeling really horny !

Muddy morning yesterday

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 17, 2016 at 10:11:57

A nice sunny day yesterday with just a few light clouds high up, those long streaky types that sometimes look like the trails of jets. Mike and Harry came over for the day and we had the house to ourselves with our dads at work and our mums away for a few days with some friends at a posh spa/health resort.

Harry and Mike arrived as usual for our morning swim, along with Harry's dad who left after breakfast. We decided to go out into the woods and get muddy as Chris was keen to make up for the time we had been in Northumberland.

We all changed into jeans, long-sleeved sweatshirts with t-shirts underneath, socks and trainers. Harry and Chris wore boxers but Mike and I decided to go commando.

Harry wore a pair of loose-fit faded Wrangler jeans, black Bjorn Borg boxer-briefs, a Nike green sweatshirt, Nike trainers with blue socks.

Mike wore his favourite Levi jeans (not sure which style) which are very well worn and faded, a dark blue Levi sweatshirt over a yellow t-shirt, blue socks and grey trainers.

Chris was in his old 501s, white boxers, a red t-shirt with an orange sweat-shirt over it, yellow socks and black trainers.

I wore my newish 501s, a black t-shirt under a dark green sweat-shirt, black socks and some old grey trainers.

Mike suggested that we get wet before we set off from the house, so we jumped in the pool before leaving and then sloshed our way through the woods towards the muddy ride. We were surprised to find the swamp area and the obstacle course area completely under water, which was strange as there had not been any significant rain for a while. On investigation we found that someone had left the stream diverted. We carried on towards the muddy ride and found the water was flowing down the paths and spreading among the nearest trees all the way along to the ride. When we got there we found that the ride was under water as well.

"Hey look, someone has been banking up the earth at the sides of the ride." Chris said as we halted and looked around.

Chris was right and when we looked towards the end of the ride to our right, that had been banked-up as well. We could not see the end that opened out onto the adjoining fields as it was too far away. Chris jumped down off the bank and sank to his knees in the muddy water. He walked a bit further out and didn't sink any further even when he got as far as where the big ruts had been. We were just about to join him when we heard voices from the woods on the far side of the ride, and then Rob and his workmate Charlie appeared through the trees.

"Hi guys, I thought I'd heard voices. Did you have a good holiday ?" Rob called as we jumped down and walked over to them.

"Yes thanks. How are you ? Haven't seen you around much recently." I asked.

"Been busy elsewhere, but we'll be working here for the next week or so as your dad agreed to go ahead with a few things, just clearing out some of the smaller trees and putting up some fences and gates. We've had some problems with a group of travellers trying to access the farm land and the woods. That's why we've done this." Rob replied gesturing towards the ride.

"We did wonder why the stream was diverted and the woods partially flooded." Chris said.

"Yeah, we found a group of them at the end of the ride last week - they gained access via the track from the road - so Gareth 'persuaded' them to leave with the use of a mug-spreader before they got too settled." Rob explained "They seem to have left the area now but you never know when they might try to get back. Making the ride an unsuitable camp site should stop them coming here."

"So will this stay flooded now ?" I asked.

"Probably not permanently, but diverting the stream every so often will top it up." Rob laughed "Ideal for getting wet and muddy, not too deep - not that any of you need the encouragement I see."

"You know us too well." Mike replied.

"Well have fun, guys, we have work to get on with." Rob said.

When they had gone we walked through the muddy water to the far end of the ride. Our jeans were muddy to our knees and above, changing them to a muddy brown below the tide-mark of the mud. The mud over the entire ride was like a thick soup and as we walked I could feel my feet catching in the thicker mud on the bottom. Chris was walking ahead of us a bit and he stumbled, regained his feet and was suddenly up to his waist in the liquid mud. We all laughed as he stepped back up to our level and saw his mud-soaked jeans tenting out visibly as his boner surged to its full rampant hardness.

Harry stepped forward and jumped into the deeper mud beyond Chris, he landed awkwardly and splashed down falling in up to his chest before regaining his footing. Seeing him dripping liquid mud as he stood up prompted Mike and me to run forward and jump in as well, taking Chris with us. We fell in a heap on top of each other and spend a bit of time thrashing around getting each other totally covered and soaked through, once that was done things subsided a bit and I felt Mike lying on top of me and pushing his boner against my crotch, Harry was trying to grab Chris and pull him down on top of him. I rubbed mud into Mike's butt and pulled him down more firmly on top of me and we thrust against and groped each other as we lay in the mud trying to keep our heads above the mud. The liquid mud did not so much splash around us as flow in slow motion it was so thick and it felt great. I could feel Mike's boner rubbing against my balls and the mud seeping inside my jeans as we moved, it was slippery, soft and warm. I scooped up a couple of handfuls of mud and slapped them down on Mike's head rubbing them into his hair, he was rubbing mud into my chest and stomach and then I shot my load, feeling Mike's cock still hard pushing against my balls, he continued for a few more minutes before ejaculating himself and rolling off me into the mud at my side. We lay in the sun grinning and rubbing ourselves back to hardness and watching the bulges in our crotches quickly growing again.

My jeans had got to that stage where the denim was completely saturated and any extra wet- or muddiness simply washed over the fabric and kept them feeling slippery and wet, almost like being submerged but with that nice roughness that always makes me hard when my cock is in contact and rubbing against it. It didn't take long for me to get rock hard again and I could see that Mike was getting to the same stage.

Chris and Harry had started to splash their way back up the ride so Mike and I got up and followed. Mike's loose fitting clothes, like mine, completely muddy and a nice shiny brown all over, draped over his body and pulled and dragged spectacularly as he moved, showing up his broad back and shoulders, his backside and his legs - I could feel myself getting harder by the moment just watching him - and when he turned to face me and started walking backwards for a few paces, as he urged me to catch-up - the same muddy clothes draped over his front and the bulge in his groin made me shoot my load again.

"Please don't tell me that you shot your load again just watching me !" Mike laughed.

"Yeah sorry. It's not just you ............."

"Oh great, thanks for the compliment !" Mike grinned.

"'s the muddy clothes that do it for me." I finished.

We ran ahead to catch up the others and rugby tackled them into the mud, getting us all freshly covered again. We found the deeper mud by accident, Harry was walking away from us when he suddenly dropped out of sight with a big splash. It turned out the mud was chest deep and warm from all the sunshine. We splashed in after him and found that we could float in it quite easily. That felt great so we stayed there for a while just floating, washing the mud over ourselves and chatting.

We trudged home after that getting back just about lunchtime. We dumped our muddy clothes in a bucket each and then showered and changed into swim-shorts before getting some lunch. Our intention was to go back to the mud again, but it was so nice swimming and playing around in the pool in the sun, that we stayed there for the rest of the afternoon.

My dad phoned to say he was staying at work late and would not be back until tomorrow night, staying with a colleague over night, as they had had a bit of a set-back with a new project and needed it sorted. Harry and Mike stayed over night and we are just about to go out to the mud again, I'm getting horny at the thought of dragging on those wet and muddy clothes again ! So I'm going to post this now and we'll get going.

Re: Muddy morning yesterday

Posted by wetchas on August 17, 2016 at 13:51:13

In Reply to: Muddy morning yesterday posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 17, 2016 at 10:11:57:

Wow, what a story. One of your best.
Can't wait for today's instalment.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Muddy morning yesterday

Posted by Jamie on August 17, 2016 at 18:22:26

In Reply to: Re: Muddy morning yesterday posted by wetchas on August 17, 2016 at 13:51:13:

Glad you enjoyed, Chris is writing up today's fun as I write (but as you know he has a mental age of just 4, so it may take him a while !!) He's not yet forgiven me for that little incident, but the rest of the family thought it very funny when he complained to them about it, so not much sympathy went his way from his parents at least.


Posted by Questioner on August 18, 2016 at 00:20:45

When did this become the Jamie and Chris show. Surely someone has adventures or imagination to create something. I, for 1 am a bit tired of the Jamie and Chris show. I will again contribute when we get the final episode

I like the Chris and Jamie Show

Posted by Felix on August 18, 2016 at 07:41:15

In Reply to: Question posted by Questioner on August 18, 2016 at 00:20:45:

Chris and Jamie have been a major source of wet entertainment since this site relaunched. These fun guys and their friends show us how it is done. Their detailed stories are bringing joy to many readers. Above all, they show other young people to come out of the shower closet and get wet outside with friends. I'm very grateful for their contribution.

If these stories were all fiction, then I give my respect to this creative writer with such a vivid style. Consider yourself wet hugged. Again what I said above still applies.

We also have read hot stories from Robbieie, Wetchas, and others. So if you get bored with C&J then sit down and post some soaking wet stories that match their style and bring wet value to this community.

Enjoy and start writing!

Re: Question

Posted by Jamie on August 18, 2016 at 08:35:15

In Reply to: Re: Question posted by Questioner on August 18, 2016 at 04:51:26:

Why did nobody tell that I don't exist ?

Re: Question

Posted by Chris and Jamie on August 18, 2016 at 08:37:03

In Reply to: Question posted by Questioner on August 18, 2016 at 00:20:45:

We are looking forward to reading your own contributions .........

Re: Question

Posted by Chris on August 18, 2016 at 09:20:14

In Reply to: Re: Question posted by Questioner on August 18, 2016 at 04:51:26:

This is a special for Questioner, enjoy ........

Woke up this morning with my usual 10" boner tenting up the bed sheet, why does this happen every morning - is because I sleep naked ? I staggered into the bathroom and took a pee before stepping into the shower still wearing my shorts and tee. It was cold and my boner grew to its full 8 inches as the cold water streamed over me. I tried to deal with it in the usual way, but was interrupted by Jamie coming into the room, he watched me for a few moments and then stepped into the shower with me. I grabbed his flaccid cock through his wet shorts and rubbed and squeezed until he was almost a big and hard as me, the full 11 inches. After the nice warm shower we went out to the woods in our jeans and tees, it was a real struggle to button up the fly over my still stiff cock and when we reached the mud it was a relief to just jump in and wrestle around with Jamie until we were both completely covered, ours shorts and tees clinging nicely. We worked hard to get boners again but..........

Sorry, can't keep this up, this is terrible. As you can see I'm no good at writing fiction.

Re: Question

Posted by wetchas on August 18, 2016 at 10:17:43

In Reply to: Question posted by Questioner on August 18, 2016 at 00:20:45:

There's always one. Actually Chris + Jamie must be pretty sad bastards to make up stories about being crushed by trucks.
BUT, at the end of the day, if they are fiction, who cares. All I know if that they have me laughing at regular intervals, and on more than one occasion shedding a tear.
I suspect that it would be possible for a good private detective to corroborate some of their story's. There must be a report of their accident in a newspaper somewhere, and it wouldn't take a lot of work to trace their steps last week. The guy at the wetsuit shop would probably remember them for a start. But hey, who cares anyway.
If you are out there lads (and you know what I believe) keep up the good work. Don't forget, all the greats have their critics.
BUT. If you are fictional, then don't change a thing, (except perhaps for those wet clothes for some dry ones to soak again).
BTW. Have you soaked those new shirts yet?

Re: Question

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 18, 2016 at 10:59:34

In Reply to: Re: Question posted by wetchas on August 18, 2016 at 10:17:43:

We probably are a bit sad in some people's eyes, but not sad enough to invent that accident (rather wish we had !).

We've not got those shirts wet as yet - their time will come.

I think we've covered our tracks well enough not to be easily identified and hope we can stay anonymous, not so much for us as for our friends etc. who probably wouldn't want to be known at all.

Re: Question

Posted by wetchas on August 18, 2016 at 14:45:48

In Reply to: Re: Question posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 18, 2016 at 10:59:34:

Thanks for the reply. If it didn't come across in the original post, I am on your side. Don't stop posting, just because of one person.
I wouldn't have the resources, the time, or the energy to try and track you down. As far as I'm concerned anonymity is just fine. You probably wouldn't want to meet me either. After all, who wants to visit a grumpy old uncle.
It's a spooky thought though that we could pass each other in the street.
Anyway....keep up the good work.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Question

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 18, 2016 at 15:55:19

In Reply to: Re: Question posted by wetchas on August 18, 2016 at 14:45:48:

We both realise that you were being supportive, and always have been, thanks.

I can't imagine that we will stop posting any time soon, regardless of what Questioner says. I don't think I recall seeing anything posted under that name before, either here or on Wacky Wet, unless he/she posted under another alias of course.

True story for you

Posted by wetimer on August 18, 2016 at 20:15:57

The Problem with Jamie and Chris's stories is only that they clearly have more fun than the rest of us, and anything I write, about my solo wetlook activities, is going to look lame in comparison. However, here goes, because I've been asked:

I've had plenty opportunity to get wet this week. Wife's been away...

Over the last few years I've been getting into photography. My particular area of interest is in long exposure photography. Very recently, I've tried my hand at an extension of that, which is astrophotography. I'm not much good at it, but it does give me the cover I need to be alone, at night, in an isolated spot, on the shore of a lake. Which is where I found myself on Monday evening.

The moon was very bright. Not good for astrophotography, but good for seeing what you're up to in the dead of night without a torch. I had parked up and walked about a mile along the lakeside path, until I found what I was looking for: a small beach. Obviously, it was gated with a sign that read "Anglers only", but I ignored that. Why should anglers have all the fun?

As it was about 11pm by this time, there were no anglers about. Nor was anyone else. As I stepped down through the shrubbery I got my first proper sight of the water. Calm, beautiful. Seriously, this is one truly beautiful spot which I'm not prepared to share with anyone! I was ultra aware of myself. In one hand, I was carrying a bag with extra clothes. Round my waist I wore my camera bag, holding various lenses and filters. The bag was given additional weight by the tripod strapped to it. I was wearing my trainers, a pair of black socks, my tight stretchy grey jeans over a pair of Nike Pro compression shorts, a blue t-shirt and a grey hoodie. I stopped and listened. Occasional quacking. A far off aeroplane.

I got to work. Unhook bag. Set up tripod. Attach camera body. Select lens. Compose shot, or guess - nothing showed up in the darkness on the viewfinder. Adjust camera settings. Attach intervalometer. Click. Wait 30 seconds. Clunk.

Same again.

Same again.

Same again.

Adjust camera settings marginally. Click. 30 seconds. Clunk.

And so forth. I moved round on the beach, finding the best position for a good shot, going through this process for about 45 minutes. Eventually, I thought I had got the best shots I was going to get, so I moved on to the next part of the evening.

I packed all the photography equipment away and took off my hoodie too. It wasn't as warm as the last time I was here. I might need the hoodie afterwards to keep warm. I tentatively but one shoe in the water. My shoes are walking shoes and they are waterproof. I needed to take one more step to commit.

Aaah. There it is, the familiar, exciting cold rush of water flooding my shoe. Not too cold to go further. I put my other shoe in, then took a few more steps. The floor of the lake sloped very gently. I stopped, checked around me to confirm that I was truly alone, then plunged onwards. The water came deeper and deeper, until it was at the tops of my thighs. By this stage, my nervousness had gone, and it had been replaced by sexual excitement. I had a raging boner, straining at the fabric of my jeans. I took one more step and the water rose to my waist. I hyperventilated very mildly, calmed my breath, then launched myself forward to a swim.

I was in up to my neck. After no more than a couple of breaths, my body realised that the water was actually very pleasant, and I calmed down. I stood in the water, appreciating what I was doing, and as I did so, my hands reached down and caressed my cock through my clothes, under the water.

I love swimming fully clothed is great, but I also get immensely turned on from the feeling of the wet clothes clinging to me as I get out, so that is what I did next. As I stepped back towards the shore, the water cascaded off me. My clothes shone under the moonlight. My jeans, tight when dry, became tighter still and wrapped themselves securely around my legs, my arse and of course, my cock.

When I was only in up to my ankles, I dropped to the floor. I thought I would try humping the sand, like I have read others doing, but the ground here was too unforgiving, so I abandoned that effort.

I went back in the water, to rinse the mud off, then walked back to my bag, and started getting undressed.

Now, you might be wondering why I was getting undressed at this stage. I was still extremely aroused and I had the erection to prove it. My secret was that I wanted to try swimming in a new pair of pyjama pants which I had recently bought. I wanted to keep my ultimate climax for a new change of clothes. These pyjamas are soft stretchy cotton. They are really loose and comfortable, as pyjamas should be, but when wet, oh my! They cling like film. And crucially, they do not have flies, so with nowhere for the air to get in, the clinginess stays.

So, back by my bag, I took off my shoes, and struggled out of my jeans and Nike compression shorts, and slipped on the pyjamas. I put my shoes back on, just because I was a bit suspicious of what I might have been standing on.

Then, back in the water. This time, it felt positively warm and welcoming. Within a few seconds, my hard-on, which had started to wither a little, returned in force. I swam a little, enjoying the feel of the pyjamas swirling round my erect dick, then once again headed to the shore.

This time, as I came out of the water, the pyjamas did indeed stick to me, just like I knew they would from experiences in my bath and shower. However, on the shoreline, I had the space to walk around in them, which is a luxury my bathroom doesn't allow. The action of walking simply made the fabric cling tighter and tighter to me, and with each step, the cotton caressed my balls, and my thighs. At this stage I could wait no longer. I grabbed by shaft and furiously pumped. It didn't take long before I exploded an unbelievable quantity of semen into my still clinging pjs.

Releived, finally, I hobbled back to my clothes, and got changed one last time. I put a clean pair of lycra boxer briefs on, then my damp jeans over the top. I changed into a dry t-shirt and was glad of my decision to keep my hoodie dry too.

Back to the car, then back home. There is a beautiful epilogue to the story. To get from the isolated lake to the main motorway there is a drive of about 5 miles. On the way, randomly, I had to stop the car because I was faced with a sight so stunning it had to be photographed. What I was looking at was a magnificent Victorian viaduct, silhouetted by the moon. Once again, I got the photography kit out and took the shot which, in the end, turned out to be the best of the evening. So many times I have found that I have attempted a particular photographic project, and ended up stumbling on something unexpected, and greater than the expectations of the trip itself. So it was in this case.

As a final epilogue to the epilogue, I then drove up a tiny country lane looking for an even better shot, but got a bit freaked out by how isolated I was. I attempted to turn the car round at the gate of a field, but grounded the car over the edge of the road. It was at that point that I really shat myself. I turned the engine off to see if I could push the car back on to the road. I got out to assess the situation then got back in the car. As soon as I gently released the handbrake the car started rolling backwards. In an instant, I figured that if the handbrake was able to stop the car rolling backwards at all, the tyres must have at least some traction. I threw the car into gear and revved like mad. With the engine rolling over 5,000 rpm and the air filling with the stench of burning rubber, the car suddenly leapt forward, and I was free. Free to take no more risks for one evening!


This is all 100% true. If you enjoyed that, let me know whether you would like to read a fictionalised version of the same events, with the addition of another character, to reflect how I wish things had really gone down!

Re: True story for you

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 18, 2016 at 21:50:35

In Reply to: True story for you posted by wetimer on August 18, 2016 at 20:15:57:

Thanks for the compliment about our stories but I've never yet read a "lame" story from you or anyone else on here. We realise we are luckier than most in having a pool and parents who don't mind what we do within reason (Jamie's dad always says "better wet and muddy than drunk and druggy" - funny but true).

Love this story for the fact that you took advantage of another hobby to enable you to get wet whilst doing it. Hope the star-scapes came out well. I had a friend in the US who was a keen photographer and he always said getting night-time shots of the sky was always the most difficult.

Like you, I love the feeling of wet clothes clinging as you come out of the water, always gets me extra hard as well.

Thanks for posting this one, an alternative version of your ideal scenario would be interesting to read - let the imagination run wild, eh ?

Re: True story for you

Posted by wetimer on August 18, 2016 at 21:55:29

In Reply to: Re: True story for you posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 18, 2016 at 21:50:35:

Cheers Chris. By "lame", I just think that solo wetlook plays second fiddle to wetlook with company. Certainly, I prefer reading about it when there's a second player involved.

Yeah, the photography thing has turned out to be a good excuse for covering time spent away!

Re: Soaking Summer Slows Down Website Updates

Posted by Jamie on August 18, 2016 at 21:55:33

In Reply to: Soaking Summer Slows Down Website Updates posted by Felix on August 18, 2016 at 07:46:47:

I don't think you'll find anyone on this forum who'd begrudge you the chance to get wet whenever you can in preference to working on updates. We don't say it often enough but "thank you, Felix" for all the work you do put into these sites and forums, it is very much appreciated.

Emulating Jamie

Posted by Ben on August 19, 2016 at 09:11:06

I love to swim in clothes but usually have jammers or swim shorts under my trackies or jeans. Having read Jamie and Chris' tale where Jamie swims in jeans with nothing under, I wanted to try it out.

I was going to have to try this at the beach (we don't have a pool) and there were probably going to be several other people present. I put on my black polo shirt and my faded blue jeans, but not being brave enough to just wear them on their own, in case the wet denim had the same effect on me as it does to Jamie, I also added a pair of black Everlast trackies on top. These are not so tight and hopefully would hide anything embarrassing.

When I got to the beach there were several people around so I went into the sea with the trackies over the jeans. Just as well because I started getting aroused when I was only up to my knees. I really enjoyed the next 15 minutes or so in the water. When I got out I was really hard, but the trackies, which are fairly thick shiny polyester are quite a loose fit, even with a pair of tight jeans under them. The trackies looked great as they were all shiny with the sea water and were clinging to the jeans, not tight to my legs like they usually do. I'm sure nobody would guess I had jeans under them. There were still several people around so I couldn't do anything about the bulge on shore, so I ventured back into the sea and sorted it out in the deep water.

When I got home I went in the shower in the same jeans and trackies. The hot water had the same effect as the sea. This time I was alone and could deal with the situation easier. While I enjoyed the feeling of the jeans next to my body I think it is safer to keep to layers as normal, but thanks Jamie (and Chris) for giving me a new experience.

Re: Emulating Jamie

Posted by wetchas on August 19, 2016 at 10:23:16

In Reply to: Emulating Jamie posted by Ben on August 19, 2016 at 09:11:06:

Sounds like you had a good time. Good idea to wear the trackies too. And being a tracky fan, it flicked my switch.
I must admit I'm not a lover of going commando. Prefer something underneath. I have tried it in the past, but ended up shutting my foreskin in the Zip. Ouch.
By the way, how do you circumsise a whale?

Send down four skin divers. Ha ha.
Cheers. Wetchas.

Re: Emulating Jamie

Posted by Jamie on August 19, 2016 at 11:55:05

In Reply to: Re: Emulating Jamie posted by wetchas on August 19, 2016 at 10:23:16:

Your comment about the mishap with the zip reminds me why I always wear jeans with a button fly - much, much safer and no chance of a zip getting jammed with mud (or indeed skin, ouch ..... that's got to be very painful, I'm sitting with crossed legs as I write this.)

Re: Emulating Jamie

Posted by Jamie on August 19, 2016 at 12:02:12

In Reply to: Emulating Jamie posted by Ben on August 19, 2016 at 09:11:06:

Great story, glad you tried it out. We've found that most people couldn't car less if they see you with a boner in a pair of wet jeans; lots of guys our age (18) and younger seem happy to go out in public and get wet in boxer-briefs or other underwear and they are far more revealing than a pair of denim jeans. Lots of guys show a decent bulge in their jeans all the time, particularly the currently fashionable skinny style. I don't think you'd cause offence at a beach in a pair of wet jeans however much they cling or bulge. So just go for it, is my advice.

Re: Emulating Jamie

Posted by wetchas on August 19, 2016 at 12:43:37

In Reply to: Re: Emulating Jamie posted by Jamie on August 19, 2016 at 11:55:05:

It was, although luckily it was only the tip. Someone I know who works at the local hospital reckons they get at least one bloke a week turn up. Not the same bloke each week of course !!!
My problem with button flies is seeing to do them up..
Sadly my stomach obscures vision somewhat. I know it's all very innocent, but I feel like a right perv standing in the loo fiddling with my buttons. Probably why I'm a habitual traccy wearer
Bad weather over the weekend. Take care.
Cheers. Wetchas.

Re: Emulating Jamie

Posted by Jamie on August 19, 2016 at 13:29:04

In Reply to: Re: Emulating Jamie posted by wetchas on August 19, 2016 at 12:43:37:

Wow, one bloke a week at just one A&E - there must be a lot of careless guys out there ! "Not the same bloke each week of course !!!" - Love your sense of humour, that would be one nasty Groundhog Day wouldn't it ? But I can think of a couple of blokes I would happily condemn to that form of hell for eternity !

Re: Emulating Jamie

Posted by Ricky on August 20, 2016 at 04:19:56

In Reply to: Re: Emulating Jamie posted by Jamie on August 19, 2016 at 13:29:04:

Yeh and one of them would be Questioner!!!! I suppose I don't exist either with my school fun on wacky wet? Not yet been brave enough to post on here, just read.

Re: Question

Posted by Ant on August 20, 2016 at 09:08:35

In Reply to: Question posted by Questioner on August 18, 2016 at 00:20:45:

If you don't like the Chris (and Jamie) posts don't read them.

Re: Emulating Jamie

Posted by Ant on August 20, 2016 at 09:58:12

In Reply to: Emulating Jamie posted by Ben on August 19, 2016 at 09:11:06:

Hi Like your story especially when u have a wank in the sea. I've wanked in the sea wearing chinos and a shirt before now. Keep posting

Re: Wet shopping trip

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 20, 2016 at 14:40:28

In Reply to: Wet shopping trip posted by Barny on August 19, 2016 at 22:01:26:

Great story, thanks for posting. Those skateboarding lads seem to have the right idea, just being out in the rain and enjoying it. This just proves that a day off work can still be fun even if the sun is not out.

A White Party

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on August 27, 2016 at 08:51:28

On Wednesday night we went to a friend's 18th birthday party. Jo and her family moved in to their new home at the start of the summer holidays and we had not been there before. It is a few miles out of town on the opposite side to us. It turned out to be a modern open-plan timber and glass house that had been built on the site of a place that had been burned down some years ago and left derelict ever since.

Jo had sent out the invites with a dress code of "White with red or blue accessories". No problem.

Chris wore white jeans, white shirt, blue tie, blue canvas shoes, blue socks and white boxer-briefs. He dyed his hair red with a 'temporary' spray. I did basically the same except for a red tie, trainers, socks and silk boxers and did my hair in neon blue. (The silk boxers were a present from Sue, my girlfriend, who thought I'd like them - what she really meant was that she liked them and also rightly guessed that I found them rather arousing !)

Harry had volunteered to be our non-drinking driver as Chris had driven us all to the last party we went to. We arrived a bit late as Harry got lost, he has a sat-nav but refuses to use it as he says 'only wimps need them, I have an in-built compass, mate' ..... that worked well then !

Jo's home was hidden away down a long track off a narrow lane and when we finally got there we found about 20 other guests already arrived. Jo's parents were just leaving as we arrived, going for what they said was 'a quiet meal with friends, back tomorrow.' It turned out that Jo was celebrating with her family at a later date. We knew everyone from our school of course, but there were a few from her previous school, all girls, and by the time everyone had arrived there must have been forty or fifty people there, almost evenly split between girls and boys. There was music playing in the background and a huge buffet of food laid out on tables on a big outside deck.

After the party had been going for a while and we were all eating and drinking, Jo announced that some friends were doing a disco and it would start shortly in the old barn at the bottom of the garden.

When we got there we found that the barn was just four walls with no roof. They had strung coloured lights up along the old beams that spanned the void and as it began to draw dark and the music got going everyone started dancing and enjoying the music. It was very warm and quite muggy that evening so the open roofless building was ideal. Things got even better when we were suddenly enveloped in a stream of fluffy white foam that poured down from above us, we were soaked through pretty quickly as the space filled with the foam to almost waist deep. Jo had put a couple of paddling pools outside full of water so that we could all wash the foam off and generally get each other even wetter. It was funny seeing people emerge from a wall of foam with it all stuck to them, run to the pool and jump in and roll around.

Chris was getting very friendly with a girl as we danced in the foam so Sue and I left them to it and made our way through the foam to the pool outside where I picked her up and lowered her slowly in before we rolled around together. Sue was in a white skirt and shirt and was wearing red bra and panties, clearly visible from when we had been covered in the foam. I was getting hard at the sight of her and she laughed and rolled me onto my back before crawling on top of me. I put my arms around her and we kissed as we lay in the water, it was less than a foot deep, but I had to lift my head to keep from being completely under. She had just started to rub and squeeze me, hidden by her skirt, when Mike and Harry crashed down into the pool next to us.

"Sorry if we interrupted your fun" Mike smirked "but the other pool is full ....................."

"I was just ensuring Jamie was clean of the foam everywhere" Sue laughed "Wouldn't want it to damage the nice silk boxers I bought him !"

"I don't think it will be the foam that damages his boxers ......." Harry grinned.

Sue stood up, revealing the growing bulge in my jeans as the water washed over me, I sat up but it didn't really hide it at all. We all stood up and then went back into the barn and the relative safety of the foam that hides everything. After a bit of aimless dancing to music that I was not familiar with or keen on we went out side to try and find a nice dark corner to be alone for a bit. Sue resumed her exploration of my crotch as I leaned back against a tree and she leaned on me, her hands getting more and more adventurous as we kissed and I fondled her breasts. Needless to say it didn't take long for her to get the required response from me and she then encouraged me to do a bit of exploration of my own. We detoured back to the disco and the light via one of the pools and managed to clean my silk boxers a bit, but since we were both still dripping wet, like everyone else, I guess it didn't really make any difference. As we got to the entrance to the barn we encountered Chris and the girl who had latched onto him earlier. She is called Marina and she had been at school with Jo before Jo transferred to our school to do the A-levels she wanted. Marina is a keen photographer and when Chris had told her where we lived had asked if she could visit and take some architectural shots for the portfolio she was building to enable her to do a photography degree eventually. Seems she had tried to visit before but had been chased away by the land agent. Chris had suggested that she come round on Friday, so I asked Sue if she would like to come along as well and we could have lunch and a wander around, I knew we would be on our own for the day as our dads would be at work and our mums play bridge every Friday with a group of friends.

Chris and Marina seemed to be getting on very well indeed and she seemed unable to keep her hands off him, touching his arm, shoulder, hair, chest and bum at every slight move he or she made - very distracting ! She was wearing the tightest white cropped trousers imaginable, a white tee-shirt that appeared to fit like a second skin and a red and blue striped waistcoat over the top. Like everyone else she was soaking wet but there were no visible signs of either her tanned skin or underwear showing through her wet white clothes. Marina was almost as tall as Chris - she was wearing white canvas shoes, not heels - with dark auburn hair and brown eyes, a wide mouth with full lips, and little or no make-up.

It was Sue who first noticed that Chris' red, and my blue, hair colour was starting to run, so we wandered over to a pool grabbed the hose that was trickle feeding it and had a laugh as we tried to wash it all out without staining our clothes too much. As I write this (three days later) I can see that Chris' blonde hair is still looking slightly more red than is natural and mine has a faint blue tinge in certain lights, I guess another few washes will get rid of it altogether.

After that we went back for some more dancing and fooling around in the foam, of which there seemed to be an endless supply, the disco continued until about 2a.m. when everyone was getting tired and the music was starting to slow down. Most of us had a final dip to get rid of the last bits of foam and then wandered back towards the house for more food and drink, sitting around and chatting in our wet clothes.

Harry dropped us off at home at about 4a.m. and, not wanting to disturb our parents, we crashed out on a couple of the big air-beds in the pool, still dressed, and floated and dozed until the sun came up. I only rolled off the air-bed into the water once (that was a quick wake-up) and then was woken again when Chris' mum found us when she came down to make a cup of tea.

"I wondered why I hadn't heard you come in - what time did you get back ?"

"About four, I think." Chris yawned "What time is it now ?"

"7:15. Did you enjoy the party ? Lots of people there ?"

"Yeah, Chris must have done - he had a girl chasing after him all night ........." I laughed.

"I did not .........." Chris retorted "She was just being friendly, didn't know many people there - what did you expect me to do .... tell her to push off ?"

"So she doesn't go to your school then ?" his mum asked.

"No, she was at school with Jo before - in Cheltenham I think she said, that's where she lives anyway." Chris replied as he slid off his air-bed and waded to the steps and out of the pool "I'm going for a shower and to get some dry clothes, and then some breakfast, I'm starving."

"What do you fancy, bacon and eggs ? A hearty breakfast after all that dancing and drinking last night."

"Just tea and toast, thanks - but I can get it when I'm ready." Chris replied "I suppose we should be having our usual morning swim ?"

"Dan said he'd give it a miss this morning, and I don't suppose Harry or Mike will be around after the party last night." his mum said.

"No, I guess not - Mike certainly looked like he'd had a few too many drinks, he got a lift home with Martin and left his car there I think." I said "I think a shower and some fresh clothes are a good idea too."

I rolled off the air-bed into the water and swam to the side, clambered out and followed Chris into the showers, where we had a bit of fun looking more closely at our white clothes and coloured underwear than we had had the chance to do before. Silk boxers are a very definite plus when someone else is jerking you off under a stream of hot water, I came so much that Chris suggested I should switch to silk underwear as a permanent feature of my wardrobe, even asking if he could borrow them just to try it for himself.

Re: robbieie and floris

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 29, 2016 at 07:46:57

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You obviously had a fun time. Great story, thanks for posting.

Sue and Marina visit

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 29, 2016 at 21:15:28

Following the party on Wednesday, when I met Marina, we had arranged for her and Sue to come over yesterday, Friday, so that she could take some shots of the house for her portfolio. Mari, as I now know she likes to be called, is a keen photographer and a fan of old buildings and architecture. When we parted on Thursday morning after the party, Sue had told Mari to be sure to bring some old clothes with her as she may get wet and muddy, and her reaction had been interesting.

"Really ? That would be great, I love the sight of nice fit guys getting wet and muddy - could I take some photos of you two, Chris in particular ? I've always wanted the chance to photograph some wet and muddy guys, I tried at my brother's rugby matches but could never get close enough." Mari asked.

"Of course you can." Jamie replied "But you don't want to concentrate on Chris, I look much better when wet ........"

"Ha ! What a cheek ................." I retorted.

"That's OK, having seen you both soaked through tonight I'll stick with my first choice ................" Mari grinned "So what do you guys normally wear to get wet and muddy, will I be OK in old jeans and a sweatshirt or something ?"

"Yeah, perfect, wear whatever you like but long rather than shorts are best. That's what we normally do. We've got showers by the pool and usually hose the worst of the mud off beforehand outside, and then take a hot shower in our clothes to finish up." Jamie said.

So with that we left it that they would come round mid-morning, take photos of the house and its features, have some lunch and then spend the afternoon getting well soaked and muddy.

Mari and Sue arrived just we were thinking about getting a coffee so we sat around the pool and had that first. Then I took Mari on a tour of the house and she started taking some photos of various features that she liked. After a while doing that we went outside and took more photos. All the while Mari was chatting and pointing out the original architectural bits that she particularly liked. I was rather more concentrating on her figure in the bright red skinny-fit jeans and white t-shirt that she was wearing and the way her boobs stretched and moved in the tight tee, I could feel my own reaction starting to tent out my jeans. I tried to listen to what she was saying about the photos she was taking but it was hard, so to speak, to concentrate with all that going on.

We went to rejoin the others and found Sue all over Jamie as he lay on a sun-lounger. Never have two people separated so quickly and tried so hard not to look guilty. We sat down and chatted about Mari's pictures until we had lunch.

"Did you bring some old clothes with you ?" I asked Mari.

"Yes, in the car. I've commandeered a pair of my brother's old jeans, he's grown out of them now - he's fourteen and going through a growth spurt - so most of his clothes no longer fit properly. They're a bit baggy and short but the best I could find and he won't want them back so I can bin them afterwards if I like."

"Good, you can get as wet and muddy as you like this afternoon, entirely up to you." I said.

"I want to take some pics of you all if that's OK. Maybe in the pool here as well, this is a great opportunity to try some action shots."

"Do you want us fully clothed or in swimwear here in the pool ?" Jamie asked.

"Both if you like - swimwear first if you like and then fully clothed before we go outside." Mari said "I have a waterproof casing for my camera so I could get some underwater as well."

"OK. Why don't we go and change ? If you and Sue get your stuff from the car, Jamie and me can change quickly and then the shower-room is all yours." I suggested "Which would you prefer, Mari ? Swim-shorts or Speedos ?"

"Oooh I say .... what a choice !" Mari laughed "Speedos of course ! They look much more photogenic on a nice fit body ..............."

When we were changing Jamie had a go at me for even suggesting we wear Speedos, but hey, why not ? It felt good being able to show-off a bit ! Jamie pulled on his red ones and I went for my cobalt blue. We spent a while jumping and diving in from the board and springboard as Mari took her photos from the side and from actually in the water. Her brother's jeans were baggy, well faded, had rips on both knees and were sufficiently old that the denim was soft and clingy. She also wore a grey sweatshirt and appeared not to be wearing a bra. It was a struggle to stop looking at her and consequently not show off rather more than was decent in Speedos. Jamie was struggling too and eventually excused himself for a few moments, disappearing to the shower-room for a while. The girls giggled and pretended not to notice, which, in truth, was impossible. Sue was in old jeans and a yellow sweatshirt.

When Mari had got enough shots of us in our Speedos, we changed back into our jeans and sweatshirts and she took more shots in the pool of us all fooling around, leaving the camera on auto timer, taking a shot every few seconds.

We then went out into the woods, still in our sodden clothes. Mari and Sue really seemed to enjoy being wet and the freedom of not worrying about how they looked. We are used to it of course, it really is a liberating feeling once you are soaked through and know that you can get no wetter, or muddier, as the case may be.

We went to the muddy ride and Jamie and Sue went ahead and were standing on the bank, waiting for us to catch up. Sue told Mari to get her camera ready and when she had done so, they both fell backwards into the soft sloppy mud. I had rained on Thursday night and the mud was more sloppy and liquid than when we had last been there. Mari got a great shot of them as they hit the mud with a big splash, arms out stretched, and then another three or four as they sank in and then sat up again with the mud pouring off them. Sue rolled onto her front and crawled away through the mud, her shiny muddy shoulders and bum poking above the mud as she went. Jamie stood up and Mari took another few shots as the mud rolled off him, he had a big boner tenting out his muddy jeans but Mari just laughed and took a close-up ! Mari jumped down into the mud and knelt down in it to get a few low angle shots of Jamie as he stepped down into the mud and waded towards her. He splashed down in front of her and she snapped away as he belly crawled towards her and after Sue.

I jumped down and joined her and pushed her further into the mud until we were both completely covered up to our necks. Mari wanted to keep her face and head clean so that she could continue taking pictures, but I dived under and she took some shots of me as I surfaced. We continued splashing around in the mud as directed by Mari to get the pictures that she wanted, she snapped away unconcerned about seeing boners or tits clearly outlined in our clinging clothes. After a while Mari clambered out of the mud, cleaned the mud off the camera casing and propped it up at the side of the mud, she then joined us in the mud as the camera continued snapping away on its delay timer. We smeared mud over each other, stuffed handfuls down each others' jeans and sweatshirts until we were all totally covered inside our clothes as much as out. I was feeling so horny it almost hurt.

Jamie and Sue decided to head back to the house but Mari wanted to take more pictures and explore the woods further. We went to the boggy area and she took some pictures as I lay in the stream getting clean, she was amused by the fact that my boner was tenting up my jeans as I lay there with the cold water washing over me, she gave me the camera to take some shots of her as she lay in the stream and I got a few reasonable shots of the water streaming over her buttocks and boobs as she lay there actually enjoying the cool water. We lay in the stream next to each other for a while watching the water wash over our bodies with our clothes clinging and moving slightly in the water. Mari seemed as turned on by wet clothes as I was and we touched and played with each other until she decided it was too chilly in the water to carry on. We went back to the house and found no sign of Jamie or Sue by the pool.

"Do you want to shower first, I'll wait until you're done, I don't feel cold at all." I asked Mari.

"Yes, OK - but is there any reason we can't shower together ?" she replied "I'd like that if you would."

We showered and got nicely warm again and then Mari surprised me by grabbing my cock as we pulled each other's clothes off as we stood under the hot water. Things got a bit more heated after that, with a short pause as she produced that all important little packet from her bag. She was great, and afterwards we chatted about how different that first time was for each of us as compared to what we had expected it might be like. I'm sure we will improve the experience given more practice and time.

We dressed and Mari helped me get some tea for us all and Jamie and Sue appeared just as we were putting things out on the table. They both looked very smug, but maybe we did as well.

Re: Sue and Marina visit

Posted by Clifford on August 29, 2016 at 22:19:54

In Reply to: Sue and Marina visit posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 29, 2016 at 21:15:28:

When will you post some of these pictures?

Re: Sue and Marina visit

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 30, 2016 at 07:04:22

In Reply to: Re: Sue and Marina visit posted by Clifford on August 29, 2016 at 22:19:54:

Not our pictures, not our decision. If it were, the answer would be "never" as we wish to remain anonymous.

Re: Sue and Marina visit

Posted by Mari on August 30, 2016 at 08:15:34

In Reply to: Re: Sue and Marina visit posted by Clifford on August 29, 2016 at 22:19:54:

The pictures were taken for my portfolio and some will probably be used to support my bid to get onto a university photography course in due course. Jamie and Chris want a few of them to use as prints in the pool area and their study, but they will not be published on-line in any form. As I want to make a career of being a professional photographer, it would not look too good if I were to publish photos that I knew clients did not want others to see, for whatever reason.
Trust that answers your question, sorry if it disappoints.

Re: Sue and Marina visit

Posted by Questioner on August 30, 2016 at 19:17:11

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It's amazing you have any time for school. Admit that these stories are fiction. No pictures, no proof. I agree with Clifford to show at least 1 picture. You two do have great imagination and can admit you make these stories up.

Re: Sue and Marina visit

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 30, 2016 at 21:12:44

In Reply to: Re: Sue and Marina visit posted by Questioner on August 30, 2016 at 19:17:11:

I guess you have heard of something called "summer holidays". We don't go back to school until next week. As for pictures, we wish to retain the anonymity of ourselves and our friends (we have changed all names and most locations to some degree, and are more than happy to admit that) so publishing pictures would blow that - and, no doubt, if we published pictures without our faces showing, you'd complain that they were not real either. You'll just have to put up with how we have decided to do things, we know we exist and don't really care whether you do or not. I doubt we will be replying to any further posts from you.

Re: Sue and Marina visit

Posted by johnny on August 31, 2016 at 08:32:35

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Just ignore the moaners. I love your stories, and I am pretty sure they are based on reality because of the detail and local colour (the Northumberland stories for example). Anyways the best pictures are in our heads, reality is often a great dis-appointment. Stay hard, stay wet.

Re: Sue and Marina visit

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on August 31, 2016 at 09:30:20

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Thanks, glad you enjoy our exploits. You are quite right of course, imagining what a scenario looks like is much more fun than the real thing - you wouldn't want to actually see an ugly bastard like Jamie all over your screen, I can assure you, particularly in wet clothes and with a hard-on !

I said above that we probably will never dignify Questioner with a reply in future, quite honestly if he/she likes or dislikes our posts so much, or doubts their veracity, who cares ? We don't.

Re: Sue and Marina visit

Posted by johnny on August 31, 2016 at 09:35:01

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Well, actually i do like to look at a hot boy with a hard-on, esp in wet jeans, but i can cope without it. Just about.

Re: Sue and Marina visit

Posted by Ant on September 03, 2016 at 07:55:41

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Nice post. Thanks for sharing

Strange conversation and more mud

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on September 03, 2016 at 16:24:54

We've been a bit busy this last week, but this is about last weekend. Back at school on Tuesday, so we will be a bit less active on here (someone will be pleased !) as school has to take priority, this year is an exam year.

After the fun we had with Marina and Sue on Friday we arranged to meet up again to go to the cinema on Saturday afternoon (the new Bourne film - excellent) and then come home for a BBQ on Saturday evening. I had an interesting and unexpected conversation with my mum beforehand which went something like this.

"Is it OK if Sue comes back for the BBQ after we have been to the cinema ?"

"Of course it is, dear." says my mum "You know she's welcome any time."

"Great, thanks."

"You better make sure to change your bed sheets if she is staying over night." says my mum.

"Eerrmm, yeah, hadn't thought about that as yet ......." I lied, hoping I wasn't blushing too much.

"And make sure you have some protection handy in the bedside table."

"What ?" I asked "Did you really just say that ?"

"You can't be too careful." mum advised "and maybe some lubricant as well ........."

"I'm speechless." I muttered.

"Why ? You're 18, I'd rather assumed you'd already lost your virginity, even though your haven't had a girl stay over before." mum says "Your dad and I had active sex lives at your age."

"I don't think I want to know that ......" I said.

"Not with each other at that stage, but, you know ......... we're all sexual beings ................" mum went on.

"So when did you first .... you know ?" I asked tentatively.

"I was 17 and a half, I met this dream boy at a friend's birthday party and he walked me home, we stopped in a dark shop doorway and one thing led to another and we ...... well, it happened." mum said "We saw each other for nearly a year and then he met someone else and dumped me. I met your dad ................"

"You mean Dad got you on the rebound ....... " I asked.

"I guess so, but there was an instant attraction as soon as I saw him, he had been at my 18th birthday party, he was friendly with my best friend's brother. When I was free of Stan, my friend got us to meet again, he was very attractive even in those awkward teenage years - and he had a car of his own, that was a big attraction in those days, it was a Volvo estate I remember ......"

"Mum !" I cried "Are you telling me you fell for dad because he had his own car ?"

"I guess I am !"

"Good grief, I suppose you're going to tell me next that I was conceived in that car !"

"Well not that one, but I think you were a few years later, we've never really talked about it ........ funny that !"

"Well, that's good to know ..... that I am the result of a quickie in the back of a car !" I said.

"There was nothing quick about it !" Mum said.

"Did you not have a bed at home then ?" I laughed.

"Of course we did, we just liked the variety. None of my business really, but you will take precautions won't you ?" Mum asked "If it comes to that."

"Of course, I'm not stupid; and before you say any more, we already did "it" yesterday, and yes, I used protection and no, the bed did not have clean sheets as we were somewhat wet and muddy so I didn't think it would make much difference."

"I hope you both appreciated the experience; try to make it fun and don't worry if it doesn't always work out how you plan, that's part of the experience and practice makes perfect ...... and remember your dad and me are always here if you want to ask or talk about anything." Mum said "Love you."

"I know you are. Thanks." I replied "Must dash or we'll be late for the film."

"Jamie, tell Chris that Marina is welcome back for the BBQ as well." Mum called as I left the room.

"Will do, bye !"

Well, that was one of the stranger conversations I've ever had with mum.

The film was great - far better than the last one without Matt - and the weather stayed dry for the BBQ. The four of us all went for a swim whilst we waited for the food to cook, and our parents joined in as well and we all wore proper swimwear for a change. Mari looked amazing in a chic dark grey one-piece that shimmered with a metallic sheen when dry or wet. Chris could hardly keep his eyes off her, which didn't go unnoticed by his dad who I heard laughingly tell him "stop drooling lad, she'll think you're the village fool or something."

Sue was more daring in a dark blue bikini with red trim which seemed to be fixed in place by magic as there was very little in the way of straps or ties to hold it in place.

My mum must have chatted to aunt Pam about Sue staying over-night as she quickly suggested that Mari stay as well, if she wished, but it seems Chris had already asked Mari after asking his dad if it was OK.

It was a fairly late night after we had eaten and cleared away and we all went to bed. I don't know about Chris, but Sue and me did not get a lot of sleep until we dozed off about an hour before dawn.

We didn't get up very early and when we did eventually go downstairs, we found the parents having breakfast by the pool and no sign of Chris and Mari. My dad and uncle Greg had been good and had been in the pool by seven for their regular morning swim. Uncle Greg was in one of so-called "humorous" moods.

"Good morning, surprised we didn't see you in the pool earlier. I guess you must have slept well ?" he grinned as he winked at us ostentatiously.

"Hi, yes thanks we .............." I started.

"We had an excellent night and enough sleep for an hour or so before sunrise. That bed is really very comfortable indeed." Sue interrupted me "Thank you for asking."

"Well said Sue" my dad remarked "I think that puts you in your place Greg !"

"Yeah, I think it does." uncle Greg laughed "Apologies, Sue, for my sense of humour."

"So that's what it's called - no need to apologise." Sue said "Jamie has been an excellent host, as always. And you've all made me feel very welcome."

"We are all going off to an auction viewing over near Oxford" my dad said "I expect we'll be there all day as there are a few things we are interested in for the house. What are your plans, you could come along if you wanted ?"

I looked at Sue who shook her head. "I think we'll give that a miss thanks - just have a quiet day here around the pool probably, make the most of the decent weather." I said.

After we had finished breakfast, they all went off to Oxford and about twenty minutes later Chris and Mari appeared.

"Morning all, where is everyone ?" Chris asked.

"They've gone off to an auction viewing near Oxford, left about twenty minutes ago, they expect to be out all day." I replied.

"Oh right, mum did say something about that. Any coffee in the pot ?" Chris asked.

"You'll need to make fresh, it'll be cold by now if there is any left. We finished off the toast as well." Sue said.

"Tea or coffee, Mari ?" Chris asked "Toast OK ?"

"Coffee please - it might keep me awake." Mari laughed "Brown toast, please, if you have it."

"Not much sleep last night then ?" Sue asked her.

"No, hardly any, he's insatiable, randy as hell ..............." Mari laughed.

"Oi ! Don't give all our secrets away ......." Chris called back from the doorway.

"This one is the same" Sue grinned, gesturing at me "We had a great time too ...."

"It takes two to make it great, you know" I said "Can we move the conversation on a bit, before I get terminally embarrassed."

"You embarrassed ? Don't make me laugh - you and Chris are the biggest show-offs I know."

"Cheek !" I laughed "We're both quiet, shy, modest guys ..........."

"Who are happy to be seen with boners in your jeans and shorts, naked in a shower and in clinging wet or muddy clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. Really shy, that !" Sue laughed.

"We can stop all that if you like ?" I said.

"No way, its the best thing about you." Sue laughed "It's why I love you ............"

"So you just like me for my looks ........... what about my wit, sense of humour, intelligence, kindness ......." I asked.

"No, forget those things, it's just that body in the wet clothes that I like." Sue grinned.

She got up and walked over to me, kissed me and then pushed me back towards the edge of the pool before pushing me in. I clambered out and stood for a moment as the water drained off me.

"See that, Mari, that's the Jamie that really turns me on, just like that, in clingy jeans and tee." Sue grinned.

"Here you go, Mari, coffee and toast as ordered. Milk in the jug, do you take sugar ?" Chris asked.

"Thank you, Chris. I do take sugar in coffee but not tea." Mari said.

"I'll get some." Chris went off and came back with his own breakfast and the sugar for Mari.

"Couldn't you keep out of the pool just for a while, Jamie ? At least until after breakfast ............." Chris asked.

"I was pushed !" I replied "It wasn't voluntary."

"What are we going to do today ?" Chris asked "Or do either of you have to be home soon ?"

"No, not me." Sue replied "Nobody is expecting me back, I think they are all out today, there's a craft fayre somewhere."

"Me neither, not until supper this evening anyway." Mari said.

"OK, what do you fancy doing then ?" I asked.

"Can we explore your woods a bit more ? It was great getting wet and muddy ...... and I've got those white clothes with me that I wore at the party the other night - I'd love to see them muddy." Mari asked.

"I have my white clothes with me as well ........." Sue said, grinning widely.

"Why do I get the feeling you two have planned this .........." Chris asked "Not that we have any objections, of course."

"We did, I admit we both wanted to see you two get wet and muddy in your white stuff - they looked fabulous when wet, so we thought they'd look even better soaked in mud." Sue giggled.

When we had all finished breakfast, I stripped to my underwear (so as to not walk through the house in wet clothes) and we went to our rooms to get changed into our white clothes. On the girls insistence, Chris and me went commando, and we decided to wear white tee-shirts rather than shirts - no point in wrecking a decent shirt unnecessarily - and then went out to the woods, stopping at the garages to pick up a couple of buckets as the girls wanted to throw some mud around or pour some over us and each other.

We went straight to the muddy ride and Mari told us to stand back from the mud a bit next to a couple of fallen tree trunks on which they wanted to stand, whilst they filled the buckets. They surprised us by pouring them over us from behind, Chris first and then me. We weren't completely covered but it was pretty close to it. Despite being used to getting muddy by jumping in or being pushed in, having liquid mud poured over you from above is amazing. I could feel it trickling down my back inside my tee-shirt and then down the back of my jeans and across my buttocks. Most of my back and shoulders were covered and there were trickles of mud down across my chest. The second bucket was poured over the front of my head, down my face chest and my front. I watched as it soaked through my white tee and jeans and felt myself getting hard as I got wet and the gleaming mud slid over the growing bulge. The girls were both giggling as we got muddier and muddier with each bucketful of mud. The last two buckets they used were poured down the inside front of our jeans and then rubbed well in, by which time I was very aroused and ready to cream the inside of my jeans.

Chris and me decided to get the girls muddy by throwing buckets of mud over them in quick succession, so we stood in the mud and told them to stay on the bank and just stand still. We didn't want to hurt them by having the mud hit them too hard so we stood well back and gently threw the mud across and over them so that it splashed across them in streams of brown liquid. We threw a good dozen buckets full over them before they were totally covered and they looked amazing. I could see that Chris had a boner and I knew that I did.

After that we splashed around in the mud, did the necessary to rid ourselves of those boners and generally played in the mud, pouring it over each other, and diving in or getting pushed by each other. In the end we went to the flooded dell to get a bit clean and persuaded the girls to both try out the rope swing. Mari was really good and just went for it, doing front and back flips off the rope and splashing down in style. When we were simply wet rather than muddy, the girls made it pretty obvious why they had insisted that we go commando, openly staring, touching and playing with us, we reciprocated by enjoying their boobs, it was all done as we laughed and giggled and seemed nothing but perfectly normal.

We eventually split into our pairs and wandered off to somewhere more secluded for some more private enjoyment, eventually getting back together at the house where Sue and I found Chris and Mari hosing each other clean in the yard. We then showered spent the rest of the day in the pool with a break for lunch. Late afternoon we all changed into dry clothes and Sue and Mari went home.

Re: Strange conversation and more mud

Posted by Jack on September 03, 2016 at 19:25:46

In Reply to: Strange conversation and more mud posted by Jamie (and Chris) on September 03, 2016 at 16:24:54:

Great story. I had a conversation like that with my dad, I think it was meant to be him telling me about "the birds and the bees" but it turned into him telling me about when he lost virginity, not in detail, and then terminating the conversation with "I guess that's all I need to tell you."

The mud part of the story sounds like fun, never got muddy in all white myself, just a white shirt as part of a school uniform or in white shorts playing football.

Re: Strange conversation and more mud

Posted by Barney on September 09, 2016 at 13:26:46

In Reply to: Strange conversation and more mud posted by Jamie (and Chris) on September 03, 2016 at 16:24:54:

Love your posts, always entertaining and amusing. I think a lot of us have had that same awkward conversation with a parent when a girlfriend stays over for the first time. I guess most don't include any reference to the fact that the kid hopes that sexual congress will take place but everyone involved, parents and kids, know that is the expectation. My mum simply put some condoms and a tube of lube on my desk whilst I was out beforehand, not knowing that I had them already. Trust that all went smoothly ....

A Satisfying Interlude

Posted by Chris on September 22, 2016 at 10:27:55

Got home on Tuesday after our swimming/assault course venture with the boys, feeling really restless and not sure what to do about it. After supper and doing some homework I was still feeling restless and a bit horny. I suggested to Jamie that we go for a run through the woods but he was not too keen as he wanted to watch something on TV, so I decided to go on my own. It was cloudy but reasonably warm still so I grabbed my only pair of running shorts and a singlet and went down to the shower room by the pool to change, thinking I could have swim when I got back. It was getting on for 9pm so I found one of those head-torches so I could see where I was going, it gets really dark in the woods quite quickly once the sun has gone down.

My running shorts are a very thin nylon fabric with an inner mesh pouch and have an inside leg measurement of about an inch - I've never had the courage to cut the mesh liner out - and the legs are cutaway at the sides almost to the waistband to allow freedom of movement. They are bright red with a white trim along the bottom of the legs. My singlet is dark blue and a sort of mesh fabric, it is almost see through in bright sunlight - Jamie says you need to be an extrovert to wear this kit, but as far as I know it is standard running gear, surely ?

I told my mum I was going for a run and went through to the changing room and left my clothes there ready for my return. By the time I had pulled on the shorts and was doing up my trainer laces, I was feeling really horny and when I stood up I was tenting out the thin fabric of my shorts grotesquely despite the mesh pouch, I tried to adjust myself but it made little difference, so I set off anyway thankful that it was dark outside.

I followed the track and path towards the swamp area and could feel my cock rubbing against the mesh in my shorts with every stride, very arousing, so by the time I got there I felt the need to do something to relieve the tension. I waded into the swamp and in the dark and, despite the head-torch, managed to inadvertently hit the deepest part first, sinking to my chest in the sloppy mud, it felt like just what I needed so spent a few minutes in intimate contact between my groin and the muddy bank at the side of the pit. I was so horny it only took a few moments to relieve the tension, so I cambered out dripping mud and cum. The shorts were clinging so much that I might as well have been wearing nothing at all as I looked down at myself in the torch light, the added bonus was that the mesh liner was not as abrasive feeling when clogged up with mud, but the downside was it only took a few seconds before I was fully hard again (or should that be the other way around).

I went to the stream to get cleaned up, it was really cold as I lay down in the shallow water and let it wash over me, and as you know I get really aroused when immersed in cold water, so it only cleaned me up and didn't help get rid of the boner. After that I decided to follow the stream around the edge of the woods to see where it goes, it's not on our land from that point so we've never done that before, but it was lighter out of the woods and not difficult to see where I was going. The stream has a stony bottom and flows downhill gently overall, but the stream bed seemed to be a series of long steps, ankle to knee-deep over most of it but with the occasional drop into waist-deep water before levelling out again. There are the odd tree branch and obstacles to clamber over and under on the way, so as I was already soaked and to all intents and purposes hardly wearing anything anyway, it was an enjoyable walk feeling the lightweight fabrics rubbing against my body as I moved, my cock and balls moving around in the pouch awash with cold water.

I followed the stream to the end of the woods and then when it turned left and followed a field boundary I could see the lights of the house in the distance up the hill and I realised that I would soon come across a footpath that lead back up the slope towards the bottom of our garden. When I got to the wooden planks that formed a makeshift bridge across the stream for the footpath, I clambered out and sat on the edge of it with my trainers just touching the surface of the water. I was still feeling horny, so satisfied myself again through the wet shorts and then headed home up the slope at a steady trot. I dived in the pool when I got home and warmed up doing a few lengths and then changed and went to our study to finish off some school work and post about our afternoon session on the assault course on Wacky Wet. That restless feeling, and feeling horny, had subsided at last. A very satisfying end to the day.

Re: A Satisfying Interlude

Posted by Jamie on September 22, 2016 at 11:39:28

In Reply to: A Satisfying Interlude posted by Chris on September 22, 2016 at 10:27:55:

You never told me you had done that - rather glad I didn't join you for the run, you naughty boy - what would your mum say about that sort of exercise ?

Re: A Satisfying Interlude

Posted by wetchas on September 23, 2016 at 09:10:50

In Reply to: Re: A Satisfying Interlude posted by Jamie on September 22, 2016 at 11:39:28:

Do you reckon he was thinking about Seb's Mum at some stage, or Mari.
CHRIS. Sounds like a good time, bit cold for my liking maybe, but great otherwise. I always find those mesh linings very uncomfortable, they tend to pinch my balls and bell end. Better after a couple of yields of hot sperm though I guess.
Thanks for posting.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: A Satisfying Interlude

Posted by Chris on September 23, 2016 at 18:19:58

In Reply to: Re: A Satisfying Interlude posted by Jamie on September 22, 2016 at 11:39:28:

She would think I was a perfectly normal, sexually aware lad who knows how to enjoy himself.

A quiet, but hard, weekend

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 03, 2016 at 12:18:34

This is rather long, sorry .........

Our parents were away this weekend at an old friend's 20th wedding anniversary celebration up near Carlisle. They left after breakfast on Saturday and were due back late on Sunday evening. Harry and Mike came over so that we could complete a school project that we had been working on and we asked them to stay overnight.

Harry and Mike had both come over in time for our early exercise swim and as our parents left they said their farewells to us whilst we were still in the pool and told us not to work too hard; "No fear of that happening !" Uncle Dan remarked : I ask you, how unfair can you be ?

My mum added that there was a casserole cooking in the slow-cooker for us for the evening and to help ourselves to whatever we wanted - "But not my best wines against the back wall in the cellar." my dad warned - so we would be well provided for with food.

We stayed in the pool for a bit until Jamie said he was hungry and wanted breakfast, so we got out of the water, dried off and had breakfast still wearing our trunks. Remarks and comments were made that got more and more ribald as we ate and made lewd comparisons of the bulges in the tight trunks sitting opposite each of us. It was all done in a friendly, jokey manner but by the end of breakfast Jamie had a proper big boner straining at the pouch of his red trunks, Mike was positively bursting out of his blue trunks and Harry and me both had semis making us uncomfortable. That rather set the tone for the weekend really - one where four horny guys were looking to have some fun together.

We decided to get some work done first, so went to our study and set to it. We are supposed to be working as a team of four, so we have assigned ourselves different tasks - Jamie and Harry do research on-line as they are good at lateral thinking, Mike collates the information they find as he has a mind that can sort out the chaff from the wheat and I get to do the writing and layout of the pages. We've already got an outline for the project as a whole, so this weekend is just pulling it together and making it look good.

After a couple of hours we needed a break, so went back to the pool and jumped straight in - we were still wearing our trunks - and after splashing around and practising some dives and so on, Harry suggested we go and get muddy. So we pulled on jeans and sweatshirts over our trunks, just for a change, and headed off into the woods. Harry and Mike had brought along some old jeans, sweatshirts and tees with them knowing we would be getting muddy and/or wet at some stage.

Harry wore an old pair of very pale blue skinny jeans that he was considering throwing out as they were far too tight for real comfort and were getting short in the leg and very tight under the crotch if he pulled them anywhere near over his hips, so the waistband when fastened cut across the front of his trunks tight above the root of his cock, very revealing. We all agreed that it was not a good look and that he really should trash them totally before binning them at the end of the day.

Mike was in well faded black cotton jeans and a grey sweatshirt, both of which were a snug fit. Jamie in his favourite old tan cargoes and a green sweatshirt. I wore my falling-apart old 501s (they are so worn now that there are holes in both knees, a button missing in the fly, one of the back pockets has torn off - it tore so I cut it off, in truth - and they are frayed on all the edges: just right in many ways !) and a sky blue sweatshirt.

Harry was impatient to get to some mud, so we headed straight to the muddy ride. His jeans really were very tight fitting and must have been uncomfortable, so maybe he was thinking that they might get loose or stretch a bit when wet and muddy. We have had some rain overnight recently and a few short, but heavy, showers during the days so there were plenty of puddles on the track to splash through as we walked. Harry was busy kicking mud and water at us all as we walked and in the end Mike got fed up with that when some hit in the face and he got mud in his eye. He grabbed Harry, picked him up and dumped him in the nearest puddle and then rolled him around in it until he was soaked almost all over. Harry was laughing so much that he just sat up in the puddle and stayed there as we all kicked the surrounding water all over him, he really was soaked after that. When he eventually stood up he had got a huge bulge in his crotch and struggled to adjust it in trunks with simple outside manipulation, so tried to push a hand inside his jeans, only to find they were too tight. We watched as he struggled and then started making suggestions.

"Just unbutton the fly, you fool." Mike said.

"No, he might never be able to button up afterwards." Jamie laughed "Looks like a big one to me."

"My hands are slimmer than yours, Harry, let me try !" I offered.

"What !" Harry said "Let you fumble around down there - I'd probably cum straight away !"

"All the more reason !" Mike laughed.

"Go on, let him - he can be very gentle !" Jamie laughed.

"And you'd know that would you ?" Harry asked.

"Erm, yes, I would actually." Jamie said, blushing slightly.

"Yeah, that's right Jamie, let them all know our secrets ...... Jeez !" I said, pretending despair.

At that point Harry managed to undo the waistband button and the fly of his jeans. He adjusted the lay of his cock in his trunks and then tried to button up again. He managed to do the bottom button but failed to do up the middle and top button, and struggled to redo the waistband button, eventually succeeding by breathing in as much as he could.

"Come on then, let's get on to the ride." Harry said "Nothing to see here any more."

"Glad you think so, Harry - that really is a proper boner - you're getting me hard now !" Mike said.

"Good - we can all have a laugh at someone else's expense then, not just me." Harry grinned.

"You love the attention, you tart, you know you do !" Mike laughed as he grabbed Harry in a bear hug from behind, started humping against his backside and grabbed his bulge and squeezed and rubbed it. It was then that it started raining.

It was a light drizzle at first but then it started to hammer down really heavily. We were all soaked through again within a few moments, the rain was so heavy the drops actually hurt as they bounced off my head, but it felt great in a rather strange way, like having someone continuously poke you all over with their stiff fingers everywhere at once. We made a run for it and splashed along for the shelter of the trees getting wetter and wetter as we ran.

It took several minutes to arrive at the muddy ride, and we were all breathless from the run. We watched the rain drops hitting the mud and when it started to ease Harry pushed Mike straight in to the mud and they splashed down together in a tangle of arms and legs. Jamie and me jumped in after them and we all wrestled around, rubbing mud over each other's clothes where they were not covered from falling in. Jamie was the first of us to stand up, the liquid mud poured off him and he wiped the mud from his face as best he could with muddy hands. His cargoes clung to him and revealed a full hard-on laying across his upper thigh, presumably the only place he could expand inside his trunks, as I was finding out for myself. I lay back and rubbed my own boner through my jeans, it felt amazing rubbing the mud through the mud-soaked nylon trunks under my jeans. I looked across at Harry and Mike and saw them doing the same.

Mike saw me watching him, "Have you and Jamie really played around with each other ? Have you two considered going further than just jacking off together ?" he asked.

"Yes and yes, but finally decided no." Jamie said before I could say anything.

"I've been jacked off by someone else and done it to them; it felt great doing it naked rather than just being fumbled with through wet clothes." Harry said.

"Who ?" Mike asked.

"You only ask 'cos you wish it were you ..............!" Harry laughed, reaching across and giving Mike's hand a squeeze as it rubbed his bulge "But I'm not telling you lot, it would be all around the school by Monday afternoon .............."

"So it was someone at school, then ?" I grinned.

"I didn't say that ......." Harry laughed.

After that Harry refused to say anything more, despite us repeatedly dunking him in the mud, stuffing mud inside his clothes, rubbing mud into his bulge through his half unbuttoned fly as we held him down, he was laughing so much I'm sure he wet himself in the end.

We got repeatedly muddy, wiped it off ourselves and jumped in again, time after time until we were too worn out to carry on. I was hard for all that time, every time I started to get soft, someone rubbed mud into my jeans again and I stiffened as hard as before. We were all in the same state and felt as horny when we called it a day and headed back to the house as when we had set off.

We stopped at the flooded dell on the way back to get a bit cleaned up. I swung out on the rope and as I swung back for a second push-off Harry made a grab at my jeans, ripping the remaining rear pocket. I splashed down into the water and then clambered out.

"Looks like those jeans are on the way out, Chris ........" Jamie said as he grabbed at the loose back pocket and tugged it hard, it came away with a ripping sound. After that it turned into a free-for-all for the other three, by the end of which, both tears at the knees had been extended from outside to inside leg seams, one of the front pockets had been ripped open and a worn-thin patch on the rear thigh had been torn open.

After that we set about Harry's old jeans and tore them apart as he struggled to stop us until he was left standing with just the waistband intact holding up the shredded legs. In the end he took them off and we proceeded home with him in just his swimming trunks and sweatshirt, having given the jeans a decent burial in a hole under an oak tree.

We hosed each other down back at the house and despite the cold water, we all still had enjoyably hard boners in our trunks when we jumped into the pool. We warmed up in the pool for half an hour or so before Jamie again complained that he was getting hungry and was ready for some lunch; I don't know what he does with all the food he consumes, it certainly doesn't show itself on his skinny frame, I think he must have worms or something !!

We ate lunch sitting in the pool area, just sandwiches and a beer, again still in our swimming trunks.

"How long to finish off the project, do you reckon ?" Harry asked.

"Couple of hours, max." Jamie said "How are you getting on with composing it all to look good, Chris ?"

"Depends how much new info you and Harry come up with." I replied "I think we have enough now to make a really good job of it - I mean we could go on forever if you keep coming up with more research stuff - but I think it's time to call a halt. If we do, Mike and me can finish it off in a less than a couple of hours, I'm sure."

"But that means we won't have anything more to do. Are you happy with that ?" Harry asked.

"Of course, we had nothing to do at the start whilst you were researching." Mike said.

When we finished lunch, Mike and me went up to the study and got on with the project, having changed into fresh jeans and tees, we left Harry and Jamie to clear up the lunch things and amuse themselves whilst we worked. After an hour we reckoned that we were finished. I wanted to put copies on to the others' laptops but didn't know the password for Harry's screen-saver so went down to ask him. I found him and Jamie laying on one of the loungers with hands down each other's trunks ...................... can't leave them alone for a minute, can you ? I coughed loudly as I walked in.

"Hope this is not a critical moment" I laughed "I just need your password, Harry, to put a copy on to your laptop."

"OK, it's "cock and bull" separate words !" Harry said "Now just go away !"

So I left them to it.

"Don't go down for a few minutes, Mike, they are rather distracted at the moment." I said when I got back to our study.

"Really, doing what exactly ?" Mike grinned.

"Let's just say their hands are rather busy in each other's trunks, I didn't hang around to see too much detail." I said.

"Okaaay, that's a surprise." Mike said "So what's Harry's password to get beyond his screen-saver ?"

"Cock and bull" I laughed.

"Wow, that boy's obsessed with sex .... who'd have thought." Mike said.

"No, "Cock and Bull" B - U - L - L not balls ......." I told him.

"Oh, right - I guess it better sums up his standard of work also !" Mike grinned.

I finished copying the file to their laptops and sat back in my chair.

"That's it, finished .............. until they decide to change it all." I said.

"So what do we do now if we can't go downstairs ?" Mike asked.

"You suggest something .................."

"What about the same as the others - I'm still feeling really horny !" Mike laughed.

So we went through to my bedroom and made a start on getting intimate. Mike didn't need any encouragement from me, his hands were all over my crotch as soon as we hit the bed and he quickly pushed one of mine inside his jeans as well. Considering Mike claimed this to be his first time being jacked off by someone else he took his time before he shot his load. He had a slightly different approach to the task in hand than Jamie and the variety was a very stimulating change for me. We had just finished the essential part of the exercise and were enjoying the aftermath when I heard Jamie and Harry coming into the study. We tidied ourselves up and tried not to look too guilty - why should we need to, I thought - as we went back into the study.

Harry and Jamie had changed into jeans and tees and as soon as we entered the room, started asking questions about the project.

"Take the time to read it through and we can talk about any changes afterwards." I told them hurriedly "Right now I am going back into the pool ........... last one in the pool gets supper ready !" I called as I rushed out the door and down the stairs. I could hear the others chasing after me, but I was the first to take a running dive into the pool. I think I got the timing just right managing to get everyone back in the pool before Jamie or Harry had noticed the wet patches on our jeans !

Jamie was the last one in the pool so was delegated to get supper.

"That's OK, I don't mind cooking ......." Jamie said.

"Cooking ?" Harry scoffed "you've only got to put the casserole on the plates ! That's not cooking ............ even I can do that !" for which comment Jamie ducked him under the water repeatedly until he apologised.

I felt good being back in the water in jeans and shirts rather than trunks. Harry was lamenting the fact that he had got his only remaining clothes soaked now that his old jeans had been destroyed. Mike said he still had another pair of jeans and a tee-shirt in his bag. We spent the time until supper in the pool just splashing around and doing silly things whilst jumping off the springboard and diving board. Harry managed to perfect his back flip from a standing start and then started on trying to do one with two complete rolls off the diving board. He's a better gymnast than any of the rest of us and enjoys it. I can do a bad back flip, an even worse front flip and a reasonable cartwheel, but can't get the hang of anything else, I just can't work out what I need to do with which muscles to achieve it, a sort of mental block I guess.

Late on in the afternoon it started pouring with rain again, the same really heavy downpour that we had experienced earlier, and to my surprise Jamie opened the roof and we swam around in the pool with the rain pouring down around us - raining indoors !

After supper we played computer games and watched some TV. We sat up until the early hours just chatting and taking the odd dip in the pool as we finished a couple of dad's cheaper bottles of wine. We finally went to bed soon after 2 a.m.

Both our bedrooms have two double beds in so Harry shared Jamie's room and Mike mine. I was woken at about 6 by Mike asking if I was awake - excellent logic !

"Am I awake ?" I asked "Bloody am now, thank you !"

"I've been laying here for the last hour feeling horny and hoping I might not disturb you if I .................. you know." Mike whispered.

"I doubt you would have woken me .............. unless of course you get particularly grunty or start screaming in ecstasy. You don't do you ?" I laughed.

"I didn't yesterday ................" Mike said.

He climbed into my bed and I helped him out until he came in his pyjama shorts and then he did me the same favour. We adjourned to the shower to clean up and then fell back into bed in our wet shorts and dozed off again until Jamie and Harry came in ready for our morning swim wearing their swimming trunks.

(To be continued)

Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend

Posted by wetchas on October 03, 2016 at 13:42:05

In Reply to: A quiet, but hard, weekend posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 03, 2016 at 12:18:34:

Wow. Just when this forum was beginning to get predictable, you four come along and take it to a new level.
Brilliant account of what seems like a brilliant weekend. There's nothing better than being brought to a climax by another hand, be it male or female. I think I've said before I am ot gay, but some of the best sexual experiences I have had have been with a really good male friend. Thanks again for sharing, looking forward to part two.
Incidentally, did you hear about the guy who got on the bus with no money?
The conductor tossed him off at the next stop.
Cheers for now.

A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 03, 2016 at 20:24:18

Mike and me changed into our swim trunks and joined the others down in the pool. It was a bright sunny day and it was lovely swimming our lengths in the sun. We had breakfast again in our trunks and the conversation again got rather bawdy as remarks were made about the activities we had got up to yesterday and during the night. It seems that it was not just Mike and me who had had some fun with each other, Harry claimed to be feeling rather sore in unmentionable places and suggested we take it easier than yesterday.

"I'm not surprised you feel sore after wearing those tight jeans yesterday, that can't have been good for your bits and bobs." Mike laughed.

"About that, I was thinking I ought to get some more jeans ....... some that actually fit nicely ........ does anyone else fancy a walk into town and a bit of shopping." Harry asked.

"Yeah, we could do that. And then come back and help you break them in out in the mud." Jamie suggested.

"I suppose the shops will be open." Harry said.

"Of course" Jamie said "and I think that chap with the clothing stall is under the market hall on Sundays as well. His stuff is always good value - I got my favourite cargoes from him - and they last well with repeated muddings."

So when we had finished breakfast, we changed into jeans, sweatshirts and trainers and walked into town, no point taking a car on Sunday morning as the town is always busy on a Sunday and the car-park gets full quite early. Jamie was right about the guy with the stall, he was just setting up and putting out his stock as we arrived.

"Looking for anything it particular, young sirs ?" he asked as we stopped by the stall.

"Just some jeans for me." Harry said "Straight not tapered, not too slim-fit, dark blue without any fading or distressing, please."

"OK - you'd be a size 29 in. waist and 32 in. leg, I guess ?" he asked looking Harry up and down.

"Yes, about that I think." Harry replied "Can you measure me, I forget what size these jeans are."

"Of course" he replied pulling a tape measure from his pocket "Can you just lift your sweatshirt - that's it ............. does that feel tighter than you like ?"

"No, that's fine, I wear jeans a bit lower on my hips though, like these are." Harry said.

"OK, the jeans are measured at the waist whether they sit lower or not when you wear them. Let's do the inside leg now. Just move your feet apart a bit more - good, do you prefer them tighter under the crotch - lots of guys seem to these days ?"

"No, that's why I need new jeans, my others are nut crackers." Harry laughed.

"You were right about the waist size - you're a 28.5 inches - and inside leg 31.5 in." he replied "I'll make a note on this business card for future reference for you. Now, let's see what I've got that fits your size ............." and he started moving boxes and sorting through the contents. "Have a look on that hanging rail by the checked shirts - you'll find some I've already put out. They'll be 30in waist and 32 leg probably."

Harry looked through the rail and pulled out a pair and held them up.

"What do you think of these, guys ?" Harry asked us. They were slightly distressed and not dark blue.

"Thought you wanted a dark blue and no distressing." Mike said "Turn them around, let's see the back." They were even more faded on the seat and upper thighs.

"OK, see what you mean." Harry said putting them back.

"These might suit you best, young man." the stall holder said "Nice dark colour and no fading, quite the opposite in fact. They are a straight fit, slightly loose around the waist and thighs, but these are a loose 28in waist so should fit you well."

Harry went over and had a look. We gathered around. The jeans were certainly a very dark blue and had a slightly shiny finish to the denim.

"These are a coated denim" the stall holder explained "slightly water repellent, and are a heavier weight denim than most. Wear them for a couple of months before washing and they will stay looking pretty much like this forever. They won't shrink to any significant degree, but won't stretch much with wear."

"Great, I'll take them. They'll be a bit different to anything else I have." Harry said "Any chance of trying them on."

"Yes, sure, hop in the back of my van and just pull the door across." the guy said.

When Harry emerged, the jeans looked a perfect fit. "OK if I keep them on now ?" he asked.

"Sure, turn round and I'll remove the label." the stall holder replied "These are just the right size. I've got some leather belts here that would look good with them, brown or black or even a coloured canvas one for some added style."

"A black one would look good, let's have a look." Harry said. He settled on a grey and red woven fabric belt. He paid for the items, even getting a discount and being given a bag for his other jeans.

We took a while wandering round the shops on the way home but didn't buy anything.

"Is the chemist open ?" Harry asked.

"Yes, looks like it." Mike said "Do you want some advice on after-shave ? That stuff you're wearing really stinks, you know."

"Oh thanks ! Nice to know who your friends are ....... no, I'll go alone for the stuff I want." Harry replied.

"Watch out, guys, Harry wants some condoms !" Mike laughed.

"Why go in there, Harry, don't you buy that stuff on line ?" I asked.

"Never thought of that." Harry said looking confused.

"Why wouldn't you ?" Jamie asked "Who wants to ask the young lady behind the counter, or worse still Robbie's mother, she's the pharmacist you know."

"Really, she served me last time, I didn't really look at her !" Harry said looking appalled.

"Do an order when we get home, I'll show you the site we use, numpty !" I said.

We had a coffee when we got home and then Jamie suggested we go out into the woods again. We all agreed and whilst I put the coffee mugs in the dishwasher, the others threw Harry into the pool, new jeans and all. He was just clambering out as I got back to the pool area. His new jeans were wet certainly, but not soaked through like normal, they looked like you could just brush the water off.

"If we are going to get muddy now" Harry said "I going to take off my undies and go commando - just to see what these new jeans feel like properly."

"Good idea, think I'll do the same." Mike said.

So we all headed to the shower room and did the same. I love the feel of my old Levis against my skin, so I changed to the same jeans I had worn yesterday amid comments such "Are we all agreed we destroy Chris' jeans properly this time ?", "You intend walking back naked do you ?", "Can't you stop yourself poking out of that hole ?" and "Oh God, I can see his arse as well !" which I tried to ignore, just responding with the traditional British two-fingered salute of appreciation ........

So, when we headed out to the woods, Harry was wearing his new dark blue jeans and a grey sweatshirt over a white tee and blue and white trainers. Mike was wearing faded blue Diesel jeans, a blue and green check flannel shirt over a black tee and black trainers. I wore my old 501s (probably for the last time), a green sweatshirt over a long yellow tee (forward planning !) and green canvas shoes. Jamie wore stone cotton jeans, a grey sweatshirt with red sleeves over a red tee and grey trainers.

Harry was already tenting out his new jeans as we walked along the track. The chatter turned to the best ways to get hard when the little guy was not cooperating.

"I was reading the bit on SunSexSea" Jamie volunteered "about using ice cubes and thin fabric clothing. I think that might work for me - I just know it would for Chris with his predilection for getting cold and wet."

"I find that just relaxing and thinking of other things for a bit does it for me." Mike said "Oh, yes, and being nice and warm in my bed, under the duvet."

"Ever tried just running the very tips of your fingers ever so lightly across the hairs on your balls ? That gets me really hard really quick, and I like to be nice and warm in bed as well." Harry said.

"Yeah, does it for me too." Jamie laughed "Mind you, jacking off into a pair of wet jeans is great too."

"Just pouring some cold water on the tip of my cock and letting it trickle over my balls does it for me." I said.

"Trouble with doing that is you end up laying in wet bed clothes for the rest of the night !" Mike said.

"I only do it early in the morning, no worse than laying on sticky sheets after jacking off before you fall asleep." I said.

"I tend to only jack-off in the morning" Harry said "I don't know about you lot, but I tend to wake up with a giant boner - and it's literally shouting in my brain for some attention, it is so intense sometimes that I'd swear I actually heard a voice and that that was what woke me up."

"Yeah, I know that feeling, it really can be intense." Mike said "I like to fall asleep as I stroke my shaft even when I don't go all the way."

"Does anyone else find the most comforting position to fall asleep is when you have fingers cupped around your balls ?" I asked.

"Yeah - or someone else's of course !" Jamie added.

"I wonder what girls do ? Do they feel the same about their genitals as we guys do ?" Harry asked.

"Don't worry Harry" Jamie joked "one day you'll find a girl blind enough to go to bed with you, and you can ask her just that - probably just before you both reach retirement age !"

Harry attacked Jamie as he finished speaking and they ended up rolling around in a muddy puddle on the track. After that we went to the flooded dell and spent a while splashing around in the water there as we jumped in, or swung out on the rope and fell in, Mike and Harry were asking more details about the ice-cube thing so Jamie said he show them when we got back to the house.

We went to the swamp area after that and made sure to get Harry and his new jeans thoroughly soaked in mud, they still looked great and Harry was obviously enjoying it as well judging from the bulge in his crotch.

I suggested that we walk down the stream to get back to the house and the others all agreed. We spent the entire walk trying to trip each other up into the deeper bits of water or making fun of the boners that we all had when the water was less than knee deep. The water was cold, which just made me harder, but the others were pleased when we got to the plank bridge and the footpath that lead back to the house. And by then we were all clean and my jeans were still intact - result !

I didn't get away with it for long as the others ripped them off me as we stood under the hot showers. We ended up in dry jeans and tees and had lunch at the table by the pool. I showed the others the article on SunSexSea and they were all keen to try it out. Jamie and me looked out some nylon football shorts and nylon tee-shirts and after lunch we went up to my bedroom, pushed the two beds together and threw some bath towels over the sheets, putting the duvets to one side. I turned the heating up, drew the blinds and switched the lights down low. We waited for a while in the study watching videos on YouTube whilst the room warmed up. I was getting a boner just thinking about what we were about to do.

I won't go into any great detail as, to be honest, once we got going with the ice cubes and what was happening to each other under those shorts and tees, I was so focused on what I was feeling and was happening to me, that I didn't take that much notice of what the others were doing other than when I was the one doing it. I can honestly say it was the most intense and, oddly, rather beautiful sexual thing I have had happen to me or that I have done to some else in my, admittedly, very short sex life. And that includes clumsily losing my virginity with Mari.

We were all a bit speechless after that and there was a satisfying silence between us all as we ate supper before Harry and Mike headed home. As I said, a quiet, but hard, time was had by all.

Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2

Posted by wetchas on October 04, 2016 at 08:42:12

In Reply to: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2 posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 03, 2016 at 20:24:18:

Wow. Thanks for sharing that with us. It combines five of my favourite things. Christening new clothes, football kits, putting things down your pants, destruction of old clothing, and mutual masterbation.
What a weekend.
Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2

Posted by Jack on October 04, 2016 at 12:13:57

In Reply to: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2 posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 03, 2016 at 20:24:18:

Great story. Love the bit about going into the chemist. When I was starting to buy that sort of stuff the internet wasn't really around for shopping as it is today. So embarrassing going into the chemist, the assistant always looked at the box, and however discreet I was trying to be (just hand over the money and leave, definitely no eye contact) would ask in a loud voice "Sure you don't need the larger size of condom, son ?" or shout out across the shop "Mavis, what's the price of these standard condoms, box of 12 - this box has no price on." Thank goodness for the internet now.

My girlfriend and me have tried the ice cube thing when we were on holiday in Greece last year, it was so hot and the seaside town we were staying in was overrun with refugees and beggars - not the best atmosphere for a summer holiday - so we spent most of out time in the hotel room, grounds and around the pool. It was very stimulating and brings a whole dimension to foreplay. I can highly recommend experimenting with it a bit.

Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend

Posted by Jack on October 04, 2016 at 16:16:03

In Reply to: A quiet, but hard, weekend posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 03, 2016 at 12:18:34:

Well, you guys certainly know how to enjoy yourselves. I had a few experiences with male friends in secluded places or at home alone like that, but never for a whole weekend. I think the sight of unembarrassed friends (anyone ! - to be honest) with boners can be one of the most erotic things I know. I really like girls and wouldn't consider myself gay, but girls just can't display their excitement in such an obvious way, and we men seem to be aroused by visual stimuli rather more than anything else. Anyway thanks for posting and for making so amusing as well as arousing.

Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2

Posted by Chris on October 04, 2016 at 19:48:50

In Reply to: Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2 posted by Jack on October 04, 2016 at 12:13:57:

Glad to hear you liked it. Harry is a good friend and actually very bright, but he just doesn't have a clue about making life easier for himself. He'd never even thought that he might be able to buy condoms and lube on-line. He's been going through the ordeal of buying those items at the local chemist for as long as he's needed them, and getting furiously embarrassed about it every time (you'd have thought our friend's mum, the pharmacist, who knows him well would have taken pity and been more discreet, but no, she's like the shop assistant you told us about).

We did have another funny moment when placing his order on-line as he wasn't sure what size to buy, so he asked us all what we use, so we ended up putting the order on hold and then when things got interesting with the ice-cubes, Jamie produced a tape measure and then measured us all at an appropriate moment, both length and girth, so that he had a comparison. We were all laughing so much after that. I won't embarrass the others by saying who came out largest .......... hell, why not give you a hint - it wasn't Mike or Jamie or even Harry himself ! I'm feeling a bit smug now ...................

Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on October 05, 2016 at 22:20:38

In Reply to: Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2 posted by Jack on October 05, 2016 at 20:17:39:

Harry doesn't have the note of everyone's dimensions, just his own (as do Chris and Mike), but I guess there's no harm in giving that info out. 18 cm length and 13.8cm girth. As Harry, and others, have pointed it is not an easy thing to get accurate measurements when everyone is laughing so much or concentrating on trying the maintain the optimum configuration. This is the last I shall say on the matter.

Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2

Posted by Jack on October 06, 2016 at 14:19:12

In Reply to: Re: A quiet, but hard, weekend - part 2 posted by Jamie (and Chris) on October 05, 2016 at 22:20:38:

Interesting that you are the only one to know all the details of everyone else, are they happy about that ? Maybe it is the sensible policy if you want everyone to remain friends.......

Given that Harry noted that there was barely a 1 cm difference in length between any of you, it seems that you are all above the UK average !

Frustrated Mudding

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 12, 2016 at 18:51:25

[Feeling a bit irritated today, so apologies about the first part of this. It gets more on topic later.]

I shouldn't say this really as I know dad loves us dearly, but I was hoping that the week after next, being half-term, we'd be able to spend a bit of time together as a family - mum, dad and me. When we lived in the US I got to see him almost everyday, with the exception of odd weeks when he had to be away on business maybe three or four times a year. Now we get to be together for maybe two days in a week as he stays over in Germany, comes home Friday evening and returns early on Monday, but he's normally working for at least one of those days, tucked away in his study.

Dad had hinted that the three of us might go away for a few days but last night (Tuesday) as he was leaving to return to work, he announced that he had a company conference to go to, with mum, and that the guy who took over from him in the US would also be going. It seems that this guy has two sons and no-one to leave them with for the week back home as he and his wife would both be going to the conference, like my parents. So my dear Father has arranged that the boys stay here and suggested that Jamie and me might like to take them on for the week, Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime. Jamie's parents have already agreed to this arrangement. Great - a half term of baby-sitting two boys we don't know !

I'm trying to look on the bright side, but does work have to come first every single time ? I'm trying to find out a bit more about these boys but mum has only met the father once and has heard that the wife is an eccentric religious fundamentalist and the sole heiress to a family fortune made in canned meats ! Makes you wonder what the boys might be like...........

Anyway, last night I vented my frustration by going out for a run and getting as wet and muddy as I could. I wore my new favourite Levi 501s (having wrecked the older ones) which are getting to be nice and worn and have faded a bit but still look quite dark. I teamed them with a red tee-shirt and a dark blue Superdry zipped hoodie and some old trainers. It was dry when I set off and just beginning to get chilly as dusk settled in.

I headed to the flooded dell and swung out on the rope before splashing down, it felt great as the water soaked through my clothes, I was getting hard already before I got to the dell, but this just completed the process. I got out of the water in the dell by clambering along the fallen tree trunk and ran on towards the muddy ride, enjoying the feel of my hard-on and balls rubbing and bouncing against the wet denim. The hoodie felt awesome when I pulled it up over my head and zipped it up fully, I could feel the water draining out of the bottom and further soaking my jeans as I ran.

The muddy ride looked eerie with the last of the daylight shining on the ruffled surfaces of the mud and the walls of trees and undergrowth either side now largely black to the eye. I decided to try and run along the length - inspired by some funny videos on YouTube of the mud runs that kids and teens do at mud trucking events - and started well until one leg got stuck and I fell backwards whilst trying to pull it out. I sat down with a splat and could feel the mud soaking into the seat of my jeans and back of my thighs. I eventually managed to pull both legs free by laying back on the mud and kicking and lifting my legs in turn. That was tiring. I rolled onto my front and started gently humping the mud, using one hand to rub, squeeze and stroke myself and the other to smooth mud over my butt, squishing the mud inside the back pockets. It didn't take long to feel that great tingly feeling deep in my groin and I continued until I had come twice in quick succession, enjoying the resulting warm mess mixing in with the mud in my jeans as I rubbed and stroked myself more.

I relaxed a bit after that and just lay in the mud on my back idly rubbing the soft mud into my jeans over my thighs and groin and into my stomach and chest through the tee-shirt under my open hoodie. I was just piling more mud on myself when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and turned my head to see a fox watching me from a grassy hummock just about six feet away. He was beautiful in the fading light, I could just make out the reddish colour of his coat and the fading light glinting on his eyes. We stayed stock still for several minutes, just staring at each other, and then he turned and trotted off into the undergrowth. I have never been so close to a wild fox before.

I continued along the ride and ended up splashing down in the more liquid stuff at the field end. I rolled around in it several times until I could feel it seeping inside my clothes and running over my bare skin. I dunked my head under very briefly and ended up coughing and spluttering as some went up my nose. I rolled around a bit more and then decided to try something different. I stood up, dropped my jeans to my ankles, pulled off the hoodie and tee-shirt and splashed back down into the liquid mud again. Wow, that was a first ! I rolled around until I was completely covered from ankles to chin, then stood up and pulled my clothes back on after giving them another dunking. I've been muddy before, but never like this. I needed another quick wank, which felt great covered everywhere in slippery mud. It felt awesome at the time, but not quite so comfortable a bit later when the excitement had worn off. Ah well, you live and learn - and it was nothing that a quick very thorough wash in the clear, cold water of the stream couldn't put right, ha ha ! Who knew mud could lodge in that particular place ?

After my wash in the stream, I waded along it until I reached the makeshift plank bridge where the footpath crosses leading back to the house. Walking along the stream I'd fallen in so many times as the bottom level changed because I couldn't see my footing in the darkness, that I was almost clean of mud. I sat on the planks with my feet dangling in the water as the water drained out of my clothes. I love that feeling and was soon hard again but shivering with the chill so headed uphill along the footpath to the house.

Walking along I was feeling really contented (in that nice way you do after a bit of self-abuse !) and even the prospect of the strange boys staying with us over half-term didn't feel so bad. Hell, we might even convert them to the joys of getting wet and muddy.

Re: Frustrated Mudding

Posted by Jamie on October 12, 2016 at 20:01:21

In Reply to: Frustrated Mudding posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 12, 2016 at 18:51:25:

Aaaahhh - so that was what you went out to do...........

My dad has had an e-mail from these lads' father, a guy call Marshall, thanking us for agreeing to host his sons, Marshall Jnr. and Grant, which dad has copied to me. They are identical twins, 17.5 years old, are both vegetarian but will eat fish (there's a name for that, can't remember what). He says they will ensure the boys have enough clothes not to need laundry doing, so no worries about that for mum, not that it would concern her. That was about all he said apart from fulsome thanks and that they are looking forward to meeting us all. No picture attached, so we will have to wait until we meet them to see how identical they are in reality.

Re: Frustrated Mudding

Posted by Jack on October 12, 2016 at 22:07:26

In Reply to: Frustrated Mudding posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 12, 2016 at 18:51:25:

Nicely written, really like your use of words in some of the descriptive passages (set my imagination into overdrive a couple of times) ....... I think I need a bit of "me time" now .......

Thanks for posting, must dash.

Re: Frustrated Mudding

Posted by wetchas on October 13, 2016 at 09:22:45

In Reply to: Re: Frustrated Mudding posted by Jamie on October 12, 2016 at 20:01:21:

Great story oh tattooed one, nicely written. I would love to seen that fox.
Bit of a bummer about those lads coming, and you not going away for a few days. On the surface it sounds as if they could be hard work, religious fundamentalist, nearly vegetarian, (ironic that the family fortune was made selling canned meat) and identical twins as well. Still, it might not be all bad.
Hopefully not eh.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Frustrated Mudding

Posted by Ben on October 13, 2016 at 17:06:07

In Reply to: Frustrated Mudding posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 12, 2016 at 18:51:25:

The first thing you need to do is get the twins interested in fully clothed swmming (if they aren't already). Somehow I don't think the 'won't need laundry doing' bit will not actually be true. Have fun.

Half-term guests arrive

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 25, 2016 at 09:05:39

Today the twins, Marshall and Grant, were due to arrive at about lunchtime with dad's colleague and his wife. We had our usual morning swim with uncle Dan and my dad and then sat down to breakfast after showering and changing. Dad and mum had already got their luggage packed and ready to go. We had just finished clearing away the breakfast things and Jamie's dad had gone off to work when the 'phone rang and dad found his colleague Marshall on the other end. They had had a better flight than expected with strong tailwinds and the company plane had just landed, they were putting the boy's luggage in the waiting car and expected to be with us within the hour. The plan had been that they would arrive just before lunch, we would all have some lunch and then Marshall and his wife and my parents would return to the plane for their onward flight to Zurich, the nearest airport to the conference venue.

When they arrived at the house they made a striking group.

Marshall Snr., father, was wearing dark blue denim jeans, brown leather boots, a hefty brown belt with a big silver buckle, a white shirt with a button-down collar and a bootlace tie fastened at the throat with a horned bulls head fastener, a brown suede jacket and a creamy white broad-brimmed hat. He was at least 6 feet 4 inches tall in his boots. When he took his hat off in greeting, he revealed a thick mop of curly grey hair, matched by thick grey eyebrows and a similar coloured droopy moustache. He was tanned, had a big smile and gleaming grey-green eyes.

His wife, who we learned was called Hermione, was a slim woman, 5 feet 4 inches maybe, a severe thin hatchet face, a prominent nose and thin straight lips over a sharp pointy chin. She had eyes that looked dark and mean and were constantly moving - watching for prey, Jamie whispered to me - as she watched every move that her husband and sons made. She had dark hair pulled straight back and tied into an elaborately woven bun, probably her only hint at vanity. She was dressed like a nun in a black skirt that hung to within an inch of her ankles, topped by a pleated black blouse decorated with tiny black jet beads. It had a ruffled neck that reached up to her chin.

The boys, Marshall Jnr. and Grant, were tall, slim, with their father's happy looking face, but in place of his grey hair, theirs' was a dark rich auburn that glowed in the watery sun as they approached the front door. They had pale skin, freckles across their cheeks and nose, greener eyes than their dad, and were smiling broadly. They were dressed alike in tan chinos, leather loafers, one in a plain pale yellow shirt and the other in a pale green one, ties and smart brown tweed jackets.

"Hi, Greg, great to see you again. This is quite some place you have here." Marshall greeted dad in a booming voice as he looked up at the house "Let me introduce my wife, Hermione, and my boys, Marshall - we call him Junior to avoid confusion - and Grant. This is very kind of you to take them on for the week - they are well house-trained so no worries there I hope ...... eh, boys ?"

"Marshall ! How dare you .........." Hermione interjected before dad could answer "Delighted to meet you, Greg, I can assure you MY boys will be perfect guests, they have been raised in God and will do Him credit ........... or I'll want to know why !" she finished staring icily at the boys in turn.

"Well, whatever .......... you're all most welcome. This is my wife Pam, my sister-in-law Mary - who will be in charge whilst we're all away - my nephew Jamie and last but not least, this reprobate is Chris my son and heir." dad finished as he ruffled my hair - I so hate that; it didn't work for me when I was 5 or 6 years old, and is even worse now I am taller than him and he has to reach up to do it !

After all the introductions were over - and I could tell that Hermione was not amused by dad's introduction - we went indoors. Dad asked me to let the driver know when to come back to collect them all - a nice guy, called Hugh, he's the one assigned to dad as his regular whenever he needs one - and I grabbed the boys' bags and took them inside.

We all settled down in the living room in our part of the house and Jamie helped me get coffees or other drinks for everyone. Surprise, surprise, Hermione did not drink coffee, "just hot water with a slice of lemon, please", (I was sorely tempted to ask her if simply the lemon would be preferable) and she then promptly ordered the same for Junior and Grant, to their obvious disappointment.

After a while chatting and finding out a bit about each other, Jamie and his mum went off to sort out lunch, having got the OK that fish was alright for everyone. The twins were happy answering questions but didn't offer much on their own without prompting by Hermione. Her speech was full of references to God, His bounty and goodness and how blessed she and her family were through His munificence.

Eventually Marshall broke the log-jam of conversation by asking dad about the house and I latched onto that by suggesting that Dad show Marshall and Hermione around whilst I showed the twins their rooms for the week.

I took the twins back through the main hallway / dining room (or "No-Man's Land" as we all call it as it is not part of either of our homes) found Jamie and aunt Pam in their kitchen and asked which rooms the twins were to use.

"I thought the two rooms next to Jamie's, they can use the bathroom between them. Unless of course they want to risk sharing your rooms." Pam said "What do you do at home, boys ?"

"We share a room, we always have. We can chat and listen to music or whatever." Grant said "I guess it's a bit of a twin thing."

"Take your choice then - both these two have two big double beds in their rooms so you'd be quite comfortable - just depends if you can put up with their snoring !" Pam said. "All their friends sleep in their rooms if they stay over."

"We'll show you around, make up your minds once you've seen the rooms." Jamie said "Where are your bags ?"

"By the front door." I said "I'll go grab them."
We went upstairs and showed the twins the two spare rooms and bathroom and then went through to Jamie's room, the adjoining study and then my room. Their immediate reaction was that if we were OK with it, they'd like to bed down in our rooms so we agreed on doing that. Jamie ended up with Marshall in his room and Grant will be with me.

We asked what their home was like back in New York. Seems they live in a two-storey penthouse apartment in a residential block that their mother owns. It has six bedrooms, large living rooms, a rooftop terrace with a view to Central Park a block away. They also have a live-in cook, house-keeper and butler, who live in the apartment below them.

The twins unpacked their bags and, as we had both anticipated, they had more of the same clothes they were wearing - not a single pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, sweatshirt or trainers in sight. Marshall explained that they were not allowed to buy such things, mainly because they never had occasion to wear them as far as their mother was concerned. I asked if they played any sports.

"We play basketball for a local neighbourhood team, all sons of the undeserving rich - just like us !" Grant said, grinning.

"Grant ! That's not fair ....." Marshall said.

"Yes it is, and you know it as well." Grant said "Our dad is the only one who actually has a job and works for a living. All the others live off family fortunes or trust funds and none of our friends is expected to have to get a job after going to university. They may do something worthwhile, like charity work, but only because they will be bored."

"You obviously feel strongly about this." I said "What do you both want to do ?"

"Software developer and engineer - that's the future." Grant said.

"And you, Marshall ?"Jamie asked.

"Possibly that as well, we have access to enough money to do an innovative start-up project if we can come up with a good original idea or find a person who has one who needs backing and help." Marshall said.

"Wow, that sounds interesting ......... !" I said.

"We have to get to university first and make a success of that." Grant said "How about you two, what plans do you have for the future ?"

"Possibly take up a trade and work with our uncle's building company." I said "His company did all the work on this house. Finish unpacking and we'll show you around."

"Great, sounds interesting." Grant said.

"By the way, do you guys swim ?" Jamie asked.

"We do - everyday in fact. There's a gym and pool in the basement at home, so we go every morning first thing before our tutors arrive, none of the other residents ever seem to use it." Marshall said.

"Don't suppose you packed any swimwear ?" I asked.

"No - didn't know you had a pool. Can we borrow some shorts ?" Grant asked.

"Of course you can, we have a bin full for friends and visitors, we'll start our tour at the pool if you like and you can bag a pair you like the look of." I replied.

With that we went downstairs to the pool area where we found dad and the twins' parents.

"Hi guys, found your rooms OK ?" Marshall Snr. boomed from across the pool "This is some swell place, have you had a look around yet ?"

"Not yet, we're just starting the tour here. We're sharing rooms with Jamie and Chris; they've got some great rooms and a huge study, a really awesome place." Grant said.

"They don't realise how lucky they are .............." my dad laughed.

"Yes we do, you know that !" I protested.

"I should start charging you rent and housekeeping then, what do you think ?" dad said putting an arm round my shoulders.

"I think you should be paying me for the pleasure of my company" I replied "it wouldn't cost you much, you're not home often enough to benefit !"

Then he pushed me in the pool !

When I surfaced, I shook the water out of my hair, spraying it around in an arc, and trod water. "What was that for ?" I asked.

"Just to remind you of the unexpected fun you can have when I AM around." dad laughed "You better get into some dry clothes, lunch is ready, I think."

Jamie and the twins were grinning and Marshall was laughing aloud. Hermione looked on in clear disapproval, her lips pursed and a frown on her forehead.

I swam to the side, clambered out and stood dripping for a moment or two. My dark blue cotton jeans were shiny and clung tightly, as did my blue and white check long sleeved shirt, I felt myself getting hard. Marshall Snr. was telling everyone how he always used to swim in his jeans as a poor kid growing up in Texas. Hermione's frown just deepened.

As they all headed for the dining room, dad called back "Shorts and a tee will be fine if you've got no jeans down here, Chris."

I changed as quickly as I could, I had no jeans downstairs at the moment so pulled on a pair of bright green and white floral board-shorts and a yellow tee-shirt and a pair of flip-flops. Everyone was just sitting down at the table when I got to the dining room, I sat down opposite Grant. Jamie and his mum were serving up plates of food which I recognised as a favourite of mine, a spicy crab and salmon kedgeree served hot, with a refreshingly cold peppered yoghurt and grated carrot side dish.

Everyone was chattering whilst the plates were put in front of us and we were just about to tuck in when Hermione's sharp voice chimed in with "Let us say Grace", so we all stopped what we were doing and waited. By the time her oration to the bounty of God, His mercy in giving us food whilst we ("personally" was implied) allowed others in the world to starve and suffer etc. etc. was ended, the food was almost cold. She forked a mouthful of food into her mouth, and I'll swear a flicker of triumph crossed her face as she realised that fact.

Marshall tried to cover up his own and the twins embarrassment by telling stories of his childhood in rural Texas as his family tried to scrape a living off a small-holding. He was the middle of five sons. It was interesting listening to him and watching his wife's disapproval as he told of his poverty-stricken upbringing. It obviously didn't chime with her vision of how the man she had married should be viewed.

"I wore my clothes for swimming and so on" Marshall said "because I simply didn't have any others. I had one pair of newish hand-me-down jeans and a couple of shirts for school, and one pair of old jeans and a few old shirts for the rest of the time. I didn't get myself any swim-shorts until I got to university and started using the pool there with some mates. Money was always very tight."

"So why didn't you allow us to grow up like that ?" Grant asked "You know, experience some of those same things."

"Don't be silly, Grant" Hermione answered sharply "You live in respectable society in New York being raised in the Lord's way, not in the wilds of rural Texas. We have a position to maintain, you have a responsibility to your wider family to uphold that."

So that was the end of that conversation.

Jamie's mum asked Hermione what her background was and we got a brief resume; strictly God-fearing upbringing by a nanny, seldom seen parents, a convent school run by nuns, the death of her parents when she was sixteen, living with her grandparents, university to read theology and philosophy, meeting Marshall and getting married. Summed up as a deeply fulfilled life blessed by the Good Lord and two obedient boys who were a credit and example to her beliefs and of her style of up-bringing respectively. No mention of love.

The rest of lunch was a sombre affair and we were all glad when the driver arrived to take them all to the airfield. I wished mum and dad a nice time in Zurich and hoped they'd enjoy themselves a bit, I got a grimace from mum in return and a whispered "Your dad's lucky he'll be in sessions all day, I'll be stuck with that woman ..........".

When they had gone, Jamie's mum asked us to all clear away lunch things as she was due to meet a friend in town.

"Maggie wants an outfit and hat for her daughter's wedding, I'm helping her choose. We will probably go on to Cheltenham and stay for a bit, maybe see a film. Your dad will be late tonight, 10 p.m. he said. See you later, have a fun afternoon." and with that she was out the door.

We cleared away the lunch things, a novel experience for the twins as they were used to having servants around. After that we went to find some swimwear for the twins.

Marshall had grabbed a couple of pairs of Speedos from the bin for them to try, despite his brother's protests.

"Let's try these, we may end up liking them." Marshall said handing a navy pair to Grant and holding onto a red pair for himself.

We made a move to leave them alone, but Marshall suggested we stay and give an honest opinion about how well the Speedos fitted. Grant pulled on his trunks first, tucking himself into the pouch and pulling the elastic around the legs into a comfortable position. The navy blue trunks fitted him perfectly. He smoothed a hand over his bulge and across his buttocks.

"Despite what I said, these feel fine, do they look OK ?" he asked.

"Fine, not too revealing." Jamie replied.

"Good." Grant said looking at his brother "How about you, Junior ?"

"Yes, guess so." Marshall replied, adjusting the red trunks he had chosen "If they fit you nicely, they'll fit me well too. In case you're wondering, we ARE identical twins in all respects."

"Really ?" I asked looking between the two of them. As well as that bulge, they were completely identical as far as I could see, same slim build, same longish arms, broad shoulders, narrow hips, flat bellies, same red body hair in the same places, same hairline shape on their necks.

"Yes, really. We measured last year, silly I know but you do don't you at some stage ?" Grant said "I bet you two have as well."

"You guess right." I said "So what is it like looking at yourself walking away, running around, sitting across the room, standing naked in front of you ?"

"Perfectly normal to us !" Grant laughed.

"It does freak out some people." Marshall added "We do have a bit of a laugh sometimes trying to fool people that we are the other one, but that got a bit boring by the time we were nine or ten."

"Maybe we'll make more of an effort to appear different when we get older, grow a beard, certainly dress differently. But that is not possible at the moment without making life difficult and unpleasant. We'll be eighteen soon and things will change then."

"Right, I see .................... when is your birthday ?" I asked.

"January 1st." Marshall grinned "easy to remember ............."

"You better go jump in the pool and see if you still like those Speedos when they get wet." Jamie suggested "We'll change and join you in a moment."

They ran off and we heard them jump in with a loud whoop ! I pulled off my tee and shorts and grabbed my blue Speedos, "Better show solidarity I guess."

Jamie found his yellow ones and pulled them on.

We spent the next hour or more splashing around in the pool and then Jamie suggested we go out and show the twins the grounds before it started getting dusky or too chilly.

I suggested that they borrow some jeans, sweatshirts and trainers as it might get muddy. They agreed and we went up to our rooms to find some things. I pulled on the jeans I had been wearing when dad had pushed me in the pool, which were still wet. I found a pair of olive green cotton jeans and a slightly too big red Levi sweatshirt for Marshall and Chris gave Grant some old Levi jeans and a grey sweatshirt.

(To be continued.........)

Re: Half-term guests arrive

Posted by wetchas on October 26, 2016 at 08:42:19

In Reply to: Half-term guests arrive posted by Chris (and Jamie) on October 25, 2016 at 09:05:39:

Welcome back. I was beginning to think you had left us, but I guess you have been busy with school work and such.
A warm English welcome to the twins as well. Actually, as they brought no swimwear with them it makes you wonder if they had been tipped off. I certainly wouldn't bring any if I was coming to you. Don't think it would see much use.
Their Mother sounds a bit like mine was. All this religion is all very well, but it can go to far. Do the twins subscribe to it, or just go along with it because they have to.
It's strange that their Dad is so normal, but they can't be. Normally Dad's like thier lads to be smaller versions of them. Obviously the poor man has had little or no say in this case.
I enjoyed Harry's account of the swimming lessons. Presumably he is enjoying himself in the Lake District now. If you get time and chance can you give me a brief account of the last lesson. Did you play any games.
Enjoy yourselves. Looking forward to the next episode, and thanks for posting.
Cheers. Charlie.

1st day with Marshall and Grant

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on October 26, 2016 at 09:53:44

The transformation of Marshall and Grant from two smart young men into two normal teenagers was complete when they slipped trainers on their feet and stood upright again in their borrowed jeans and sweatshirts. They looked good in jeans and sweatshirts, which fitted them surprisingly well and showed off their physique. Their thick rich red hair was still damp from swimming and they had simply brushed it straight back with their fingers rather than styling it as it had been before.

"Are we all set then ?" Chris asked.

"Let's go !" Marshall said "I could do with a breath of fresh air and a bit of a walk. The countryside around here looked lovely as we drove through. The driver did tell us what it is called, but I forget."

"It's the Cotswolds" I explained, telling them bit about it's history.

"So how old is this house ?" Marshall asked.

"It's Victorian, Gothic in style, although only what the Victorians thought Gothic should look like, a rather romantic and idealised view. There's a carving above the front door giving a date, 1864 or thereabouts, I think."

"So, apart from your two families, does anyone else live in this place - it looks huge." Grant asked.

"Cousin Tom lives in a flat above the garages overlooking the pool" I said "and his parents are soon to move into a flat in the attics. Eventually my grandparents will move into a flat created from some of the outbuildings and Chris' grandparents may do the same, but that's all a few years away as yet. Who knows, we may both have our own places here eventually, there's lots of space that could be converted."

"Must be strange living in an extended family like that."Marshall said as we walked towards the woods "Dad has four brothers in Texas, but we only ever see any of them if they come to New York; mother refuses to go to Texas, says it's too hot. Mother is an only child so no uncles or aunts on that side of the family."

"That will change soon." Grant said "Father is planning some big things once we turn 18. Great-grandfather's will says that if mother and father ever divorce or separate, Mother's inheritance will skip a generation and come to us. Once we are 18 and we can make our own decision about which parent we want to remain with should they go their separate ways. He has a house in Boston and we want to go to university there, he wants to separate and go there to live."

"You'll be very wealthy young men, I suppose." I said.

"Yeah, guess so - mother says the inheritance is worth some $650m roughly, but no-one knows for sure; great-grandfather has always been very secretive on that matter." Marshall said.

"How old is he, your great-grandfather ?" Chris asked.

"88 or 89, I think. I know he is coming up to his 90th birthday soon." Marshall said "He's a fit old man and very active, he'll make his century everybody says."

"Does he live in New York?" I asked.

"Yes, in a big old house, a lovely old place full of antique furniture. He has an army of servants, he likes us to visit every month, the second Saturday, and he's funny and tells great stories of the old days and the war. He won't let mother visit when we do, he says she puts a damper on his enthusiasm for naughty stories about his misspent youth - he tells some very risque stories, like you wouldn't believe."

By now we had reached the swamp area and Chris showed the twins how deep it was by jumping into the deepest part and splashing across to the far side, clambering out covered in mud to just above his waist.

"Come on, give it a go guys - nothing like getting muddy in your clothes !" Chris called.

"Really ?" Grant asked, looking down at the swamp "Looks filthy."

"Not for me, I'll pass on this I think" Marshall said "Don't want to ruin these clothes of yours."

"Those jeans you're wearing have been in here, and much worse, many times before - they'll be fine - as will that sweatshirt and you ........." Chris called "you are waterproof you know !"

Grant laughed and looked at his brother, then jumped in and waded across. He was caught out by the change in levels and fell forward as he tripped and when he stood up he was soaked and covered in mud to his shoulders. After that he just splashed on and clambered out to stand next to Chris, who shook his hand and clapped him on the shoulder.

"Not so bad, was it ?" Chris asked Grant.

"No, fine once you are in - quite fun actually !" Grant said wiping the mud off his chest and shaking his hands.

"I can see how much you are enjoying it from here !" Marshall called "That's not necessary, you know, Grant !"

Grant blushed and looked down at himself, "Sorry, guys. Give me a minute." he said as he turned away.

"Don't apologise" Chris said "we'll all be like that by the time we get finished out here - happens every time to me and Jamie, just enjoy."

Nothing we said would persuade Marshall to try the swamp, so we moved on to the muddy ditch crawl. It had dried out a bit so was not completely awash as usual, Chris went first then Grant followed him, Marshall said he'd give it a go and got down on his knees before crawling forward gingerly, I brought up the rear. By the time we reached the end of the ditch Marshall was muddy and wet all down his front and grinning from ear to ear.

We went on to the wobbly stepping-stone logs and it didn't take more than a few of them before Marshall, who had suggested it looked easy, had fallen off into the sloppy mud getting completely soaked and covered as he sank below the surface head first. To his credit he was laughing as he stood up and shook the water out of his hair, his green cotton jeans looked almost black now and clung tightly and the water poured out of his red sweatshirt, making his jeans look even shinier. He looked to be enjoying it all now as much as his brother had earlier.

Grant barely made it as far as his brother before Marshall waded across and pulled him off the log he was on, dragging him under as they fell backwards. I think they really were happy to be wet and muddy now ...........

We continued on to the muddy ride and raced each other along its length before splashing down in the sloppy mud at the far end, breathless and laughing at the sight of each other caked in the mud from head to toe. Grant leaned back against the bank at the side and I noticed his hand busy under the mud. Marshall was sitting up in the mud looking around at us as we rested.

"Happy with being muddy now, Junior ?" Grant called across as he stood up.

"Yes, it's more fun than I could ever have imagined. You know who'd really enjoy this ?" Marshall asked.

"Father ?" Grant said "It would take him back to that childhood he keeps referring to."

"How could we arrange that - mother would object of course." Marshall observed "As she always does ................."

"Could you get her to take part as well ?" I asked.

"You are kidding of course !!" Grant laughed.

"Seriously, I have never seen her look happy except when she is extolling the virtues and blessings that the Lord has bestowed on her." Marshall said.

"I take it that you two don't share that enthusiasm ?" I asked.

"Too right !" Grant exclaimed "I guess we did until we were eight or nine, but then, for some reason, mother became more evangelical and tried more and more to force her views on everyone around her. She decided we needed to be home-schooled by tutors that only she approved of, also that we couldn't be trusted to choose our own friends - or anything else really - and life became very restricted. Father just let her do it, for a quiet life I think, you've seen what she is like."

"So your dad has this plan to make drastic changes in a few months ?" I asked "Does your mum know that ?"

"Hell no !! Hope not anyway ..........." Marshall said "I think World War Three would have broken out by now if she did have any idea about it. Father just plans to take us with him on a trip to Boston to look around the university - that will be OK as great-grandfather is a generous donor, and she'll think it perfectly laudable for us to be given the opportunity to see what the family money has done."

"So you'll all go and then stay there ?" Chris asked.

"That's the plan." Grant said as he splashed over to where his brother was sitting, stooped to gather up an armful of mud and dumped it over his brother's head.

"Time out for the serious talk, brother !" Grant cried as Marshall struggled to his feet and chased after him.

Marshall rugby tackled his brother into the mud and started rubbing it all over him, inside his clothes, into his hair, across his chest, over his shoulders and back and finally into his crotch, as Grant struggled to stop him. They rolled around in the sloppy mud until they were both completely soaked. When they finally stood up and faced each other, it really wasn't possible to tell who was who. Both had boners tenting out the front of their jeans, which the coating of mud simply highlighted and made more obvious in every detail.

"Shall we make our way back to the house ? We can stop off on the way to wash off the worst of the mud and we'll hose each other down before we go indoors." Chris suggested "OK - or do you want a few moments to sort those out ...." he grinned, nodding towards their boners as he rubbed the bulge his own crotch.

"No worries, we can sort them out as we walk ......." one of them replied as the other nodded agreement.

The twins chattered animatedly as they walked, their hands busy brushing, squeezing and stroking the bulges in their jeans, the muddy fabric stretching and pulling across their bulges, moving the contents around as their legs move back and forth; when we reach the flooded dell the twins were first to jump in, splashing about energetically as they washed the mud off their jeans and sweatshirts, out of their hair and off their faces. They emerged dripping wet, boners gone and sit on a nearby tree trunk as Chris and me do the same to get clean. We then spend a while swinging out on the rope and dropping into the water, making the splashes as big as we could.

We arrived back at the old stable-yard still comfortably wet and had just got the hose out to finish cleaning up, when my mum drove in.

"Didn't take you long to get these lads wet." mum said "I suppose you got them muddy as well ?"

"Of course - they really didn't need much persuading !" Chris replied.

"Would you like a picture of the four of you, I can send it to your dad - he gave me his mobile number and an email in case of emergency ?" mum asked.

"Yes, why not - give him a surprise, he'll know not to show it to mother ..... she'd go bonkers ................." Grant said.

So we posed in a line, arms around each other's shoulders, as Chris held the hose pointing straight up so that the water rained over us all in a heavy spray. Mum took a few moments to work out how to take a picture on her mobile, by which time we were all dripping wet again.

"OK, I'll let you see these before I send the one you prefer. Whilst you're all already wet, perhaps you'd take the time to give my car a wash, it needs doing." mum said.

"Yeah, sure." I said "Leave the keys by the door and I'll put it away afterwards."

"No you won't - not whilst you're all wet !" mum protested.

"I can take these off before ........" I grinned, pulling at my wet clothes.

"NO, again - not naked in my car, thank you very much !" mum said as she locked the car and went indoors.

It didn't take long for the four of us to wash the car, but we did just keep getting wetter and wetter as we did so. I called a halt as Chris and the others tried to push the hose inside my jeans and turn it full on at the same time, ohh painful !

After that we showered in lovely hot water, changed into swim-shorts and jumped in the pool. Grant chose a pair of bright green and white check board-shorts that were maybe a bit too slim-fit, despite his slender frame, as they emphasised both his bulge up front and his butt cheeks behind. Marshall chose a pair in bright blue with ruby red flowers emblazoned across one leg, very smart.

"I like these shorts, far nicer than mine back home." Grant said.

"What's wrong with them ?" I asked.

"Mother insists we wear plain black shorts only, no logos or patterns, not too long or short and so on and so on." Grant said "That's the sort of control she likes to exert."

"You'll be glad to get away then ?" Chris asked.

"Can't wait !" Marshall said as we walked out to the pool.

We had been in the pool for a while when mum brought in tea and some cakes and we sat at the table and chatted about the twins' life in New York as we ate and mum showed us the pictures she had taken, a couple of which were pretty good. Chris suggested that we get one enlarged and framed to put on the wall in the pool area. We chose one between us and mum sent it to Marshall Snr. and we awaited the possible reaction - amusement or explosion !

Re: Half-term guests arrive

Posted by Chris on October 26, 2016 at 10:14:45

In Reply to: Re: Half-term guests arrive posted by wetchas on October 26, 2016 at 08:42:19:

Hi, Charlie, you are right we've been busy with school etc. and then we helped uncle Danny and aunt May with the final decorating of their apartment in the attic over the weekend before they move in on Friday.

Marshall and Grant seem like nice guys, but they and their father are rather under the thumb of Hermione in almost everyway. From what the boys say it seems their dad goes along with it as the line of least resistance, but as you will read in part two above (1st day with Marshall and Grant) they have plans. Their dad seems to concentrate on his work rather than get involved at home where the ghastly Hermione rules the roost !

It seems like they will be very wealthy young guys (or at least will be when their grandfather passes away) but they don't seem to know whether that involves actual money to spend or just ownership of shares in the family business, although that must involve an income I guess. Religion certainly has a lot to answer for in my view; it's fine in my opinion as long as it is not imposed on another person (which seems seldom) but each to their own.

Harry is in the Lake District at the moment, but has promised to write a bit about the last swim session. We did have some games that involved getting dressed and undressed in lots of clothes in between swimming across the pool, having buckets of water thrown over each other or jumping in off a diving board, but I'll let him tell you about it all.

Jamie has taken the twins into town to buy some jeans and shirts for themselves, so I have taken the chance to post his bit on the end of our first day with them and to write this. We got very muddy again yesterday, so I'll write that up in due course. Tomorrow we are all (including Jamie's parents) going to Bristol to do a bit of sightseeing and then on Friday the twins parents return with mine and they will be heading home late afternoon.

Re: 1st day with Marshall and Grant

Posted by wetchas on October 26, 2016 at 11:04:27

In Reply to: 1st day with Marshall and Grant posted by Jamie (and Chris) on October 26, 2016 at 09:53:44:

Definitely amusement I should think. Let's hope when they come back there is a bit of time before they. Maybe at least you can get Marshall Snr in the pool, if not the mud. Somehow I think getting Mother to take part is a step to far.
Just to let the twins know, they aren't the only ones that had that sort of upbringing. Although my upbringing wasn't as restrictive as theirs, I was expecting to dress well, attend Church, and be a good boy.
English mud, there's none finer.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Half-term guests arrive

Posted by Chris on October 27, 2016 at 09:16:10

In Reply to: Re: Half-term guests arrive posted by wetchas on October 27, 2016 at 08:25:17:

Wow, only two £ ! I'd have thousands if I'd been paid for all my wonderful ideas that have been ignored by my parents, family and friends ......................

We had thought about all being in the pool fully clothed when the twins parents return, we may try and do it. Yes it is odd that their dad wears jeans, apparently all the time as it is a Texan thing, and yet they are not allowed to.

Jamie and the twins came back with a couple of pairs of jeans, tees, sweatshirts and trainers plus some boxer-briefs and socks for each of them. Jamie said they eventually went to Gloucester to do the shopping as the guy with the market stall was not there. Seems the twins each have a debit card (with a limit of $10,000 per transaction) which is paid for by their dad - must remember to ask my dad for something similar when he gets home, ha ha - so they could spend money on clothes if they wanted to, but maybe the resultant hassle from their mother would be too much trouble.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the morning when they got back in the pool in their new clothes, getting them nicely broken in; they had a (very obviously) great time both in the pool and in the showers on a couple of occasions in between. After lunch we went out and got them really muddy. Will write it up in due course as we are about to head off to Bristol now.

Tuesday with Marshall and Grant

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on November 04, 2016 at 15:59:15

Sorry for the delay in posting this, we seem to have been rather busy with the rest of the half-term week and then back at school this week. Anyway this is the second day (Tuesday last week) with our guests, they seem to be taking to getting wet and muddy like real enthusiasts .....

Tuesday morning I was woken by the sound of Marshall moving around in his bed across my room. I looked across and saw him in the throes of jacking off under the sheet, his eyes closed and a grimace of determination on his face as he lay on his side humping against the mattress. I felt myself getting hard as I watched and moved a hand under the sheet and inside my cotton shorts and started to stroke myself as I got harder and harder. Marshall gasped and obviously came as he relaxed suddenly and opened his eyes as he breathed heavily and stopped moving. He then saw me watching him.

"Sorry, couldn't resist the temptation." he grinned "Haven't done this for ages, it feels so good after so long."

"That's OK." I said "I usually have a go most mornings, and I know Chris does as well - I often hear his bed creaking away if the doors are open across the study - we sometimes join each other for some joint fun."

"Really ? We've watched each other, of course, as we share a room but always under the sheets with no contact." Marshall said, looking excited.

"I'll be ready for a shower in a minute ............. when I've finished here and we can ..................... well, just see what happens." I said as I rubbed harder and then shot my load.

I pulled the sheets off and got up to go to the shower, I heard Marshall follow me and I stepped into the cubicle and switched on the water as he followed me. He was wearing a pair of black boxers and they looked slimy and wet and gleaming across the front even before he stepped under the water flow. I rubbed his cock through his wet boxers and he rubbed me, I felt him get hard and I started to do so as well, we rubbed and squeezed, I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and started to rub up and down slowing as I reached his cockhead, he groaned and then stopped touching me before pulling his boxers down and letting them drop to his ankles. It only took a few more moments before he gasped and shuddered and shot his load all across my hand and shorts. We finished showering by washing with shower gel and then washed our hair. Marshall's head of lustrous red hair came out curly when dried and looked quite different to the smoothly sculpted and gelled version we had seen before.

"That looks much nicer than before, why don't you wear it like that all the time ?" I asked.

"Mother thinks it looks untidy like this - dad's hair was like this before he turned grey, but then he married her !" Marshall laughed "We have some photos of him as a young man and we both look just like him ....... and his father and grandfather too, come to that."

With that we pulled on our swimming trunks and went down to the pool where we found dad, Grant and Chris already in the pool and waiting for us before starting our morning exercise.

After our exercise we changed into jeans and sweatshirts and had breakfast, dad went off to work and we spent some time introducing Marshall and Grant to some computer games, although I'm not to sure they really enjoyed them as it was all so new and different to how they used computers.

"I can't be doing this any more" Grant said after an hour "it is so alien to what I know, I just don't see the point. Anybody else want to go outside now that the sun has come out - a splash around in that stream or the mud seems just the thing to me right now."

"OK, fine by me." I said "What about you, Marshall ?"

"Sounds good to me." Marshall said "I can't get the hang of these games any more than Grant. It looks nice outside at the moment, might as well make the most of the sun."

We all went downstairs and found mum just getting ready to go out.

"I was just going to come up and tell you I was going out." mum said "Not sure what time I'll be back - Amanda has just phoned to ask if I can help out at the charity shop as she has had a couple of no-shows. Help yourselves to whatever you can find in the 'fridge for lunch ...... the fish pie is for supper, so don't touch that !"

"OK - have fun at the shop, we'll see you later." I said.

We went out in the clothes we were wearing. Chris in his new-ish favourite 501s that were getting nicely faded gradually, a dark blue sweatshirt over a white tee, some old trainers and dark blue socks. Marshall was in a pair of my old pale washed denim Diesel jeans, a grey tee with a dark red sweatshirt over, a pair of Nike trainers of mine and some light blue socks and pale blue and white striped boxer-briefs. Grant was in a pair of Chris' 501s, a green sweatshirt over a yellow tee, old Adidas trainers of Chris' and green socks and boxer-briefs. I was wearing my brick-red 501s (which I had rather forgotten about before finding them again whilst looking for clothes that Marshall and Grant could borrow), a dark blue sweatshirt over a white tee, some old trainers and maroon socks and boxer-briefs.

We walked towards the woods and then Grant suggested that we go first to the flooded dell as he felt like getting a good soaking first, so we did that. Grant was the first to use the rope swing and he swung back and forth a few times before finally dropping into the water making as big a splash as he could by spreading his arms and legs out as he hit the water. Spectacular. He swam to the fallen tree trunk and clambered onto it and sat and watched us each take turns at swinging out and splashing in. Marshall joined his brother and they sat dripping with their feet a few inches above the water. Grant's jeans had turned a dark blue and clung to his legs, his green sweatshirt was shiny wet and hung loosely off his arms and shoulders with the weight of wetness. When we swum over to them they both got up and stood momentarily before jumping back in to the water. We spent about half an hour just jumping in, splashing around, swinging on the rope and splashing down. The water was chilly and despite the sunshine most of the dell was in shade because of the surrounding trees, so after we had been there for half an hour we all decided to move on and find a sunnier spot for our fun, it was OK when we were moving around and being active but as soon as we sat down for a breather it suddenly felt chilly.

"I think I prefer getting wet in these jeans with underwear on" Marshall said as we walked along towards the muddy ride "I've had a hard-on pushing against them since I first jumped in, it feels great being slightly restrained."

"It's warmer too." Grant said "I find wet denim has a chilly feel to it, although I do like the feel of denim against me."

"It feels warmer as your body heat warms the water nearest your skin." Chris said "It's like wearing a wetsuit, but not so effective. The tee does the same for your upper body. The mud will probably be warmer than the water was."

"At least we'll be in the sun there." I observed.

I was right, the whole of the ride was in sunlight. We headed straight to the far end where the mud was more liquid and Grant ran ahead and jumped straight in, splashing down on his backside and he was sitting up to his chest in it when we caught up with him. We splashed in to where he was sitting and when he stood up the liquid mud poured off him and splashed into the knee-deep mud in which we were standing. His jeans and sweatshirt were now mid-brown from his chest downwards.

"Give me a hand guys, will you ?" Marshall said looking at Chris and me "Grab Grant's arms and hold him steady ...................." so we did as asked.

"What the hell ?" Grant asked.

"Just an added extra to make this experience a bit more fun for you, brother." Marshall laughed as he approached his brother and unbuckled his belt, then his jeans and dropped his jeans into the mud. Marshall scooped up a handful of mud and stuffed it down the from of Grant's boxer-briefs, which were soaking wet but not yet mud soaked. He followed it with a second and third handful as Grant squirmed and protested to no avail. Marshall finished by letting the elastic waistband snap back and patted his brother's muddy bulge. He bent down and pushed the jeans below the surface of the mud ensuring they filled with the liquid mud before pulling them up and doing up the fly, kneading his knuckles into his brother's bulge as he did so.

"Careful !" Grant exclaimed "Careful !"

"Sorry, did that hurt ?" Marshall asked.

"No - but do it again and you're in danger of giving me another hard-on ...... or worse !" Grant grinned.

"That's alright then." Marshall laughed as he buckled up the belt and stood back to admire his handy work. Mud was leaking between the buttons of the fly and when Marshall gave Grant's crotch a rub and squeeze even more mud escaped from his waistband.

"Enjoying the added mud ?" Marshall asked.

"Very much thanks - but I will still get you back for this some time soon, be in no doubt !" Grant said "Let me go now, guys."

Grant started throwing mud around at that stage and we all joined in until we were all really muddy, even if not as soaked as Grant who seemed to revel in falling over and getting as covered as he could. Everyone's clothes were patchily muddy and still wet from our dip in the dell - if you have never had someone thrust a couple of handfuls of mud into your hair on the top of your head and rub it in down over your ears and forehead, you should try it as it is very liberating ............

When we had had enough of getting muddy we headed home via the stream and walked along it until we emerged down the slope from the house. I think we all fell over a couple of times at least as the stream bed changed level, but Grant was pushed over and under the water more times by the rest of us just because he was the muddiest, and by the time we clambered out of the water and walked up the slope to the house, we were all pretty much clean, but feeling chilly. We went straight in to the showers and washed off the final bits of mud under some nice hot water, which felt great. After that we jumped in the pool and spent the rest of the morning in there - still in our jeans, underwear, tees and sweatshirts.

I left the others in the pool when lunchtime came around and went and changed into some dry clothes before making some sandwiches and getting beers for us all, which we ate sitting by the pool in our wet clothes - yes, me as well as Chris pushed me in again when I had got all the food ready. We spent the rest of the afternoon around and in the pool until mum got home, when we showered and changed into dry clothes and watched some TV as we ate tea. The twins obviously have a good education as they seemed able to answer almost all of the questions on mum's favourite TV show, Eggheads, even before the options came up.

Later on Marshall asked if we would take them out to buy some jeans and sweatshirts of their own, So we agreed we would do that in the morning.

Re: Tuesday with Marshall and Grant

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Hi lads. Thanks for posting in so much detail. I realise it must be difficult to find the time, with all your homework and such like. Such lengthy and detailed posts must take a while to put together, especially when I am the only one who seems to be answering them, so thanks.
Its all been a bit quiet on here, and on Wackywet too. Guess that's because it's winter, not good now for outdoor fun, unless of course you like the cold.
Thanks anyway. Cheers. Charlie.

The rest of half-term getting wet

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on November 08, 2016 at 20:09:36

On Wednesday I took Marshall and Grant into town in the hope of getting them some jeans and other clothes of their own that they could get wet and muddy with impunity. Unfortunately the guy with the market stall that we have used before was not there so we ended up driving up to Cheltenham. We ended up getting Grant some stuff at Gap (a pair of denim jeans, a couple of tees and a sweatshirt) and Marshall a sweatshirt and a tee also. We moved on to Next where they both bought one pair jeans and a sweatshirt each and some trainers. We finished in House of Fraser where Marshall bought a pair of 501s and they both bought some socks and underwear. A good morning's work. When we got home they both went and changed into some of their new gear and we had lunch.

Over lunch my mum suggested that we might like to make ourselves useful by washing all the cars. Mine, Chris', his parents' two cars, uncle Danny and aunt May's cars now that they were living upstairs. Marshall was keen as he likes cars apparently and hadn't seen most of the cars we have, in the metal so to speak. He was particularly taken with aunt May's Mini Countryman, which in my view is just plain ugly and too big to be called a "Mini".

Marshall was wearing his jeans from Next (dark blue loose fit), a Next sweatshirt (grey with black and white stripes like armbands) over a grey tee, also from Next, and the new Nike trainers he had bought.

Grant wore his Gap jeans, a green sweatshirt with GAP in big letters across the front over a dark blue tee, and his Adidas trainers.

We vacuumed out the inside of each car first and then the fun started when we started to wash them. It didn't take long for Chris to empty half a bucket of soapy water over me rather than the car I was busy washing. I retaliated by soaking his back with the hose as he ran away. Grant was next, Marshall tipped a bucket full of cold water over him as he squatted down washing the wheels of my car. After that it was pretty much a free for all as we washed each car and by the time we had finished Chris' little Zoe we were all soaked to the skin and dripping wet. I finished Grant off with a bucket of soap suds that turned his clothes briefly white.

"Wow, that feels great." Grant laughed as he rubbed his hands across his thighs and rubbed the suds into the denim. Marshall stepped across to his brother and wiped a hand across his brother's sweatshirt before rubbing the suds into his hair.

Chris filled another bucket with water and soap and squeezed a sponge in the mix to make more suds.

"Here's a bucketful of your own, Marshall !" Chris said as he emptied it over the two of them as they stood next to each other. Chris picked up the sponge and started washing them both down just like you do cleaning a car, they were both laughing so much that they didn't even object and it was very obvious that they were both enjoying the experience, particularly when Chris got to their wet jeans and upper legs. I rinsed them off with the hose and we then leathered off the cars before going off to get a hot shower as we were all feeling a bit chilly by then.

We dumped all our wet clothes in the dryer and pulled on swim-shorts and spent the rest of the day in the pool until my dad got home and we had supper. Dad had bought home a hire car, a Mercedes people carrier, for our trip to Bristol the next day as fitting six of us into one of our cars was not possible.

We had a great day in Bristol, visiting the usual attractions of the SS Great Britain, the Clifton Suspension Bridge etc. etc. and had a nice meal in the evening before returning home. Marshall and Grant were fascinated by the history of the place, all enhanced by some decent weather.

On Friday, we were expecting Chris' and the boys' parents back at about lunchtime and the plan was that they would stay for lunch and then fly out back to New York, with a planned take-off time of about 6pm. The twins packed their bags after breakfast and to our surprise they packed their smart normal clothes and wore the new jeans, sweatshirts, tees and trainers that they had got wet yesterday when we washed the cars. Their jeans had faded slightly after the application of all the soap suds and their first time through the washing machine. Neither of them had styled their hair to its previously straight slicked back style so they looked quite different with thick curly hair, jeans, sweatshirts and trainers than when their parents had last seen them. I think we all wondered what their mother would make of the make-over, but the twins themselves seemed quite at ease.

We were in our study when the parents got home from their flight. We went downstairs and found them all in the sitting room in Chris' part of the house. Marshall Snr. greeted his sons with enthusiasm, not saying a word about their appearance. Hermione was a different matter. She looked them up and down and pursed her lips even more than their usual position.

"Where did you get those clothes ?" she barked before even saying hello to them.

"We bought them, mum." Grant said "Seemed daft to ruin our normal stuff during our stay here."

"Mother - you know I don't think mum is proper ! And just what have you been doing that you might have ruined your clothes." she asked.

"Out and about in the woods, exploring the country-side, washing cars, the things that Jamie and Chris do everyday." Grant said.

"I see - we'll talk about this later, but go and get changed now !" Hermione barked.

"No - we'll stay as we are, thanks. If YOU have more to say, then say it now." Grant said.

"How dare you !" Hermione hissed "You'll do as I say now ..........."

"Sorry, mum, but those days are over - you give us some respect as individuals and we'll give you the love and respect due as our mum, but the days of you dictating every move we make and every detail of our lives are over. We are nearly eighteen years old, not eight. We have likes and dislikes of our own and one of the dislikes is the religious fanaticism you have forced on us. Just accept that and we'll continue to get on well as mum and sons. And before you ask, we still believe in God, just not the same interpretation of Him that you do, so your teachings have not been entirely in vain. We will continue our lives as normal teenagers, we'll dress as our contemporaries do and do some of the things they do rather than live by your strictures. That is all I have to say except I still love you and hope that you love me and Marshall enough to let us have some independence."

Hermione's face drained of what little colour it had, but then she rallied slightly, smiled (I think) and looked at her husband, who looked almost as shocked as she was.

"I ............ I ............. I've been thinking this day might come soon ........ indeed, I knew it would eventually in my heart but I thought I could put it off and keep you boys all to myself .......... but I see that was just a dream, a fantasy. Everything I've done has been for your well-being and good living in the Lord. If this new path is what you want, then I know my up-bringing and the Lord's influence have brought you to it, so, as I believe in His power and love, I have to give you my blessing. I'll go to my room now, I feel tired after our journey ...... come Marshall !"

And with that she swept out of the room, quickly followed by Marshall Snr. The rest of us looked at one another in stunned silence for a few moments until Junior asked uncle Greg how the conference had gone.

"Very well, I think, thanks. Your dad gave a great speech on the future of genetically targeted drugs tailored to each and every individual patient. He's suddenly made himself the company expert on that, in just one speech." Greg said "Although I have to say it had rather less impact than your brother's considerably shorter speech just now ......"

"I just thought it was time to grasp the nettle - sorry it happened in front of everyone !" Grant said.

"Don't worry about it - it might have been worse in private." Greg said "I should say that you'll not be going home until tomorrow afternoon. There was a problem with the 'plane as we were making our final approach and it has to be investigated before the plane can fly again, something to do with a warning light and some low hydraulic pressure. As a result the crew will now need a lay-over tonight, the captain will call us tomorrow with a revised take-off time."

"So, are we eating at lunch-time still or this evening ?" I asked.

"Let's see what Marshall says, Hermione might rather rest for a bit and eat later." my mum said "I've got some sea bass fillets, so I've not started anything as yet."

So we waited until Marshall reappeared.

"Well, Grant, that was a bit of a surprise. Did you plan that little outburst ......?" Marshall asked his son "Your mother is rather upset you know."

"Well, I'm truly sorry if she is, but it needed to be said." Grant replied "We're not kids any more ........... mum needs to let go a bit and leave us to lead our own lives. "

"I do agree with you, Grant, and your mother does, deep down, but she needs careful handling, to be let down carefully. She's always been highly strung." Marshall replied.

Eventually we all agreed that lunch should be a snack and that we'd have the fish in the evening, so we all sat and chatted as we ate sandwiches. Grant suggested that they show their dad around the woods. I think he was hoping they might get him wet or muddy, and uncle Greg caught on and suggested that we all join them and share the delights of getting muddy or wet as well. So we got Marshall Snr. to divest himself of his smartest bits of clothing and then all went out into the woods, Chris, uncle Greg, Marshall, Greg, Junior and me.

Uncle Greg had slipped on a pair of trainers and pulled on a sweatshirt of Chris' over his tee-shirt. He had already been wearing his comfy old jeans for travelling - he'd got all this stuff wet and muddy before, many times.

Greg and Junior led the way and we headed straight to the muddy ride and we chatted and joked as we went. Marshall was funny and kept telling jokes about his times as a kid in Texas. When we arrived at the ride, Grant jumped straight in and sank to his knees in the stuff. Grant led the way along the ride to the far end where it was all a lot more sloppy and wet. We were all muddy to our knees and above when we got there and Grant and Junior were the muddiest of us all having stopped and splashed mud over each other, Grant completed the process by rugby tackling his brother into the sloppy mud and they both sank in up to their necks as they struggled to their feet. Marshall was laughing his head off at the sight of them.

Uncle Greg pushed Chris over as Chris tried to tackle his dad and they both fell over, Greg on top of Chris so that when Chris finally got to his feet he had been completely ducked under and staggered about a bit, blinded, before he could wipe the mud from his eyes.

"Looks like your boy enjoys getting really muddy, Greg" Marshall called as he watched Chris "I guess that's as good a way as any to show it !" he laughed as Chris turned around to display a huge boner bulging out the front of his jeans.

"Yeah - he has no shame !" Greg laughed "Oh to be 18 again and just not care ........"

Grant and Junior gave their dad a huge bear hug from both front and back, so he was pretty much covered as well. Marshall retaliated by putting arms around them both and then falling backwards into the mud, taking them with him. By this stage I was the only who had not been totally covered, so I dived in face first and splashed down next to where Chris had sat down and was busy wiping the mud off his face and out of his ears and hair. I rolled over and then sat up and Chris and I watched Marshall and his sons splashed around just getting muddier and muddier, Uncle came over and joined us as he shook mud of his hands and wiped as much off himself as he could.
"At least this stuff is not as sticky as it is at the other end of the ride." he observed "Those three seem to be enjoying the experience."

"I wonder what their mother would say if she could see them." I mused "This morning's little conversation was a surprise, Grant said nothing to me about what he was going to say."

"Me neither - she seemed to take it better than I'd have expected given what they've told us about their situation at home." Chris said.

"Hermione was a bit of a nightmare at the conference - Marshall really didn't enjoy any of the social events when she was around - she put a damper on everything ...... bit like a small dark cloud hovering over our heads wherever we went." uncle Greg said "She wasn't any better on the wives' excursions either, only cheering up when they were shown around the local cathedral, and even then she railed against the overly ornate Gothic decoration, apparently. Maybe she'll change now the boys have given her an ultimatum."

"I think things will definitely change very soon ................" I said "We'll tell you later ....." I finished as Marshall and the boys came over to join us, they were all soaked through and brown from head to toe, hair and all. They were all grinning widely and it wasn't just both boys who were showing their enjoyment of the experience in the way that Chris had just minutes earlier.

"I've not had so much fun since I was 12 years old" Marshall boomed "What do you say boys ?" he asked as he pulled the boys closer to his side with his arms around their shoulders.

"That's a relief - I thought you might be angry !" Junior said.

"Look guys, if I'd had my way as you grew up this would have been normal." Marshall said "I'm sorry about your mother; I hope you'll understand one day when you're experienced in the ways of love and life. Things don't always pan out as promisingly as they start at first."

"Perhaps we should head back to the house and get cleaned up." uncle Greg said "We can hose each other down in the yard before having hot showers."

"Great - sounds good to me." Marshall boomed.

We walked back to the house. We must have made an interesting sight to any stranger, six guys all fully dressed but covered in mud from head to toe, clothing a uniform brown and clinging or flapping around as we moved. In addition we were apparently unconcerned about the mud as we were chatting and laughing animatedly as we walked. In fact we were so engrossed in ourselves that we didn't notice the two female figures approaching us as we got to about a hundred yards from the house and emerged from the woods into the open.

"Oh Hell !" Marshall muttered as he spotted Hermione and Chris' mum walking towards us.
"Courage, dad - what can she do ?" Grant said "It's only mud and water after all - we're dirty now, we'll be clean soon !" he laughed.

"Well, Marshall, what have you to say for yourself ?" Hermione demanded as she stood a few yards in front of us and looked her husband and sons up and down.

"It's only mud and water, dearest, we might be dirty now but we'll soon be nice and clean again." Marshall said "Just think back to how we first met ..........."

To our astonishment, Hermione smiled widely and took Marshall's muddy hand.

"Can we go for a walk ....... alone ?" she asked.

"Come on then - see you in a bit guys." Marshall said as they walked slowly back up the track to the woods.

Grant and Junior were stood open mouthed as they watched their parents walk away hand in hand.

"Right, let's go get clean !" uncle Greg said.

We hosed each other clean, showered in our clothes to get rid of the final traces, dumped our wet clothes in the dryer and pulled on swim-shorts before jumping in the pool. No one said anything about Marshall and Hermione, but I guess we were all wondering what was going on.

It was about an hour later that we heard Marshall and Hermione come back, she knocked on the door from the yard to the pool and when uncle Greg went to answer it, still in his wet swim-shorts, he found her smiling and laughing as she asked if it was right to just hose Marshall down in the yard. Greg pulled a tee shirt on and some flip-flops and went out to show them where everything was. He came back grinning.

"I've left them to it" Greg said when he came back "I said they could use the other door to get to the showers and help themselves to swimwear, I'm sure there's a ladies' one-piece in the lending bin that will fit."

"You mean mum intends to come swimming ?" Grant asked looking incredulous.

"So it seems. I better go and ask if mum's got a spare costume or two, they aren't too far off in size." Greg replied "Just to give her more choice."

Ten minutes later we heard Marshall and Hermione in the showers. Chris' mum took a couple of extra costumes in and moments later Marshall and Hermione appeared. Him in a pair of navy and white check swim-shorts and her in a one-piece costume in bottle green with a sort of frilly skirt around the hips.

Marshall and Grant just stared open-mouthed as they trod water.

"Shut your mouths boys, you might drown like that !" Marshall boomed.
"The water is beautifully warm, mum, you'll love it." Junior called out.

"I'm sure I will - don't stare Junior, people will think you rude." she laughed, a full deep laugh ringing out, rather beautiful.

Hermione looked around and headed straight for the diving board, climbed up, stood for a second on the edge and did a perfect looking swan-dive into the water before swimming the length of the pool underwater.

"Who is this ? What have you done with my mother ?" Grant hissed to his dad as she glided past him underwater.

"Your mother was swimming champ at her school as a girl. As you can see she still is ........" Marshall replied, grinning before jumping in and swimming to the end where his wife was just surfacing. They sat on the steps with the water lapping their chins and he kissed her.

Grant and Junior clapped and cheered.

"Thanks boys" Hermione said "It must be like riding a bike - you never forget how. I really should have kept up with swimming, particularly as we have a pool at home. So who else is going to show us how well they can dive ? Shall we have a bit of a competition ?"

We spent the rest of the afternoon having great fun diving in and Hermione started giving us tips on style and technique. As far as the competition went, we were all agreed that she beat everyone hands down. Seeing Hermione in the water and enjoying it so much encouraged my mum and Chris' to change and join in. When uncle Danny and aunt May got home they joined in as well and Hermione was the life and soul of the group. Eventually some of the parents got out of the pool and sat and watched with drinks and crisps and then we all, twelve of us, sat down to a very delicious supper of my favourite fish, sea bream. We had a great evening. I saw uncle Greg and Marshall chatting quietly in a corner at one stage for a few minutes, so hopefully we'll all find out what transformed Hermione's attitude, not that it's any of our business really, but it would be nice to know !

Grant and Marshall did tell us that their dad had said he wanted a family meeting on the 'plane as they flew home - "important matters to discuss, guys" - so things were obviously changing for the twins, and for the better by the evidence so far.

Re: The rest of half-term getting wet

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Great guys. I am sat here crying as I read this. What n unexpected end. Will comment more tomorrow when I have composed myself.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: The rest of half-term getting wet

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That was... astonishing! What a result! Well done, Jamie and Chris, for helping to make this happen, and for reporting it in such clear and involving detail. They will certainly have "important matters to discuss"... but what might this mean for the escape plan? Maybe they won't need it?

If I were religious I could be praying for them all - for love, acceptance and reconciliation to continue to win out after being lacking for so long.

Reading this thread is so much better for my nerves than staying up any longer for the currently agonisingly tense US Presidential election. I'm in the UK but this affects the whole world. By the time most readers read this, and once I've had some sleep, we'll have the result.

Whatever happens, stay wet and spread the joy whenever you find it! - Peter (wetjumper)

Re: The rest of half-term getting wet

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That's a bit of a turn-up for the books. Mind you, I had an aunt who took to religion after her husband died far too soon at 49. It gave her strength to carry on and cope with his loss and living a life for which she was totally unprepared as he had done everything from driving her around, paying the bills, running their joint bank account - she had never even had a debit card - so everything was new to her. She was pretty hard-line at first, like this lady, but eventually she believed that every upset or enforced change of plan was a 'test' from God to which she was obliged to adapt, so she did and eventually became a very pleasant but savvy lady. Maybe Hermione is going through similar 'tests' and will adapt to circumstances.

Love these stories, guys, and agree with Jack that you should be encouraged, so I, for one, will try and react and respond in future.

Re: The rest of half-term getting wet

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The swimming sessions for the new guys at school finished before half-term, so long gone now.

Jamie and Chris have been in touch with Marshall and Grant so I guess they will keep everyone informed in due course, but things have been a bit hectic at school since half-term and the pressure is on to get lots of work and projects finished by the end of term, I think we are feeling the need to up our game to 120% effort. It will only get worse this school year........... aaaaargh !

Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on November 10, 2016 at 10:56:25

After our enjoyable supper on the Friday evening after the twins' parents got back and the very surprising developments with Hermione, Jamie and me spent a while chatting with Marshall and Grant as they speculated about the reasons for their mother's changed attitude; they were mystified as they couldn't recall her ever being so carefree and affable, never mind apologetic.

Saturday morning everyone seemed to be having a bit of a sleep-in after the late evening and we didn't hear anyone up and about as we four went down to the pool for our morning swim. We were just finishing when Hermione appeared, fully dressed but in a smart skirt and blouse, quite unlike the severe long skirt and high-necked shirt she had worn previously. The skirt was a deep red and the hem was just about knee length, the blouse was white with a pretty floral pattern of different red flowers and had sleeves that were puffed at the shoulder and finished just above her elbows. She was wearing a gold necklace with a gold cross, oh, and bright red high-heel shoes. The really striking change was her hair, hanging loose across her shoulders and with a fringe across her forehead. Even I could see that she was quite pretty in a slightly prim way.

"Morning boys, everyone sleep well after the late night, I hope ?" she asked as Grant and Junior swam to the side and hauled themselves out.

Hermione sat on a chair, crossed her legs elegantly and leaned back.

"Don't let me stop you in the middle of your exercise." she said as Marshall grabbed a towel patted himself dry a bit and then leaned forward and kissed her, careful not to drip over her. Grant did the same and then they sat down.

"We were just finishing - your timing was perfect, mum." Grant said "And yes, we've slept real well whilst we've been here - it is so quiet after New York and all the city noises."

"Yes it is lovely, isn't it ?" Hermione agreed "You must love living here, boys, or would you rather see a bit more life around you ?" she asked Jamie and me as we climbed out of the pool and joined them.

"No, the city's not for me." Jamie said "I rather went off them after our accident." he laughed.

"Marshall told me about it at the time - are you fully recovered now ?"

"Yes, thanks" Jamie said lifting his leg "Apart from there being about three dozen bits of metalwork in here holding every single bone together."

"Must be fun going through airports !" Grant laughed.

"You were lucky it wasn't worse, I was told." Hermione said.

"We were." Jamie agreed "The truck driver died at the wheel before he hit us."

"And you, Chris, are you fully recovered ?" Hermione asked.

"Oh yes, thanks - I was only a bit bruised and battered, nothing that time couldn't remedy." I said "Mum had broken bones, but again she's fully recovered now."

"That's good." Hermione said "It must have been a traumatic experience for you all."

"It wasn't good at the time ............. I think Jamie and me will go and get dressed, if that's OK. See you in a bit. Come on Jamie, stir yourself." I said, getting up.

Luckily Jamie catches on quite quickly (despite appearances !) so it seemed perfectly natural, and not at all contrived, that we should leave Hermione and the twins together.

We went up to our rooms to change and bumped into uncle Dan and aunt Mary as we went through the hallway.

"Morning, boys." uncle Dan said "Sorry I missed our morning swim, were you on your own ?"

"Hi .......... no Marshall and Grant were with us. We were just going to get changed. Hermione and the boys are chatting by the pool, so we thought it best to leave them alone for a bit. You won't recognise Hermione !" Jamie said.

"Maybe we should just start getting breakfast ready and let them find us." aunt Mary said "We can eat here in the hall. You two can set the table when you've changed, please."

"Of course, we'll be down shortly then." Jamie said.

When we came downstairs again, we found my parents with Jamie's in the kitchen helping get breakfast and so we set about laying the table. Marshall Snr. was the next to appear and when we told him that his wife and sons were chatting by the pool he decided to let them be for a bit.

Just as we finished laying the table and putting cereals and marmalades on the table, Hermione and the twins appeared from the pool area. The boys had changed into jeans and tees and Junior had an arm around his mother's shoulder as they walked in with Grant a couple of paces behind. Our parents tried to conceal their surprise at the sight of Hermione and there was an awkward few moments as they said their "good mornings" and so on.

"And good morning to all of you. I was saying to the boys how lovely it is to sleep in such a peaceful place without the noise of traffic all night." Hermione said cheerfully "And to be able to see the stars clearly. Maybe we should think about moving to the country, Marshall, what do you think ?"

"And what would you do all day without your meetings and charity committees to occupy you ?" Marshall smiled "To say nothing about the church ........ you'd be so bored."

"Well maybe just get a place in the country for the weekends, that would be the best of both worlds." Hermione said.

"I do like your blouse, Hermione, those colours suit you so well !" my mum said, changing the subject.

"Why, thank you. I haven't worn it for ages, I just had the maid pack it on a whim, after all you can never tell what is suitable attire at these conferences."

"This little lady has always been pretty when she doesn't wear black - this is the Hermione I knew when we were courting - so you can see why I was so smitten, can't you ?" Marshall boomed as he leaned forward and kissed his wife. The twins looked on in amazement.

After breakfast dad got a 'phone call from the 'plane captain to say that repairs were under way and that he had a take-off slot booked for 5:10pm subject to successful testing on completion of the repairs, so he planned to call again at 2:00pm to confirm.

Mum and aunt Mary suggested that they take Hermione to Cheltenham for a trip around the shops, so they headed off there.

"Would you mind if I used your pool again, Greg ?" Marshall asked "I could do with a bit of relaxation after the conference, I do find them hard work sometimes. And I need to think things through before the flight home."

"Of course you can. Let's go find you some swim-shorts." dad said.

So we all went through to the pool, Marshall stopped by the pool and started to speak.

"This really is a wonderful facility ........ you know boys, we should do a bit of work on the pool at home ..................." he started, but then the twins rushed him and they all ended up in the pool "................ maybe a few murals and some brighter paintwork, I was going to say !" Marshall laughed when he surfaced.

He and the boys started play-fighting, ducking each other, splashing around and pulling each other off the side when they tried to climb out. We couldn't let them have all the fun so we joined in and splashed around with them. My dad made a discrete exit before we could catch him, uncle Dan showed his face briefly, saw what was going on and disappeared to his workshop.

Marshall Snr. certainly didn't get much of the relaxation that he was wanting or the time he needed to 'think things through' before their flight home. After a while, we all got out of the pool, changed into swim-shorts, dumped all the wet clothes in the dryer so that they'd be ready for their journey home later and gave Marshall Snr. an airbed so that he could have his "relaxation" time at one end of the pool whilst we lads splashed around and dived in at the deep end.

Our mums and Hermione returned after lunch and we all went for a short stroll around the gardens for a breath of fresh air before the driver turned up as we were having a final cup of tea. They left the house at about 4pm with promises from Junior and Grant to keep in touch and an open invite from Hermione for any or all of us to visit New York and stay with them any time.

That was quite a week looking back on it, and far better - certainly more entertaining - than Jamie and me had expected.

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

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What was everyone wearing when the twins bundled their dad into the pool fully clothed ? Sounds like you had a great time over your half-term. Have you heard from Marshall or Grant during the last week and more since they left for home ?

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

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Well, at least you got one parent in the pool clothed. No such luck with whatsitsface though.
Thanks for taking the time to update us. I realise you must be busy with school work.
Love the comment about Jamie catching on by the way.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

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In Reply to: Re: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by Jonno on November 10, 2016 at 11:30:32:

Should have mentioned what everyone was wearing, shouldn't I ? Slapped wrist eh ?

Grant was in his Gap dark blue jeans, blue tee and Adidas trainers along with electric blue socks and blue and red boxer-briefs. His blue jeans are faded and worn looking from new and fit him snugly rather than being skinny, looking even better when wet !

Junior wore his Next jeans - dark blue and what they call loose fitting - a Next grey tee shirt and black Nike trainers along with grey socks and light grey boxer-briefs. The jeans shone nicely when wet and the loose fit just seemed to emphasise his slim physique when wet as they clung where they touched and draped nicely where they didn't.

Marshall was in slightly faded black Wrangler jeans, a black and white check long-sleeved shirt, black boxers and socks and black boots. He didn't seem to mind in the least about getting an unexpected ducking and the only concession he made to getting wet was to remove his boots and leave them on the side of the pool to dry before getting back to wrestling with his sons.

Jamie and me were in jeans and tees, boxer-briefs, socks and canvas shoes. I was too busy watching the other to notice exactly what Jamie was wearing.

Yes, we have heard from Grant and Junior via Skype a couple of times. Seems their mother continued in her reformed state after they got back and then at the end of last week decided she would voluntarily admit herself to a private institution for a period of mental therapy. Seems she has had a history of psychological problems associated with her religious mania for some years and has struggled to cope on occasion.

The other revelation they had during the family conference on the way home was that Hermione is not their mother. She is unable to have children. The twins are the result of an illicit liaison between Marshall's younger sister, who died giving them birth, and Marshall's uncle, who had committed suicide when he heard she was pregnant. The twins seemed more amused than shocked by this revelation. But maybe it accounts in some way for Hermione's inner turmoil and the way she raised them to date.

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by Chris on November 10, 2016 at 15:22:49

In Reply to: Re: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by wetchas on November 10, 2016 at 14:40:19:

Mission accomplished on the pool front - at least as far as Marshall Snr. was concerned. (He said as they were leaving that he had not had so much "good clean fun" in many a long year.)

See my reply to Jonno above for more details of contact with the twins.

Jamie's a lovely chap, but for a bright boy he can be remarkably dim at reading a situation sometimes ...................

Re: The rest of half-term getting wet

Posted by Jamie on November 10, 2016 at 15:24:25

In Reply to: Re: The rest of half-term getting wet posted by Jonno on November 09, 2016 at 10:04:27:

Thanks for the compliments, glad you enjoy reading our posts.

Re: The rest of half-term getting wet

Posted by Jamie on November 10, 2016 at 15:31:43

In Reply to: Re: The rest of half-term getting wet posted by wetjumper on November 09, 2016 at 04:20:42:

Thanks. I'm not sure we did much to help the situation, not deliberately anyway. Chris has replied to Jonno above with the last details we have had of their family meeting on the way home - revelations indeed - and I guess they probably won't need the escape plan, at least not in the form envisaged anyway.

We are not religious either; it has, in all its forms, a lot to answer for, in my view. The US Election seems to have rather taken over the news here the last few days, interesting and shocking in equal measure I think - interesting times ahead for the whole world.

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by Jamie on November 10, 2016 at 16:34:06

In Reply to: Re: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by Chris on November 10, 2016 at 15:22:49:

And this from the guy who, at a friends party, asked two unknown girls if they fancied a threesome (he claims he was only joking) when it was so obvious to everyone else that they were a lesbian couple; what part of seeing two girls snogging passionately and groping each other vigorously did you not understand, matey .......

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by Jack on November 10, 2016 at 16:35:47

In Reply to: Re: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by Jamie on November 10, 2016 at 16:34:06:

Why don't I ever get asked to those sort of parties ?

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by Chris on November 11, 2016 at 09:44:49

In Reply to: Re: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by Jonno on November 10, 2016 at 16:44:33:

Like you, I think loose fitting clothes can look great when wet. Jamie has a pair of dark tan cargoes that look great when wet (even darker and shiny) and they look fantastic when they cling and drape as he moves around climbing out of the pool or diving in off the board (even when he doesn't have a boner !)

Re: The rest of half-term getting wet

Posted by wetjumper on November 11, 2016 at 18:48:02

In Reply to: Re: The rest of half-term getting wet posted by Jamie on November 10, 2016 at 15:31:43:

Well, you gave the boys the freedom to wear comfortable clothes, swim in them, play in mud, and get turned on without having to hide it... they had a crash course in enjoying life, and this may have acted as a catalyst, maybe encouraging Grant to speak out sooner rather than later. But Hermione's repressive religious mania seems to have fallen apart spectacularly (and nicely) for reasons beyond that outburst.

Some of the world's problems can be blamed on people who misinterpret the messages of their various religions in intolerant ways. It's probably best not to discuss this subject in depth here - I don't intend to say any more about it.

As for the US election, yes, quite shocking at times - it seems many Americans felt they were expected to choose the lesser of two evils, as both candidates seemed badly flawed. "Interesting times ahead for the whole world": is that as in the ancient Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times"? ... I probably shouldn't discuss politics either.

Looks like I need to lighten up, possibly involving a long soak in bathwater...

Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by wetjumper on November 11, 2016 at 19:19:49

In Reply to: Re: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by Chris on November 10, 2016 at 15:15:37:

That's an astonishing revelation, and it explains a lot. It's great that the twins seem to be taking it in their stride. Perhaps they already had an inkling that they didn't quite fit into a conventional family structure and that there was something "different" about them? I guessed they'd be pleased that they're not actually related to Hermione, and I see from your later post that Grant confirmed this. Now that they know their background, I suppose one positive spin on it is that it gives them a more distinctive sense of identity - but what a way for this to happen!

It's very good that you're staying in contact with the twins. Whether or not you and Jamie catalysed the momentous events at the end of their visit, the twins' experiences will remain with them for life as part of a huge transformation. Obviously I hope it all works out for them. I also hope Hermione can come to terms with herself and never again lose her niceness!

Thanks again to both of you for posting so many well-written, entertaining, intelligent and thought-provoking stories. I don't often comment as I might end up repeating myself, and sometimes I feel I can't keep up with them! All much appreciated even when I don't say so at the time.

Stay wet - Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by Chris on November 11, 2016 at 22:07:30

In Reply to: Re: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by wetjumper on November 11, 2016 at 19:19:49:

Thanks a lot. We will definitely be keeping in touch with Grant and Marshall, there are plans afoot to visit them next time my dad has to go over there on business, maybe for a long weekend or something when the school Christmas hols start, which would be exciting as Jamie has never been to NY.

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by Ben on November 12, 2016 at 08:39:37

In Reply to: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by Chris (and Jamie) on November 10, 2016 at 10:56:25:

Another well written account. I'm glad everything worked out for the better.
Did I miss one of your stories?
Has your dad said you should wear swim shorts in the pool? You seem to be wearing them a lot lately (and you know they really are not suitable for swimming in!!!!!!).

Have you entered your stories for your English coursework? You would definitely get good marks for them. (Just change the Jamie and Me to Jamie and I first though).
Keep up the good work on both sites when you get a moment.

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by Jamie on November 12, 2016 at 14:29:17

In Reply to: Re: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by Ben on November 12, 2016 at 08:39:37:

Thanks, glad you enjoy. No, nothing has been said about wearing swimshorts, it's just a bit more convenient if there are no alternative jeans around and I think if we wore jeans/tees etc etc all the time it could get to be too normal and not so special or enjoyable when we do.

We've never even contemplated submitting these writings as course work, I guess they would be frowned upon ! Agreed about "I" or "me" but you must bear in mind that Chris lived in USA from 8 years old until they returned so doesn't speak English as we might know it ! (His mum will be so annoyed with me for saying that ............ She taught him !! Ha ha.)

Re: Last day with Junior and Grant

Posted by Chris on November 12, 2016 at 19:29:20

In Reply to: Re: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by Jamie on November 12, 2016 at 14:29:17:

Guilty as charged - that "I" or "me" thing always catches I out ...... Oh damn!

Hard Earned Respect

Posted by Felix on November 12, 2016 at 20:56:42

In Reply to: Last day with Junior and Grant posted by Chris (and Jamie) on November 10, 2016 at 10:56:25:

Chris and Jamie really write beautiful stories, so detailed and lively, and usually full of soaking wet clothes. It's always a pleasure for both my heads to read them.

But far more important is their easy going attitude towards their natural sexual urges and feelings. Not only do they help each other out when a pressing need arises (like a boner pressing against bed sheets or wet denim), but extend this courtesy to visiting friends by offering a helping hand and blissful relief.

We can all learn from this very natural and relaxed attitude towards one of nature's greatest gifts, and how they willingly share it with those ready to receive.

For that you both deserve our utmost respect and gratitude. You've earned it with many hard-ons, not just your own, but those raised by hundreds of readers.

Keep it up, boys, boners and all.

Enjoy and live with passion!

Masturbation Section

Posted by Felix on November 15, 2016 at 22:54:45

In Reply to: Proofreaders Wanted for Site Update posted by Felix on November 15, 2016 at 22:47:46:

By popular demand we've added a detailed Masturbation section. It needs more than proofreading, like practical experience.

Please try the suggestions and games and send us feedback in this forum.

Chris and Jamie, this is especially meant for you, as you are very skillful with words in your reports and have a sporting attitude in this field..

Thank you and enjoy!

Re: Proofreaders Wanted for Site Update

Posted by Jamie on November 17, 2016 at 10:49:34

In Reply to: Proofreaders Wanted for Site Update posted by Felix on November 15, 2016 at 22:47:46:

Great new content, Felix, thanks for composing and making it available for everyone to read and enjoy. Instructive too, Chris and I shall certainly try some of your tips at some stage.

Re: Meeting Benny's Family (+ personal musings)

Posted by wetjumper on November 21, 2016 at 18:24:32

In Reply to: Re: Meeting Benny's Family (+ personal musings) posted by Jonno on November 21, 2016 at 08:12:46:

Thanks, Jonno.

I'm in my late fifties. Times have changed hugely since my teens, largely very much for the better. I've always been rather anxious and inhibited, not good at opening up - and I've surprised myself now by posting some things previously only discussed with the people closest to me, if at all. It feels good to do a bit of this for once.

I've never got into the "always on" culture of constant electronic interaction which seems to define the lives of teenagers these days - even so, websites and forums (especially Felix's) have helped me a lot in recent years and enabled me to make some new friends.

Good idea about James offering to do his own laundry - he'll be helping his mum and he won't have to worry about his physical pleasures making a mess. I wish I'd made this move sooner when I was growing up.

As for people (such as Jamie) writing "bought" instead of "brought", I'm sure we'll all know what was meant, and many readers might not even spot it. I mustn't go picking holes in everyone's posts! I've been a volunteer proofreader for a local free magazine, so maybe I can't help it...

Peter (wetjumper)

Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on December 12, 2016 at 12:56:41

We finished school on Friday, finally, for the Christmas holiday and after all the hard work we were looking forward to the opportunity to go out and get really muddy again after the recent cold weather. To celebrate the end of term I pushed Jamie in the pool in his school clothes and jumped in after him. He was wearing navy chinos, a blue and whte check long-sleeved shirt with a blue and white Christmas pattern jumper on top (white snowflakes across shoulders and down the arms and body with snow drifts across the bottom hem), blue boxers and socks and blue trainers. I was in my black chinos, black shirt with a white jumper (with reindeer wearing red bobble hats galloping across the chest), black boxer-briefs, socks and trainers. Mum wasn't too pleased about us getting our 'smart' clothes wet but she relented a bit when they all came out of the washing machine and dryer as good as new !

Saturday was milder and wet, dull grey clouds and steady drizzle, the sort that gets you really wet within a fairly short time. So we suggested to Will and Tom that we go and get as muddy as possible just to let off steam, and they both jumped at the chance.

I'd got some sportswear from school that needed to go through the wash (starting to get a bit whiffy after sitting in my locker for a while !) so I decided to wear that for our mudding. Blue nylon soccer shorts and shirt, Adidas navy nylon tracksuit with White stripes, blue soccer socks and some old trainers.

Jamie decided on sportswear as well: a white soccer shirt, blue nylon trackies (with no shorts under) socks and trainers.

Tom and Will both appeared in old jeans, worn commando, and sweatshirts along with socks and old trainers.

We headed straight to the muddy ride at the far side of the woods and Will and Tom picked Jamie and me up in turn, swung us back and forth and threw us in the deepest and sloppiest part of the mud. Wow. When I stood up I could feel all the wet mud pouring off me and when I fell backwards into the mud again I pulled at the waistband of my trackies and let the mud in around my shorts before standing up again, I was suddenly so hard that I had no trouble tenting out both shorts and tracksuit bottoms, although heavy with mud, to an obscene extent. The muddy sheen showed up every last detail of my boner through the thin nylon fabric as it clung around me, I came almost immediately and creamed the inside of my shorts. The sight of Jamie in a similar situation with his nylon trackies clinging to his boner and his backside just helped and made it more intense - funny how visual stimulation is often better than touch in many ways - particularly when he shot his load and it oozed through the mud-smeared nylon as I watched.

Tom rugby tackled Will into the mud and they both wrestled around in it until they were as muddy as us. We splashed around for a while and the three of us managed to get Jamie totally covered in mud inside his tracksuit bottoms and shirt and then massaged it all in until he collapsed in hysterical laughter as we found a new ticklish spot in a most unexpected place ! After that we were all beginning to feel a bit chilly so went back to the house, dripping mud the whole way, where we hosed each other down (that was very cold as well) and then warmed up with a hot shower still in our clothes. A good start to the Christmas holidays.

Re: Bath tub sessions

Posted by Jamie on December 12, 2016 at 20:49:32

In Reply to: Re: Bath tub sessions posted by wetchas on December 07, 2016 at 09:21:57:

Oooh yes - cumming (?) in my wet nylon soccer shorts, particularly good if in the middle of a game in the pouring rain on a muddy pitch - done that a few times. Chris and I have shot our loads over the front of each other's jeans whilst wearing them, which is pretty awesome too.

Re: Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by wiley on December 13, 2016 at 01:23:47

In Reply to: Milder weather - so muddy again ! posted by Chris (and Jamie) on December 12, 2016 at 12:56:41:

Sounds like it was a great time as usual. I assume you got mud in your hair and everywhere else before you left! I am also jealous that you have such easy access for mud!

Re: Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on December 13, 2016 at 11:29:10

In Reply to: Re: Milder weather - so muddy again ! posted by wetchas on December 13, 2016 at 08:49:30:

Glad you enjoyed the read, it was sssoooo good to get muddy again ! The rugby match versus the teachers has been postponed until the new term, sometime towards the end of January I think, don't know why, just one of those things that get rescheduled for no obvious reason. Wearing a tracksuit and nylon shorts was fun for a change and the feel of the nylon after creaming the shorts was pretty special too. I got so aroused by the feel of the mud inside my clothes that it almost hurt, and the feel of the nylon rubbing across my boner and backside was amazing !

Re: Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by wetchas on December 13, 2016 at 13:18:34

In Reply to: Re: Milder weather - so muddy again ! posted by Chris (and Jamie) on December 13, 2016 at 11:29:10:

Thanks for the reply. I know what you mean. Sometimes it can feel as if the skin around your cock is going to tear with the stretching.
It must have also felt amazing, that mixture of mud, water, and spunk. Feels great on the bell end. I even liked it when my cock went a little bit softer

Picked up your reply about cumming in your shorts during a football game earlier as well. Never done that I must admit. Wish I was young and fit enough to try, but sadly not these days. Would need 5 minutes to recover.

Thanks again for the reply.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by Nik on December 13, 2016 at 18:06:31

In Reply to: Milder weather - so muddy again ! posted by Chris (and Jamie) on December 12, 2016 at 12:56:41:

It seems you finally managed to upset your mom with your wet clothes. Maybe she wasn't too keen on it, but I love that you wore your jumpers in the pool. I've always enjoyed swimming with knitted jumpers, but I've had some difficulties getting them dry again without damaging the fabrics. How did you get the "as good as new"?

Meeting James again.

Posted by Jonno on December 14, 2016 at 07:58:04

Benny had arranged for James to come to stay with us for the two weeks before Christmas so that he could help him run a stall at a local Christmas Market and then travel back home with us on Christmas Eve. It would earn the lad a bit of money and give him a chance to spend some time away from home for the first time on his own without any brothers and sisters being around.

James had caught the bus to get to us and it was due in to the main stop in our market place at noon on Monday morning. We got there a bit early and sat in a cafe by the window, nursing mugs of coffee, waiting for his bus to appear. The arrival time came and went and then ten minutes later a bus appeared but turned before we could see the number, so we finished our coffees and went to see if it was James' one.

I was looking for a slightly shorter, skinnier version of Benny with the same fair hair and confident gait. No-one matched that description and there was only a group of teens chatting and laughing as they got off the bus, consisting a tall skinny youngster with orange hair, very distressed skinny-fit jeans and a tatty leather biker jacket with his back to us, a couple of punk looking girls in tight black jeans and tops, lots of make-up and spikey hair, and another couple of lads with green and blue hair in skinny jeans and loose denim jackets, but no-one who fitted James' description. I watched as this little group split up and the lad with the orange hair was left on his own as the others moved away from us. He had a canvas kit bag slung over one shoulder and when he looked around I spotted a silver stud earing glint on his left lobe.

"You'd think the little b*st*rd would have texted us if he'd missed the bus." Benny said, irritated, as he turned to me and pulled his mobile out of his pocket.

"He didn't need to, Benny" I said as looking over his shoulder I saw the orange haired kid turn and march towards us and wave "He's coming up behind you........."

Benny turned just as James got to us and gave him a big hug "Hi uncle Benny, have you been waiting long? Great to see you both again."

"What the hell?" Benny exclaimed pushing James to arm's length and looking him up and down. "What have you done?"

"Oh that. It's only a temporary hair colour ....... you know, spray-on and wash out after a few showers." James said "Hi Jonno, how are you?"

"In shock! That's certainly a different look to what you had last time we met - actually it quite suits you - but those skinny jeans? .....not really a good look......."

"Really?........the guy in the shop said they were a perfect fit for the style........." James laughed "But then I guess he would say that wouldn't he?"

"And tell me you haven't really had your ear pierced?" Benny asked.

"Ooooh no - I hate needles - it's stuck on." James said "I thought it might have fallen off by now" he finished as he touched the shiny stud gingerly "it feels loose."

"Does your mum know you go out in public looking like this?" Benny asked, grinning.

"Certainly not! She'd have a fit. She has seen the hair colour, though, I did it first for Children in Need at school. I bought these clothes at a charity shop opposite the bus station after they dropped me off. Not bad for a tenner in total, don't you think?"

"I think you need to practice your bargaining skills..........the jacket is falling apart and you look like you might burst out of those jeans at any moment - just don't get a boner......." Benny laughed.

"I didn't really bring a change of clothes apart from those I left home in and some underwear and socks, as I wanted to get some new clothes anyway. There are some clothes shops here, aren't there?" James asked.

"Yes, a few...........we pass two or three on the way home." Benny said "Just say if you want to stop anywhere."

"Great........I just want some jeans and flannel shirts." James said.

"Do you have a warm jacket with you, it might be cold in the market hall?" Benny asked.

"A quilted jerkin in my bag and a beany hat. Will that be OK?" James asked.

"I guess so, I've got a scarf and some gloves you can borrow." Benny said.

So with that we started for home. James was chatty and looking around at the shops as we walked. Catching a reflection of James and Benny walking along side by side in a shop window in front of us at a corner, I was struck by how similar they were in build (though James is thinner) and in the way they walked. James' tatty jeans looked awful, they had moved down his hips as he walked and the crotch was moving loosely well down his thighs, the waistband cut across just above his bulge and emphasised it, but not in a good way, and when he stretched an arm up to re-settle his bag over his shoulder, I caught a glimpse of bright coloured underwear between jeans and tee-shirt.

"There's a clothes shop just around the corner, James, shall we take a look?" I suggested.

"Yes sure."

"Off you go then, give us your bag, we'll wait on this bench, no rush." Benny said.

"Come in with me - I feel the need for some advice after what you said about these clothes............." Jamie laughed "Please!"

The shop is owned by a guy called Robert who I know through the town's business association. He's early-30s, and dresses in the style that everyone currently calls "hipster" and has a huge, but well groomed and trimmed beard.

"Hi Jonno, how are you? What can we do for you today?" Rob asked as we walked in.

"Hello, Rob, not for me today. This is Benny, my partner, and James his nephew. He's your customer today." I said.

"Ah......yes, you're the jewellery guy, aren't you Benny? Nice to meet you. What are you looking for James?"

"A couple of pairs of jeans and three or four shirts, I seem to have grown out of most of my stuff now. Nothing too expensive as I'll probably grow out of them long before they wear out." James grinned.

"That's OK, common problem with teens. I have some fashionable jeans at a reasonable price, do you want a skinny-fit again?" Rob asked looking James up and down.

"Yes please, but maybe a better fit than these.........."

"That won't be difficult................." Rob laughed "What size are you?"

"Ah...............not sure, can you measure me?"

"Of course. Come through to the back of the shop, that's where the jeans are." Robert said. We followed him past racks of clothes, up some stairs and into a smaller area.

"Do you mind taking off those jeans, I can't measure you properly with them all baggy like that. Thanks."

James pulled off his trainers, and slipped the jeans off, revealing a lurid pair of Batman boxer-briefs.

"Nice pants, mate!" Benny laughed.

"Yeah well, they were a christmas present from brother Tommy, so I have to wear them sometimes, don't I?" James grimaced.

Rob did the business with his tape measure and produced a pair of jeans for James to try on. They were dark blue and lightly distressed, with just a bit of fading on the thighs and seat and a patched tear on one knee. The big advantage was they were just tight enough to hint at a bulge but not so much as to show every last little detail, the main problem with the ones he'd been wearing.

"Slip your trainers back on and you can judge if these are the length in the leg that you want. These are a looser fit, but still skinny, to allow for a bit of growth; most lads of your age seem to have sudden growth spurts in height - how old are you?" Rob asked.

"I was sixteen at end of October." James replied "I've grown a couple of inches in the last four months."

"A least three years growth to go then." Rob observed "So how do those jeans feel?" Rob asked "Bend and stretch a bit, see if they are still comfortable - don't cut uncomfortably and so on."

James did as asked and ran his hands over his thighs and backside afterwards.

"OK - they feel great, are they available in other shades, lighter or black?" James asked.

"They are in a stone wash, but not in black. I've got black in cotton, rather than denim, to the same style and make, still with stretch, they are all the same price." Rob said.

So James tried the stone-wash and decided on taking both pairs. Then we looked at shirts. He eventually chose a yellow and navy jumbo check; a bright blue and grey in the same jumbo check; a green, yellow and black tartan pattern and, finally, an orange and black small check. James paid with a debit card explaining that it was the first time he had used it.

"Would you like me to dispose of those old jeans.........wear the new ones home?" Rob asked.

"No, that's fine thanks - I'm sure I'll find a use for them." James grinned.

So we went home for some lunch. Benny showed James his room, the 'games' room, all made up as a bedroom. He'd marked one of the push panels with a sticker for him to use as a wardrobe, and suggested he put his stuff away whilst we got lunch ready.

Benny and I had been preparing lunch for about ten minutes when we heard a muffled "Oh sh*t!" from the direction of the bedrooms.

Benny turned to me and grinned "I think James has found the sprinkler valve!".

"Didn't you tell him what it was?" I asked.

"No, I figured he'd be curious - you know that saying "Curiosity killed the cat!" - well it won't kill him - just get him wet." Benny laughed.

A few moments later there was a hesitant cough from behind us. We turned to see James, still in his leather jacket, tee-shirt and those appalling jeans, standing in the doorway dripping wet.

"You found the sprinkler system then?" Benny asked, trying not to laugh.

"Obviously!" James mumbled and then, looking up and seeing Benny laughing, "You're not angry?"

"No - I'm not the one who is dripping wet and likely to be sleeping in a wet bed tonight." Benny said "Come on, let's inspect the damage; did you put your clothes away before the sprinkler incident?"

"Yes, I'd just finished and shut the cupboard when I spotted the valve and wondered what it was. I should have asked, shouldn't I?" James said.

"Maybe........but I think most boys would have done what you did.........and there's no harm done so..........." Benny said.

We went into the room and everything on the bed was soaked through and the floor was wet but the excess water had already drained away, so no standing water.

"Not too bad. Did you figure out how it works?" Benny asked.

"How do you mean? I turned the valve and suddenly I was soaked." James said.

"Well you see, it depends on which way you turn it. This way.........." Benny said as he suddenly turned it clockwise "and you get the whole room sprinkler and the further you turn it the heavier the rain.............." suddenly we were all getting wet as the sprinkler came full on. Benny turned it back and then wiped the water off his face, grinning widely "whereas turn it anti-clockwise and you just get the sprinklers over the bed, like this..............." and suddenly the water was pouring down onto the bed and nowhere else.

Benny pushed James backwards onto the bed and then jumped on to it next to him, and they lay there on their backs as the water poured down over them.

James' appalling jeans slowly moulded themselves wetly to his growing boner, the tip of which (clad in his Batman boxer-briefs) suddenly poked out from under the waistband. His tee stuck to his six-pack and the leather jacket lay in the puddle of water that his body weight had created on the mattress. He was laughing aloud as the water poured over him.

Benny's dark blue chinos shone wetly as they settled over his legs and thighs, tented out slightly by the bulge in his groin. His pale blue shirt was faintly transparent. He too was laughing.

I felt my own erection growing as I watched them. Benny must have seen it as well because he moved across the bed and patted the space next to him for me to join him. It felt amazing laying there in the downpour as the water washed through my jeans and sweatshirt. We lay there for a while just enjoying the sensation.

"This won't get lunch ready, guys, I'll go and put it in the oven and then we have 40 minutes before it will be ready to eat." Benny said "Plenty of time for a bit of wet fun." as he shuffled forward and off the bed and headed to the kitchen, still dripping wet as he went.

"Do you do this often?" James asked, grinning.

"No, first time since I moved in." I replied.

"So what happens to all this water?" James asked.

"It drains away down the plughole in the shower area, the floor slopes that way." I said "The water comes from a well below the yard."

"What's it like sleeping in a wet bed?" James asked.

"Quite fun if it's not cold. Depends if you wear anything or not." I replied.

Benny came back then "OK guys, 40 minutes. I'm going to take off my underwear, much more fun like that, anyone want to join me?"

A few moments later and we were all in just jeans or chinos and James in his tee, me in my sweatshirt and Benny barechested. James watched as Benny and me got touchy-feely under the rain. He stood at the side and watched, obviously getting harder and harder and his boner straining more and more against his tight jeans. Eventually he moved a hand down to his bulge and started to gently rub and squeeze himself through the wet denim.

Benny stopped what he was doing to me and looked at Jamie "Hey, join us on here and Jonno can give you a hand. I'll go sort lunch, and leave you to Jonno, he can give you a few tips on how best to enjoy a boner in wet clothes."

"You don't have to go surely?" James asked.

"I do, you might be sixteen but you're my nephew and it doesn't right. Besides you're not my type........" Benny laughed "...........too much like me!"

So James climbed onto the bed as the rain poured down. We didn't have any fleshly contact apart from my hands guiding his, everything was me showing him what I liked to do to myself and then him trying to do the same things to himself. It didn't take long for him to find what he liked and he surprised himself with the quantity and force of his ejaculation. In the following half-hour he came twice more and learned to get himself aroused slowly rather than as fast as possible. As we lay on the bed afterwards he put his hand on my bulge and started to rub and squeeze until I got hard.

"Can I have a look at you, just to see not touch? I'm curious." James asked as I moved his hand away.

We got naked and knelt on the bed facing each other, out of reach of each other. James was a quite reasonable size, thin and long with a bush of unruly fair hair around the root and his balls. To my surprise he was circumcised; not sure why it should surprise me, maybe it was because Benny was not.

"Have you ever thought of trimming that hair?" I asked.

"No, not really. A couple of the guys at school look like they do, but no, I haven't. How would you?" James asked.

"A trimmer, like you use for a beard, or even a razor if you want to be completely bald." I said.

"A razor sounds hazardous - I want to cross my legs just thinking about doing that!" James laughed.

"Agreed - I've never tried; but a trimmer is easy if you take it slowly, better if someone does it for you." I said.

It was at that moment that Benny came in.

"You're a lucky man, James, having this guy give you a few tips - you can see why I fell for him."

"Who wouldn't with a cock like that to play with!" James said.

Benny lunged at him and they rolled around on the bed under the rain until Benny was sitting astride James' knees "That is not the only reason, cheeky lad. And when did this happen?" Benny said as he flipped his fingers against James' cock.

", six years ago. I had trouble pulling the skin back when the doctor examined me, so this was the solution he came up with." James said.

After that we sat down for lunch in our wet clothes. James seemed quite happy to stay wet but the combination of tight wet jeans and the boner he still had straining to be free, sitting across the glass-topped table from me was a bit distracting.

When we had finished lunch, we showered and changed into dry clothes and relaxed in the living room. James had bought a book with him and sat opposite me in one of the low canvas and chrome chairs. He was sitting low down in the chair, his backside at the front of the seat, one leg stretched out in front of him the other bent at the knee with his hand and book resting against it. He rested his head against his other hand, elbow on the arm of the chair, as he read. I got my sketch pad out and started to doodle outlines of him as he read, he was so engrossed that he didn't even notice. I did six or seven sketches of him ranging from full body and chair to studies of just his head and hand, his face and of the book resting against his knee. I don't often do this sort of work, but it comes fairly easily after a few minutes. In the back of my mind I was thinking a framed sketch might make a good original Christmas present for him.

Re: masturbation section

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on December 14, 2016 at 11:44:11

In Reply to: masturbation section posted by muddywet on December 13, 2016 at 16:30:56:

We got similar results when we each tried. It was awesome.

Re: Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by Chris on December 14, 2016 at 14:01:16

In Reply to: Re: Milder weather - so muddy again ! posted by Nik on December 13, 2016 at 18:06:31:

Yeah, it was the first time she got a bit irritated, I shouldn't have pushed Jamie in really, but the temptation was too much! I did apologise afterwards and mum was OK with it in the end. I simply put the two pullovers in the washer on a short cold, gentle wash, just to get the chlorine washed out, and then spread them out to dry in the warm laundry room on the drying rack, putting them in the dryer might have shrunk them on even the lowest heat setting.

Re: masturbation section

Posted by Poncho Boy on December 14, 2016 at 17:18:59

In Reply to: Re: masturbation section posted by Chris (and Jamie) on December 14, 2016 at 11:44:11:

Did you do it in wet clothes, or just dry? Please share more details.

I just did it in the bathtub, with loads of bubble bath and in a soft nylon poncho, as they suggest here on this web site. I kept my hands inside the poncho so I could play with my favorite toy. That felt nice and cozy as the poncho almost reaches my feet.

Then I got going. Wow, it was extreme. I started by pulling back my foreskin and rubbing the head of my penis against that wet soapy poncho. That was so exciting, I almost blew my load.

So I did what you guys said, and just rubbed the shaft. That felt great, very exciting, but I couldn't cum, just stayed close to cumming.

After a while of extreme bliss I decided to go for it. With my other hand I rubbed the head of my penis with the soapy wet poncho and shot a big load into the bath.

Thanks guys for sharing this experience. Can we have more ideas and tips here, maybe from the readers?

Wrapped up in a wet poncho,
Your Poncho Boy

Re: masturbation section

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on December 14, 2016 at 21:13:15

In Reply to: Re: masturbation section posted by Poncho Boy on December 14, 2016 at 17:18:59:

We tried it out in nylon tracksuit bottoms and in nylon football shorts, both when wet, whilst laying in the shower cubicle (it's big enough to lay down in full length, just about, but not very comfortable !) and then on a double bed still in our wet clothes (much more comfortable !) and we both produced what we thought were copious amounts of spunk - very satisfying - but it took a while to get to that point, not sure how long exactly but we guessed afterwards that it was 30 - 40 minutes maybe. We intend to try it out a bit more and see if we can prolong the experience; can't see any particular reason why not provided you take it slow and steady and don't get too impatient. It was definitely an intense experience.

Re: Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on December 14, 2016 at 21:17:54

In Reply to: Re: Milder weather - so muddy again ! posted by wetjumper on December 14, 2016 at 17:46:10:

Ours were both wool, not synthetic, and Jamie's is merino wool (a better quality ?). We usually get wet or muddy in cotton/polyester mix sweatshirts which are easy to care for, just chuck them in a normal wash and they are fine.

Re: masturbation section

Posted by muddywet on December 15, 2016 at 01:30:55

In Reply to: Re: masturbation section posted by Jamie (and Chris) on December 14, 2016 at 21:13:15:

ya the amount of spunk that comes out is unholy. i could fel it flooding up through my cock it flew everywhere too. very thick and white.

Re: Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by Nik on December 15, 2016 at 05:24:14

In Reply to: Re: Milder weather - so muddy again ! posted by Chris on December 14, 2016 at 14:01:16:

What did Jamie himself feel about it?

The two of you are so inspiring. I'm looking forward to reading about your next swim with your Christmas clothes on.

Re: Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by Nik on December 15, 2016 at 05:36:31

In Reply to: Re: Milder weather - so muddy again ! posted by Chris (and Jamie) on December 14, 2016 at 21:17:54:

Your right, I also usually get wet with "easier" clothes, preferably sneakers, jeans and hoodie.

Re: Milder weather - so muddy again !

Posted by Chris on December 15, 2016 at 11:05:59

In Reply to: Re: Milder weather - so muddy again ! posted by Nik on December 15, 2016 at 05:24:14:

He was surprised at being pushed in wearing 'school' clothes as we don't normally get them wet or muddy (they are not a uniform, just newer and smarter chinos and shirts/pullovers - actual uniform is not required for the final two years, we just have to look 'smart casual, no jeans') but he is always happy to get a soaking whatever he is wearing, as am I. Jamie is in the middle of writing up something about our swims and so on so far this holiday, but apart from doing normal holiday things he is enjoying spending time with his brother, Will, who is going back to his ship on the Tuesday after Christmas and we won't see him again in person until October 2017 at the earliest.

Re: Bath tub sessions

Posted by Ben on December 17, 2016 at 16:13:49

In Reply to: Re: Bath tub sessions posted by Jamie on December 12, 2016 at 20:49:32:

before you did that to the jeans were they wet or dry?

Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on December 18, 2016 at 16:15:40

I meant to finish this and post earlier but, hey, it's done now; so, this is about last Saturday & Sunday, the 10th & 11th, somewhat delayed.

After getting really muddy on Saturday morning we spent the rest of the day around the pool with occasional bursts of activity challenging each other to races, dives or doing silly things. We had all changed out of the clothes we had got muddy in and were wearing our wet favourites, or at least Chris and I were.

I had pulled on my tan cargoes and an old faded yellow tee-shirt, both comfortably snug fitting as I had had them for a couple of years by now. I've lost count of the number of times that I have been soaked in water or mud whilst wearing them and they feel soft and yielding as I move whether wet or dry.

Chris wore his old 501s and a dark green tee, both snug fitting. His jeans were faded almost white across his thighs, knees, buttocks and the bulge in his crotch. There were loose threads around the bottom of the legs, along the tops of the pockets and the edge of the button fly where the denim had worn. His bottle green tee-shirt had taken on a muddy brown shade after being mud soaked so often.

Tom was in well worn blue denim jeans and a dark blue sweatshirt and Will in black jeans and a grey sweatshirt with white sleeves.

We were in and out of the water all afternoon and had a great time staying wet until it came to supper time. It was warm in the pool area but we took a few breaks for a hot shower to stay extra comfortable when we'd been out of the water for a while and got chillier. Love that feeling of cool clammy clothes against skin.

Jamie and I had a few intimate moments under the showers as we worked at getting rid of boners, or tried to get one, and I creamed my jeans on at least one occasion under his ministrations, which felt great whilst standing under a hot shower. Tom and Will disappeared a couple of times as well, coming back looking very happy and bulging nicely in their shiny wet clothes.

Sunday morning was damp but still mild and we thought it would be fun to take the quadbikes out for a ride. Chris and I have been doing them up slowly over the last few months, under the guidance of my dad we have stripped and rebuilt the engines, upgraded the brakes and suspension (well, to be honest, he did most of the work and we just watched and handed him the tools or held stuff steady as he worked) and put fresh paint on the few bits of bodywork.

We pulled on the still-wet clothes we had worn on Saturday afternoon. I decided to wear some briefs (I do like briefs when they get mud soaked and the feeling of my boner straining against the restraint of the slippery fabric) and Chris boxerbriefs. Tom and Will had gone out to meet up with some old friends, so it was just Chris and me. We powered up the track and splashed through the puddles getting wetter and wetter as we went. I was following Chris and was getting slowly soaked by the spray from his rear wheels, my cargoes and tee-shirt were getting wetter as we rode and I could feel myself getting harder and harder as we rode along, I put a hand down and tried to adjust myself so that my cock was poking sideways in my briefs, rather than just poking forward and down in front of my balls. Every time we went through a puddle I had to wipe mud and water from my face as it splashed up from Chris' quadbike, but I didn't mind as it felt so nice having the wetness soaking through my trousers and briefs, with the wetness pooling on the seat of the quad and feeling that I was sitting in a puddle of wetness around my balls.

We splashed along the track until we got to the muddy ride and Chris suggested that we try riding down it on the quads, something we have not tried before, so he led the way and slowly rode down the bank and into the mud before revving the engine and surging forward as the wheels took a grip as they sank in a bit. The mud was almost over the wheels by the time he had gone twenty yards and the mud was flying everywhere in big rooster-tails as he made slow progress. Chris was standing up on the footrests and rocking the quad from side to side to try and gain more traction, but all it did was spray him more heavily in mud. Eventually the quad ground to a halt with all four wheels spinning but without making any progress, Chris throttled back and jumped down off the quad, sinking into the mud halfway up his thighs. When he turned to face me, he was covered in a thick coating of mud from his chin downwards.

"Come and give me a hand, we can push as I rev the engine a bit !" Chris called.

I switched off the engine of my quad and jumped down into the mud and waded across to where Chris was waiting. We moved either side of the quad and with one hand each on the seat frame and the other on a handlebar, Chris revved the engine as we pushed and pulled the quad forwards and backwards. The wheels threw up more and more mud and we were suddenly both standing under a shower of liquid mud, I was as soaked as Chris within moments. Wow, doesn't get much better than this, I thought, even though the quad stayed resolutely stuck in the same place.

Chris decided that the best way to get the quad unstuck was for him to hop on it and me to push from behind as he tried to get it moving. That was fun, I slipped and slid around in the mud at the back as I tried to get enough purchase to push my back against the chassis frame at the back whilst getting sprayed with even more mud from the spinning wheels. I could feel the mud running down the inside back of my teeshirt and trousers and, apart from getting totally immersed in mud, I don't think I could have got much more thoroughly muddy. Snug fitting as my clothes were, they felt heavy and loose with all the mud covering them inside and out: needless to say I was feeling extremely horny with my clothes sliding around on me as I moved.

"This isn't working, Chris !" I shouted after a bit "I can't get any grip back here." I said as I waded around to the side of the quad.

"Yeah, you're right - get the winch wire and pull me back to the side. If we can't get further than this, we're definitely not going to get to the far end of the ride. This is fun isn't it ?"

"Depends what you call fun............." I said

"That bulge in your trousers tells me you are having fun, my friend, so stop moaning !" Chris retorted.

We managed to winch the quad out of the mud and when we had unhooked the line and got things back to normal, I tackled Chris into the mud and grabbed his crotch and started rubbing the bulge of his cock and balls as he struggled to get out from under me. He didn't struggle for long before he got into the swing of things and we jacked each other off as we lay in the mud, my hands against his bare genitals inside his boxer-briefs and him doing me through my briefs. The feel of my spunk and all the mud mixed in the pouch of my briefs afterwards just made me even harder. We lay in the mud for a bit, just rubbing and stroking ourselves and revelling in the feel of the cool mud as we moved our hands across thighs, chests, buttocks and groins. Chris eventually lost his boner and stood up whilst I was still enjoying the feel of my boner rubbing against my sodden briefs as I moved my hands over my groin, I didn't mind that I was beginning to feel a bit chilly.

"Come on, finish that off you disgusting little w**ker, let's get moving, I feel like a hot shower and a clean-up." Chris laughed as he stood over me; didn't stop him getting hard again as he watched me though, and the sight of looking up at his shiny mud soaked wet jeans from ground level as his boner started tenting them out again just made me more excited as well.

I still had a good semi going even when we got back to the house and spent a while washing the mud off the quads and ourselves, that really was cold. Will and Tom arrived home as we were about to start hosing each other clean so volunteered to do it for us; sadly they declined to join us in getting a soaking, saying it was far too chilly. I guess Will is missing the warmth of his usual Caribbean habitat !

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by wiley on December 19, 2016 at 02:10:00

In Reply to: Fun with our quadbikes posted by Jamie (and Chris) on December 18, 2016 at 16:15:40:

awesome story! I too really like briefs when getting muddy. I assume yours were not white, or at least not after your adventure. Nothing like getting totally soaked and muddy.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by wetmark on December 19, 2016 at 05:02:48

In Reply to: Fun with our quadbikes posted by Jamie (and Chris) on December 18, 2016 at 16:15:40:

What color were your briefs?

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by Jamie on December 19, 2016 at 08:13:59

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by wetmark on December 19, 2016 at 05:02:48:

White by Sloggi. A size smaller than I normally wear (I've had them for a while) and they looked totally wrecked and still muddy brown even after having a shower in them.

Chris wore navy blue boxer-briefs by Next.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by Jamie on December 19, 2016 at 08:16:59

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by wiley on December 19, 2016 at 02:10:00:

Ha ha - yes they were white - not any more though. I used to like going commando better than anything else but have come to really like briefs as they keep everything in them wet and muddy and just feel awesome against the skin.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by wiley on December 19, 2016 at 17:46:32

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by Jamie on December 19, 2016 at 08:16:59:

Yes, I like the way they keep my goods in place, but I also like seeing mud get into my jeans and ruining the pristine white waistband with mud. I have a few pairs of tight whities that are light brown now! But they are the most comfortable for me in the mud or the pool.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by Jamie on December 19, 2016 at 19:32:15

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by wiley on December 19, 2016 at 17:46:32:

I like that feeling of being held in place as well, not sure why I prefer it to the hanging loose that I liked before, but I still prefer to see someone else going commando in wet clothes rather than just seeing a neat bundle behind the wet clothes - luckily for me Chris still likes to be loose and free when wet and muddy, as do most of our mates.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by wiley on December 20, 2016 at 01:56:22

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by Jamie on December 19, 2016 at 19:32:15:

I used to like going commando more often, but briefs makes it easy for me to slide or roll around in the mud more. Besides, I like the feeling of muddy briefs a lot. The whiter, the better for getting in the mud.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by wetmark on December 20, 2016 at 04:09:43

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by Jamie on December 19, 2016 at 08:13:59:

Are they the regular Sloggi briefs? I might get some.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by Jamie on December 20, 2016 at 08:36:32

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by wetmark on December 20, 2016 at 04:09:43:

Not sure what you mean by 'regular', if you mean "are they like y-fronts with a fly" then the answer is no, they are just plain briefs with no fly and fairly short sides, maybe 2 inches from top of the waist band to leg opening. I think Sloggi do make regular 'y-front' briefs, but they looked more like the sort of thing my dad might wear with a much higher rise all round, sitting at the waist rather than the hips.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by wetmark on December 20, 2016 at 21:33:54

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by Jamie on December 20, 2016 at 08:36:32:

The ones I'm looking at are called mini brief tangas by Sloggi. Is this it, or close to it?

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by Jamie on December 21, 2016 at 15:54:05

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by wetmark on December 20, 2016 at 21:33:54:

I've no idea what Sloggi call the ones I've got (I bought them a while ago) but sounds like they may be it.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by wetmark on December 21, 2016 at 23:04:49

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by Jamie on December 21, 2016 at 15:54:05:

That's close enough - thanks for your patience on this.

The guy you mentioned on Wetlooker looking a bit like Chris is interesting. Just like the guy you both thought looked a bit like you on Wetlooker a while back. That's the way I picture how both of you look, even though I have no idea what you two really do look
like. I guess that's what teaching kids for many years does to you - weird !

Keep up the good work on your stories, both of you - they're so well-written - a real pleasure to read !!

Last week

Posted by Dolby1000 on December 23, 2016 at 01:57:11

So let’s just say that perhaps one afternoon last week I had a couple hours at a private indoor pool. Here in the Midwest, winter is off to a horrendous start and the only available clothed swimming opportunities now only exist indoors. It is 4 degrees (Fahrenheit) with a -20 wind chill as I write this, so you can see, my only chance to enjoy wet clothes is currently indoors.
I enjoy the act of getting dry clothes wet, so for my 4 hour indoor session, I plan to swim in 4-5 different changes of clothes. I have bins to get the wet clothes home and I always reserve at least one set of clothes to go home in, as driving home in wet jeans and stuff during the winter isn’t too much fun for me.
As soon as I hit the pool room, I just want to jump in! But, since it is around 0 outside and I want warm changes of clothes I take a few minutes to bring them inside.
Since it so cold out, I’ve come dressed for it. I have on my gray Vans, black socks, my light blue Levis jeans, red boxer briefs, a faded red t-shirt and long-sleeve denim shirt and a blue with yellow stripes zippered hoodie. Once I finally get the door closed and allow the room to begin to warm up again, without hesitation, I do a cannon ball into the pool. My knee is pretty well healed by know (can’t believe I fell and had surgery a year ago) and I know it can handle any landings in the pool.
Everything is all wet at once! A good time for me is choosing clothes to wear while I’m out and about with the intention of getting them soaked later on which is what I did here. It also doesn’t take long for the interest to arise inside my underwear once I ended up in the pool. It is a rather small pool, but deep enough and wide enough to stretch out and feel all my clothes cling to me, from my feet to my shoulders and head (when I pull up the hood). These gray Vans are favorites of mine to get wet and the socks are new New Balance socks that love to swim. I got out, I got back in, quickly and sometimes slowly. The water here is nice and warm, but not too hot. The jeans are not skinny ones, but a slim fit and not as thick as my Levis. When I get out, I can see my aroused interest stretching out the fabric. It means Dolby1000 is having a great time. When I get out, the water just pours out of my hoodie and denim shirt. Feeling the heaviest of the added water to my clothes is part of the turn on.
My favorite parts of swimming in clothes are the shoes, socks and underwear. In many public places, the three things they tend to frown on. Although most places will allow shorts and briefs nowadays. Here is a place I can swim in only socks and briefs without showing off to the public and likely being removed. I removed my clothes in the pool, just one thing at a time and let them float or sink on their own. After drying for bit, I put on some new boxer briefs (Hanes, from a 5 pack of many bright colors), these are green, and just a pair of socks (new white ones). Here I played on the side of the pool and slowly got the socks wet and once they were engaged, I involved the briefs. It was fun to get out of the pool with the briefs clinging and my bulge clear to see.
Time was moving by so quickly. Normally, the time I get my second set of clothes wet, I know this is the set I’m most likely to cum in, so I choose something I know wants to get creamed. I start with another new pair of boxer briefs, these are bright orange. I have a pair of light blue Levis that got left out when I went swimming over Thanksgiving. They are fairly new, but I haven’t had them in the pool yet. I have another dark blue pair that’s been getting all the attention and I want to try these. Just thinking about swimming in them for the last few days has kept me quite hard. A new pair of black socks and a new pair of new black Vans go on the feet. I add a black t-shirt and a red hoodie, pure cotton that I knew will suck up a lot of water.
I love imagining or play acting into situations that end up with me in the pool in all my clothes. So imagine my time is running out and I need to get the wet stuff out of the pool while trying to stay dry. Most of the clothes are hanging off the side of the pool and are fairly easy to get into my bins. Oh, but those jeans from the first swim have sank a bit, let me reach down. . . . .
Oh look, more wet jeans, wet socks, wet shoes, wet underwear, wet shirt and wet hoodie. In this case, the Vans are so new, I haven’t even cut the tags off of them. I swim around, again, enjoying the feel of the now wet stuff all about me. I lift the first pair jeans out of the pool and they even shine in the light. This pool has a cumming place for me, and after a few times of getting in and out (the shoe tags just fall off) I know I can’t hold off much longer. With the clothes from the first swim floating or hanging off the side of the pool all around me, I start stroking. What is a bit unusual, normally, by now, in order to realize a good cum, I actually take off the briefs and put back on the jeans and stroke while I’m commando. But today is different. My dick seems too really like being in these briefs and I don’t want to change anything. Then the moment comes and waves of pleasure thrust through my body. It is a good long and hard cum. Being in private knowing that I have the area to myself, removes all inhibitions and this is when I cum the best. I can feel the cum entering my underwear. One thing nice about being alone in a quiet pool, is feeling the little wavelets caused by my release reflect off of the other end of the pool and return at my end, knowing it was my release that is causing them.
After settling down for a second or two, being a normal guy, I like to check out the results in the underwear. Having not cum for a few days, there is a nice load of cream in there. I settle down in the pool and just relax for the next 30 minutes or so, enjoying the afterglow. I let my mind just wander as I lay in the pool, enjoying the sensations of being in the pool, in all my clothes.
I realize I have some time left to use the pool and spent about an hour sitting in the pool room and not changing. The room was warm enough that I did not get chilly.
So, the decision was to leave well enough alone or try for a second climax? I’m long passed the ages of Chris and Jamie and I was always one that needed a longer time to “reload” so to speak that even cumming 2 days in row, much less 2 hours apart is a fairly rare experience. But I had the pool for another 90 minutes and a large pile of still dry clothes to go through, so what the heck.
I put on green with a pattern thicker winter socks, red/black/white checkered pj bottoms, my black track pants with green stripes over those and a long-sleeve green t-shirt. This was just to start the play again, to see if I could arise any interest. This time I just did a cannon ball directly into the pool. This was a similar outfit I did at Thanksgiving. I still like just swimming and socks and this was the only time I didn’t wear shoes.
After about 20 minutes of that, and deciding I had a slight interest going forward, I put on black socks, blue boxer briefs, some older Levis 505s, a red t-shirt a red hoodie and another pair of Vans, an older trashy solid blue pair this time. Again, under the pretense of “cleaning up” I managed to fall in the pool again. These are a favorite pair of jeans of mine and I’ve swum in them many times. However, after about 20 minutes or so, no matter that I took off the briefs, I just could get really hard again. I had to decide just to give up, clean up and go home or give a final a final try to another pair of pants that rarely let me down.
I decided to give it a final try. I dried off (hard to find dry towels at this point) and put on one final set of clothes. The Vans I brought for Hawaii, slip-ons in a purple/black/white dirty cameo pattern, gray socks, red boxer briefs, a pair of dark brown Dockers that I really enjoy, a yellow t-shirt and a long sleeve tan sweater/pole type shirt. Time was running short so I just did another cannon ball. Being in these pants did arouse the interest I was looking for. And, again, I left the boxers on as I seemed to be really enjoying them this time. I took a bit of trying, but I did have a second climax. Didn’t fill up the underwear with as much goo as last time, but still enough to know I came. Again, the little wavelets on the pool formed and had another hard climax. Rarely do I ever get the second one so I was very happy to do it this time. Only a short time for afterglow this time as I only had 15 minutes of pool time left and wet clothes scattered about everywhere.
I always put aside a final pair of clothes to wear home, so I put on my next to last pair of dry boxer briefs and quickly cleaned up and stored all my wet clothes in the two bins I had with me. Boy, did they get heavy! I then dressed and left, with a wonderful 4 hours to look back on.
3 loads of laundry later everything was dry and put away. It took the shoes 3 days to dry in furnace room, but I have plenty of shoes so no big deal. All in all, a wonderful winter’s afternoon.
The final tally:
4 pairs of shoes (all Vans, solid gray laced, black with tan soles laced and brand new, blue slips and the cameo slip-ons).
5 pairs of socks: 2 black, 1 white, one wool type green and a gray pair
3 pairs of Jeans: US Polo slim (not skinny) fit, 2 Levis, light blue 550s and dark blue 505s
1 pair of black trackies with green strips
1 pair of pj pants
1 pair of brown Dockers
5 t-shirts
3 Hoodies
A denim shirt
A long sleeve polo type shirt
5 pairs of boxer briefs, 2 came home creamed.

Re: Fun with our quadbikes

Posted by Jamie on December 23, 2016 at 14:13:29

In Reply to: Re: Fun with our quadbikes posted by wetmark on December 21, 2016 at 23:04:49:

That guy's resemblence to Chris from when he was 15 or 16 is quite uncanny. (He doesn't look so cute now he's 18 ha ha). Mind you, I can't really see the similarity to me in the other guy from a while back, I think Chris was distracted by those nice shiny wet jeans !

Glad you enjoy our postings, thanks for the compliments too, we enjoy writing them almost as much as the actual activities.

Re: A surprise on getting home.

Posted by Chris on December 23, 2016 at 15:38:43

In Reply to: A surprise on getting home. posted by Jonno on December 22, 2016 at 11:42:23:

Finding James in a compromising situation like that must have been a real surprise - maybe a good job it wasn't Benny who discovered them - but I do approve of the way you woke them up; that is one of my favourites with Jamie, he hates it !!

James and Paul had obviously had a bit of fun together before you both got home, nothing wrong in that, but do you think they really did more than just a bit of humping, fondling and masturbating together in their wet clothes ? Did Paul really mean what it sounds like or was that just bravado ?

I like that you got muddy in your white jeans - what else are they for ? I always think it is only posers who wear white jeans or trousers............ How did they clean up and what brand are they, Levis I hope ?

Great story again, got me hard as I read it !

Christmas & New Year Fun

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on January 05, 2017 at 09:05:25

After an excellent Christmas Day (some unexpected presents, always nice !) of lots of great food and some really nice wine which was enhanced by grandpa explaining about the different grapes and styles of making (in a previous life as a young man he worked for a vintner in the vineyards of Burgundy - I've never really appreciated wine much before, don't like beer/lager much and find spirits not to my liking - we were all a lot less formal on Boxing Day, everyone appearing for breakfast in old jeans and sweatshirts etc. rather than our smartest gear as worn the day before.................all except Chris, that is; he appeared in a very smart multi-coloured striped formal shirt from Joe Brown and a smart new pair of slim-fit navy chinos from Next, so as the temptation was too great Will and I threw him in the deep end of the pool with a satifyingly large splash. He was not a happy bunny as he climbed out but soon calmed down when he saw everyone else laughing (including his parents who had given him the new clothes) and clapping.

After that it didn't take long for Tom, Will, uncle Paul, uncle Greg, my dad and me to end up in the pool as well (including uncle Paul's dog, Billy, who just jumped in to join in the fun) mostly pushed in by Chris aided and abetted by our mothers, although they avoided getting wet themselves. I don't think any of us resisted much as we were laughing too much. That sort of set the tone for the rest of the day really. We stayed wet for pretty much the rest of the day, even the adults, and towards the late afternoon our mums and grandparents joined in as well.

Late Tuesday afternoon a car arrived to take Will to the airport for one of his boss's private jets (he has three apparently !) to whisk him back to the Caribbean, Barbados this time, to join his ship for the owner's New Year cruise. Sad to see him go as we won't see him again until September or October time - Skype isn't quite the same - but it's the life he's chosen and he loves it, and he'll be back in the company of his partner Guy again, which must be a good thing. This time next year I'll have left school and be doing something different too, so nothing stays the same forever.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we got wet and muddy taking Billy for his walks and had our usual morning exercise swims. We also caught up with a few friends, Harry and Mike in particular, and also our girlfriends Sue and Mari, introducing them to family members they had not met before and being taken to meet their relatives in return - Sue's granny is scary !

New Years Eve we had all our friends around for a "Denim in the Pool" party. Our parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents had all gone to a New Year Party - there is a circle of four families who host it each year in turn, adults only, very formal (DJs and evening dresses); our house next year - so us "kids" have our own bash and include those friends' "kids" as well; having said that all but two of them go to our school so would come along anyway.

Sue chose the theme for our party this year - "I do so like to see all you boys in wet denim !" she enthused - which seemed a good enough reason to go along with her suggestion !!

Chris wore a newish pair of dark blue 501s, a mid-blue slightly faded denim long-sleeved shirt, dark blue silk boxers, dark blue socks and canvas shoes. His girlfriend, Mari, wore very tight fitting mid-blue denim jeans, a blue denim shirt with embroidered floral pattern across the shoulders, and red canvas shoes.

Sue wore a wide denim skirt, a white blouse with a denim jacket over, short white socks and white canvas slip-ons. I wore a pair of Diesel jeans that are nicely worn and faded and fit snuggly, a dark blue tee with a faded denim shirt worn open over the top. Black silk boxers, blue socks and blue and white check patterned canvas shoes.

Almost everyone was dressed in a similar manner in denim jeans, shirts or jackets, some wore black jeans rather than blue and there was one girl in bright red jeans. One of our mates, Ricky, had succumbed to his girlfriend's dare to dress in girl's clothes; he turned up in a full denim skirt, pink floral blouse, denim jacket, tights, and a pair of high-heeled shoes - which he soon disposed of after falling in the pool as he tottered towards the food table ! That was funny. Everyone laughed as he scrambled out of the pool with his skirt clinging to his legs and his pink blouse now almost totally see-thru beneath his denim jacket. His mascara, lipstick and rouge were all smudged and running, and his blond wig was floating away down the pool, which made it even funnier. Someone suggested he should have come along as the Joker !

Everyone had arrived by eight o'clock and by eight-thirty about half of our guests were already soaked through and either in the pool or mingling with everyone else chatting and laughing whilst drinking and eating. We had made sure to turn the heating up in both the room and the pool so everyone seemed happy and comfortable to stay wet; the water in the pool almost felt like a warm bath when I was eventually pushed in by Sue about an hour into the party. Chris and Mari jumped in off the top board for their first soaking, which prompted some more dry people to do the same.

There was one slightly awkward moment during the evening, I was chatting with some others - all of whom like me were dripping wet - when Sue came up behind me gave me a hug from behind and then reached around and down and slipped her hands into the front pockets of my jeans and started to play pocket billiards with me ! The others just laughed as I got harder and harder as she refused to stop, in the end I had to turn around and drag her into the pool with me where she continued unabashed as we floated to the surface and I trod water. Naughty girl.

In the run-up to mid-night we got everyone to line up around the pool and then we all jumped in on the last stroke of the clock.

It was great seeing so many people wet in their clothes, especially denim that clings and drapes so nicely. The party gradually wound up as we finished off the food and drink and people had their final swim or just continued dancing in their wet clothes, which was a very erotic sight in some cases, and by the time our parents got home at 3 a.m. the majority of us were out of the pool and drying off ready to go home in just damp clothes, some had brought along a change of clothes but most had not and were happy to sit on their towels for the drive home.

Re: Christmas & New Year Fun

Posted by wetchas on January 06, 2017 at 11:01:16

In Reply to: Christmas & New Year Fun posted by Jamie (and Chris) on January 05, 2017 at 09:05:25:

Hi to you both.
That sounds like a great night. Sounds like a good Christmas as well. Would love to have seen Chris soaked in his new outfit, and all that wet denim at the party must have been a wondrous sight.
I've said before that I can imagine your Mothers going shopping for clothes for you. Do you suppose they consult each other as to the best outfits, and what they will look like when wet. I can imagine them taking some articles to the counter and saying to the assistant 'our Sons like to wear their clothes in our pool, will these wash OK'? I wonder what reaction they would get.
I guess the party was the first time you have entertained a cross dresser in the pool. I know he was only larking about, but it must have been quite funny. I think I have said before that I quite envy girls, as by their very design they have a legitimate excuse to keep a top on. I have often wondered what it would be like to bathe in a skirt or dress, but it's not something I am champing at the bit to find out.
She's idea for the party was a great one. Do you think it was as she said that she wanted to see you, or have you managed to convert her to the joys of wet fabric. Either way, sounds like it was a success.
Sorry to go on. Thanks again for posting.
Cheers. Charlie.

Re: Christmas & New Year Fun

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on January 06, 2017 at 15:31:07

In Reply to: Re: Christmas & New Year Fun posted by wetchas on January 06, 2017 at 11:01:16:

Yes it was, we had a great time over the Christmas and New Year period, I think everyone did, young and old. Hope your own time was good.

I don't think our mums think about whether clothes will be good when wet; anything they buy us these days are usually as a direct request from us when they want suggestions for birthdays or Christmas and usually come with strict directions on where to buy online, including any item reference number etc. so as to make sure we get what we want. Either that or we go out and buy them ourselves and hand them over to be wrapped and put away until the relevant day arrives. I've tried asking a shop assistant that question - might be interesting just to see their reaction !

I'll have to ask if Ricky if he has a now has a preference for women's clothes ........ I'll have to practice avoiding the inevitable thump before doing so !

Sue and Mari have been happy to get wet in their clothes for a while and Sue looks forward to it. I think she was speaking truth when she said she really wanted to see us boys in wet clothes more than anything else. After the party they stayed over and helped us clear up before we went to bed; we finished off the only part-used bottle of wine left as we sat and talked about the evening and Sue and Mari drew up their list of the guys who looked best in wet denim for whatever reason that they appealed to them (mostly how their jeans clung, I have to say) and Chris and I sat open-mouthed as they talked - who knew girls could be so raunchy and, frankly, foul mouthed when talking about guys bodies ? Sue and I went to bed feeling really horny after that......................

New Years Day fun

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on January 06, 2017 at 16:02:34

After the New Years Eve party Mari and Sue stayed to help Jamie and me to clear up and make the pool area tidy again, it involved getting into the pool again to retrieve paper plates and plastic glasses that had found their way in. Mari volunteered to help me. We had both remained soaked most of the night but had dried out a bit by the time the party ended, but Mari whispered in my ear that she couldn't wait to get wet again and, more importantly, see me get wet again as she loved the sight of my wet jeans "clinging nicely around those legs and that bulge", which seemed like a grand reason to do as she wished. So we jumped in and swam around collecting all the rubbish and throwing it out on to the side. Swimming under water to gather up a few sunk plastic glasses, Mari had made a few grabs for my crotch, which rather caught me unawares in a nice way, and by the time we had finished our task and clambered out I had a raging, and very obvious, boner tenting out my shiny wet jeans as the water poured off us both. Jamie nudged Sue and pointed at me.

"Perhaps you two should take this opportunity to have a shower ....... you know, wash the chlorine out of your clothes .......... feel free to use that as your excuse, if you like !" Jamie laughed.

So we did as he suggested and Mari finished off what she had started as we stood under a hot shower, which was nice. The feel of her hands fondling and rubbing me through my sodden jeans and slick-feeling silk boxers before she slipped a hand inside to finally complete the process, gave me the biggest and hardest boner I've ever experienced, it seemed to go on forever as she took me to the brink several times before I found I could hold out no longer and was shuddering and feeling weak at the knees as I finally gushed over the inside of my boxers. I swear I had spots before my eyes too. After we had cleaned up we returned to the pool area to finish the tidying up.

"That took a while !" Jamie joked as we returned.

"We can't all be as quick as I hear you are, Jamie !" Mari replied grinning, which shut him up pretty quickly. Sue gave Mari a high five as we walked by.

Having finished tidying up we sat and drip-dried as we finished off a part-full bottle of red wine and some crisps and the conversation got rather raunchy as Sue and Mari discussed who they thought had looked best or worst in their wet clothes, no punches pulled. By the end of that I was feeling rather horny again and I could see that Jamie was also failing to hide a growing bulge in his own damp jeans.

"Wow, that was a fairly brutal summary !" Jamie said as the girls concluded "I think this might be a good time to retire to bed before you two have second thoughts and include us !"

"I'll tell you what I thought of you when we get snuggled down together.........." Sue laughed "Come on, lad, stir yourself, I can see you look ready for bed." she finished looking at his growing bulge as they stood up.

"Yeah, I'm feeling tired now." Jamie replied and yawned widely.

"I do hope not !" Sue replied "Goodnight all."

Mari and I lingered for a few minutes longer, just finishing off our wines, and then went up to my room. The grandfather clock in the hall struck five as we went upstairs so we weren't likely to get much sleep as it would be sunrise in three hours or so. As it happened we didn't get much sleep anyway, for entirely different reasons.

We fell into bed in our wet clothes and then gradually, over the next hour or so, stripped down to my silk boxers and Mari's panties and bra as we lay under the duvet, playing with each other as we went through the various stages of undress, which was fun. The duvet kept us toasty warm despite the wetness of our clothes and the exertion of our more intimate moments negated the odd cool moments of finding a cold patch in the wetter parts of the bed.

By the way, who decided to make those vital little packets so difficult to rip open when your fingers are wet or slippery with cum ? I did get the knack of it by the time we got onto the third as the sun was rising.

(to be continued)

Re: Christmas & New Year Fun

Posted by Jack on January 06, 2017 at 20:42:21

In Reply to: Christmas & New Year Fun posted by Jamie (and Chris) on January 05, 2017 at 09:05:25:

All that wet denim ! I would have been in 7th heaven and my girlfriend even more so. She just goes crazy for nicely draped sodden denim on a fit male body (thankfully, I just qualify for that criteria !).

Another great account, thanks for posting guys.

Re: New Years Day fun (part 2)

Posted by Chris (and Jamie) on January 07, 2017 at 11:07:22

In Reply to: New Years Day fun posted by Chris (and Jamie) on January 06, 2017 at 16:02:34:

When the sun had risen and we had rested a bit, Sue suggested we go and get a bit muddy before everyone else was up and about. So we pulled on just our jeans and denim shirts along with some canvas shoes and made our way quietly downstairs to the pool area.

We went out to find it quite mild compared to recent days and no frost for a change also. Mari suggested we go to see what the mud slide at the side of the garden might be like. It was damp rather than wet at the top but as we walked down the slope it got wetter and there was a big pool of mud at the bottom, Mari slid the last few yards and fell slowly into the pool as if in slow motion. Her blue denim jeans and shirt had turned brown where soaked and when she stood up the liquid mud dripped off her clothes and plopped into the pool at her feet. Mari grinned at me and rubbed her hands down the back of her thighs and across her buttocks where the mud had soaked her jeans, and then she beckoned me over.

I stepped into the pool, which was a few inches over our ankles, and she pulled me forward towards her, kissed me and then planted her hands squarely on the chest of my shirt, leaving some clear muddy handprints.

"Is that it ?" I asked.

"No way ! Stand still........" Mari grinned.

Mari proceeded to place muddy handprints all over my shirt and jeans, which was interesting when she smeared some of them, put camouflage stripes of mud across my face and then hugged and kissed me as we stood there. After that I lowered her slowly backwards into the pool and then we rolled around until we were both dripping wet in liquid mud and a nice uniform brown from head to toe. When we stood up the muddy brown liquid poured off us and we just stood back and looked at each other. Mari's shirt was clinging so much I got a boner just looking at her - neither of us were was wearing any underwear - she giggled at that and then we spent a while just rubbing the mud over our clothes and playing with each other. Then she pulled me into a hug and we started rubbing our bodies together as we stood there kissing and our hands got busy as I rubbed her boobs and she started to jerk me off through my mud soaked slimy jeans, which had me reacting way too quickly.

Eventually we had another roll around in the mud before heading back to the house. We hosed each other down before going in to have a hot shower. We had just changed into swim-shorts (Mari had not got a swimsuit with her) and a tee for Mari, when Jamie and Sue appeared. We spent the next hour or so in the pool until our fathers appeared for their usual morning swim.

After breakfast Mari and Sue changed into the dry spare clothes they had brought along and we took them home as they both had family events to go to. We returned home and spent the rest of the day either in the pool or playing board-games.

Re: New Years Day fun

Posted by Jonno on January 09, 2017 at 14:50:52

In Reply to: New Years Day fun posted by Chris (and Jamie) on January 06, 2017 at 16:02:34:

Sounds like your girlfriend has the measure of you, Chris! It must be fun to have her as keen on getting wet and horny as you are yourself. I love her retort to Jamie's cheeky comment - obviously a girl who can give as good as she gets.

Agree with you about those pesky little packets being so difficult to open easily in the heat of the moment - however much you practice, they don't get any easier to open. The best I have come across is a company called They Fit. Have a look at their website at 'theyfit dot com' as they do loads of different sizes and have a printable measuring page (you'll see what I mean, if you look) to determine exactly what size fits you personally best. No more "Oh no, too tight !" or "it's falling off" problems; quite the best I have ever tried, and all available on mail order (and no, I have no connection to the company except as a very happy customer!) and their packets are easier to tear open, I find.

Thanks for posting, a great account again.

Re: New Years Day fun (part 2)

Posted by Jonno on January 09, 2017 at 14:57:23

In Reply to: Re: New Years Day fun (part 2) posted by Chris (and Jamie) on January 07, 2017 at 11:07:22:

Great ! Wallowing in mud; I just love the sight of liquid mud pouring off soaked denim jeans. I think it's that part-brown / part-blue-underneath-the-brown that does it for me, the lighter the blue the better, dark blue muddy jeans look great, don't get me wrong, but faded or washed out denim looks best.

Re: New Years Day fun (part 2)

Posted by wetimer on January 09, 2017 at 18:35:38

In Reply to: Re: New Years Day fun (part 2) posted by Chris (and Jamie) on January 07, 2017 at 11:07:22:

I enjoy reading your stories, especially the bits where you cum in your wet clothes! Seems to happen a lot, you lucky thing.

I have a question for you though: In a lot of your stories (for example this one) you describe getting wet or muddy or both, getting turned on and then things proceed to your gf giving your a handjob or otherwise making you cum in the water/mud/clothes.

You don't seem to describe much in the way of return favours being given! It's never a case of you rubbing up your gf until she is in ecstasy. Why is this? 3 possible explanations:

1) You don't return the favours at all, in which I don't think this is likely to be the correct explanation. You seem like a nice person who wouldn't act that way.

2) Rather than writing in an autobiographic style, you are are writing a kind of ultra-male teenage fantasy in which your gf is a willing sex slave! Unlike some on this site, I do actually believe that you are telling the truth with your stories. They seem to have a lot of integrity, so I doubt this explanation is the correct one.

3) You simply leave this detail out of your stories. I want to believe that this is the true explanation, and if this is the case, please can I ask you to modify your style a little to include some of this detail too?!

Whichever the explanation, please understand this is not meant as criticism! I am just intrigued by you, and jealous by your lifestyle!

Re: New Years Day fun (part 2)

Posted by Chris on January 09, 2017 at 19:02:12

In Reply to: Re: New Years Day fun (part 2) posted by wetimer on January 09, 2017 at 18:35:38:

Ha Ha ! You are reading too much into this - the answer is nearer your option 3. I write from my perspective, if Mari wants to contribute, then I'd be more than happy for her to do so and she knows that and reads my posts, which she enjoys and suggests edits as she sees fit. Please don't suggest that I might see her as a "sex slave", nothing could be further from the truth: if I did, we wouldn't still be together.

There is a lot more going on in our lives than I (and Jamie) write about, particularly the sex side of things, but I know this forum is oriented towards getting wet, muddy and having fun with same sex friends through masturbation and so on, so we write about that. We choose not to contribute to any other forums about sexual activity between guys and girls: that seems to be an entirely different thing altogether, a bit too much like pornography.

Re: New Years Day fun

Posted by Chris on January 09, 2017 at 19:16:57

In Reply to: Re: New Years Day fun posted by Jonno on January 09, 2017 at 14:50:52:


What can I say ? Mari is a seriously great girlfriend to have, I am very lucky. I think she has the measure of every boy she has ever met ........

The TheyFit website is great - who knew cocks were so varied in size ? Not too surprising I guess even from my limited experience of seeing friends in the changing rooms and showers at school, never mind vids and pics on the net.
Following your suggestion Jamie and I have both ordered some condoms, hopefully they will be a better more custom fit than the standard ones available at the local chemist. I'll let you kow in due course. It was fun using the measuring tool we printed out, Jamie surprised us both by printing the first one out at 80% size in error - would I love a 10in cock ? Maybe not, thinking about it .........

Re: New Years Day fun (part 2)

Posted by Jamie on January 09, 2017 at 19:21:47

In Reply to: Re: New Years Day fun (part 2) posted by Jonno on January 09, 2017 at 14:57:23:

I have tried getting really muddy in sloppy mud whilst wearing baggy jeans with lots of excess fabric and it felt truly awesome with all that slimey, slippery, muddy denim rubbing against my legs, butt, cock and balls.

Assisting Mike

Posted by Chris on January 22, 2017 at 20:22:24

It has been an odd week. Came home from school on Wednesday to find my dad at home, he's usually at work in Munich all week, and he was looking very pleased with himself - almost smug - as he led us through to the pool to show off his surprise (but late) Christmas present to everyone; a hot tub. He christened it by pushing me in and then jumping in himself before Jamie and uncle Dan joined us. So we spent the rest of the evening sitting in the tub in our clothes, well, Jamie and I did, our dads stripped down to their boxers, not a pretty sight.

Yesterday I was in the house on my own. Jamie and his parents were out visiting his great aunt who has had a fall and ended up in hospital with a fractured hip. My parents were in London for a business lunch. I got a call from Mike, our friend, asking if he could come over to get some school project work finished, so he arrived mid-morning and we spent the morning finishing that off. After lunch he went to his car and came back with a couple of pairs of brand new Levis 501 Shrink-To-Fit jeans that his dad had recently brought back from America after a business trip.

"Fancy giving me a hand to break-in these ?" Mike asked "You and I are the same size, we could do one pair each."

"How do you want to do it ?" I asked.

"The usual; hot bath for a while, let them dry whilst wearing them and then maybe some mud to get them really filthy, followed by a swim and letting them dry again." Mike grinned.

"The hot tub instead of a bath might be a good alternative." I said.

"Didn't know you had one - when did that appear ?" Mike asked, his eyes lighting up.

"Dad got it earlier in the week - a late Christmas present to everyone." I said "It's in the pool area."

"Great !" Mike said "Can we get changed then ?"

So we went and changed into his new jeans and then hopped into the hot tub. I wore the jeans, a pair of boxer-briefs and a sweatshirt. Mike did the same. The jeans felt at least a size too big around the waist and a couple of sizes too long in the leg, the pair Mike wore looked much the same. We turned the temperature on the hot-tub up to its maximum and it felt like a hot bath, we stayed in the water for about half an hour and in that time I could feel the jeans get tighter around my waist and thighs, by the time we got out the water was quite blue although the jeans didn't look any lighter in colour. We let the jeans dry on us as we sat on loungers around the pool and with the heating turned up it took a couple of hours for them to feel damp rather than wet and by that time the jeans felt significantly more snug in fit.

We then pulled on tee-shirts under our sweatshirts, some socks and trainers and went outside to get muddy. It was chilly but not too cold. I grabbed a bucket as we left and we headed straight to the muddy ride on the far side of the woods where I knew the mud was still fairly sloppy and liquid. When we got there I scooped up some mud in the bucket and, as Mike stood still, I poured it over him repeatedly until he was totally covered from his shoulders down. After the fifth bucket he was brown from head to toe and any additional mud I chucked over him just rolled off and splashed down around his feet. Despite the cold Mike was very obviously excited and had a huge boner tenting out the front of his jeans, although their tightness restricted it so that his bulge was more of a long ridge poking sideways towards his left thigh. The sight of him like that just made me so hard that I am pretty sure I looked much the same and it just got more so when Mike started pouring mud over me. It felt so good. We stood facing each other and rubbing the mud into our clothes for a while, smoothing it over each other's bulges and butts until we both creamed our boxers and felt that warm smoothness afterwards as we continued rubbing and recovered our composure.

Both thoroughly muddy we splashed around the ride until we were both getting chilly and we jogged back to the house. Jogging along the tracks feeling so horny whilst wearing mud soaked clothes was a fantastic feeling and we were both still feeling excited when we got back to the house. We were a bit naughty by not hosing down before heading to the showers but had a bit of mutual fun again as we stood under the water washing the mud off. Mike's jeans felt great after they were clean of mud and fitted me very snugly, as I could see they did for Mike as well.

We spent a while in the hot tub just chilling out and then sat on the loungers again as we drip dried. By the time we were dry the jeans felt much more of a snug fit and the leg length had reduced considerably. At this point Mike suggested we swap jeans to see how the other pair fitted him (they are his, after all, sadly !) and the ones he had been wearing fitted me even better than the others.

Mike left at about 9 p.m. and Jamie and his parents got home at about 10:30, just as I was thinking about going to bed. Jamie asked what sort of a day I had had and I said "Nothing unusual..............." but I could see that he was curious and sensed that I was happy with my day, maybe I'll tell him the details some time soon.........

Re: Assisting Mike

Posted by wetjumper on January 22, 2017 at 23:13:11

In Reply to: Assisting Mike posted by Chris on January 22, 2017 at 20:22:24:

It's just possible that Jamie might read about your day in this forum... ;-)

It's good to know you now have a hot tub - it'll be a very enjoyable addition to your already quite enviable facilities. I don't think I could install one where I am. But it's great to read about what you get up to, to imagine how it would feel, and to be inspired to do something enjoyable myself. Thanks again for your brilliant writing, which is cheering me up after a chest infection. The thought strikes me that although I can't jump in a hot tub, a clothed soak in a warm bath would help me feel better... :-)

Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Assisting Mike

Posted by Jamie on January 23, 2017 at 15:10:44

In Reply to: Re: Assisting Mike posted by wetjumper on January 22, 2017 at 23:13:11:

Too right !

Sadly Chris is not the sharpest tool in the box sometimes................. his dad says he never thinks things through fully !!

Re: Assisting Mike

Posted by Chris on January 23, 2017 at 20:55:29

In Reply to: Re: Assisting Mike posted by Jamie on January 23, 2017 at 15:10:44:

WTF !! Don't bring my dad into this or I may be forced to divulge what he told me about your parentage.................

Re: Assisting Mike

Posted by wetchas on January 24, 2017 at 08:45:12

In Reply to: Re: Assisting Mike posted by Chris on January 23, 2017 at 07:40:26:

Hello again.
Hot tub sounds amazing. Bet you can't wait to get the girls in there.
Funnily enough I thought on one post a while back you reckoned Jamie wasn't the sharpest tool in the box. Both as bad as each other I reckon.
Thanks again for bringing some life to this forum, it has got a little tired and quiet recently.
Cheers for now.

Re: Assisting Mike

Posted by Jamie on January 26, 2017 at 18:02:47

In Reply to: Re: Assisting Mike posted by Mike on January 25, 2017 at 15:50:41:

I know now why Chris looked so pleased with himself when we got home ! Wish I had been there.........

Appreciation of wet boys

Posted by Mari on February 06, 2017 at 19:16:36

I've enjoyed getting wet in my clothes for a few years now, since I was 13 or 14, I suppose; but before that it was something I had tolerated as I have older twin brothers who were always happy to get me wet whether I wanted to or not.

It really started in earnest when we were on a family holiday in Italy. My brothers were not with us for the first time, having gone on an all-boys holiday with four mates to Spain. God alone knows what they got up to as 18 year olds off the leash for the first time. I was 14 and my parents suggested I ask a friend to join us as company. My best friend was a girl called Sue (yes, that one, now Jamie's girlfriend) who was far more daring and up for trying new things than I ever was at that age.

We stayed in a rented villa not far from Florence, my parents were keen to explore the city as it was their first time in the region, we girls just wanted to get decent tans and enjoy the pool. I remember that for breakfast I had pulled on a pair of denim shorts and a tee-shirt with the intention of changing into my new bikini afterwards for sun bathing and swimming. Sue was in cut-off jeans and a tee-shirt.

The villa was on the edge of a small village, about half a mile from the nearest houses, and was one of a pair situated on a hillside with ours being further up the slope. From the pool terrace we looked down onto the back of the other villa and could clearly see their pool which was to the side of it. The land around was just rough and stony with a few olive trees and the track leading to the villas. The other villa, about 100 feet away, was empty when we arrived.

With my parents gone for the day, I was about to go and change when Sue asked why?

"I want to swim and then sunbathe for a bit." I replied.

"You can do that in what you are wearing already." Sue laughed.

"Why would I want to do that?" I asked.

"Cos' it feels good and is fun. Your clothes will dry really quickly in this heat, if that is what you are worried about.............long before your parents get home anyway." Sue replied and with that she ran to the pool edge and jumped straight in.

So I followed her example. She was right it did feel good, the water was like a warm bath and with the sun beating down on us it felt so good just being in the water and able to dive under and keep relatively cool at will.

When we emerged to sunbathe, Sue suggested we go indoors and apply some suncream. When we got to the bedroom she surprised me by stripping off her wet clothes - cut-off jeans, tee, skimpy panties and a bra - and asking me to apply cream to her back. She suggested I do the same so that she could apply cream to me. That was a different sensation, both of us standing there naked and chatting and laughing as we applied sunscreen to ourselves and each other. We stood around for a few minutes afterwards to let the cream dry and then Sue pulled on her wet shorts and tee ready to go back out again.

"Go on, Mari, try it without any undies - it feels so much better with wet denim and cotton against the skin alone." Sue said.

So, again, I did as she suggested.

And, again, she was right, the feel of the rough denim against my buttocks and between my legs felt amazing - I wasn't sure why - but it just did. And the movement of my tee against my breasts (what there were of them !) was equally good.

After we had sunbathed for a bit we went back in the pool and that was how we spent the rest of the day until my parents got back to find us sunbathing in nice dry clothes.

The next morning when we woke it was another hot sunny day and my parents decided that a relaxing day by the pool was in order. We were just setting breakfast things out on the table under the verandah when we heard shouts and a loud splash from the other villa down the slope. Sue and I went to the terrace edge and looked over towards the villa and saw two boys splashing around in the water, trying to push each other under and generally splashing about. We watched as one of them escaped the clutches of his friend and waded out up the steps at the end of the pool. He was wearing jeans and a white tee, which had not been obvious before, and when the other boy pulled himself onto the side of the pool, we saw that he too was wearing jeans and a tee. One of them saw us watching and waved and shouted a greeting.

"Hello, sorry for all the noise !" he called.

"That's OK - we get noisy sometimes as well - have fun." Sue called back.

The next thing we saw was the two of them walking across the scub towards us.

They were still dripping wet when they reached the edge of our terrace. They introduced themselves as Dominic and Mark, cousins from south London, with Dominic being the spokesman. They were probably a year older than us, Dominic was a bit taller than me and Mark a bit shorter. Both were fair haired and blue eyed and Mark had a mischievous grin. Dominic said it had seemed rude not to come over and say hello and went on to say they were staying in the villa for three weeks and that, like us, their parents wanted to spend time in Florence whereas they wanted to swim and laze around. I found it hard to take my eyes off Dominic's wet tee-shirt as it stuck to his chest and shoulders. His skin showed pinkly through the wet white fabric, but I managed to introduce Sue and me without being too obviously distracted.

Sue remarked that she liked their unconventional swimwear and Mark explained that Dominic had tried to push him in the pool but he had managed to take him in as well. Dominic then said that jeans and a tee-shirt were the smart choice in the hot sun as they provided protection, "but maybe not a white tee" he added as he pulled the fabric away from his chest.

Mark then said they were planning on going into the village later as there was a super ice-cream parlour just off the main square, and asked if we'd like to go with them. It turned out that they had been to the villa for the last five years so knew the village well, not that there was a lot to see.

My parents came out on to the terrace at that moment. Dad laughed when he saw the wet boys and observed that it looked like they had obviously already enjoyed the pool. Dominic replied that they didn't normally swim in their clothes, but it was a prank gone wrong, and with that they said their farewells and headed back to their villa. I watched them walk away and how their wet clothes stuck to them as they did so..................very nice, I thought, although I wasn't too sure why.

Now, nearly five years later, I think I do. Most of the guys I know seem to think that we girls concentrate on watching that bulge in their groin and that when they get wet, fully clothed or in just swimwear, our priority is seeing that enhanced or whatever. However, nearly all my female friends much prefer to see a nice wet shirt clinging to a chest, back or shoulders and if they look below the belt it is usually at that nicely shaped butt and or thighs, front or back. Anyway, I digress.........

We got to know Dominic and Mark quite well over the next two weeks. Dominic was the more outgoing boy, always telling jokes and seeing the funny side of things. Mark was more studious but also the practical joker. He would do anything for a dare, as we saw on that first visit to the village.

It was mid-morning when they came over and said they were heading into the village. Both were wearing shorts, polo-shirts and sandals. Dominic in bright electric blue shorts and grey and blue striped polo. Mark in light terracotta coloured shorts and a dark green polo. The village square was huge with a giant church on one side, houses on the other three sides with shops and cafes dotted among them. The square had a big fountain in the middle with a statue of a Roman emperor on a plinth which had lions spouting water from their mouthes. There were shade trees around the edges of the square with benches under in the cool. And it was all seemingly completely deserted.

The ice creams we bought were fabulous, Mark finished his in the time it took us to eat even half of our own. I can't recall the exact conversation, but it went something like this :-

"OK, that was good - who wants a second one ?" Mark asked.

"Give us a chance to eat these first, piggy !" Dominic chided him "If you're desperate go and get another on your own."

"I was hoping you'd pay, I haven't got any money with me." Mark said.

"Typical, I'm always lending you cash - you'll have to wait now ............ or ....... no, I know, do something for me and I'll give you some cash now." Dominic said.

"OK - do what ?" Mark asked.

"Come with me and I'll show you ............. " Dominic said as he stood up and led us from our bench in the shade towards the fountain.

"NO ........ NO WAY ....... you CANNOT be serious ............." Mark protested as we neared the fountain.

"You can't say 'NO' until you know what I'm going to ask." Dominic grinned.

"I know you too well ................" Mark muttered.

We stopped at the edge of the fountain bowl, the lip was knee high and the water sparkled in the sun. The fountain was a good thirty feet across from side to side.

"The water looks nice and clean .......... and warm too" Dominic said as he bent and dipped a hand into the water "Just go for a swim around the full diameter of the bowl and I'll happily give you the money for two more ice-creams, more laps equals more ice-creams today or later. What do you say ?"

"Really ? Two ice-creams per lap ?" Mark asked, his eyes lighting up.

"Sure - two per lap........" Dominic laughed "standard cones, nothing fancy that costs any more than them."

"Fair enough." Mark said, looking serious as he put his hand out for Dominic to shake on the deal.

And with that he jumped into the fountain, lay down in the water and proceeded to half-swim, half-crawl a lap of the fountain bowl, if he wasn't wet enough from swimming he just got wetter each time he swam under the water spouting from the lions' mouths. He was thoroughly soaked and paused briefly to roll over on his back when he completed his first lap and punch the air in triumph. He continued to do another five laps and then clambered out having completed six full laps.

"I told you he was a bit of a nutcase, didn't I ?" Dominic grinned as we watched Mark swim round and round.

We had finished our ices by the time Mark had finished his swim, so we walked back to the ice-cream parlour with Mark sloshing along in his sodden clothes just a few paces away from us, on a warning from Dominic not to get us wet. We made him wait outside as we bought our second ices. The young girl behind the counter laughed when she saw Mark and asked 'did your friend enjoy his swim?', to which Dominic replied 'yes, I think so, they don't let him out of the clinic very often, but he does like the water so swims whenever he gets the chance.' and she laughed even more.

We went back to the square and sat on the fountain edge as we ate our ice-creams in the sun. Mark finished his ice-cream first again and we all thought he'd ask for another but he said no he'd like to save his ice-cream credits for later.

"OK, well seeing you don't need to go back to the parlour, you might as well go for another dip." Dominic said as he pushed Mark backwards into the water again and then made sure we were well away by the time Mark got to his feet, dripping wet again, but laughing aloud.

I could see that Sue was watching Mark closely; he did look good with his shiny wet clothes clinging to him.

We walked back to the villas and Dominic and Mark introduced us to their parents. They laughed at Mark being wet, but his dad agreed that he had got the better part of the deal, i.e. getting wet, and cool, once on a boiling hot day in exchange for lovely ice-creams for the rest of the holiday !

We chatted for a bit and then went back to our villa to the sound of Mark trying to push Dominic in the pool, we turned as we heard a loud splash to see them both splashing water at each other as they stood chest deep in the pool.

After that we met up with Dominic and Mark almost everyday. My parents met and liked the boys' parents and we had a few days out as a group and a few days when the boys and us stayed by the pool and all our parents went out together.

It was definitely that holiday when I came to the full appreciation of boys in wet clothes - well, fit looking ones anyway - and I guess it was almost inevitable that Sue and I would both fall for Chris and Jamie, consistently the wettest, fittest lads we know !

Re: Appreciation of wet boys

Posted by Mari on February 07, 2017 at 11:30:10

In Reply to: Re: Appreciation of wet boys posted by wetchas on February 07, 2017 at 10:50:43:

Thanks. That holiday was fun, mostly because of those two lads. I'll write some more in a while, I need to look out my old diary and the few photos we took to recall more about it.

Chris is very busy with studies at the moment, I only get to see him at weekends. He and Jamie both seem to get roped into all sorts of other activities at school as well as scholastic studies and are currently involved with the school play (on the production side rather than acting this time) and have been asked to help out with a geography field trip for the 3rd and 4th forms during half term, which is next week. They don't seem to be able to say "no" - but I guess their teachers know they are good with the younger lads and can be trusted to help and add some fun to the proceedings. They say you should always ask an already busy person to get reliable help, don't they ? It certainly seems to be the case with Chris and Jamie .............

I work for one of my family's businesses, a fashion shop that my mum runs, and am also doing a part-time fashion course at the local college, so no pressure like the boys are under at school. I've known them, Sue and most of the others since we were all at primary school; we were separated on going to secondary school when the boys went to the private all-boys school and we went to an all-girls' school, but we always kept in touch as a group of friends. I've always fancied Chris (he was really cute at 7 years old) and when he came back to the UK he was even better than I recalled. He was a target for all the girls but I got him finally, ha ha.

Re: Appreciation of wet boys

Posted by Jamie on February 08, 2017 at 13:22:54

In Reply to: Re: Appreciation of wet boys posted by Sue on February 08, 2017 at 11:26:33:

What do you mean by "More's the pity......" ? You never told me about this Mark.

Re: First real encounter.

Posted by Jamie on February 10, 2017 at 11:42:36

In Reply to: First real encounter. posted by Chris on February 08, 2017 at 21:10:38:

That was a lucky encounter, Lizzie sounds like the perfect "girl next-door" ! I had to put up with my older brother doing me a favour as I learned about that sort of thing, the downside being that I had to return the favour........

Re: A sunrise tale

Posted by Dolby1000 on February 10, 2017 at 15:29:27

In Reply to: Re: A sunrise tale posted by Chris on February 09, 2017 at 22:47:14:

One thing I love about these boards is that they give us the opportunity to not only remember our best times, but share them amongst like minded people,

I have had many fun times in wet clothes. For some reason, some stand out more than others, some imprint themselves on my memories like yesterday. This occurred years ago but I can bring up this fun morning almost at will.

Other times, many of which I shared here and on Wacky Wet also are remembered fondly.

Sometimes it is fun to go back and remember ones I shared that have faded.

Thanks for your stories Chris, Jamie & others. I find wholly enjoyable.

Re: First real encounter.

Posted by Harry on February 10, 2017 at 20:59:34

In Reply to: Re: First real encounter. posted by Jamie on February 10, 2017 at 11:42:36:

Eeeeew ! Do we really need to know that last bit ?.....ha ha !

Re: First real encounter.

Posted by Jamie on February 10, 2017 at 21:01:54

In Reply to: Re: First real encounter. posted by Harry on February 10, 2017 at 20:59:34:

I won't tell everyone that you and I have helped satisfy each other on a few occasions............

I rather enjoyed it - maybe you didn't, Harry ? Lighten up, mate.

Back at school after a busy half-term

Posted by Jamie on February 21, 2017 at 11:01:01

After our rather "school activity centred" half-term it was gratifying to be acknowledged for all our efforts. At morning assembly the Head spoke briefly and mentioned how well the Dartmoor trip had gone and then said something like this

"........... and I have to say that the success was down to the hard preparatory work of the teachers - who of course are paid for doing these trips, let's not forget - but also largely to the efforts during the trip of their senior students' invaluable help, and they of course volunteered ....... and were definitely not paid ....." - (to which a lone voice called out "Pay us too, we wouldn't object ........" which raised a laugh, even from the Head) - "....... which brings me to the real reason I want to draw attention to what they do for the school in general. I would like to see more of our seniors volunteering - whether it be field trips; swimming coaching; maintaining the assault course; helping on open days; mentoring new boys; cricket, football and rugby coaching and so on. Be assured that no-one will be pressured into volunteering, however you will find it both enjoyable and fulfilling. Think on it and consider if there is anything more that you can bring to school life other than simply attending and doing the academic work. Speak to those who have volunteered, you know who they are, and see what they have to say. Thank you."

I did rather wonder afterwards if everyone else might think we volunteered because we were sucking up to the teachers - you know, being teacher's pet etc - but in fact several seniors came up and asked about the field trip and expressed an interest in helping out in future.

Anyway, I was scheduled to be working from home with Mike after lunch, so we left a bit earlier and skipped school lunch - not exactly gourmet food even at its best - and got home at about 1:30 to find the house empty and a note from my mum saying she'd be home about 8pm and "search the fridge or freezer for your supper !" Great.

We got a sandwich for lunch and I hunted through the fridge for something for supper, eventually we settled on a couple of pizzas. I don't eat what my mum calls "junk" food very often but do enjoy it occasionally. Mike's mum doesn't even allow pizzas in the house, "they'll make you fat, Mike.", so a bit of a treat for him. After lunch we went a did a couple of hours work before adjourning to the pool. I pulled on some old jeans that had been left to dry in the laundry room and Mike borrowed a pair of Chris' cargos, dark blue but faded after much use and many times in the pool or out in the mud. We found a couple of tees in the spare clothing box and dived in the pool. It felt so good in the nice warm water.

Mike is 3 or 4 inches taller and somewhat beefier than either Chris or me, so Chris' combats were a nice looking snug fit and he seemed to enjoy the fact as he had a good boner going when he climbed out to use the diving board. I felt myself getting hard as I watched him from the centre of the pool; those trousers really looked far better on him than they ever do on Chris.

We played around, dived in and generally enjoyed making a lot of splashes for a while and then floated on a couple of airbeds and just relaxed. We experimented with letting air out and seeing if we could find the most comfortable half-submerged level that allowed us to get swamped, and thus re-wet our clothes without sinking completely under or making the airbed unstable. I like the feel of wet clothes as they dry on me, so I managed to keep my boner going without any real thought, much to Mike's amusement. He says he gets hard easily but tends to lose it just as easily !

Chris got home at about 5 and was looking fed up, so I asked him what was wrong.

"You know that project that Harry and I worked so hard on for the two weeks before half-term, well, Mackie handed it back today saying we must have mis-read the subject as it was 'entirely inappropriate as a relevant composition'. So I said it was exactly what he had asked for in his email. He denied that and said we would have to re-do it, until Harry showed him the email and he checked his own copy. He didn't even apologise, just insisted that we would have to re-do it or put up with the fail mark on our course record. He's given us four days to submit our revised version. Bastard."

"What are you going to do ?" Mike asked.

"Get wet !" Chris replied as he dived in, fully dressed in his school clothes - smart navy chinos, button-down blue shirt, grey v-neck sweater, blue/grey check tweed jacket, leather deck shoes and socks.

He swam to the other side of the pool, hauled himself out and sat on the side with his feet dangling in the pool as the water poured off him.

We chatted about the options he and Harry had as far as the project went but eventually Chris said he thought they would have to re-do it regardless, neither of them wanted a fail on their record. Eventually Chris stood up and took off his jacket, pullover, shoes and socks and went to hang them up to dry. When he came back he climbed to the higher diving board and bombed into the pool. When he surfaced next to where Mike and I were floating on our air-beds he tried to tip us off and climb on one.

"Are those my bloody trousers you're wearing, Mike ?" he asked.

"Yes, they were in the laundry room, I didn't bring any spare clothes with me. You don't mind do you?" Mike replied.

"Not as long as you haven't had a wank in them, no !" Chris laughed.

"I haven't yet, but they feel good enough to have a real nice one ........" Mike grinned as Chris tipped the airbed over and dunked Mike under the water repeatedly until he begged for mercy.

We splashed and played around until Chris' mum got home and came out to the pool area to ask if we wanted some supper.

"I've already got a couple of pizzas out of the freezer, mum left a note to say she'd be late." I said "Chris can have some if he likes."

"I'll bring them through shall I ? You can all shower and eat here by the pool." aunt Pam said "There's a pizza in our fridge if you're really hungry Chris ?"

"Great, don't you know yet that I'm always hungry, mum ?" Chris laughed as he climbed out of the pool.

"Are those your school clothes, young man, what have we agreed about swimming in those ?" aunt Pam asked, frowning.

"Sorry, it was a spur of the moment thing - rough day at school, you know ......" Chris apologised.

"Just think in future ......... go shower and I'll get those pizzas."

We showered and as we did so Mike amused us by doing exactly what he had suggested to Chris he would like to do in those trousers. We watched as he undressed and rinsed the trousers under the shower before handing them back to Chris.

"Thanks, mate, they felt as good as I'd hoped." Mike laughed.

We all changed into dry swim-shorts and tees and went in to help Chris' mum get supper. After that we had another swim and then Mike headed home and Chris and I went up to our study to make a start on revising his project work. Chris looked up what he needed and then dictated as I typed it up on my laptop. He barely had to look at the original to recite it complete with the required changes as he went along and an hour or so later we had a first draft. Wish I could do that, it would make school work so much easier to have a good memory !

Re: Back at school after a busy half-term

Posted by Ken on February 21, 2017 at 14:05:08

In Reply to: Back at school after a busy half-term posted by Jamie on February 21, 2017 at 11:01:01:

At least your efforts were appreciated by the school, I don't recall ever being publically thanked for doing extra-curricula activities, we were thanked by individual teachers of course but always quietly after the event.

I'm amazed at how open you and your mates are about boners and wanking, it was something we all knew happened but we never acknowledged it among ourselves apart from the odd whispered aside by a closest friend to warn us a boner was too visible in our trousers or sports shorts. I guess your atitude is far healthier.

I left school in 1996, so attitudes seem to have changed a lot since then.

Re: Back at school after a busy half-term

Posted by Jack on February 21, 2017 at 14:30:51

In Reply to: Back at school after a busy half-term posted by Jamie on February 21, 2017 at 11:01:01:

You guys certainly know how to enjoy yourselves. What was Chris's reaction to being handed his trousers after Mike had shot his load in them ?

Chris's teacher seems to have a strange attitude; what happened to him supposed to be setting a good example to his students by owning up to his error and then marking the work done in response to the question he had actually asked - what harm could that have done ?

Re: Back at school after a busy half-term

Posted by wetchas on February 22, 2017 at 09:10:01

In Reply to: Re: Back at school after a busy half-term posted by Ken on February 21, 2017 at 14:05:08:

'Are those your school clothes young man'? What a great line, I can just hear Chris's Mother saying it.
Totally agree with Ken. Back in my day it was just as he said. Affairs of the penis were very much kept secret, even the suspicion of a stiffie in the showers labelled you as queer (gay wasn't really a term that was used in those days, it still meant happy). I had a rough time as I was one of the few who had been circumcised, and because they could see my bell end some lads thought I had a boner.
Sure there were the 'milk races' as we used to call them, with the first or last to come having to undergo some dire forfiet. However if you were sensible you kept your eyes shut and got on with it.
Have always loved the idea of creaming someone else's clothes. Where I worked once we had an evening lad who came in after school. One day he arrived with a large bag, which turned out to be full of wet clothes as they had been canoeing at school. I must admit I took the bag into the loo, and dressed in the wet undies, jeans and T before shooting my load.
Another place I worked at there were several evening and Saturday lads. If it was raining some of them would arrive pretty well soaked, as the place was out of town. Again I used their coats for some good experiences.
What a sinner I have been.
Thanks for posting Jamie.
Cheers. Wetchas.

Re: Back at school after a busy half-term

Posted by Me on February 22, 2017 at 14:35:54

In Reply to: Back at school after a busy half-term posted by Jamie on February 21, 2017 at 11:01:01:

You need to report that bullying teacher to the Headmaster. If he does nothing about it, report it to the school governors. He is stealing your time for no good reason as you have completed all the work he set you (and you have proof).
I know if it gets to the school governors that a teacher is stopping pupils from learning new stuff by making them repeat old work there will be hell to pay.

Re: Back at school after a busy half-term

Posted by Chris on February 22, 2017 at 22:40:22

In Reply to: Re: Back at school after a busy half-term posted by wetchas on February 22, 2017 at 09:10:01:

I've had grief over that little incident ever since; mind you how serious can it be when mum didn't even notice when I wore the same clothes the next day - they looked fine, not creased etc. - and she said "I hope you won't be wearing THOSE clothes in the pool as well, mister !" I didn't have the heart to say "these ARE the clothes that I wore in the pool.."

Things are much more open these days, I guess, from what I read on here and what my parents say, but it has just always been like that for us; most of the guys at school seem to have had some sort of encounter with another guy (always a close friend or relative rather than a stranger, I would add) even though they are not gay and most (80% I'd say) have girlfriends with whom they have sex or pre-sex encounters. I guess our generation is just more exposed to it on social media or are better educated and want to try things for themselves. I think we are all more confident about our bodies, and in general, even if some do obsess too much about conforming to the media norm. Mari mentioned chest hair in one of her posts; most of the guys in our group remove chest, torso and underarm hair to some degree if not completely. I don't now (I did try, just too much hassle) but then I am fair so it doesn't show so much - and Mari likes it anyway - although I do keep it trimmed.

You've certainly had a few encounters with other people's wet clothes, interesting to hear. Jamie and I regularly swap clothes (being the same size helps) and friends like Mike and Harry have borrowed jeans and tees when wanting to get wet and were without spares of their own. Mike has even jerked off in my trousers, naughty boy.

We seem to busy again at the moment with school stuff, so probably won't be posting much until the Easter school hols. But we'll do what we can as and when we have a chance to get wet or muddy.

Re: Back at school after a busy half-term

Posted by Chris on February 23, 2017 at 22:57:02

In Reply to: Re: Back at school after a busy half-term posted by wetchas on February 23, 2017 at 08:54:25:

Jamie and I enjoy our exchanges with you - and with various other contributors here - so please don't ever hold back to "leave us in peace" as we always make the time to look on these forums even when we don't have time to get wet or muddy and post about it. Cheers for now.

Re: Back at school after a busy half-term

Posted by Jamie on February 23, 2017 at 23:10:05

In Reply to: Re: Back at school after a busy half-term posted by Ken on February 21, 2017 at 14:05:08:

The Head at our school is keen on what he calls "inclusion" and "being a part of our community" so he always makes a point of thanking students individually for their efforts even if he has not been involved personally in the activity as a teacher, which is nice. He's a good bloke even though he does keep a distance as Head - he is the only teacher we are expected to call "sir" at all times, and he uses our surnames, rather Christian names as the others do.

Our group of friends are fairly open about boners and stuff; they happen, so why not be ? We see each other naked in the showers after sports and have done since we were kids of 11 years old. I think it took Chris a while to get used to it after being home schooled for so long, but as he's always been a bit of a show off and an extrovert, he soon became as unconcerned as the rest of us.

More about our week with James.

Posted by Jonno on March 01, 2017 at 11:49:39

After our muddy fun in the wood on Tuesday and the subsequent clean-up in the cold river and hot shower at home, we all finally got to bed at about 11pm. Benny and I decided to wear our wet jeans to bed for a bit of fun ......... we quite enjoy the feeling of gradually drying out under the duvet in a warm bed as we touch and play with each other through the denim, nothing strenuous, just hands and fingers lingering on the soft or hard bulges of cock and balls - we usually just fall asleep in each others arms with legs entwined or "hard-on to hard-on" as Benny puts it !

I usually sleep pretty heavily once I reach the land of nod and wake feeling bright and ready for the day. I don't recall dreams normally, if I do its usually a nightmare from eating and drinking too much too late at night, particularly cheese and red wine - two of my favourite things, sadly.

Anyway, during Tuesday night I had a great dream. I was laying in the comfort of a huge bed with a lovely soft duvet covering me, I was happy to have a stonking great ten inch boner (I wish !) and was enjoying just gently playing with myself and tickling my balls with the fingers I wasn't using to rub my shaft. Bliss. I was aware of someone in the bed next to me, but couldn't turn my head to look at them however hard I tried. I felt them move and saw the duvet billow up as a body moved under it and then I felt a warm dampness envelope my boner and something wet and firm start circling the head of my cock. I gasped and felt myself get harder and harder as things progressed, I was on the point of shooting my load when I woke up suddenly.

I couldn't comprehend at first, but strangely the situation was exactly as it had been in my dream, someone was indeed licking and sucking my boner and I was about to cum. I closed my eyes as I jerked and throbbed and heard some slurping noises from under the duvet. When I recovered myself and opened my eyes, James was kneeling on the bed with the duvet over his shoulders and his mouth dribbling what looked suspiciously like spunk. He swallowed and grinned at me.

"What the hell ? Did what I think just happened ...... just actually happen ?" I asked.

"Sure did ........" I heard Benny say from next to me.

"I thought we usually asked permission before ......... well, you know ......." I said feeling slightly irritated.

There was a long silence, and Benny and James looked embarrassed.

"Sorry if I've done something wrong, I really am." James said at last.

"You were having such a lovely sleep" Benny said "and obviously dreaming, groaning aloud as you played with that lovely boner; we both thought you'd enjoy the real thing the same as I had just done courtesy of young James ....... he's good, don't you think ?"

"Yeah, I guess so. But ask in future, please." I said "That's all I want to say."

James lay down on the bed between us and pulled the duvet over us all. We lay in silence for a bit until James whispered in my ear and asked if I'd jerk him off as he was getting hard again, and to please forgive him. He's such a sweet lad, what could I do ?

We went to work as usual on that Wednesday and in the afternoon James went off to meet up with his friend Paul. We'd arrange that he would come to our place for an evening meal and told James that he could stay overnight if he wished. Benny and I went home a bit early and James and Paul turned up as we were having a quick cuppa.

Paul was certainly more at ease than when we'd first found him almost naked on the bed with James, desperate to make his embarrassed escape from being found like that. He was wearing all black again - black jeans, black short-sleeved shirt, black boots and a black leather jacket - and when he removed his jacket on arrival it was apparent that he had extended the intricate tattoo that had previously run around his forearm from wrist to elbow, on up to beyond the sleeve of his shirt.

"Have you had more of that tattoo done, Paul ?" Benny asked.

"Yeah, quite a bit more - I'll show you." Paul replied as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off.

The swirly pattern now curled around his arm and up over the front of his shoulder before running across towards the base of his neck and a few inches down his spine where it turned into a string of small seven pointed stars, which were done in a bright red.

"Good Lord ............. that's quite something. You're a braver man than I; bet that hurt like hell ........." Benny said as we admired the intricate work.

"Not really, I suppose you get used to it after the first few minutes." Paul replied.

"Are you going to extend it further down or across ?" James asked.

"Yes, definitely." Paul grinned "I want it to continue with more stars falling down the line of my spine and splashing into a pool across the small of my back, so it's visible when I go shirtless. The tattoo guy is also working on filling the gaps in the pattern on my lower arm to look as though you can see the anatomy of the muscle and bones under the skin. He suggested doing it as though it were a mechanical arm ....... you know, like in the Terminator film ........ but I thought that might be a bit naff, what do you all think ?"

"I can admire the work that has been done from an artistic point of view" I said "but I just don't like tattoos - sorry ........."

"That's fine - they're not for everyone, I understand that." Paul replied as he pulled his shirt back on "I'd draw the line at having any done on my face, head or hands. I don't want them to show when I'm fully dressed and trying to look smart - not that that happens often !"

"I like it." James said "Do you think I should get a tattoo, maybe just a small one ?"

"NO !! Absolutely not whilst you're still at school ....... there's probably a school rule against having one anyway." Benny said "Wait until you get to Uni at the very least - Jeez, can you imagine the grief I'd get from your parents if you went home from here with a tattoo !! Don't even think about it ....... you'll have me in an early grave, so you will."

"You're starting to sound like mum ......" James laughed "Rest easy, I'm not planning on getting one just yet."

We chatted as we drank our teas and James told Paul about us getting muddy yesterday, that we'd cleaned up in the river and how cold it had been.

"It's a while since I've been in the river - my mates and I used to race each other to the far side in the summer hols, you only have to swim for a few yards across the middle bit. It was great." Paul said "We used to cross near the old bridge, it's much deeper overall than this stretch and we'd get swept down stream to this part if we weren't careful - that was a bit of added excitement."

"Sounds dangerous to me !" I said.

"No, not really - it gets so shallow that you're never going to drown, are you ?" Paul asked "Unless you banged your head on a rock and never surfaced again ......."

"We could try a race now - before supper - I'm up for that !" James said eagerly.

"That would be fun - want to have a go, Jonno ? Benny ?" Paul asked.

"No thanks - too cold for me - but I'll come and watch." I said.

"Yes, I'll do it - can't have you young guys thinking we're not up for a challenge." Benny grinned.

So we went out to the river bank and it was agreed that the race would be across the river to the far side, pick a piece off a bush we could see over-hanging the far wall and then back again. I would act as referee if needed and wait at our side.

James was wearing his skinny fit jeans again, a dark red sweatshirt with a blue tee-shirt underneath, red socks and his Nike trainers. Benny was in tan chinos, a yellow and blue check shirt with a white tee underneath, yellow socks, chunky brown leather deck shoes and I knew he was wearing yellow and black striped boxer-briefs having seen him get dressed.

I did the count-down for their start and Paul was quickest to start off, leaping to the first rock in the river and then on to two more, before splashing down into the first deeper pool, he quickly recovered but the others had caught him up and Jamie and he pushed and shoved each other in the effort to get to the next rock, both sliding off and into the water up to their waists. Benny was slower but more sure footed and had opted to just wade through the pools rather than leap from rock to rock and by the time James and Paul had recovered their footing on the next few rocks, Benny was well ahead. They reached the central channel together and Benny just dived in and swam the dozen or so strokes it took to get across. James and Paul tried wading across and do as little swimming as possible. I watched them all scramble up onto the rocks on the far side of the channel and make a start through the pools and rocks towards the far bank. They were all thoroughly soaked by now of course and I could see their shiny clothes as the water poured off them.

It was a similar story on the return leg, Benny just waded across the pools and slide over or around the rocks whereas the boys tried to stay out of the water as much as possible by jumping from rock to rock. I am pleased to say that Benny finished with a clear lead by touching the wall as the boys were still scrambling out of the last pool they had encountered.

They all looked pretty awesome in their sodden, clinging clothes but Benny looked best in my view as he had a nice prominent bulge despite the cold water ! But I would say that, wouldn't I ? I didn't escape getting a soaking as they all grabbed me and pushed me in the nearest pool after they had finished.

"Go on, get wet - you know you want to .......... " James said as he gave me the final push that sent me splashing down into the nearest deep pool.

Well, it was cold, but fun, and we all went indoors for a hot shower. After that we dried off a bit and then had supper still in our wet clothes, at James' suggestion.

Cross-country run

Posted by Jamie on April 01, 2017 at 08:06:25

Yesterday afternoon, Friday, we had our annual inter-house cross-country run at school. Everyone takes part split into two groupings, under-16s and seniors (i.e. everyone else) and we run in our house colours, yellow for Chris and me, so wear running shorts and a singlet of fluorescent yellow ....... not my colour really !

The course is about five miles in and around the school grounds and some adjoining farmland tracks which are mostly muddy and rutted. The course also involves running through the shallow end of the school lake, an area which can vary from knee-deep to waist-deep according to how much rain there has been. This year our teachers have included a new feature, a mud crawl for about fifty feet under wires strung about two feet above the ground which is churned up and well watered before hand, additionally there are sprinklers watering the mud during the run, so everyone is guaranteed to get very wet and muddy, like it or not.

Some of the guys wear compression shorts under their running shorts, but I found that uncomfortable when I tried it before so just wear the shorts, which have a built-in mesh liner for support, and the singlet. Chris does the same. The shorts are very short indeed and made of an extremely lightweight fabric so there is no hiding when you wear them as they cling mightily when wet and mould themselves around you in the slightest breeze when dry ! Harry has joked that we might as well race naked, like the original Olympians. At least our yellow kit doesn't turn completely transparent when wet; unlike the white kit that some of the guys have to wear as their house colour. From a looks alone point of view, I like the black kit as it looks nicely shiny when wet and even better when covered in mud !

It was a bright sunny day with a nice breeze, just right for running. I enjoy it now more than I used to before the accident; it's an exercise necessity really as I am banned from playing football and rugby - too risky as I could easily damage my leg and the integrity of the rods and pins holding the bones together. It is usually a nice event as we get quite a few parents attending to cheer on their sons and daughters. There was a good crowd yesterday as the weather was nice, some rainy years there has been no-one at all !

I'm not as quick as Chris now so he goes off with the leaders and I straggle along with the likes of Harry and Red in the middle ranks. The lake crossing is usually fun as some guys hesitate about just running straight in and then obstruct those behind them causing a few falls and some very annoyed and wet runners as a result. This year the water was quite deep, up to my crotch level, and there were a few fallers as well as a few happy divers who splashed down deliberately ! Being soaking wet of course sets you up well for the mud crawl some 100 yards later, so that was fun and caused a lot of amusement to the spectators. The full course is two complete circuits so we were all thoroughly wet and muddy by the finish.

Chris and I didn't compete last year so don't have a placing from then to compare but we did OK this year, Chris was placed 14th and I came in at 29th out of a total of 68 male senior runners. We don't time runners as we don't have the required equipment to do so.

It was fun watching some of the newer parents' reactions to seeing their precious offspring finishing their Under-16 run totally soaked and mud covered, I'm sure some of them must have got muddier than was strictly required as I saw a few of them rolling around as they did the mud crawl during their race. Everyone seemed to enjoy it in the end and our house came second out of the six, better than before.

The only downside to the day was going back to my car when we were ready to go home and finding that some f***ing prat had bashed-in the side, scraping down the front wing, both doors and part of the rear wing panel as well as damaging the plastic cladding around the wheel arch and knocking the wing-mirror housing off it's mount. The front door window is also smashed and the leading edge of the front door has been pulled back like an partly-opened tin can. School is checking the CCTV security cameras which cover the courtyard where everyone parks so hopefully it will show what happened. Whoever caused the damage scrawled the word "Sorry" and a mobile number on the windscreen in what looks like lip-stick, but when we rang that it turned out to be a non-existent number. The insurance repair assessor is coming to the house on Monday to inspect the car, but my dad thinks they will probably write it off as it is 9 years old now. Very sad, I like my car, it is my first one.

Re: Cross-country run

Posted by Jack on April 01, 2017 at 15:17:53

In Reply to: Cross-country run posted by Jamie on April 01, 2017 at 08:06:25:

That's a great story. I did a bit of cross-country running when I was at school and it is a great way to get muddy and wet without getting into trouble. I do agree that the kit can be a bit too revealing - those very short shorts leave nothing to the imagination when wet or muddy from what I remember, and I always found that the elastic in the inner brief got slack after washing a few times and that just left one flopping around more, so to speak, not a good look.

Sorry to hear about the car - some people can be real b**tards - but hopefully the insurance will be enough to get another one. What was it ? I think you said at one time but I forget, but I recall thinking "Lucky lad, they're nice !"

Re: Cross-country run

Posted by Jamie on April 01, 2017 at 20:26:10

In Reply to: Re: Cross-country run posted by Jack on April 01, 2017 at 15:17:53:

The run was good fun, especially the wet and muddy bits. As you say those shorts can be very revealing, as our mate Mike found out when he got a boner after running through the lake water and then highlighting it with the mud smeared across his groin after the mud-crawl; quite a few spectators certainly noticed and looked mostly amused !

I was very annoyed, nay angry, about my car. The school bursar phoned this afternoon after checking the CCTV and we now know that it was a large motorhome that did the damage. My dad and I went back to school to have a look; the cameras clearly show it parked next to my car and then backing and turning out of the space and the front making contact and then moving down the side as the vehicle reversed. A girl then gets out of the passenger side and goes to look at the damage before directing the obviously incompetent driver back and forth again as the driver does all the wrong things and repeatedly hits my car. Looks like its the first time the driver has ever been behind the wheel never mind try to reverse out of a parking spot. If it wasn't my car involved, I would have laughed aloud as I watched the footage. Anyway we now have a registration number and the bursar said he thought he knew who's vehicle it was, so he is going to check it out and get back to us.

My car was dad's car when it was new in 2008, was passed to my mum when he got a new one in 2012 and finally passed to me when he changed again and passed his car onto mum again after I passed my driving test. It is an Audi A4 Allroad with a 2.0 litre diesel engine and auto gearbox. It is basically a jacked-up A4 estate with extra ground clearance and plastic cladding around the wheel arches and down the sides and a part-time / on-demand 4x4 drive system. It will go off-road, just not very far ! I've never taken it off-road myself.

Re: Discovering a wet clothes fan.

Posted by Jamie on April 01, 2017 at 20:35:24

In Reply to: Discovering a wet clothes fan. posted by Michael on April 01, 2017 at 14:37:36:

Funny story. I know exactly how Sean feels as my dad walked in on me whilst I was laying on my bed having a good old jerk session. So embarrassing. He just stopped for a second and then turned and walked out without saying a word. We never specifically mentioned it afterwards although there was a rather pregnant pause when we next bumped into each other around the house.

Glad to hear that the two of you now know you both enjoy getting wet in your clothes, should make for some fun in future. Please let us all know how things go. Enjoy it all and thanks for posting.

Re: Discovering a wet clothes fan.

Posted by Michael on April 02, 2017 at 07:33:25

In Reply to: Re: Discovering a wet clothes fan. posted by Jamie on April 01, 2017 at 20:35:24:

I think Sean was more shocked at being found in the bath in his clothes in a guest room when he should have been working ! I'd give him 10/10 for lack of embarrassment at being found with his cock in his hand, or indeed with a sizeable bulge in his jeans afterwards when he stood up. It just reminded me of when I was his age and was constantly having to try and hide an unwanted, unexpected boner. I'd have done anything to stop my parents seeing that I was aroused, but Sean didn't seem to worry at all.

I am pleased that knowing about Sean has freed me up to be more open about liking to get wet myself and that for Sean it means he doesn't have to be so secretive about it either. My parents never knew about me deliberately getting wet when I was his age, I always blamed it on friends or that I had been playing football or something.

I've never posted on these forums before, although I have been an avid reader, and have been impressed by the stories that you and Chris post, very entertaining; so I hope you will forgive me if I adopt your style of verbatim quotes and giving some background as they all add to the overall enjoyment.

Re: Cross-country run

Posted by Jonno on April 03, 2017 at 15:44:32

In Reply to: Cross-country run posted by Jamie on April 01, 2017 at 08:06:25:

Sounds like everyone had fun - participants and spectators. I've tried compression shorts when playing football and although they have their benefits the fact that I find they are uncomfortable negates all that. I'd rather get wet in nylon shorts with plain cotton briefs underneath.

Shame about the car, hope you manage to catch up with whoever it was that did the damage. The trouble with taking the insurance is that it never works out that the money you get is actually enough to get a similar car in a similar condition and with similar mileage. Good luck with it anyway.

Re: Cross-country run

Posted by Jamie on April 04, 2017 at 07:13:37

In Reply to: Re: Cross-country run posted by Jonno on April 03, 2017 at 15:44:32:

It was a good run, I enjoyed it. I agree about the nylon shorts and cotton briefs, but I also like nylon shorts and going commando !

The school bursar managed to contact the owner of the motorhome that did the damage. She is a parent of a lad at school. Seems they were due to go away for the weekend immediately after Friday's event and whilst she was sorting out her son after the run, her daughters decided they would collect the motorhome and drive round to the front of school to pick them up. The daughter is a learner driver, is not a named driver for the motorhome and did not have her mother's permission to drive the vehicle. Anyway the long and short of it is that the mum came round yesterday evening and offered to pay whatever garage we wanted to use to get the repairs done. She was appalled at what had happened but didn't find out the details until the bursar contacted her and her daughters eventually owned up to hitting a car rather than a brick wall !. I almost felt sorry for her, she was so abjectly apologetic and we all parted on good terms. She even agreed to dad's request to sign an undertaking to pay. Our friend Red's father runs a crash repair business as part of his little business empire, so is picking the car up today and reckons the repairs will take about two weeks once he has got the required panels and parts. Our insurance company have said they are happy not to be involved from now on but will want to inspect the repairs in due course, but as Red's dad is an approved repairer that shouldn't be a problem. So all is as good as it can be under the circumstances.

Re: Cross-country run

Posted by Jack on April 04, 2017 at 13:06:12

In Reply to: Re: Cross-country run posted by Jamie on April 04, 2017 at 07:13:37:

Good news about the car ! That lady did the right thing anyway - hopefully it will come back as good as new.

Getting our revenge on Tom

Posted by Jamie on April 10, 2017 at 15:00:21

After Tom's comments about us snoozing after lunch on Saturday we decided it was time he was persuaded to get properly fit, not just by swimming up and down the pool in jeans and tees and adding extra layers every few days, but with a bit of slogging through mud as well, that really is hard work and will give his legs and torso a good workout as he struggles to extricate himself from the deeper bits. Oh yes, he will get really, really muddy !!

After our morning swim when we all wore jeans, a tee-shirt and a sweatshirt, we sat and had breakfast in our wet clothes before telling Tom to get ready for more exercise by pulling on a tracksuit (over his wet clothes), socks and trainers. He didn't know what was planned but did as asked after a bit of persuasion.

"What is this all about, guys, I thought our exercise regime was just the morning swim ?" Tom asked.

"We thought you could do with a bit more than just that - after all you're getting a bit flabby ....... around here !" Chris grinned as he patted Tom's stomach - well, 'patted' is a bit of an understatement, more of a 'thump' really - "Ohh ! That does feel soft and flabby - I think you need a bit more resistance ................ this will help !" Chris finished as he pushed Tom backwards into the pool again.

Tom looked quite a sight as he clambered out of the pool, soaked through, with his grey tracksuit now a darker shade and clinging to him as water poured off his clothes.

"I suppose you think that's funny ?" Tom asked, tight lipped as he stood before us.

"I thought you liked getting wet ?" Chris asked "And 'yes' it is rather funny. That tracksuit feels nice and heavy now I expect, which was the idea. Come on, let's get going."

So we headed out to the woods and the muddy ride. It was nice and sunny and once in the woods there was no breeze so it felt relatively warm as well once we got moving. I do like the feel of wet clothes as I move around. By the time we got to the muddy ride, Tom's clothes had drained of most of the water from his dip in the pool.

"OK Tom, here's what we propose that we do to help you get rid of that flabby midriff of yours." Chris started "I ......."

"Hey, enough of 'that flabby midriff' ......." Tom interrupted.

"Truth hurts, doesn't it ?" Chris laughed "You run through the mud to the far end of the ride, do 20 sit-ups, run back here, do 20 sit-ups, run back down the ride, do 20 sit-ups................."

"OK, OK I get the idea. And what will you two jokers be doing whilst I do all that ?"

"I will run with you and count the number of sit-ups you do. Just to ensure you don't slack off" Chris said "and Jamie will do the same at this end."

"This is revenge for me having a go about lazy teenagers sleeping in the sun all day, isn't it ? Go on, be honest ............." Tom asked.

"No, not at all - we honestly want to help you get fit in time for that beach holiday you plan with your mates. Can't have you looking flabby in your Speedos - you'll never pull a girl."

"Look matey, if I wear Speedos, they'll not be looking at my waist-line, flabby or not - have you learned nothing in your 18 years !" Tom laughed.

So with that, Chris and Tom started their run down the ride. It has dried up a bit during the recent warmer weather but is still knee-deep and more in some places and more than deep enough to get totally submerged in the tracks left by Gareth's big tractor. It didn't take long for Tom to slip over and get partially soaked in mud, but he did battle on to the far end and do his sit-ups. He got back to my end again with just a couple of falls but one of them was in the deepest part and he arrived back breathless and almost completely covered in mud to his chest. His tracksuit was no longer grey of any shade below that and it was stuck to him in a wrinkled muddy mess.

"Hell's bells, that's hard work running through the mud. I need a breather for a bit." Tom gasped as he stood bent over with his hands on his knees. I must admit he looked a bit knackered.

"No time for that, Tom" I insisted "The benefit is in you continuing, not stopping to make a recovery each time. Come on, sit-ups please !"

"Ever thought of a career as a sadistic martinet ........." Tom asked "And just why am I the only one doing this ?"

"You're the only flabby one here." I laughed. At which point he flung himself at me and wrestled me into the mud before pushing me as deep into it as he could. I fought back but it only got us both muddier and muddier. We were both plastered from head to toe when we eventually stood up.

"Are you continuing or just going to play in the mud now ?" I asked.

"I'll continue, but only so I can do the same to Chris when I get to the far end again." Tom grinned.

"Fine by me." I said.

After doing his sit-ups, Tom ran off down the ride again and without really stopping I could see him tackle Chris straight to the ground. They arrived back to me both as soaked as I was and we spent a while splashing around in the deeper parts of the mud until we were all completely covered, hair and all. By that stage I had a good boner trying to tent out the front of my jeans and I could see that Chris was the same. Tom commented that he was hard as well and needed to attend to matters, but beneath his layers of jeans and tracksuit it was not quite so obvious, so we all spent a few moments of 'me time', which felt very satisfying.

On the way back to the house we stopped off at the flooded dell and had a few swings out over the water and each made as big a splash as we could when we let go and fell in. That is always good fun. After a few goes at that we were all relatively clean but soaking wet again. Tom stripped off his tracksuit as he said it felt too bulky and heavy, so we walked home in wet jeans and tees splashing through as many puddles as we could find. We spent the rest of the morning in the pool in our clothes before changing into dry things for Sunday lunch with everyone else. In the afternoon everyone sat around the pool and had a swim, this time in proper swimwear, which is quite nice for a change. Pretty much a perfect day.

Re: Getting our revenge on Tom

Posted by Jack on April 10, 2017 at 16:32:51

In Reply to: Getting our revenge on Tom posted by Jamie on April 10, 2017 at 15:00:21:

That sounds like a perfect way to get revenge and have some fun as well. I do envy you the facilities you have there for getting totally muddy at any time you wish .......

Re: Getting our revenge on Tom

Posted by Trn on April 10, 2017 at 20:07:12

In Reply to: Getting our revenge on Tom posted by Jamie on April 10, 2017 at 15:00:21:

What brand had the trackies? Nylon or cotton ?

Re: Getting our revenge on Tom

Posted by Jamie on April 11, 2017 at 06:08:25

In Reply to: Re: Getting our revenge on Tom posted by Trn on April 10, 2017 at 20:07:12:

Don't know. No logo that I could see, just a plain grey marl cotton track suit with short zips to the ankles and full zip up front on the top. I'll ask Tom when we have our swim tomorrow, he's just left for work after today's session. I guess it is just a cheap tracksuit that he bought on-line as I don't think he'd have got a decent one quite so trashed in the mud. It did look good though when soaked and clinging.

Re: Getting our revenge on Tom

Posted by Jamie on April 11, 2017 at 06:09:50

In Reply to: Re: Getting our revenge on Tom posted by Jack on April 10, 2017 at 16:32:51:

It was fun and Tom played along with it nicely, he enjoys getting muddy as much as we do.

Re: Getting our revenge on Tom

Posted by Me on April 11, 2017 at 07:31:03

In Reply to: Re: Getting our revenge on Tom posted by Jack on April 10, 2017 at 16:32:51:

Jamie and Chris - to help encourage your friend Tom should you not be wearing layers too?

Re: Getting our revenge on Tom

Posted by Jamie on April 11, 2017 at 10:19:26

In Reply to: Re: Getting our revenge on Tom posted by Me on April 11, 2017 at 07:31:03:

Cousin Tom is the one who needs the extra exercise - he really has put on some weight recently - and he's seen us in layers of clothes in the pool and in outdoor mud and water on many occasions, so I don't suppose he minded. He admitted afterwards that it was good fun, particularly when we stuffed mud down inside his tracksuit and rubbed it well into his jeans and sweatshirt until he was even more thoroughly covered; two against one is a bit unfair but when we know he likes it as much as he does and shows his appreciation as well, it makes it more fun as well. He'll get his own revenge in due course no doubt.

Marshall and Grant arrive for Easter

Posted by Jamie on April 13, 2017 at 14:11:38

This is a bit disjointed as I wrote it over two days, so apologies for any inconsistencies; I don't have time to re-write it entirely as Chris and the twins are trying to get me wet again and into the pool in my clothes - what's new ?

Late afternoon Tuesday Marshall and Grant arrived to stay whilst their dad, Marshall Snr., and uncle Greg go off for their meetings in London for a couple of days and then in Munich for three days after Easter.

It was great to see them all again. The difference in appearance was striking as far as the boys went, but even more so with their dad. Marshall and Grant were both dressed like normal teenagers in well-worn and faded jeans, polo-shirts and trainers. Marshall's hair was fashionably cut with very short sides and back with a longer mop of waves on top that flopped over his forehead. Grant had grown his hair longer and it was pulled back into a pony-tail. They looked older and more serious but still had the quick grins and sudden laughter as before. Marshall Snr. was wearing a dark blue suit, white shirt and striped tie, black brogue shoes. Gone was any vestige of the cowboy, not even the hat. His hair was conventionally trimmed short and he had lost the moustache as well. His voice did not boom as before and he seemed more subdued.

After we had all greeted each other and shown everyone their rooms and they had settled in, we gathered in the main hall prior to supper. My dad had arrived home from work and was busy getting drinks for everyone as we chatted. Uncle Greg spoke for us all when he offered his condolences on Hermione's death and said how welcome they were back in our home.

"Thank you all for making us so welcome." Marshall replied "Your condolences were much appreciated at the time and again now in person. I'll admit that her death has affected all of us far more than we had expected. Hermione was a difficult woman to live with, as you saw on our previous visit - there's no point in denying that - and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we were looking forward to getting away from the continuous control she tried to exert once the boys were due to go to university. However, events have overtaken us in an unforeseen, sad way and it has hit us all very hard. We've all had some very tearful days, but we've adjusted in our own ways - I've given up being the cowboy that Hermione fell in love with and insisted I stay - the boys have taken steps to normalise their lives and enjoy their new-found freedom. I think grief has made us .......... what ? ...... grow up a bit I guess and certainly I've noticed a new maturity, seriousness - call it what you will - in both Grant and Junior. Getting away from the image that Hermione insisted on has been a big part of coming to terms with life without her; the boys have certainly changed for the better and become true individuals, thank goodness. Despite all that we're still the same people we were before, and getting back to normal more each day. In time we'll remember only the good bits of our times with Hermione, which is as it should be, of course; there were many. Thank you. Forgive me, I've spoken for far too long .............."

"No, Marshall, not at all - grief affects everyone in different ways." uncle Greg assured him "Losing a wife or parent must be the most difficult loss of all. Enjoy some down-time whilst you are here - different surroundings and so on - our work meetings won't be too taxing and our lads have been looking forward to seeing Marshall and Grant again."

"We've been looking forward to seeing Jamie and Chris too." Grant said "Our chats on Skype and so on have been a way of getting back to normal since mum died and we are grateful they've been there for us - you find out who your real friends are when you need them to be there whenever you want and not just when they want ....... and they've been the truest of friends at all times."

"That's kind of you, Grant - God knows they have their faults ........ far too many to list" uncle Greg laughed amid a 'Hear, hear' from my dad, "but I know they value friendships above all else, and that of you both in particular. Shall we sit down to eat now before we all get really maudlin and sentimental ..............."

Supper was a cheery affair and our visitors visibly relaxed as we ate and chatted. Grant and Marshall had asked that they share rooms the way we had before and we spent a while chatting in our study before retiring for the night.

We all went down early for our morning swim, Grant and Marshall had remembered to pack swim shorts (very bright bright pink and sky blue floral pattern for Grant and a black and red palm frond pattern for Marshall - very smart). Chris and I carried on with our resistance training with cousin Tom and this time we all wore jeans, 2 x tee-shirts, a sweatshirt and a full tracksuit on top as well as socks and trainers. Grant and Marshall thought it very funny.

It was obvious that Grant and Marshall had taken on their own fitness regime at home as both looked incredibly fit when we saw them in just their swim-shorts, Grant sporting a real six-pack and lots of well defined muscles on both his arms and legs. Marshall was not quite as good as his brother. They said they had been working hard on some new gym equipment that they had had installed at home and had acquired a personal trainer, largely at their dad's behest as he feel the need to get fitter as well but had then hardly availed himself of the gym or the trainer since.

After our session we changed into jeans and tees for breakfast, the car arrived to take uncle Greg and Marshall Snr. off to London, my dad went off to work, and we hung around the house for a bit just chatting until our mums announced that they were going shopping with a couple of friends for the day. So we were on our own.

"We've been wet this morning, which was good" Grant said "so what are the chances that we could get muddy today as well ?"

"I'd say 100% if that is what you'd like to do." Chris replied, grinning widely "I thought you'd never ask !"

"That is what you regularly do, isn't it ? And it was fun last time we were here." Marshall asked.

"Do you want to change or shall we just go as we are ?" I asked.

Grant looked down at his clothes and shrugged "Happy to get these muddy." he said. He was wearing loose-fitting, very light blue Levi jeans, a dark blue tee-shirt with the Levi Strauss logo printed in white across the chest, red socks and grey and red trainers.

Marshall nodded in agreement. He was wearing very worn and faded jeans, a plain dark green tee-shirt, blue socks and blue and white trainers.

Chris was in tan jeans, an orange tee-shirt, orange socks and green canvas shoes. I was in my favourite old 501s, a grey tee-shirt, blue socks and grey trainers.

We headed straight to the swampy area and Grant surprised us all by jumping straight in and getting himself completely soaked and muddy up to his chest, he clambered out and stood on the side before falling backwards into the swamp again, this time getting fully submerged briefly as he splashed down. When he stood up again he was completely covered and his clothes were a uniform muddy brown and his long hair was plastered to his head. He brushed his hair back off his forehead and wiped some mud from around his eyes and mouth after shaking the mud from his hands. He climbed out of the swamp again and stood facing us.

"I guess these jeans will never be that same light blue again" Grant laughed "they needed breaking-in a bit." He looked down at himself and wiped his hands down his thighs revealing the filthy denim, now a muddy brown-streaked darker blue.

Grant then grabbed his brother's arm and pulled him towards the swamp, he struggled at first and then gave in suddenly causing Grant to fall backwards with Marshall landing on his feet astride his brother's body and ending up with Grant sitting up to his chest in the swamp. He put his arms around Marshall's legs and pulled him down into the swamp and they splashed and wrestled around until they were both completely soaked and covered in mud.

Chris and I jumped in and joined them and we all splashed around getting each other repeatedly as muddy and wet as we could. Grant and Marshall looked amazing with their wet clothes clinging to their bodies. It didn't take long for them to both acquire sizeable bulges showing how much they were enjoying their wet clothes and all the mud.

The mud in the swamp is fairly liquid and full of bits of vegetation and also looks fairly black, it is not nice and slimey like the mud in the ride, so after we were all thoroughly soaked and felt like something different we moved onto the ride. We tried all the obstacles in our small course and had a few laughs falling of the various logs and splashing down into the surrounding mud. We arrived at the ride and Chris challenged the twins to a race to the far end. None of us got there before falling over as we failed to keep our footing in the slippery mud. When we finally did so we splashed down into the liquid mud and caught our breaths as we lay there.

My hard-on was straining against my demim jeans and I needed to sort things out, so rolled onto my front against the side of the pool we were laying in and slipped a hand inside my jeans and made a start.

"Hey Jamie - don't think we don't know what you are doing !" Chris called.

"You're welcome to come over here and give me a helping hand - or stay there and sort out your own erection, its been rudely making it's presence felt ever since you jumped in the swamp !!" I retorted.

"Perhaps we could help you both out ?" Grant asked.

"Great - thanks, come on over." I said to him.

Grant crawled through the mud to me and settled into the mud on my left, he pushed his right hand down and under my body before slipping it inside my jeans and starting to gently rub and squeeze my hard-on as we lay in the mud side by side. After a bit he withdrew his hand, manouvered himself on top of me and and pushed his hand down again until he found my cock again through the denim of my jeans, continueing to rub and squeeze me, he started gently rocking his hips against my backside and I could feel his own hard-on growing and pushing against me. That tipped me over the edge and I creamed my jeans with three great spurts of cum just as I felt Grant give a sudden gasp and then relax atop of me. We rolled onto our backs and lay next to each other in the mud, the liquid mud slowly seeping across our half-submerged crotches as our hard-ons subsided and the prominent bulges in our jeans disappeared. We both watched as Chris and Marshall grappled each other in the mud, ending with Marshall rubbing and squeezing Chris's bulge until he shot his load, Marshall then dealt with his own erection. That was all pretty amazing.

After we had recovered and decided to move on, we splashed through more mud and slid through it to see how far we could go in the thicker mud. We ended our muddy time by heading to the flooded dell and spending a while getting wet and cleaner before going back to the house where we hosed each other down and then went in for hot showers. We spent the rest of the day in the pool in our jeans and tees with the odd break for a hot shower and a bit of fun with one another as we did so. Grant in particular seemed indefatigable, having at least three showers with one or other of us that I saw.

Today (Thursday) we went to Cheltenham to do a bit of clothes shopping for Grant and Marshall and some CDs/DVDs for Chris who has some money and gift vouchers to spend that have been burning a hole in his pocket since his birthday last month.

Re: Marshall and Grant arrive for Easter

Posted by Jack on April 13, 2017 at 16:36:35

In Reply to: Marshall and Grant arrive for Easter posted by Jamie on April 13, 2017 at 14:11:38:

Wow, you really are good friends with these two guys !!!

Great account, hope you have a lot more fun and tell us about it all in detail ......

Re: Marshall and Grant arrive for Easter

Posted by boris is wet on April 14, 2017 at 00:44:16

In Reply to: Marshall and Grant arrive for Easter posted by Jamie on April 13, 2017 at 14:11:38:

Great story! Did you all go commando?

Re: Marshall and Grant arrive for Easter

Posted by Jamie on April 14, 2017 at 07:08:30

In Reply to: Re: Marshall and Grant arrive for Easter posted by boris is wet on April 14, 2017 at 00:44:16:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, it was good fun. Yes, all of us went commando.

Re: Marshall and Grant arrive for Easter

Posted by Jamie on April 14, 2017 at 11:14:22

In Reply to: Re: Marshall and Grant arrive for Easter posted by Jack on April 13, 2017 at 16:36:35:

They are good friends to us both and nicer guys it would be hard to meet; we've not done anything more or less than on their last visit.

We didn't get wet or muddy at all yesterday, other than our morning swim, as we were out and about all day shopping in Cheltenham and then looking at new cars for me. The garage called yesterday to say that my car is beyond repair as the transmission has been damaged by the impact to the front wheel (something to do with the differential and drive shafts). The lady who's daughter did the damage has agreed to pay-up for the value of the car plus a premium for the inconvenience. So we were looking at second hand cars - something about 12/18 months old. I can't decide what sort to get - hatchback or small SUV - but there's no rush.

Marshall Snr. and uncle Greg are home today so we've all been in the pool most of the morning and just relaxing.

Re: Last mudding on site

Posted by Jamie on April 20, 2017 at 18:51:00

In Reply to: Last mudding on site posted by Craig on April 14, 2017 at 19:06:16:

Thanks for posting this - I'm feeling down and this has cheered me up.

Chris and I have taken advantage of getting muddy to relieve stress etc on many occasions. And I agree about looser fitting jeans being more revealing than tight ones in some circumstances.

I'm sitting in bed in hospital at the moment with the prospect of having the lower part of my left leg amputated if my surgeon can see no way of repairing my shattered kneecap. I'm not sure if I should be depressed or pleased at that prospect - amputation means no more prospect of damaging the leg by doing silly things: keeping it means the possibility of future trauma by doing something careless. At the moment I fancy amputation and no more worries once I get used to the prosthetic leg. Felling tearful and emotional at the moment.......,....

Re: Last mudding on site

Posted by wetjumper on April 21, 2017 at 00:25:19

In Reply to: Re: Last mudding on site posted by Jamie on April 20, 2017 at 18:51:00:

Ouch. What happened?

I'm sure that "feeling tearful and emotional" is something of an understatement. I'm not sure I should advise you which choice to follow - only you know how much more pain you might have to endure and which consequences matter the most to you.

I'd been wondering why you hadn't posted more in recent days, but now I know... so, once again, I wish you a good recovery, and I very much hope that you'll still find life happy and fulfilling even if your options become more restricted from now on.

Best wishes - Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Last mudding on site

Posted by swimmerrat on April 21, 2017 at 02:14:44

In Reply to: Re: Last mudding on site posted by Jamie on April 20, 2017 at 18:51:00:

best of luck - my prayers are with you however it goes.

Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all

Posted by Chris on April 21, 2017 at 14:12:43

I wrote this late on Wednesday night with the intention of posting it on Thursday but events rather overtook me and so I have waited and updated it today, Friday. Sorry if it reads a bit all over the place.

We have had a great time getting wet and muddy with Grant and Marshall over the Easter holiday. We have had a few days out and about with friends and also just lazing around the pool and spending the whole day in wet clothes and eating. Perfect really.

Harry, Mike, Ali, Red, Jenny, Mari, Jo and Sue all came round today, Wednesday, and we staged a mini Olympics - I should say "Mud Olympics" as it was held in the thick, deep mud of the ride at the far side of our woods. It was one of the girls, Sue I think, who suggested it as she had seen a YouTube video of some lads doing silly sports in the mud and she instantly thought of all of us - what a surprise !

Including Grant and Marshall there were twelve of us so we split into four teams of three and chose colours for each team, based only on the fact that people thought it fun to dress in their team colour. Team leaders were chosen by lot: Marshall for Blue team: Mike for White team: Red for Black team: Mari for Yellow team. Everyone one else was allocated a team by drawing names from a hat, except the three remaining girls were chosen one per team. Mike had Sue and Grant on Team White: Jamie ended up on Team Black with Red and Jo; Mari had Harry and Ali as her Team Yellow: I ended up on Marshall's Team Blue with Jenny. I know we called it the Mud Olympics, but we couldn't decide on which countries to represent so settled on colours instead.

We lent Grant a pair of almost still-white cricket trousers of Jamie's that were far too baggy for him and a white long-sleeve rugby shirt and in the end he cut quite a dashing figure with an old school tie around the waist instead of a belt. Marshall was easier to kit out in blue with blue jeans of his own, a bright blue formal shirt of mine, and his own socks and trainers. Jamie wore black jeans and a black polo-shirt, socks and trainers and I wore bright blue chinos, a bright blue and white striped polo-shirt, blue socks and trainers.

The others all made an effort as well. Harry turned up in sunshine yellow chinos and formal shirt - goodness knows where he got them from, we've never seen him in them before - Mike and Sue both turned up in white jeans and tops as well as white canvas shoes. They were the best efforts but everyone had at least one main article of clothing in the right colour.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, we had intended to go straight to the ride and start the fun there with getting muddy with the 'Long Jump', but certain people - Mari and Jamie - decide it would be more fun to start the day's proceeding by pushing everyone in the pool before we set off. It started with Jamie pushing Grant in and then Mari pushing Red and Harry in as they hauled him out, after that it took only seconds for us all to end up in the pool together, so it was a very wet, sloshy walk out to the woods. We remembered to take some buckets with us to help with cleaning-up.

We started as planned with the Long Jump. Everyone got very muddy indeed and the Team White looked decidely brown after the event. Team Yellow won the Long Jump by a clear margin. Everyone agreed that Harry and Ali had longer legs than most of their opponents and that that gave them an unfair advantage, so they were set upon and dumped in the mud by everyone else. Nothing like a fair competition, is there ?

The second event was the Continuous Forward Roll through mud. Marshall won by a clear margin after managing to do more rolls than any one else. At the finish he was also muddier than any other competitor and was clearly enjoying being plastered and soaked in mud as he had a significant bulge tenting out his jeans, much to the amusement of the girls (and a couple of the boys as well, it must be said !).

The third event was "The Mud Crawl". Self explanatory really, crawl through the mud on your front as fast as you can to a marker and then on your back on the return trip. Guaranteed to get you thoroughly covered in mud, as if you weren't already from events 1 and 2. Red won this event easily and seemed to skim across the mud like one of those little pond insects, the water-boatman, I think it's called.

After the mud crawl the girls wanted to hold an impromptu competition to see which boy looked best in their muddy clothes. They didn't tell us what the criteria for 'Best Muddy Guy' was but I'm guessing it had a lot to do with how we looked in the trouser department as Grant won with the most prominent bulge of us all. Who said baggy trousers were best for hiding a boner ?

After the third event we all decamped to the stream to clean-up ready for getting muddy again with the next three events. The girls squealed a bit as they lay in the stream and let the water wash over them, claiming it was too cold, but they seemed to enjoy watching us do the same.

The fourth event was the Mud Sprint. Make your way to the far end of the ride as quickly as possible with penalties for each time you fall over. Mike won overall with Team Blue taking the team honours.

The fifth event was Push-Ups In Mud. As many as you can do in one minute. Grant and Marshall aced this with everyone else lagging way behind. Team White took the team honours.

After this we went and got clean again in the stream, ready for the next event.

The sixth, and final, event was the Bucket Throw. Very basic sport this; one Team stands still in a line whilst another stands a set distance away and throws buckets of mud over them. Points awarded for accuracy of throw and amount of coverage achieved. This was so much fun. Everyone ended up completely covered as chaos ensued and no-one stuck to the rules after the first round.

After this we all decided we needed a break - some for a bit of 'me time' as Jamie calls it - so we sat around in the mud and chilled out. One of the girls then suggested that we call it a day for the Mud Olympics and go to get some lunch, which sounded like a great idea. We washed off again in the stream and then headed back to the house where we all showered to get properly clean and then Jamie and I got some lunch for everyone as they splashed around in the pool.

The white clothes of Mike, Sue and Grant still appeared white if you didn't look too closely. Harry's previously bright yellow clothes looked decidedly 'yellow ochre' rather than 'sunshine'. The black clothes worn by Red, Jamie and Jo looked perfectly OK as did the blue that Marshall, Jenny and I were wearing.

During the afternoon some of us changed into swimwear and we spent the rest of the day in the pool until about tea-time when our mums got home and Jamie's dad arrived soon after. Everyone was due to stay for supper and make a full day of it so and uncle Dan suggested a dive competition between us all. Cousin Tom and his dad, uncle Danny, also joined in. It was fun.

We were about twenty minutes into this with everyone taking turns on the springboard when Jamie did his second attempt. He took a couple of paces to the end of the board, jumped on the end and as he bounced up I could see a look of pain on his face and he gasped aloud. He forward flipped as planned and hit the water feet first, when he surfaced he swam over and hauled himself out to sit on the side. He was white as a sheet and lay back as he pushed himself fully on to the side. I asked him what was wrong, he shook his head and grimaced, obviously in pain.

"What's the matter, Jamie ?" his dad asked as he bent over him. Jamie gritted his teeth and I saw tears in his eyes.

"I know" Tom interrupted urgently "look at his knee, mine only bends backwards .........." Tom said as he approached "I'll call an ambulance."

The ambulance was really quick and Jamie's leg was put in a splint and he was given some pain relief. Things were a bit subdued after Jamie and his parents had left although his dad called from the hospital to say they were transferring Jamie to the private hospital where he had been before with follow up treatment after the accident. It seems that Jamie probably landed awkwardly on the springboard with his damaged leg and the impact has forced his steel reinforced bones up into his knee joint, shattering the upper part and the knee cap. He will have to wait to see the surgeon and be examined before they can decide on what can be done.


Marshall, Grant and I went to see Jamie this morning. He is laying in bed and looking quite cheerful and thankfully not in any great pain. He has had a load of x-rays and scans and is waiting for the verdict from the surgeon. I took him his tablet so he can at least access the internet. He is in a private room so no-one to chat to or people to watch and he is bored. We stayed for quite a while and even got given some lunch - though no doubt his dad will end up paying for it - and Grant ate almost all the grapes Harry had left him. He won't stay bored for long as quite a few friends plan to call in and see him later today and tomorrow, as will we of course.


Jamie has been given two options for treatment to his leg: one is to try and reair the damage by giving him a complete new knee joint but there is no guarantee that this would be successful as the bone they need to fix the parts to are so shattered and might not be repairable. The other option is to amputate his leg above the knee and thus solve the problems of this latest damage and potential future problems in one go. Jamie is in favour of the latter option as he does not fancy the possibility of a whole series of operations in the future, one of which could, at some time, be this option in any case.

I don't know that I could cope with making a decision like that, but as he said to me this morning, he could easily have been faced with this decision immediately after the accident and had settled in his mind then that he would be OK with an amputation had it been necessary, so he's had plenty of time to think about it. The surgeon from Germany who did the original reconstruction is coming to see him tomorrow and chat to the UK surgeon to review the options.

Marshall Snr. (and my dad) is due back from London this evening and they will fly back to the States tomorrow so it will suddenly be very quiet without Jamie around. Still, back in school on Monday for the final term and exams. I wonder what will happen about Jamie taking his - I'm sure we'll sort something out with the school, can't be the first time a student has been in hospital or sick as they are due to start. And we'll be voting in the General Election for the first time in June, "The fate of the Nation lies in your hands" as Churchill might have said ... or maybe he did !

Re: Last mudding on site

Posted by Jamie on April 21, 2017 at 15:07:11

In Reply to: Re: Last mudding on site posted by swimmerrat on April 21, 2017 at 02:14:44:

Thanks very much. I'm seeing the German surgeon who repaired my leg after the accident, tomorrow and he will be put his head together with the surgeon here and deciding what is possible. Seems I have shattered the upper half of the knee bone and the kneecap with an impact from my reconstructed bones lower down.

We were in the pool with a crowd of friends and I took off on the springboard on the wrong leg and then hit the water leading with the same leg - Chris has posted an account above - and I knew something was wrong as soon as I took off. I almost fainted after I got out of the pool - also I have never seen my knee bend forwards before !!

Dad says I'm costing him a fortune in additional family health insurance premiums and that I really must stop doing silly things ! He's trying to be funny to hide his distress at the thought I might lose part of my leg. I've tried to reassure him that I'd be OK with that, but what can you say ?

Thanks for the best wishes.

Re: Last mudding on site

Posted by Jamie on April 21, 2017 at 15:20:33

In Reply to: Re: Last mudding on site posted by wetjumper on April 21, 2017 at 00:25:19:

Basically I was stupid enough to forget not to try and take any impacts on my left leg which was reconstructed after the accident last year. We were in the pool with a crowd of friends and I took off from the springboard with my left leg and then landed left foot first in the water, seems the two impacts pushed my lower leg bone up into the knee joint and shattered it.

I rather favour the amputation as it would settle things once and for all. Reconstructing the bones or adding a replacement knee joint just means I could do it again some time in the future; I'll wait and see what the surgeons think.

Chris has posted an account of our day leading up to this, above. Up until Wednesday, I've had a great time with Marshall and Grant over the Easter holidays. We've not posted much recently whilst at school due to pressure of work for the coming A-Levels. Doesn't look like I'll be having much wet and muddy fun for the foreseeable future either.

Thanks for your best wishes.

Re: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all

Posted by Jack on April 21, 2017 at 15:43:00

In Reply to: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all posted by Chris on April 21, 2017 at 14:12:43:

The Mud Olympics sounds like huge fun. How do you do a forward roll in deep mud ?

Very sorry to hear about Jamie, that must have been excruciatingly painful. Please give him my best wishes and keep all of us who enjoy your accounts up to date with developments.

Re: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all

Posted by JJwet on April 21, 2017 at 17:20:40

In Reply to: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all posted by Chris on April 21, 2017 at 14:12:43:

I've read your accounts over the past years and thoroughly enjoyed them - good writing and great experiences that I envy - and was upset to read about the accident you both suffered last year. This latest misfortune for Jamie is really upsetting, I wish him well and hope he copes well with whatever outcome he or his surgeons choose. Hope he choses whichever is best for him and is not swayed by the opinions of others. His parents must be going through hell as well, wish them the best as well.

Having said that, the Mud Olympics sound like so much fun, the Bucket Throw seems like an ideal way of getting muddy and must have looked spectacular.

Re: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all

Posted by Chris on April 21, 2017 at 22:49:23

In Reply to: Re: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all posted by JJwet on April 21, 2017 at 17:20:40:

It's been tough on Jamie's parents seeing him hurt again after going through all the anxiety of the past year following the accident. I found his mum in tears this morning and spent some time with her as we were alone in the house, I tried to allay her worries by telling her what Jamie had said about the amputation, if it comes to that, and discovered that he had not told them that: I guess he just didn't want to add to the concerns that they already have. She did say that he had surprised them with how resilient he's been in coping over the last year and how proud they were, but it must still hurt seeing your child suffering and in pain. We are all concerned about Jamie, obviously, but maybe we should be more aware of his parents needs as well.

Re: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all

Posted by Chris on April 21, 2017 at 23:01:12

In Reply to: Re: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all posted by Jack on April 21, 2017 at 15:43:00:

I can tell you that doing a forward roll through thick mud is almost impossible ! You get stuck as you can't gain any momentum.

I will pass on your best wishes, thanks. Jamie is a bit in limbo at the moment waiting to get the surgeons' opinions on what is best to do. Thankfully he is not in much pain at the moment with his leg all secured in a supporting splint. Everyone who was there when it happened has been visiting so he's not been short of company and I think he just wants things to happen and decisions made. He seems in good spirits under the circumstances.

Re: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all

Posted by Jonno on April 23, 2017 at 10:01:04

In Reply to: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all posted by Chris on April 21, 2017 at 14:12:43:

Very sorry indeed to hear about Jamie, I do hope he makes a good recovery whatever option he chooses for treatment, please pass on my best wishes to him.

Great idea about the Mud Olympics, sounds like you all had a lot of fun, thanks for telling us about it all.

Re: Last mudding on site

Posted by wetfinn on April 23, 2017 at 12:45:49

In Reply to: Re: Last mudding on site posted by Jamie on April 21, 2017 at 15:07:11:

You need to come to Turku, Finland, at a private hospital we have a orthopedic surgeon called Sakari Orava, he's one of the world's best professionals. He is the one that repaired David Beckhams leg a few years ago, too.

If you'd come, keep me informed, I live only 5km away from that hospital :D

Re: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all

Posted by Chris on April 23, 2017 at 13:05:36

In Reply to: Re: Muddy and wet fun .... but not for all posted by Jonno on April 23, 2017 at 10:01:04:

Thanks, I will pass on your best wishes. Jamie is due his operation tonight - he and his surgeons have decided that the best option is amputation above the knee and it will happen tonight, 11pm. I am so mixed up about this, I just don't know how to react. I shouldn't feel like this, it's not me having the op, but I can't help it. Jamie is the person I am closest to, how should I feel ?

Whoknew a bed bath could be awesome

Posted by Jamie on April 23, 2017 at 18:07:32

Due to go into the operating theatre at 9pm and have just received a preparatory bed bath and shave - no, not a facial shave but one "down there" all around my cock, scrotum and upper leg....... a predictably embarrassing episode relieved slightly only by the fact it was a male nurse rather than the really pretty female one who I rather fancy ........ but I still got a boner as he handled me whilst he wielded the razor - a very nerve racking experience as a slight slip of the hand could have been a disaster ! We both laughed about it as he told me that every guy he has shaved has had a similar reaction, which was a relief. When he left the room I had a good wank into the urine bottle - so glad I didn't shoot my load in front of him !

I'm due my pre-op injections shortly and already have my leg marked up to remind the surgeons where to cut - and just to make sure I have written the words "NOT THIS LEG" across my right knee in both English and German. I'm told the op will take about 90 minutes so by 10:30-ish it will all be over. I had already made up my mind that amputation is my favoured option but I was still relieved to be told yesterday by the surgeons that there is no other realistic option going forward.

Thanks for all the best wishes from Wacky-Wetters on these forums.

Re: Whoknew a bed bath could be awesome

Posted by Dolby1000 on April 23, 2017 at 20:08:30

In Reply to: Whoknew a bed bath could be awesome posted by Jamie on April 23, 2017 at 18:07:32:

Good luck, I can't imagine what you're going through and hopefully it will all be good on the other side. You have a wonderful group of people around you.


Re: Whoknew a bed bath could be awesome

Posted by Harry on April 23, 2017 at 20:33:25

In Reply to: Whoknew a bed bath could be awesome posted by Jamie on April 23, 2017 at 18:07:32:

We have all been secretly impressed by how you have handled this awful situation, Jamie, but it's not the done thing to actually tell you that, is it ? We're all just waiting for the phone call to say you are safely out of surgery and are thinking of you. Nice to see you have kept that unique sense of humour ............. keep hopping along, matey (sorry if that is in bad taste, but knowing you well, I doubt you'll think so !)

Re: Update after the op

Posted by Chris on April 24, 2017 at 06:08:16

In Reply to: Re: Whoknew a bed bath could be awesome posted by Harry on April 23, 2017 at 20:33:25:

We got a phone call from Jamie's dad from the hospital at about 11:30pm last night. Jamie was in the recovery room and was beginning to show signs of coming out of the anaesthetic. The operation took a bit longer than expected but according to the surgeon was "a text-book case, no unexpected problems and we found everything very straight forward and uncomplicated." so that is fantastic news. It will take a few days for the stump's swelling and operation trauma to reduce to it's normal state but they will be getting him up on his foot and moving around within 48 hours. The insertion of the artificial limb's connecting rod into the bone went perfectly and they hope to be able to fit a temporary leg and have Jamie practicing to walk again with the week. Sounds incredibly quick to me, but there you go, they must know what they are doing.

Everyone one here is incredibly relieved, not least Jamie's parents of course, and we all just have to be patient now and see how Jamie copes with it all. I shall call in and see him on my way home from school this afternoon.

Re: Whoknew a bed bath could be awesome

Posted by Chris on April 24, 2017 at 06:11:25

In Reply to: Re: Whoknew a bed bath could be awesome posted by Dolby1000 on April 23, 2017 at 20:08:30:

On behalf of Jamie, thanks for your concern and best wishes. He will doubtless reply himself in due course. Thanks.

Stress relief - getting totally plastered.

Posted by Chris on April 24, 2017 at 19:37:47

Plastered in mud that is ! (What did you think I meant ?)

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling a bit lonely and fed up - Grant, Junior and Marshall Snr. had gone home to the U.S., my parents had gone with them for the subsidiary company annual conference, Jamie was in hospital and his parents and our grandparents were visiting him and Tom and his parents were in London for the weekend. So I was all on my own.

I spent the early afternoon in the pool in several changes of clothes - 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of camo combats, a couple of tees and three sweatshirts - which was fun and it was nice to be able to jerk-off without the worry that someone might walk in on me. The combats felt great doing that, nicely loose and baggy with plenty of room to push a boner around for maximum enjoyment. Having done that I thought it would be nice to go out to the muddy ride and get plastered, a last chance before school resumed today.

I pulled on some old trainers and set out. It was sunny and bright so perfect for getting really muddy. My combats were a camo pattern of dark greys and blues, I had on a dark blue long-sleeve teeshirt with a grey short-sleeved one on top, blue socks and grey trainers (and obviously no underwear !) and having left the house after a final dip in the pool, they all felt nicely dripping wet and heavy. I was even getting hard again with the feel of the wet fabric as I walked up the track to the woods.

I stopped off at the flooded dell and had a few swings on the rope, making nice big splashes as I hit the water - even managed to do a back flip dismount properly - and continued on to the muddy ride still sopping wet. When I got there I just belly-flopped into the nearest deep mud and then rolled around in it until I was covered from head to toe. I rubbed the mud into my hair, stuffed mud inside my tee-shirts and smoothed it over my chest and stomach, slipped off my trainers and filled them with mud before pulling them on wriggling my toes in the mud once they were on ......... by which time I was really hard again so slipped a hand down my trousers and started jerking-off once more. That felt good, and all the better for taking a while to shoot my load. After a bit of recovery time I trudged down to the far end of the ride and the area of sloppy wet mud by the field boundary. I splashed down in the wettest part I could find and wallowed around in it as it soaked through my clothes. When I stood up I spent a few minutes looking at how my clothes draped across my body; the outline of my cock looked great and the feel of the wet slippery fabric against my butt started me getting hard again; the legs of my combats as the fabric drooped over my trainers looked shiny wet too. I watched as my boner increased in size and tented out my combats further, I noticed that I could see every bump and ridge as it was highlighted by the muddy wet fabric draped across the shaft and head.

I spent a while just wallowing around in the mud getting repeatedly covered as I ducked under the surface and rubbed my hands all over my body, smoothing the mud across and around every part I could reach. Eventually I headed back to the house. I hosed the mud off myself as best I could and then went in for a hot shower, after which I changed into some swim-shorts and a tee-shirt. I was still in the pool when my grandparents returned home from the hospital and we had supper.

Being a bit unsettled and anxious to hear from uncle Dan about Jamie, grandpa produced a bottle of whiskey and we sat and sipped almost half the bottle between us before we got the good news that Jamie was out of surgery and everything had gone well.

I went to bed feeling much happier - and maybe a bit 'plastered' in the way you were all thinking at the start - I'm not used to drinking spirits .........

Today I called in to see Jamie on my way home from school. He was in good spirits and seemed relieved that the amputation had settled the future in an uncomplicated way, no more worries about damaging his leg again and so on. The surgeon had spent a while with him explaining what would happen next and what he could expect his new prosthetic to do for him. The limb is of a relatively new kind (an I.T.A.P. or Intraosseous Transcutaneous Amputation Prosthesis - yup, I had to look it up as well !) that fits onto a rod or peg that has been implanted into the bone of his stump. It means there is no traditional suction cap that makes contact with the flesh of the stump which usually takes the stresses and weight of the user, instead of which the implanted rod takes the load straight into the bone in the same way that the full skeleton did. This also means that the user can 'feel' where their foot is and what it is doing more easily. The flesh and skin also grows and seals around the implant where it exits, much like a deer's antlers do, and this minimises any risk of infections or friction problems. Sounds all very clever.

I'm feeling much happier now having seen Jamie looking almost back to his normal self and seemingly so positive, despite the few tears he had on seeing me walk in - he blamed them on the anaesthetic wearing off.........


Posted by Jamie on April 25, 2017 at 19:39:48

Thanks for the messages of encouragement for getting fit again and on my feet - I guess I should say "foot" from now on, ha ha - I hope to get out of bed tomorrow and use some crutches to get to the toilet, I'll do a lot to get away from using the bed-pan and urine bottle !!

I'm so pleased that things are settled now as far as my leg is concerned and I can concentrate on the future, getting my prosthesis made and fitted and then getting used to it on an everyday basis. Chris and my friends from school have been wonderful support as have all the family, I can't thank them enough, so I won't try as it would be invidious to put some ahead of others, all are equally important at the instant regardless of any family connection or friendship.

I doubt I'll be getting wet and muddy any time soon so shall not be posting much here apart from commenting on those of others', but thanks for making these forums so continuously fascinating and entertaining.

Re: Thanks

Posted by wetmark on April 25, 2017 at 20:01:17

In Reply to: Thanks posted by Jamie on April 25, 2017 at 19:39:48:

I'm so glad to hear you're doing well. I've been worried - and I don't even know you! I'm sure many people here wish you the very best. You have such a wonderful attitude and a lot of support from family and friends. I enjoy the well-written posts from you and Chris. I'm a former English teacher and you two have a real talent there, as well as for other things! Again, thanks to both of you, and may you continue to heal soon!! wetmark

Re: Thanks

Posted by Neverdry on April 25, 2017 at 20:28:56

In Reply to: Thanks posted by Jamie on April 25, 2017 at 19:39:48:

This is the first time that I have responded to any of yours or Chris's posts, but I have to say that I have enjoyed reading about your wet and muddy adventures as well as your family and friend's lives. You also have a real talent for writing, so if woodworking or stone masonry gets old, you both can always write for a living.

I don't know if this will help, but when I was in college, one of the guys in my dorm had his leg amputated above the knee during the summer after he graduated from high school due to cancer. He did walk with a slight limp, but always wore long pants and never went without shoes, so we had no idea that he was missing a leg. Finally, after a few months, when he got to know us better, he told us what had happened. He also enjoyed swimming, but hadn't been in the water since his leg was removed, and used to joke that he would probably swim in circles. After graduation, he got involved in state politics, and I would even occasionally see his name in the news, so even though I didn't see him anymore, I could tell that he was doing well.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Hope this helps. Glad you're okay!

Re: Thanks

Posted by swimmerrat on April 25, 2017 at 22:32:14

In Reply to: Thanks posted by Jamie on April 25, 2017 at 19:39:48:

good luck to you - sounds like you have a good attitude and that alone is half the battle. hope all goes well for you and keep us updated on how everything goes.

on a side note - don't knock the urine bottle - referencing an earlier post you made, it came in handy after you got shaved!

don't worry - when you are ready the mud and pool will be ready and waiting!

Re: Thanks

Posted by wetjumper on April 26, 2017 at 01:17:02

In Reply to: Thanks posted by Jamie on April 25, 2017 at 19:39:48:

Jamie, I'm very relieved and pleased - as no doubt are all the forum readers - that you're doing well after this latest sequence of events. It's also good to know that the messages of support were appreciated.

It was a shock to all of us that this drastic course of action was necessary, but anything else would have meant a continuing risk of further pain and further damage, again possibly unrepairable, on future occasions. I wish you a rapid return to active life - as active as you can reasonably be in the circumstances. From what Chris said about your prosthesis, I guess it should actually be possible for you to resume some of your most enjoyable activities in due course, and without causing too much worry. But, er, do be careful! :-)

You've been amazingly resilient both mentally and physically since the Berlin accident, and your exploits have been hugely inspirational to read about. I think you count as a "master storyteller" too. Thanks for sharing so much. Keep it up, as we say!

Best wishes - Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Thanks

Posted by Jamie on April 26, 2017 at 10:38:10

In Reply to: Re: Thanks posted by wetjumper on April 26, 2017 at 01:17:02:

It was a bit of a surprise to me as well but I had been told originally that it might be necessary. I was lucky the surgeon managed to pin all the bones together after the accident but it has always been in the back of my mind that it might happen one day if I did something silly; you can only pin all those bones together so many times and it seems that in my case it is just the once.........

I've always been a "glass half full" person and don't see any point in looking back at what might have been - my dad is the same, so I guess it's in my genes - and now I have to make the best of having just part of one leg; so be it, might as well do my utmost to make it work for me. How hard can it be ?

Managed to get out of bed today, just for a short while, and the swelling of the stump has gone down a lot. Went to the toilet down the corridor, using a wheelchair (they won't let me use crutches just yet in case I fall), and saw the stump properly when the nurse changed the dressing. Had to use a mirror, of course, and it looked remarkably normal and not as gruesome as I had imagined, the only odd thing is the metal protruding through the skin.

Thanks for your well wishes, they are all much appreciated. You are too kind about the writing, it is just good teaching, but I guess it helps that I enjoy it as well. I will try and keep it up, in all senses of the phrase ........

Re: Thanks

Posted by Jamie on April 26, 2017 at 10:47:25

In Reply to: Re: Thanks posted by swimmerrat on April 25, 2017 at 22:32:14:

A positive attitude is absolutely essential, the worse the perception of the problem the more essential it is, I find.

The urine bottle is still to hand in case of future need.......

I've been told that my stump will be quite happy to be immersed in water or mud like any other limb, it will take a while for the skin and bone to form a full seal as it grows into the 'lattice work' of the implant and the artificial limb they are recommending is also waterproof, so I could swim with it fitted if I wanted.

Thanks for the best wishes, we'll both keep on posting on these forums, I'm sure.

Re: Thanks

Posted by Bruce on April 26, 2017 at 10:57:38

In Reply to: Thanks posted by Jamie on April 25, 2017 at 19:39:48:

On the bright side, you are young enough to get used to the lack of a leg, I had a female friend whose right leg was shot off in South Africa at age 45, with three young kids. It really did not take her all that long to get used to the wooden leg she received, and for the rest of her life she only had a slight limp, and very few people even knew she had a wooden leg. (She was 90 when she passed away.)
So I am sure you will have much the same experience, but, all that having been said, there will be many things that are no longer on your radar.

Re: Thanks

Posted by Jamie on April 26, 2017 at 11:03:22

In Reply to: Re: Thanks posted by Neverdry on April 25, 2017 at 20:28:56:

Thanks for the nice comments about our writing, always nice to know they are enjoyed. I'm really looking forward to leaving school in the summer - don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed my time there and the friends I've made, students and teachers alike, have and will always mean a lot - but the prospect of learning a new skill and working in something like stone that will last longer than my lifetime, is just so exciting; just hope I prove to be at least reasonably competent at it !

Interesting to hear about your acquaintance with the prosthesis. The ITAP implant system is relatively new and improving all the time, it seems, and I have been told that I should walk without a limp and re-acquire my original gait quite easily. Not sure what the prosthesis will actually look like, but I'm told it won't necessarily have to look like a collection of metal rods and hinges depending on what manufacturer and model is considered best. Money is not a problem as I got a good compensation package after the accident and that has automatically increased now that the amputation has proved necessary. Dad deals with all the details at the moment, but he tells me it is, in his view, quite an eye-watering sum in total; so I am very lucky.

Nice to see a new person posting on here, hope we read more from you in future.

Re: Thanks

Posted by Jamie on April 26, 2017 at 11:14:35

In Reply to: Re: Thanks posted by wetmark on April 25, 2017 at 20:01:17:

Thanks for the concern, everyone has been very kind. We did think about not posting about this latest mishap (I thought it might seem a bit too like looking for sympathy) but as we've written about almost everything else in our lives, it seemed silly not to. Friends and family have been a great support and extremely positive. My mum gets tearful at times but I guess I'd be the same if it was my son who had been chopped about a bit.

We have never shown these writing to our English teacher (he might not fully appreciate the subject matter as being of literary merit, ha ha) so it is nice to here a professional view, thanks.

Re: Thanks

Posted by Jamie on April 26, 2017 at 13:49:25

In Reply to: Re: Thanks posted by Bruce on April 26, 2017 at 10:57:38:

Thanks for the encouragement, I am as you say young enough to adapt as required to lead a full life. I guess I could play football, which I enjoy, and can definitely still swim and dive, which I really, really enjoy, so at the moment I can't think of anything in which I might be restricted - even my girlfriend says she is turned on by the thought of "helping out a disabled guy" (WTF does that imply?) - so life looks OK at the moment: really, I just want to get on with things and see what happens, all this laying around in bed is just so frustrating......

Re: Thanks

Posted by Neverdry on April 26, 2017 at 18:38:28

In Reply to: Re: Thanks posted by Jamie on April 26, 2017 at 11:03:22:

It sounds like you have a pretty good understanding about your new prosthesis; that's good that you know about how it's made and how it will work.

I'm not really a "new person." I used to post more often than I do now, but I never thought that my stories were very good, and when they didn't get many comments, or in a few instances, negative responses, I knew that I was right! I can write a pretty good formal business letter, but not really an entertaining story.

But this isn't about me. It sounds like you're doing better, and as someone commented, seem to have a good attitude. Please continue posting for all of us to enjoy.

I almost forgot...I know you're all dying to know the answer to this...My friend who lost his leg did eventually try swimming, and, no, he didn't swim in circles!

Re: Thanks

Posted by Jamie on April 26, 2017 at 21:24:38

In Reply to: Re: Thanks posted by Neverdry on April 26, 2017 at 18:38:28:

The surgeon has told me quite a bit about the new prosthetics that are now available, he is very enthusiastic - even joking that he wouldn't mind trying one himself, said with a dead straight face, I almost believed him.

On the swimming front, I though I might ask him about a flipper attachment so I could finally start being quicker than Chris ! There must be an up-side to all this, surely......?

Re: Stress relief - getting totally plastered.

Posted by Chris on April 28, 2017 at 17:55:14

In Reply to: Re: Stress relief - getting totally plastered. posted by Bruce on April 28, 2017 at 12:18:56:

Too right. I had a friend who was badly injured in a car smash when we lived near New York and his family had real problems trying to pay for treatment. Luckily his injuries were not so bad but it was a difficult situation.

Jamie is lucky that he had travel insurance and his dad has family health care through his employer (as did mum and I for our own injuries) and he has received some substantial compensation already which has increased because of the subsequent amputation.

Jamie is due home on "day release" on Monday and they say he will be discharged within the following week, all being well.

Soaked in mud

Posted by Harry on May 16, 2017 at 15:37:01

Mike and I went over to Chris and Jamie's place on Sunday morning, arriving early to join them for their morning exercise swim. Usually when we go over we join the two of them and their dads, well Jamie's anyway as he is home more often, and their cousin Tom if he can be bothered to get up. On Sunday J & C were on their own, their parents were going out to meet friends in Bristol and had foregone the swim, preferring to have a leisurely breakfast instead.

"Any excuse !" Jamie said as he grinned at his dad.

"Get in that pool, my boy, and less of the cheek !" his dad replied as he walked past and gave him a casual push, sending him spinning round into the water, crutch and all.

Jamie was laughing when he surfaced and pulled off his tee shirt before throwing it on to the side of the pool, followed by his crutch. With that he started swimming steady lengths up and down the pool. He seems to be learning to swim with just one leg remarkably well and it doesn't seem to have made him any slower or more awkward.

We all usually do these swims in our speedos rather than swim-shorts, and on Sunday Jamie was in bright red, Chris is black, Mike in yellow (a bit too revealing when dry, never mind wet, to my mind, but Mike doesn't mind showing off !) and me in navy. We spent about an hour in the pool doing lengths and then some dives off the higher board. Jamie tried hopping along the board but after falling in unintentionally a couple of times he took his crutch with him and just threw it in before doing his dive; he uses a wooden crutch around the pool as it floats. He bought it in a charity shop after the accident and claims it is an antique - it looks like something Long John Silver might have used, he only needs the eye-patch and a parrot to complete the illusion...............

After our swim we sat and had some breakfast and then decided to go out into the woods. Jamie wanted to stay by the pool and use his drone to follow the three of us and watch what we were doing. The three of us all changed into jeans and sweatshirts and Jamie just pulled on some shorts over his trunks and a tee-shirt.

Chris had been out in the mud on Saturday afternoon and got thoroughly soaked in the swamp area. He hadn't bothered to get properly clean afterwards so his jeans, tee-shirt, sweatshirt, underwear, socks and trainers were still wet and mud soaked, a similar brown all over. He grimaced a bit as he pulled these filthy and wet clothes on and made us laugh as he moaned about it, but as Mike observed "You can't blame anyone but yourself ......... and you seem to be enjoying it anyway !" as he pointed out the sizeable boner that was starting to tent out Chris' jeans. Before we set out we shoved him under a hot shower just to warm him up a bit and we all ended up soaked to some degree, so we set off in good spirits and well aroused, which was nice.

We spent a few moments in the yard outside the pool as Jamie got his drone flying, (it looks huge to me - about three feet across and two feet tall on its legs - having never seen one up-close before) and whilst it hovered at some six feet above our heads, Jamie went back to his computer and control stick and it zoomed off ahead of us as we walked down the track to the woods.

It had rained a bit during the night on Saturday and there were a few shallow puddles along the track, but nothing that we could get really wet in as we splashed through them. When we arrived at the swamp area Chris realised that he had diverted the stream the day before but had not stopped it afterwards so the whole approach area was ankle deep in water which stretched around the swamp and on towards the obstacles where it had filled up the ditch and made everything nicely muddy. The only problem was that we could not see the edge of the actual swamp properly. Mike was the first to do so as he stumbled and fell flat on his face as he suddenly stepped down into knee-deep swampy mud. He was completely soaked when he stood up and almost as muddy looking as Chris. After that we all just jumped in and splashed around until we were all looking the same, a uniform muddy brown from the neck down. It was great.

As I clambered out of the swamp I could feel the sloppy mud draining down the legs of my jeans and inside the tee-shirt and sweatshirt that I was wearing. My clothes felt extra heavy with all the weight of the soaked-in mud and I had that lovely feeling of my boner straining against the confines of the slimy fabric of my boxers and jeans as I got harder and harder. I felt a twinge of pride as I watched it's outline grow under the muddy denim - I usually feel slightly inadequate when in the company of Mike and Chris - but Sunday was a particularly good day !! The sight of the others in a similar condition just made it more exciting. I really couldn't tell what colour my clothes were as I looked down at myself and even smearing a hand across my thighs and chest only revealed the faintest trace of blue denim jeans and light grey sweatshirt.

All the time we were fooling around and enjoying the mud, Jamie's drone was hovering around and, presumably, filming what we were doing so Chris suggested that we stand in the mud and pose. I jumped back in and we found the deepest part of the swamp area where the mud was almost crotch deep and then we lined up and waved to Jamie before falling backwards into the muck, getting freshly covered and soaked again. When we sat up with the mud nearly up to our chins, we all spent a bit of "me time", as Jamie calls it, satisfying the needs of our boners.

After that we headed to the flooded dell where we washed off most of the mud and spent some time swinging on the rope and splashing down in the cool water in as spectacular fashion as we could.

The drone had flown off when we turned off the track and up the slope to the flooded dell - Chris said that Jamie was not too confident about flying it around among the trees - and when we got back to the house we found Jamie sitting at the table by the pool with his laptop, the controller for the drone and the drone itself on the floor next to him. The sliding part of the roof was open and Jamie proudly told us that he had flown it directly down onto the floor next to him after opening the roof .... talk about showing off ! I'm hoping he might let us all have a go at flying the drone some time.

Mike Chris and I went and changed into dry clothes and then we spent a while watching the video that Jamie had filmed from the drone. I tried to persuade him to put some on YouTube but he and Chris both refused point blank; which I guess is understandable if they want us all to remain anonymous, although we were all so muddy that I doubt anyone would have been able to recognise us.

Re: Soaked in mud

Posted by Craig on May 21, 2017 at 13:56:55

In Reply to: Soaked in mud posted by Harry on May 16, 2017 at 15:37:01:

Good to hear that Jamie is still able to participate in the fun you all have even if he cannot get fully muddy as yet. His dad seems to have a very healthy attitude to keeping Jamie's life as normal as possible despite the trauma of losing his leg; I admire Jamie's "can do" attitude and the fact he has retained his good humour ever since the accident, not sure that I could have done the same, so good for him. I guess he has his bad days but tries to ignore them and it is good that he has such a supportive network of family, friends and school.

Re: Soaked in mud

Posted by Harry on May 21, 2017 at 15:05:13

In Reply to: Re: Soaked in mud posted by Craig on May 21, 2017 at 13:56:55:

Jamie's parents are great guys and his dad in particular is a very pragmatic type of man who believes that technology can be used to help in all sorts of situations, he's a seriously good engineer and believes Jamie will adapt with the help of a modern and up-to-date prothesis. His way of coping with Jamie's situation is to treat his son as normal and if that means pushing him in the pool in jest then so be it. His mum is having a harder time dealing with Jamie's situation and gets easily upset seeing him struggle to move around sometimes, even if he is laughing about it.

Jamie had nightmares about the accident for a while afterwards but says he has not had any problems since the amputation, not even any "phantom" feelings in his missing limb. Knowing Jamie, I think he is happier now about his situation than he was when he had a damaged leg. Yesterday he had the first fitting for his permanent leg and hpoes to be using it regularly in about a month or so.

Exams over and wet again.

Posted by Chris on June 16, 2017 at 20:59:51

Exams are finally over for me (Jamie has one paper on Tuesday morning still to do) so got home this afternoon and dove straight into the pool in my school clothes - navy chinos (which look and feel great when shiny wet), blue and white striped short-sleeve shirt, navy boxer-briefs, blue socks and blue canvas shoes - and it felt so good to just swim around and feel the water swishing around and against my body. Got an instant boner too, which felt equally good, ha ha.......

Things have been a bit hectic recently what with exams and revising that we have not been getting wet or muddy for a while as exam and school stuff has had to take precedence - our choice really, as neither of us want to be accused of slacking whilst such important exams were looming. It has been quite fun to be honest, I surprised myself by finding group revision sessions with our friends both invaluable and enjoyable; it has been great helping each other out with understanding and articulating some of the more intractable problems of subjects we've had in common, I think we all had a few of those light-bulb moments where something suddenly becomes clear in the mind.

Anyway this weekend will be a lazy one after so many long evenings of study - I find I work best after supper from about 7pm to 2 or sometimes 3 am if really engrossed in something, I feel tired only when I stop. I just hope it all pays off with some decent results - our teachers have predicted A* in three subjects and probably an A in the other; that would be OK, but who knows ?

Dad got home just as I was thinking of getting out of the pool and he just laughed at the sight of me all wet, gave me a high five at having finished with exams and then we sat and chatted about future career plans for a bit, me dripping wet and him in his smart three-piece suit. We must have looked an odd combination. He even poured me a celebratory whiskey and soda, his favourite tipple, not something I really enjoy, but you have to humour the old folk sometimes ............

I had thought he'd be disappointed about me, and Jamie, not going to university and instead joining uncle Danny and Tom in the building company - we've obviously talked about it before, but I've always had the feeling that he was holding back on telling me what he really thought - but today he said he honestly thought I was doing the best thing in pursuing a career I would enjoy and find rewarding rather than doing a university degree that would not be terribly useful; quite an admission from a man who has degrees in chemistry and biology and a doctorate in applied bio-chemical engineering as well as a later degree in business management.

After our chat dad went off to change and I jumped back in the pool for a bit before going for a shower where I attended to other business - very satisfying after a while of abstinence - before I joined him getting supper ready before mum got home. Jamie is staying at Harry's place tonight and they are revising along with a couple of the other guys tomorrow.

Once all the exams are over, we'll have a week or so back at school before finally finishing it for good. We have an invite from Grant and Marshall to join them for a road trip during the summer which will be fun, but we have yet to sort out dates as Jamie still has to have his full-time prosthesis fitted finally and have the necessary training in its use and care - a couple of weeks of intense physio and training apparently. He is coping remarkably well and is happier and more cheerful than any time since the accident (not that he was ever miserable really) which is great to see. He's also fully mobile again as he has a new car as well, his parents got him a nearly-new BMW i3, to replace the old Audi, for his birthday. Very generous of them, but he deserves it, I think, after all he's been through.

Re: Exams over and wet again.

Posted by wetjumper on June 17, 2017 at 00:35:16

In Reply to: Exams over and wet again. posted by Chris on June 16, 2017 at 20:59:51:

Welcome back, Chris, and thanks for the update. It's also great to know that Jamie is doing so well and is mobile again.

I agree that job satisfaction is very important. I don't see the point of doing a degree course if it won't ever be useful to you. Obviously your dad's qualifications are directly relevant to the work he's doing, but he recognises that you won't be in that position. Do what feels right to you if you can make it work, to the best of your ability!

I can understand the need to release tension and mark the end of your exams whilst still wearing your school clothes, and I'm pleased you did. I don't recall exactly what I did on the day my exams ended (over 40 years ago!), but I do recall often dealing with the stress of a school day by stripping off my school clothes (like yours, my school had a formal uniform but sixth-formers could wear "smart casual" - except we still had to wear the school tie, so shirts needed a stiff collar, no polo shirts)... then I would pull on items which felt very different, such as a comfortable T-shirt or a soft-feeling jumper without a shirt, combined with well-worn jeans or maybe gym shorts, with nothing on underneath... a few seconds of rubbing was all it took for a very welcome release of tension! (I've always liked to stimulate myself through a layer of clothing.) Except that as I didn't want any of my clothes to be found containing "evidence" of my enjoyment before I could wash them, I would usually get my erection out at the last possible moment to try to avoid creaming my clothes. This spoilt my fun a bit as it's rather like the withdrawal method of contraception! When I had the opportunity I would get my clothes wet, which was more satisfying.

I might post soon about what I've been doing lately to try to overcome my old hangups and defensive habits so as to experience more pleasure. It might be a long post unless I can get to grips with editing it down!

Best wet wishes - Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Exams over and wet again.

Posted by Chris on June 17, 2017 at 08:53:58

In Reply to: Re: Exams over and wet again. posted by wetjumper on June 17, 2017 at 00:35:16:

Agreed about the degree situation, some of our mates are going to university simply because they don't have any other plans. Harry and Mike are both joining their family businesses (an assortment of various retail outlets for Harry and a car dealership group for Mike) so we will still be seeing them regularly. Red is doing a law degree as he wants to be a solicitor along with his mum in her practice and is hoping to get into Bristol. Everyone else is off to university as well, they hope .......

Jamie and I will do apprenticeships and may well do further studying after that once we get more involved in uncle Danny's business. We've both done a mix of business studies and computer based design and technology for A-Levels and I think we are both keen to build on that in future.

Jerking off in wet clothes is a real pleasure and I usually come real quick, particularly in denim jeans, and it doesn't take long to get hard again just to enjoy the pleasure of the feel of wet clothes. Jamie and I have both done our own laundry since we were kids so we never had the problem of hiding the evidence from our parents; I'm sure they knew what we were doing anyway. Look forward to hearing more longer posts from you.

How to stay cool

Posted by Jamie on June 20, 2017 at 15:04:12

Had my final exam paper this morning - cheers all round - and now have the rest of the week at home as other exams at school don't finish until the end of the week. Poor Mike has a final paper on Friday, so no let up for him.

It has been really hot here for a few days (26°C in the exam room this morning) so school emailed us all to say that the dress code was relaxed to allow shorts and tee-shirts if we wished, which was much more comfortable; not too sure they were expecting to see Red in quite the shortest bright red shorts I have ever seen teamed with a white vest with a fire-breathing dragon printed on the front ! Most of us were rather more subdued in choices than him - very distracting though some of the girls were the same in their shorts and tees...............

I got home just before lunchtime and we sat in the garden in the shade of the trees with a bit of a breeze coming up the hill, and ate our lunch; mum was kind enough not to ask how I thought the exam had gone - I hate that question, what do you say ? - and Chris and I planned what to do for the afternoon and agreed on basically nothing, but that we'd do it in the pool ! I was looking forward to it as I was still feeling hot.

Chris had planned that the best way for me to get cool was a bucket of iced water over my head as we walked into the changing room. He had obviously been well prepared as there were a lot of ice cubes in it. I retaliated by stuffing some of them down the inside of his swim-shorts making sure they stayed inside the mesh liner - that made him dance around a bit as they settled around his boner and nuts !!

After regular school timetable starts again next week, we have four weeks of term left until we finish school for good ("Unless you need to resit some exams" as my dad said ominously - has he no confidence in me !). I know we have two trips organised over those weeks and will be doing some activities with the younger pupils at some stage, but normal classes seem a bit futile now that we have finished the exams. Have to see what happens. Not too sure I'm looking forward to actually leaving school now that it is almost upon us. Welcome to the real world, I guess.

Re: How to stay cool

Posted by Harry on June 20, 2017 at 15:15:36

In Reply to: How to stay cool posted by Jamie on June 20, 2017 at 15:04:12:

You didn't tell us how to stay cool ?

Re: How to stay cool

Posted by Jamie on June 20, 2017 at 15:18:52

In Reply to: Re: How to stay cool posted by Harry on June 20, 2017 at 15:15:36:

It was the bucket of iced water of course......but doesn't apply in your case, Harry, however much ice we use, you'll never be cool ha ha ha

Re: How to stay cool

Posted by Jonno on June 21, 2017 at 13:25:55

In Reply to: How to stay cool posted by Jamie on June 20, 2017 at 15:04:12:

Hope the results turn out as good as expected - I'm sure they will as you and Chris seem like bright lads to me and you certainly worked harder than I ever did for mine.

I've been working from home in the courtyard for the last couple of days and found that the best way to keep cool was to dress in jeans and a tee and then get well and truly soaked, spending the rest of the day in wet clothes, the best part being frequent top ups of the water-levels !!

Re: How to stay cool

Posted by Harry on June 21, 2017 at 13:27:44

In Reply to: Re: How to stay cool posted by Jamie on June 20, 2017 at 15:18:52:

There was me thinking you were a mate................

I'll look forward to getting my revenge in due course.

Mud Pack

Posted by Jamie on June 23, 2017 at 20:24:18

Yesterday was very warm but slightly cloudy, an improvement on the couple of days before when it was really too hot for comfort for me. Having spent those really hot days in and out of the pool all day, just lazing around and getting a bit of a tan ( a "normal" swim-shorts-on for me and a rather too revealing all-over unclothed one in Chris's case) we thought it would be nice to go out in the woods and get really muddy. As Chris said "It might help my sensitive bits that saw a little too much sun yesterday. I must have missed some areas with the sun-cream." Yeah well, I wasn't going to volunteer to apply it, was I ? He did, and still does, look a bit red.

After breakfast we dressed in favourite old jeans and sweatshirts and headed off to the woods on the quad-bikes. Chris had pulled on a well worn pair of skinny-fit grey jeans and a dark blue sweatshirt, along with grey socks and trainers. His jeans have a degree of stretch in the fabric and are so skinny that they might have well have been sprayed on - I seriously doubt he could have pulled them on if they were not stretchable - and they need to stretch around his bulge even when he doesn't have a boner. I decided to be a bit more restrained and wore my favourite old 501s and a dark green sweatshirt, no underwear and some old black trainers.

I have just about got used to driving the quadbike with my temporary leg fitted and, as it is easily cleaned up with a strong jet of water from the hose, I am happy to get it wet and muddy. I can manage to get around quite well now without using a crutch or stick, the biggest problem is keeping my balance on uneven ground.

When we got to the swamp area it was still quite wet despite the recent very dry, hot weather and Chris jumped off his quadbike and into the mud almost before he had stopped it. He sank to his knees and waited for me to join him. I jumped in and stood next to him as we surveyed the area. Chris grinned and laughed as he turned towards me and then fell backwards into the swamp, splashing down in the wet soft mud which splattered across my legs as I watched.

The mud Chris landed in was not very deep and he was still dry across his front as the mud swirled around him, it was a lot shallower than the last time we had been there. I bend forward and placed my hands on his ankles and pushed down into the mud, his lower legs sank a bit deeper and I stood astride him as I moved up his body and next pushed down on his knees, rubbing the mud into his jeans as I went, converting the light gray denim to a darker muddy, almost black, colour that gleamed wetly. When I got to Chris's hips I pushed down a bit harder and watched the mud creep across his upper thighs and then across his crotch as it emerged between his legs. I continued to rub the mud in and he gasped as my palms smoothed the mud across his growing bulge. I made sure to vigorously rub it in between his legs as well. I continued up his body and swept handfuls of mud across his stomach and chest until I reached his shoulders when I pushed himdown into the mud a bit further so that it flooded across his whole body. I hesitated a bit but but when Chris nodded and said "Go on" I placed a hand on his forehead and pushed him completely under as he closed his mouth and eyes, as soon as he was submerged I let go and he surfaced again before wiping a hand across his eyes and brushing his hair back from his forehead.

"Wow, that felt good." Chris grinned "Are going to join me now ?" as he pushed himself up to rest on his elbows.

"Might as well." I replied and stepped back a bit before lowering my self on top of him, whereupon Chris waited for us to settle into the mud a bit more with my added weight on top of him, and then he rolled us over so that I was on my back and he lay on top of me. I didn't need to look down at him to feel that he was rock hard now and I felt myself growing harder as he lay on top of me. I could feel the mud and wetness soaking through my clothes and when I felt Chris's hand gently rub against my boner, I moved my hands onto his backside and pulled him down onto me as I pushed my crotch up towards him. Chris grinned and we spent a few minutes gently rocking our bodies against each other until we both reached that satisfying conclusion we were both expecting. Chris rolled off me and crawled off through the mud towards the far side of the swamp area. He clambered out and called back that he was going to open the stream diversion to let more water into the swamp. I lay back and waited for that to happen.

The water was chill as it started to reach where I was laying and I watched as more poured in and slowly started to cover me. When Chris returned he jumped into the swamp and splashed over towards me. The swamp area is deeper in some places than others and Chris splashed down into the deeper bits as he waded to wards me so that he was dripping wet as well a mud covered by the time he was standing almost knee-deep next to me. He put a hand out and helped me to my feet, we were both soaked through, except I hadn't put my head under, and both of us had solid boners tenting out our jeans - well mine were conventionally tented out but Chris's jeans were stretched tight across his as it pushed sideways across his left thigh. He laughed and ran a hand along his shaft and squeezed the head gently.

We spent a while just splashing around and churning up the mud and water with our feet until it was all nicely squishy. I went off and stopped the water flowing in and then we sat in the mud and slathered it all over each other again. I'm not sure it did Chris's sunburn any good but it did feel theraputic (is that the right spelling - not too sure) and cooling. We eventually washed clean in the stream (that did feel cold !) before heading back to the house and the swimming pool.

This morning we went with my mum to the charity shop where she volunteers and helped out with sorting through donated stock and getting it ready for sale. Another local charity shop has recently closed and mum's place has had an influx of unsorted stock from there; it's amazing what some people think is good for re-sale - lady's, slightly frayed bra, size unknown, anyone ?

Re: Mud Pack

Posted by Borisiswet on June 24, 2017 at 16:20:58

In Reply to: Mud Pack posted by Jamie on June 23, 2017 at 20:24:18:

Great adventure! Glad you are getting back into the mud again too. Like many people on this site, I wish I could have joined you two!

Re: Mud Pack

Posted by Me on June 24, 2017 at 17:01:13

In Reply to: Mud Pack posted by Jamie on June 23, 2017 at 20:24:18:

Sounds like you had a great time.
You wore Trainers???
How does that work?

Re: Mud Pack

Posted by Jamie on June 24, 2017 at 18:50:52

In Reply to: Re: Mud Pack posted by Me on June 24, 2017 at 17:01:13:

Yes we did have a great time, thanks.
"You wore trainers??? How does that work?"
Sorry, don't understand your query. We both wore trainers ...... on our feet ........ Chris on both his feet and me on both mine - my real foot and on my prosthetic leg which has a plastic foot-shaped end on it so I can wear a pair of trainers or shoes as normal. Is that so strange?

Re: Mud Pack

Posted by Jamie on June 24, 2017 at 18:58:58

In Reply to: Re: Mud Pack posted by Borisiswet on June 24, 2017 at 16:20:58:

It was good to get really muddy again. My current artificial leg is well up to getting wet and muddy as it is just made of easily cleaned metal and plastic; when I get the permanent one it has some complicated electronics and motors built in which will learn how I move and it will bend at the knee and ankle to give assistance and resistance to mimic movement of a real muscular leg, not sure how it will cope with mud and water submersion although I am told it will be waterproof. I'm due to go on a fitting and training course soon, so that should be interesting.

Re: Mud Pack

Posted by screamer on June 25, 2017 at 23:38:31

In Reply to: Mud Pack posted by Jamie on June 23, 2017 at 20:24:18:

Seems like you guys and friends are ready for a new pair of Levi 501 STF jeans. Get them all in for a STF party. Like to hear your story to break them in. Get long ones, as the extra length makes for good flippers when you swim. If your new prosthesis is not able to handle your antics, you can always use your old one for that. Wish you the best and always love your stories.

Re: Mud Pack

Posted by wetjumper on June 26, 2017 at 13:38:41

In Reply to: Mud Pack posted by Jamie on June 23, 2017 at 20:24:18:

Nice one! I should have commented as soon as I read it.

You said "...we spent a few minutes gently rocking our bodies against each other until we both reached that satisfying conclusion we were both expecting." - Clothed sex in the mud. Yum! I got so turned on by this story when I first read it that I almost followed Felix's advice on the Forum Guide page by creaming my jeans - but I realised just in time that I was about to go out (by hourly bus) and didn't have time to clean myself up, change my jeans and transfer the contents of my pockets. (Without changing my jeans, a glistening wet patch would have been unsuitable for public viewing and not reliably hidden by my other clothes.) Awww. Still, I'm sure there'll be another similarly arousing story very soon. You both write very involvingly about some often beautiful experiences.

The Forum Guide page says "Read and share stories or ideas until you're really turned on and can't keep it in any longer. Then just cum inside your pants or poncho. It feels really pleasant and exciting to relax and let go."

I'm trying to get rid of my remaining reluctance and trace of guilt (dating from my teens) about coming in my pants because it's the natural culmination of clothed erotic pleasure when the clothes stay on and fastened, and I'd like to experience a lot more clothed erotic pleasure this way - with a partner, I hope! (I don't have a partner, never mind a wet-loving cousin living in the same house.) I think this should work better for me than more conventional sexual ideas. I intend to post in detail about how and why I reached this conclusion, but it's still refusing to be edited down...

Meanwhile, what make are Chris's grey skinny jeans? I've been trying skinny jeans lately in various slightly different styles and haven't yet found ones exactly to my liking. I want to find ones with a "normal" waist height, not a low waist, and which cling snugly everywhere (not loose anywhere) with lots of stretch - like jeggings but with a real working fly and usable front pockets, and made for a male body shape. I've seen some good ones being worn, but I haven't found the exact ones in shops and haven't dared to ask a stranger where he got his jeans.

By the way, you meant "therapeutic". :-)

Peter (wetjumper)

Re: jeans & forum

Posted by wetjumper on July 18, 2017 at 00:16:43

In Reply to: Re: Mud Pack posted by wetjumper on July 07, 2017 at 23:34:22:

It's frustrating that all the cheap jeans I bought in the last month are either not the fit I'm looking for or are "non-ideal" in some other way. They were cheap but not necessarily good value. This is a learning process, I suppose...

I'm puzzled that this forum seems to have dried up in the last few weeks. Where are Jamie and Chris, and the other active posters? I hope they've been getting wet or muddy and enjoying it, anyway...

Peter (wetjumper)

Last school photograph

Posted by Jamie on July 20, 2017 at 18:10:38

Today (Wednesday) we had our year's group leaving photograph. Despite the fact that we have not had to wear school uniform for the last two years, it is tradition that we don the actual uniform, or at least the closest approximation to it that we have in our wardrobe as we've almost all grown out of it in the last two years. So Chris and I donned grey trousers, long-sleeved white shirts, house ties, black socks and formal lace-up black shoes (well polished, of course !), no-one bothers with a jacket, which should be a grey suit jacket (or the blue blazer for the summer) of the uniform.

Nothing very much happens on this day, in terms of academic work, for our year as most of our teachers opt for light-hearted quizzes about their particular subject and then after lunch we gather for the photograph. By the time the official photograph has been taken, most of the rest of the school has gathered around to watch the surprise event that has been organised by the students in the year below us. As we had arranged for last year's leavers, the setting for the photograph is outside the buildings against a blank brick wall that is part of the two storey science block. The leavers usually stand on gym benches at the back of two or three rows with the middle row on the ground and the front row sitting on chairs. For the formal photograph, the Head Master and the Head of Year and his two deputies sit in the front row and then when they are taken, it is just the students. It is at this stage that the surprise event takes place.

The formal part of the session went well, Chris and I found ourselves at the centre left of the middle row with Mike and Harry on the bench behind us and Sue and most of the girls on chairs in the front row.

We had just seen the teachers make their hasty exit and a few pictures had been taken of just us students when suddenly there was a blizzard of pink and I felt something wet soaking through my hair. I looked around and saw Chris was getting covered in bright baby-pink gunge. There were a few surprised cries of protest and then we heard loud cheers from the students watching. The pink gunge that was raining down on us all just kept coming and when I looked up to see where it was coming from, I could see two large diameter hoses poking over the parapet of the roof above us that were spouting huge quantities of the stuff. When I wiped some off my face it felt just like normal gunge but aerated, almost fluffy. It didn't take more than a few minutes for us to get totally soaked through and covered in this pink gunge. By that time most of us were just laughing and throwing or flicking the stuff at each other. The gunge kept on coming until we were more than just soaked, it was building-up on heads and shoulders and we were able to scoop handfuls of the stuff off our clothes. Eventually the rain of pink stopped and we broke ranks and a gunge fight broke out.

It's our very last day of school on Friday, not too sure whether to look forward to it or not !!

Re: Last school photograph

Posted by wetjumper on July 20, 2017 at 19:25:05

In Reply to: Last school photograph posted by Jamie on July 20, 2017 at 18:10:38:

Thanks for that very entertaining account. I'd been getting worried that you and Chris hadn't posted anything for four weeks - how did that happen? - I'd thought you'd finished all your exams and didn't have other urgent calls on your time. Oh well. It's great that you're back. How's your new leg doing?

Your school seems to have developed a tradition - with your help - that the students often get wet, muddy or (on special occasions like this) messy... the aerated pink gunge is a very interesting idea and no doubt looked spectacular! :-) (Yes, I know I'll just have to imagine it as there won't be any photos or video appearing online.)

Your last day at school is a time of very mixed feelings - at least mine was. I regret that I didn't exchange contact details with more people - although I probably wouldn't have kept in touch anyway - and that I didn't go to our Leavers' Tea as I found I couldn't face it at that moment (I really ought to have spoken to someone). But I have a tendency to brood about things for ever, which can get in the way of enjoying life in the present! You don't have this, I'm sure.

Yesterday evening I went out to a pub about 15 minutes' walk away - through light rain in very warm and sticky conditions - without rainwear, just wearing a thin and clingy acrylic jumper, jeans and sandals. I arrived with fairly wet hair and visibly damp clothes - my jumper had lots of little sparkly water droplets on it which hadn't yet soaked in (bigger ones had). It was great to be moderately wet and not feel at all cold, nor feel selfconscious about looking wet - but on my way home it had stopped raining and I got too hot! A cotton T-shirt might have worked better. I hadn't known whether a thunderstorm might reach me but it didn't. The British summer strikes again, or maybe not?

Best wet wishes - Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Last school photograph

Posted by Jamie on July 22, 2017 at 07:58:25

In Reply to: Re: Last school photograph posted by wetjumper on July 20, 2017 at 19:25:05:

Not sure why we haven't posted much recently - after we finished our exams, we had little to do in the way of studying but still seemed to be kept busy with other things - but we haven't really got wet or muddy often either, just the odd fully clothed swim in the pool at home, either alone or with Mike and Harry. We have organised a party for all the leavers in a couple of weeks time.

Yesterday we had our final day at school, an assembly in the morning followed by prize-giving. An hour or so after that to say our goodbyes to various pupils and staff and then a lunch for all the leavers with the head-master and our year's staff, whilst everyone else went home. So that was farewell to that chapter in our lives; surprisingly emotional for all concerned I think.

Cars had been banned for the day (prevents showing off on the last day) so we got a lift in and walked home. It poured with rain when we were about half way home and we were thoroughly drenched by the time we got back, so that was fun.

I'm having my leg finally fitted and a couple of weeks of physio and training in how to use and care for it, which will be great. It should, with practise, give me fully mobility again.

Re: Last school photograph

Posted by Jonno on July 22, 2017 at 14:19:25

In Reply to: Last school photograph posted by Jamie on July 20, 2017 at 18:10:38:

Glad to hear from you again. The school leavers' photo session sounds like a real giggle. Nothing like that ever happened at my school, sadly.

We had some torrential rain last night and again this morning. I found an excuse to go out briefly and got back soaked through after just walking a few hundred yards to the nearest shop. After that Craig decided to join me in our yard once he saw the aroused state I was in wearing my sodden jeans and tee. That was fun, playing around with each other in the pouring rain through our wet clothes.

Good luck with the new prosthesis, you sound amazingly positive about it all. Good luck to you.

Hello again

Posted by wetchas on July 27, 2017 at 11:00:26

Hello everybody.Although I haven't contributed for quite a while, I have been keeping a watching brief. For some strange reason I just became terribly bored with the whole thing, and also I will not use Wackywet anymore now that it has become little more than an advertising space for wetlook's photos.
Sorry to read all about Jamie's op, but gather that all is going well now.
I loved wetjumpers story the other day about cumming in the sea in his swimsuits. I too have done similar, although I have been far enough out to pull the shorts down and let the cum flow out into the sea. This obviuosly can't be done on a busy beach, but is possible when there isn't anyone about. I wonder what the fish thought of my sperm.
Another seaside adventure of mine was I undressed in the sea one night, and let the clothes float away on the tide. It was some years ago, and I don't know where the idea came from, but I do remember selecting some old clothes, wearing them in the sea, and then undressing to my shorts and letting the clothes go. For some reason this made my quite horny, although on reflection I guess this was because I was soaking the clothes, rather than the letting go aspect.
Anyway, as I said earlier, I will be visiting and hopefully posting on here regularly from now on. There's something to look forward to eh!

Re: Hello again

Posted by Jamie on July 30, 2017 at 07:09:01

In Reply to: Hello again posted by wetchas on July 27, 2017 at 11:00:26:

Welcome back from me too. Like you we seem to have been too busy with other things to post much on here. Now we have finished with school we have a bit off time off before going to meet up with Grant and Marshall in New York - we are planning a bit of a road trip with them and are in the middle of working out where we all want to go - but at the moment I am in the middle of a two week course of physio and training with my new prosthesis.

Anyhow, none of that stopped us betting a good soaking yesterday. Mike's dad has an annual summer used car sale "Special Bonanza" at his dealership and they have a bouncy castle and so for kids and this year we (Mike, Harry, Chris, Red, Mari, Sue and me) raised some money for charity by doing a car wash for the customers. Lots of buckets of water, lots of "mis-directed" jets of water as we hosed the cars down and mayhem ensued. Part way through Harry had the great idea of giving the customers the chance of throwing a bucket of water over one of us for an extra couple of pounds, the girls were the most popular target for that, but within half-an-hour of starting we were all drenched.

It started raining heavily during the afternoon but we carried on and seemed to get even more customers the more obviously wet we looked. It was good fun.

Re: Hello again

Posted by wetchas. on July 31, 2017 at 08:11:45

In Reply to: Re: Hello again posted by Jamie on July 30, 2017 at 07:09:01:

Cheers Jamie.
Sounds like a great day out. Reckon I would have blown my life savings by the end of it though.
Reminds me of a stall I arranged at the local hospital garden party once. That was supposed to be a reasonably sensible set of stocks, with wet sponges, but it soon deteriorated into a full scale soaking session. It ended stocks with no stocks.
Great fun though.
Hope the fittings go OK.

Re: Hello again

Posted by Jamie on August 01, 2017 at 17:53:49

In Reply to: Re: Hello again posted by wetchas. on July 31, 2017 at 08:11:45:

Any excuse to get wet, eh ? I've never encountered a wet event where it doesn't get out of hand and everyone gets wetter than expected.

The new leg is going fine. Wore it home today for the first time and reduced my mum to tears when I walked into the kitchen as normal without a stick or any aid: bless her, it has been tough for her seeing me 'damaged' physically, as it would any mum, but I guess they were tears of joy. I am so thankfull that I'm lucky enough to be in a position to afford (thanks to compensation and travel insurance) the best treatment and prosthesis money can buy, within reason. Also, of course, to have had the support of family and the best friends ever as well as all the surgeons, doctors and nurses who have played their part. I'm a very lucky little bastard really !!

Wet celebration of A-Level results

Posted by Jamie on August 17, 2017 at 12:39:03

Got back from school this morning where we had collected our results (straight A*s for Chris and 2 x A*s and 2 x As for me) and after telling our mums how we had done, we jumped straight in the pool in all our smart clothes - chinos, smart shirts, deck shoes, socks and boxer-briefs - and they stood and watched us as they opened a bottle of champagne pre-lunch.

Harry, Mike, Red, Ali and Sue all did as well as expected and were happy with their results, so all in all a great day. I'd hoped to match Chris with my results but as mum pointed out, he hasn't been through everything I have over the last year or two, so I'm happy with how I did and happy for Chris too.

Re: Wet celebration of A-Level results

Posted by Jack on August 17, 2017 at 17:53:37

In Reply to: Wet celebration of A-Level results posted by Jamie on August 17, 2017 at 12:39:03:

Well done, guys. I'd agree with your mum, Jamie, and would even say you did better than Chris considering what has been going on in your life in particular.

getting wet in smart clothes has always been a great turn-on for me - it just feels ever so slightly naughty - so I hope you didn't disgrace yourselves in front of your mums, although I guess they might be used to seeing you both with some sort of boner !!

Re: Wet celebration of A-Level results

Posted by wetjumper on August 17, 2017 at 19:58:16

In Reply to: Wet celebration of A-Level results posted by Jamie on August 17, 2017 at 12:39:03:

Excellent news. I'm very pleased for all of you - both for your results and for the way you celebrated them.

Your mum is right - given all the pain and disruption to your life you've been through in the last 18+ months, with two severe injuries needing drastic surgery and subsequent rehabilitation, you really have done very well indeed - you've demonstrated considerable resilience and powers of recovery, and your hard work has paid off. I know you'd have liked to get all A* grades, but, hey, you can still feel justifiably proud... well done! (Now don't get too big-headed!)

Just a thought: as there are a few wet clothes fans who've followed your stories in the Beach Club (and Mud Pit) but aren't into the explicitness of much of this forum's content, perhaps you could post your announcement in the Beach Club too. No toning down needed.

You're a wet and muddy clothes hero. You know what I'm going to say: "Keep it up!" ;-)

Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Wet celebration of A-Level results

Posted by Chris on August 18, 2017 at 13:13:17

In Reply to: Re: Wet celebration of A-Level results posted by wetjumper on August 17, 2017 at 19:58:16:

Thanks for the reply. Jamie is out with his dad getting some currency for our trip to USA and meeting up with the twins for our road trip. We are flying out on Sunday (in one of dad's company's jets as it is flying to NYC to collect some guys - so a free trip ! Well, dad pays something but that's down to him as I did "so much better than your mum and I expected in your exams" (WTF - nice to know what confidence they had in me !! JEEZ - what are they like....).

I agree that Jamie has had a tough year or more, I just think he's been amazing and all our friends think so too (although most won't tell him) and even our head of year at school (a nice guy, but reserved and quiet normally) gave him a huge hug and had tears in his eyes when Jamie showed him his results, that was a nice moment, if embarrassing !

We will take your advice and post some stuff on the other forums. In the meantime we'll keep it (them ?) up !! Cheers for now.

Re: Wet levis

Posted by Jamie on September 26, 2017 at 08:47:15

In Reply to: Re: Wet levis posted by wetshirt on September 26, 2017 at 07:30:21:

Quite agree. This is not the place to discuss p***.

Re: Wet Story

Posted by Jamie on September 26, 2017 at 08:48:55

In Reply to: Wet Story posted by wetmark on September 18, 2017 at 22:56:16:

Great story, sounds like you have found a soul-mate.

Re: underwear

Posted by Jamie on September 30, 2017 at 18:30:01

In Reply to: underwear posted by wetchas on September 28, 2017 at 09:26:32:

Yup, I'm afraid you are probably mad, my friend, but in the nicest possible way.

Chris and I always enjoy your musings on things "wet and wacky" and both of us can sympathise with your need to learn more about the underwear that the guys on here post about in such scanty detail.

To set the ball rolling, so to speak, I am currently wearing a pair of very wet and rather too tight Superdry boxer-briefs. They are a light grey with a blue floral print all over and they show off my bulging assets really well as they cling beautifully.

Chris and I are "home alone" today and have spent almost the entire day in the pool in various outfits.

It is the penultimate day of our summer hols after leaving school as we both start work in uncle Danny's building company on Monday, Chris as a trainee carpenter and me as a trainee stonemason. We are both looking forward to it, although a bit apprehensive at joining the real world.

My dad has already presented me with an invoice for my "Upbringing and Educational Costs" - not too sure if he expects me to pay it or if he was joking (he's very good at keeping a straight face) but rather frighteningly it runs well into 6 figures...........

Re: underwear

Posted by wetchas on October 01, 2017 at 16:57:03

In Reply to: Re: underwear posted by Jamie on September 30, 2017 at 18:30:01:

Hi. thanks for the reply. Good to hear from you again.
I'm afraid Superdry clothing is like a red rag to a bull with me. My feelings always are, 'not for long you won't be'.
Good luck in the working world.
Joking aside I guess you will be expected to pay 'keep' now you are actually earning.

Re: underwear

Posted by Jamie on October 01, 2017 at 20:38:48

In Reply to: Re: underwear posted by wetchas on October 01, 2017 at 16:57:03:

Hi there, it took me a couple of readings to see what you did there with that comment about Superdry ....... They do feel good though when soaking wet.

Ha Ha I've been told I can keep 100% of my first month's pay but after that who knows ? We are mid-negotiation as I write - in much the same way that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are negotiating - but I'm onto a losing wicket really as my parents already have the nuclear option, namely "Find your own place to live, boy...". Seriously, I wouldn't want to freeload off them forever.

We met up with Harry and Mike and a few others today for lunch at a local pub and then had a kick-about in the park as it poured with rain so we all had a splash around in the puddles before heading home.

Harry and Mike have both been working for a few weeks now, both in their family businesses, and Mike sold his first car to a customer on Friday so was feeling very happy. Harry is busy setting up a website for his dad's business, so is being productive already. Both seem to be enjoying life.

Wet and muddy in workwear

Posted by Chris on October 25, 2017 at 18:18:54

Haven't had time to post anything recently as Jamie and I have been working really long hours for uncle Danny and getting into the swing of learning our trades and about the business.

I've found it remarkably good fun and enjoyed learning new stuff. Uncle Danny has given us both shares in the company (on a par with his son, cousin Tom) and we've been spending five days a week working at our trades and Saturdays in the offices learning about the computer systems, admin and accounts.

Anyway, uncle Danny gave us the day off on Friday, saying we've been working too hard ............ although I'm pretty certain he was joking about that; he's a difficult man to read most of the time.

We took the chance to meet up with Harry (he's working in his dad's businesses; office during the week and in one or other of their shops on Saturdays and Sunday mornings, so takes another day off during the week).

It was raining quite heavily when we finished our morning swim; Harry and Mike had both joined us as they both come round most mornings. Mike had to go to work and Harry stayed on for breakfast as we chatted about how to spend our day. Jamie suggested we just go out in the rain and get a real soaking. He suggested that we try out our workwear and perhaps get muddy as well just to see what they felt like really soaked and heavy with mud. We hadn't been out to the woods and the muddy ride for some weeks - since before our trip to the U.S. actually - and I was getting a hard-on just thinking about it, which was slightly embarrassing as we were all sitting around in just our speedos with tee-shirts on as we ate breakfast and chatted.

"Looks like Chris is up for that........" Harry laughed when he noticed my reaction to Jamie's suggestion.

Jamie and I went and changed into our workwear - heavy duty grey denim loose-fit trousers (not jeans) with many pockets and extra loops and re-enforced knee patches and sweatshirts (dark grey for Jamie and tan for me) with the company logo on the back and our names embroidered over the left breast - (we both decided to go commando) and we completed our outfits with socks and trainers.

When we got down to the pool Harry had changed into his old, well worn denim jeans and a red sweatshirt and looked to be going commando also as there was a considerable bulge already showing in his crotch.

The rain started falling even more heavily as we left the house and by the time we got down the track and into the relative shelter of the woods we were all soaked to the skin and Jamie's and my grey trousers and sweatshirts were a different shade of grey and tan than they had been when dry. Harry's jeans were darker blue and shiny wet and his red sweatshirt looked dark red in colour and clung to his upper body, we could even see his nipples clearly. His boner was even more prominent in his sodden jeans.

When we got to the flooded dell the water was almost lapping over the edge and there was not a lot of the fallen tree trunk showing above the water. This didn't stop Harry deciding to clamber up onto it and start walking down its length towards the water. He got about half-way along to the waterline when there was a loud "crack" and the trunk collapsed under him, letting him fall sideways into the water with a huge splash. He swam to the side, where we were waiting, and clambered out, the water poured off his clothes and he grinned widely as he stood up before us, really as wet as it was possible to get. His loose-fitting jeans had slid down his hips and it was only his boner that stopped them sliding further down his legs as it caught below the waistband to the left of the fly buttons; he hoisted his jeans up to his waist and took a moment or two to rub the outline of his shaft and his balls as we talked about what to do next. I saw his cock twitch as he stopped rubbing and he fell silent for a moment and then carried on talking; I guessed that he had creamed his jeans.

"Let's just head for the mud and get totally plastered; we can always clean up here again afterwards before heading back to the house." Harry suggested, and then asked "What do those trousers feel like ? They look great when wet, nice and shiny .............. and heavy too, from the way they hang off you two."

"Great, but a bit rough against my balls - I should have worn some boxers." Jamie moaned.

"Some people are never happy ............" I remarked "Feels great to me."

"Maybe you just like a bit of rough, Chris ?" Harry laughed.

"Don't talk about Mari like that......" I laughed as I shoved him backwards into the water again - he had the good grace to apologise as he clambered back out, totally soaked again with water pouring off him.

After that we headed on to the muddy ride. Jamie went ahead as Harry and I took time to splash through puddles and kick water at each other and when we arrived a few minutes behind him, Jamie was waiting to dive into the sloppy mud in front of him. The huge splash he made was pretty spectacular and when he stood up again his clothes were muddy brown, shiny wet and thoroughly soaked in mud.

"I think I like this; these clothes feel amazing - love the feel of the rough denim against my hard-on ......... it's better than ever ....." Jamie said as he stood up again in front of us, bulging hugely.

Harry laughed out loud at the sight of Jamie's boner tenting out his trousers "That is gross, mate, that can't be normal surely ?"

For which remark he was wrestled into the mud by Jamie and had his face pushed into Jamie's crotch as Jamie held him down by laying on top of him. They were both completely covered in mud when they stood up and laughing uncontrollably.

I decided it was time for me to get muddy so I dropped to my knees in the mud and started spreading handfuls of mud across my thighs and groin area, my backside and up towards my waist and over my sweatshirt. Harry and Jamie watched and made rude suggestions about what else I should rub and massage. I ignored them.

Harry moved around behind me and suddenly put his foot in the small of my back and pushed me forwards. I didn't have a chance to stop myself falling forward with my hands so splashed down face first, getting completely submerged. As I raised my head, I could feel the mud pouring off my shoulders, back and buttocks and I rolled onto my back and lay there as I shook my hands and tried to wipe the mud from my eyes and face. Harry and Jamie were both grinning as I scrambled to my feet after clearing my eyes and could see again. I gave chase to Harry and managed to rugby tackle him into some more deep mud and we rolled around and wrestled each other until we had to stop for breath.

After that we simply splashed around, threw handfuls of mud at each other and generally enjoyed being soaked and absolutely filthy. It was still raining quite heavily and by the time we were ready to head back to the house quite a bit of the mud had been washed off us.

We hosed each other down in the garage yard and then went in for hot showers. We spent the rest of the morning in the pool, still in our clothes. We changed into dry clothes for lunch and Harry suggested that we go to a local pub and then go into town as he wanted to get some new formal shirts for work.

So that was our fun day off.

Re: why so quiet

Posted by Jamie on October 25, 2017 at 18:46:52

In Reply to: why so quiet posted by wetchas on October 20, 2017 at 08:58:03:

Too true - but have to admit that we haven't had much wet or muddy fun to post about. Chris has written up something and posted it today. Blame the quiet from us on being worked like slaves by our uncle ......... mind you, I'm getting used to having some money of my own rather than just the allowance from parents as before, which was generous of course but not the same as earning your own dosh.

Re: Wet and muddy in workwear

Posted by Chris on October 27, 2017 at 19:25:30

In Reply to: Re: Wet and muddy in workwear posted by wetchas on October 27, 2017 at 07:50:41:

Looking back, it does seem a bit quiet here. I'm enjoying work, learning how to do marquetry at the moment as we have been making oak doors, 14 in all, and the client wants them adorned with decorative panels of plants and animals. They will good great eventually !

About paying tax, I hadn't realised how much it added up to, just got my first pay slip and it was a nasty surprise seeing it actually written down !!

We have an unexpected lodger staying at the moment - Kevin, an unpleasant youth of 17, a distant relative of uncle Danny, our employer - and he is proving problematic to say the least. Jamie is writing something about him at the moment which he will hopefully post this weekend.

Enjoyed reading your recent posts, its good to be back and involved after our holiday and first month of work.

We need to talk about Kevin

Posted by Jamie on October 28, 2017 at 09:48:52

We have a house guest at the moment. Kevin. He is the son of uncle Danny's distant cousin. We haven't found out much about him as yet except that he is, on the face of it, a rude and obnoxious 17 year old with no visible redeeming features whatsoever.

He is living with uncle Danny and aunt Mary for the moment in their apartment on the top floor and is working for the firm as a general labourer. He is however a skinny lad who slouches and looks to be a complete stranger to exercise or keeping fit, so I don't imagine that he will stay the course for long. And neither of us are yet to hear any of our workmates say a good word about him.

When he first arrived we tried to be friendly but didn't make much headway as he communicates by liberal use of the F-word, mono-syllabic retorts and grunts and he seemed completely disinterested in anything we had to say or suggested doing.

The first Sunday he was with us, he wandered into the pool area just as we were contemplating going for swim.

"Hi Kev. Fancy joining us for a swim ?" Chris asked.

"What ? With you two ....... alone ? I'm not f***ing gay .........." Kevin replied as he wandered around the pool, staring into the water.

"That's a coincidence ....... neither are we. Can you swim ?" I remarked before Chris was able to speak, I could see him getting angry.

"F*** yeah - 'course I can." Kevin replied "Very good actually."

Chris wandered over to the pool edge and knelt down to feel the temperature of the water. Kevin was approaching where he was kneeling and as he walked passed Chris he bumped into him (quite deliberately) and Chris tumbled forward into the water. He surfaced and scrambled out and stood on the side with water pouring out of his jeans and shirt.

"What the hell did you do that for ?" Chris demanded.

"Do what ?" Kevin asked.

"You deliberately pushed me in ..............." Chris said.

"Nah, I didn't .......... you must have slipped." Kevin smirked.

"Look, I don't mind; just admit it." Chris said.

"F*** OFF" was Kevin's reply.

The next thing he knew was Chris grabbing him by the shoulders and throwing him in the deep end.

"Now you can prove how good a swimmer you are ............." Chris said as Kevin hit the water.

Well, Kevin hit the water and sank before surfacing, spluttering and splashing around, before sinking again. It was obvious that Kevin couldn't actually swim at all.

"Better get him out, Chris. He obviously can't swim a stroke." I said as I moved to the side of the pool.

"Do I have to ?" Chris grinned as he watched Kevin surface again.

"Yup, 'fraid so ......." I said as he dived in and grabbed Kevin and dragged him to the side where I pulled him out as Chris pushed. Kevin coughed up a load of water and then lay on his back, panting.

"You alright now, Kevin ?" Chris asked as he stood over him, water pouring off him again and splashing over Kevin.

"F*** OFF..."

"If you'd been truthful about the swimming, I wouldn't have thrown you in. Bloody fool ..............." Chris said "Ready for our swim now, Jamie ?"

"Yeah, of course. There are some dry clothes in the bin by changing room door, Kevin ...... just shorts and tees. Turn right through there, and you can dump those wet clothes in the drier." I said to Kevin.

I pulled off my shirt, trainers and socks, sat in one of the chairs and removed my prosthesis and then hopped to the side and dived in to join Chris, who had piled his wet shirt, trainers and socks on the side of the pool and was swimming in his jeans, like me.

Kevin sat on the side and watched us for a bit before disappearing into the changing room, coming back out a bit later in some baggy shorts and a red tee. I swam to the side and rested on my elbows.

"We'd be quite happy to teach you to swim if you like. Come on in now; don't worry about the clothes, they've been wet many times." I suggested.

"How can you teach me - you're a f***ing cripple ?"

"You're looking for a punch in the mouth if you talk to Jamie like that ......" Chris shouted at him, getting angry.

"For your information, I am fitter than you'll ever be on current evidence. Missing most of one leg doesn't 'cripple' me, as you put it. I had my leg amputated after being hit by a runaway truck. Did you realise I had a prosthesis before seeing me like this today ?" I asked.

"No - I hadn't noticed anything." Kevin admitted.

"So I don't really fit your definition of a cripple, do I ? ........ are we all going to be friends or stay at loggerheads whilst you are here ?" I asked.

"I don't care. I'm going." Kevin said as he got up and left the pool area.

So that was the first real encounter we had with Kevin. We both agreed that we'd see how things went and just let him make the next move if he wanted to be friends.

Re: We need to talk about Kevin

Posted by boris on October 28, 2017 at 23:53:23

In Reply to: We need to talk about Kevin posted by Jamie on October 28, 2017 at 09:48:52:

Pushing him in the pool was the right thing to do! Sounds like he needs a few more dunkings to help deflate his attitude too. Good luck, but you can always leave him in the mud.

Re: We need to talk about Kevin

Posted by Jamie on October 29, 2017 at 09:34:31

In Reply to: Re: We need to talk about Kevin posted by boris on October 28, 2017 at 23:53:23:

This happened two weeks ago but I only had a chance to write it up Friday evening and post yesterday first thing.

Late Friday, uncle Danny told me that he had caught Kevin on site struggling to keep up with the other guys who he was supposed to be helping. He had told Kevin that he needed to get fit and he asked if Chris and I would take him out to our obstacle course in the woods (Kevin has not been out there yet and has shown no interest in being outside at all) so I willing agreed and we spent yesterday with him instead of in the office at work learning about invoices and accounts.

I plan on writing it up today, suffice to say we (Chris and I) enjoyed it; happily I can't say the same for Kevin. I've never heard someone moan and whinge so much nor swear so much ....

We start to help Kevin get fitter.

Posted by Jamie on October 29, 2017 at 22:52:53

Chris and I had not been long home from work and I could hear Chris singing in his shower room whilst I was in our study checking e-mails from Harry and Mike. I had already showered and had been half dressed in boxer-briefs and a tee when I heard my computer chime to say an email had arrived, so I wandered through as I was. I had just hopped over to the desk and sat in the chair when there was a knock on the study door from the landing. Most of the household (usually our parents) don't bother to knock and just come in as they call out "hello, anyone there ?", so I called "come in" and was surprised to see it was uncle Danny.

"Sorry, didn't realise you weren't dressed ...... shall I come back later ?" he said when he saw I was only have dressed.

"No, no, come in - you've seen me in half-dressed before, nothing to hide ....." I laughed.

"I want to ask a favour really, it won't take a moment." Danny said.

"OK, fire away. I was getting changed when a couple of emails came in, couldn't resist checking them as I've been waiting for Harry to get back to me - anyone would think he was busy these days ......." I grinned.

"It's to do with Kevin actually. I was on site this afternoon and saw him struggling to cope with the work. Not because he can't do it - he's only doing labouring at the moment after all - but he was panting away like a man of fifty not like a 17 year old lad. I think I'm fitter than him, and that's saying something. Would you and Chris be prepared to help him get fit - I've already told him that I want him to join you all for your morning swim but ...... what ?"

"Sorry to interrupt, but there's a problem there already. He can't swim....." I said.

"You mean the pool will be too crowded or something ?" Danny asked.

"No, no - I mean he is not able to swim, he's never learned to do so. Long story, but Chris pushed him in the pool a couple of weeks ago and he just sank and then splashed around - we had to drag him out ................."

"I'd like to have seen that : little bastard - he told me that he could swim, just didn't like to. Well, well....." Danny laughed "He's good at something anyway - lying through his teeth........."

"That's what he told us - that he was a good swimmer - I mean, Chris obviously wouldn't have pushed him in if he'd known he couldn't swim. And before you ask, Kevin 'accidentally / on purpose' pushed Chris in first." I observed "He just can't stop himself lying about things - maybe he's just feeling insecure and doesn't want to appear weak. I did offer to teach him to swim but he wasn't interested."

"I've told him that he is unemployable in my firm if he doesn't do something to get fit and be capable of doing the job as required. I was going to ask if you'd take him out on your obstacle course to make a start. I had the feeling you two might enjoy seeing him put through his paces and getting wet and muddy. He deserves it - did I hear right that he called you a 'cripple' or something like it ? That's outrageous, I'd have thumped him hard if it had been me."

"How did you hear about that ?" I asked "There were only the three of us there."

"Something Kevin said to Garry at work - he reported it to me, he was so angry. Garry tore him off a strip for saying it, told him you were the most courageous bloke he knew after what you'd been through and that he better not say such things to anyone else in the firm or Kevin would find himself waking up in hospital."

"He's just ignorant - he'll grow out of it." I said "Anyway, we'd be happy to take Kevin out to the woods ................. we might even bring him back....." I laughed.

"Fancy doing it today ? Give the office a miss this time - it's still work as far as I'm concerned, so you'll still get overtime." Danny said "You've both been working hard, I'm pleased with how you've both settled in to work. Not that I should be surprised, of course, I know you too well to think it would be otherwise."

"What's this that we'd be so happy to do ?" came Chris' voice as he walked in from his room. Adding "Morning, uncle Danny, don't see you in here very often." He was wearing jeans, loosely buttoned at the waistband with the belt hanging unfastened, nothing on his feet, no shirt, just a towel in his hand as he rubbed his hair dry. Physical work all day has toned his body nicely, so he looks good now, I have to admit.

"Hi Chris. I was just asking if you and Jamie would do me a favour. He'll explain. It has to do with young Kevin. I'll leave you two to finish getting dressed. I'll tell Kevin to find you after breakfast, is that OK ?" Danny asked as he looked between us.

"OK Danny. We'll let you know how we get on. Will you be home lunch-time or are you working all day ?" I asked.

"I'll be home for lunch - catch-up with you later then. Have fun. And thanks."

I explained what Danny had asked us to do. Chris broke into a wide grin as he listened. "Oh good ....... I'm going to enjoy this. Has Danny told Kevin that his job depends on him co-operating with us on getting him fit ? I do hope so......."

"That's what he said. I better go and finish getting dressed. Old jeans and a sweatshirt, I think, should be just the job." I said.

I hopped back to my room with Chris following me. I sat on the bed and clipped my leg in place before going to the wardrobe and finding my favourite old 501s, a yellow sweatshirt and some old trainers. Chris chatted as I got ready, fantasising about all the appalling things we could get Kevin to do as he took on the obstacle course.

"Don't get too carried away, Chris, he's got to get fit; Danny won't thank us if he can't work through injury." I warned him.

"Pity. I can dream can't I ?" Chris asked. He grabbed one of my sweatshirts and a pair of trainers "Can I borrow these ?"

"Go on then" I laughed "Anyone would think you had no clothes of your own..."

Kevin appeared after breakfast and seemed resigned to doing as we suggested. He was dressed in tracksuit bottoms, in a faintly shiny material, that were navy blue with a red stripe down the side and were cuffed at the ankles, along with a grey sweatshirt. They were slim fitting and showed just how scrawny he was. He's about a half-a-head shorter than either Jamie or me, so about 5' 6" I guess. It was obvious that he hadn't showered as there was a whiff of sweat about him and his hair was greasy and lank and he was unshaven.

"Hell, Kevin, have you even washed this morning ?" Chris asked.

"Nah, didn't seem any point ......." Kevin smirked.

"Why ?" Chris asked

"Well Danny said I'd probably get wet ......." Kevin replied.

"You definitely will now ................." Chris muttered.

"What are going to be doing ?" Kevin asked me.

"Ever done an assault course ?" I asked.

"Why the f*** would I ?" Kevin sneered.

"OK - it's quite easy but should be a fun way of having some exercise." I said "Let's go shall we ?"

"Tell me, why the f*** am I having to do this ?" Kevin asked me as we walked briskly through the garage yard.

"Because you won't have a job if you don't make an effort to get fitter. And I guess that means leaving here and going back home as far as Danny is concerned. Do you want that ?" I suggested.

"No, not really......." Kevin conceded as he increased his pace to keep up.

We walked up the track and Chris and I splashed through the puddles as we went, whilst Kevin did everything he could to avoid getting his feet wet.

"Hey, Kevin, just splash through the puddles - no-one is going to be annoyed if you get wet today. Just stop trying to be so macho and enjoy splashing around, like you did when you were a kid......." Chris urged him.

"I was never allowed to. I'd get a good belting from mum if I got messy." Kevin replied breathlessly.
"You'll be in trouble with us if you don't join in ....... OK ?" Chris told him as he jumped into a puddle and splashed Kevin's lower legs.

We continued in this fashion as we proceeded towards the swamp area and the start of the assault course. Chris and I were wet and muddy from feet to knees and Kevin had only damp feet and ankles. When we reached the swamp area, Chris told Kevin to jump in and wade across to the opposite side and then return, and to do it as quickly as possible.

Kevin stood on the side and looked suspiciously at the surface. "How deep is this ?" he asked.

"Not very. Go on, get on with it - it won't harm you." Chris urged him "The sooner we start this, the sooner you'll get it over with - who knows, you might even enjoy yourself."

Kevin hesitated a moment and then jumped down into the swamp. He splashed down and found himself knee deep in the mud. Chris encouraged him to wade across and he took a couple of steps forward before suddenly sinking up to his waist.

"For f***'s sake ......" Kevin muttered.

I looked at Chris and he rolled his eyes at me, before jumping down and wading across to were Kevin was standing. He grabbed Kevin's arm and marched him forward. They both splashed forward until hitting the deepest part of the swamp and sinking to their chests. Chris carried on as usual and Kevin swore again and then followed him. They clambered out on the far side and turned back to face me. Kevin's trackies and sweatshirt were clinging wetly to his body and he looked miserable.

"Not so bad, was it ?" Chris asked.

"F*** OFF ...." Kevin said as he jumped back in and waded across towards me again. Half-way across he stumbled and fell forward, getting completely soaked. He swore again and then continued to half swim, half wade across. He stepped out and stood next to me as we watched Chris wade back.

We moved on to the start of the assault course. Kevin was unusually silent, not even swearing, and I could hear his wet clothes rasp against his body as he moved. His trackies clung to his legs and backside and gleamed wetly, water squished in his trainers with each step. His sweatshirt clung to his back in wet ripples and hung loosely from his chest across his stomach as he leaned forward as he walked. He clutched at the wet fabric of his trackies on his thighs and pulled it away from his legs with each step. He was panting slightly.

When we got to the 'stepping stone logs' I stepped onto the first one and told Kevin that the aim was to walk along the length of the trench using the logs set upright in the centre as stepping stones. I warned him that if he wanted to avoid hurting himself if he missed a step or slipped, then he needed to throw himself sideways so that he splashed down in the muddy trench rather than hitting the log steps themselves. I then proceeded to run along the log steps to the far end of the trench. Luckily I made it all the way which I don't often do now that I have a leg and foot that I can't feel properly.

I turned and watched as Kevin hesitated a moment and then jumped from the first to second step. Chris was urging him to move more quickly and use his momentum to spring from one to the other, but Kevin was having none of it and was leaping them one at a time, arms out trying to keep his balance. He hadn't yet realised that the steps were not evenly spaced and he lost his balance at the fourth one, frantically tried to regain his footing and then fell sideways splashing down head first into the muddy water to his left. He surfaced and spat out a mouthful of water, yelled "F*** THIS ...." and slammed his fists against the surface of the water as it washed around his chest. He waded to the side and clambered out as Chris gave him a hand. The water streamed out of his clothes which clung to him as the water drained down his legs - he had a large boner tenting out the front of his trackies. He looked down at himself and turned beetroot red and muttered "F***" under his breath.

"Have another go, Kevin, and try going a bit quicker this time. Don't think about it too much, just go for it, don't stop at each step - try and keep going. That was good though for a first attempt." Chris encouraged him.

Kevin started again and this time made it almost all the way. He was going much quicker and only hesitated on one step. This time when he fell off he landed on his feet and quickly hauled himself out of the water and trotted back to the start without being told. His third attempt was even better and he landed half on the edge and half in the water at my feet. He scrambled to his feet and actually grinned at me as he stood up, before running back to the start and going again. This time he sprang from step to step with ease and finished standing next to me with a triumphant cry of "Yes" and a clenched fist in the air.

"Great stuff, mate, you made that look easy." Chris called "Have another go, just to prove to yourself how easy it really is."

Without a word Kevin sprang to the first step and completed the run in reverse, jumping onto the ground at the far end with a "WOOP" of triumph before turning and bombing into the muddy water with a huge splash, completely submerging before he clambered out dripping wet again. His hand dropped to the bulge in his crotch and he squeezed and rubbed it quickly before walking along the side of the trench towards us.

"Feeling better about this now ?" I asked as he approached.

"Guess so - once you're soaking wet it doesn't really matter does it ?" Kevin replied. And then he spoiled it by adding "Let's get on and get this f***ing over ......."

We moved on to the flooded ditch after that and Kevin waded through with us both following him, climbing over and crawling under the cross logs as he went. He seemed indifferent to getting repeatedly soaked and covered in mud. He was breathing heavily as we finished the ditch and even laughed at the sight of me pushing Chris back into the mud as we scrambled out at the end. I noticed Kevin's glance lingering over Chris' bulge as Chris stood up with the mud dripping off him and his mud soaked jeans clinging to his groin, Kevin rubbed himself and blushed again before we moved on.

We completed the rest of the course with barely a protest from Kevin and when we finished Kevin was still soaked through but also covered in mud from head to toe. He was panting heavily and when I said that we had completed the course, he collapsed to the ground and lay stretched out on his back as he got his breath.

"Did you enjoy that, Kevin ?" Chris asked.

"OK I suppose; can't see it ever being enjoyable. Where's the fun in getting soaked and filthy ?" Kevin replied.

"You seemed to be enjoying it at one stage ......." Chris mused.

"Yeah well; can't always help that, can you ?" Kevin replied, grinning briefly "So what now ? Back to the house ?"

"Sure, unless you want to get really, really muddy - like, totally plastered - not just a bit muddy." I said.

"Look at me - how can I get any more muddy ?" Kevin asked as he wiped a hand across his chest and held it up for us to inspect.

"You certainly can - that's nothing." Chris told him "I can still see the colour of your clothes, so that's not really muddy. Up for it ?"

"Might as well, I suppose ......" Kevin replied as he got to his feet.

So we headed for the muddy ride and all got totally plastered in the sloppy mud. Kevin looked on amazed when Chris first pushed me into the creamy mud and then splashed down next to me. After that I couldn't really see what Kevin did as I was so muddy but he was soon sitting up to his chest in the mud next to me.

We splashed about for a while and whilst Kevin joined in I could see he was trying not to show how much he was enjoying it, not that he had a boner, but just trying not to grin from ear to ear all the time.

When we returned to the house, we were just walking into the garage yard when uncle Danny drove in. He laughed at the sight of us still totally muddy and asked if Kevin had enjoyed his first exercise session.

"Not too bad, I suppose." Kevin conceded.

He still couldn't admit that he had enjoyed himself, could he ?

Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter.

Posted by wetchas on October 30, 2017 at 13:39:37

In Reply to: We start to help Kevin get fitter. posted by Jamie on October 29, 2017 at 22:52:53:

Hello again.
Thanks for these posts, at least someone has something happening in their lives that's worth posting.
I delayed replying to the first one, as I was so furious at the way he insulted Jamie. If I had known where you lived I would have driven up there and decked him myself. However, it looks like I might have been at the end of a reasonably long queue.
It doesn't sound like he has had a very good upbringing. If he was beaten for getting messy, you wonder what else he got into trouble for. I was beaten once, lost all my money, houses and hotels, mind you it was at monopoly.
Seriously though, he can't be all bad if he can get a boner in the mud, and if he ended up partly smiling, there must be some hope. I've told you before that I get the feeling your gifts lie in teaching. Perhaps you can teach him to become a reasonable human being.
Glad the jobs are going well. What are the girls up to now. Do you get much chance to see them.
Thanks again for posting.
Charlie .

Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter.

Posted by Jamie on October 30, 2017 at 15:48:23

In Reply to: Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter. posted by wetchas on October 30, 2017 at 13:39:37:

I'm not working today as I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon and the physiotherapist this morning and uncle Danny suggested I have the rest of the day off. I shall be getting a 'blade' prosthesis soon; it will be easier to use in some circumstances and be ideal as I want to take up running again, which I have always enjoyed. On that front, life is far better than I could possibly have imagined in my darkest, most forbidding days after the accident and then the amputation; those times are firmly behind me I believe. Much of those good feelings are down to the support I've had from my parents, Chris (most especially), friends and the wider family.

I was pretty horrified ( and surprised) by Kevin's comment - does anyone really think like that in 2017 ? - but then I suppose he has not been subject to the company of such a variety of people as we have (although, in truth, our circle has been pretty limited).

Kevin is pretty horrendous in many ways, but the more we find out about him the more we realise what a ghastly life he has had so far, and how lucky we have been. I can easily imagine feeling as resentful and hard-done-by were I to come across relatives who had been so much more fortunate.

After we were spotted by Danny, he volunteered to hose us done in the yard and Kevin was laughing and joking about it as much as us. He reacted in much the same way as us when hosed down and by the time we were clean he had as big a boner as Chris, which made Danny laugh a lot. Kevin even had a quick, crafty wank as we showered and seemed entirely unembarrassed by doing it. He seemed fascinated by my stump and the metal rod to which I attach my prosthesis, which was a little odd as I have got used to Chris, my friends and my relatives ignoring it completely.

Kevin is getting more used to us all and yesterday and today joined cousin Tom on his morning run. He even agreed that he would like to learn to swim, so we shall start lessons soon.

On Sunday afternoon he apparently appeared in the pool area ready for a time in the hot-tub and, non-plussed by finding it occupied, happily accepted the invite to join our mums when they suggested he do so. Mum was surprised at how good a conversationalist he was once comfortable in their company.

We see Mari and Sue most weekends. We try to get to the cinema each week followed by a curry or Chinese. Sue is working with her mum in the shop they run and Mari is now into the second year of her fashion design course. We often go with Harry and Mike and their girls as well - we make a nice group of eight and everyone gets on well with everyone else.

I'm really enjoying work and feel I am getting to love stone and what you can do with it. I've started a project in my spare time to make a fountain for the pond in the front of the house, a simple construct of two intersecting globes - just need to work out how to get the balance right so that it is free standing and doesn't fall over ........

Thanks for your interest and best wishes, nice to hear from you again.

Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter.

Posted by wiley on October 30, 2017 at 23:44:21

In Reply to: Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter. posted by Jamie on October 30, 2017 at 15:48:23:

Kevin sounds like a typical 17 year old boy, who wants to come across as tough and capable, but finds his abilities lacking, so he acts like a jerk in the hopes that people won't discover he is really just afraid. Seeing that getting wet or muddy isn't bad after all (and is fun too!) may have helped him drop his guard a bit. Hope it continues.

Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter.

Posted by Jack on October 31, 2017 at 15:16:24

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I think back to when I was Kevin's age and can see many traits that he shows were in me at that time.

In my opinion he is lucky to have land on his feet in the Jamie and Chris household, he would indeed be stupid to spurn that by continued bad attitude and behaviour. I get the feeling that he is skating on thin ice and should be aware of what he risks losing.

He certainly seemed to drop his guard a bit when wet and muddy - it is a great leveller and difficult not enjoy when your companions are similarly soaked and covered in mud. I am looking forward to hearing more as well.

Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter.

Posted by wetjumper on November 02, 2017 at 00:36:11

In Reply to: Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter. posted by Jamie on October 30, 2017 at 15:48:23:

I'm still here too, and very pleased to see you posting updates again.

It's good that you're doing so well. You not only had the support of your "parents, Chris (most especially), friends and the wider family", you also had hundreds of supporters following your progress via the forums and fervently wishing you well, including me. Maybe it helped? I hope so.

I see that despite a difficult start, you and Chris are working your usual magic on Kevin. It seems to be working, and with luck he'll be a much nicer and much happier person as a result! He can't hide his body's reaction to the sensuality of clothed experiences in mud or water (like all of us, I assume, and like many of the general population even if they haven't realised it) - and he's no longer blushing beetroot red when it happens, becoming more at ease with himself and more honest about it. But then "Kevin even had a quick, crafty wank as we showered and seemed entirely unembarrassed by doing it." - I wasn't expecting that. It seems he's suddenly decided he's comfortable about his sexual responses with you around. This is good. I hope he'll find a balance between responding to his natural urges and the general social desirability of being discreet about it.

It's also a remarkable transformation that he now has some interest in gaining physical fitness by running and particularly by learning to swim (which I know can seem very daunting after previous bad experiences) - this will do him a lot of good and will help him to be a more valuable member of humanity, as well as letting him get more out of life (for instance, wet experiences are much easier to enjoy once you no longer need to be afraid of the water!).

Best of luck - Peter (wetjumper)

Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter.

Posted by Alex on November 02, 2017 at 15:30:06

In Reply to: We start to help Kevin get fitter. posted by Jamie on October 29, 2017 at 22:52:53:

Yes, there are some that seem non budgable, but then after some instance, they realize they may not always have to be the tough guy. Kevin may not seem all that grateful, but just stick it out, he will show his bits of gratitude in little strides. Just like that momentum of accomplishing your obsticale. Then going back to the, eh, kinda mood. They may be small and fleeting, but those tiny moments can help with change. It may be a long process, but you'll eventually make a friend of him.

Another incident with Kevin

Posted by Jamie on November 02, 2017 at 19:27:31

Yesterday afternoon I was with uncle Danny - known as 'Boss' at work - in his office which overlooks the yard outside the workshops and is where the firm gets deliveries of building supplies unloaded before they are put in storage for later use on site.

It was not a great day weather-wise and had been raining since first thing. Danny and I were talking about a new project that we were bidding for, he has been involving us (Chris and I) in the admin and preparation of estimates. We were talking and uncle was walking around the office as we spoke - he likes to keep on the move - and was looking out of the window when he suddenly asked me to join him.

"What the hell is Kevin doing ?" Danny asked "Come and look at this."

I joined him at the window and looked out. Kevin was taking concrete blocks off the back of a truck and piling them up - very neatly, it must be said - on pallets on the ground. The thing that struck me immediately was that they were already on pallets on the back of the truck.

"Maybe I'm being stupid, but wouldn't it have been easier to use a forklift to unload the pallets complete with blocks, rather than unloading them one by one ?" I asked.

"Exactly !" uncle Danny laughed "Who the hell got him doing that ?"

"He's looking a bit wet as well......." I added.

"Indeed .............. soaked to the skin, I'd say. Let's ask someone." Danny said.

Kevin was indeed soaking wet as he worked in the pouring rain, his jeans and sweat-shirt were visibly shiny wet, his hair was plastered to his head and he kept wiping the water from his face. The plus point was that he was just getting on with the job despite this. Danny stepped to his desk and pushed the button on the tannoy system that worked throughout the yard and building.

"Harry report to my office, please. Harry to my office now. Thank you." I heard the tannoy announce.

We waited for Harry to appear. Harry is the foreman for the labourers who work in the yard, his job is to keep them busy and the yard running efficiently. After a few minutes there was a knock on the door and Harry entered. He is an older man, maybe 60, and is somewhat overweight although you tend to overlook that as he is at least 6' 4", has severely cropped grey hair, a ruddy face and an almost indecipherable Irish accent.

"Afternoon Harry. Come to the window, please, and tell me what you see." Danny said.

"Afternoon, Boss, Jamie. Is there a problem ?" Harry asked as he walked to the window and looked out "Sorry it's raining - but I can't fix that I'm afraid.............." he chuckled.

"I'm more concerned about what is happening IN the rain rather than the rain itself. Why have you got young Kevin unloading blocks one by one ? Is the forklift broken ? The lad is soaked, as you can see quite plainly."

"Well he volunteered to unload the truck and as he is not trained to use the forklift as yet, he's doing the best he can." Harry replied, blushing slightly.

"I'm not stupid, Harry; what is going on ? Think before you speak........." Danny said. I could see he was getting annoyed.

"Sorry, Boss. None of the other guys will work with him; he volunteered to unload the truck and it seemed the best way to keep him busy and let the others do something more productive. Bruce and Sheila are working in the electrical stores preparing an order for the wholesaler and Ben is pulling out the stuff we need for the new Cheltenham job."

(I should explain - the firm employs a number of general labourers / odd-bods who do anything required, at the moment there are eight of them, and they work in the yard or on site as needed. Most of them are students on a gap year who want to earn some cash for a while to finance their further journeying; two are currently Australians, both inconveniently called Adam, so to avoid confusion they have been christened 'Bruce' and 'Sheila'; I'm still not 100% sure which is which !!)

"So you thought it OK to let a young lad get a soaking whilst working out in the pouring rain doing something that is a complete waste of his time and company money ? Is that it ?" Danny asked.

"The truth is that I had forgotten he was out there - I'm sorry Boss, but what am I supposed to do with him when no-one else wants to work with him ? He's foul-mouthed and ..... let's be honest, he stinks so no-one wants to be near him. I realise that with hard physical work and the business we are in everyone can smell sour at times and we all swear in the heat of the moment - I'm as guilty as anyone - but its just constant with him, working hard or not."

"OK Harry. Say no more. Jamie will vouch for the fact that we have tried to reform him at home, so I can't expect you to take him on. Go down and get him out of the rain - he must be soaked to the skin by now. Get someone to unload those pallets with the forklift. Send Kevin up to me now - time to get this finally sorted. Thank you Harry."

Harry went back down and Danny turned to me as he sat at his desk.

"What are we going to do Jamie ?"

"Don't know to be honest, Boss. Chris and I have given him some advice on personal hygiene, Chris even gave him some cream for his acne and a stick of deodorant. Apart from personally applying it after giving him a wash with our own hands, I can't think what to do." I said.

"I wouldn't suggest you do that, don't worry......." Danny laughed "Maybe a trip to the doctor to see if he suffers from some condition might be the answer ....... there is one that make one sweat excessively, I believe..........." he mused as we sat and waited for Kevin to appear.

We knew Kevin was approaching as we heard Nancy, Danny's secretary, exclaim "Dear God, Kevin, what happened to you ? Don't drip all over my desk ..... go straight in."

Kevin was indeed soaked to the skin. His jeans and dark blue sweatshirt were shiny wet and he dripped water as he came in.

"You wanted to see me, Boss ?" he asked as he stood in front of us.

"Yes, thanks Kevin. Take a seat. It won't take a moment." Danny said.

"You're giving me the sack, aren't you ?" Kevin blurted out "I can't say I blame you......."

"NO, Kevin, I'm not." Danny replied "I wouldn't be doing that with Jamie here anyway. I wanted to apologise for you being left out there in the pouring rain, I can see you're absolutely drenched. I know you volunteered to do that particular job, but it shouldn't have been left to you alone to do it, and I can assure you that it won't happen again to you ........... or anyone else for that matter."

"I did volunteer - I don't mind getting a bit wet, it was a job that needed doing."

"We have a fork-lift truck to do that sort of work." Danny said "And to be honest it would have been a five minute job to unload that truck, instead of which we've wasted your time and, let's face it, company money as well, when you could have been doing something more productive. It's not your fault in any way, it's poor management. Having said all that I admire your diligence in carrying on regardless of the weather, that shows a good work ethic which is to your credit."

"Would it help if I was trained to use a fork-lift ?" Kevin asked "It would be useful to have as many people as possible properly trained, surely ?"

"Yes, we can arrange that. In fact I think we should include Jamie and Chris as well. No point in training the more temporary labourers, but you three ?..... yes, good idea Kevin. Now. More immediately, do you have any dry clothes in your locker ?"

"No, just another hi-viz vest." Kevin replied "I'm fine for now, only another hour or so to go before we pack-up for the day; I really don't mind being a bit damp until then."

"I like your understatement - you are soaked to the skin not just damp, my lad and besides, you're no good to me if you end up having a week off with a chill ........ I'm going to ask Jamie to take you home; cut along to the men's room and dry off as much as you can, take a towel to sit on in the car, Jamie won't want the inside of his car getting wet. He will be down in a minute."

"OK, Boss, will do. Thanks." Kevin said as he got up and left the room.

"You don't mind doing this for me do you Jamie ?" Danny asked.

"No, not at all. It's best he get home and into a hot bath - he's really wet and must be getting chilly, I noticed that he was starting to shiver a bit." I replied "I'll take the chance to speak to him about that other problem, see if we can't sort that out for him as well. He must know that people avoid him."

"Thanks Jamie. I'll bring Chris home, I think Tom is going out straight from work. Tell Kevin to bring in a change of clothes to keep in his locker for future; would be a good idea for you and Chris as well, come to that."

"We do already, but I'll tell Kevin. See you later." I said.

Kevin was waiting by the door and looked considerably drier than before. He was carrying a large towel.

"All ready to go ?" I asked.

"Yup, dried my hair and wrung my sweatshirt and jeans out - they were wetter than I'd realised." Kevin replied "I really don't mind getting wet, you know, don't know why the Boss was so concerned - I quite enjoy it actually, particularly in these jeans."

"It can be fun, but not so much if the weather is cold and you don't have the chance to get warm by being active. Not worth catching a chill for a few minutes of fun, is it ?" I said as we walked to the car.

"No suppose not." Kevin conceded "The prospect of a hot shower is quite appealing now." he laughed as he spread the towel over the car seat and got in.

I left the car in the garage yard and was about to lead the way into the house when Kevin suggested he showered in the pool area and then perhaps, if I was happy to do it, have a swimming lesson.

"Really ? I didn't think you were interested in learning. Yeah, I'd be happy to do that, of course. You head for the showers and I'll just tell mum that we are at home and join you in a few minutes."

"Thanks." Kevin said "OK if I borrow some swimmers from the bin by the door ?"

"Of course, help yourself. Back in a minute........." I said.

When I entered the shower room, Kevin was standing under a shower head with the water streaming over his naked body. He turned around as I walked in. I had not realised before how hairy he actually was, far more so that either Chris or myself. We'd seen his hairy legs before and his forearms, but it was thicker everywhere else, even extending to his shoulders and when he lifted his arms it suddenly struck me that all that obviously untrimmed hair might be the source of his inimitable whiff.

"Forgive me for being personal" I said deciding to be bold and plunge straight in before I changed my mind "but have you ever been tempted to do a bit of man-scaping ?"

"What ?" Kevin asked looking surprised as he tilted his head out of the spray for a bit.

"Trimming your body-hair ......... you know, arm-pits and so on."

"No, thought it was only pansies who did that ........" Kevin grinned "Oh ...... don't tell me - you and Chris both do it ..................sorry."

"I certainly do. Most of the guys I know do as far as I can tell." I said "Did you never see your mates in the school showers ?"

"What school showers ? We didn't have any playing fields or gyms, unlike like your posh place. We went home from football at the local sports centre as we were and if that was wet and muddy, so be it; we showered at home if we needed."

"You should try, it would probably help with combating body odour and may be more comfortable. Less hair gives the deodorant a better chance of working."

"What are you suggesting ?" Kevin asked.

"Just that you should try it." I said "It's not an unmanly thing to do."

"You think I stink don't you ?"

"Yes, sometimes - and I'm not the only one to have noticed." I said "Sorry to be so blunt, but you are not at all pleasant to be around sometimes ........ a lot of the time, to be really blunt. I'm not saying this to be mean or for the fun of it; I want to like you and have you as a friend, but you make that so difficult - smarten up a bit and everyone will be more friendly towards you. I know the truth isn't always nice to hear but, believe me, if I wasn't trying to be a friend I'd let you just carry on alienating everyone."

"OK, I understand." Kevin said looking miserable "Tell me what I need to do."

I went to the cabinet in which Chris and I keep various toiletries, pulled out the trimmer I use and rinsed it out in the wash basin.

"Use this trimmer, it is waterproof, keep the blade guard at the current setting. Dry off the area you want to trim so that the hair is not stuck to your skin, and then gently move it back and forth over the area, using it from different directions. Remove the cut hair from the guard after each pass, it will wash away down the drain OK. You may need a few goes with the growth you have. Best to shower again afterwards to get rid of any itchy bits of hair. There's a bottle of shower gel on that hook behind you. Take it easy and don't try to go any shorter - I can assure you that it really hurts if you nick the skin in a sensitive area."

"Should I do around my ....... erm, err ...... groin as well ?" Kevin asked.

"I would, but it's up to you of course. I'll leave you to it. I'll see you in the pool when you are ready; I'll go and change. Don't rush." I said and left him to it.

Phew, that was awkward.

I went up to my room, changed into a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt and then headed back down to the pool, stopping off in the kitchen to tell mum where I was and that Kevin was with me.

"I'll get tea in an hour, rescue party ......... see you by the pool. Have fun." mum grinned as she winked at me as I turned to go to the pool.

Kevin was nowhere to be seen when I got back to the pool, so I sat in a chair and leafed through one of mum's magazines as I waited. I heard a faint buzz so assumed that Kevin was busy with the trimmer. After a bit the buzzing stopped and then I heard the shower going again and then that stopped.

"Are you there, Jamie ?" Kevin called.

"Yes." I replied "Are you ready ?"

"Just about. Can you come in for a moment ?" Kevin asked.

Kevin was standing with a towel wrapped around his waist. He had certainly been busy. He grinned at me as he lifted his arms.

"What do you think ?" he asked.

"Looks fine - much better in fact. How does it feel ?" I asked.

"Better than I expected." he grinned.

Instead of long straggly hair in his armpits there was just a faint smudge of dark hair. He'd had a go at his chest hair and that across his shoulders as well. I was just about to say how much better it all was when he dropped the towel to reveal neatly trimmed pubes around his balls and cock.

"Woah there, mate, don't really need to see that ..............." I laughed as I covered my eyes in mock horror.

"Haven't gone too far, have I ?" Kevin asked as he looked down at himself.

"No, no, looks just fine to me." I said "Keep the trimmer, if you like, I have a newer one upstairs - the battery doesn't seem to keep charge for long on that one. I'll give you all the other accessories later."

"Thank you. How often will I have to do this ?" Kevin asked.

"No idea, as often as you like - it depends how quickly your hair grows." I said.

"Yeah, of course - stupid question really. I usually get a hair cut every eight or nine weeks. Which barber do you use ?" Kevin said.

"I need to go next week, I'll take you along if you like." I said "I usually go on a Thursday evening as he opens late, we could go on the way home from work."

"Good. Thanks." Kevin said as he wandered over to the bin to look for some shorts. He saw a bright blue pair of trunks, the squared-off leg style, and they fitted like a glove; he adjusted himself, got comfortable and grinned at me. "Perfect, these feel great."

"They suit you. Let's go."

Kevin surprised me by jumping straight in beyond his depth and then, when he surfaced, he swam clumsily to the side with a couple of splashy strokes where he grabbed the side and trod water whilst he waited for me.

"I thought you couldn't swim ?" I said.

"I can't really, but I've been watching some videos on-line. It doesn't look that hard." Kevin said.

By the end of our lesson Kevin had proved himself fearless and quite happy to get submerged occasionally. We talked about breathing, floating and treading water and on the practical side he proved to be a quick learner.

Mum appeared with a tray of mugs of tea and biscuits and we dried off a bit and sat and chatted as we drank. Kevin was animated and seemed keen to chatter. He glowed with pride when mum said how well he appeared to be doing with the swimming, and then added how much more sporty he looked in his trunks than the baggy shorts he'd worn before, "they suit your build; with all the men around the house, I've become quite an expert since we've had a pool ............."


Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter.

Posted by Jamie on November 02, 2017 at 21:17:20

In Reply to: Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter. posted by wetjumper on November 02, 2017 at 00:36:11:

You are quite right - it was very heartening to get the many "best wishes" from people on these forums. Apart from anything else it stopped me concentrating too much on 'me' and realise that the world still goes on and on with everything that happens to other people. And most of the posts on here are light-hearted and entertaining which is only good if you are feeling sorry for yourself. So, yes thanks to you and the many others on these forums for helping me keep things in perspective and amused.

I think I am coping quite well with work and having a false leg, the only problem so far is climbing ladders, which I just can't get the hang of at all. I will need to manage it as some of the work as a stonemason is inevitably going to mean getting up high on buildings. The only advantage I have found so far is that it doesn't matter too much if I drop a block of stone on my foot (provided it is only the left one of course.......ha ha)

Re: Another incident with Kevin

Posted by Chris on November 02, 2017 at 22:39:41

In Reply to: Another incident with Kevin posted by Jamie on November 02, 2017 at 19:27:31:

I'm glad it wasn't me that was with uncle Danny when he spotted Kevin in the rain, I'd have been a bit more blunt with him in shower and probably have drowned him.

To be fair he wasn't smelly at all today, and the word was going around the guys at work that he was making an effort to be more friendly and less sweary than usual. Maybe the penny has finally dropped..........

Re: Another incident with Kevin

Posted by Chris on November 03, 2017 at 18:42:29

In Reply to: Re: Another incident with Kevin posted by wetchas on November 03, 2017 at 09:58:44:

Let's hope that you are right. I do hope we are having a good influence on him and that he doesn't resent us. The more we find out about him the more difficult his home circumstances appear to have been. Lord knows what his younger siblings are having to cope with.

Jamie's efforts seem to have worked on the personal hygiene front. Aunt Mary tells us that she has made suggestions about his daily showering routine and insisted that his clothes go in the wash on a regular basis, which apparently went down OK.

Kevin is getting on better with everyone at work, but neither Jamie or I have much to do with him there. He swears a lot less and seems more self-confident.

I had a go after work yesterday with a forklift truck and some empty pallets, just finding out how to stack them and so on, and did OK. It's a lot harder than it looks.

Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter.

Posted by Jamie on November 03, 2017 at 22:37:47

In Reply to: Re: We start to help Kevin get fitter. posted by Alex on November 02, 2017 at 15:30:06:

I do hope you are right. He's shown the odd flash of good humour and sharp wit and is brighter than he looks, so potentially could be good company. Tom has taken a liking to him and enjoys their morning runs together.

Kevin excels himself..........

Posted by Chris on November 05, 2017 at 20:26:47

Jamie has already written something about our some-what unwelcome house-guest, Kevin, but since then we have found out a bit more about him.

Uncle Danny's wife, Mary, has a distant cousin called Jemima who is now a widow and struggling to cope with her three children - Kayne, Katie and Kevin - who range in ages from 6 years up to the 17 year old Kevin.

Her late husband sounds like a very colourful character who ended up being declared bankrupt and subsequently fleeing the country just hours ahead of the police (or the drug dealers whom he is assumed to have defrauded - just who depends on which story you hear from different members of the family). His body was found in the waters of the River Seine after, it is assumed, falling from a bridge in Paris; some say he was pushed on the orders of the drug dealer (family rumour, unsubstantiated ......). Jemima was left pretty much penniless and has struggled to survive for the four years since. Anyway, aunt Mary has persuaded uncle Danny to take Kevin in and give him a job as he seems doomed if he stays at home.

Kevin seems to have improved his attitude somewhat since arriving. Jamie is teaching him to swim and he is joining Tom on his morning run.

Last week Jamie told him a few home truths about his personal hygiene issues and the appalling body odour he had seems to have disappeared. Close up he now smells of a spicy aftershave, a bit overpoweringly, but it's better than stale sweat. He is also taking the trouble to shower and shave every day, rather than the previous schedule of once a month ..........

Jamie suggested that he also chuck all his clothes in the washing machine by the pool as it is of industrial standard and his jeans in particular looked well stained and grubby. Well, he produced his entire wardrobe in a single small rucksack – a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, three tees and underpants, five pairs of socks and two shirts - in addition to the jeans, sweatshirt, underpants and socks that he was wearing. Jamie gave him a pair of swimshorts and a tee and told him to chuck the whole lot in the machine, including what he was wearing. After a thorough pre-wash, rinse, wash with a biological detergent and a tumble dry, they were transformed. He needs some new clothes really, particularly with the labour he's doing at work, so uncle Danny gave him £100 and on Saturday afternoon we took him along to the places we go for cheap clothing where he got a couple of pairs of work trousers and some sturdy shirts.

On Saturday evening last Chris and I were due to meet up with Harry and Mike together with our girlfriends and the eight of us had got tickets for the cinema in Cheltenham. We had agreed to meet up at a pub in town before going on in just two cars. I was in the hallway waiting for Jamie to come down from his room before we went off to collect Sue and Mari and go to meet the others. I had volunteered to drive in my car. My phone rang and when I looked it was Harry.

"HI, Chris, I've been trying to get hold of Jamie but his phone is off; where are you mate? We've just arrived at the pub and Jamie's car is here but I can't find you in either bar." Harry asked.

"That's odd, Harry, we are just about to leave home. You must be mistaken about the car. I'm driving, just waiting for Jamie to come down." I replied.

"Don't think I am wrong; his is the only orange i3 I know around here and the reg is the same, it even has the old boys' society sticker in the window."

"Bloody hell ! Hold on a moment and I'll go check the garage." I said as I hurried through to the garage courtyard and punched the keypad on the garage door lock. "Damnation !" I said as I opened the door "It's not here............."

"It must be his. Wait a minute and I'll get Mike to move his car to block it in and I'll get the police – oh, no need, I've just seen Paul at the bar with a mate." Harry said. (Paul is our local neighbourhood policeman and a good friend of Harry's dad and someone we know quite well as a family friend.)

"Harry, just occurred to me but can you see our Kevin there?" I asked "Just a nasty thought."

"Nooooo don't think so ............. oh, wait ....... he just walked into the bar from the gents, he's with an older guy. I'm sure it's him. I'll get Paul - stay on the line."

I heard Harry approach Paul and have a brief muffled conversation followed by the sounds of them moving across the room, excusing themselves as they went past other patrons. I heard raised voices and then Paul came on the phone.

"Hello Chris, this is Paul. This young man claims that Jamie lent him his car and has his permission to use it. Is that true?"

"I don't imagine so. Hold on a moment Jamie is just here now, I'll hand you over." I handed my phone over to Jamie and explained briefly what was going on, and he switched to speaker so that I could hear as well.

"Hi Paul - the answer to your question is 'Absolutely not'. It is only insured for me and my parents to drive and as far as I know Kevin does not even have a driving licence." Jamie said.

"Thank you. Can you come down here as soon as and we can sort this out quite easily?" Paul asked.

"OK, we were just about to leave anyway. We'll be with you in a few minutes." Jamie replied.

"No rush, this young man is going nowhere. He has the keys for the car so you don't need the spares." Paul said.

"Those must be the spares, I have mine on me." Jamie said "See you in a bit."

"Bloody hell, that little scrote!!" Jamie exclaimed after a pause as I pocketed my phone "How dare he? After all I've done for him............"

We went to find Jamie's dad and tell him what had happened. He said he'd come with us to the pub and speak to Paul and then bring the car back whilst we all went on to the cinema.

Long story, short - Kevin tried to bluff it out by insisting that Jamie had lent him his car, even to his face. He's a good story teller, I'll give him that, he didn't even look embarrassed or blush at all. I go bright red if I try to tell such a bald-faced lie.

Paul found some small packets of white powder on Kevin's mate and a wad of twenty pound notes in the back pocket of Kevin's jeans, which he claimed he had won the day before on the horses at the local bookie; which, unfortunately for Kevin, was easily disproved as the bookmaker, well known to Paul, had been closed all week due to a death in his family.

Kevin and his mate, an older guy called Daryl, spent the night in the cells at the local police station and Kevin was delivered home in a police car just before Sunday lunchtime, on police bail pending further enquiries on a charge of taking and driving a car without permission whilst being uninsured and driving without a licence. He seemed completely untroubled and unapologetic about the whole incident and had the cheek to make a move to sit down for lunch with everyone else, joking that he was hungry and had only been given a mug of tea and a sandwich by the police.

At that point Jamie's dad went nuclear, telling him in no uncertain terms what he thought of him, ending with "all in all you are a f***ing disgrace. Now leave this room and have a long hard think about what you need to do to make yourself welcome in our home. Only come back when you have something sensible to tell us all."

I've never seen him so coldly furious or use such language. There was a stunned silence as he finished speaking.

Kevin looked really shocked and hurried off, silent and subdued.

"Let's have lunch everyone and try to forget about that particular individual for the moment." uncle Dan suggested "I, for one, could down a large glass of red wine after that encounter ......... my apologies, Mary and Danny, if I spoke out of turn, I shouldn't have let anger get the better of me."

"No, you were quite right." aunt Mary replied "I hadn't realised Kevin would be so difficult; he's never had a decent man around him as a role model and Jemima won't stand up to him. As far as I know he's never been in trouble with the police before, but who knows?"

"If he carries on like this I cannot justify him staying on and working for the firm; I won't have a known thief in my employ." uncle Danny said "Let's be plain about it, he stole Jamie's car yesterday - he didn't just borrow it - he knew what he was doing; he worked to discovered the door-lock code. You don't do that by accident."

"Can I suggest that dad and I speak to Kevin about this? We are not directly related - unlike you two - and he may be more amenable to any suggestions we make, I think he and I have built up some sort of rapport in recent days and dad's just given him a scare, so he'll know we want answers. It would be a sort of good cop / bad cop scenario. What would you feel about that?" Jamie asked.

"That would be good, I think." Danny said.

"Thanks, Jamie. That might work. Are we agreed on that as a course of action?" my dad asked everyone.

And so it was agreed.

We continued our lunch, albeit a little more subdued than usual, and then as we were finishing dessert, Kevin appeared. He had obviously showered, washed his hair and he had clean jeans and a green tee-shirt on. He hesitated as he approached the table.

"If you have something to say, Kevin, you can say it to us all." Danny told him

"Thank you ...... first I need to apologise to you all and Jamie in particular. I've been a f***ing bastard ..... sorry, excuse the bad language ..... you welcomed me into your house and I thanked you by throwing your hospitality and kindness in your faces and by being plain rude and acting like a yob. No one has ever spoken to me like you did just now, Dan, and ......... well, they should have. I'm not a bad guy, never been in trouble with the police before - more by luck than judgement maybe - just never had another guy to look up to, although that's not an excuse. I'd like it if you'd give me a second chance, but I'd fully understand if you didn't wish to. You've given me a chance to be a better person and I don't want to muck it up ................. I am sincerely sorry."

There was a silence for a few moments and then my dad said "Well said, boy, that must have taken some courage to say. Speaking for myself, I believe that you deserve a second chance. Mind you, using the "F-word" didn't help your case ....." he finished as we all laughed at that.

"Thank you, I'll try not to use it again." Kevin said.

"And whilst we are being frank about things" aunt Mary said "It's been good in the last few days to see you looking smarter and taking a pride in your appearance."

"Thanks, but that's down to Jamie and Chris." Kevin explained.

"Hey, dad" Jamie asked "would the police drop any further actions against Kevin if I said I didn't want to press charges? It was my car after all and nobody was hurt and the car undamaged; no real harm was done at the end of the day."

"I don't know. We can ask. I'll give Paul a call in the morning and ask the question." dad said "I imagine it might work as you are the complainant. They might have other matters to deal with - like the question of the cash Kevin had on him. Any thing you want to tell us about that Kevin?"

"It belonged to Daryl - he asked me to look after it for him. He said that he'd be done for dealing if they found drugs and that much cash on him, whereas if they just found a couple of bags he could argue it was just for his own use - he is a known registered addict. I was covering for him. Honestly, I don't do drugs ........ I saw what it did to my dad and vowed never to touch it." Kevin confessed "Daryl lives near me at home, I don't know how he found me - I was surprised when he approached me in the street the other day and he suggested we meet at the pub. I took the car as a quick and easy way to get there and to get away from him again. I don't think he knows where I'm living ....... this house I mean, and he didn't see me with the car."

"How did you work out the code for the garage lock?" Danny asked.

"Easy - you don't wipe the buttons clean, do you? The keys you use regularly are shiny with the grease and oils from your skin, the others are still almost matt; it only took a few goes to punch the four keys to get the right combo. You used a pattern rather than being truly random, and Jamie is right-handed so naturally tends to go from left-to right on the keypad, everyone does, as it is easier to ensure that the keys you are hitting are the right ones."

"Good grief - where did you learn that?" my dad asked.

"From a friend who was homeless and used to enter blocks of flats to sleep in the hallways at night." Kevin replied "And to be honest, it is not too difficult to work out, is it?"

"You're brighter than you look ......." I muttered "Who'd have guessed?"

"In my world it helps to appear dumber than you are." Kevin said "At my old school, the clever guys used to get beaten up just for being smart. I guess being clever and helpful at your school was considered a good thing by the teachers; my teachers just wanted a quiet life and to keep the disruption and violence to a minimum. You don't know how lucky you were; my school was a modern interpretation of Dante's Inferno, each year was a different circle of Hell. The only difference was that the devils, our teachers, were indifferent to our suffering rather than actively enjoying it."

"You've read Dante, have you?" Jamie asked.

"Yes, and Shakespeare and John Donne. I like Evelyn Waugh as well, but my favourite is Hemingway." Kevin replied "I'm not really a moron. Seems I just can't stop acting like it rather too often .................."

"Look, Kevin, if we can straighten out this stuff with the police and Jamie's car, I think I can ensure you a career in our firm - earlier today I was seriously thinking of dismissing you and sending you home. However, reform your attitude and keep your nose clean and I'll give you a second chance." Danny said "You must understand that this will be your only chance. What do you think?"

"That would be great. Thank you." Kevin replied.

"Carry on getting fit and content with being a labourer for now and we can sort out something in time." Danny told him "No promises at the moment, we'll see how it goes."

"That's very fair, thank you again." Kevin replied.

So that was all settled and Kevin tucked into his lunch, whilst we all chatted and he joined in whilst eating. He came across as being quick-witted and definitely more intelligent than he looked.

After lunch everyone adjourned to the pool area and had coffees whilst Jamie and Tom got changed into swimwear for some time in the pool. Tom climbed to the top board and we watched as he did a few dives. Jamie was sitting on the side of the pool in just his swim shorts and Kevin went and sat next to him having kicked off his trainers and rolled up his jeans. They sat and chatted quietly for some minutes, I couldn't hear what was said but it looked serious to me; Kevin was doing most of the talking although there seemed a few periods where he just dried up and looked sombre before continuing. After a while they shook hands and Kevin looked relieved and happier. Kevin then pushed himself off the side into the water and I heard him ask Jamie if he could have another swimming lesson. By the end of the lesson he was floating and treading water confidently and jumping in, seemingly happy to be well out of his depth.

When Kevin waded through the shallow end and up the steps out of the pool dripping wet he looked pretty good with his wet jeans and tee-shirt clinging to him, enough for me to feel a familiar stirring as I watched him; I was amused to hear Jamie's mum say how nice it was to see Kevin finally at ease in the water.

So the day ended rather surprisingly, let's hope the transformation continues and we can put the incident with Jamie's car behind us.

Re: Kevin excels himself..........

Posted by wetjumper on November 05, 2017 at 21:44:40

In Reply to: Kevin excels himself.......... posted by Chris on November 05, 2017 at 20:26:47:

That was an astonishing episode. I wonder what would have happened if Daryl hadn't chosen the very pub where you were about to meet and where your policeman friend happened to be? "You couldn't make it up!" Well, you could, I suppose...

You're right about the transformation. It was clear to me that you and Jamie would have your work cut out with Kevin, but you both seem to be working your usual magic with spectacular results - even if they're still a bit intermittent!

It's good to know Kevin has more of a brain than he was letting on. Now he just needs to use it for worthwhile and legal purposes...

Best of luck - Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Kevin excels himself..........

Posted by wetchas on November 06, 2017 at 11:29:49

In Reply to: Re: Kevin excels himself.......... posted by wetjumper on November 05, 2017 at 21:44:40:

What a brilliant account of terrible events. I laughed and cried in equal amounts. Phrases like 'Jamie's Dad went nuclear' made me laugh out loud, as did 'you are a f***ing disgrace' I bet the dinner was a quiet affair. Nobody dared ask someone to pass the f***ing spuds.
Seriously though, what a situation. I really hope it has taught him a lesson. Trouble is, when you are betrayed like that, it's difficult to trust them ever again. Also, if he has worked out the door system, one wonders what else he knows. I guess you keep credit cards, bank numbers and such like secret, both at home and at work. Might be worth checking, if you have a safe in the house, that the same stunt can't be pulled with the numbers.
You might think I am exaggerating, but obviously he is a very accomplished lier, you said yourself how he tried to front it out in the pub. So just be careful.
Thanks again for posting

Running with Kevin

Posted by Tom on November 06, 2017 at 11:57:13

I have not posted on here for a while but my cousins Jamie and Chris do so regularly, so you will have read about me occasionally.

Our house-guest Kevin has taken to going for a run with me every morning rather than joining the others in the pool. It is actually quite nice to have a companion to run with and he and I seem to get on well. He knows that as a relative new-comer to getting fitter by running, he has nothing to prove to me and so I think I see a little more of the real Kevin than we do in other situations.

The first time he joined me, Kevin appeared in a pair of long baggy shorts and a too-large tee-shirt taken from the bin of spare kit by the pool and a pair of trainers borrowed from Jamie. None of which were ideal for running, so the next day I looked out a pair of running shorts that I have had for ages and are now too small, and a proper mesh running singlet. The shorts are a bright purple shiny nylon fabric with proper mesh inner brief and are very short with deep cut-away slits to the sides, potentially quite revealing but ideal for running. The mesh vest is canary yellow. Being too small for me, they fitted Kevin's scrawny frame almost as if bought for him.

I don't run along the public roads as there are plenty of public footpaths and other tracks around the house and I have worked out three or four options that cover four or five miles each on a circular route. I usually cover one circuit and do two if I'm feeling particularly energetic.

First time in his new running kit, Kevin looked slightly uncomfortable.

"I'll be bloody frozen in these." Kevin observed "Couldn't I wear a tracksuit or something?"

"You'll be fine - you'll soon warm up if we keep up a good pace." I told him.

We set off at a reasonable pace and I was surprised at how well Kevin kept up. The route I took was flat so we had no hills to negotiate and it was comfortable running. The sun was shining and Kevin was soon sweating slightly, but seemed to be breathing without undue effort and looked comfortable as we approached the half-way point.

"OK so far, Kevin? This is about half-way, we head off to the left up there by that oak tree and then run along the side of the stream back towards the house."

"Yes, fine. Actually quite enjoying it and don't feel cold at all." Kevin grinned.

"Told you." I said as we reached the tree and turned left "If you get cold just think of the nice hot shower when we get back."

That second run, with Kevin in proper kit, we completed in just 40 minutes (or roughly 7.5 mph average speed by my reckoning, but ten minutes longer than I usually aim to take.) which is more a fast jog more than a run; anyway Kevin completed it easily and seemed happy as we finished and went in for a shower.

Chris, Jamie and Harry were just finishing getting changed after their swim and asked Kevin how he had got on.

"You look the part in that kit anyway." Jamie said "Did you enjoy or endure it?"

"Definitely enjoy - I feel good now, leaves you with a bit of a high, doesn't it?" Kevin laughed.

"See you both at breakfast in a bit." Chris said as they hurried off.

Kevin kicked off his trainers and stepped under the shower in his running kit. I shrugged and did the same, joining him under the adjacent shower-head and we enjoyed the hot water in silence for a few minutes. Kevin looked great in his clinging purple shorts and wet vest as they draped over his scrawny frame.

He grinned as he noticed a boner starting to tent out my own dark blue shorts. I pulled off my white vest and threw it on to the bench across the room behind him. I reached for a bottle of shower gel and started to rub it over my torso as I watched Kevin staring at me intently. He pulled off his own vest and threw it to join mine on the bench. When he turned back to face me I could see a bulge appearing in his own shorts.

I took a chance, squeezed some more gel into my palm and rubbed my hands together and stepped from under my shower towards him. He took a step forward and grinned, took my wrists in his hands and placed them on his chest. I rubbed the gel across his chest and he guided my hands all over his chest and stomach and up over his shoulders and then down his arms. I squeezed more gel onto my hands and he guided them down his chest, following the trail of dark hair that ran from his chest, around his navel and down under the waistband of his shorts. The boner in his shorts was very visible now, a definite thick shaft and prominent bell-end that was contained in the inner brief in an almost upright position, every last detail highlighted by the shiny wet fabric.

He guided my hands across the front of the shorts until they were resting over his erection. I moved my hands to his hips and turned him around, he didn't resist, and then I moved closer until I was leaning against his back. I reached around him and slipped my hands inside the front of his shorts, pulled the pouch of the inner brief to one side to release him from its constraint, and then withdrew my hands and started to caress and rub him through the wet nylon. His boner jerked and grew harder as I squeezed and rubbed, he felt hot in my hands and the slippery, soapy nylon made his cock and balls feel silky smooth under my fingers. Kevin raised a hand and pointed the shower head so that it sprayed us with water; we stood there as the water poured over us whilst I continued my massage until Kevin shot his load. Kevin turned to face me and put his arms around me in a bear hug, I could feel his now semi-hard cock push against my own boner. For a moment he thrust his hips back and forth against mine and then stepped away slightly and finished the job with his left hand pushed inside my shorts. He grinned as I exploded and creamed his hand and my shorts with two great bursts.

We finished showering in silence and then dried and got dressed before joining the others for breakfast. The only acknowledgement Kevin made was a quiet "Thank you, that was brilliant." as we hung our shorts and vests up to dry.

Re: Kevin excels himself..........

Posted by Jack on November 06, 2017 at 12:25:58

In Reply to: Re: Kevin excels himself.......... posted by wetchas on November 06, 2017 at 11:29:49:

Agree with you, Wetchas, this Kevin sounds like a bit of a nightmare. I'd definitely be checking the whereabouts of my valuables and wallet with someone like him around.

At least Kevin apologised profusely. I'd like to know what was said between him and Jamie as they chatted at the side the pool. I'd definitely worry if he was an employee of mine.

Re: Running with Kevin

Posted by Jack on November 06, 2017 at 12:30:41

In Reply to: Running with Kevin posted by Tom on November 06, 2017 at 11:57:13:

Thanks for posting this account; sounds like you two had a good thing going there. Nothing quite like nylon clothing to enhance the pleasure of such activities, particularly if the subject has nice assets to play with........

Did this happen before or after the incident when Kevin took Jamie's car for a spin?

Re: Kevin excels himself..........

Posted by Chris on November 06, 2017 at 17:04:15

In Reply to: Re: Kevin excels himself.......... posted by wetjumper on November 05, 2017 at 21:44:40:

There really is only one decent pub near us. The landlord/owner is the father of one of the chaps we were at school with and as it is (policeman) Paul's local as well, they very rarely have any problems.

Kevin's stories of his school would indicate that he himself wasn't interested in learning, but that obviously is not the truth. I think we were all surprised at his revelations about his reading habits.

On the car front, Kevin has been issued with a formal warning and no further action is to be taken. His friend Daryl has been warned off staying in the area and his possession of a small quantity of drugs has been noted on his record.

Kevin seems really relieved about this outcome and expressed his thanks again to both Jamie and his dad. I don't know what was said between Kevin and Jamie by the pool yesterday. (Jamie says it was 'confidential' and he has promised not to discuss it with anyone - fair enough.)

I was as surprised as anyone to read Tom's post earlier today; no wonder they were both looking happy when they joined us for breakfast on Friday.

Re: Running with Kevin

Posted by Jamie on November 06, 2017 at 17:06:04

In Reply to: Running with Kevin posted by Tom on November 06, 2017 at 11:57:13:

You kept that very quiet, didn't you Tom? Maybe we should all join you for your morning runs...........

Re: Kevin excels himself..........

Posted by Chris on November 06, 2017 at 17:16:29

In Reply to: Re: Kevin excels himself.......... posted by wetchas on November 06, 2017 at 11:29:49:

Jamie's dad going nuclear was quite a shock to us all - mainly because it is my dad who is known for suddenly losing it in a quiet, cold, menacing way. (Think James Mason playing a Bond villain or similar......). Lunch was definitely more subdued that normal.

Kevin has received a police caution, which will stay on record for a year apparently, and no further action will be taken regarding taking a vehicle or driving without a licence or insurance.

Each household has a safe in their part of the house. None of them operate with keypads alone. I think we are all fairly security conscious and given what Kevin did I think we will be that bit more careful (eg spare car keys are now kept in the safe .....).

Kevin does seem genuinely keen to fit in and be nice to everyone, he seems to realise that he overstepped the mark badly on Saturday evening.

Re: Kevin excels himself..........

Posted by Jamie on November 06, 2017 at 17:21:42

In Reply to: Re: Kevin excels himself.......... posted by Jack on November 06, 2017 at 12:25:58:

My little chat with Kevin on Sunday afternoon is something that I shall not be confiding to anyone, not even Chris. Kevin asked me to keep it confidential, so I shall, as I expect him to as well.

He's making a real effort and I think the incident with my car was due to influences not entirely within his control. I do like the guy and want him to turn his life around, we'll see whether my faith is misplaced or not given time.

Re: Swimming Lessons for Kevin

Posted by Jack on November 07, 2017 at 09:44:13

In Reply to: Swimming Lessons for Kevin posted by Felix on November 06, 2017 at 21:27:09:

Seems like Kevin already took the initiative to learn to swim in his clothes as he was fully dressed in jeans and a tee when he slipped into the pool after his chat with Jamie. Chris even mentions how good he looked as he waded out of the water and up the steps as he exited the pool. I was just surprised to read that Tom and Jamie were wearing swim shorts..........

Re: Running with Kevin

Posted by Tom on November 07, 2017 at 11:51:29

In Reply to: Re: Running with Kevin posted by wetchas on November 07, 2017 at 10:33:20:

I think not. The family know well enough that I am gay and Kevin is of an to make his own decisions. They would not be shocked at me jacking-off Kevin - I can imagine that they may well ask Kevin if he enjoyed it.......

He picked my old kit from a selection that came from myself, Jamie and Chris; all I did was suggest that he choose something more suitable for running, no-one insisted he wear it.

Kevin took the initiative in the shower the next day, so I assumed he enjoyed it before. He did not resist in any way when I approached him and I did not when he approached me.

Re: Running with Kevin

Posted by Tom on November 07, 2017 at 16:33:57

In Reply to: Re: Running with Kevin posted by wetchas on November 07, 2017 at 12:01:45:

I fully understand, mate, we'll just have to see how it works out. I enjoyed your post and laughed at thought of Kevin taking revenge.

Our run this morning went well and Kev showered in his kit again (as he also had a slightly noisy, and obviously enjoyable, wank) in front of not just me but Jamie, Harry and Chris as well. I must say I found it all a slightly arousing experience and had a job to stop myself from joining in.........the others just laughed.

Re: Running with Kevin

Posted by Jamie on November 07, 2017 at 16:37:11

In Reply to: Re: Running with Kevin posted by Tom on November 07, 2017 at 16:33:57:

OOOOHH GOD .......... so that's what you were doing. You could have said and we'd have joined in...........ha ha ....

Kevin - the unlikely hero ?

Posted by Jamie on November 08, 2017 at 20:21:00

I was on site today with the Boss as we worked out how we were going to get a truck into a tricky site with five one-ton blocks of stone that have been carved into an archway for a new entrance gate. The stones are so heavy that we really need the truck close to the actual site rather than yards away.

Kevin and a few other guys were busy digging a trench to lay sewer pipes to connect to the mains. This was about twelve feet deep and they were using a digger to do the initial excavation and then grading it smoothly with granite chippings on which the pipes would lay. They use steel shutterings to shore up the sides as the ground is pretty wet after all the rain we have had, they are installed as they go along. Uncle Danny (the Boss) and I had stopped briefly to see how the work was going, he was concerned that they might be rushing the job.

We had just satisfied ourselves that all was OK when there was a shout from the digger and we turned back to see it tipping forward as the driver tried to lift a section of pipe and the earth gave way a bit. Our two Aussie labourers, both named Adam but known as Bruce and Sheila, were working spreading the granite chippings in the bottom of the trench and oblivious to the incident above. Kevin jumped down into the trench from the side and grabbed one of them by the shoulders and pulled him away just as the pipe tipped out of its sling and crashed to the ground almost exactly where he had been standing. Without the weight of the pipe, the excavator tipped back level on its tracks, regained traction and backed away.

The Aussies and Kevin scrambled to the far end of the trench and up the slope at it's end, wading through a couple of feet of mud and water on the way and slipping and sliding up the slope. When the got to the top they were pretty wet and muddy. The Boss called them over.

"Well done Kevin, that was quick thinking. Are you guys all OK?" Danny asked.

"Thanks to Kevin, yes fine .......... just a bit muddy rather than dead." Bruce laughed "What happened there?"

"I saw the ground start to shift under the digger, and realised the pipe above you might fall." Kevin said "I could see you hadn't heard Mike shout his warning......."

"OK everyone, listen up." Danny called out "No-one works in the trench whilst the excavator is operating above. I don't care if that is inefficient - someone could have been badly hurt or even killed but for Kevin's quick thinking. Finish digging the full length of the trench and placing the shuttering, then tip the chippings in and leave excavating or lowering pipes until the chippings are graded. Once that is done, lower the pipes to their approximate positions and the guys can go back in to place and connect them. It will take longer but with ground conditions as they are, we need to be safe."

We went back to the yard soon after that leaving Kevin and the others to continue with the trench and pipe laying. Chris and I were just leaving for the day when they all got back from site. Everyone was laughing and joking and as they got out of the vans we could see why. Kevin, the two Adams and a couple of the others were covered in mud from head to toe. It turned out that repeated exiting and re-entering the trench using the slope at the end had resulted in it turning into a mud slide of epic proportions and they had finished the day by having a few minutes fun seeing who could get the muddiest when throwing themselves down the slope. It looked like Kevin had had a really good go at winning.

We watched as Harry, the labourers' foreman, got the hoses out and he and another washed the five muddy guys down as they stood in a line. They all stripped off their soaked clothes as each layer got cleaner and eventually ran into the changing rooms in just their underwear, much to the amusement of the few female office staff who had lingered around to watch the fun.

Kevin eventually got home, with Tom, as we were sitting down to supper; he was a teeny bit unsteady on his feet and it turned out that the two Adams had insisted on taking him for a drink at the pub and a single "Just a quick pint, mate" had turned into three or four, Kevin wasn't sure exactly but admitted it was more than he had ever drunk before. He fell asleep in a chair before even getting to sit at the table for his meal. Tom explained that Kevin had never taken alcohol before as he had been worried about taking after his dad who was fond of a drink as well as drugs.

Seems "The Boy" Kevin (as he is known) has been accepted as part of the team by everyone at work now, so that is good. Tom believes Kevin has turned a corner now and remarked that he appears to think he has done nothing out of the ordinary today. His workmates apparently think otherwise saying that not everyone would have reacted so quickly or with such disregard for their own safety.

Re: Another incident with Kevin

Posted by Alex on November 09, 2017 at 07:29:51

In Reply to: Another incident with Kevin posted by Jamie on November 02, 2017 at 19:27:31:

This Kevin fellow, kinda reminds me of myself. i had to have a few people teach me a few things about dress, and then later on, of more hygiene things, in order to be a little more sociable. Conversation wise... seems kevin has the leg up on me for that. I think my statement of earlier, may still accur.

Re: Kevin - the unlikely hero ?

Posted by Jack on November 09, 2017 at 09:33:56

In Reply to: Kevin - the unlikely hero ? posted by Jamie on November 08, 2017 at 20:21:00:

Well done Kevin....... I'm guessing that a lot of youngsters would have just stood back and watched instead of acting so quickly and effectively to avert a potential disaster.

The lad seems to have taken your dad's warning to heart and made a real effort to turn his attitude more positive. I know I found it really helpful when in a situation similar to his to be among people who accepted me for what I was and were blunt about my shortcomings and gave advice on how to improve rather than just giving criticism all the time.

It probably helps that he finds he is among people who enjoy getting as wet and muddy as he does and are quite open about it (I'm thinking of you all at his new home and also his workmates) and can have fun whilst working hard.

I bet the girls in the office enjoyed the show of five guys getting hosed down as well.

Re: Kevin - the unlikely hero ?

Posted by Craig on November 09, 2017 at 11:55:37

In Reply to: Kevin - the unlikely hero ? posted by Jamie on November 08, 2017 at 20:21:00:

Looks like Kevin is intent on self-improvement, with your encouragement of course, and may turn out to a useful member of society after all. Maybe feeling that he is making a contribution at work is helping his self-esteem.

Hope the two Adams ordered food at the pub as well as it is not legal for a 17 year only to drink in a pub unless food is served as well. I know this from humiliating personal experience.........

Re: Kevin - the unlikely hero ?

Posted by Jamie on November 09, 2017 at 18:40:54

In Reply to: Re: Kevin - the unlikely hero ? posted by Craig on November 09, 2017 at 11:55:37:

Kevin certainly seems to have pulled himself together. On the age-to-buy-alcohol thing, it turns out we were wrong about his age. Kevin turned 18 on 3rd November but had declined to tell us it was his birthday. Turns out his dad used to give him a good beating on his birthday each year "just because I can and to remind you, you little bastard, that you're not yet old enough to stop me". Jeez, what a dad. The more I hear, the more I understand why Kevin turned out as he has. Makes me realise how great my dad is, despite the odd thing he does that annoys the hell out of me.......

Re: Kevin - the unlikely hero ?

Posted by Jamie on November 09, 2017 at 18:44:52

In Reply to: Re: Kevin - the unlikely hero ? posted by Jack on November 09, 2017 at 09:33:56:

The girls in the office certainly did enjoy the show when the guys were hosed down - I blush to even think about some of the comments I overheard as they watched. Girls, innocent ? Give me a break...............

Kevin gets a makeover.

Posted by Chris on November 09, 2017 at 20:33:39

We discovered the other day that Kevin is a bit older than we had thought. When he arrived uncle Danny said that Kevin was 17 and we didn't really get around to finding out any more as Kevin was so rude and uncommunicative that neither of us wanted to just idly chatted with him as you often do with other new acquaintances.

Kevin was taken to a pub on the way home from work by the two Adams and Tom and was challenged by the landlord as to how old he was before being served. He produced a copy of his birth certificate as proof and it revealed that his 18th birthday was on 3rd November. When we asked him why he had not told anyone he explained that he didn't look forward to birthdays as his dad had always given him a good beating on the day, just as a reminder that how ever much older and bigger he was, he was still not up to fighting back. How horrible is that ? As he told us this he was trying to be tough and give the impression that he was not bothered, but his eyes were watering and he was, we thought, on the verge of tears. He hurried away as soon as he had finished speaking. We decided it was best to leave him alone for a bit.

Tom came across him sitting in the dark in the shower room by the pool a while later, his eyes red and face tear streaked. At first, Tom told us later, Kevin was aggressive and uncommunicative but they ended up in the pool together, both fully clothed, which was where we found them having a splash fight and thoroughly enjoying themselves. That was too much of a temptation and Jamie and I were soon joining in, which was very childish but great fun.

Today after work we took Kevin along to the local barber that we use so that he could get a haircut. The barber, Pete, runs the place with his daughter, Lillian (he must be near to retirement and she is mid-40s) and between them they have been cutting Jamie's hair for as long as he can remember. Kevin's hair is dark, almost black, straight and shoulder length but he recently declared that he wanted to do something different with it, although he didn't know what. Bravely, he told Lily to do whatever she thought might suit him best as long as it was shorter and easily manageable. She took a while just brushing her fingers through his hair in different ways and looking at his face in the mirror as she did so and then washed his hair and started cutting.

The transformation was startling. Kevin was delighted with the result and spent the twenty minutes that we waited for Jamie to have his hair cut, standing in front of a mirror and brushing his fingers across his head. Lillian had cut the back and sides short, clear of both collar and ears, but left the top quite long and layered so that it was neat and tidy but flopped across his forehead rather just being swept straight back as before. She also gave him some highlights to define the shape of the cut and relieve the overall darkness. It looked amazing compared to his previous style and Kevin looked positively handsome, helped by the fact that he couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear all the way home.

After supper Kevin declared that he was going for a swim as he felt itchy from stray hairs after the hair cut, he headed straight to the pool and dived in head first in all his clothes. He swam to the side and hauled himself out before stripping to his boxer-briefs and jumping back in. Tom and I joined him and we spent the rest of the evening in the pool until I got out to write this post. Tom and Kevin are still in the pool, splashing around and making a lot of noise, really enjoying themselves. Kevin seems quite at home in the water now and his swimming is getting better and better with each hour he spends getting wet.

Re: Kevin gets a makeover.

Posted by Chris on November 10, 2017 at 18:01:54

In Reply to: Re: Kevin gets a makeover. posted by Jack on November 10, 2017 at 13:47:12:

Kevin certainly looks very different now - a big improvement in my view - and seems to have enjoyed all the compliments he has received.

The pool water is OK as Kevin has taken to leaving his work gear in his locker and showering and changing before he comes home. We do the same most days if we are not working in the office as Jamie gets dusty with rock dust and me with sawdust.

He has bought a few new clothes and I think they have all been in the pool several times already, he is as keen on getting wet as the rest of us now and is already asking if we fancy getting muddy again this weekend.

Re: Kevin gets a makeover.

Posted by Craig on November 10, 2017 at 22:13:41

In Reply to: Kevin gets a makeover. posted by Chris on November 09, 2017 at 20:33:39:

Just curious, but have either you or Jamie been tempted to change your appearance since leaving school and entering the workforce? Tried growing a beard or longer hair, say.

I grew a beard when I left school and kept it all through my time at art college, I think at the time I decided it made me look more grown-up and so would mean I would be taken more seriously, but I have to admit now that it just made me look like a bloke who couldn't grow a beard in a convincing fashion ........... I did save on the cost of buying razor blades though.

We got so muddy today.

Posted by Jamie on November 12, 2017 at 11:08:17

Wrote most of this up yesterday, but couldn't be bothered to change it all so that it makes sense when I finished it this morning, so if the past and present tense are mixed up ............ suck it up, as they say Ha Ha

Chris, Kevin and I were at work this morning. Kevin was helping do an inventory of the stores and Chris and I were in the office with aunt Mary getting familiar with the personnel and payroll systems.

We got home at about 1p.m. and as we drove home Kevin was asking what we were going to do in the afternoon. He was angling to go out in the woods and have another go at the assault course with the ultimate intention of getting as muddy and wet as he could, although he never actually said as much, just saying he felt the need for some exercise and did we fancy joining him. We didn't take much persuading to agree.

After lunch we changed into suitable old clothes and waited by the pool for Kevin to join us.

(Chris in his favourite old 501s - now nearly white in all the worn places; thighs, buttocks, knees and across the fly and around the crotch - an old navy blue tee with a grey Nike sweatshirt on top, white socks and grey/white Nike trainers and, as we all later found out, a pair of Dare-to-Wear boxer-briefs in purple and navy).

(I chose a pair of navy cotton loose-fit chinos that are worn but not too much. They are a rather snug fit now but feel great. I have wanted to see what they are like when wet and muddy for ages but never got around to trying them. I teamed them with a red tee and maroon sweatshirt. I wore a pair of Calvin Klein boxers and red socks with old trainers).

Whilst we were waiting for Kevin to appear, Tom arrived home and called down from his balcony to ask what we were doing.

"Kevin wants to get wet and muddy so we said we would join him. Why don't you come along as well?" Chris asked.

"I wanted some lunch first - I'm starving." Tom replied "Will you wait for me whilst I have a coffee and sandwich? I'll be down with you in a moment."

Tom appeared a few minutes later with a mug of coffee and a plate with two rounds of ham and mustard sandwiches, door-step style as only he can do - he can be a real piggy at times...............

Just as he sat down with us, Kevin appeared. He was dressed in a green sweatshirt and grey track pants with white socks and trainers. The trackies were emerald green with two white stripes down each leg, elasticated at the ankle, and a white Umbro logo on the left thigh. They were a slim fit even on Kevin's scrawny frame.

"Are you coming along as well, Tom?" he asked as he sat down.

"Yes" Tom mumbled through a mouthful of sandwich "Just wanted some lunch before we go............" he said more clearly as he swallowed.

"Let me help with that then............." Kevin laughed as he grabbed a half of one sandwich and began to eat "hhhhmmm ham and mustard, my favourite......" he grinned at Tom.

"OI ....... leave that alone ........ that's my lunch." Tom protested "Make your own sandwich....." he said as he made a grab for the half-eaten sandwich.

Kevin jumped up and taunted Tom with the sandwich as he ate, waving it in front of Tom as he backed away from him. In the end Tom gave up and pretended to sit down again, but just as Kevin lowered his guard and took another bite of his stolen sandwich, Tom rushed him and they staggered backwards a couple of steps and fell in the pool as Tom grabbed Kevin's arm that was holding the sandwich.

They hit the water with a huge splash and when they surfaced, Tom shook the water out of his hair and looked around for Kevin. Just as he turned around to look behind him, Kevin grabbed his lower legs whilst still under the water and up-ended him. They surfaced together and were both laughing as they spat water and brushed hair from their faces.

They hauled themselves out of the pool and stood for a moment on the side as the water poured off them. Kevin's trackies clung to him and clearly showed that he had a huge boner that was trying to tent out his wet clothes. Tom was neatly contained within his briefs and showed as just a large bulge under the sodden denim of his jeans.

"You're obviously eager to get going, Kevin." Tom said "So let me just finish that coffee and we'll get going." Tom pulled his jeans and tee-shirt away from his skin and sat down again.

Kevin jumped back in the pool and stood at the side facing us, chest deep in the water so that we could just see his head and shoulders, he looked happy until Chris said.

"Don't do that in the pool, Kevin" he laughed "we have to swim in there later."

"Sorry, I'll go to the showers." Kevin grinned as he scrambled out and hastened to the showers where we soon heard the water running.

It was chilly out as we headed to the woods so Kevin and Tom must have felt really cold in their wet clothes as we sloshed along the track. This time Kevin was the first to jump in or splash through the puddles and by the time we got to the swamp area his green trackies were well and truly muddy. The thin fabric clung all the time, however he moved, and I was getting hard myself just catching glimpses of him as he ran around us - he reminded me of an excited puppy rushing around and eager to get to the main attraction. It only took a moment's hesitation before he was throwing himself full length into the sloppy mud of the swamp and then rolling around until he was completely covered - head, hair and all - and when he stood up again in the knee deep stuff he had another huge boner that really was tenting out his trackies which were largely held up by the protrusion and nothing else. He yanked them back up to his waist and then scooped up several handfuls of the sloppy mud in quick succession and dropped them inside as he held the waistband away from his body. Tom and Chris jumped in beside him and volunteered to see how much mud they could get inside his trackies, to which he laughingly agreed. It was all a bit gross, to be honest, but they had a good laugh about it. Eventually we hauled him out onto the side and squeezed the mud slowly down his legs and out around his ankles. We bundled him over to the stream and lay him down in the water and let it wash over him until he was relatively clean and then we all moved on to the muddy ride.

When we exited the shade of the woods, the sun felt reasonably warm when out of the breeze so we found some sloppy mud in a sheltered spot and splashed down. We lay back in the sloppy mud for a while and just enjoyed the sun and the feel of the warm mud as we swished it around over us, getting seriously covered. A couple of hands moved to their owners' groins under the mud and when Kevin saw what was happening he grinned and joined in himself.

After that we headed for the flooded dell and splashed around, ducking each other under the water, using the rope to swing out and splash down and gradually got clean. We continued with this for a while until Tom declared that he was getting cold and felt the need for a hot shower, so we headed back to the house, showered to get warm again and then jumped in the pool, still clothed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just lazing around in the pool until my dad appeared to declare that supper would be ready in a short while and that we should all get dry and changed if we wanted to eat.

Kevin seemed very happy and chatted away over supper, joining in with some very witty comments and asides, He's certainly fitting in well now. Uncle Danny declared that we ought to organise a belated 18th birthday party for Kevin and suggested that he contact Kevin's mum and arrange for her and Kevin's younger brother and sister to come down and stay for a few days. So we shall await to see if they can come down, and when, and organise something for that time. I think we will probably invite some of our new colleagues from work as well, maybe Kevin's fellow labourers like the two Adams, as I'm sure they would enjoy a pool party.

Re: We got so muddy today.

Posted by Craig on November 12, 2017 at 14:43:47

In Reply to: We got so muddy today. posted by Jamie on November 12, 2017 at 11:08:17:

I like your humour ......... mind you the writing standards seem to be dropping now you've left school. (Only joking... but you'd never have left the story unedited before, I think.)

Kevin seems to have taken to your life-style like a duck to water - are you sure he was not into getting wet and messy before he arrived to live with you all?

Like you all, Stan and I have had a few messy and muddy times in recent weeks (all the rain is good in that respect) but it is getting a bit too chilly for me now that autumn has arrived. Stan doesn't seem to mind the cold (maybe it is his Polish genes) but I think I might try and stick to the shower and bath from now until the spring makes things more comfortable. I must try and post a few more of our adventures on here, it seems to have got quiet until you started posting about Kevin.

Thanks for all your posts, they make fun reading.

Re: We got so muddy today.

Posted by wiley on November 15, 2017 at 00:49:34

In Reply to: We got so muddy today. posted by Jamie on November 12, 2017 at 11:08:17:

I'm very jealous! Its been raining this week, and it might be enough to get the trails muddy, but I doubt it. Nice to have a few mud options so close. Its also great that Kevin is beginning to enjoy life a bit more. For me, there is nothing as freeing as being totally covered in mud, head to toe, in all my clothes. Glad to see others are seeing the wisdom of that!

Re: We got so muddy today.

Posted by Jamie on November 15, 2017 at 15:21:44

In Reply to: Re: We got so muddy today. posted by wiley on November 15, 2017 at 00:49:34:

We are indeed very lucky to have the woods, the stream and the muddy ride all so close and easily accessible. Hope the rain has been enough to make the trails muddy for you. Getting totally immersed in mud is great fun and the bonus is that it makes me feel so horny - as does seeing the others covered in mud. Kevin seems to get a boner as readily as any of us (I suppose it is just part of being a teenager......) and he seems to have lost any inhibitions about getting a boner in front of everyone as he happily goes naked with one in the showers when we get clean - for such a scrawny fellow he is surprisingly well endowed; Chris says it just looks large because he is so thin - a bit of jealousy there I think, ha ha.

Re: We got so muddy today.

Posted by Jamie on November 15, 2017 at 15:34:13

In Reply to: Re: We got so muddy today. posted by Craig on November 12, 2017 at 14:43:47:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I admit that work commitments have meant I have less free time to edit and ensure that my writings make sense; work is more onerous than I had expected, although I am enjoying it. As my dad says "Welcome to the real world, lad."

I do hope you will post about your own adventures again soon. We enjoyed reading about you and Stan getting muddy. The construction industry seems like the perfect one for getting wet and muddy without anyone thinking you odd for 'accidentally' getting a soaking or getting really muddy. Most of the young guys we work with seem to be quite happy to get wet and filthy and just laugh it off. I've seen the two Adams (a.k.a. Bruce and Sheila) get soaked to the skin and very muddy and just carry on working in the pouring rain without a murmur of protest. I'm sure Bruce had a definite oversize bulge in his jeans as he worked...........

Re: We got so muddy today.

Posted by wiley on November 16, 2017 at 01:05:14

In Reply to: Re: We got so muddy today. posted by Jamie on November 15, 2017 at 15:21:44:

I'll check the trails tomorrow. Its nice that you have so many friends/family that share this with you too, and that you can all rub one out in the mud together or be open about what turns you on. I think I'd enjoy having a friend who calls up and says "wanna get muddy?" Anyway, love your stories and all the fun you have.

Re: We got so muddy today.

Posted by Jamie on November 16, 2017 at 15:19:02

In Reply to: Re: We got so muddy today. posted by wiley on November 16, 2017 at 01:05:14:

Thanks, glad you enjoy them. If anyone asks me "Wanna get muddy?" the answer is always "Yes, lead on..." unless it is really cold outside, Chris puts up with the cold better than I do. Having said that he was not too happy at work yesterday when asked to help out at a bit of an emergency and spent the entire afternoon working in cold, muddy water up to his waist as he and a couple of the others dug out a hole to get to a water pipe that had been damaged. They were all drenched and then when they uncovered the pipe at last, Chris was blasted in the face with a jet cold water until they could stop the flow. I would loved to have been there and seen that.

An upcoming party for Kevin's 18th, we make plans.

Posted by Jamie on November 16, 2017 at 15:45:48

Uncle Danny has heard back from Kevin's mum, Jemima, and it has been arranged that she and her other two kids - Kayne (a boy, 13) and Katie (a girl, 6) - come down to stay next Friday, the 24th. Danny will drive up to Birmingham to collect them after the kids get home from school.

So we have agreed that we shall organise an 18th birthday party for Kevin on the Saturday evening. We shall invite some of the guys from work that Kevin is friendly with, including the two Adams. Otherwise it will just the family and Sue and Mari.

Kevin has suggested that we let the guys from work come over during the afternoon and give them the chance to have a go at the assault course, he thinks it would be fun and that they would all enjoy the chance to get soaked and muddy competing against each other. My guess is that everyone will end up in the pool during the party anyway, so they may as well get wet and muddy beforehand also.

Kevin has become far more relaxed and friendly since we had our rather blunt chat and no-one now has cause for complaint about him being malodorous, quite the opposite in fact. He has kept up the early morning runs with Tom and sometimes joins the rest of us for our morning swim; you can't describe him as a natural or stylish swimmer but he gets along quite well and is totally fearless in the water and will try anything.

The day before yesterday we had our first training session on the fork-lift. Harder than it looks and the rear-wheel steering is just ridiculous - who thought that was a good idea? Very annoyingly, Chris and Kevin got the hang of it all within minutes of getting behind the wheel ............ and they haven't stopped letting me know "how easy it is" ever since. When we got home after the training session, I told them how irritating they were being about it all and in response they threw me, fully clothed, in the pool - "just to shut you up" - charming .......

I had already showered and changed at work after getting very dusty in the masonry workshop, so I was wearing smart-ish black chinos, a grey check flannel shirt, black C.K. boxer-briefs, grey socks and trainers along with my second-best false leg (the best one is electronically assisted and not fully waterproof, not enough for prolonged swimming anyway.) The good part was that the flannel shirt feels amazing when wet (that was the first time) and the black chinos stay shiny wet for longer than most of my other trousers.

Chris' mum appeared from their living room as I splashed down whilst Chris and Kevin hurried away, laughing.

"Dear Lord, Jamie, can't you ever stay out of that pool.........." she asked as I surfaced.

"Those two threw......" I started.

"Don't try and pass the blame - I don't expect to hear you tell tales." she interrupted me.

"But..... but.........." I spluttered.

"No more, Jamie. Best you get into some dry clothes, supper will be ready in a bit."

And with that she disappeared again.

Chris got a good soaking at work yesterday, but unfortunately I was not there to witness it. I just thought it "karma" for throwing me in the pool the day before.

We will be sure to post about the party in due course.

Re: An upcoming party for Kevin's 18th, we make plans.

Posted by Chris on November 16, 2017 at 19:05:35

In Reply to: An upcoming party for Kevin's 18th, we make plans. posted by Jamie on November 16, 2017 at 15:45:48:

I'm looking forward to this party, particularly the chance to ensure a few colleagues get exceptionally muddy in the afternoon (the two Adams have already said they would love to do it).

For someone who learned to drive a car with just two or three lessons, it is a major surprise that Jamie had so much difficulty with the fork-lift (I'll admit we probably didn't help by watching and laughing out loud as we shouted advice to him). He moaned so much about us teasing him about it that he deserved to be pushed in the pool when we got home, it really was the only way we could get him to shut up. It was just bad luck that my mum appeared as he hit the water. She does not mind us getting wet in our clothes in the slightest (and has even admitted after a few too many G&Ts at a party that she finds the sight of us - well, not me obviously; she's my mum - in wet clinging clothes "more than a little arou..... I mean, attractive") but it does seem recently that every time she goes into the pool area, Jamie is in the pool fully clothed. She knew full well that Kevin and I had pushed him in; she told us off for doing so later that evening after supper "Just remember that Jamie can't defend himself by pushing back like you two can."

I got a real soaking at work. Much as I enjoy getting wet, a whole afternoon standing up to my waist in cold water whilst trying to dig a hole beneath my feet, whilst two other guys are doing the same in the small hole we were standing in, made me rather re-consider the whole "wet is fun" thing. I also got hit by a jet of water which shot up through the water we were standing in when we finally found the leaky pipe, so was soaked from head to toe, which the others managed to escape. Nobody said work could be such fun.....

Re: We got so muddy today.

Posted by wiley on November 16, 2017 at 20:19:20

In Reply to: Re: We got so muddy today. posted by Jamie on November 16, 2017 at 15:19:02:

I don't mind cold water that much, but I don't stay in it for long! I am happy to get muddy, and then clean off in a chilly creek, or dive in the ocean once in a while, but long immersion in cold water isn't fun.
Trails were wet, but not saturated enough to be muddy yet. Another storm or two I think... so I came home a bit damp from the rain, but no muddy at all. A warm shower in all my clothes helped make up for it a bit though...

Re: We got so muddy today.

Posted by Jamie on November 16, 2017 at 22:04:52

In Reply to: Re: We got so muddy today. posted by wiley on November 16, 2017 at 20:19:20:

I wouldn't normally wish this on anyone, but I hope you get a lot of rain very soon...

Have fun in the mud.

Re: We got so muddy today.

Posted by wiley on November 17, 2017 at 21:17:01

In Reply to: Re: We got so muddy today. posted by Jamie on November 16, 2017 at 22:04:52:

thanks, I hope it rains too! Its been more than six months since I have played in the mud, so I have some catching up to do.

Getting muddy before the party.

Posted by Jamie on November 27, 2017 at 09:10:51

Kevin's mum, brother and sister arrived on Friday and are settled into Uncle Danny's two guest rooms in their apartment on the top floor. Kevin has moved down to the spare room in our part of the house, next to my room. Have since discovered that he snores loudly, almost as noisily as Chris.

Kayne and Katie are quite different to Kevin in either looks or attitude. Katie is a delightful 6 year old, pretty as a picture and so cute. She is dark skinned (her father is of Ethiopian descent) with a mop of black curls kept tidy with two pink bows. She laughs and giggles all the time and is not in the least bit shy. Kayne is 13 and almost as tall as Kevin, but not as scrawny. He has blonde hair, almost white, and very pale skin. He also seems like a happy lad and laughs at everything even remotely funny. They all (obviously) have different fathers, none of whom currently feature in their lives. Kevin's dad is, as we learned before, now dead but the other two dad's are apparently still alive and kicking.

We (Chris, Tom, Kevin and I) got home from work about an hour after they arrived and the house was already echoing to the sounds of Kayne and Katie running around and exploring. Katie was thrilled to see Kevin again, but Kayne seemed a bit wary of his older brother. He thawed a bit when Kevin approached him, gave him a huge hug and said it was great to see him at last and that he had missed them both. Turns out that Kevin has been known to bully his brother and was not above passing on the beatings he himself had got from his dad, to Kayne. Happily within an hour, Kayne seemed to realise how his brother had changed and by supper time they looked like best friends. Kevin's mum did a truly theatrical double-take when the four of us walked into the room and shrieked with delight at Kevin's new appearance once she realised that it really was him.

Kevin's mum, Jemima, is a strange woman. Very petite, almost anorexic, with short plaited mid-brown hair, big brown eyes and lots of bright coloured make-up. She was wearing the highest platform shoes I have ever seen and the sort of fashion sense - very, very tight and short sparkly dress - that would not disgrace "a hooker" as uncle Danny said later (I didn't ask how he knew about a hooker's dress style.......). Jemima shrieks with raucous laughter at the slightest hint of anything being funny. She comes across as being an adult version of a hyper-active ten-year old and doesn't stop talking. In the calm of our study after supper, Chris and I both agreed that this could become very irritating.

On Saturday morning everyone gathered for breakfast in the hall and we all started getting to know Kevin's mum and siblings a bit better. Katie sat next to Chris and chatted away happily, Chris was obviously quite delighted by her and indulged her every whim, whether it be making another piece of toast that she then decided she didn't want to eat, or making tea with milk and then another without but with sugar. Katie was dressed in pink from head to toe and looked so cute.

Kayne sought out a seat next to Kevin and opposite me. He obviously adored his older brother but was still unsure about him. Kayne was dressed in bright orange jeans and a yellow tee-shirt. Kevin asked if he fancied joining us on the obstacle course later in the day and Kayne asked what it was all about. He seemed fascinated by the idea of getting very muddy and asked if he could join everyone else and would his mum object. Kevin said he would square that with their mum and told Kayne that he would be quite capable of completing the course, he was a big guy now. Kayne seemed surprised at getting encouragement from his brother and nodded in agreement, grinning as he did so. Meanwhile at the other end of the table Jemima was busy regaling my parents about her life and past history in a jovial manner with lots of raucous laughter as she related the more scandalous details with no shame whatsoever. My dad is a fairly broad-minded guy, I think, and has been known to make the odd very rude observation about other people, but even he looked shocked and surprised at some of the things Jemima was saying, none of which the rest of us could help but hear. Eventually aunt Mary whispered in her ear as she walked by to get more cereal "Tone it down, dear, these people aren't used to such language at the breakfast table, and nor am I." which just made the younger people (us) listen more attentively. After breakfast we spent the morning preparing things for the party, getting out tables and chairs and Kevin gave his input into the sort of music he'd like Tom to include in the playlist he was putting on the house audio-system hard-drive. By lunchtime we were all done, so sat down for a sandwich and waited for the guys from work to turn up for their afternoon of trying the obstacle course.

Harry and Mike turned up all ready and eager to go. Both were dressed in their favourite old jeans and tees which have got muddy many time before. Harry had on a new hoodie of bright red and white thin horizontal stripes, which was a bit hard on the eyes and for which he got teased mercilessly for looking like a mobile road block.

Soon after that the two Adams (a.k.a. Bruce and Sheila) arrived along with three other of the younger guys from work - Luke, Woo (don't ask me why he's called that, nobody seems to know) and Darren - and then Gerry and his younger brother Connor arrived. Gerry does most of Chris' training in the carpentry workshop and they have become good friends. Gerry and Connor have visited a few times during the summer for lunch and a swim afterwards, so we count them both as family friends by now.

Connor is almost 18 and doing his second year of A-Levels, he wants to go onto university and read law in due course. It is amazing how he copes with being totally deaf and he has been a bit of an inspiration to me in learning how to cope with the kicks in the teeth that life can give you with good humour and determination; different situations I know (he's never known a life of hearing) but the lessons are still there. As Connor puts it "Lesson 1: retain your sense of humour, it really does keep you sane. Lesson 2: same as lesson one. Lesson 3: same as lesson 2." ....... ha ha.

By 3pm all the guys we were expecting had arrived and were ready to head off to try the obstacle course. The youngest in the group was Kayne at 13 and the oldest was Gerry at 28. We were 14 in all. We tried to persuade our dads and uncle Danny to join in but they declined saying they were too old - wimps every one of them.......

Kayne was wearing his bright orange jeans again with a sky-blue sweatshirt and red trainers - "That's bright, mate, we won't lose you now...." Harry told him as he high-fived him.

Kevin was in a pair of well-worn and very faded skinny-fit blue jeans and his grey sweatshirt. Chris and I were in our favourite old jeans, tees and sweatshirts. We had suggested that everyone bring a change of clothes for the party, so once they had all dumped bags in the shower room we headed off to the woods. Tom took a group shot of everyone - intending to do a 'clean and dry before' shot and then a 'wet and muddy after' shot - in the garage yard and we got the hoses and buckets out ready for the big clean-up when we returned. It was bright and sunny but with a cold breeze - there had been a light frost in the morning - and everyone was keen to keep moving and stay as warm as possible for the moment so we set off to the woods at a fast pace.

We headed straight to the muddy ditch crawl, bypassing the swamp area, and the guys started the crawl along on their bellies through the varying depths of mud and water. It starts off as three or four inches deep and then has lengths that are a foot deep or more so you get to feel the mud soaking half-way up your body before you end up with it washing over the small of your back and over your thighs and shoulders in the deepest parts. It looks great watching the others crawl through and gradually get more and more covered as they progress. Joining in and crawling through the mud as you follow the others is altogether different, I always seem to get a great boner as I look ahead of me to whoever is in front of me as I see the mud swishing and washing over their butts and between their legs as they crawl along. I like to imagine that whoever follows me is having the same reaction.

There were lots of cries of dismay as the guys lay down in the wet mud and started to crawl along. After a few yards though, these changed to laughter and exhortations of "Get a move on, mate" and a few along the lines of "Nice butt, who is that?" as they caught up with a slower crawler ahead. Gerry caught up with Chris and started to crawl over him as they progressed and made everyone else nearby laugh as he lay on top of Chris and let him crawl along as he piggy-backed him. Kayne and I were the last to go along, we seemed to have a similar natural pace, and he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

"Pinch me, Jamie" he said as we crawled along side by side, splashing through the mud and getting more and more soaked.

"Why?" I asked.

"Just to let me know I am really doing this. It is so much fun, I've never been allowed to get as dirty as this before." he replied "Is it normal to enjoy this so much?"

"Perfectly normal - just enjoy it however you can. You'll get clean afterwards and those clothes can be washed. Don't worry about it, just enjoy getting messy." I said.

Kayne thought it very funny that some of the guys were covered in mud on their fronts yet when they turned around they were still largely dry and clean across their bums, thighs and shoulders.

We moved on to the log 'stepping-stones' in the water filled ditch. Harry went first just to show the new guys how to do it. Adam (a.k.a. Bruce) went next. He's a tall chap and was dressed in his usual workwear of dark blue cargoes, dark blue shirt, black work-boots (trainer style but with reinforced toe-caps and very chunky soles and treads with webbing style uppers) he had got thoroughly soaked in the mud crawl and his clothes were shiny wet with water and a sheen of brown mud and they clung to him in bunched up wrinkles and folds across his torso, around his thighs, buttocks and groin which didn't leave anything to the imagination about his body shape or anatomy. He set off in fine style but then slipped and, realising he could not recover his balance, pushed himself sideways and splashed down before scrambling out of the ditch with mud and water streaming off him. Suction caused his clothes to cling even more and his trousers were tented out with a very obvious hard-on and he had a big grin on his face as he wiped his fringe from his eyes and mud from his face. He got a round of applause and a few very rude comments from his workmates, to which he took a deep bow as he stood on firmer ground.

"Watch the language, guys, remember there's a young lad among us now." Gerry said.

"Don't worry, I've heard far worse from my mum." Kayne piped up.

"That's true - sorry to say" Kevin said "but even so..........he is only thirteen."

Gerry and Connor went next and they both completed the obstacle without falling in, Connor looked surprised and rather disappointed. Most of the guys tried a bit too hard and fell in and those that did not simply completed it and then jumped into the ditch anyway, so by the end of that obstacle all of us were still thoroughly soaked and covered in mud.

The next obstacle was the water filled ditch with logs laid across it at various depths either above the water, below it or at surface level. The idea is to go over the ones above and below water level (if you you haven't already fallen over the ones you can't see) and then to duck under the ones at surface level. The idea is to get everyone thoroughly wet again and see how they cope with wading through chest deep muddy water whilst also dragging feet out of the mud in the bottom of the ditch. I helped Kayne along as chest deep for us adults was chin deep for him. It was funny watching everyone try and get over the above water level logs - some are several feet above - and it is not that easy to haul oneself up when wearing clothes heavy with mud and water. There was a lot of pushing from below by the guys following and a few funny incidents of inappropriately placed hands doing the pushing, which raised a few laughs. And watching Woo rush along, determined to finish first, and then falling flat as he tripped on a submerged log, not just once but three or four times. Everyone was breathless and ready for a rest when we finished that, so we took a break as we caught our breaths and admired how wet we all looked.

The general consensus was that, despite what they themselves were wearing, denim jeans and sweatshirts in darker colours all looked great. Adam's dark blue cargo pants and shirt were voted next best whilst Kayne's bright orange jeans were voted as best single garment. Woo was wearing the lightest coloured clothes, a pair of light grey slim-fit chinos and a white soccer shirt, both of which were an even dark muddy brown until he splashed and rolled around in some puddles and suddenly we could all see his dark underwear and chest hair - not a good look really - so he was thrown in the pit again and pushed around until he was covered fully in mud again.

We moved on to the monkey bars above the mud pit after that. Everyone apart from Harry and myself, fell in at some stage. We were rewarded by being thrown in afterwards anyway.

After that we headed to the muddy ride. The mud there is deep in the tracks left along its length by Gareth's tractor and there are lots of long pools of varying depths, some very sloppy and others quite thick and sticky. Tom revealed that he had asked Gareth to spray a few bowsers full of water over the end nearest the fields and when we got there to see what it was like, it looked basically like a small pond of creamy mud. Tom threw himself in as we watched and half-swam / half-crawled through it. When he stood up he was thoroughly soaked and covered in sloppy tan mud, not a single part of him still its natural colour.

The two Adams, Luke, Darren and Woo all dived straight in and raced each other to the far side by the field. Kevin pushed Kayne in and Chris then pushed Kevin in to join him. Connor pushed his brother, Gerry, in and then jumped in after him. Harry and Mike grabbed me and threw me in and when I surfaced and righted myself enough to look around, Harry and Mike were teetering on the edge as they each tried to push the other in, eventually the edge gave way and they splashed in together. After a bit everyone gravitated to the end near the field and one by one stood up, shaking mud off arms and trying to stay upright in the slippery mud. We were all so covered that it was hard to tell who was who apart from by height.

Harry was the first to break the silence as he unzipped his hoodie, lifted his tee to expose his stomach and chest.

"Is it just me who thinks this is not yet truly muddy?" he asked as he looked at his clean torso "I wanted to get really muddy all over..................." and with that he started to peel off his hoodie and tee-shirt before dropping them in the mud at his feet. Harry then surprised everyone by undoing the belt and fly of his jeans and letting them drop to his ankles. His legs were muddy, but only to within an inch or two above his ankles. His upper legs and lower torso were almost clean, his chest had a few smears of mud across where in had seeped in around the neck of his tee-shirt and his arms were largely clean above his wrists. His boxer-briefs were certainly wet and clinging to him, but one could still see that they were blue and yellow horizontally striped.

There were a few giggles from the others and a groan from Mike and Tom. Harry turned his back to the mud and then spread his arms out and fell backwards into the mud. He disappeared from view for a few seconds after the mud explosion of his impact had settled and then he sat up, the mud was deep enough to cover him to his navel. There was a general groan as he did so and Chris called "Bloody hell .......... that did the job OK, Harry."

Harry bent his knees, dragging his jeans around his ankles down into the mud, and then leaned back and shuffled further backwards into the mud. After a few moments he stood up, bent down and pulled his mud filled jeans up his legs, fastened the fly and belt and then bent down to retrieve his tee-shirt and hoodie. Both were thick with mud and he had a bit of a job sorting out which part to pull over his head to get it on. He struggled as he pulled the mud sodden fabric back over his torso and then shrugged on the hoodie. All this time mud slid off him as he moved, but despite this his body was still totally covered. His last action was to pull the hood over his head, but not before Mike had filled it with mud. There was a general groan of appreciation/dismay/glee from all the rest of us as the mud from the hood poured slowly over his head, splattered over his chest and fell into the rest of the mud at his feet.

Harry grinned at everyone after wiping the mud from his face "Now that is what I call really muddy." he laughed.

"I gotta try that....." Kevin said and started to copy Harry.

It only took a few moments of hesitation before Kayne, Luke, Darren, Woo and Connor joined him. They all gave each other high-fives as they sat up totally covered and the rest of us watched as they stood and pulled they clothes back on. Kayne was laughing hysterically and the others all had big grins on their faces. It was quite a sight, particularly when Kevin buttoned the fly of his skinny jeans and mud squirted out from between the buttons as they were so tight fitting.

Everyone was chatting and laughing as we walked back to the house still in our muddy state. We started our clean up with the hoses and buckets in the garage yard and this turned into a massive water fight until we realised quite how chilly we were all getting by soaking each other in cold water.

Our visitors from work got hot showers and then changed by the pool whilst we went up to our various rooms to get showered and changed there. We all met up again by the pool where we organised teas or coffees for everyone and waited for the other guests to arrive for the party. It was at that point that Tom realised that, in the fun of the clean-up, we had missed the opportunity for the "wet and muddy after" photograph that he had originally planned. Maybe another time.

Seeing all the guys clean and dry and in smarter clothes with neat and tidy hair, you'd never have recognised them as the filthy crew that had arrived back at the house half-an-hour earlier.

(to be continued...........)

Re: Getting muddy before the party.

Posted by wiley on November 28, 2017 at 01:22:12

In Reply to: Getting muddy before the party. posted by Jamie on November 27, 2017 at 09:10:51:

what a great day! Terrific story too, as always. You leave many people here very jealous and hard!

Re: Getting muddy before the party.

Posted by Jamie on November 29, 2017 at 09:27:07

In Reply to: Re: Getting muddy before the party. posted by wiley on November 28, 2017 at 01:22:12:

It was a fun time. Bit too cold for my liking but one you are soaked to the skin and covered in mud it kind of acts like insulation. The hosing down and water fight at the end was really cold though. There were quite a few boners tenting out jeans as everyone enjoyed themselves.

Re: Getting muddy before the party.

Posted by Jamie on November 29, 2017 at 09:36:55

In Reply to: Re: Getting muddy before the party. posted by wetchas on November 28, 2017 at 08:49:31:

Kayne was a bit hesitant at first but once he had got a bit muddy and seen his orange jeans get muddy to his knees he just went for it a got completely covered as quickly as he could. It was fun watching the others get stuck in to the mud, the first belly crawl through the mud raised the most hilarity as those who had not done it before realised just how completely soaked in mud there were going to get.

All the guys from work have said they want another go at some time so we shall have to arrange another date, perhaps in the spring when it gets warmer.

I will post about the rest of the party in a while, hope to finish writing it up this evening - needless to say everyone ended up in the pool in their clothes.

Kevin's party - ends up in the pool

Posted by Jamie on November 29, 2017 at 18:46:34

After everyone had changed into dry clothes and gathered again by the pool, Gerry asked if it was OK to put their wet clothes in the dryer so that they had them dry to go home in, so we piled everyone's clothes in and left them to dry as we had hot drinks and chatted.

"I guess most of your parties end up with everyone in the pool." Adam (aka Sheila) observed "They always do back home if there's a pool nearby."

"Usually yes." Chris replied "Just jump in whenever you wish - no one will object to you swimming in your clothes - or borrow some shorts from the bin if you prefer."

"At home I swim in whatever I happen to be wearing, usually shorts and a tee in our climate." Adam/Sheila replied "So why break the habit? Swimming in clothes is fun."

Adam/Sheila was wearing black jeans, a grey and white checked long-sleeve shirt, black socks and grey canvas shoes. Adam (aka Bruce) was in blue jeans and a blue and green check long-sleeved shirt, blue socks and blue canvas shoes.

Kevin was in grey jeans, a plain red long-sleeve shirt, red socks and grey trainers, whilst his brother, Kayne was in bright blue chinos and a blue and yellow check shirt, blue socks and trainers. He obviously has a liking for bright colours.

"How warm is the pool?" Kevin asked.

"Should be good, I turned the heating up this morning." Chris said "Why don't you check with the thermometer, it's hanging on the wall."

"Let me give you a hand" Adam/Bruce said "Try testing at the deep end, if its warm there it will be everywhere." and he winked at us as he followed Kevin towards the far end of the pool.

Kevin knelt by the pool and leaned down as he dipped the thermometer in the water and as he did so Adam/Bruce gave him a gentle push and he toppled forward into the water. Kevin surfaced and splashed to the side where Adam/Bruce offered him a hand to haul him out, Kevin grabbed his hand and as he started to scramble out, he pushed himself back into the water and pulled Adam/Bruce with him. They swam to the side and hauled themselves out, water pouring off them as Adam/Bruce proffered his hand.

"Happy Birthday, mate. I couldn't resist pushing you in." he said as they shook hands and laughed.

"That's OK - I'd have done the same given the chance." Kevin laughed "At least we now know that the water is nice and warm."

Kevin and Adam/Bruce were the only two to get wet before the rest of the guests arrived. By the time the party began properly they had drip-dried to being merely very damp.

We had arranged for mum's friend to do the catering and she had come up with the idea of fish and chips for everyone and turned up with a mobile fish and chip shop which she parked in the garage courtyard just outside the pool area. She served up the food in the traditional way, wrapped in old newspaper, and it was delicious.

Afterwards she produced a huge birthday cake, thick with a creamy topping of chocolate with multi-coloured sprinkles and stuck with 18 candles. There was enough for everyone to have a slice and there was still almost half of it left.

Kayne took a second slice and pretended to offer it to his brother, and when Kevin said 'thanks' he pushed it into his face and rubbed it in and up across his forehead and into his hair.

"Happy Birthday, brother......" Kayne laughed "Oh boy ....... I've always wanted to do that to someone."

Kevin wiped the chocolate cream from his eyes and then slowly took another slice himself threw and it at Kayne, who wisely ducked, so it missed him and splattered across the front of Connor's shirt. The rest of the cake didn't last long after that with Kevin getting most of it smashed into his face, his head, across his chest and even a couple of slices to his crotch. He was laughing so much when the fight finished and he had wiped the mess from his face, that his eyes were streaming with tears. We marched him to the shower room and pushed him under a shower head and left him under the water until he was clean of cake and then the two Adams picked him up, carried him up to the middle diving board and dropped him in the pool. He was still laughing as he scrambled out.

His little sister Katie thought that the sight of him soaked was very funny. When Kevin picked her up and swung her out over the pool she squealed in delight but begged him not to drop her in, so she ended up going off to bed quite dry.

After that several of the guys jumped in the pool together and at that point all our parents decided it was time to retreat to the safety of the living room.

Uncle Danny had asked the two girls, Sarah and Alice, who work in the office to come to the party and Sarah was the first girl to wade into the pool, along with Darren and Woo. She was wearing a tight black dress and looked amazing when she eventually walked back up the steps dripping wet. Soaked through, the dress looked even tighter, Kayne's eyes almost popped out of his head as he watched from the shallow end of the pool. It was noticeable that he stayed in the water for quite a while, refusing to come out even to get more food or drink.

Everyone ended up in the pool soon after. It was fun seeing everyone splashing around in the pool fully dressed and enjoying it. The two Adams started a competitive diving competition, seeing who could do the most acrobatic twists and turns before hitting the water. Even Kevin had a go, but the winner was Gerry, much to the disappointment of the two Adams, who had obviously expected one or other of them to win. Gerry then admitted that he had dived competitively when at school, winning the county schools U16 championship back home in Ireland.

I spent about half the party in the pool playing silly games with the other guys, and half in and out of the pool with Sue. We'd sit and chat with the others as we drip-dried and then get in the pool again.

Sue is happy to get wet but prefers to see me get wet and is particularly happy with the feel and touch of wet denim, I won't go into details but me in sodden denim jeans really gets her going, as well as me when she can't take her hands off me.

The party started to break up soon after 1am but the stragglers didn't leave until after three. Sue and I were still wet when we staggered up to bed and fell asleep in our wet clothes. A few hours later, at the time we normally get up for our morning swim, we were having some intimate fun with me on top of Sue and about to do the deed, when Kevin burst into my room to ask if I was ready. His face when he realised what was going on was a real picture; he froze, open mouthed, and his face turned beetroot red and it took me to sternly say "Leave Kevin ........ NOW" for him to actually do so.

Luckily Sue saw the funny side of it and didn't mind that I couldn't carry on after that - in fact we had a giggle-fit about it. Breakfast was interesting, with Kevin not sure whether to openly apologise or not and just looking embarrassed every time he caught my eye or Sue's. In the end Sue had a quiet word with him as we cleared things away and embarrassed him even more by giving him a kiss. He apologised to me and assured me "I saw nothing, honestly. I'll be sure to knock in future." Poor lad.

Sunday was a quiet day. We did spend the afternoon in the pool. Kevin's mum, Jemima, and Katie had a swim as well. Kayne jumped in wearing his orange jeans and a green tee, much to his mum's surprise. The rest of us were more conventional and wore swim-shorts for a change.

Everyone at work was full of how much fun the party had been. All of the guys asked if they could have another go at the obstacle course, so we will have to sort out another date in due course.

Re: Kevin's party - ends up in the pool

Posted by wetchas on November 30, 2017 at 10:06:27

In Reply to: Kevin's party - ends up in the pool posted by Jamie on November 29, 2017 at 18:46:34:

Hello again.
Thanks for the very detailed account (as always). Sounds like it was a great occasion. My kind of party by the sound of it.
Interesting that Kevin's brother chose to swim in jeans and tee the next day. I reckon you may have another convert there. Those orange jeans certainly took a pasting this weekend.
Loved the bit about Kevin bursting in on you whilst you were copulating. Talk about embarassing, but funny as well.
Reading through the story I calculate that there were at least two people there that you have taught to swim (Kevin & Conner) That must give you a certain glow of satisfaction. Well done.
Thanks again for posting.

Re: Kevin's party - ends up in the pool

Posted by Jamie on November 30, 2017 at 18:52:45

In Reply to: Re: Kevin's party - ends up in the pool posted by wetchas on November 30, 2017 at 10:06:27:

It was a great weekend. Everyone joined in wholeheartedly with getting muddy and the party was good fun too. Hi, Wetchas, glad you enjoyed the account. All our guests said they had a good time and most seemed to have enjoyed getting wet in their clothes, even those who ended up in the pool at another's hand, involuntarily.

I should have said more about what everyone wore but I think we (the guys anyway) all agreed that Sarah in her little black dress was the most spectacular sight when dripping wet. My Sue wore white jeans and a navy tee. Mari was in denim jeans and a red floral blouse. The other girl from work, Alice, wore black jeans and a black shirt - which looked nicely shiny when wet. Harry and Mike's girlfriends, Jo and Alison, are used to getting wet with the rest of us so usually dress in jeans and tees. Sue said that the favourite wet guy among the girls was Darren as he has, in her words, "a nice bum, which looks great in wet denim", he also has a trim figure which was shown off by his pale blue shirt, which turned see-thru when wet. Don't you hate a show-off?

It was, in retrospect, funny when Kevin burst in on Sue and me. It rather unmanned me so we (just me, in truth) were unable to perform as planned (very frustrating...) but we did see the funny side of it after Kevin had left the room.

Kayne's orange jeans recovered well after getting completely muddy, he was quite amazed when they came out of the dryer, and he wore them in the pool on Sunday as he wanted to see what they were like just wet. They turned a much darker shade and stayed shiny as he moved and he said he liked the way they clung as well. It was obvious that he had decided to go commando when he got a boner and he was teased mercilessly about that by Kevin.

We have had Connor and Gerry over for Sunday lunch and a swim on a few occasions during the past year and Connor has turned into a decently proficient swimmer. The party was not the first time that Connor has opted to swim fully clothed in our pool, he doesn't deny that he enjoys it. It hadn't really occurred to me that we had taught both Kevin and Connor to swim, so yes I suppose it is rather satisfying to see them both splashing around and not drowning.

Re: Kevin's party - ends up in the pool

Posted by Jack on December 01, 2017 at 10:02:05

In Reply to: Kevin's party - ends up in the pool posted by Jamie on November 29, 2017 at 18:46:34:

You guys certainly know how to enjoy yourselves. I've been to a couple of pool parties but they were both at outdoor pools in the summer and everyone was in shorts and tees - mostly swim-shorts and the girls in swimwear - and certainly going in jeans was not an option, sadly.

Thanks for posting, always enjoy your accounts.

Re: Kevin's party - ends up in the pool

Posted by Jamie on December 05, 2017 at 15:00:54

In Reply to: Re: Kevin's party - ends up in the pool posted by Jack on December 01, 2017 at 10:02:05:

We've had a few parties during the summer months when swim-shorts for guys and swimsuits/bikinis for girls were the dress code and they are just as much fun as seeing everyone going in fully clothed. I think doing one thing all the time can make you too used to it and lessen the pleasure for when you do what you best prefer, if you see what I mean.
(To our friend Wetchas, who will be wondering why I'm posting here during a work afternoon, I'm on my tea break .....)

Kevin takes up football.

Posted by Chris on December 06, 2017 at 18:56:34

The younger guys at work have decided to start a 7-a-side football team and Kevin has suddenly become keen to ensure that he gets selected as there are nine of us who would like to play. However, it turns out that Kevin is the only one who is happy to play in goal, so it looks like his place is booked as far as the rest of the potential team are concerned.

Kevin and I have been practising his goal-keeping skills and, as far as I can tell, he is pretty good ........ far better than me at any rate. Kevin found an old set of free-standing posts, cross-bar and net of Jamie's in one of the garages and we set it up out on the rough grass beside the track to the woods. The ground stays wet there anyway and by the time we had churned it up a bit to make it softer to land in, our "goalmouth" was a bit of a mud bog.

Kevin is very quick on his feet and since he's got fitter he has the stamina to keep leaping about for as long as I can keep kicking a ball towards him. As with his swimming and fearless attitude to the pool, he throws himself around and dives for every ball however slim his chance of getting to it. On Sunday it was cloudy, but dry, and after breakfast Kevin asked if I'd kick a ball at him for a while. I had nothing better to do and he and I get on well together now, he's funny and good company. So we went and changed into soccer kit; mid-blue shorts, white and blue stripe shirt, blue socks and orange football boots for Kevin. Navy shorts and a white soccer shirt and socks for me, my old school kit actually.

Out by the goal-mouth the ground was damp but the mud had hardened, we did a few kicks and saves and Kevin dived for a few saves but then got up rubbing his shoulder and looking pained, saying the ground was hard when I asked if he was hurt.

"How about we soften it up a bit?" Kevin asked.

"OK - what do you suggest?" I asked.

"Is the hose long enough to reach here - it's not far from the garage yard to here?" Kevin asked.

"We can try - it can't be more than fifty or sixty feet from the buildings." I replied "And we've got more than one hose length ........ somewhere, may have to hunt around for it."

So we set about sorting the hose out. Kevin suggested that we take it through the garage and out through the high level slot window at the back of the garage nearest the tap to shorten the run. I don't think anyone had tried opening the window since the place was built but we managed it in the end despite all the dirt and big cobwebs - thankfully no spiders, I hate spiders with a passion, makes me shudder just to think about them - and after we had found the second length and some joining bits we had about ten feet more than we needed. I found a lawn sprinkler as well, so we used that to set up a continuous spray over the goalmouth area.

We stomped around the area for a bit to make the ground muddy and then resumed our practice. Kevin asked that we leave the spray on and within a few minutes of starting he was soaked to the skin as he moved around under it. It was abundantly obvious that he was enjoying getting wet and the sight of his wet kit sliding over his body was making my growing boner increasingly uncomfortable as it tried to escape the restrictive briefs, despite them being of a stretch fabric; it did feel good despite that and the feel of my damp shirt and shorts rubbing against my skin as I moved was enough to keep me aroused. I'm sure Kevin had noticed as he grinned at me and rubbed himself each time he stood up after diving for a ball.

His shorts and shirt looked nicely shiny and when he started diving for the ball and got muddy it looked even better. It didn't take long before he and his kit were a uniform muddy brown from his shoulders to his boots. His shorts and shirt clung to his body so much that it was difficult to tell where the muddy shorts and shirt ended and the muddy skin of his legs and arms started. he didn't even bother to pull his shorts away from his body as they bunched up around his groin, so there wasn't much left to the imagination as he moved around. Each time he wiped the mud and water from his face he ended up with even more mud smeared across his face and up through his hair. Despite being under a constant spray of water he didn't seem to get any cleaner as he moved around getting wetter and wetter.

By the time we had been out there for an hour or so the mud in the goalmouth was sloppy and almost ankle-deep in places with standing water around the edges. I switched the hose off and asked Kevin if he wanted to carry on. I was barely wet, just damp, and was really hoping Kevin might say he wanted to carry on with practising some close-up goal-keeping as I tried to score rather than just saving long-range shots.

"You're only asking 'cos you want to get muddy as well, aren't you?" Kevin grinned.

"Don't be silly ........ what made you think that?" I asked as I grabbed his shoulders and tried to push him over, he resisted but after a struggle we both fell over and rolled around until I was as muddy as him.

When we stood up Kevin pointed at my groin and said "I'll answer your question now - that hard-on in your shorts made me think you wanted to get muddy. You haven't taken your eyes off my shorts since I got hard either - bit of a giveaway, that .............."

"OK you win." I conceded "You know me too well."

We continued our practise for another half hour and it was great playing around in wet clingy soccer kit. We were both soaked in mud and I defy anyone to have told us what colour our clothes were by the end.

We hosed each other down as we stood in the goalmouth and it was fun watching the mud pour down to reveal the true colours as we did so, despite it being cold water we both had good boners going as I switched off the hose and we headed back to the house dragging the hose back with us. After putting the hose away we stood under a hot shower and attended to our physical needs as we tried to ignore each other. We then spent the time until lunch in the hot tub still in our soccer kit, but minus boots and socks. Kevin obviously still had a hard-on as we sat there and seemed incapable of keeping his hands off it so I had to keep pushing him under until he gave up in order to retaliated and forgot about such distractions.

Our family make an offer.

Posted by Chris on December 07, 2017 at 20:33:21

Jemima, Kayne and Katie returned to their home on Monday morning a week ago when aunt Mary drove them back after breakfast. She returned home in a state of shock after seeing where they live. (Uncle Danny had not seen the place as he had picked them up from outside Kayne's school just around the corner). Aunt Mary and uncle Danny must have been talking about it over the Tuesday and Wednesday as they asked for a family meeting after supper last Friday. We were all there (us two, our parents and Tom) and Danny and Mary basically asked that we consent to asking Jemima and family to join Kevin and live with us all.

There are still parts of the various outbuildings that could be converted into living accommodation (above the remaining garages/workshops and an almost derelict cottage in what was once a walled vegetable garden) and the suggestion was that we go ahead with converting somewhere into a home for Kevin's family.

Aunt Mary describe the dump in which they lived - noisy, dirty, next to a railway line, no outside space, only three rooms and a WC, no central heating and they pay what seemed a huge rent for what it is - and we decided that each family should have an internal discussion about whether to agree and that a secret ballot take place the following Wednesday (yesterday), any "NO" vote who automatically veto the proposal. It sounds bizarre on the face of it but as we would all have to live with the ultimate decision it seems sensible.

Having heard about the place they live, it made me realise how easy it is to take comfortable surroundings as a given in life.

Last night after supper we gathered again to hear the result of the ballot. I was relieved when it turned out to be unanimous in favour of asking them all to join us living in Gloucestershire. I know my parents and I barely discussed it before agreeing and Jamie said his family were the same.

The question that arose was where exactly they could live now and Tom instantly suggested that as a temporary measure, they could move into his flat above the garages, adjoining the pool. He would move into his parents' apartment.

So, having an outline plan, we found Kevin and asked him to join us before asking him what he thought about the idea. He was speechless at first but, of course, agreed that it would be great for his family. He thought his mum would jump at the idea. Danny suggested that he could give Jemima a part-time job in the office as aunt Mary wants to change to fewer hours. The firm will do the building work needed and uncle Danny suggested that Tom take on the role of project manager and get Kevin involved as well.

Aunt Mary spoke to Jemima today and she accepted the offer immediately, understandably. Turns out that she has qualifications as a book-keeper and has worked as an office manager in the past. The plan is that they all join us for Christmas and in the meantime aunt Mary will make enquiries about local schools for Kayne and Katie.

Jamie suggested that we could find out if our old school would take Kayne on a bursary. The school, like many others, reserve a number of places for bright pupils whose parents are unable to afford the full fees. Jamie's dad is an "old boy" of the school and offered to speak to the Head or Bursar to find out what the situation is and how to apply. According to Jemima, backed up by Kevin, Kayne is a very bright lad and takes to hard academic work like a duck to water, whatever the subject, particularly maths and the science subjects.

On the practical front, Kevin will move to the guest room next to me (his current room next Jamie's is his brother Will's room really and he will want it over Christmas) as Tom's flat has only two bedrooms, a shower room and one large kitchen/living room.

It will be nice to have more people in the house and fun to have little Katie and Kayne around. Kevin has been looking so happy and excited, and can't stop saying 'thank you' to everyone at every opportunity, which is rather touching.

This evening he spontaneously jumped in the pool in all his clothes just for the sheer joy of it, clambered out and then walked the length of the pool on his hands before splashing back into the water. That was funny to see.

On the coming Sunday morning our 7-a-side football team have an informal match, our first, against a team from the local pub. Tom has arranged this as he is friends with the senior barman and a few of their team, it'll be a bit of a shake-down for us as a team. We shall be playing in the local park where Jamie and I and our mates used to have our kick arounds. Just praying for decent weather as the forecast seems to be hinting at snow sometime soon.

Re: Kevin takes up football.

Posted by Craig on December 08, 2017 at 12:17:51

In Reply to: Re: Kevin takes up football. posted by Chris on December 07, 2017 at 23:14:49:

I'd agree with you about Kevin, even though I don't know his home circumstances in detail, but it sure sounds like his options for getting wet and enjoying himself would be severely limited in a three room flat with his mum, brother and sister around. Whereas at your place he must have found himself in seventh heaven - as most of us would - and has simply allowed his liking for getting wet and muddy to assert itself.

I guess it's just you and Kevin in the company 7-a-side team (is Jamie able to play these days?) so I look forward to hearing further on that front and you must let us know what the team strip looks like - something that looks good when wet and muddy I hope. Good luck with the match on Sunday if it goes ahead.

Re: Our family make an offer.

Posted by Jamie on December 08, 2017 at 17:10:18

In Reply to: Re: Our family make an offer. posted by wetchas on December 08, 2017 at 10:14:30:

I think the family made the right decision.

Chris is sulking at the moment and suggested I reply to comments about the football match on Sunday as he has not been selected for the team Ha Ha .......

It seems that the Captain, Adam (a.k.a. Bruce) doesn't think he is up to scratch. He'll get over it, so don't feel too sorry for him; to make matters worse (in Chris' eyes) Kevin was chosen as goal-keeper and praised for his talent when Adam gave his reasons for whom he picked. In any case, given the weather today - very cold and windy - and the forecast about snow, I doubt that the match will go ahead.

Re: Kevin takes up football.

Posted by Jamie on December 08, 2017 at 17:20:46

In Reply to: Re: Kevin takes up football. posted by Craig on December 08, 2017 at 12:17:51:

Thanks for your comments.

Chris and Kevin certainly enjoyed their goalmouth antics and both were obviously enjoying their experience when I saw them returning to the house; prominent boners always show enjoyment in my experience.......

You are right in your surmise that I don't play football these days as I find that, although I can still kick the ball hard with my good leg, I inevitably fall over afterwards as I can't seem to keep my balance unless I use crutches as well.

I am replying to your comment as Chris is sulking at the moment as he was not picked for the team for the game on Sunday; our Captain decided he was not up to scratch, much to his chagrin.

Re: Kevin takes up football.

Posted by Craig on December 08, 2017 at 20:41:39

In Reply to: Re: Kevin takes up football. posted by Jamie on December 08, 2017 at 17:20:46:

I'd agree with your surmise about visible boners - it certainly applies to Stan and myself.

Hope my observation about you playing soccer did not offend: I realised after posting that I might have been rather tactless.

Commiserations to Chris about not being picked for the game; but he does have the consolation of having got Kevin up to speed......

Re: Kevin takes up football.

Posted by Jamie on December 09, 2017 at 09:49:29

In Reply to: Re: Kevin takes up football. posted by Craig on December 08, 2017 at 20:41:39:

No offence taken. I am still finding things that I cannot do however hard I try, and football is one of those. I recently got a blade attachment (the sort you see athletes run with) and although it is great for running easily, I just can't get the hang of standing on it alone, which is supposed to be possible. I don't know how those athletes without both legs manage to stand never mind run and so.

Chris will get over not being selected for the match tomorrow; not sure if it will go ahead as we had a few flurries of snow yesterday and again this morning, so we'll see what happens.

Re: Football match.

Posted by Jamie on December 10, 2017 at 18:52:46

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by Craig on December 10, 2017 at 13:07:53:

It was a bit mean throwing him in the pool, I admit, but really why would you think a football match would be on with 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground and it snowing heavily still ?

Kevin took it in good part and Tom and Chris joined him in the pool after they had changed into swimshorts and tees.

Re: Football match.

Posted by wetjumper on December 10, 2017 at 22:48:28

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by Jamie on December 10, 2017 at 18:52:46:

You probably don't need much of an excuse to throw someone in the pool! It seemed appropriate enough in the circumstances. But why didn't you all change into football kit and take a ball into the pool? ;-)

I didn't get much snow, but when I read the story I'd just heard that my afternoon swimming session was cancelled as the pool temperature was too low (I guess the heating had problems, it's happened before). Otherwise it could have been a good excuse to wear more clothes in the water, if they let me? I'm already bending the rules...

Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Football match.

Posted by Jamie on December 11, 2017 at 09:36:04

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by wetjumper on December 10, 2017 at 22:48:28:

Now that IS a good idea.......

Not working today as the heating at work has packed up. We got there this morning, having skidded and slipped our way along the icy roads, only to find the place freezing cold, so uncle Danny sent everyone home.

I think I might put your suggestion of 'pool football' to the others and see if they would be up for a game, all in our team shirts and shorts of course.

I'll let you know what happens.

Re: Football match.

Posted by wetchas on December 11, 2017 at 09:36:56

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by wetjumper on December 10, 2017 at 22:48:28:

Good move Chris & Jamie. No point in getting dressed in your footie year if you are not going to get it muddy or wet.
I understand conditions are quite bad up your way today. Have you managed to get into work, or is all work suspended until the ice thaws. I guess you only have until the end of this week anyway, or certainly only a couple of days next week. Life of Rielly, (got any idea who he was?).

Nice to hear from wetjumper again. Hope you are well now.


Re: Football match.

Posted by wetchas on December 11, 2017 at 11:20:22

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by Jamie on December 11, 2017 at 09:36:04:

Quite right too. Can't work in the cold can you. Health & Safety people wouldn't allow it.

Pool football. Interesting thought. Presumably the ref would need to be in full year to, with the linesmen swimming up and down the sides of the pool watching play. Perhaps a couple of the girls could dress as nurses, and be on stand by to plunge in should there be any injuries. The managers would only be allowed in if they were wearing regulation suits and puffer jackets.

The only problem is of course, that you can't actually kick the ball underwater. Perhaps everyone will need a boot on a stick.
Do you think this is getting a bit silly now?

Incidentally, have you checked wether you will get paid for today, even though you are not working. You might be made to take it as a days holiday.

Re: Football match.

Posted by Jamie on December 11, 2017 at 16:39:38

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by wetchas on December 11, 2017 at 09:36:56:

Dry now after an afternoon of "pool football" as per Wetjumper's suggestion.

Life of Riley (or Reilly) seems to have its origin in an Irish gent as per the following Wikipedia entry:-

"Theories exist as to the origin, for example from James Whitcomb Riley's poems in the 1880s depicting the comforts of a prosperous home life, but it could have an Irish origin: After the Reilly clan consolidated its hold on County Cavan, they minted their own money, which was accepted as legal tender even in England. These coins, called "O'Reillys" and "Reillys," became synonymous with a monied person, and a gentleman freely spending was therefore "living on his Reillys."

Anyway we had fun in the pool with Kevin later in the day when the two Adams (a.k.a. Bruce and Sheila), Darren, Luke, Steve and Murray joined Tom and the three of us for our day off work. There were ten of us in all so a full house (or pool) and we had asked everyone to wear their soccer kit.

Chris is currently writing up an account of the fun we had and will post it in the not too distant future.

Re: Football match.

Posted by Jamie on December 11, 2017 at 16:58:21

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by wetchas on December 11, 2017 at 11:29:31:

Not sure whether I should be ashamed or embarrassed by my mum who arrived home whilst our game was going on and decided to sit and watch for a while. I think the sight of the other guys in wet kit must have turned her head as she was quite soppy as she watched them clambering out of the pool to retrieve mis-shot balls (if you see what I mean).

Re: Football match.

Posted by wetchas on December 11, 2017 at 20:43:24

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by Jamie on December 11, 2017 at 16:58:21:

Bet it kept the language down though.

Re: Football match.

Posted by Jamie on December 11, 2017 at 22:33:11

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by wetchas on December 11, 2017 at 20:43:24:

All the bad language came from her as she commented on the action and encouraged us on - I never realised before that she knew such words, never mind actually used them.......... so embarrassing!

"Get that ball !" "Kick his bl..ding arse, you" etc. etc

Re: Football match.

Posted by wetchas on December 12, 2017 at 09:59:05

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by Jamie on December 11, 2017 at 22:33:11:

Not your dear Mother surely. As you say, that must have been quite a shock.
Women can sometimes turn like that when they see men competing. I used to take my missus to the Stock Car racing when it was held locally. She was just the same.
Funny things women. Take a tip from an old timer, you will never understand them.

We play "pool football".

Posted by Chris on December 12, 2017 at 17:06:37

Yesterday, Monday, we got to work having struggled through the snow after clearing the driveway and found the heating had packed-up so uncle Danny sent everyone home. The electricity supply kept cutting out too, twice for twenty minutes at a time in the hour we were there. Luckily we have no jobs on at the moment that require people to be on site every day to reach a completion date or where the property is occupied.

We invited the other guys in our football team to come back to our place and have some fun in the pool. So we went home and most of the guys went back to their places to get changed out of work clothes and pick up their team kit and/or swimwear and other clothes to wear. They all knew they were welcome to wear clothes in the pool.

By 10:00am everyone had assembled at home; the nine guys who wanted to be in the team (the two Adams, Kevin, Luke, Woo, Murray, Darren, Steve and me) along with Tom and Jamie. As we assembled Kevin was the only one in his team kit, dark maroon shorts and shirt with white socks. The others were all in jeans and tees or sweatshirts. Jamie was in his old school football kit of dark navy shorts and white shirt. Tom was in black jeans and a grey tee. The other team members all admired Kevin in his kit as most had not seen it being worn and everyone agreed that it looked very smart, at which point Murray asked what it looked like when wet.

"Why don't we find out now ?" Luke asked as he grabbed Kevin's arms.

"Hey, come on guys ...... that's not fair....." Kevin protested as Darren and Murray grabbed his legs.

Steve took one of his arms from Luke and they carried him to the side of the pool, swung him back and forth a few times and then let go. Kevin soared out over the water and splashed down. He got a round of applause as he scrambled out of the pool with the water pouring off his wet clothes which clung tightly all over and clearly showed how much he was starting to enjoy the feel of being soaked.

"Oh dear, hope you don't get like that when we play a match........"Adam (Sheila) observed as everyone laughed.

"Only if it's raining or the pitch is very wet and muddy......." Kevin grinned, completely unabashed as he pulled his wet shorts away from his growing boner.

"Adam's only jealous - ignore him......." Murray said "Let's get changed and we can all join Kevin in the pool."

We all changed into our team kit and then joined Jamie, Tom and Kevin in the pool. The dark maroon shirts and shorts looked great on everyone as we splashed around for a bit. Everyone seemed to enjoy being wet in the kit and Kevin's boner was obviously contagious as a few of the guys were soon sporting their own.

Tom raised a cheer when he climbed out of the pool in his black jeans and grey tee and sloshed his way to the shower room to get a couple of inflatable balls for us to play with, he looked good in his shiny wet jeans and Darren asked if he was going commando.

"I'll let you decide what you think." Tom replied as he jumped back in the water.

"OK - I think you are: I didn't notice a waistband of any underwear when you climbed out and your tee rode up." Darren replied "and those jeans are tight enough to show if you were wearing anything under them."

"Ha ha ha ........... Darren's got his eye in already - look out guys......." Woo laughed.

"Yeah, looks like he's a bit of an expert on tight wet clothes......" Luke agreed to general laughter.

"He'll be checking us all out ........." Adam (Bruce) said.

"You wish........" Darren replied "Admit it guys, we all check out other blokes and fantasise about what they might be like."

"I certainly do with girls - I admit - but I ain't gay so guys don't interest me." Murray said "Not even you Darren............" he finished as he reached out and pushed Darren under the water.

"I've seen you checking out the other guys at the gym." Darren spluttered when he surfaced "You're as interested in what they look like as much as anyone. Doesn't mean you are gay; everyone makes comparisons with their own package against other guys - it's just curiosity."

"So you don't mind if we all check you out then, Darren ?" Woo asked.

"I can't stop you, can I ? I think I compare fairly favourably with you lot anyway....." Darren laughed.

"We'd probably all say the same, wouldn't we ?" Kevin chimed in "I mean from what I've seen of you lot - wet or dry - I'd say I was definitely pretty blessed." these last words were drowned out with everyone splashing him and trying to duck him.

"You'll learn soon enough that it's what you do with it that counts, mate, not what you have." Murray remarked.

"...... says the guy who has a small dick..........." Luke laughed.

"OK guys - enough of this chat - you can check each other out when you get changed if that's what you want" Tom interrupted "but let's try out this pool football game for now."

So the banter finished and we tried out different ways to play "pool football". We tried letting the ball float and raising our feet as we trod water to kick it but that proved too cumbersome. In the end we settled on punching, pushing or throwing the ball using just one hand, the goalkeeper being the only one allowed to use both hands to catch or throw the ball. It worked quite well and we split into two teams with the goals being the ends of the pool, a portion of which we marked out with piles of wet swim-shorts and tees from the spare bin. We all expended a lot of energy as we splashed about and jumped for the higher balls to intercept shots and after twenty minutes each way (it being easier at the shallow end) we stopped for a coffee break.

As we sat around drinking coffees the previous conversation re-started and some very personal observations were made now that we could see each other properly whilst sitting around in wet shorts.

Kevin muttered something under his breath at one point, not sure what it was as I was sitting too far away to hear properly, and Luke suddenly leaned across and grabbed his genitals through his wet shorts. To everyone's surprise Kevin just laughed and leaned back in his chair as Luke squeezed him.

"Enjoying that, Luke?" Kevin asked " 'Cos I am - keep going mate as long as you like."

Luke looked surprised and laughed. "I was going to tear them off after that little comment, but you are funny sometimes." he said as he withdrew his hand and leaned back in his seat "and if any one is wondering, I think the little guy may be right in his earlier assertion ...................... in my book, he's one well hung lad."

"So is Kevin going commando, Luke?" Darren asked.

"Yeah, definitely." Luke replied "How about you?"

"No, I like a bit of support, briefs for me." Darren laughed.

Turned out that Kevin, Tom and Adam (Sheila) were the only guys going commando.

Adam (Sheila) was sitting next to me and I noticed his eyes gradually closing as we all chatted, and then his chin dropped to his chest briefly before he jerked alert again.

"Keeping you awake, are we?" I asked.

"We went to the pub last night and there was a lock-in after hours - didn't get home 'til four, so yeah, you are......." Adam grinned "Sorry."

"No worries, take a nap if you want." I replied.

"Nah, Nah, I'm OK."

Within a few minutes he was nodding again and this time he didn't jerk awake. I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed. Murray gave me a thumbs up as he pointed at Adam next to me and he nudged Tom to his left and whispered something. They both got up and disappeared to the changing room and came back with a couple of buckets which they filled from the pool. Everyone was watching by now as they crept around behind Adam and dumped both buckets of water over him. I don't think I have ever seen anyone jump so as the water hit him. Of course he was drenched again and we all laughed as he leapt to his feet, briefly revealing a huge boner tenting out the front of his shorts, hidden as he had sat down by his folded hands in his lap. He ran to the pool and dived straight in.

Kevin, trying to keep a straight face, observed when he surfaced "Oh dear, hope you don't get like that when we play a match............." and did it in a perfect imitation of Adam's Australian accent.

"I do hope not." Adam laughed as he hauled himself out and sat on the side with his back to us.

"Let us know, Adam, when you're ready to resume play - a couple of minutes enough time?" Darren called.

"Cheeky .......... at least half an hour usually, can't hurry these things you know....." Adam laughed as he mimed jerking off in his lap.

After that we had another go at "pool football" and then just lazed around as some used the diving boards with an impromptu competition until lunchtime. We sat around the pool in our wet clothes as we ate pizza and had a few beers. It was just beginning to get dark when everyone changed out of the football kit and got dressed ready to head home. Uncle Danny came in as they were leaving and announced that work would be suspended the next day (ie today, Tuesday) as well as the heating engineer was not arriving until midday and it was forecast to get really cold over night, down to -11 or -12 degrees maybe.

All in all a pretty good day off work - and we get paid for it as well. The only disappointment was that nobody wore their normal clothes in the pool, except Tom of course, but it was good to see everyone enjoy themselves and joining in the banter. Kevin made himself more popular with his quick wit and willingness to take being the butt of jokes, both verbal and physical (as when Luke grabbed him) in good humour. Not sure I would have reacted in quite that way if someone had grabbed me by the balls.

Re: Football match.

Posted by Jamie on December 12, 2017 at 18:37:24

In Reply to: Re: Football match. posted by wetchas on December 12, 2017 at 09:59:05:

Yes, my MUM for goodness sake! She only watched for a few minutes when she returned home from lunch out with a couple of friends - I think she probably had a couple of gins too many but she will neither confirm or deny.......

Re: We play "pool football".

Posted by Chris on December 13, 2017 at 11:41:22

In Reply to: Re: We play "pool football". posted by wetchas on December 13, 2017 at 09:35:34:

Thanks, Charlie, we had a lot of fun. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is one of my favourite films - just one set of disasters after another really, culminating in totalling the Ferrari, the manner of which was just so believable ...... but inevitable.

Not all the talk was in the same vein (ie balls, cocks and relative sizes) although a lot was and we did learn a few new things about our workmates.

Steve was the quietest, he has a slight speech impediment, like a stammer, which I had assumed was just that but it transpired that he was brain damaged at birth (some sort of mishap that denied his brain oxygen for a short while) and it affected his speech centre.
You'd never guess unless he told you but it affected his left arm as well but with physical training and his liking for going to the gym he is by far the fittest of any of us - he has a real six-pack and I swear his muscles have muscles of their own - and he did a few flexings of them to amuse us all (rather intimidating actually if you thought you were fit already, which I did).

Also Murray has two prosthetics. Talk had gotten around to Jamie and his leg with a few curious questions (which Jamie doesn't mind as it makes it all more normal) and Murray asked everyone to guess what he had. Nothing visible, but he apparently had testicular cancer a couple of years ago and had his replaced with artificial ones, which revelation caused a few crossed legs and clutched groins. He has to have yearly checks but it was caught in the very early stages and had not spread elsewhere, luckily. I guess we should check ourselves regularly, I know I will from now on. Murray says he can still get erections as before - if not better as he doesn't have to worry about getting a girl pregnant - and if he ever wants a family he has sperm frozen in storage.

I think Sue has a pretty good idea about what we talk about, so reading my account won't surprise her or Mari.

The kit looked excellent when wet, dark and shiny. I checked the label and the fabric is 60% polyester, 25% cotton and 15% elastane. It is a heavyweight fabric, bit like some cargo-style boardshorts that I have, and seems to hold water more than any other football shorts I have worn. They are very comfortable to wear, wet or dry, and drape nicely when wet. Kevin looked amazing in his kit the other day in the mud, he said they weighed two or three times their dry weight and I could see they clung ferociously. After a bit in the pool everyone gave up trying to retain their modesty by pulling the fabric away when climbing out of the pool to fetch a stray ball.

I'm not sure if the girls would enjoy "pool football" as it got a bit physical at times, lots of duckings and holding under.

The side roads and lanes around here are like ice rinks - it started to thaw and re-froze again last night - so we have spent most of the morning clearing the driveway and the lane. The heating is still off at work and yesterday afternoon the power went down again, so another day off work.

Re: We play "pool football".

Posted by Jamie on December 13, 2017 at 11:58:04

In Reply to: Re: We play "pool football". posted by Sue on December 12, 2017 at 20:47:13:

You'll have to ask Kevin when you see him next. Something went on but he has not been very forthcoming so far.

Merrie Christmas everyone

Posted by Chris and Jamie on December 21, 2017 at 19:20:09

Wishing everyone on these forums a very Merry Christmas and possibly a wet one too.

Kevin's family arrived today to live here and we finished work for the holidays at lunchtime today. Busy wrapping presents this afternoon (what do you buy for a 6 year old girl ? - no good asking mums as they have only had boys.....)

Kevin celebrated the arrival of his younger brother Kayne by throwing him in the pool and then jumping in to join him. I can see that the pool is going to have a lot of use in future.

My brother Will arrives home tomorrow for the Christmas break and then we all go for a holiday on the yacht he works on for the new year, courtesy of his boss, the owner, who we met earlier this year - looking forward to that, I must say. There will be seventeen of us in total (including Will) so should be a fun time.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Re: Merrie Christmas everyone

Posted by Irving U K on December 22, 2017 at 09:59:01

In Reply to: Merrie Christmas everyone posted by Chris and Jamie on December 21, 2017 at 19:20:09:

Seems to be promising. Merry Christmas

Re: Merrie Christmas everyone

Posted by wetshirt on December 24, 2017 at 00:08:31

In Reply to: Merrie Christmas everyone posted by Chris and Jamie on December 21, 2017 at 19:20:09:

Merry Christmas Chris and Jamie and family.

Re: Merrie Christmas everyone

Posted by wetjumper on December 25, 2017 at 01:13:57

In Reply to: Merrie Christmas everyone posted by Chris and Jamie on December 21, 2017 at 19:20:09:

A very Merry Christmas to you too, Jamie and Chris, and to your family and friends. Thanks for keeping us entertained and informed of your fascinating, eventful and frequently highly enjoyable lives - your posts are inspiring and a joy to read, even though readers may experience a certain amount of envy at times!

A Merry Christmas also to Felix and colleagues and to all readers of this forum (and the Beach Club and Mud Pit too).

My own Christmas is currently unexpectedly restricted by a boiler failure which is probably beyond repair, so I have no water heating until a new system can be installed in early January. (No earlier than that because scaffolding is needed for work on the flue.) I could really do with a long, warm, clothed soak, but it's at least ten days away... :-(

As for "What do you buy for a 6 year old girl ?", maybe "anything as long as it's pink"? ;-)

Peter (wetjumper)

Re: Merrie Christmas everyone

Posted by swimmerrat on December 25, 2017 at 14:47:27

In Reply to: Merrie Christmas everyone posted by Chris and Jamie on December 21, 2017 at 19:20:09:

Merry Christmas!

Ripping clothes and touching balls

Posted by Timmy on January 08, 2018 at 22:57:59

In Reply to: Re: New Room and Roommate posted by Trn on January 07, 2018 at 08:58:56:

Hi Trn

As I said earlier, as a student I can't afford to rip my clothes. They have to last the whole academic year.

I mostly wear my Sondico rain pants, but have others too.

From ebay I got white snow camo over trousers, NATO issue, cost ca $10. They are made from a very thin nylon, not waterproof. On the sides and the front they have openings, so you can reach the trousers underneath. No need to cut them open.

I wear these soft pants on their own as pyjamas. They feel so good in bed or in the water. Hikaro borrows mine sometimes when we cuddle up to sleep.

He puts his hands around my balls when we spoon. After we turned over, I hold on to his balls. Feels really nice.

We read about this here when Chris and Jamie talked about it.

Home again.

Posted by Chris on January 18, 2018 at 11:50:57

We got home yesterday (Tuesday, that is - bit late posting this....) from our fantastic holiday on the super-yacht on which Jamie's brother Will works as first officer. The owner was kind enough to invite us to use it as a family when we met him last year.

We had a lovely family Christmas and it was fun to have Jemima, Kevin, Kayne and Katie with us as well. They arrived at the house to live on the Thursday before Christmas and settled into Tom's flat by the pool very quickly, with Kevin taking up residence in a spare room next to Chris as the flat only has two bedrooms. Uncle Danny and Tom were busy drawing up sketch plans for a conversion above the remaining garages/workshops and asking Jemima what she thought during the afternoon of Christmas Eve and they were well received, as expected, although Jemima's ideas on layout and decor are a bit wacky.

Will got a message on the Thursday after Christmas to say that the owner's private jet would pick us up on Saturday morning. I did rather wonder what sort of plane it might be as there were 17 of us in total, including Sue and Mari and Jemima and her brood. Turned out to be a Boeing Business Jet, looked like a small airliner, and was very spacious and luxurious.

Originally our group was going to be just us two and our parents but Will was told that the other crew member's family that was due to go had had to pull out due to illness, so we were to have the whole boat to ourselves, which has cabins for a maximum of twenty-four guests in total.

We flew to Barbados (7 hours 48 minutes in the air; quite long enough in my view, thank you.......) to meet up with the boat and were walking up the gangway about an hour after landing, it was roughly 3:30pm. It was warm but cloudy and Will predicted that it might rain a bit later.

The boat (I was told to call it "a yacht", but really ? It's nearly 400 feet long and has 7 decks and there's not a sail in sight - that's not "a yacht" in my book...........) looked enormous and very smart. We were greeted by the captain and then Will showed us all the cabins and we took our choices (not difficult as they were almost all the same) and marvelled at how luxurious everything was, no gold taps or flashy stuff like that, just beautifully made and fitted. Mari and I picked one of the four cabins on deck 4 which had an outside balcony, Jamie and Sue picked the cabin next to us that had forward facing windows. The other two cabins on deck 4 were taken by Kevin & Kayne and by Jemima & Katie. Our parents and Danny and Mary took cabins on deck 3 below us which all opened on to the pool / hot-tub deck where the main outside deck area was situated also. Tom took one of the two single cabins on the same deck as us. The main inside lounge and bar area were on our deck also with the enormous, very formal inside dining room on the same deck to the rear where it opened onto a basket ball court that also doubled as a helicopter pad.

Will suggested that we unpack the few clothes that we had bought (well, that applied to Jamie and me but the girls seem to have had other ideas........) and we gathered around the pool area. All the guys had changed into swim-shorts and tee-shirts and the ladies were in a mix of bikinis and sun dresses. The Captain welcomed us all and then introduced his senior officers (Will and Guy) and the stewards and other crew who would be, as he put it, "at your beck and call, any time, day or night - don't hesitate, they are all paid far too much to do their jobs, so make them earn it. And they do like a challenge to produce something unusual."

Will then went through the safety drills and Guy then introduced the Chef and asked us to let him know of any preferences or allergies so that he could tailor the menus to our liking. A steward then produced a tray of rum punches to welcome us aboard, even Katie and Kayne got their own non-alcoholic versions.

After that the Captain handed out some sheets of paper detailing an itinerary for our stay and stressed that it was only a draft route and plan and could be changed at any time to suit our wishes or the weather.

"If you all wanted to, we could just anchor off shore somewhere - lots of beautiful palm fringed beaches around - and ferry you to shore as and when, but that would probably be rather boring given that you have the choice of anywhere in the Caribbean to visit." the Captain explained "We can arrange island visits almost anywhere you can spot on the charts within reason, so please do let us know what you might like to do and see, there are a good number of guide books and photographic books about all the islands (and the rest of the world come to that) in the library on deck two. We will be casting off at about 6pm as it begins to get dark and shall cruise north along the coast of Barbados before anchoring for the night within a mile of shore in a calm spot of the Caribbean Sea. Chef has arranged for supper to be served at 8pm tonight. If you would like the company of myself or any of the crew we would be delighted to join you and answer your questions or tell you about this vessel and the places we have visited. Will can fill you in about that. Anyway, enough from me - I will leave you in the capable hands of Guy and his staff and Will of course. Thank you."

It was Katie who broke the ice with the rather formal Captain.

"Can I ask you what I should call you, please ? My name is Katie and Captain sounds very formal if we are to be friends."

"Well, Miss Katie, everyone on board calls me Captain - or other names behind my back, I'm sure - but my name is Andrew, or Andy to my family." he said as he stepped towards her and picked her up and held her in his arms "but as you are so cute and remind me of my granddaughter, I'd be honoured if you called me Cap'n Andy as she does ......... would that be OK Miss Katie?"

"Yes, that would be nice, thank you." Katie laughed as he kissed her on the forehead and put her down.

We sat around and discussed the itinerary that the Captain had outlined. Will explained that they had drawn it up to show as many of the islands in the central and southern Caribbean as possible without being constantly on the move. So the proposed route went north-east from Barbados to St. Lucia and on past Martinique, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Antigua & Barbuda, and then south to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and back to Barbados a distance of about 1,100 miles. At the ships cruising speed would be about 60 hours of actual travel, which was not that much over fourteen or fifteen days and could mostly be done at night for the bits between islands. So we agreed that we would go with the schedule and modify it as we went along if we wanted to stop somewhere for a bit longer or a second day.

Tom was the first to put down his rum punch and dive into the pool and Kayne and Kevin were quick to join him. Will and Guy continued to chat about life aboard with the rest of us and explained that most guests like supper to be the only formal meal where everyone was expected to sit down together. Again we could change that if we wished, but my dad suggested that we go with it and enjoy a bit of luxury dining and being waited on. Guy said he thoroughly approved and knew that his crew enjoyed putting on a display. He suggested that breakfast and lunch - if we were aboard - be laid out as a buffet style meal and available for everyone to browse over for a couple of hours each, which would give flexibility if some of the party were engaged with water-sports or other activities. It was obvious that he was very used to giving superb service to diverse groups of guests and he kept emphasising that everything was flexible and down to us to change as we wished.

When Will and Guy excused themselves to prepare for setting sail, Jemima spoke up.

"I don't know about all of you, but I feel I have died and got to heaven. I could get very used to a life like this." she observed "I can't tell you how grateful I am for what you've all done for us, the kids and I have never had a holiday together before and this is beyond imagining." she finished as tears overcame her.

Aunt Mary moved to sit next to her and put an arm around her. "It's a bit overwhelming isn't it? Imagine having all this - the yacht, the plane and the houses we've never seen - and knowing you can just move around the world in such comfort. We all think we are well off - and we are by most standards - but this is another world to all of us as well. I don't know I'd ever get used to it either."

"That's a relief, dearest, you'll never get the chance........" uncle Danny laughed.

"Unless you win the Lottery......" my mum pointed out.

"You have to do it to win, and we don't." aunt Mary laughed.

At that point, Paul the steward came back to ask if he could get anyone another rum punch or something else to drink. On seeing Jemima's tears he asked if everything was OK. Jemima reassured him that all was fine, she was just a bit overcome by everything.

"Yes indeed, it can take some people like that." Paul sympathised "But I find that most of our guests get used to the life on board very quickly; a good meal and a few drinks followed by a night's sleep and waking to the sound of the sea also help acclimatise. My parents and younger sister were on board for a week last year and my mum couldn't stop getting teary with each new experience. But we are all very friendly and everyone is here to make your stay an unforgettable experience, so please, relax and enjoy."

The rum punch was delicious and we all had a second one before Will came down from the bridge and said we were about to leave the dock and set sail. We heard the engines for the first time as they powered up and the boat started to move, ever so slowly, and we went to the side to watch as we gradually moved away from the dock-side and headed slowly out to sea. A couple of people on the dock waved and we saw a number of flashes as they took some pictures.

The view of Bridgetown as the lights of the building started to come on was lovely. I had forgotten how quickly dusk and night arrives in the Caribbean and by the time we had exited the dock and were out at sea the island was sparkling with lights along the shore for as far as we could see. We anchored a short time later about a mile off-shore midway between what Will pointed out as Holetown and Speightstown, some eight miles north of Bridgetown.

We had all gathered by the pool again when Paul appeared to say that supper would be ready to serve any time after 30 minutes if we wanted to get ready. My dad suggested that we all smarten up a bit and make an effort for supper as it appeared the crew were doing for us, so went and changed into smarter shorts and shirts and re-assembled in the dining room.

Super was delicious and consisted entirely of fish dishes, all sourced locally in Bridgetown, including crab cakes to start and flying fish for the main course. We had invited the Captain, the engineer and the head stewardess to join us (all on Will's advice, saying that the norm was to ask two or three crew for each meal, spreading down the hierarchy as the cruise continued: the Captain would not expect to be invited more than two or three times at most.) Jamie's dad and the engineer, Bill, got on like a house on fire talking engines, design differences between sea and air propellers, control systems and computer automation - yawn, yawn, interesting to listen to for five minutes but too geeky after that - and after coffee they both disappeared for a tour of the engine room. The head steward, Isobel a local Bajan from the north of the island, was delightful and spoke with the local accent (very distinctive) which took a bit of getting used to. Bill the engineer came from Virginia and had been in the US Navy for a number of years before starting to work on private yachts.

Katie and Kayne disappeared off to bed after supper (Katie did well to stay up so late I think) and the rest of us started to go off to bed soon after mid-night. Thus ended our first day at sea and the start of a memorable holiday. Will has promised us a more sporty day tomorrow, if we wish, and the chance of a trip ashore.

Well that was our first day and night on board. Sorry there's nothing about getting wet etc but more to follow from the next morning.

Re: Home again.

Posted by Chris on January 19, 2018 at 16:06:21

In Reply to: Re: Home again. posted by Me on January 19, 2018 at 14:34:59:

We did indeed.

I know, I know, we thought it would be best to stay conventional and wear swim-shorts until we knew how the land lay with the Captain and crew. As it turned out, they couldn't have cared less what we wore so after that first day we had plenty of chances to get wet whatever we were wearing.

Jamie and I will be posting more in due course.

Unusual, uh, sensation, yeah, sensation

Posted by Dolby1000 on February 09, 2018 at 21:01:32

Okay, so January was really cold (relatively) for Florida and I've not gotten in my pool since Christmas.

Unlike Chris, (or is it Jamie?), I really don't like cold water, very much a tepid to warm water fan.

Anyway, it finally has started to warm up just bit and my pool has gone from 56 degrees to 67 degrees, about the outer limit of what I'm willing to endure. Since we are shutting it down next week to drain and re-surface and it will be out of commission for several weeks, I had to try and see if I could get in it, our way of course.

I put on my blue boxers, a blue t-shirt, my 569 Levis, white socks, by blue Vans (didn't realize how much blue I had on) and a somewhat thick gray Cubs hoody, one I've been really wanting to soak.

I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the water for a long time, but with the air temperature hovering around 80 degrees, warming up would not be a problem.

I got myself all worked up before I even entered the pool. Anticipation of the wet event is always enough to start my level of excitement.

I was pretty hard by the time I started to get in the pool. This was a rather lengthy soaking, slowly starting with my shoes and socks and working in my jeans, hoping I didn't lose my interest, so to speak, as I got wetter. The hoody was wonderful, just a awesome as expected.

Pretty soon I was floating at the end of the pool and everything was wet. I was a bit chilly but still hard, the layers of clothes keeping me warm enough.

I found my sweet spot and a bit later I was cumming hard in my boxers, something I truly enjoy, whether wet or dry. Wet is far better though!

So, what was the sensation? I could feel myself losing heat as I came. The nether regions, through my hips and not quite to my chest definitely felt colder as I filled my boxers. The sensation lasted for several minutes after I came and really didn't go away until after I got out of the pool and into the warm air.

Thinking I was imagining all of this, two days later, in another pair Vans, black socks, Lee Carpenter jeans (new), same boxers, t-shirt and gray hoody, I tried again and sure enough, I wasn't imagining it, my body definitely felt colder as I pushed cum out.

Probably not surprising considering the temperature difference between the water and my release. Cumming comes from the warmest part of the body and I was expelling heat as well as those creamy ropes.

Once we get the pool re-opened and we get a heater installed, I won't be feeling this sensation again. Not sure if I like that or not as it sure was interesting.

Anyone else have this experience?


Re: Unusual, uh, sensation, yeah, sensation

Posted by Jamie on February 09, 2018 at 21:14:32

In Reply to: Unusual, uh, sensation, yeah, sensation posted by Dolby1000 on February 09, 2018 at 21:01:32:

It is definitely Chris who likes cold water and gets a huge boner because of that feeling ...... I get to look and feel like an acorn when I get into cold water !

Re: Is there anybody out there.

Posted by Jamie on March 01, 2018 at 16:41:38

In Reply to: Re: Is there anybody out there. posted by wetchas. on February 28, 2018 at 09:22:46:

Chris and I are still around, just too busy at work at the moment to have time to post much. Not much going on on-site with the awful weather but still plenty to do in the workshops.

I can assure you that it is not just the icicles around here that are getting stiff and hard. The heating in the pool is undergoing maintenance at the moment so our morning swims are certainly cold enough to get Chris's "icicle" stiff - you know how cold water affects him - but its not such fun that it is worth posting about.

When the weather improves we shall be posting more as often as we can.

Cheers for now.

Snowball fight and a cold soaking.

Posted by Chris on March 03, 2018 at 16:10:55

Today has been a tiny bit warmer (1 or 2°C rather than freezing or below) so after our morning swim with our dads and Harry and Mike, out of the blue Jamie suggested that we go outside (WTF?) for a snowball fight. Is he mad? After a few minutes of Harry, Mike and me looking a bit stunned as Jamie continued to put on his leg as if everything was perfectly normal, we followed him out into the garden.

It really felt cold - not that I should have been surprised as we were all still wearing only swimming trunks - but not wanting to look like wimps the three of us sheepishly followed Jamie. In theory we were still dripping wet, but I maintain the water on our bodies and wet trunks had already frozen. This of course had the usual affect on me and before we had got more than a few paces I had an erection tenting out my Speedos.

"Hey guys, Chris seems to be having his usual problem with the cold." Harry laughed "Can we get on with this and get back in the warm, I don't want to look at Chris' bulging trunks any longer than I have to....."

"Jealousy is not an attractive trait, Harry, I've told you that before, haven't I?" I replied.

Harry's reply was a handful of snow stuffed down the back of my trunks. After that it was a free-for-all and we all threw snowballs and handfuls of snow at each other. Some (naming no names, Harry, Mike......) went further and ganged up on individuals so that they could push loose snow inside someone's trunks making sure that all their tackle was thoroughly covered. I don't think my scrotum has ever felt so shrunk whilst also feeling really stiff! Despite the cold it was good fun and we finished it off by jumping in the fountain pool at the front of the house, breaking a thin layer of ice as we did so. The most painful part of that was walking across the gravel to get there. Sadly, the fountain had been turned off before the cold spell started so there was no fountain to stand under.

That was a fun way to start the day and a hot cooked breakfast afterwards has never been so welcome. My dad said he thought we were all stupid, but mum just laughed with a sighed "Boys will be boys!"

Getting really cold suddenly like that seemed very invigorating after we had come back indoors, got showered and dressed and I felt set up for the rest of the day in a really nice way. Maybe we should do this more often.

Re: Attempted mugging goes well.

Posted by Gavin on March 03, 2018 at 20:43:14

In Reply to: Re: Attempted mugging goes well. posted by Chris on March 03, 2018 at 15:19:01:

Thanks for the compliment. I took a leaf out of your book in my writing style (trying to remember all the conversation is real hard) but I think I got the gist of it. The many posts that you and Jamie have put up have been great, I kinda feel I know you both quite well now. Doubt I will be able to as many as you have what with pressure of work and so on, but i guess as working guys yourselves now you face the same restraints - "welcome to the real world" as my mum used to say.

Re: Snowball fight and a cold soaking.

Posted by Chris on March 04, 2018 at 16:52:52

In Reply to: Re: Snowball fight and a cold soaking. posted by Gavin on March 03, 2018 at 18:37:03:

It was fun and the equivalent of taking a cold shower for being invigorating and setting you up for the day. There wasn't a lot to see apart from some tanned bodies (Jamie and me from our Caribbean holiday) and two very pale white English bodies (Harry and Mike) all looking cold and shivery and some insignificant bulges in Speedos, particularly after having snow stuffed inside by someone. Harry's comment about me was only valid for the first few minutes.

Re: Snowball fight and a cold soaking.

Posted by wetchas on March 05, 2018 at 10:07:28

In Reply to: Re: Snowball fight and a cold soaking. posted by Chris on March 04, 2018 at 16:52:52:

Welcome back.
That sounds entertaining in a certain masochistic sort of way.
Snow down the trunks I would have been up for, but not the fountain. Not useless I could have wrapped up warmly beforehand anyway.
They say getting freezing cold like that does wonders for the sperm yeild.
Better quality as well apparently.
Thanks again for posting, oh, and thank Jamie for his reply to my 'Anyone out there'post.

Custard fun

Posted by Josh on April 18, 2018 at 14:46:51

Gavin has introduced me to these forums and shown me what he has written about us - he didn't tell me at first that it was him who had written under the name of Gavin, but once I had started to read the accounts of how we met and then the day of getting filthy in the mud, I kind of guessed and it only took a few minutes of me playfully tickling him until he nearly wet himself and finally admitted all - which was kind of cool as I found myself turned-on reading about me as though I were a stranger. Gavin has changed names and a few details about where we live and work, but the physical description of us both is pretty accurate. Having spent some number of hours reading the posts on here (I particularly envy Jamie and Chris their set up and enjoy Wetchas' responses to them as well as his posts among many others) I can see the attraction of writing more than I ever did at school or since. I persuaded Gav to let me write about his surprise bit of fun this last Monday on our day off. So here goes............

We had been out to a friend's place for supper on Sunday and had both had a few too many glasses of wine during the evening so by the time we had walked home in the early hours of Monday we just fell into bed without getting fully undressed. I woke at about 5am and found myself just in my underpants, jeans and an unbuttoned shirt. Gavin was laying next to me in just his boxer-briefs - covering a large boner - and a tee-shirt. I got up to go relieve myself and then came back to bed and fell asleep again almost immediately.

I woke suddenly from a rather nice dream; I was walking along a beach and the sun was out and the sand felt wonderfully warm under my feet. I was wearing jeans and an open shirt, which the breeze was blowing around me, and it was hot. There was no-one else around and I was heading towards some rocks at the end of the sand, where the dog was already heading up a path which wound up the cliff to some grasslands above and as I got nearer the rocks, the wind got up to almost gale force and the surf was crashing against the rocks and throwing up huge amounts of spray and water. I was suddenly very wet and as I gasped for breath I awoke, only to find that I really was soaked through. It took me a moment to realise what was going on. I wiped something from my face and felt my fingers run through some runny, sticky substance and when I opened my eyes everything was yellow. I was laying on my side with my face half buried in a pillow, which was covered in this yellow substance. I rolled onto my back and propped myself up on my elbows. Gavin was standing at the end of the bed, laughing his head off. He was holding a bucket and as I started to speak he threw the remaining contents over me. I instinctively closed my eyes as the substance splashed over me but got some in my mouth and tasted............ custard!

When I opened my eyes the custard had splashed across my lower face, bare chest and my legs from knees to waist, my jeans were mostly yellow and puddles of custard had formed between my legs and either side of my thighs. I felt it soaking through my clothes and realised that my backside was also settled into a puddle of custard. It felt amazing.

"So what bought this silliness on all of a sudden?" I asked Gavin.

"Did you not read Wetchas' post saying how great it would feel?" he replied.

"Yeah, but.............wouldn't it be more fun if we both did it rather than you just throwing custard all over me?" I asked, as I noticed the previously flaccid bulge in my jeans starting to grow upwards rapidly as the wetness soaked through my underwear.

"I fully intend to join you" Gavin laughed "but first let's get you properly dressed - or rather undressed." and with that he grabbed the legs of my jeans and started to pull them off, I unbuttoned and lifted my backside as he slid them down my legs. "Now the underwear." he added, so I pulled them off as well before he dropped my jeans on the bed next to me. "Put these on again." Gavin said, so I pulled them back on and buttoned up again after manoeuvring them over my hard-on. My goodness, they felt different when soaked in custard - so, so slippery - I almost shot my load straight away!

Gavin produced a second bucket of custard.

"Good grief! How much of that stuff have you got?" I asked.

"This and one other bucket - these are a bit watered down from the first......... but I think you'll still like them." Gavin grinned "I bought six five-litre cartons. take this one and hold it steady whilst I join you."

Gavin put the bucket down on the bed next to me and I grabbed the handle and held it steady as Gavin crawled onto the bed and sat next to me. He rubbed a finger down my cheek and then sucked his finger.

"Yummy, I do like custard. How about you?" Gavin asked.

"Always used to have it on fruit or an apple pie for lunch at school, it was so thick you could almost cut it with a knife. Not as nice as this." I laughed.

"My school was the same - I think they used to make it early morning and leave it standing until lunchtime - it was still the best part of any lunch. I could have done better lunches when I was ten years old................" Gavin laughed "Go on then, I know you are dying to do it."

He was right, I was just itching to pour the bucket of custard over him. I knelt on the bed and raised the bucket above his head. I looked down his body, trying to decide where to start. He was wearing his favourite old jeans, well-worn 501s, and a plain dark blue shirt which was untucked and mostly unbuttoned, leaving his upper torso bare. He had his usual bulge in his crotch, but as I hesitated and he waited for me to start pouring, it was slowly growing and forming a new bulge to the right of the button fly of his jeans.

I started at his feet and sloshed a small amount across his bare toes and then poured a small but steady stream up his left leg. When I got to his crotch I sloshed a bit more across his bulge and made sure some ran down between his legs. I continued up to the waistband of his jeans and sloshed a bit more over there and his shirt. I moved slowly up his torso and sloshed a load more over his bare chest and then his face, making sure it ran down the side of his head onto the pillow. I still had at least half the bucket left so I told him to sit up, knowing that when he did so the custard covering his chest would run down to his waist. I poured the rest of the bucket over his head making sure to cover his hair and shoulders and sloshing the rest into his lap.

"Happy with that?" I asked.

"Amazing! Who knew it would feel this good." Gavin grinned at me. I rubbed my hand through his hair and down his face, across his chest and down to his lap where I rubbed the sloppy custard into his groin and down his thighs. He sat perfectly still apart from his hard-on which just grew bigger and bigger so that when he lay back down again he had an enormous long bulge poking across his right thigh. He was grinning widely then started rubbing his hard-on with his right hand, the soaked denim clung to him so that I could see every last detail highlighted under the shiny denim. What a sight that was - I got harder and harder just looking at him.

We spent a while on top of each other in turn as we lay on the bed and eventually we adjourned to the shower to clean-up having both shot our loads on a couple of occasions as we handled each other's boners. All very enjoyable and very very satisfying as far as I was concerned. There's nothing like a good hard boner and a soft warm scrotum to fondle when covered in custard.

Gavin finished in the shower before me, and I like to linger under the hot water so I let him go and change into dry clothes ready for the day ahead. After a bit I had an idea: why not show Gavin what he is missing by following him to the kitchen as he prepares breakfast - give him a nice surprise, so to speak. I was really hard and ready to go, and the more I thought about it, the better the idea seemed.

I dried off briefly and made my way across the hall with my boner leading the way, I don't think I have ever been so hard or excited before. I entered the kitchen, erection first, by a good seven inches and as I did so I called to Gavin in the most seductive way I could imagine, soft and husky.

"Ready for a real treat, Gavin?" I said huskily "I'm still feeling horny.............."

"I'm sure you are!" said a strange voice from behind me.

I whirled around to see Gavin's mum, my erection still waving proudly in front of me, as I gasped in surprise.

Gavin's mum was looking at me with an amused grin on her face, her eyes firmly fixed on my erection which was rapidly wilting as I realised what the situation truly was like.

It took a moment to try and cover my rapidly shrinking manhood.

"Woah, you really are a lucky man, son." she said.

"Indeed I am." Gavin said as he turned back to the bacon frying on the cooker "I'd go and get dressed if I was you, Josh."

So I did just that, in a state of confusion to say the least. Breakfast was somewhat awkward after that, although I did see the funny side afterwards. Gavin's mum has not let me forget that encounter in the days since but I have realised that she means no malice and I have started to see how funny it was myself and she has been kind enough not to tell anyone else among our colleagues about the encounter.

Muddy Chris

Posted by Jamie on April 22, 2018 at 17:01:44

It was Chris's birthday yesterday (grand old age of 20,so no longer a teenager) so I celebrated it by getting him really muddy.

It seems like ages since we went into the woods at home and got seriously wet and muddy so I woke early and dragged him out of his bed, roused Kevin and Kayne as well, and then we all went out and headed for the muddy swamp area. We were all in jeans, tee-shirts and trainers (only one rule, no underwear) and the three of us ganged up on Chris and threw him in the swamp - which was nice a wet with water from the stream as I had been out on Friday evening and set things up - and Chris made a nice satisfying splash as he hit the muck and disappeared from view under the surface for a few seconds before getting to his feet completely soaked with all his clothes clinging wetly to his frame. It didn't take long for the rest of us to join him.

We completed most of the assault course obstacles before heading to the muddy ride and had more fun there as we wrestled around in the mud. Kevin got us all laughing by allowing his brother to fill his jeans with mud and then Kayne rubbed it all in and produced the biggest boner you have ever seen in his brother's jeans, Kevin obviously enjoyed it and was still sporting a goodly one as we ended our time by wading along the stream back towards the house, the water was really cold but that didn't stop Chris having a bit of a competition with Kevin to see who could produce the biggest bulge in their jeans. I think Kevin won.

We have a joint party planned for next weekend to celebrate Chris's birthday and mine which is a couple of weeks later.

Re: Muddy Chris

Posted by wetchas on April 23, 2018 at 09:15:50

In Reply to: Muddy Chris posted by Jamie on April 22, 2018 at 17:01:44:

Still at it then.
Good to hear from you again.
Hope everything is OK.
Enjoy your birthdays (as if you need any encouragement).

Re: Muddy Chris

Posted by Jack on April 23, 2018 at 12:28:21

In Reply to: Muddy Chris posted by Jamie on April 22, 2018 at 17:01:44:

Nice to see you back here, Jamie, and to see you are all still getting muddy and wet. Sounds like a brilliant way to celebrate a birthday by getting a real soaking in nice swampy mud. Thanks for posting.

Plan to get muddy together goes awry.

Posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 01, 2018 at 14:56:23

After a busy few weeks at work and having to work on Saturdays because of staff shortages at work Chris and I both agreed that we should try and find some time to get muddy together. Sunday afternoon seemed ideal as the rest of the family were either dozing after lunch or off doing things around the house or garden.

So we grabbed jeans, trainers and a sweatshirt each and changed down by the pool so when we came back we had the same clothes to change back into. We were going to take the quadbikes but my dad had parked his car across the garage doors and it was locked, so that meant finding him to get his keys and probably explain what we going to do, so we decided to head into the woods on foot.

We went straight to the flooded dell - after all the rain we have had recently and this last winter it is really full - and used the rope to swing out and back a few times, gradually holding on lower and lower until one Chris hit the water with his lower legs and got nearly completely soaked. I managed to do one more swing that him without getting wet, but when that happens he always claims that I have an unfair advantage as I only have one complete leg to lift high. So when I landed back the next time I pretended to lose my balance as I landed, knowing he would probably grab me to stop me falling backwards, and then I fell in anyway taking him with me. He pretended in turn that he deliberately let me do that, so we were honours even as we always believe what the other says - it's what best mates do isn't it? - and when we scrambled up onto the fallen tree trunk that slopes up out of the water to the bank on the far side from the rope launch platform, he helped me up and we sat looking out across the dell as we dripped water everywhere and listened to the wildlife.

"Was that a yell I heard in the distance?" I asked.

"Might have been. You think someone else is out here?" Chris asked.

"I might have just imagined it" I said "The woods do strange things to the sounds out here ........... maybe it was a fox ............." as I was interrupted again my another whooping yell ..... "or maybe not."

"Let's investigate. I'll get your leg, stay here." Chris said as he slipped back into the water and swum back to where I had left my blade.

We made our way through the woods towards where we thought the sound had come from and shifted our route a bit when we heard another yell, closer now.

At last through the trees and brush, we saw a couple of figures in a clearing below us as the ground sloped down towards the muddy ride. Too far away to make out who it was but they were splashing around in the mud and chasing each other in turn. Chris was in the lead and signalled me to slow down a bit. We then saw that it was Kevin and his younger brother Kayne. They looked to be undressed and covered in mud.

We shouldn't have done but we stopped and watched for a few moments and then Kayne caught Kevin and they fell into a big puddle with a splash. They lay there for a bit with Kayne on top of his elder brother, face to face, and then a strange thing happened, Kevin rolled onto his front so that he was laying face down in the mud, Kayne moved on top of him and started very obviously humping up and down.

"Are they really do what I think?" Chris whispered to me.

"It does look like it." I said "Perhaps we should just go away as quietly as possible."

"Yeah, maybe, but Kayne is not quite fourteen ..... is he? ......... and Kevin's 18½."

"None of our business is it?" but as I said that Kayne seemed to get annoyed with Kevin, slapped the back of his head and then pushed his face into the mud and held it there before lifting him up by his hair as Kevin gasped for breath. I heard Kayne shout at his brother "Just do as I say and keep quiet, understand?" and I looked at Chris.

"What the hell ........ is Kevin being slapped about by his younger brother?" he whispered.

"Looks that way." and as we watched Kevin gasped and cried out as Kayne thrust down hard against him a couple of times and then got up and walked away. "Did I just see Kayne do that?"

"Come on, we need to find out what's going on." Chris said. We crashed through the undergrowth not caring how much noise we made and they must have heard us. When we reached the clearing Kayne was standing a little way away from Kevin, he had pulled on a mud soaked tee-shirt and was half-way into his equally muddy jeans, he had a boner which was waving around as he teetered on one leg. Kevin was still laying in the mud as he watched us approach.

"Hi guys, come to join us for a bit of muddy fun?" Kevin asked.

"No, not really." Chris said in an angry 'I want answers' tone "Can you two explain what we think we just saw going on between you?"

"It's not what you think ........ honestly." Kayne said "I'd never hurt Kevin, he's my brother, for goodness' sake."

"OK - so tell what's going on." I said "Kevin?"

"Simple really, Kayne has been cast as a Roman soldier in his school play. There is a scene where his character is expected to assault a young recruit just before the big battle to prove that he is tough enough to fight and survive. We were simply rehearsing away from the house. Kayne had no idea how to actually do that to someone even if he does know the theory. It's just unlucky that he got rather aroused doing it here. Obviously in the background on a darkened stage he will be dressed under his upper body armour and I doubt he'll even get a boner, stage nerves you know ........ anyway better it happens here at rehearsal with me than on stage in front of everyone, eh?"

"Is this true, Kayne? Although it sounds too far fetched not to be........." I asked.

"Yes absolutely. I can't rehearse this at school in front of everyone, completely cold, can I? I need to know I can go through the motions as if it's routine, my character has done this before - unlike me. Kevin agreed to help me. It just seemed natural to get out of our clothes and try it out; but maybe we went too far. Sorry."

"No need to apologise to me." Chris said "And don't worry about your acting not being realistic, you sure fooled us from a distance. We both thought you were bullying and then assaulting your big brother. Any other scenes we can help with? I always helped back-stage rather than act - my worst nightmare would be going on stage and forgetting my lines."

"I do have a death scene. Hold on a bit, let me get the script." Kayne said as he buttoned his jeans and went over to a plastic bag hanging on a nearby tree branch and, pulling out a bottle of water, he washed the thick mud off his hands before pulling out his tablet and returning to us. He had the entire script on it with his part, words and actions highlighted in yellow.

"Here we are - 'Paulus Dominicus is on the blood soaked battlefield and is struggling through thick mud to escape his pursuers, a mob of half-a-dozen Franks who are determined to wipe out the Roman army down to the very last man. He is trying to reach the safety of the surrounding woodlands. He is finally cornered by a large oak tree and uses it to shield his back as he watches his death approach." Good stuff, eh?" Kayne asked "You should know that I have already had one hand hacked off during an encounter earlier in the day, so I am drenched in my own, and others', blood. It goes on 'Paulus hefts his sword in his remaining hand and awaits the onslaught. When it comes it is sudden and brutal, with six against one. The Franks don't fight fair. He is felled by a blow that severs his left leg and as he crawls through the mud in a last agonising effort to make his escape the Franks take it in turn to plunge their swords into his crawling body, the last blow severing his head from his shoulders, the final indignity is one of the Franks kicking it away across the field of battle as they cheer loudly. Lights fade and the final curtain drops.' Could you act the part of the Franks and we start as I get to the tree, just improvise as you see fit and I'll react to you."

"No real swords then? That's a disappointment. I suppose we are all covered in mud as well?" I ask, to which Kayne replies "Guess so." so I fall backwards into the soft mud near Kevin and roll around until I'm as muddy as them. Chris follows suit.

"I can get us some swords" Chris said "Give me a minute." and he disappeared into the woods briefly before returning with some long straight sticks from which he stripped the branches and broke them in half to give us four short sturdy swords.

"OK, these are swords, so be careful - don't want to take anyone's eye out do we?"

Kevin had pulled on his mud soaked tracksuit bottoms and a tee shirt so we all now looked suitably dirty to have just fought a battle in a muddy field. It was fun and Kayne gave a very good performance, particularly the final crawl through the mud as we all plunged our swords into him. We did a couple of rehearsals until he had discovered what he wanted to do on stage.

After that we just fooled around in the mud until Kevin said he was starting to feel hungry and how about returning to the house. We diverted to the flooded dell to get as clean as we could in the cool water and went straight into the showers by the pool. We spent the last part of the afternoon playing video games with Kevin and Kayne (we even beat them at one driving game) and then dispersed to our own parts of the house for tea. Chris and I didn't get our time together as planned but it was still a great time. Can't wait to see Kayne's school play.

Re: Plan to get muddy together goes awry.

Posted by Jack on May 02, 2018 at 07:43:11

In Reply to: Plan to get muddy together goes awry. posted by Jamie (and Chris) on May 01, 2018 at 14:56:23:

Ha Ha Great story and a good lesson in why one shouldn't jump to conclusions before knowing the full facts. Must have looked a bit suspicious though. I think you mentioned before that Kevin is "quite a big lad", does his brother take after him in that respect? These two certainly seem to have taken well to living with you along with all the mud and water fun.

Re: Very wet walk and school memories.

Posted by Chris on May 02, 2018 at 10:32:47

In Reply to: Very wet walk and school memories. posted by Jonno on May 01, 2018 at 20:57:05:

Great account. Thanks for posting. I love the banter between Mr Dale and Tom, sounds like the sort of relationship Jamie and I had with a few of our teachers - mutual respect but exasperation on both side sometimes. The impetuous behaviour by Tom in just jumping in the water again at the second hole made me laugh out loud as I read it. His previous tirade about being feeling his wet clothes against 'my arse and balls' was very cheeky and further than I would have gone.
Do please let us all know what happens if you meet Tom at your studio, sounds like he is incredibly talented.

Thanks again for posting, really enjoyed everything you've written in the past, particularly the 'messy club' activities.

Re: Plan to get muddy together goes awry.

Posted by wetchas on May 02, 2018 at 12:32:00

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Sorry to hear about the head. As someone who has been 'repaired' in that area on several occasions, I know how you feel. Good way to get a day off though.
Glad everything has worked out on the Kevin front. If you look back through these posts you'll see that I was sceptical at first, especially after the car incident, but I put my hands up now, I appear to have been wrong. Glad everythings fine.
Some 'spring like' weather coming for the bank holiday apparently. Let's hope so.
Hope the headache goes soon (no, I don't mean Jamie).

Re: Plan to get muddy together goes awry.

Posted by Jamie on May 02, 2018 at 18:17:32

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Chris is lucky to have got away with just a gash on the back of his head. He tripped on a kerb whilst walking backwards guiding a cement mixer onto site, it was only the quick thinking of a fellow worker that stopped the mixer driving over him as he lay unconscious almost under it's rear wheels. He's on the mend anyway and will be back to normal in a few days, I'm sure ...... hopefully lesson learned. In the meantime he's milking his accident for all it's worth. Bless.

Re: Plan to get muddy together goes awry.

Posted by wetchas on May 03, 2018 at 08:33:51

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Blimey. Didn't realise it was that bad.

Re: Plan to get muddy together goes awry.

Posted by Chris on May 03, 2018 at 14:19:48

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Jamie makes it sound far worse that it really was. The wheels of the truck were several yards away from where I fell and although a fellow worker shouted for the driver to stop, he had already done so as he had lost sight of me in his mirrors. Back at work tomorrow and feeling fine now. Thanks for your concern, Charlie, appreciate it.

Just got back from a cruise

Posted by Dolby1000 on May 06, 2018 at 23:05:11

I enjoy reading everyone's stories here, Chris, Jamie, Wetchas, Jonno, wet-scout, everyone. Thank you so much for sharing. Here is my latest adventure.

Just off a cruise and I thought I would share a nice evening. My significant other and I were on deck during the evening. This ship had an adult area with its own pool. Once the sun went down the temperatures tended to drop and the pool area was generally empty.
Late at night we tended to do a final deck walk before bed. I was dressed in my blue Vans, black socks, tan Levis jeans, orange boxer briefs and a gray polo. My partner was in casual shoes, white ankle socks, tan slacks and an orange and white polo. The adult pool was made up of two circular sections. Each surrounded by a large ledge. The one pool was only a few feet deep and had a large bench. It opened into the main pool which was about 5-6 feet deep. We had learned earlier that the water was very warm, even warmer than our home pool of 85F.
We decided to rest a minute and sat on the ledge, but our feet were outside the pool. Now my partner knows my preference for wet clothes, so my hopes were up a bit that at least one of us would be in that pool shortly.
The water was too far from the ledge to even try and put your hand in. I leaned back a bit to try but realized I wasn’t going to be successful. She said to try again. As I leaned over, she playfully tried to push me in. The fall to the water was a bit much for me so I fought back a bit. She said she was kidding. I moved my feet and legs to the top of the ledge in case she tried again and I could break my fall with my feet. Besides, I love wet Vans and was excited to see where this game would lead. These are a bit newer Vans that have not met the water. Yet.
She continued to try and push me, but I carefully stayed out while my nether regions were quickly getting involved in the game. So, eventually, I let her push my legs over the ledge and I allowed my Vans and socks into the pool. I expected that the pool guy who was always around would now ask us to leave. Instead, he walked away. He had to know I still had on shoes and socks and he didn’t care. Good for us. I stood on the step of the pool, the water reaching up to only my calves. By now the shoes were completely soaked as were my socks. This was enough to make me hard, wet shoes and socks always turn me on.
My partner continued to give my playful shoves, trying to get me off the bench. After a bit I gave in and stepped off the bench, the water now coming up to just above my knees. I could feel the water swirling around the bottoms of my jeans, socks and shoes. I then just sat on the bench, completely soaking my jeans and underwear. Once the underwear is wet, well my erection is now even further underway. She remained dry, sitting on the ledge. However, by now she had removed her shoes and socks, rolled up her slacks and was dipping her feet in the pool. As much as she knows how much I love wet clothes, she really doesn’t share the same enthusiasm.
I playfully tickled her feet and once in a while her foot would run them across my crotch, giving me a wonderful feeling. Thinking that might be a bit obvious, I asked her to sit next to me and to my surprise, she did, soaking her pants and panties. Well, if I wasn’t erect now, then I would never be!
I slid off the seat and flowed into the main pool, soaking my polo shirt. She soon followed, surprising me even more. Well, she explained, she knows how excited swimming in my clothes makes me and once in a while she wants to play along. How nice.
We floated along the side of the pool, where there was a bar to help us float in the deeper water. I relished the feel of my shoes, socks, pants, underwear and shirt in the pool. Been doing this for years and I never tire of it. I hope I never tire of it! She played with my pants and my log in my pants for a few minutes. Still, there was no one else around in or around the pool. She slyly unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my Levis and pulled down the zipper and found my tool all erect inside my briefs. We’ve been traveling for several days and I had not cum in several days so I was ready. I went to help her out and she just shushed me and said this evening was for me. Well, okay then. She rubbed my dick through my briefs as she knows I love cumming in them. Normally, if we were at home, I shuck the Levis, removed my briefs and put the Levis back on and cum in them but that was too much for this rather public pool. No matter, I came anyway. It was a wonderful cum. She kept at it until I was spent and then put my pants back together.
After I had calmed myself, we climbed out of the pool and froze. There was a bit of a breeze you couldn’t feel in the pool and it wasn’t as warm as the Caribbean should be this time of year.
We quickly grabbed some towels and went back to our cabin. It was the best night of the cruise.
Keep your clothes wet everyone!

Party Time......

Posted by Chris on May 08, 2018 at 07:12:06

We had a party last night (Sunday) to celebrate our 20th birthdays, mine a couple of weeks ago and Jamie's tomorrow; yesterday seemed the ideal date as everyone would have the chance to sober-up on the Bank Holiday. It was a beautiful sunny day too which was good.

We had given everyone a theme to dress to - "Double Denim - Distressed, Worn and Torn" - in the hope that no-one would object to getting their old denim clothes wet in the pool. Harry and Mike had volunteered to come over early in the day to help us set things up. Our parents had been invited to join friends at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival for the day followed by a BBQ at their friends, so we would have the house to ourselves.

When Harry and Mike turned up Mike was appropriately dressed in old worn jeans that fitted